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impact of mining and forest regeneration on small mammal biodiversity in the western region of ghana.much of the terrestrial biodiversity in sub-saharan africa is supported by tropical rainforest. natural resource development, particularly surface mining in the rainforest, poses great risks to the region's rich and endemic biodiversity. here, we assessed the impact of surface mining and the success of forest rehabilitation on small mammal diversity in the western region of ghana. we surveyed small mammals in the project area and two adjoining forest reserves (control sites) before the mining op ...201728451959
species composition and community structure of small pest rodents (muridae) in cultivated and fallow fields in maize-growing areas in mayuge district, eastern uganda.pest rodents remain key biotic constraints to cereal crops production in the east african region where they occur, especially in seasons of outbreaks. despite that, uganda has scant information on rodents as crop pests to guide effective management strategies.a capture-mark-recapture (cmr) technique was employed to study the ecology of small rodents, specifically to establish the species composition and community structure in a maize-based agro ecosystem. trapping of small rodents was conducted ...201931346445
identification of potential novel hosts and the risk of infection with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in humans in gabon, central africa.lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (lcmv), a human pathogenic arenavirus, is distributed worldwide. however, no human cases have been reported in africa. this study aimed to investigate the current situation and potential risks of lcmv infection in gabon, central africa.202133667697
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