a new species of pythium with ornamented oogonia: morphology, taxonomy, internal transcribed spacer region of its ribosomal rna, and its comparison with related species.pythium spiculum sp. nov. was isolated from soil samples taken in a vineyard in the burgundian region of france and from different locations in spain and portugal. the oomycete has spiny oogonia and does not sporulate readily. it resembles pythium mamillatum meurs, but has its own distinguishing characteristics. it also exhibits sickle-shaped as well as spherical appressoria which at times are associated with sex organs like those found in pythium abappressorium paulitz and pythium contiguanum p ...200616445762
evaluation of bacteria isolated from rice for plant growth promotion and biological control of seedling disease of rice.of 102 rhizoplane and endophytic bacteria isolated from rice roots and stems in california, 37% significantly (p < or = 0.05) inhibited the growth in vitro of two pathogens, achlya klebsiana and pythium spinosum, causing seedling disease of rice. four endophytic strains were highly effective against seedling disease in growth pouch assays, and these were identified as pseudomonas fluorescens (s3), pseudomonas tolaasii (s20), pseudomonas veronii (s21), and sphingomonas trueperi (s12) by sequencin ...200111718545
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