understanding selective predation: are energy and nutrients important?for generalist predators, a mixed diet can be advantageous as it allows individuals to exploit a potentially broad range of profitable food types. despite this, some generalist predators show preferences for certain types of food and may forage selectively in places or at times when these foods are available. one such species is the lesser hairy-footed dunnart (sminthopsis youngsoni). usually considered to be a generalist insectivore, in the simpson desert, australia, this small marsupial predat ...201830089131
assessing the potential for intraguild predation among taxonomically disparate micro-carnivores: marsupials and arthropods.interspecific competition may occur when resources are limited, and is often most intense between animals in the same ecological guild. intraguild predation (igp) is a distinctive form of interference competition, where a dominant predator selectively kills subordinate rivals to gain increased access to resources. however, before igp can be identified, organisms must be confirmed as members of the same guild and occur together in space and time. the lesser hairy-footed dunnart (sminthopsis young ...201829892379
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