the adrenocortical stress-response in the aged male rat: impairment of recovery from test if the adrenocortical axis of the rat loses sensitivity to negative feedback control during aging, we examined corticosterone secretion under basal, stressed and post-stress conditions in young and in aged fisher male rats. we find no age-related change in the speed or magnitude of the stress response or in the capacity to manifest a corticosterone response following chronic stress. however, we do observe in aging rats an elevation of basal corticosterone and an impaired capacity to adap ...19836683660
isolation of a g0-specific ts mutant from a fischer rat cell line, 3y1.a ts mutant clone, tsjt60, was isolated from fisher rat cell line, 3y1. during the exponential growth at both 34 and 39.5 degrees c, tsjt60 did not appear as ts mutant cells. however, once entered resting state (g0) under serum deprivation at the confluent state, they could re-enter s phase at 34 degrees c but could not at 39.5 degrees c following the stimulation of cells either by the addition of fetal bovine serum or by trypsinization and replating. these and other results suggested that tsjt6 ...19846692850
effects of hypersensitivity to a halothane metabolite on halothane-induced liver damage.the effect of immunologic hypersensitivity to a metabolite of halothane (trifluoroacetate) on the halothane-hypoxia-induction model was tested in mice and rats. male fisher 344 rats (200 g) were immunized with ovalbumin-trifluoroacetate (ova-tfa) and the time course of the delayed hypersensitivity response determined. the animals had a peak response between 4 and 6 weeks after immunization. rats were immunized with ova-tfa, ova, or saline 5 weeks before being anesthetized. ten days before anesth ...19846696235
evidence for intrinsic cellular defects of 'complement' receptor-mediated phagocytosis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle).fc and 'complement'-mediated phagocytosis of pre-opsonized yeast has been studied in monocytes from 18 patients with sle. monocytes from nine of 18 patients had depressed complement-mediated phagocytosis (p = 0.0001, fishers exact test) but only three of 18 had depressed fc-mediated phagocytosis (ns, fishers exact test). although reduced complement-mediated phagocytosis was correlated with increased frequency of disease manifestations (p less than 0.003, rank correlation) there was no correlatio ...19846697566
effects of chronic manipulations of dietary choline on locomotor activity, discrimination learning and cortical acetylcholine release in aging adult fisher 344 rats.dietary levels of choline have been shown to influence central cholinergic neurotransmission. to further examine the behavioral and neurochemical effects of dietary choline, adult fisher 344 rats were maintained on choline deficient (n = 6), enriched (n = 6) or usual lab chow (n = 6) diets for 38 weeks. during 14 weeks of free access to these diets, controls gained little weight whereas the deficient group increased and the enriched group decreased. for the remaining 24 weeks the weights of all ...19846738783
oxygen at 2 atmospheres absolute pressure does not increase the radiation sensitivity of normal brain in rats.cranial radiation was administered to cd fisher rats at 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 atmospheres absolute oxygen pressure. life span following radiation was recorded. surviving animals were killed at 28 weeks and the brains were examined independently by two neuropathologists. survival time was significantly less in animals receiving higher doses of radiation but showed no relationship to the oxygen pressure in the environment of the animal at the time radiation was administered. microscopic examination of ...19846746347
regional behavioral variations of epidermoid carcinoma of the head and neck: a study in an animal model.regional behavioral differences have been observed clinically in epidermoid carcinoma of the head and neck. an animal model was developed for study, using homograft, transplanted epidermoid carcinoma in fisher rats. histopathologic review of tumors of the palate, base of tongue and larynx shows cartilage, arterial wall, surface epithelium and dense connective tissue containing elastic fibers to be relatively resistant to tumor invasion. muscle, bone, vein and loose connective tissues were easily ...19826755115
statistical study of the fisher-race model for human rh genetics.the technique of chromosomal positioning of inheritable traits (c.p.i.t.) to project relative positions of two or more traits at more than one gene locus was employed to test the validity of the fisher-race model of rh structure. the results of statistical analysis of two large samples of rh phenotype distributions suggest that all models based on vertically related, linked alleles are invalid. on the basis of further analysis, wiener's concept of the structure of the human rh-hr gene locus appe ...19806776028
slime glycolipoproteins and the pathogenicity of various strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa in experimental infection.several strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa were differentiated on the basis of the surface properties of the cells. fisher immunotype, phage type, polysaccharide depolymerase type, and indirect hemagglutination reactions were used for this purpose. each strain was then studied with respect to events known to occur during the experimental infection of mice with p. aeruginosa. the virulence of the viable cells varied significantly, although all strains were virulent. glycolipoproteins were isolated ...19806777303
[cell-free pseudomonas vaccine. i. enzyme properties and virulence of strains of p. aeruginosa; protective activity of their water-soluble antigens].the enzymatic (protease, catalase and gelatinase) activity and virulence of the typing strains obtained from the hungarian national collection of medical bacteria, as well as those of highly toxigenic pa-103 strain and 2 newly isolated p. aeruginosa strains were studied. no correlation between these properties of the strains was observed. aqueous extracts prepared from some of the typing strains contained soluble specific and non-specific protective antigens. the partially purified, low toxic, w ...19806778035
use of pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide immunoadsorbents to prepare high potency, mono-specific antibodies.potent, mono-specific anti-pseudomonas immunoglobulins were isolated from serum and lung lavage fluid from patients with cystic fibrosis using immunotype specific pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide (lps) substituted immunoadsorbent gel. iodinated monovalent pseudomonas lps somatic antigens, fisher immunotypes, were used as ligands for two different insoluble gel matrices. lps iodination, using the water insoluble chloroglycoluril reagent, permitted quantitation of the percent lps bound as ...19806778926
diagnosis of bacteremia in children by quantitative direct plating and a radiometric procedure.during a 1-year period, three bacteriological systems for detecting bacteremia in children were analyzed, namely, the bactec system (johnston laboratories, inc., cockeysville, md.), the fisher/lederle bottle (lederle diagnostics, pearl river, n.y.), and a direct plating method of blood termed quantitative direct plating (qdp). of 2,123 blood cultures, 135 (6.4%) were positive; haemophilus influenzae type b, neisseria meningitidis, and streptococcus pneumoniae accounted for 3.4%, representing 61 ...19816787069
lipopolysaccharide and high-molecular-weight polysaccharide serotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa.the serotype distribution of bacteremic and nonbacteremic clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa in relation to the fisher immunotyping scheme, the international antigenic typing system (iats), and high-molecular-weight polysaccharide determinants was investigated. of 281 bacteremic isolates, 273 (97.2%) were serotyped by one of the seven iats specificities that correspond to a fisher lipopolysaccharide/high-molecular-weight polysaccharide specificity. in contrast, these seven serotypes acc ...19826798136
prostate carcinoma tumor size in rats decreases after administration of antagonists of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone.the effects of two potent antagonistic analogues of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (lh-rh) on the growth of two different models of rat prostate tumors have been investigated. chronic administration of [nac-p-f-dphe1,p-cl-dphe2,dtrp3.6,d-ala10]lh-rh (antagonist i) at 50 micrograms/day for 21 days significantly inhibited the growth of the chemically induced squamous cell carcinoma 11095 in fisher 344 male rats. the weights of the pituitary, ventral prostate, and testes were not significant ...19826803239
field studies: pseudomonas pneumonia of mink.epizootics of pneumonia in mink caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa were investigated to characterize the serotype of organisms and to identify possible predisposing factors. most epizootics were associated with p aeruginosa fisher serotype 1, and a few were associated with 3 other serotypes. there were no predisposing factors identified that could be used to differentiate farms affected and those not affected with pseudomonas pneumonia. cultural studies indicated that p aeruginosa was present in m ...19816803621
the absence of triphosphate or metaphosphate residues from lipopolysaccharides of the seven fisher immunotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa. 19816803775
tissue storage of vitamins a and e in rats drinking or infused with total parenteral nutrition solutions.the total parenteral nutrition (tpn) rat and its sham-operated control were used as a model to compare the metabolism and storage of vitamins a and e when they are administered intravenously or orally. male fisher rats were depleted of both vitamins for several months with a diet free of vitamins a or e, but containing retinoic acid for growth. tpn solutions containing aqueous dispersions of retinol, retinyl palmitate and dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate were infused at 2.3 ml/h into the jugular vein ...19826805289
synthesis of 8-(methoxycarbonyl)octyl glycosides of o-alpha-l-rhamno-pyranosyl-(1 goes to 3)-o-alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyl-(1 goes to 3)-2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-d-glucopyranose; models for the antigen of pseudomonas aeruginosa fisher immunotype 5. 19826809330
sarcocystis and other coccidia in foxes and other wild carnivores from montana.sarcocystis spp sporocysts were found in feces of 10.1% of 198 red foxes (vulpes vulpes), in 3.2% of 61 bobcats (lynx rufus), in 16.6% of 12 mountain lions (felis concolor), in 16.6% of 6 fisher (martes pennanti), and in none of 20 wolverines (gulo gulo), 4 mink (mustela vison), or 10 raccoons (procyon lotor). sarcocystis muris and toxoplasma gondii were not found in laboratory mice inoculated with feces of bobcats and mountain lions.19826816776
rats highly susceptible to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis obtained by crossing rats from strains with low crossing and back-crossing three strains of rats, brown-norway, fischer, and pvg, none of which is definitely susceptible to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae), it is possible to obtain fully susceptible animals. genetic analysis indicates the presence of ir-genes in at least two of the strains (fisher and pvg) related to the agb complex, and genes of 'resistance' located on another chromosome. the latter appear to be different in the three strains; also the bn strain, which perh ...19826816857
tumor promoter 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate alters state, fluidity and hydration of 1,2-diacyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine bilayers.previous results (castagna et al. (1979) febs lett. 100, 62-66; fisher et al. (1979) biochem. biophys. res. commun. 86, 1063-1068) indicated us that the active tumor promoter tpa (12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate) decreased fluorescence polarisation of diphenylhexatriene in lymphoblastoid and rat embryo cells. in the present study, experiments aimed at examining the molecular interactions of tumor promoters with cell membrane components are performed with fully hydrated multibilayers of 1,2- ...19836824654
aging-related decreases in hepatic mitochondrial and cytosolic delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase during experimental porphyria.the basal- and allylisopropylacetamide-induced activities of the first enzyme of heme biosynthesis, delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase (alas) were measured in hepatic mitochondria and cytosol of young, adult, and aged fisher 344 rats. the total cellular alas activity induced by allylisopropylacetamide decreased 67% with age. the specific activity of mitochondrial alas in normal and induced animals decreased with aging when assayed in whole or broken mitochondria. the levels of alas which accumul ...19836838217
urine profile analysis by field desorption mass spectrometry, a technique for detecting metabolites of xenobiotics. application to 3,5-dinitro-2-hydroxytoluene.a technique for the detection of biotransformation products of xenobiotics in crude urine extracts by field desorption mass spectrometric profile analysis is described. the method comprises determination of peak profiles of a series of blank and test samples using low resolution field desorption mass spectrometry, comparison of averaged peak profiles and noise reduction by means of fisher and ratio weighting of peak intensities. application of the technique to 3,5-dinitro-2-hydroxytoluene has re ...19836838996
fate of water-insoluble and water-soluble dichlorobenzidine-based pigments in fisher 344 rats.the fate of two water-insoluble (wi) dichlorobenzidine-based pigments, chlorodiane blue (cdb) and pigment yellow 12 (py12), and of their sulfonated water-soluble (ws) analogs was studied in male fischer 344 rats. water-soluble analogs of chlorodiane blue and pigment yellow 12 were synthesized in order to study the effect of water solubility on the absorption and metabolism of dichlorobenzidine-based pigments. [14c]wi-cbd, [14c]wi-py12, and the water-soluble analogs [14c]ws-cdb and [14c]ws-py12 w ...19836842621
a simple method for determining epithelial cell turnover in small intestine. studies in young and aging rat gut.epithelial cell migration in animal gut classically is measured by autoradiography after systemic administration of tritiated thymidine. a migration rate is calculated from observations of the leading edge of villus epithelial cells containing labeled nuclei at varying time periods after tritiated thymidine injection. this method is very accurate, but laborious, time consuming, and costly. a new, simplified method for measuring epithelial cell measurement of [3h] deoxyribonucleic acid specific a ...19836847856
the hellinger distance as used for the representation of serological abo distances among earlier human populations.the hellinger (arccos) distance is examined for the purpose of demonstrating to what extent it represents the differences among populations. when the hellinger distance is employed to estimate gene frequencies, a result very similar to that of the maximum likelihood (bernstein) method can be gained. it is pointed out that in palaeoserological examinations the dobson/ikin method usually mentioned as fisher method is not equivalent to the bernstein method.19836852818
the effects of aging on opioid modulation of feeding in rats.feeding responses to naloxone and butorphanol tartrate were measured in fisher-344 rats with ages of 2, 12, 22 and 28 months. the two younger groups were 10-100 times more sensitive than the older groups to the suppressive effects of naloxone on feeding. additionally, the older rats were less responsive to the feeding enhancement following butorphanol injections. these results are consistent with reports of age-related changes in endogenous opioid systems.19836855472
species and strain differences in mepirizole-induced duodenal and gastric lesions.species and strain differences in mepirizole-induced duodenal and gastric lesions were studied. mepirizole at 200 mg/kg given orally induced deep duodenal ulcers and gastric erosions in nonfasted sprague-dawley, fisher, wistar, and donryu rats at an incidence of over 75%. mepirizole at 300 mg/kg given orally also induced penetrating duodenal ulcers in nonfasted rabbits at an incidence of 50%. there was little or no damage to the duodenum and stomach in mice and dogs given 200-300 mg/kg of mepiri ...19836861585
effect of diet on adjuvant-induced disease and mitogenic responses of fisher rats.fisher rats from a inbred colony, when fed on a salt-free high-protein diet, developed only a mild arthritis after adjuvant injection. their spleen cells failed to respond in vitro to concanavalin a (a t-cell mitogen), although they possessed a b-cell function of plaque formation to sheep red blood cells. when a full salt supplement was included in the diet, or magnesium or copper or zinc was included in the drinking water, adjuvant-induced arthritis was severe and the response to the t-cell mit ...19836862667
comparisons of liver chromatin proteins and template activities in parental and heterotic rats during postweaned development.electrophoretic profiles of acid-extractable proteins from holtzman rat liver chromatin display four minor and five major histone bands through certain stages of postweaned development but are qualitatively different from the chromatin protein profiles previously reported during postweaned development for the fisher 344 rat strain and the f344 x holtzman heterotic progeny [tallman, g., et al. (1979). biochem, genet. 17:185]. the protein profiles from the heterotic progeny do not reflect and are ...19836870779
fatty acid composition of tissue phospholipids and prostaglandin excretion in hyperlipidemia induced in rats by implantation of the mammotropic pituitary tumor mtt-f4.a mammotropic pituitary tumor, mtt-f4, was implanted into male fisher 344 rats for a period of 4 weeks. this tumor induced growth retardation, hyperlipidemia, hepatic hypertrophy and adrenal hyperplasia. lipids were extracted from various tissues. in tumor-bearing rats, phospholipid concentration was found to be increased in plasma, spleen and testis. distribution among the various phospholipid classes was similar to that of controls except in liver and heart, where phosphatidylcholine was incre ...19836877047
genetics of natural resistance to thermal injury.the possible influence of genetic factors in conditioning the host's natural resistance to the lethal effects of severe thermal injury has been studied in 908 rats of comparable age and weight, originating from two outbred, eight inbred, and two congenic strains of animals of defined genetic background. each animal was exposed to a standard, full-thickness, 40% body surface area skin burn by controlled contact with a heated metal plate. the 21-day postburn mortality was 100% in 217 fisher (f-344 ...19826977344
report of the federal panel on formaldehyde.the federal panel on formaldehyde concluded that definitive experiments exist which demonstrate the mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of formaldehyde under laboratory conditions. formaldehyde induces both gene mutations and chromosomal aberrations in a variety of test systems. inhalation of formaldehyde causes cancer of the nose in rats. the concentrations of formaldehyde in inhaled air that caused nasal cancer in fisher 344 rats are within the same order of magnitude as those to which humans may ...19826977445
[cystoscopy (1879-1979) (centennial of a transcendental invention)].the authors make a historical review of the successive stages in man's attempt to be able to observe directly the inside of the cavities of the human body and more precisely of the bladder, which from the start long ago, led to the apparatuses invented during the first half of the 19th century (bozzini, ségalas, bonbalgini, fisher, avery, desormeaux, hacken, cruise, grünfeld, luys, etc.) until the 9th march 1879 when maximilian nitze presented in the vienna medical society and published in the j ...19806987957
studies of the immediately vascularized skin order to evaluate the effect of the nature of revascularization on survival rates of skin allografts, a rat model was devised which provided simultaneous and immediate establishment of arterial and venous blood supply to a composite skin-renal allograft. for 5 days after transplantation the skin portion of the composite grafts appeared normal, with minimal inflammation in 11 recipients. from 6 to 11 days, in 6 rats, active rejection developed with a marked inflammatory reaction of the skin-ki ...19806992906
correlation studies of entero-set 20, api 20e and conventional media systems for enterobacteriaceae identification.the entero-set kit (fisher diagnostics) is a 20-biochemical-test system used in the identification of members of the enterobacteriaceae. this kit was compared with the api 20e (analytab products) and conventional media systems, using 505 (303 stock and 202 clinical) strains of enterobacteriaceae. when the entero-set and api 20e results were compared with those of the conventional media system, the entero-set performed as well as the api 20e in overall identification. comparison of common biochem ...19817007414
sterol metabolism in the rat: effect of alcohol on sterol metabolism in two strains of rats.sterol metabolism studies using a combination of isotopic and chromatographic procedures were carried out in two strains of rats fed 5% ethanol (36% of calories) in the diet. feeding ethanol to the fisher rat over 17 days produced no significant changes in body weight. cholesterol levels in various tissues were elevated in the ethanol-fed group: plasma cholesterol, +61%; liver cholesterol, +47%; and bile cholesterol, +57%. the alcohol-fed fisher rat showed several changes in sterol metabolism ov ...19817018302
development of a folacin bioassay in rats.the objective of this study was to determine if the relationship between dietary folic acid and liver folacin concentration could serve as a quantitative standard response curve for a folacin bioassay. this paper examines the time required for liver folacin depletion, the effect of the supplementation period on the range of the linear response and the precision of the standard curve. male weanling fisher strain rats were offered a low folacin diet for 31 days. at the end of the depletion period ...19827054472
dna polymerase-alpha. common polypeptide core structure of three enzyme forms from human kb cells.aqueous extracts of exponentially growing human kb cells contain three quantitatively significant forms of dna polymerase-alpha activity. the predominant form (about 70% of total cellular activity), which is recovered from the cytoplasm, has been previously purified to near-homogeneity and structurally characterized (fisher, p. a., and korn, d. (1977) j. biol. chem. 252, 6528-6535). the other two polymerase forms include a minor cytoplasmic activity (about 20% of total cellular activity), dna po ...19827056756
binding of chloroform to mouse and rat hemoglobin.the covalent binding of chemical carcinogens and mutagens to hemoglobin has been proposed as a dose monitor for environmental exposure. the binding of chloroform to hemoglobin in rats was demonstrated to result from the formation of addition adducts to amino acids in the globin. the altered amino acids were isolated with an amino acid analyzer employing ion exchange chromatography. the covalent binding of orally-administered [14c]chloroform to rat hemoglobin reached a peak within 10 h. afterward ...19827060223
strain difference in thermoregulation of rats surviving extreme heat.the survival times of unanesthetized rats in 42.5 degree c. 48% rh were studied in 12 different strains. in males, sprague-dawley rats (p less than 0.01) and fisher 344/mk (p less than 0.05) showed significantly higher heat tolerance than the other 9 strains. among sprague-dawley rats, females tolerated heat longer than males (p less than 0.05). there was no difference in lethal body temperature according to strains and exposure temperatures (38.5-48.5 degree c). maximum survivable body temperat ...19827061293
immunosuppressive activity of, an inhibitor of ala dehydrase, the second enzyme of the heme biosynthetic pathway, has been shown to exert immunosuppressive activity in several systems. when the walker 256 tumor was grown subcutaneously in outbred sprague-dawley rats, sa prevented rejection of the tumor by the host. human peripheral blood lymphocyte transformation in response to mitogens and antigens in vitro was markedly impaired by addition of sa to the medium. addition of hematin to the medium did not reverse the sa-med ...19827061925
complement receptors of rat macrophages.some species, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and humans, have complement receptors on resident alveolar macrophages, whereas swiss mice lack detectable receptors on these macrophages. using complement-coated sheep erythrocytes or bacteria, we were unable to detect complement receptors (cr1, cr2, or cr3) on resident alveolar macrophages of male sprague-dawley rats. nonelicited peritoneal macrophages from sprague-dawley rats had cr1 and cr3 receptors and were able to bind bacteria opsonized with ...19827062316
schistosoma intercalatum (fisher, 1934) infection in sheep.parasitological and clinico-pathological aspects of schistosoma intercalatum infection in sheep were studied after exposure to 5000 cercariae per animal. it was shown that the infection, in spite of relatively high tissue egg counts, only gave rise to low-grade clinico-pathological manifestations with almost unaffected blood parameters. the parasites were mainly located in the lower part of the intestinal tract, and the number of eggs being passed in faeces was very low.19827069181
pharmacokinetics of acrylamide in fisher-344 rats. 19827071872
the effect of vitamin e deficiency on some platelet membrane properties.the effects of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin e) deficiency on membrane properties of platelets were studied to determine if vitamin e has a measureable stabilizing role in biological membranes. three groups of rats and three of mice were studied: two groups consisted of fisher strain rats and one of sprague-dawley rats fed a draper corn oil diet with and without high levels of supplementary vitamin e. the mice were two groups of balb/c animals maintained on an 8% hydrogenated coconut oil diet, and o ...19827077141
pelvic infection after elective abortion associated with chlamydia trachomatis.two groups in denmark and sweden, totalling 943 healthy women in the first trimester of pregnancy who were undergoing elective abortion, were examined in a prospective study. group 1 consisted of 432 women from denmark, all examined prior to and 2 weeks after the operation. at the first examination, samples were taken from the cervix for the isolation of chlamydiae and gonococci. chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 23 (5.3%) of the women. postoperatively, 15 patients developed acute pelvic i ...19827078867
detection of carcinogenic exposures by urinalysis: induction of cell-mediated immunity.studies were undertaken to determine whether urine collected from rats during the 24 h following exposure to the colon carcinogen 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (dmh) contained substances which would induce specific antitumor immunity. the evaluation for such components was carried out by administering the test and control urine to young male adult fisher f344 inbred rats and then establishing the animals' antitumor cell-mediated immunity (cmi) at a 14-day post-exposure interval. the cmi was measured by ...19827101323
lymphocyte reactivity to crohn's ileal homogenates.this study was undertaken to demonstrate whether lymphocytes derived from patients with crohn's disease and their household contacts would demonstrate increased reactivity upon exposure to tissue homogenates prepared from the terminal ileum of patients with crohn's disease. it was demonstrated that 4 of 18 patients, 9 of 30 household contacts, and 0 of 13 control subjects exhibited statistically greater lymphocyte thymidine incorporation in response to crohn's tissue homogenates (contacts vs con ...19827154058
[miller fisher syndrome. report of a case].the case of a man 34 year-old presenting upward gaze paralyses and external ophthalmoplegia without involvement of the downward gaze, accompanied by cerebellar disorders, generalized areflexia but no muscular weakness, and moderate sensory impairment of the four extremities is reported. the cerebrospinal fluid showed an albuminocytologic dissociation. recovery was rapid and almost complete, within 3 weeks, remaining minimal paresis of the upward gaze and lateral movement in both eyes. the improv ...19827159257
levels of lipid peroxidation in hepatocytes isolated from aging rats fed an antioxidant-free diet.enzymatically isolated hepatocytes were utilized to evaluate levels of lipid peroxidation in young (3 months), adult (12 months) and aged (25 months) fisher-344 female rats. lipid peroxidation was measured by assaying levels of malonaldehyde, a by-product of the peroxidation reaction. young, adult and aged animals were fed a liquid antioxidant-free diet for 21 days prior to the hepatocyte isolation. cells isolated from young rats demonstrated the highest levels of lipid peroxidation (microgram o ...19827160445
[isolation and significance of vibrio cholera nag].after the isolation of two vibrio cholerae nag from the stools of two tourists, the authors researched vibrio in people coming home from particular countries and in resident people. the research was extended to the water of varese lake after another isolation from a fisher who had fished, cooked and eaten the lake fish. problems concerning the classification of vibrio and their presence in the environment are examined.19827187344
absorption of 14c-clanobutin-na isolated perfused intestinal segments in vitro of rats.1. the absorption of 14c-labelled 4-[4-chloro-n-(4-methoxyphenyl)-benzamido]-butyric acid (clanobutin) was investigated on isolated perfused jejunal segments of rats in vitro according to the method of fisher and parsons and using everted (wilson and wiseman) and non-everted sac preparations. 2. transfer to and content of the mucosal tissue of 14c-clanobutin in isolated perfused jejunal segments is proportional to the concentration administered on the mucosal side in the range of 1-100 mumol/l. ...19817194668
presynaptic cholinergic mechanisms in brain of aged rats with memory impairments.presynaptic cholinergic mechanisms were investigated in various brain regions of aged fisher 344 rats with documented 24 hr retention deficits measured in a single-trial passive avoidance tasks. sodium-dependent high affinity choline uptake was found to be decreased by 22% in hippocampus of 23-26 month old animals as compared to 6 month old controls. prior depolarization of hippocampal or cortical synaptosomes with k+ resulted in stimulation of choline uptake which was similar in aged rats and y ...19817197758
dopamine receptor sensitivity following nigrostriatal lesion in the aged rat.this investigation sought to determine whether the ability to regulate dopamine receptor sensitivity following removal of dopaminergic innervation is altered during aging. aged (24-26 months old) fisher 344 rats compared with young (6 months old) rats had lower levels of dopamine and dopamine receptor binding ([3h]adtn), but no change of dopamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity. unilateral lesion of the nigrostriatal pathway produced equivalent dopaminergic denervation in rats of both age ...19827199364
age-strain interrelations in lipid metabolism of rats.various aspects of lipid metabolism were compared in fisher 344 (f) and sprague-dawley (sd) rats aged 2, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. the analyses included free and total cholesterol of serum and liver, lcat, hepatic hmg-coa reductase, cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase, fatty acid synthetase, acetyl coa carboxylase and cholesterol synthesis from acetate or mevalonate. the body weight of sd rats increases with age whereas that of f rats plateaus at 9-12 months. liver and aorta cholesterol levels were c ...19817242272
lung clearance of particles in two strains of rats.two strains of commonly used experimental rats were compared with regard to lung clearance of tio2 particles. the fisher 344 inbred rats retained predictably fewer particles after a 7-hr exposure than the larger outbred long-evans rats. this fact can be expected in view of the different lung size of the two strains. in addition, clearance of the retained particles was significantly slower in fisher 344 rats. differences in lung clearance capacity of different animal strains should be considered ...19807250091
acute and chronic effect of dietary cholic acid on colonic epithelial cell proliferation.administration of cholic acid (1.0% of the diet) to male fisher rats for 3 days resulted in increased numbers of dna synthesizing epithelial cells per colonic crypt column as compared to those found in either control or 0.2% cholic acid-fed rats. the middle third of the crypt was the area stimulated to contribute the additional proliferating cells. the maximum number of 3h-tdr-labeled cells was doubled by 24 h and migration had processed further up the colonic crypt of the 1% cholic acid-fed rat ...19817250550
age changes on bone size and mass in two strains of senescent rats.6-month-old buffalo and fisher inbred rats were compared with their respective senescent counterparts. it appeared that length as well as weight of the various sections of the skeleton increased into old age. however, in some skeletal parts, length increase was greater than weight increase, so that relative robusticity of those parts, relating weight to length, dropped. the two different strains of rats showed differences in age-related bone reactions. thus, while in humans, age-related bone los ...19817257716
the role of body mass in thermoregulation.inbred fisher and buffalo rats were raised in small and in large litters and by such litter manipulation, large- and small-bodied animals were obtained within the same strain. when the rats were exposed to extreme cold and heat, it appeared that large-bodied rats in both strains survived longer in cold and small-bodied rats survived longer in heat. the two trends were clearly evident, and individual correlations between survival time and body mass were generally significant. however, there were ...19817258339
induction of spinal cord paralysis by negative part of our investigations on late non-neoplastic injury induced by negative pi-mesons (pions), a series of studies have been performed using pion beams for the induction of spinal cord paralysis in the fisher 344 rat. groups of rats were exposed to 1, 5 or 15 daily doses of peak pions or x rays. paralysis appeared earlier after treatment with pions than after x rays even in a comparison of groups with similar final incidences. a single dose rbe for spinal cord paralysis of 1.3 was found. the ...19817260512
neuron numbers in locus coeruleus do not change with age in fisher 344 rat.counts of neurons in locus coeruleus of fisher 344 rats of ages from 12 to 32 months showed no loss with advancing age. species comparisons of age changes in locus coeruleus neuron counts and measures of catecholamine systems suggested that the human and nonhuman primate locus coeruleus shows age changes and seen in rodent locus coeruleus. it is suggested that although rodent models of human aging have value under some circumstances, rodent and primate brain should not be considered equivalent w ...19817266740
evaluation of megadose vitamin therapy in an experimental brain tumor.a mixture of vitamins c and b12 in high dosage, which has been reported to eradicate ascites tumors in rats, was tested for its antineoplastic effect against the l9 glioma in fisher cdf strain rats. no difference in survival time between animals receiving the vitamin mixture and controls could be demonstrated. possible reasons for the different response to therapy in the two experimental tumor systems are discussed.19817280989
phospholipid metabolism in livers of young and old fisher 344 and sprague-dawley rats. 19817286096
formation of tissue-bound n'-nitrosonornicotine metabolites by the target tissues of sprague-dawley and fisher rats.the distribution and metabolism of n' -[14c] nitrosonornicotine ([14c]nnu) was studied in sprague-dawley and fisher rats, in which nnn induces tumours preferentially of the nasal cavity and the oesophagus. after i.v. injections of [14c] nnn, a localization of tissue-bound metabolites weas found in the mucosa of the nasal cavity and oesophagus. these tissues were also found to have a capacity to form tissue-bound metabolites from nnn in vitro. these data suggest that in situ metabolic activation ...19817296763
age related changes in the endocrine hypothalamus: i. tanycytes and the blood-brain-cerebrospinal fluid barrier.the fine structural organization of the floor of the third cerebral ventricle (dorsum of the median eminence of the hypothalamus) of 2 normal adult mice fisher 344 rats was compared and contrasted with that of 2 aged rats 30 months old. closely juxtaposed tanycytes (specialized ependymal cells) of normal young adults in the lower walls and floor of the third ventricle. in contrast, tanycytes in aged rats demonstrated significant intracellular separations, with only fine cytoplasmic processes rem ...19817301040
pituitary cell transplants to the cerebral ventricle suppress the pituitary of the recipient host.implantation of 1 x 10(6) acutely dispersed rat pituitary cells into the lateral ventricles of sexually immature and mature female rats of both the sprague-dawley and fisher strains significantly suppressed the weight and protein content of the in situ pituitary 12 days postimplantation. body weight gains in the young animals were also significantly lower. changes in the in situ pituitary of the cell implanted groups were demonstrated by repeatable reductions (approximately 50%) in total pituita ...19817301052
immunoregulation by schistosoma mansoni.schistosoma mansoni is known to release an inhibitory factor of lymphocyte proliferation elicited in vitro. the effect of this dialyzable schistosome incubation product (dsip) was tested in vivo on different aspects of the cell-mediated immune response. first, the dsip injected into c57b1/6 mice markedly inhibited the delayed type hypersensitivity to sheep red blood cells (srbc). furthermore, the dsip injected into s. mansoni infected fisher rats at the beginning of the infection induced an inhi ...19817309493
adrenaline neurons and pnmt activity in the brain and spinal cord of genetically hypertensive rats and rats with doca--salt hypertension.1. we have studied the number of phenylethanolamine-n-methyltransferase (pnmt)-containing nerve cells in the medulla and the activity of pnmt in the medulla, spinal cord and hypothalamus of the rat. 2. at 4 weeks of age there was an increase in the number of pnmt cells counted in the medulla of the spontaneously hypertensive rat (shr; 21%, p less than 0.01) and the stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rat (shr-sp; 22%, p less than 0.01) compared with the wistar--kyoto (wky) control rat. 3. at ...19817318327
effects of lactose and mode of sterilization of a lactose diet on mineral metabolism in germ-free and conventional rats.mineral balances of ca, p, mg, k, na, zn, mn, cu were carried out on 6-week old fisher rats for 14 consecutive days. four lots of germfree (gf) and 4 lots of conventional (cv) rats were fed a semi-synthetic diet at weaning containing either 0 or 10 p. 100 of lactose (l). the diet was sterilized either by irradiation (i) or by autoclave (au). lactose, when added to the diet, caused very variable modifications of the mineral metabolism, depending on the mineral studied and the mode of sterilizatio ...19807349413
charge forms of wistar rat alpha-lactalbumin. a contradiction.alpha-lactalbumin was purified from the milk of wistar rats and was compared to that obtained from fisher 344 rats. alpha-lactalbumin isolated from the wistar rat exists as two forms which differ in their sialic acid content, as the desialyated forms migrate to one identical position on polyacrylamide gels. these two charge forms are identical with the charge forms ii and iii previously characterized from fisher rat alpha-lactalbumin. no evidence was found to verify previous reports that one for ...19807380837
body build and temperature tolerance: an experimental analysis of ecological 'rules'.according to current anthropological theory, the two factors that primarily determine thermoregulation in human populations are body size and body proportions, and they have found their formulation in the ecological 'rules' of bergmann and allen. in order to test the validity of these idea, buffalo and fisher rats were submitted to various levels of heat and cold. the two strains were chosen because they demonstrate maximum differences in body size and body proportions in domesticated rats. the ...19807405512
dog bite wounds and infection: a prospective clinical study.we prospectively studied 26 patients with 27 dog bite wounds who sought medical attention in the emergency department. two distinct populations were found (fishers exact test, p less than or equal to 0.001): 1) those who presented 8 hr to 12 hr post-injury were concerned about rabies or tetanus or surgical wound repair; and 2) those who presented more than 12 hr post-injury were concerned with infection. there was no difference (p > 0.05) in the bacteriology of the two groups. of all wounds, 74% ...19807425403
cholesterol synthesis in tissues of young and old fisher 344 and sprague-dawley rats. 19807428858
energy-linked mitochondrial transhydrogenation from nadph to nadp analogs.the mitochondrial energy-linked transhydrogenase enzyme catalyzes hydride ion transfer between nad and hadp, of which the reaction nadh leads to nadp is slow in the absence of energy and is accelerated 10-fold or more when the mitochondrial membrane is energized by atp hydrolysis or respiration. the enzyme is a proton pump and effects proton translocation coupled to hydride ion transfer from nadph to nad (earle, s.r., and fisher, r.r. (1980) j. biol chem. 255, 827-830). the present studies have ...19807430092
relationship between increased aerobic glycolysis and dna synthesis initiation studied using glycolytic mutant fibroblasts.reports from several laboratories have suggested increased rates of glycolysis play an essential part in the initiation of dna synthesis. this is based on observations that aerobic glycolysis: (1) occurs at low rate in resting mammalian cells and at very high rate in tumour cells; (2) increases rapidly after dna synthesis is initiated by addition of serum or purified growth factors, and (3) correlates with the expression of the transformed phenotype. also, specific inhibitors of aerobic glycolys ...19807432468
effect of n-nitrosomethylurea on substrains of fisher lymphadenosis l-5178 resistant to antitumoral antibiotics.a cytogenetic analysis of variants of fisher mouse lymphadenosis l-5178 resistant to the antitumoral antibiotics bruneomycin and rubomycin c showed that the cytogenetic characteristics of the changes in the tumor cell population correlate with the chemotherapeutic indices of the development of drug resistance. cytogenetic and kinetic analyses showed that variants of fisher lymphadenosis l-5178 resistant to bruneomycin and rubomycin c retain sensitivity to n-nitrosomethylurea (nmu). the activity ...19807437480
in vitro release of biologically active adriamycin by magnetically responsive albumin microspheres.the kinetic release of therapeutically active adriamycin from two different heat-stabilized preparations of magnetically responsive albumin microspheres (1 micron) has been evaluated using a rapid in vitro bioassay-harvesting system. release products are added to freshly plated monolayers of a malignant fisher 344 rat fibrosarcoma cell line, and the inhibition of [3h]uridine incorporation into trichloroacetic acid-precipitable material (rna) and whole cells is determined in a 6-hr microtiter ass ...19807438037
consideration of the possible carcinogenicity of some pesticides.the sophistication, sensitivity, and the predictability of carcinogenesis bioassays using small rodents is reviewed. bioassays were conducted using both sexes of mice (b6c3f1:c57bl/6xc3h f1 hybrid) and rats (osborne-mendel or fisher 344). chemicals tested included three acaracides, two fungicides, two fumigants, four herbicides, twelve chlorinated insecticides, and five organo-phosphorus insecticides. the tumor response of each test strain and sex to the above chemicals is discussed, as well as ...19807440922
iodothyronine kinetic studies in the newborn lamb.metabolic clearance rates and production rates for thyroxine (t4), triiodothyronine (t3) and reverse t3 (rt3) were determined by pulse injection kinetic techniques in newborn sheep between 7 and 14 days of age. the mean metabolic clearance rate for t3 (39.6 +/- 4.5 l/m2 per day) was significantly greater than that for t4 (7.25 l/m2 per day, p < 0.001). the mean value for rt3 (27.5 +/- 2.8 l/m2 per day) also exceeded that for t4 (p < 0.001) but did not differ from that for t3. the mean production ...19807440940
[effect of concanavalin a on the splenic lymphocyte proliferative activity of germ-free rats].action of con-a on the proliferative activity of spleen lymphocytes was studied using germfree and conventional fisher rats 3-4 months of age and conventional 2-3 day old rats. the intensity of 3h-thymidine incorporation in lymphocytes of germfree and conventional animals was the same, however, the coefficient of stimulation was higher in germfree rats. lymphocytes of suckling rats had a low reactivity to con-a.19807445093
the antitumour activity of maltose tetrapalmitate compared with other immunoadjuvants, and its effectiveness after tumour surgery.the effectivenss of maltose tetrapalmitate (mtp) as an antitumour immune adjuvant was verified by its comparison with other known immunopotentiators, namely bcg, corynebacterium parvum, levamisole and pyran copolymer. copenhagen x fisher 344/crbl f1 hybrid male rats inoculated s.c. with the dunning r3327a prostatic adenocarcinoma were used as the test system. all animals treated with immunoadjuvants showed a delay in tumour appearance and inhibition of early tumour growth. mtp was found to be th ...19807459208
campylobacter jejuni infection and guillain-barré syndrome.although infection with campylobacter jejuni is recognized as a common antecedent of the guillain-barré syndrome, the clinical and epidemiologic features of this association are not well understood.19957477117
pharmacologically induced regression of chronic transplant rejection.chronic rejection, characterized by a progressive obliterative arteriopathy, is a major cause of graft failure in long-surviving human transplants for which there is no effective treatment. leflunomide, an isoxazol derivative, has been shown to be a novel immunomodulatory drug that profoundly suppresses the immune response. in this study, 58 fisher-344 rats received cardiac transplantation from lewis rats. all the recipients were given csa at 2.5 mg/kg for 5 days postoperatively. without further ...19957482709
monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (mcp-1) gene transduction: an effective tumor vaccine strategy for non-intracranial tumors.recently, there has been renewed interest in the concept of tumor vaccines using genetically engineered tumor cells expressing a variety of cytokines to increase their immunogenicity. human mcp-1 (je) is a potent chemoattractant and activator of monocytes and t lymphocytes and thus a good candidate gene for a tumor vaccine. we therefore evaluated the efficacy of vaccines consisting of irradiated tumor cells transduced with the murine mcp-1 gene in the syngeneic 9l gliosarcoma brain tumor model. ...19957489565
role of gastric blood flow in impaired defense and repair of aged rat study impaired gastric mucosal tolerance against noxious agents in aged rats, possible factors underlying this observation were compared in anesthetized fisher 344 young and aged rats. the gastric mucosa was damaged by in situ exposure to 80% ethanol for 30-45 s and by 1 m nacl for 10 min followed by saline (ph = 1.0) for 60 min in chambered stomachs. the lesion area was significantly larger and epithelial restitution was significantly slower in aged than in young rats after both types of inj ...19957491966
restoration of tumor oxygenation after cytotoxic therapy by a perflubron emulsion/carbogen breathing.female, fisher 344 rats bearing 13762 mammary carcinoma implanted subcutaneously in a hind limb were treated with standard therapeutic single doses of antitumor treatments of several types including: 1) antitumor alkylating agents (cisplatin, cyclophosphamide); 2) natural products (adriamycin, taxol and etoposide); 3) antimetabolites (5-flourouracil); 4) hypoxic cell selective agents (mitomycin c, sr-4233) as well as 5) fractionated radiation therapy (3 gray daily for 5 days). the oxygen levels ...19957493063
increased tumor oxygenation and radiation sensitivity in two rat tumors by a hemoglobin-based, oxygen-carrying preparation.the rat 13762 mammary carcinoma and the rat 9l gliosarcoma were grown subcutaneously in a hind limb of female, fisher 344 rats. the oxygen content of the tumors was determined using an eppendorf po2 histograph. fifty-to-sixty oxygen measurements were made per tumor and there were 8-to-10 animals per group. the percent of po2 readings < or = 5 mmhg in the mammary carcinoma was 49%, this was decreased to 34% by administration of the hemoglobin preparation (8 ml/kg) and further decreased to 29% whe ...19957493064
the penumbra, therapeutic time window and acute ischaemic stroke.there is a great deal of evidence that an ischaemic penumbra exists in animals and humans after the occurrence of focal brain ischaemia (hossmann, 1994). the concept of the penumbra leads to the idea of a therapeutic time window. because, if the region of irreversible injury (infarction) after focal ischaemia evolves in time and space, then the possibility of therapy to interfere becomes a tenable hypothesis. all of the acute stroke therapies given after onset have their basis from this hypothes ...19957496621
wortmannin, an inhibitor of phosphoinositide 3-kinase, inhibits transcytosis in polarized epithelial cells.wortmannin, an inhibitor of phosphoinositide 3-kinase, inhibits both basolateral to apical and apical to basolateral transcytosis of ricin in fisher rat thyroid (frt) cells by 50% at 100 nm in a continuous transcytosis assay. in mdck cells, a similar effect of wortmannin on basolateral to apical transcytosis of ricin was found, whereas apical to basolateral transcytosis was inhibited to a lesser degree. transcytosis of dimeric iga in mdck cells expressing the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor wa ...19957499348
hla-class ii alleles in guillain-barré syndrome and miller fisher syndrome and their association with preceding campylobacter jejuni infection.hla typing for class ii alleles was performed on 97 patients with guillain-barré syndrome or miller fisher syndrome and compared with 100 controls. there was a significant association between hla-dqb1*03 and preceding campylobacter jejuni infection (pc = 0.05).19957499492
psychiatric disease and cytomegalovirus viremia in renal transplant recipients.although cytomegalovirus (cmv) is rarely cultured from peripheral-blood leukocytes of immunocompetent patients, it may be cultured from up to 60% of renal transplant recipients, 1 to 4 months after transplantation. during this same period, renal transplant recipients are often referred for psychiatric evaluation. since cmv may infect the central nervous system, the relationship between isolation of cmv from peripheral-blood leukocytes (viremia) and psychiatric evaluation was investigated in 80 r ...19957501787
age-related shortening of poly(a) tail of albumin determine the molecular mechanisms of age-related changes in hepatic albumin gene expression, male fisher 344 rats at 4, 12, and 24 months of age were studied. the hepatic albumin content was modestly increased by 20% and plasma albumin concentration was not altered with age. there were no age-related changes in albumin mrna content of the liver. the in vivo synthetic rate of albumin as measured with [14c]-leucin incorporation in 4-month-old rats (350 +/- 24.5 cpm) was not significantly diffe ...19957503543
aging impairs galanin expression in luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone neurons: effect of ovariectomy and/or estradiol the medial preoptic area and the diagonal band of broca, a subset of lhrh neurons coexpresses galanin at a 4- to 5-fold higher rate in female than male rats, suggesting that estradiol (e2) plays a key role in galanin gene expression within lhrh neurons. in the present studies we investigated the incidence of colocalization of these peptides in different age groups, i.e. 2-, 10-, 18-, and 24-month-old intact female fisher rats; 24-month-old e2-treated rats; 24-month-old ovariectomized (ovx) ra ...19947506207
in vivo characterization of the tachykinin receptors involved in the direct and indirect bronchoconstrictor effect of tachykinins in two inbred rat strains.three receptors for the tachykinins, nk1, nk2, and nk3, have been defined pharmacologically and have been cloned. we previously demonstrated that in fisher 344 (f344) rats neurokinin a (nka) and substance p (sp) cause bronchoconstriction mainly by indirect mechanisms that involve both cholinergic nerves and mast cells. preliminary results suggested that in a less responsive strain, the bde strain, tachykinins did not activate airway mast cells. we have now compared in f344 and bde rats the airwa ...19947513594
acquisition of pseudomonas cepacia at summer camps for patients with cystic fibrosis. summer camp study assess the risk of acquisition of pseudomonas cepacia by person-to-person transmission at cystic fibrosis summer camps, we conducted in 1990 a study at three camps attended by patients with cystic fibrosis who had p. cepacia infection and patients without p. cepacia infection but who were considered susceptible to infection. we obtained sputum or throat cultures from campers on their arrival at, weekly during, at the end of, and 14 to 30 days after camp. we compared the incidence of sputum co ...19947513755
localization, synthesis, and processing of surfactant protein sp-c in rat lung analyzed by epitope-specific antipeptide antibodies.surfactant protein c (sp-c), a 3.7-kda hydrophobic lung-specific protein, is synthesized and secreted by pulmonary type ii cells through proteolytic processing of a 21-kda propeptide (sp-c21) by currently undefined pathways. previously, we reported the production of a polyclonal antibody against rat sp-c21 (anti-cprosp-c) using a synthetic peptide as the immunizing antigen (beers, m. f., wali, a., eckenhoff, m. e. f., feinstein, s., fisher, j. h., and fisher, a. b. (1992) am. j. respir. cell. mo ...19947519606
lung monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 gene expression in bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis.recent studies indicate that monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (mcp-1) may play an important role in pulmonary inflammation. in vitro studies show that a number of cell types are capable of producing mcp-1. in this study, mcp-1 expression in lungs of rats with bleomycin (blm)-induced pulmonary fibrosis is examined to evaluate its cellular origin and potential role in pathogenesis. lung fibrosis was induced in male fisher 344 rats by endotracheal injection on day 0. on selected days after inject ...19947525714
radiation-induced changes in the profile of spinal cord serotonin, prostaglandin synthesis, and vascular investigate the profile of biochemical and physiological changes induced in the rat spinal cord by radiation, over a period of 8 months.19957527800
loss of heterozygosity in 8p is associated with microinvasion in colorectal carcinoma.loss of heterozygosity (loh) from the short arm of chromosome 8 is frequent in a variety of malignancies, suggesting the presence of a tumor suppressor gene in this region. previous studies suggested that this deletion may correlate with higher clinicopathologic stages in colorectal cancer, but others did not support this finding; in part, this difficulty is due to the low heterozygosity of the rflp markers that were used. here we report on a preliminary investigation in which we used highly inf ...19947530488
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