comparative ultrastructure of the actinosporean stages of myxobolus bramae and m. pseudodispar (myxozoa).the ultrastructrure of triactinospores and other developmental stages obtained after the experimental infection of the oligochaete tubifex tubifex with myxospores of myxobolus bramae and myxobolus pseudodispar was studied. in both cases, pansporocysts harbouring spores and the remnants of polar bodies were found in the gut epithelium of the tubificids. other stages were also seen in m. pseudodispar. capsulogenic cells surrounded the apical part of the sporoplasm in m. bramae whereas they were lo ...200211954904
myxobolus infection of the gills of common bream (abramis brama l.) in lake balaton and in the kis-balaton reservoir, hungary.during a five-year survey including studies on the parasite fauna of bream (abramis brama), four gill-parasitic myxobolus species (m. bramae, m. hungaricus, m. impressus and m. macrocapsularis) were recorded in a total of 313 breams from lake balaton. the commonest species, m. bramae showed a prevalence of 33%, while the other species occurred sporadically. myxobolus bramae and m. macrocapsularis infected the tips of the gill filaments and caused both intralamellar and interlamellar infection. i ...199910641333
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