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a stochastic simulation study on speciation by sexual selection.a two-locus multi-allele sexual isolation model incorporating mutation and genetic drift which was first proposed by nei et al. (1983) is studied here. one locus controls the male mating character, and the other controls female receptivity. all females are assumed to have equal mating success. therefore, the frequencies of female receptivity alleles are changed by mutation, drift, and hitchhiking with male character alleles. without hitchhiking, development of sexual isolation between allopatric ...198528563651
the haemorheological features of lacunar strokes.clinical and haemorheological data were recorded in 40 patients with lacunar strokes confirmed clinically and by computed tomography. the following haemorheological variables were monitored: haematocrit, erythrocyte aggregation, erythrocyte deformability, plasma viscosity, fibrinogen concentration and yield shear stress. clinically, most patients had case histories and features according to the description of fisher. all haemorheological parameters with the exception of the haematocrit were path ...19854078601
homozygosity in a population of variable size and mutation rate.a formula is obtained for the probability that two genes at a single locus, sampled at random from a population at time t, are of particular types. the model assumed is a diffusion approximation to a neutral wright-fisher model in which mutation is not necessarily symmetric and the population size is a function of time. it is shown that for symmetric mutation in a population undergoing a step-function type bottleneck, homozygosity increases with decreasing population size. a formula is given for ...19854067439
prediction of developmental attainments of institutionalized mentally retarded children.two regression equations using chronological age and either iq or the fisher and zeaman k score were developed to predict developmental record ratings of institutionalized mentally retarded children over a 2-year interval (n = 200), a 4-year interval (n = 165), and an 8-year interval (n = 95). although the correlations between predicted and obtained scores for both equations were quite high even over an 8-year interval, analysis of mean differences revealed that the equation using iq yielded mor ...19853976735
[comparative quantitative assessment of a carcinogenic effect taking intercurrent mortality into account].the paper discusses the advantages offered by the statistical evaluation of experimental carcinogenic effect with due regard to mortality from concomitant pathology. the method used complex tables of contingents and analysis was carried out separately in 3 groups of tumors--independent of mortality, fatal and incidental ones. the method was compared with standard procedures which do not take care of the said mortality rate (table of contingents 2 x 2 and precise procedure of fisher). the data on ...19853976212
neurological findings in miller-fisher syndrome. 19853973632
abscence of cns lesion in autopsied patients with miller-fisher syndrome. 19853966876
cholecystokinetic cholecystography.a prospective clinical trial of 100 patients receiving either intramuscular ceruletide or a fatty meal to contract the gallbladder after oral cholecystography is described. the percentage reduction of the gallbladder area after 30 min of stimulation was not significantly greater with ceruletide (49%) than with a fatty meal (44%) (t-test: p greater than 0.3). ceruletide caused significantly more adverse reactions than a fatty meal (fisher test, p less than 0.01). the diagnostic value of routine c ...19853888766
[the concept of cerebral lacunae from 1838 to the present].the term lacunae was first used by dechambre (1838) referring to small cavities developed during the process of resorption within cerebral softenings. some years later, lacunae was applied by durand-fardel (1843) to small cavities located in the basal ganglia and hypothetically attributed to old, healed cerebral softenings. durand-fardel (1842, 1854) described "l'état criblé" as many round small holes ("criblures") always containing a patient blood vessel and located in the hemispheric white mat ...19853885361
[the importance of hla antigens in alcoholic cirrhosis].the existence of a relationship between hla and the possibility of the development of an alcoholic cirrhosis is researched in this paper. this work was done from 1982 to 1984, by the staff of four clinics of the medicine school of the university of uruguay. we studied 47 alcoholics with portal cirrhosis, 19 non-cirrhotic alcoholics and 250 healthy nonalcoholic controls. we confirmed with liver biopsy the cirrhosis in the first group and in the second, liver biopsy was performed in order to assur ...19853869871
a fortran program for testing trend and homogeneity in proportions.a fortran program is provided for testing linear trend and homogeneity in proportions. trend is evaluated by the cochran-armitage method and homogeneity is tested by an overall x2 test as well by multiple pairwise comparisons by the fisher-irwin exact method. the program should be easy to implement on any size of computer with a fortran compiler.19853839740
myelin basic protein in fisher syndrome. 19852413179
counselling. hidden conflicts: a case study of the fisher family. 1986260965
ntp toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of benzyl acetate (cas no. 140-11-4) in f344/n rats and b6c3f1 mice (gavage studies).benzyl acetate, a water-white liquid with a pear-like odor, is a natural constituent of several essential oils and flower absolutes extracted from jasmine, hyacinth, gardenia, tuberose, ylang-ylang, cananga, and neroli. commercial benzyl acetate, a liquid prepared synthetically from benzyl chloride, acetic acid, and triethylamine is used primarily as a component of perfumes for soaps and as a flavoring ingredient. this compound is practically insoluble in water but is miscible in alcohol and eth ...198612748678
control of phosphorylase kinase in the isolated glycogen particle by ca2+-mg2+ synergistic activation and camp-dependent phosphorylation.the isolated glycogen particle provides a means to examine the regulation of glycogen metabolism with the components organized in a functional cellular complex. with this system, we have studied the control of phosphorylase kinase activation by ca2+ and camp. contrary to a previous report (heilmeyer, l. m. g., jr., meyer, f., haschke, r. h., and fisher, e. h. (1980) j. biol. chem. 245, 6649-6656), phosphorylase kinase became activated during incubation of the glycogen particle with mgatp2- and c ...19863007504
influence of complex charge and size on the uptake of 99mtc-diphosphonates in osteogenic tissue.the biodistributions of six chromatographically pure 99mtc-hedp complexes have been determined in soft tissues, normal bone and osteogenic lesions (induced with a walker 256 tumor) in fisher 344 rats. the physical properties of each 99mtc-hedp complex including anionic charge, partial molar volume, molecular weight and spectral characteristics are known; thus allowing structure-activity relationships to be drawn. the results indicate that the smallest, low charged, mononuclear 99mtc-hedp complex ...19863095270
effect of age on beta adrenergic relaxation of the rat jugular vein.using the fisher 344 rat model and blood vessel ring segments in vitro, age-related changes in vascular beta adrenergic relaxation were investigated. in the pulmonary artery and aorta, maximum isoproterenol-induced relaxation and sensitivity to isoproterenol declined from 1 to 3 months of age confirming previous reports. in animals 6 months of age, these vessels no longer relaxed to isoproterenol. in the jugular vein, in which beta adrenergic mechanisms predominate, there was no change in maximu ...19863001294
polyclonal and monoclonal antibody therapy for experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia.a human immunoglobulin g preparation, enriched in antibodies to lipopolysaccharide (lps) pseudomonas aeruginosa antigens (pa-igiv) and murine monoclonal antibodies (mab) to p. aeruginosa fisher immunotype-1 (it-1) lps antigen and outer membrane protein f (porin), were evaluated for therapeutic efficacy in a guinea pig model of p. aeruginosa pneumonia. the concentration of antibodies to it-1 lps was 7.6 micrograms/ml in pa-igiv and 478 micrograms/ml in the it-1 mab preparation. no antibody to it- ...19863093385
cross-reactions of lipopolysaccharides of pseudomonas aeruginosa in antipneumococcal and other antisera.lipopolysaccharides of the seven fisher immunotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa gave cross-precipitation in many antipneumococcal sera. the reaction of pseudomonas type iv in type 25 antipneumococcal serum was immediate and heavy: 93 micrograms of antibody nitrogen per ml. correlations are described, mainly between the structures of the o-chains of the immunotypes and their specificities as shown by the cross-reactions.19863096896
polyomavirus-transformed fr 3t3 rat cells are able to form metastases in syngeneic rats.a series of polyomavirus-transformed fr 3t3 rat cell lines were tested for their tumorigenic and metastatic properties after subcutaneous inoculation of syngeneic fisher rats. all of them grew into tumors, which appeared with variable latency periods; the td50 varied from cell line to cell line. eight of the 18 transformants that were inoculated gave rise to metastases, always localized in the lung. the capacity to form metastases, though at a low frequency, was also conferred on fr 3t3 cells up ...19863002027
reduction of local tumor recurrence by excision with the co2 laser.this study was undertaken to determine the effect of co2 laser surgery on the incidence of local recurrence following tumor resection. thirty female fisher 344 rats were implanted with r3230ac mammary carcinoma. all tumors were completely excised 18-21 days post-implantation. in 15 animals, the resection was done with a scalpel. fifteen animals underwent laser excision with the sharplan 733 co2 laser (temoo, 125 mm handpiece, 25w continuous wave). primary tumor size was 17.6 +/- 1.4 mm in the sc ...19863100889
the use of monoclonal antibodies in the diagnosis of partially treated pseudomonas aeruginosa meningitis: patient report.the objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of mouse anti-pseudomonas monoclonal antibodies to detect small numbers of pathogenic pseudomonas in the spinal fluid of a patient who had been treated with antibiotics for meningitis. anti-605 monoclonal antibody against pseudomonas aeruginosa pac 605, a rough mutant, showed sensitivity similar to that of anti-fisher 1 monoclonal antibody in detecting p. aeruginosa fisher 1 antigens in boiled spinal fluid drawn from a patient with a p. ae ...19863103793
structural analysis and immunogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 2 high molecular weight polysaccharide.we analyzed high molecular weight polysaccharide (ps) from the fisher immunotype 2 (it-2) strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa for molecular composition and structure, then determined its immunogenicity in healthy adults. the ps was composed of 2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxygalactose (n-acetyl fucosamine) and glucose in a molar ratio of 2:1. structural analysis by carbon-13 and proton nuclear magnetic resonance confirmed that the high molecular weight ps was structurally identical to that of the o-specific ...19863080477
mechanical and histochemical characterization of skeletal muscles from senescent rats.maximal shortening velocity (vmax) and isometric tension (po) were measured in living fiber bundles and skinned fibers from extensor digitorum longus (edl) and soleus (sol) muscles of young adult (9 mo) and senescent (30 mo) fisher 344 rats. the fiber type composition of each muscle preparation was determined using myosin (m)-atpase histochemistry. vmax, determined by the slack test method, was unchanged in the edl but was increased in the sol muscles of young adult vs. senescent rats. velocitie ...19862944390
[neuromediator binding to receptors in the rat brain. the effect of chronic administration of ginkgo biloba extract].the present data confirm the results of others that post-synaptic receptor changes may contribute to the decline in brain cholinergic function in ageing and dementia. we have also shown that chronic oral treatment with an extract of gingko biloba increases the apparent muscarinic receptor population in the hippocampus of the aged fisher 344 rat. the possible effect on (3h) kainic acid binding to the kainate-excitatory amino acid site is also interesting because of the proposed association of neu ...19862878427
the dynamics of phase partition. a study of parameters affecting rat liver organelle partitioning in aqueous two-polymer phase systems.separation of subcellular organelles by two-phase partition is thought to reflect differential partition of the organelles between the two phases or between one of the phases and the interface. studies by fisher and colleagues [fisher & walter (1984) biochim. biophys. acta 801, 106-110] suggest that cell separation by phase partition is a dynamic process in which the partition changes with time. this is mainly due to association of the cells with sedimenting droplets of one phase in the bulk of ...19862874790
the capability for regulation of insulin secretion by somatostatin in purified pancreatic islet b cells during aging.pancreatic islet b cells from sprague-dawley and fisher 344 rats aged 3-27 months were separated from a and d cells by centrifugation over a linear percoll density gradient, and incubated in vitro with various concentrations of glucose and somatostatin. elevation of glucose concentration in the incubation medium from 2.6 to 16.7 mm provokes an insulin secretory response that is independent of rat donor age. inhibition of the insulin secretory response by somatostatin is independent of rat donor ...19862870220
a myosin heavy-chain-like polypeptide is associated with the nuclear envelope in higher eukaryotic cells.a high molecular weight polypeptide, identified as an atpase subunit by direct ultraviolet photoaffinity labeling, has been shown to be a component of nuclear envelope-enriched fractions prepared from a variety of higher eukaryotes (berrios, m., g. blobel, and p. a. fisher, 1983, j. biol. chem., 258:4548-4555). in rat liver as well as drosophila melanogaster embryos, this polypeptide appears to be a form of myosin heavy chain. this conclusion is based on both immunochemical and immunocytochemica ...19862943745
polysaccharide surface antigens expressed by nonmucoid isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa from cystic fibrosis patients.we tested nonmucoid pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates obtained from cystic fibrosis (cf) patients for the expression of lipopolysaccharide (lps) serotype antigens, serum sensitivity, and production of mucoid exopolysaccharide (mep). when all nonmucoid isolates were compared with a set of random mucoid isolates, 20 of 52 (38%) nonmucoid isolates were typable and serum resistant, compared with 13 of 51 (24%) mucoid isolates (p = 0.16 by chi-square analysis). however, nonmucoid strains from cf patien ...19862943759
the effects of reserpine and haloperidol on tyrosine hydroxylase activity in the brains of aged rats.many neurotransmitter systems appear to be altered with aging. the effects of aging on the regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the synthesis of catecholamines in the brain has been examined. the endogenous basal activity of tyrosine hydroxylase was lower in the hypothalamus of 24 month old fisher 344 rats than in the hypothalamus of 3 month old or 6 month old animals. there was no difference in the basal activity of tyrosine hydroxylase in the locus ceruleus, frontal ...19862874461
radiofrequency hyperthermia with successive monitoring of its effects on tumors using nmr spectroscopy.radiofrequency (rf) hyperthermia was generated on rat glioma inoculated s.c. in cd fisher rats by applying the rf pulse using the surface coil in the nmr spectrometer, and the effect was monitored successively in the same spectrometer by measuring 31p nmr spectra and 1h nmr images. in the 31p nmr spectrum at the preirradiation stage, nucleoside triphosphate peaks and a phosphomonoester peak were high and a pi peak was low. after a rf pulse at a power of 5 w was applied continuously for 60 min, t ...19863464955
stimulatory effect of interleukin-1 upon hepatic metabolism.the liver plays an important role in the acute-phase response to sepsis and injury, and host survival often depends upon an adequate hepatic response. many of the metabolic sequelae to sepsis and injury are mediated by interleukin-1. this study was undertaken to investigate the impact of interleukin-1 upon hepatic metabolism and whether this mediator acted directly upon the liver. interleukin-1 (5 rabbit pyrogen dose units) was administered to male fisher f344 rats (175 to 200 g), and hepatocyte ...19863486338
outbreak of candida parapsilosis endophthalmitis after cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation.between november 1983 and january 1984, 13 cases of candida parapsilosis endophthalmitis occurred in florida, georgia, and tennessee in patients who had had an intraocular lens implantation (ioli) or cataract extraction with an ioli. this outbreak followed the introduction in july 1983 of a new brand of balanced salt solution (bss) used as an intraoperative ophthalmic irrigation solution. this product was subsequently recalled because of intrinsic fungal contamination. a retrospective cohort stu ...19863490490
survival of sylvatic trichinella spiralis isolates in frozen tissue and processed meat products.the ability of trichinella spiralis larvae to survive at subfreezing temperatures encysted in the musculature of wild carnivorous mammals was assessed by evaluating motility and infectivity (to rodents) of trichinae at various intervals after storage in frozen skeletal muscle. fifty to 60% of the larvae in grizzly bear meat were alive after storage for 27 months at -6.5 to -20 c, and 30% to 50% were still alive at 34 months. however, none survived for 38 months, on the basis of infectivity in mi ...19863505925
skin graft and kidney transplantation in rats. relation between circulatory condition of the transplanted organ and determine the relationship between histocompatibility and circulation in the transplanted graft, which are the major factors influencing graft survival, the survival of the skin grafts and kidney transplants were compared between strong (aci to lewis) and weak (fisher to lewis) histocompatible strains, because rats given skin graft receive poor blood supply from a recipient, and the rats given kidney transplants receive immediate blood supply after transplant. in the group with a weak histoco ...19863547526
some parameters of conditioned immunosuppression: species difference and cs-us delay.three experiments were conducted in which an illness-inducing immunosuppressant, cyclophosphamide (an unconditioned stimulus, us) was associated with a previously presented saccharin solution conditioned stimulus (cs). in each experiment, reexposure to the cs produced a conditioned suppression of the plaque-forming-cell response in the experimental groups. experiment i demonstrated this result with fisher 344 rats. experiment ii replicated the effect with balb/c mice. in experiment iii condition ...19863520612
different interactions used by cro repressor in specific and nonspecific dna binding.the mode of interaction of cro repressor with specific and nonspecific sites on dna was explored by chemical modification and protection of lysine and tyrosine residues. cro has 8 lysines. in the presence of dna, lysines 32 and 56 are fully protected and lysines 21, 62, and 63 are partially protected from alkylation. however, the terminal amino group and lysines 8, 18, and 39 are not protected. location of the protected and unprotected lysines on the three-dimensional cro structure defines a dna ...19863522575
effect of retinoids on the growth of squamous cell carcinoma of the palate in rats.the in vivo effects of retinoids on head and neck tumors were studied using fisher 344 rats with squamous cell carcinoma implanted in the palate. retinoids were given orally to rats, starting 2 weeks after tumor implantation. the animals were killed at 4 weeks, and the tumor volumes and body weights were measured. the animals had a greater response to all-trans-retinoic acid (58 per cent) and 13-cis-retinoic acid (60 per cent) than to all-trans-retinol (20 per cent) and 13-cis-retinal (30 per ce ...19863456728
evaluation of the effects of photoradiation therapy on brain tumors with in vivo p-31 mr vivo phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance (mr) spectra were obtained by a surface coil method from rat glioma tissue inoculated subcutaneously in cd fisher rats, and the effects of photoradiation therapy on tumors were evaluated by sequentially observing spectral changes. in the control group, the nucleoside triphosphate (ntp) and phosphomonoester peaks were large, the phosphocreatine peak was small, and the inorganic phosphate (pi) peak was intermediate. in all eight cases in the group in which ...19863737923
human immunodeficiency virus seroprevalence in pediatric patients 2 to 14 years of age at mama yemo hospital, kinshasa, zaire.seroprevalence to human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) was determined among 368 children 2 to 14 years of age who were admitted to the pediatric service at mama yemo hospital in kinshasa, zaire. forty (11%) of these patients and only one (1%) of 92 healthy siblings of these patients were hiv seropositive (chi 2 = 8.68, p less than .01). seropositivity was associated with previous hospitalization, receipt of a blood transfusion prior to the current hospitalization (odds ratio 3.1; 95% confidence in ...19863020492
adherent spleen cell production of e series prostaglandins in rats bearing variants of the r3327 dunning prostatic adenocarcinoma: effect of cyclophosphamide.prostaglandins of the e series (pge) have been implicated in many facets of immunoregulation, as well as having a possible role in metastatic dissemination. variant sublines of the dunning r3327 rat prostatic adenocarcinoma, differing in growth rate, hormonal responsiveness and in propensity for metastasis, were carried in fisher x copenhagen f1 animals. adherent spleen cells were assayed in vitro for their ability to convert arachidonic acid to prostaglandins of the e series. these glass adhere ...19863088126
[ir-gene control of rat t-lymphocyte proliferation in response to ig allotype].antigen-induced t-cell proliferation in vitro was adapted to the estimation of antiallotypic response to igk-ib immunoglobulin k chain allotype of msu/b and fisher rats in wag, august and fi (wag x august) rats. august and fi rat t lymphocytes responded to igk-ib alloantigen with stimulation indexes (si) 3.8-5.0 (high responders), while wag rat t lymphocytes showed practically no response (si 0.9-1.8--low responders). these results correlate well with our previous findings of ir-gene-controlled ...19863089344
hcg-induced tsh receptor activation and growth acceleration in frtl-5 thyroid cells.our previous studies have indicated specificity cross-over between lh/hcg and the tsh receptor. we have now analyzed the ability of the tsh-dependent fisher rat thyroid cell line (frtl-5) to proliferate in a differentiated state under the influence of highly purified hcg (hcg-cr121). tsh receptor activation and growth induction were observed after 7 days suspension from a tsh-induced growth phase. the effect of 10 ug hcg-cr121 was equivalent to 500 +/- 43 (mean +/- sem) uiu of human tsh (2nd irp ...19863009152
enhancement of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in human and rat hepatocyte cultures by 3-methylcholanthrene.aldehyde dehydrogenase was measured in primary cultures of hepatocytes obtained with a two-step collagenase perfusion either from human hepatic tissue or from livers of fisher rats. basal enzyme activity declines gradually as a function of time in culture, but remains at all times higher when measured with propionaldehyde and nad (p/nad) than with benzaldehyde and nadp (b/nadp). treatment of the cultures with 2 microm of 3-methylcholanthrene for four days significantly increased the b-nadp activ ...19863267450
age-related increased susceptibility of male fischer 344 rats to acetaminophen nephrotoxicity.male fischer 344 rats classified as young (2-4 months), middle-aged (12-14 months) and aged (22-25 months) received 300, 600 or 800 mg/kg acetaminophen (apap) intraperitoneally and were sacrificed 24 hr later. blood urea nitrogen (bun) concentration and urinary glucose and osmolality were determined. in addition, kidneys were evaluated for histopathological changes. apap did not affect osmolality or bun concentrations and failed to produce lesions after any dose in young rats. osmolality was dec ...19863796197
mechanical responses of developing fisher rat heart. effects of steroid hormone.age-dependent changes in the mechanical responses of developing fisher rat heart during the first three postnatal weeks were studied in relation to the hypothesis that the abnormality observed in the mechanical responses of the rat heart might be calcium related. therefore the effect of frequency of stimulation as well as the response to calcium, epinephrine and ouabain on hearts of untreated and cortisol-treated rats was compared. the positive force-frequency response observed in fetal rat hear ...19863794225
lipid deposition in the aorta of adjuvant arthritic rats with hypercholesterolemia.this study offers findings which should aid in the development of a convenient animal model of atherosclerosis. inbred fisher strain rats were fed an atherogenic diet containing 1.5% cholesterol and 0.5% cholic acid and given a single subcutaneous injection of adjuvant (mycobacterium butyricum) into the base of the tail. the animals were maintained for 8 weeks. rats given the atherogenic diet showed markedly increased serum cholesterol levels, and all of those given the adjuvant injection develo ...19863795624
renal and hepatic interactions between 2-hexanone and carbon tetrachloride in f-344 rats.fisher-344 rats were pretreated with 2-hexanone (hx) and challenged with carbon tetrachloride (ccl4) in a replicated 3 x 4 factorial experiment to determine if hx potentiated ccl4-induced renal and hepatic damage. rats given both hx and ccl4 demonstrated more severe hepatic injury at 24 and 48 h than did controls. however, in contrast to our experience with chloroform (chcl3), ccl4-induced renal injury in hx-pretreated rats was only slightly greater than in vehicle-pretreated controls.19863715912
the effect of co2 laser excision on local tumor recurrence.this study was undertaken to determine the effect of co2 laser surgery on the incidence of local recurrence following tumor recurrence and to study the effect of "sterilization" of the operative site on this phenomenon. sixty fisher 344 rats were implanted with r323oac mammary carcinoma. animals were anesthetized with intraperitoneal pentobarbital, and all tumors were completely excised at 21 days postimplantation. the animals were randomized into groups of 12 as follows: group s underwent excis ...19863724334
a comparison of the response of woodchucks and rats to variations in dietary lipotrope and protein content.juvenile woodchucks and weanling fisher f344 rats were fed purified diets with or without supplemental lipotropic factors (choline, methionine, folic acid and vitamin b-12). the diets contained 10 or 20% protein. lower weight gain due to low protein was observed in both species, while lipotrope depletion resulted in lower gain in male rats only. urinary excretion of formimino-glutamic acid was higher due to low lipotrope in both species, as was relative liver weight. in rats, lipotrope depletion ...19863772530
alleviation of estrogen-induced hyperprolactinemia through intracerebral transplantation of hypothalamic tissue containing dopaminergic neurons.prolactin-secreting pituitary tumors can be induced in young rats through prolonged estrogen treatment. recent evidence suggests that such tumors are associated with a degeneration of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic (ti-da) neurons, which normally inhibit prolactin secretion by the anterior pituitary's lactrophs. for this study, chronic hyperprolactinemia was induced in young, ovariectomized fisher 344 rats through silastic capsule implants of 17 beta-estradiol, placed subcutaneously for 1 month ...19863736784
in vitro covalent binding of 14c-mibolerone to rat liver microsomes.mibolerone (17-hydroxy-7,17-dimethylestr-4-en-3-one; 7 alpha-17 alpha dimethyl-19-nortestosterone) is being marketed by the upjohn company for the inhibition of estrus in bitches. the aim of this study was to determine the extent of covalent binding of mibolerone to rat liver microsomes. liver microsomes were obtained from control and phenobarbitol-treated female fisher rats, and were incubated with 14c-mibolerone at 37 degrees c for 10 minutes. no covalent binding to macromolecules was observed ...19863766302
susceptibility of rats to infection with toxocara pteropodis.infective eggs of toxocara pteropodis were administered to wistar rats via oral and parenteral routes. third-stage larvae were recovered from the livers of suckling young 8 days after oral infection, and from livers and lungs after intraperitoneal or subcutaneous inoculation of eggs. these larvae were short-lived as none were found in suckling mice killed 2 weeks post-infection. larvae were not recovered from tissues of rats aged 22 days or more when inoculated orally, indicating that refractori ...19863751231
effect of aging on pancreatic lipolytic enzymes.pancreatic lipolytic enzyme activities and plasma lipids were measured in three age groups of female fisher 344 rats (3 months [young], 12 months [adult], and 27 months [old]) in order to evaluate age-related changes and a possible correlation of these parameters. cholesterol esterase activity was measured in pancreas homogenate, while the lipase activity was further fractionated into heparin-sepharose unretained (lipase i) and retained (lipase ii) fractions. in analogy to the lipolytic enzymes ...19863562438
quantitative investigation of the morphological plasticity of synaptic junctions in rat dentate gyrus during aging.the morphological plasticity of synaptic junctions was investigated by means of quantitative stereology in the dentate gyrus supragranular layer of young (3 months), adult (12 months) and old (30 months) female fisher 344 rats. the numerical (nv) and surface (sv) density and the average surface area (s) of epta-stained synaptic junctions were calculated on 100 em pictures per age group. we found that nv significantly increased between the young and adult group and decreased in old animals when c ...19863697677
in vitro estimation of acoustic parameters of the liver and correlations with histology.freshly excised human liver specimens (77) were investigated echographically and histologically. the echography was concerned with the acoustic parameters: speed of sound, impedance, several attenuation parameters, and the texture parameters: reflectivity and the signal to noise ratio. it was found that the speed and impedance, the attenuation parameters, and the texture parameters did not correlate with each other. the major correlation between histologic parameters was found for the focal coll ...19863515717
dispersal and other population parameters of aedes aegypti in an african village and their possible significance in epidemiology of vector-borne diseases.dispersal of aedes aegypti aegypti adults within shauri moyo, an african village in the rabai area north of mombasa, kenya, was studied using the mark-release-recapture method. a total of 920 mosquitoes were captured and uniquely marked, of which 828 (90%) were released and 332 (40%) recaptured. a great majority of mosquitoes were recaptured once, but some individuals were recaptured up to 10 times. most females visited 1 or 2 houses (40.8%, 44.9%, respectively), but there were females that visi ...19863789275
a physico-chemical comparison of aortic receptors in rat hypertension models.rat models of genetic hypertension include spontaneous hypertension and resistance or sensitivity to mineralocorticoid and salt induced hypertension. previously, altered aldosterone binding to corticoid receptor i was found in aortic smooth muscle cells cultured from fischer 344 rats which are extremely resistant to steroid and salt induced hypertension. the corticoid receptor i of fisher 344 rats had a lower affinity than that of salt sensitive wistar-kyoto controls, as well as spontaneously hy ...19863762307
decremental vasopressin release after repeated stimulation of superfused neurohypophyses of fisher 344 rats of different ages.we studied the effect of aging on the decline in vasopressin (vp) release from the rat neurohypophyses (nh) as evoked by repeated stimuli with high k+ (56 mm) locke's solution in vitro. isolated nhs, without pars intermedia, of 2-, 12- and 30-month-old male fisher 344 rats arbitrarily labeled as young, adult, and old were individually superfused with synthetic medium tc 199. following the initial traumatic release, the glands were stimulated three times for 10 min each with recovery periods of 3 ...19863950338
blood flow in diethylstilbestrol-induced anterior pituitary gland hyperplasia.anterior pituitary hyperplasia was developed in female fisher 344 rats by subcutaneously implanted slow-release diethylstilbestrol (des) capsules. blood flow was measured in two separate areas of the adenohypophysis using hydrogen clearance method at 6, 9, 10, and 13 weeks after the implantation. blood flow progressively decreased while the des capsules were in place (normal values in ml/g/min, mean +/- sd: 0.93 +/- .12 laterally and 1.15 +/- .11 medially, decreasing to 0.25 +/- .07 and 0.24 +/- ...19863797420
reduction of motor behavioral deficits in senescent animals via chronic prolactin administration. ii. non-stereotypic behaviors.the effects of chronic prolactin administration on three non-stereotypic psychomotor behaviors (inclined screen performance, rod walking and wire hanging) were examined in senescent (24 month) fisher 344 rats. prolactin (150 ng/hr) was administered for 7 days via alzet minipumps to rats which had been pretested on the three tasks. the animals were tested on days 4 and 7 following the implants and the pumps were removed after testing on day 7. in order to assess the persistence of any prolactin e ...19863951657
acetylcholine, aging and anatomy: differential effects in the hippocampus.the response to acetylcholine (ach) administered microiontophoretically was determined for single units in ca1 and ca3-4 areas of the hippocampi of both young (3-5 months) and old (24-26 months) fisher 344 rats. single units in ca1 showed a greater response to ach (20 na) than single units in ca3-4 in young and in old rats. however, the response to ach in single units of young rats was significantly greater than in single units of old rats. baseline firing rates in old rats were lower than those ...19863942863
teratogenic potential of the mycotoxin, citreoviridin, in rats.citreoviridin produced by the fungus penicillium citreo-viride was administered by gavage to groups of 9-16 pregnant fisher 344 rats either on days 8-11 (group a) or on days 12-15 (group b) of gestation. doses of 0, 5, 10 or 15 mg/kg body weight were given daily in a constant volume of 1 ml/kg body weight in dimethylsulphoxide. six rats in each high-dose group died during the dosing period. compared with control groups, mean daily feed consumption was significantly reduced in the 10- and 15-mg/k ...19863804134
black adolescents: a descriptive study of their self-concepts and academic achievement.this study was designed to determine the relationships among global self-concept, self-concept of academic ability, and academic achievement of black american adolescents. the subjects were 211 tenth-grade students in five public high schools in the pacific northwest school district who volunteered to participate in the study. global self-concept was measured by the coopersmith self-esteem inventory (sei), self-concept of academic ability by the brookover self-concept of ability (general) scale, ...19863812075
friend virus-specific cytotoxic t lymphocytes recognize both gag and env gene-encoded specificities.we have constructed a series of "synthetic" target cell lines for an analysis of the specificity of anti-friend virus (fv) ctl. our results show that murine h-2 genes and individual retroviral genes can be stable expressed in fisher rat embryo (fre) cells, and that their products have the potential to form target structures recognized by mouse ctl. cells expressing h-2db and either the env or gag genes of one component of fv, helper friend murine leukemia virus (fmulv), were lysed by anti-fv ctl ...19862425028
studies on high-affinity [3h]substance p binding sites in bovine pineal gland.the presence of substance p in numerous mammalian pineal glands prompted us to search for its binding sites in the bovine pineal gland. the binding assays to pineal membrane were carried out in polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes in a final volume of 500 microliters of 50 mm tris-hcl buffer (ph 7.4) containing aliquots of 200-500 micrograms protein, 0.02% bsa, 6 micrograms/ml chymostatin, 4 micrograms/ml leupeptin, 40 micrograms/ml bacitracin, 5 mm mncl2, and 50 microliters of [3h]substance p (3 ...19862430788
2,3-dialkyl(dimethylamino)indoles: interaction with 5ht1, 5ht2, and rat stomach fundal serotonin receptors.2,3-dialkyl(dimethylamino)indoles, synthesized via the fisher indole synthesis, were found to weakly bind to 5ht1 and 5ht2 sites in brain cortical membranes (ic50 greater than 1 microm at both sites for all compounds). these (dimethylamino)indoles were relatively potent antagonists of the serotonin receptor in the rat stomach fundus. at higher concentrations, several of the compounds were weak agonists at this receptor. for direct comparison with data obtained in the isolated rat fundus, antagon ...19863783602
human iga as a heterovalent ligand: switching from the asialoglycoprotein receptor to secretory component during transport across the rat hepatocyte.asialoglycoproteins are taken up by the rat liver for degradation; rat polymeric iga is taken up via a separate receptor, secretory component (sc), for quantitative delivery to bile. there is negligible uptake of these ligands by the converse receptor, and only a low level of missorting of ligands to opposite destinations. the two pathways are not cross-inhibitable and operate independently (schiff, j.m., m. m. fisher, and b. j. underdown, 1984, j. cell biol., 98:79-89). we report here that when ...19863949883
abnormal cytodifferentiation in leiomyosarcomas induced with injection of nickel subsulfide into skeletal muscles of rats. light and electron microscopic leiomyosarcomas, induced individually with a single injection of nickel subsulfide (0.4 mg) into skeletal muscles of fisher 344 male rats were studied with the light and with the electron microscope. the tumors consisted of fibroblast-like cells lacking the cytoplasmic filaments found in normal maturing and mature smooth muscle, and of cells in which the appearance of these filaments occurred in the following sequence: first, actin filaments in concomitance with intermediate filaments; sec ...19863963732
nadph binding induced proton ionization as a cause of nonlinear heat capacity changes in glutamate dehydrogenase.functional group interactions involved in the formation of the glutamate dehydrogenase-nadph binary complex have been studied by three independent but complementary approaches: the ph dependence of the overall dissociation constant measured by an improved differential spectroscopic technique; the ph dependence of the enthalpy of complex formation measured by flow calorimetry; and the ph dependence of the number of protons released to, or taken up from, the solvent in the complex formation reacti ...19863718928
independence of in vitro iron absorption from mucosal transferrin content in rat jejunal and ileal segments.isolated non blood-perfused intestinal segments from normal and iron-deficient rats were used in vitro. a modification of the luminal perfusion method according to fisher and parsons allowed the comparison of iron and transferrin quantities in the serosal fluid at 15 min intervals. iron transfer in jejunal and ileal segments was directly proportional to the luminal iron concentration within a dose range of 1 to 100 mumol/l, did not show saturation characteristics and was linear over time. jejuna ...19863779112
alterations in calmodulin levels in tissues from aged animals.we measured the levels of calmodulin in brain tissue as well as in other tissues by a specific radioimmunoassay. fisher-344 rats with ages of 3, 13, 23, and 29 months were used. ir-calmodulin levels were reduced in the cortex, striatum, and anterior pituitary but not in the hypothalamus (although there was a tendency for reduction in the latter tissue). no significant decreases in ir-calmodulin were observed in gastrocnemius, kidney, or heart of the oldest group of rats, and, in fact, the levels ...19863941252
sylvatic trichinosis in ontario, canada.samples of muscle from 4,773 specimens of 18 species of wild mammals from ontario were examined for trichinella. one of 12 mink (mustela vison), 83 of 1,821 fisher (martes pennanti) and 68 of 1,980 marten (martes americana) had t. spiralis. prevalences of infections by trichinella were determined for fisher and marten from the algonquin region, over a 10-yr period. prevalences ranged from 0.9-9.2% in fisher and 1.3-8.7% in marten indicating that the parasite is well-established in the region. pr ...19863951060
regulation of na,k-atpase biosynthesis in developing artemia salina.regulation of the biosynthesis of the sodium- and potassium-activated adenosine triphosphatase (na,k-atpase) (ec was studied in the developing brine shrimp, artemia salina. measurement of levels of the subunits of the na,k-atpase by radioimmunoassay indicated the presence of both alpha and beta subunits in undeveloped cysts and developing embryos prior to the appearance of enzymatic activity. the quantity of each subunit increased dramatically between 8 and 24 h of development and then ...19863001068
divergence paralysis as the initial sign in the miller fisher syndrome. 19863717265
acetylation phenotype and hepatotoxicity in the treatment of tuberculosis in children.we studied the relationship between acetylation phenotype and the appearance of biochemical and clinical signs of liver damage in 73 tuberculous children treated with isoniazid and rifampin. no significant differences were found with respect to the distribution of acetylation phenotype between tuberculous patients and a control group consisting of 256 children. hepatotoxicity manifested in 27 cases (37%), of which only five (7%) had clinical signs. application of the fisher exact probability tes ...19863487069
mechanism of inhibition of rtem-2 beta-lactamase by cephamycins: relative importance of the 7 alpha-methoxy group and the 3' leaving group.cefoxitin is a poor substrate of many beta-lactamases, including the rtem-2 enzyme. fisher and co-workers [fisher, j., belasco, j. g., khosla, s., & knowles, j. r. (1980) biochemistry 19, 2895-2901] showed that the reaction between cefoxitin and rtem-2 beta-lactamase yielded a moderately stable acyl-enzyme whose hydrolysis was rate-determining to turnover at saturation. the present work shows first that the covalently bound substrate in this acyl-enzyme has a 5-exo-methylene-1,3-thiazine structu ...19863487346
perineal effects of postoperative treatment for adenocarcinoma of the rectum.nine (4%) first recurrences that involved the perineum were identified in a randomized study of 202 patients treated by no further therapy, chemotherapy only, radiotherapy only, combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy, following complete surgical excision of adenocarcinoma of the rectum. six of these were in unirradiated patients and in two of the three irradiated patients the perineum was included in the treatment volume. eight of the nine patients were male and all nine had received abdominoper ...19863949566
acute bilateral ophthalmoplegia: 60 cases.of 60 patients with acute bilateral ophthalmoparesis, the cause was within the brainstem in 18 (pretectal infarct, phenytoin toxicity, and wernicke's syndrome), in cranial nerves in 26 (guillain-barré or fisher syndrome, tuberculous meningitis), within the cavernous sinuses in 8 (tumors or infection), and at the myoneural junction in 8 (myasthenia or botulism).19863945401
token swap test of significance for serial medical data bases.established tests of statistical significance are based upon the concept that observed data are drawn randomly from a larger, perhaps infinite source population. the significance value, p, is the probability that the observations are drawn from a source population satisfying the null hypothesis; if p is small enough (less than 5 percent, 1 percent, etc.), then the null hypothesis is rejected. serial medical data bases, such as a hospital clinic intake or autopsy case accessions, often do not hav ...19863511687
modified msf synthesis by fisher and mean-square-error techniques. 198618231157
a case of brainstem encephalitis with ct scan abnormality mimicking fisher syndrome.a 7-year-old boy with brainstem encephalitis is described. he was drowsy in the acute phase. csf showed pleocytosis without elevated protein. eeg showed diffuse slow wave activity during wakefulness. ct scan disclosed a low density abnormality in the basal ganglia area, which disappeared as the patient recovered. the clinical signs, ct scan abnormality and eeg findings suggest that this case is not a variant of the guillain-barré syndrome but is brainstem encephalitis mimicking fisher syndrome.19863799923
[combination therapy (hypervolemia, fluosol-da 20%, hypertension) in the treatment of symptomatic vasospasm].combination therapy of (1) hypervolemia with albumin (1 g/kg/day), (2) artificial blood substitute (fluosol-da 20%, 10 ml/kg/day) and (3) induced hypertension was performed for the treatment of symptomatic vasospasm. outcome was compared between thus treated patients (treated group) and those without specific treatment (non-treated group) in (1) 30 patients presenting with vasospasm who were planned to undergo delayed operation (delayed operation group), (2) 23 patients undergoing early operatio ...19862419780
fisher renormalization of the critical behavior in the random-field problem. 19869939517
the galaxy luminosity function and the redshift-distance controversy (a review).the mean relation between distance and redshift for galaxies is reviewed as an observational question. the luminosity function for galaxies is an important ingredient and is given explicitly. we discuss various observational selection effects that are important for comparison of the linear and quadratic distance-redshift laws. several lines of evidence are reviewed, including the distribution of galaxy luminosities in various redshift ranges, the luminosities of brightest galaxies in groups and ...198616593693
a case of recurrent idiopathic ophthalmoplegic neuropathy (miller fisher syndrome) 19863701363
a concentration of fucosylated glycoconjugates at the base of cone outer segments: quantitative electron microscope autoradiography.rod photoreceptors show a discrete band of labeled molecules at the outer segment base shortly after the administration of radioactive protein precursors (young, 1967). the band signifies the insertion of radiolabeled protein, primarily opsin, into rod disc membrane (basinger, bok and hall, 1976). in contrast, the autoradiographic labeling pattern in cones is characteristically diffuse (young, 1971), although cones as well as rods are now thought to replace their disc membranes continually (ande ...19863709697
correlation of 1a afferent conduction with the ataxia of fisher syndrome.the pathophysiology of the ataxia in fisher syndrome (the syndrome of acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia) has been attributed to both peripheral nervous system pathology and cerebellar system dysfunction. pathologic studies have demonstrated no consistent central nervous system abnormalities. we present a case in which abnormalities of 1a sensory conduction were found to correlate directly with the degree of ataxia, without impairment of motor or cutaneous sensory conduction. we propos ...19863713737
the genetics of quantifiable homeostasis: i. the general issues.some fundamental issues in developing the quantitative genetics of heritable traits are addressed. such a trait must be capable of being represented as a quantity. choice of the metric can be satisfactorily made only in the light of some insight into the nature of the trait and what its revealing characteristics may be. this insight is likely to change as more is known about the process, so the form and detail of the analysis is not static but perhaps continually evolving. much has been made out ...19863706403
[electron microscopic microanalysis of prickle cell carcinoma, basaloma, malignant melanoma and normal skin].emma has been used in dermatology since 10 years. in 1981, fisher established the cu/zn index as a parameter for the prognosis of malignant melanoma. we tested the emma technique as a means to determine the cu/zn index in basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, and normal skin. our preliminary conclusions are: emma may be useful to determine the cu/zn index in skin tumors; it is possible to obtain useful data from tumors already fixed in paraffin; (c) the highest cu/zn ...19863716530
carbonic anhydrase inhibition and cell volume regulation in necturus gallbladder.gallbladder epithelial cells transport salt and water isotonically as the renal proximal tubule. the cells also have the property of regulating their cell volume in response to osmotic stress (fisher et al. 1981, persson & spring 1982, fisher & spring 1984, foskett & spring 1985). the volume-regulating phenomenon is the result of a balance between cell uptake of salt and water at the luminal membrane and exit at the basolateral membrane. different properties regarding volume regulatory increase ...19863811979
toluidine blue in the detection of perineal lacerations in pediatric and adolescent sexual abuse victims.posterior fourchette lacerations are suggestive of sexual assault, and toluidine blue dye has increased the detection of these lacerations in adult rape victims. this study investigated the use of toluidine blue dye in the pediatric (0 to 10 years) and adolescent (11 to 18 years) patients to detect posterior fourchette lacerations in sexually abused and control populations. application of toluidine blue dye increased the detection rate of posterior fourchette lacerations from 4% (1/25) to 28% (7 ...19863786029
[fisher harbor båtsfjord--have: modern health center--seek: nurses. interview by bjørn arild ostby]. 19863641465
using categorical variables in discriminant analysis.three methods of transforming unordered categorical response variables are described. one is a method using dummy variables. the second method, in which all categorical variables are analyzed simultaneously, is based on an eigenanalysis of frequency patterns scaled relative to within-groups variance, jointly developed by j. e. overall and j. a. woodward. with the third method, independently developed by r. a. fisher and h. o. lancaster, each categorical variable is analyzed separately with scale ...198626828223
private alleles in a partially isolated population. ii. distribution of persistence time and probability of emigration.two diffusion limits were derived from a discrete wright-fisher model of migration, mutation, and selection with an arbitrary degree of dominance. instantaneous killing of the process due to emigration of a mutant leads to one of two diffusion processes with a killing term. one (weak gene flow) is the boundary case of the other (strong gene flow), which can cover a wide range of gene flow. the diffusion process subject to strong gene flow is similar to that studied by s. karlin and s. tavaré (19 ...19863787501
significant increase in immunosuppressive acidic protein (iap) in serum of patients with multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory neurological disorders.iap, a type of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein, is mainly produced by macrophages when stimulated in the presence of circulating immune complexes or some inflammatory substances. we assayed the serum levels of iap by a single radial immunodiffusion method. the normal level of iap is below 500 micrograms/ml (385 +/- 73). in multiple sclerosis patients, however, iap increased during exacerbation (630 +/- 191) and decreased during the inactive stage (433 +/- 170). eighty-five percent of patients with neu ...19863772394
the assessment of denial and physical complaints: the validity of the hy scale and associated mmpi signs.little and fisher (1958) have demonstrated that the mmpi hysteria (hy) scale consists primarily of items that address the denial of psychological problems (the dn scale) and items that involve the admission of physical problems (the ad scale). the traditional interpretation of an elevated hy score implies that both dn and ad subscales are elevated significantly. using samples of psychiatric (n = 1,246), medical (n = 330), and chronic pain patients (n = 126), the effectiveness of the hy scale and ...19863760208
normal-pressure hydrocephalus. onset of gait abnormality before dementia predicts good surgical 1977, fisher reported that in patients with possible normal-pressure hydrocephalus (nph), if the gait abnormality preceded dementia, surgery usually had a favorable outcome and vice versa. we studied this finding in 21 patients shunted for possible nph. by evaluating serial videotapes of gait, neuropsychological tests, and katz index ratings, preoperatively and at approximately two months and six months postoperatively, we judged 16 patients improved. in the improved group, the families repor ...19863741212
[the double pontine lesion of fisher].c. miller fisher described separately two pontine syndromes, that he called "the one-and-a-half syndrome" and "ataxic hemiparesis". the authors report the case of a woman who developed simultaneously the two syndromes, caused by a stroke of pontine localization, and comment about the structures involved by the lesion.19863593035
chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy with ophthalmoplegia.we report a case of chronic progressive inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy with a subacute exacerbation that included ataxia, tendon areflexia, ptosis, and ophthalmoplegia. spinal fluid protein was elevated and electrophysiological studies revealed a demyelinating neuropathy. this case suggests a continuum between chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy and the miller fisher variant of acute inflammatory polyneuropathy.19862946724
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