sphingomonas oryziterrae sp. nov. and sphingomonas jinjuensis sp. nov. isolated from the rhizosphere soil of rice (oryza sativa l.).gram-negative, yellow-orange pigmented and rod-shaped bacterial strains, yc6722t and yc6723t, were isolated from rhizosphere soil samples of rice fields in jinju, korea. strains yc6722t and yc6723t grew optimally at 25-30 °c and at ph 7.0-8.5. the phylogenetic analyses of 16s rrna gene sequences showed that strains yc6722t and yc6723t were most closely related to sphingomonas jaspsi tdma-16t and sphingomonas aquatilis jss7t with 96.6 % and 96.9 % similarities in 16s rrna gene sequence, respectiv ...201021057052
sphingomonas kaistensis sp. nov., a novel alphaproteobacterium containing puflm genes.three gram-negative, non-motile, non-spore-forming short rods (strains pb56(t), pb180, pb229) were isolated from soil in south korea. cells were orange-red in colour. strains pb180 and pb229 contained small amounts of bacteriochlorophyll a, which was not detected in strain pb56(t). however, all three isolates contained the genes for the photosynthetic type ii reaction centre, puflm. they contained q-10 as the dominant quinone and c(18 : 1) as the dominant fatty acid. the highest 16s rrna gene se ...200717625188
sphingomonas jaspsi sp. nov., a novel carotenoid-producing bacterium isolated from misasa, tottori, japan.a yellow-pigmented, gram-negative, motile, strictly aerobic, pleomorphic bacterium (strain tdma-16(t)) was isolated from a freshwater sample collected at misasa (tottori, japan). strain tdma-16(t) was slightly tolerant to gamma-ray irradiation and produced carotenoids, including zeaxanthin, nostoxanthin and an unknown carotenoid, effectively [1.7 mg (g dry cells)(-1)]. the dna g+c content of strain tdma-16(t) was 63.3 mol%. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences placed strain tdm ...200717625171
description of two novel species, sphingomonas abaci sp. nov. and sphingomonas panni sp. nov.two gram-negative, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacterial strains designated c42t and c52t were isolated in the medical clinic for small animals and ungulates at the university for veterinary medicine vienna, austria. on the basis of 16s rrna gene sequence similarity, both strains were shown to belong to the genus sphingomonas. strain c42t showed the greatest levels of sequence similarity with sphingomonas melonis dsm 14444t and sphingomonas aquatilis kctc 2881t (both 97.7 %). strain c52t showe ...200516280528
sphingomonas aquatilis sp. nov., sphingomonas koreensis sp. nov., and sphingomonas taejonensis sp. nov., yellow-pigmented bacteria isolated from natural mineral water.the taxonomic status of four strains from several mineral water sources in taejon, korea, was examined. the dna base compositions of these strains ranged from 62 to 66 mol %. all of the strains contained sphingolipids and ubiquinone 10 as the main respiratory quinone. the cellular fatty acids of these strains included octadecenoic acid, hexadecanoic acid and 2-hydroxymyristic acid, without 3-hydroxy fatty acids. on the basis of morphological, physiological and chemotaxonomic characteristics, tog ...200111491350
sphingomonas rubra sp. nov., isolated from bioreactor wastewater.a gram-reaction-negative, rod-shaped, motile, neutrophilic bacterium, designated strain bh3(t), was isolated from wastewater of a sequential batch reactor treating wastewater taken from a leather plant. the isolate grew in 0-8 % (w/v) nacl, at ph 6-9 and at 4-45 °c. chemotaxonomic analysis showed that strain bh3(t) had characteristics typical of members of the genus sphingomonas, such as the presence of sphingolipids, q-10 and 2-hydroxymyristic acid and the absence of 3-hydroxy fatty acids. the ...201120511462
reclassification and emended description of caulobacter leidyi as sphingomonas leidyi comb. nov., and emendation of the genus sphingomonas.'caulobacter leidyi' dsm 4733(t) has been shown to be affiliated with the family sphingomonadaceae instead of the caulobacteraceae, and due to its poor characterization has been omitted from the current edition of bergey's manual of systematic bacteriology and removed to limbo. we isolated a novel sphingoglycolipid-containing dimorphic prosthecate bacterium, designated strain 247, from a pre-alpine freshwater lake. strain 247 and 'caulobacter leidyi' dsm 4733(t) were characterized in detail. the ...201222228660
two novel sets of genes essential for nicotine degradation by sphingomonas melonis ty.nicotine is a type of environmental pollutant present in the tobacco waste that is generated during tobacco manufacturing. sphingomonas melonis ty can utilize nicotine as a sole source of carbon, nitrogen and energy via a variant of the pyridine and pyrrolidine pathway (the vpp pathway). in this study, we report the identification of two novel sets of genes, ndra1a2a3, and ndrb1b2b3b4, which are crucial for nicotine degradation by strain ty. ndra1a2a3 and ndrb1b2b3b4 exhibit similarity with both ...201628144232
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