review of myxosporea of importance in salmonid fisheries and aquaculture in british columbia.several myxosporean parasites are of importance in fisheries and aquaculture in british columbia. the pkx organism and ceratomyxa shasta noble, 1950 cause disease and mortality, kudoa thyrsites (gilchrist, 1924) and henneguya salminicola ward, 1919 are of importance because they infect somatic muscle, cause unsightly cysts and soft flesh, and thus reduce the market value of the fish. myxobolus arcticus pugachev et khokhlov, 1979, an apparently non-pathogenic species, along with h. salminicola, i ...19948050752
differences in host selection of actinospores of two myxosporeans, myxobolus arcticus and thelohanellus hovorkai.we investigated the host selection mechanism of actinospore stages of 2 myxosporeans, myxobolus arcticus and thelohanellus hovorkai, infecting masu salmon (oncorhynchus masou) and common carp (cyprinus carpio), respectively. discharge of the polar filaments and sporoplasm release by m. arcticus actinospores occurred within the first 5 min of exposure to skin mucus of masu salmon. the actinospores also reacted to the mucus of nonsusceptible fish, i.e., sockeye salmon (oncorhynchus nerka) and gold ...200616995388
Geographical variation in spore morphology, gene sequences, and host specificity of Myxobolus arcticus (Myxozoa) infecting salmonid nerve tissues.Myxobolus arcticus Pugachev and Khokhlov, 1979 is a freshwater myxosporean parasite infecting the nerve tissues of salmonid fishes throughout the Pacific region of Far East Asia and North America. The principal fish host is sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka in North America and masu salmon O. masou in Japan. Actinospores of M. arcticus were isolated from the lumbriculid oligochaetes Lumbriculus variegatus and Stylodrilus heringianus in Japan and Canada, respectively. Morphological comparisons in ...201122132501
molecular and morphological analysis of myxobolus spp. of salmonid fishes with the description of a new myxobolus species.while investigating the parasite fauna of wild coho salmon. oncorhynchus kisutch (walbaum, 1792), histological examination provided evidence of a new species of myxobolus (myxozoa: myxosporea) infecting nerves of skeletal muscle. spores were morphologically similar to those of the intramuscular myxobolus insidiosus wyatt and pratt, 1963, both having pyriform spores with clavate polar capsules. however, the former developed exclusively in the nerves of skeletal muscle rather than in myocytes. we ...200819127969
description of two new actinosporean types from a brook of fuji mountain, honshu, and from chitose river, hokkaido, japan.actinospore infection of oligochaetes living in the mud of 3 freshwater biotopes in japan was studied. using the cell-well plate method, a new aurantiactinomyxon type was found in 0.77% of the examined tubifex tubifex oligochaete specimens from a brook near yamanashi prefectural fisheries experimental station on fuji mountain. in 0.14% of lumbriculus variagetus collected from chitose river, near chitose salmon hatchery, a new siedleckiella type was found, while at the same time 8.1% of the lumbr ...200312650245
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