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integrated approach to the control of the golden nematode, heterodera rostochiensis.under high population densities of heterodera rostochiensis, control is impossible by one method alone, whether by chemical means, crop rotation, or the use of resistant potato varieties. integrated control using thiazone (dmtt) in autumn, resistant potato hybrid 61-8/1, or solanum andigenum cultivars 'antinema' and 'specula', followed by cereal and clover reduced the population below the detection level in the upper 18-cm on small plots on sandy loam soil.197419308119
development of scar markers to the pvy resistance gene ryadg based on a common feature of plant disease resistance genes.sequence-characterized amplified regions (scars) were developed, based on nucleotide differences within resistance gene-like fragments isolated from a potato plant carrying the ryadg gene, which confers extreme resistance to potato y potyvirus (pvy). it originates from solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena, and a susceptible potato plant. scars were tested using 103 potato breeding lines and cultivars with diverse genetic backgrounds derived from europe, north america, and japan. two markers showed ...200010701106
recessive and dominant genes interfere with the vascular transport of potato virus a in diploid potatoes.resistance to potato virus a (pva) was examined in a diploid cross involving solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena as a resistance source. hypersensitive resistance (hr) to pva cosegregated with extreme resistance (er) to potato virus y conferred by the dominant gene ry(adg) on chromosome xi. hence, hr to pva was controlled by a novel, dominant resistance gene closely linked to ry(adg), or ry(adg) recognized both viruses but conferred a different type of resistance to each virus. the hr prevented sy ...200010755303
potato gene y-1 is an n gene homolog that confers cell death upon infection with potato virus y.adg2 is a dna sequence mapped to a resistance (r) gene-rich region at the distal end of chromosome xi in potato (solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena). the gene, in which adg2 represents the predicted nucleotide-binding domain (nbs), was cloned and characterized. the coding region of the gene (designated as y-1) is 6,187 bp long and structurally similar to gene n that confers hypersensitive resistance to tobacco mosaic virus in nicotiana spp. both belong to the tir-nbs-lrr class of genes and show 5 ...200212118888
molecular marker analysis of 24- and 25-chromosome plants obtained from solanum tuberosum l. subsp. andigena (2n = 4x = 48) pollinated with a solanum phureja haploid inducer.clones with 24 or 25 chromosomes were obtained by pollinating an andean cultivated tetraploid potato (solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena clone 94h94, 2n = 4x = 48) with the solanum phureja haploid-inducer clone 1.22. their genetic composition was analyzed in an rapd assay using 135 decamer primers and in an rflp assay using 45 single-copy dna probes. in total, 22 rapd and 20 rflp markers were found to be specific to s. phureja. none of these markers were found in the 24- and 25-chromosome clones. ...200212033627
physiological and molecular adaptations to drought in andean potato genotypes.the drought stress tolerance of two solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena landraces, one hybrid (adgxtbr) and atlantic (s. tuberosum subsp. tuberosum) has been evaluated. photosynthesis in the andigena landraces during prolonged drought was maintained significantly longer than in the tuberosum (atlantic) line. among the andigena landraces, 'sullu' (sul) was more drought resistant than 'negra ojosa' (noj). microarray analysis and metabolite data from leaf samples taken at the point of maximum stress ...200818535297
untranslated regions of a mobile transcript mediate rna metabolism.bel1-like transcription factors are ubiquitous in plants and interact with knotted1 types to regulate numerous developmental processes. in potato (solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena), the bel1-like transcription factor stbel5 and its knox protein partner regulate tuber formation by targeting genes that control growth. rna detection methods and heterografting experiments demonstrated that stbel5 transcripts are present in phloem cells and move across a graft union to localize in stolon tips, the s ...200919783647
expression of g-ry derived from the potato (solanum tuberosum l.) increases pvy(o) solanaceae, potato virus y(o) (pvy(o)) is a widespread virus leading to severe damages such as necrosis, molting, and yield reduction. the resistance y gene (ry gene) of potato specifically confers resistance to pvy infection. previously, potatoes resistant to pvy(o) infection were screened among the 32 korean cultivars. 'golden valley' displayed the most resistance to pvy(o) infection. 'golden valley''s ry gene (g-ry) was cloned from 'golden valley', and the function was investigated. g-ry p ...201020481626
life histories and fitness of two tuber moth species feeding on native andean the inter-andean valleys of central perú, two species of tuber moth, phthorimaea operculella (zeller) and symmetrischema tangolias (gyen), often occur simultaneously in stored potatoes. traditional farming communities in the region produce a variety of native potatoes for local consumption. these include solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena, the presumed predecessor of commercial potatoes, s. tuberosum subsp. tuberosum. in this study, we examined resistance against p. operculella in ten native p ...201223950070
[polymorphism of kpi-a genes from plants of the subgenus potatoe (sect. petota, estolonifera and lycopersicum) and subgenus solanum].kunitz-type proteinase inhibitor proteins of group a (kpi-a) are involved in the protection of potato plants from pathogens and pests. although sequences of large number of the kpi-a genes from different species of cultivated potato (solanum tuberosum subsp. tuberosum) and a few genes from tomato (solanum lycopersicum) are known to date, information about the allelic diversity of these genes in other species of the genus solanum is lacking. in our work, the consensus sequences of the kpi-a genes ...201323888771
exploring folate diversity in wild and primitive potatoes for modern crop improvement.malnutrition is one of the world's largest health concerns. folate (also known as vitamin b₉) is essential in the human diet, and without adequate folate intake, several serious health concerns, such as congenital birth defects and an increased risk of stroke and heart disease, can occur. most people's folate intake remains sub-optimal, even in countries that have a folic acid food fortification program in place. staple crops, such as potatoes, represent an appropriate organism for biofortificat ...201526670256
implications of mir166 and mir159 induction to the basal response mechanisms of an andigena potato (solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena) to salinity stress, predicted from network models in arabidopsis.microrna (mirna) mediated changes in gene expression by post-transcriptional modulation of major regulatory transcription factors is a potent mechanism for integrating growth and stress-related responses. exotic plants including many traditional varieties of andean potatoes (solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena) are known for better adaptation to marginal environments. stress physiological studies confirmed earlier reports on the salinity tolerance potentials of certain andigena cultivars. guided b ...201525955479
chlorogenic acid, anthocyanin and flavan-3-ol biosynthesis in flesh and skin of andean potato tubers (solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena).natural variation of andean potato was used to study the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds. levels of phenolic compounds and corresponding structural gene transcripts were examined in flesh and skin of tubers. phenolic acids, mainly chlorogenic acid (cga), represent the major compounds, followed by anthocyanins and flavan-3-ols. high-anthocyanin varieties have high levels of cga. both metabolite and transcript levels were higher in skin than in flesh and showed a good correspondence. two hydrox ...201728372251
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