a survey for cyclospora spp. in kenyan primates, with some notes on its biology.from march 1999 through august 2000, 511 stool samples collected from 11 different primate species in 10 geographically distinct locations in kenya, east africa, were screened for the presence of cyclospora spp. oocysts. positive samples (43/102, 42%) were identified in vervet monkeys (cercopithecus aethiops) in 4 of 4 locations; 19/206 (9%) in yellow and olive baboons (papio cynocephalus, p. anubis, respectively) in 5 of 5 locations; and 19/76 (25%) in black and white colobus monkeys (colobus a ...200111780827
morphologic and molecular characterization of new cyclospora species from ethiopian monkeys: c. cercopitheci sp.n., c. colobi sp.n., and c. papionis recent years, human cyclosporiasis has emerged as an important infection, with large outbreaks in the united states and canada. understanding the biology and epidemiology of cyclospora has been difficult and slow and has been complicated by not knowing the pathogen s origins, animal reservoirs (if any), and relationship to other coccidian parasites. this report provides morphologic and molecular characterization of three parasites isolated from primates and names each isolate: cyclospora cerc ...199910511521
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