effect of co-inoculations of native pgpr with nitrogen fixing bacteria on seedling traits in prosopis cineraria.prosopis cineraria significantly contribute to sand dune stabilization, soil fertility rejuvenation and is an integral component of agro-forestry systems in arid regions of india. effect of different rhizobacterial seed treatments on seed germination and seedling traits in two genotypes of p. cineraria (hpy-1) and (fg-1) were tested. observations on seed germination (%) and seedling traits viz., root length (cm), shoot length (cm), seedling weight (g) and seedling length of different treatments ...201425204069
the genus name ensifer casida 1982 takes priority over sinorhizobium chen et al. 1988, and sinorhizobium morelense wang et al. 2002 is a later synonym of ensifer adhaerens casida 1982. is the combination "sinorhizobium adhaerens" (casida 1982) willems et al. 2003 legitimate? request for an opinion.the synonymy of the genera ensifer and sinorhizobium was recently reported, but it was proposed that the later-named genus, sinorhizobium, take priority in nomenclature. there is no justification in the international code of nomenclature of bacteria (prokaryotes) for this step; ensifer is the correct name of the genus, with ensifer adhaerens as the type species. species previously allocated to sinorhizobium are here proposed as the new combinations ensifer arboris, ensifer fredii, ensifer kostie ...200314657154
sinorhizobium arboris sp. nov. and sinorhizobium kostiense sp. nov., isolated from leguminous trees in sudan and kenya.sds-page of total bacterial proteins was applied to the classification of 25 sudanese and five kenyan strains isolated from the root nodules of acacia senegal and prosopis chilensis. twenty strains were also studied by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (mlee) and the whole 16s rrna gene was sequenced from two strains representing the two major clusters. these results, together with the previously reported numerical taxonomy analysis, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis studies, dna-dna dot-blot hyb ...199910555313
purification and characterization of extracellular beta-glucosidase from sinorhizobium kostiense afk-13 and its algal lytic effect on anabaena flos-aquae.a beta-glucosidase from the algal lytic bacterium sinorhizobium kostiense afk-13, grown in complex media containing cellobiose, was purified to homogeneity by successive ammonium sulfate precipitation, and anion-exchange and gel-filtration chromatographies. the enzyme was shown to be a monomeric protein with an apparent molecular mass of 52 kda and isoelectric point of approximately 5.4. it was optimally active at ph 6.0 and 40'c and possessed a specific activity of 260.4 u/mg of protein against ...200718051295
analysis of cellular fatty acids and phenotypic relationships of agrobacterium, bradyrhizobium, mesorhizobium, rhizobium and sinorhizobium species using the sherlock microbial identification system.previous studies have demonstrated that cellular fatty acid analysis is a useful tool for identifying unknown strains of rhizobia and establishing taxonomic relationships between the species. in this study, the fatty acid profiles of over 600 strains belonging to the genera agrobacterium, bradyrhizobium, mesorhizobium, rhizobium and sinorhizobium were evaluated using the gaschromatography-based sherlock microbial identification system (mis). data collected with the mis showed that the three phyl ...200010758890
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