bacterial diversity in a nonsaline alkaline environment: heterotrophic aerobic populations.heterotrophic populations were isolated and characterized from an alkaline groundwater environment generated by active serpentinization, which results in a ca(oh)2-enriched, extremely diluted groundwater with ph 11.4. one hundred eighty-five strains were isolated in different media at different ph values during two sampling periods. to assess the degree of diversity present in the environment and to select representative strains for further characterization of the populations, we screened the is ...200415574939
microbacterium kitamiense sp. nov., a new polysaccharide-producing bacterium isolated from the wastewater of a sugar-beet factory.two strictly aerobic, heterotrophic and mesophilic new organisms, strains kitami a1 and kitami c2t, were isolated from the wastewater of a sugar-beet factory in kitami city, hokkaido, japan. in batch cultures, these organisms produced both insoluble and soluble exopolysaccharides (epss) utilizing sucrose as the sole carbon source. the g + c contents of the strains kitami c2t and kitami a1 were 69.2 mol%. both strains had anteiso-c15:0 acid, anteiso-c17:0 acid and iso-c16:0 as major components. t ...199910555312
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