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repeated pulmonary function evaluation following bleomycin treatment.a computerized, nonsurgical, pulmonary function measurement method was tested for sensitivity and utility in detecting the development of fibrosis. bleomycin, a fibrogenic agent, was intratracheally instilled into male fisher 344 rats. respiratory function was monitored in restrained, awake animals before treatment and for the subsequent 4 wk. in the first week, among responders, a significant (p less than 0.05) drop in body weight, tidal volume, and compliance was accompanied by a significant i ...19836188851
cytokeratin and nonhistone protein antigenic changes in rat liver during azo dye but not hepatotoxin feeding.chromosomal proteins from rat liver have been assessed immunologically for changes in specific cytokeratins or primary tumor nonhistone proteins during treatment with an azo dye hepatocarcinogen (3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene), (3'-me-dab) or the hepatotoxin alpha-naphthyl-iso-thiocyanate (alpha-nit). fisher rats were fed laboratory diets supplemented with either agent and sacrificed sequentially at various intervals. chromosomal proteins from these livers were electrophoresed in the prese ...19836190586
characterization of tumor-specific transplantation antigen induced in cells infected or transformed by polyomavirus.tumor-specific transplantation antigen (tsta) activity was investigated (with the use of inbred balb/c and c3h mice and inbred fisher and wistar rats) in various early polyomavirus (py)-coded proteins by three methodologies: 1) immunoprecipitation by anti-t-antigen sera, gel slicing, and immunization; 2) affinity chromatography with the use of anti-tumor-associated antigen serum; and 3) use of a py mutant, ng18. the results obtained by all three techniques allowed refutation of the hypothesis th ...19836296521
similar transforming growth factors (tgfs) produced by cells transformed by different isolates of feline sarcoma virus.fisher rat embryo cells transformed by each of three independent isolates of feline sarcoma virus (fesv) are shown to release transforming growth factors (tgfs) into cell culture medium. these acid- and heat-stable peptides compete for binding to, and stimulate phosphorylation of, egf membrane receptors and promote anchorage-independent cell growth. cells transformed by the gardner and synder-theilen strains of fesv produce high titers of tgf (60-200 ng eq egf/liter) while cells transformed by m ...19836297155
urinary cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in rats given three different concentrations of cadmium in the diet for one year.male and female weanling rats of the spf fisher strain were fed purified diets containing three different levels of cadmium (0.008, 0.3, 30 micrograms cd/g feed). urine was collected from each animal 1 year after the start of the experiment, and cyclic amp and cyclic amp in the urine were measured by radioimmunoassay. urinary excretion of cyclic amp and gmp changed in proportion to the intake of cd. the ratio of cyclic amp: cyclic gmp, which combined the changes of these two cyclic nucleotides, ...19836301107
isolation of v-fms and its human cellular homolog.the integrated form of mcdonough fesv proviral dna, including cellular flanking sequences, was molecularly cloned from nonproductively transformed fisher rat cells. acquired cellular-derived (v-fms) sequences within the cloned proviral dna were mapped from between 2.6 and 5.5 kb from the 5'ltr. upon transfection, the cloned proviral dna was biologically active; it caused induction of the transformed phenotype and the resulting transformed cells expressed the major mcdonough fesv translational pr ...19836302985
comparative studies of the expression of linked escherichia coli gpt gene and bpv-1 dnas in transfected cells.a series of hybrid plasmids, containing two selective markers that can be expressed in mammalian cells have been constructed. these plasmids are derived from the psv2gpt recombinant plasmid described by mulligan and berg (1980) and contain the entire bpv-1 dna, or the hindiii-bamhi large transforming fragment (t69) or the early transforming region of polyoma virus dna. dna transfers into fisher rat 3t3 cells were performed either by the calcium phosphate coprecipitation technique, or by protopla ...19836306916
transforming growth factors produced by retrovirus-transformed rodent fibroblasts and human melanoma cells: amino acid sequence homology with epidermal growth factor.transforming growth factors (tgfs) were purified from serum-free medium conditioned by retrovirus-transformed fisher rat embryo fibroblasts, mouse 3t3 cells, and two human melanoma cell lines. the purification of each tgf was monitored in a radioreceptor assay based on receptor crossreactivity with mouse submaxillary gland epidermal growth factor (megf) and was achieved by gel permeation chromatography of the acid-soluble tgf-containing activity, followed by reverse-phase high-pressure liquid ch ...19836308641
an analysis of transformed clones obtained by coinfections with hr-t and ts-a mutants of polyoma virus.clones of stably transformed rat cells from the f-111 (fisher rat embryo) and nrk (normal rat kidney) cell lines have been obtained by complementation using pairs of nontransforming polyoma mutants of the hr-t and ts-a classes. a total of 78 clones were isolated and studied, 21 from the nrk line, and 57 from the f-111 line. these "complementation transformed clones" were then examined for the presence and expression of each of the parental mutant viruses. the expression of viral t (tumor) antige ...19836314651
toxicology and ntp carcinogenesis studies of a polybrominated biphenyl mixture (firemaster ff-1) in f344/n rats and b6c3f1 mice (gavage studies).firemaster ff-1, a flame retardant composed of polybrominated biphenyls (pbb), was responsible for widespread environmental contamination and animal losses in michigan starting in 1973. this study was undertaken to characterize the long-term toxic and carcinogenic potential of this pbb mixture in rats and mice of each sex. fisher 344/n rats and b6c3f1 mice were given 125 oral doses of pbb over a 6-month period--0, 0.1, 0.3, 1.0, 3.0, or 10.0 mg/kg body weight/day (5 days/week). a dose-related de ...198312750749
ntp carcinogenesis bioassay of diallyl phthalate (cas no. 131-17-9) in b6c3f1 mice (gavage study).diallyl phthalate is a widely used crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyesters. diallyl phthalate or diallyl phthalate polyester blends are used primarily as plasticizers and carriers for adding catalysts and pigments to polyesters and in molding, electrical parts, laminating compounds, and impregnation of metal castings. rubber compounds, epoxy formulations, and polyurethane foams may also contain diallyl phthalate. annual production of diallyl phthalate in the united states exceeds 5,000 pou ...198312750751
genetics of four plasma protein loci in equus przewalskii: new alleles at the prealbumin, postalbumin and transferrin loci.this paper reports genetic variation at the prealbumin (pr), postalbumin (pa) and transferrin (tf) loci in equus przewalskii found using thin layer isoelectric focusing and an amphoteric separator. the method resolves all three loci plus serum esterase (es) on a single gel, and typing of all four loci is readily achieved. in addition to the esterase alleles previously reported by fisher & scott (1979), five alleles were found at the pr locus, three at the pa locus and six at the tf locus. analys ...19836614596
an estimate of capillary anisotropy and determination of surface and volume densities of capillaries in skeletal muscles of the conger eel (conger conger l.).fast and slow muscle fibres were isolated from the axial muscles of conger eel (conger conger l.) and examined by electron microscopy. volume densities of mitochondria, vv (mit, f); intracellular lipid stores, vv (lip, f); and myofibrils, vv (mf, f) were respectively 0.23, 0.18, 0.47 for slow and 0.03, 0.002, 0.79 for fast fibres. factors affecting the representative sampling of capillary supply were investigated using semi-thin (0.5 micron) sections. an estimate of the degree of capillary aniso ...19836647737
[partial autocorrelation function as a suitable description of basic eeg activity for use in classification procedures].for the classification of stationary eegs a discriminant approach is proposed which is based on the parameterisation of the eeg by the partial autocorrelation function. regarding various criteria given in table 1, the parameterisation of the eeg by the partial autocorrelation function is compared to the parameterisation by the autocorrelation function, the autoregressive parameters, the power spectrum and band powers. the reliability of the autoregressive parameters, power spectra and band power ...19836414800
a nonparametric approach to the discrimination of two cell approach to the statistical testing of differences between two cell populations the elements of which are characterized by multivariate data is described. the approach is based on the fisher discriminant and the kruskal-wallis test. the method, which is sufficient but not necessary, makes no assumptions about the normality of the data or about the equality of the covariance matrices for each population.19836359994
rebound phenomenon observed during the compaction of samples in the fisher subsieve sizer for measuring specific surface area of griseofulvin. 19836620162
[gastric microhemorrhage and acetylsalicylic acid. prevention using prostaglandin e2].the possible prophylactic effect of prostaglandin e2 (pge2) pretreatment against gastric microbleedings caused by acetylsalicylic acid was investigated in six healthy volunteers. gastric microbleeding rate was determined by the gastric tube technique of fisher and hunt, at first without any medication. the test was repeated after a two-day intake of acetylsalicylic acid (four times 0.5 g/d) and after two days of the same dose, 15 minutes after the administration of pge2 (four times 0.5 mg/d). be ...19836606554
an unusual case of miller fisher syndrome. 19836654800
ratios of t lymphocyte subpopulations predict survival of cadaveric renal allografts in adult patients on low dose corticosteroid therapy.peripheral blood t lymphocyte subpopulations were monitored in 45 consecutive adult recipients of cadaveric renal allografts by using monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometrie. all patients were treated with low dose corticosteroids and azathioprine. in 37 patients pre-transplant okt4/okt8 ratios were available. six of 26 patients (23%) with pre-transplant okt4/okt8 ratios greater than 1.6 and seven of 11 patients (64%) with pre-transplant okt4/okt8 ratio less than or equal to 1.6 lost their gra ...19836345032
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chromosome investigations of workers exposed to cadmium in the manufacturing of cadmium stabilizers and pigments.chromosome analyses were undertaken on 14 workers exposed to cadmium and the results were compared with a corresponding control group. all probands have been employed for many years in cadmium pigment and stabilizer production plants (between 6 and 25 years). the results of the clinical investigations were, for the most part, unspecific, although at the same time some parameters were above the normal (transaminase, beta 2-microglobulin deposit in the urine, as well as cadmium in the blood and ur ...19836851916
fisher discriminant analysis and factor analysis.we show that information on the inherent structure of multidimensional data derived from a factor analysis procedure is equivalent to information obtained by fisher discriminant analysis techniques, provided certain conditions, usually required in the factor analysis model, are satisfied. the results advocate the use of a factor analysis approach when fisher discriminant analysis is not applicable, such as, for instance, in clustering problems.198321869091
supravaginal uterine amputation vs. hysterectomy. effects on libido and orgasm.postoperative symptoms of hysterectomy have received relatively little attention. in the present study, the first author has personally interviewed and examined 105 abdominal hysterectomy patients and 107 patients with supravaginal uterine amputation preoperatively and 6 weeks, 6 months and 12 months postoperatively. participation in the follow-up study was 99.5% (211/212) at one year. this paper deals with the effects of the two operations on libido and the frequency of orgasms. in the statisti ...19836868963
supravaginal uterine amputation vs. hysterectomy. effects on coital frequency and dyspareunia.the author has personally interviewed and examined 105 abdominal hysterectomy patients and 107 supravaginal amputation patients, first preoperatively and then 6 weeks, 6 months and one year postoperatively. at 12 months the follow-up percentage was 99.5 (211/212). this report concentrates on coital frequency and dyspareunia. in the statistical analysis, mcnewar's test of symmetry and the fisher exact test were used. with respect to coital frequency, no statistically significant changes occurred ...19836868962
[paralytic and non-paralytic pontine exotropia].paralytic pontine exotropia is a form of the one-and-a half syndrome of fisher, in which an acute lesion of the paramedian pontine reticular formation (pprf) is present. we compared such a case with a case of pontine exotropia without lateral gaze palsy, but in which the alteration of the ipsilateral saccades suggested a partial lesion of the pprf. we suggest to call this oculomotor disturbance "non paralytic pontine exotropia".19836612137
bibliography of c. miller fisher, m.d. 19836388946
biography of c. miller fisher, m.d. 19836388945
brainstem encephalitis or the miller fisher syndrome--a variant of acute idiopathic polyneuropathy. case reports.a syndrome comprising ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia was described by miller fisher in 1956. while some consider it to be a benign variety of acute idiopathic (guillain-barré) polyneuropathy, there are reports of the need for ventilatory support and of the benefits of plasmapheresis. two further cases are described. the first patient was seen in 1972 and was well 10 years later. the second patient gave cause for concern and might have benefitted from plasmapheresis, but nevertheless he re ...19836648744
work styles of okinawan diving-fishers in relation to decompression sickness and physical complaints. 19836679563
intraaortic balloon pump morbidity: a comparative analysis of risk factors between percutaneous and surgical techniques.we reviewed our concurrent experience with percutaneous insertion versus surgical placement of the intraaortic balloon pump over a two-year period both to compare morbidity and to provide guidelines for the choice of method in particular patient groups and clinical settings. the effects on morbidity of sex, age, emergency placement, coexisting peripheral vascular disease, and duration of counterpulsation were determined. sex was a highly significant factor, with low complication rates (3/29 or 1 ...19836651378
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recurrence risk of neural tube defects following a from 280 sibships in three published series were used to see if the increased risk of neural tube defect (ntd) associated with having had a miscarriage in the immediately preceding pregnancy was also found in women with a previous affected pregnancy. a statistically significant relative risk of 4.0 (2-tail p = 0.0111, fisher exact test) was found among such women, and this could not be accounted for by the effect of parity or of a history of miscarriage in general. the finding may be useful ...19836657598
surnames in sardinia. i. fit of frequency distributions for neutral alleles and genetic population structure.distributions of surnames were examined using data from about 40 000 individuals from consanguineous marriages (1930-59) in the island of sardinia. they fit the karlin-mcgregor (1967) distribution for neutral alleles. the logarithmic distribution by fisher (1943) and the karlin-mcgregor (1967) distribution give practically indistinguishable fits to these data. the two parameters underlying the fisher distribution, alpha and nu, are fully interdependent, given the sample size n. from the latter a ...19836651221
classic illustration (sir ronald fisher). 19836416904
hemocytopenia as initial manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus. prognostic 1960 rabinowitz and dameshek emphasized the close relationship between idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (itp) and systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) and suggested that itp is often a prodrome of sle. on the basis of tis observation, the present study was designed to investigate the prevalence of sle in patients with the initial diagnosis of itp, autoimmune hemolytic anemia (aiha), fisher-evans' syndrome (f-e) and idiopathic aplastic bone marrow (iabm) and to investigate the salient clinica ...19836687220
class i antibody induction by rat endothelium.supradiaphragmatic vein grafts were transplanted from aci (rt1a) to fisher (rt1(1)) rats to determine whether the endothelium and/or circulating passenger leukocytes were necessary for the induction of an antibody response. vein grafts from immunosuppressed and irradiated donors induced lymphocytotoxic and hemagglutinating antibody in recipient rats. in addition, igg antibody produced in fisher recipients was found by indirect immunofluorescence to donor endothelium. when the endothelium was rem ...19846323854
evaluation of the toxic effects of aflatoxin b1 with a taste aversion paradigm in rats.a taste aversion test was used to evaluate the toxic effects of aflatoxin (af) b1 which is considered to be one of the most potent hepatocarcinogens known. sixty male fisher rats were randomly assigned to six treatment (injection) groups: water (h2o); dimethyl sulphoxide (dmso); lithium chloride (licl); 0.125 mg/kg afb1 (af-low); 0.250 mg/kg afb1 (af-medium) and 0.500 mg/kg afb1 (af-high). after adaption to a water-deprivation schedule which permitted 10-min access to water each day, the rats we ...19846325970
cell lines derived from tumors induced in syngeneic rats by fr 3t3 sv40 transformants no longer synthesize the early viral proteins.several sv40-transformed fr 3t3 rat cell lines formed tumors upon inoculation to syngeneic immunocompetent fisher rats. these tumors, which appeared only after a long latency period, showed a fast rate of growth. tumor-derived (td) cell lines were established in culture from several tumors induced by independent transformants, and their properties were analyzed. though td cells were highly tumorigenic, their level of transformation in culture was similar to that of the original transformants. th ...19846328754
the influence of pituitary hormones on adjuvant arthritis.adjuvant arthritis was induced in female fisher rats by injecting their right hind paw with 0.1 ml freund's complete adjuvant. the development of adjuvant arthritis was inhibited by hypophysectomy and by daily treatment of intact animals with the dopaminergic agent bromocriptine. adjuvant arthritis developed normally if hypophysectomized or bromocriptine-suppressed animals were treated with either prolactin or growth hormone. additional treatment with adrenocorticotropic hormone inhibited this r ...19846329236
the effects of prolactin on rat ovarian function.hyperprolactinemia has been associated with several reproductive disorders. to investigate whether hyperprolactinemia directly affects rat ovarian function, we examined the ovarian histopathology and the activities of the four ovarian enzymes 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3 beta-hsd), 17-hydroxylase (17-oh), 17,20-desmolase (17,20-d) and aromatase in hyperprolactinemic rats and controls. hypophysectomized, gonadotropin-treated fisher rats were made hyperprolactinemic by isografting pituit ...19846335928
abnormal phagolysosome fusion in pulmonary alveolar macrophages of rats exposed chronically to cigarette smoke.cigarette smoking is strongly associated with functional and morphologic changes in pulmonary alveolar macrophages (pam). phagocytic activity is a primary function of pam, and although the ingestion of particles appears to be normal in the pam of cigarette smokers, published data suggest that antimicrobial activity of these cells might be diminished. because phagolysosome fusion (plf) is an important aspect of the phagocytic process subsequent to the ingestion phase, plf was evaluated in pam lav ...19846206755
effects of cimetidine and ranitidine on halothane metabolism and hepatotoxicity in an animal model.this study was undertaken to determine the effects of two h2-receptor antagonists, cimetidine and ranitidine, on halothane metabolism and hepatotoxicity in the hypoxic fisher 344 rat model for halothane hepatitis. in this model, liver injury is caused by toxic intermediates formed during metabolism of halothane by a reductive pathway. administration of cimetidine (120 mg/kg ip) 20 min prior to anesthesia led to inhibition of the reductive pathway, as assessed by measurement of the exhaled metabo ...19846141900
age-dependent alterations in synaptic membrane systems for ca2+ regulation.the effects of aging on two neuronal plasma membrane ca2+ regulating systems have been examined using synaptic membranes isolated from the brains of adult (5-7-month-old) and aged (23-25-month-old) fisher 344 rats. the kinetic characteristics of the na+-dependent ca2+ transport system were found to be altered in the aged animals. the affinity of the transport carrier for ca2+ was decreased in membranes from aged animals, with very little change in the maximal transport capacity of the system. th ...19846144821
effect of acetaminophen toxicity on erythrocyte osmotic fragility in the fisher rat.the protective effect of propylthiouracil (ptu) pretreatment against acetaminophen-induced erythrocyte osmotic fragility was determined in the male fisher rat. hepatotoxicity was assessed for comparative purposes. ptu (0.15%) was fed in chow for a period of 12 days. acetaminophen (1 g/kg body wt) was then administered orally by a stomach tube after an overnight fast. the rats were killed either 4 or 24 hr later. erythrocyte osmotic fragility was determined by the extent of hemolysis in various c ...19846149873
selective lymphoid irradiation and cyclosporin a in rat heart allografts.short-term peritransplant treatment utilizing 2-dose alg and 1-dose palladium-109-hematoporphyrin (pd-h) for selective lymphoid irradiation (sli) leads to donor-specific permanent acceptance of heart allografts in the fisher to lewis rat model. the same treatment significantly prolongs survival of hearts transplanted to strongly histoincompatable , presensitized, and xenogeneic recipients. the purpose of this study was to evaluate synergistic effects of short-term, low-dose cyclosporin treatment ...19846374286
the effect of perioperative adriamycin on skin-graft take and adherence in the rat.this two-part study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of perioperative adriamycin on skin-graft take and adherence in an animal model. thirty-four male fisher rats were divided into control and experimental groups. the controls received intravenous saline, and the experimental animals received adriamycin 6 mg/kg (ld 10) 24 hours preoperatively. each animal was then grafted with an autogenous split-thickness skin graft on a contiguous dermal and fascial bed. skin-graft take was judged and mea ...19846382370
chronic inhalation of diesel exhaust and coal dust: effect of age and exposure on selected enzyme activities associated with microsomal cytochrome p-450 in rat lung and liver.male fisher-344 rats were exposed by inhalation to low levels of diesel exhaust and coal dust, alone or in combination, or to filtered air, 7 h/d, 5 d/wk for 24 mo. cytochrome p-450-associated benzo[a]pyrene hydroxylase and 7-ethoxycoumarin deethylase activities were assayed in lung and liver microsomes after 3, 6, and 24 mo. age-related changes in enzyme activities were observed, but they were not altered by the exposures. when the data were adjusted for age, only one difference was observed. l ...19846084065
simian virus 40 illegitimate recombination occurs near short direct repeats.we have analysed nucleotide sequences at the junction between simian virus 40 (sv40) and cellular dna in the fisher rat transformed line tsa30-n2. this line contains a single insertion of one complete sv40 genome with a terminal duplication of 267 nucleotides, the recombination sites being located at nucleotides 439 and 705 in the late region of sv40. these two positions are located within short direct repeats in the virus genome. in order to test the significance of such repeats with respect to ...19846086940
a single rat fibronectin gene generates three different mrnas by alternative splicing of a complex exon.three fibronectin mrnas exist in rat liver, differing by the presence or absence of segments of 285 or 360 bases at a point within the coding region. we previously proposed that the three mrnas are encoded by a single gene and arise via alternative splicing of a common transcript. in order to test this hypothesis, we have isolated clones spanning approximately half of the fibronectin gene from a fisher rat genomic library; blot hybridization analyses reveal the presence of only one fibronectin g ...19846089177
enhanced ouabain sensitivity of the heart and myocardial sodium pump in aged rats.tolerance to arrhythmogenic actions of digitalis decreases with advanced age. to determine if aged myocardium has reduced glycoside tolerance, ouabain sensitivity and associated biochemical changes were examined in young (3-month), adult (8-month) and aged (26-month old) fisher 344 rats, because age-related changes in physiology and biochemistry are well characterized in this strain of rats. although rats are uniquely tolerant to digitalis, basic mechanisms leading to inotropic and toxic actions ...19846092116
less than 40% of the simian virus 40 large t-antigen-coding sequence is required for transformation.f8dl is a simian virus 40 early-region deletion mutant that lacks the simian virus 40 dna sequences between 0.168 and 0.424 map units. despite this large deletion, cloned f8dl dna transforms fisher rat f111 cells and balb/3t3 clone a31 mouse cells as efficiently as does cloned simian virus 40 wild-type dna. these results indicate that less than 40% of the large t-antigen-coding sequence is required for efficient transformation.19846092929
site of synthesis of the alpha and beta subunits of the na,k-atpase in brine shrimp nauplii.developing nauplii (embryos) of the brine shrimp artemia salina are an excellent model system for studying the biogenesis of the sodium- and potassium-activated adenosine triphosphatase (na,k-atpase). the nauplii exhibit a burst of na,k-atpase synthesis between 6 and 32 h of development (peterson, g. l., churchill, l., fisher, j. a., and hokin, l. e. (1982) j. exp. zool. 221, 295-308). we have now determined the sites of synthesis of the alpha and beta subunits of the na,k-atpase in developing a ...19846094544
characterization of the cholinergic stimulation of phosphoinositide hydrolysis in rat brain slices.the stimulation of the formation of inositol phosphates by various cholinergic agonists and antagonists was studied in rat brain cortical slices. incubation of the slices with [3h]inositol led to the incorporation of radioactivity into inositol lipids. the accumulation of inositol phosphates was then followed in the presence of 8 mm lithium which blocks the hydrolysis of inositol phosphate. the release of inositol phosphate was linear up to 15 min when stimulated by 1 mm carbachol. acetylcholine ...19846094748
[metastatic properties of rat fr 3t3 cells, transformed by polyomavirus in the fisher rat]. 19846098323
rescue of silent integrated polyoma genomes suggests homologous recombination between resident and transfected dna fragments.two defective polyoma virus genomes, deleted in the nucleotide sequences coding the n-termini of the tumor antigens, were introduced into fisher 3t3 rat cells by dna-mediated gene transfer (transfection). the resulting integrated genomes were incapable of conferring a transformed phenotype to the cells. however, after transfection of these lines with small polyoma fragments overlapping the deleted sequences, transformed clones were isolated. these clones were analyzed by southern genomic blot hy ...19846100071
isolation of a g0-specific ts mutant from a fischer rat cell line, 3y1.a ts mutant clone, tsjt60, was isolated from fisher rat cell line, 3y1. during the exponential growth at both 34 and 39.5 degrees c, tsjt60 did not appear as ts mutant cells. however, once entered resting state (g0) under serum deprivation at the confluent state, they could re-enter s phase at 34 degrees c but could not at 39.5 degrees c following the stimulation of cells either by the addition of fetal bovine serum or by trypsinization and replating. these and other results suggested that tsjt6 ...19846692850
effects of hypersensitivity to a halothane metabolite on halothane-induced liver damage.the effect of immunologic hypersensitivity to a metabolite of halothane (trifluoroacetate) on the halothane-hypoxia-induction model was tested in mice and rats. male fisher 344 rats (200 g) were immunized with ovalbumin-trifluoroacetate (ova-tfa) and the time course of the delayed hypersensitivity response determined. the animals had a peak response between 4 and 6 weeks after immunization. rats were immunized with ova-tfa, ova, or saline 5 weeks before being anesthetized. ten days before anesth ...19846696235
evidence for intrinsic cellular defects of 'complement' receptor-mediated phagocytosis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle).fc and 'complement'-mediated phagocytosis of pre-opsonized yeast has been studied in monocytes from 18 patients with sle. monocytes from nine of 18 patients had depressed complement-mediated phagocytosis (p = 0.0001, fishers exact test) but only three of 18 had depressed fc-mediated phagocytosis (ns, fishers exact test). although reduced complement-mediated phagocytosis was correlated with increased frequency of disease manifestations (p less than 0.003, rank correlation) there was no correlatio ...19846697566
effects of chronic manipulations of dietary choline on locomotor activity, discrimination learning and cortical acetylcholine release in aging adult fisher 344 rats.dietary levels of choline have been shown to influence central cholinergic neurotransmission. to further examine the behavioral and neurochemical effects of dietary choline, adult fisher 344 rats were maintained on choline deficient (n = 6), enriched (n = 6) or usual lab chow (n = 6) diets for 38 weeks. during 14 weeks of free access to these diets, controls gained little weight whereas the deficient group increased and the enriched group decreased. for the remaining 24 weeks the weights of all ...19846738783
oxygen at 2 atmospheres absolute pressure does not increase the radiation sensitivity of normal brain in rats.cranial radiation was administered to cd fisher rats at 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 atmospheres absolute oxygen pressure. life span following radiation was recorded. surviving animals were killed at 28 weeks and the brains were examined independently by two neuropathologists. survival time was significantly less in animals receiving higher doses of radiation but showed no relationship to the oxygen pressure in the environment of the animal at the time radiation was administered. microscopic examination of ...19846746347
bulinus crystallinus (morelet, 1868) acting as intermediate host for schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934 in gabon. 19846464139
[primary chemotherapy in breast cancer. preliminary results].primary chemotherapy in carcinoma of the breast is justified by the high risk of distant metastases, immunodepression related to surgery and the experimental studies and clinical trials of nissen-meyer in 1967, and fisher in 1968. chemotherapy was associated with loco-regional patey-type surgery (20 patients) or radiotherapy with cobalt and irridium (43 patients) in 63 cases of breast cancer, 33 of which were t4 or in exarcerbation. initial chemotherapy comprised 3 to 6 infusions of velbe, thiot ...19846476666
[effect of perfluorochemicals on tissue po2 levels in a subcutaneous 9l rat glioma model].the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of perfluorochemicals(fluosol-43) and/or oxygen on tissue po2 levels in a subcutaneous 9l rat glioma model. thirty days after subcutaneous implantation of 9l cells in to the flank of fisher 344 rats, tumors contained large central areas of necrosis and showed a heterogeneity in tissue po2 levels. tissue po2 levels in the solid area, border area, and necrotic area were about 45 mmhg, 5 mmhg, and 0 mmhg respectively. more significant elevatio ...19846486835
interaction of purified nicotinamidenucleotide transhydrogenase with dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.the inhibition of the energy-linked nicotinamidenucleotide transhydrogenase (th; ec by dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (dccd) has been further studied because of its important mechanistic implications. we had shown earlier that th bound to submitochondrial particles from bovine heart is inhibited by dccd and that nad(h) protects the enzyme against this inhibition [phelps, d.c., & hatefi, y. (1981) j. biol. chem. 256, 8217-8221]. by contrast, pennington and fisher [pennington, r.m., & fisher, r ...19846487611
morphologic changes in rat urothelial cells during carcinogenesis: i. histologic and cytologic changes.the methods of either image or flow cytometry applied to developing bladder tumors in rats requires satisfactory cell samples and a system for cell classification that is related to the lesions from which the cells are derived. seven- to eight-week-old male fisher 344 rats were fed 0.05% of the carcinogen n-butyl-4-n-hydroxybutylnitrosamine (bbn) in drinking water for 10 wk and then returned to tap water. animals were killed at 14, 26, 34, 45 and 62 wk after the start of carcinogen feeding. age- ...19846489059
some aspects of the phosphorylation of phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase by a calcium-dependent and calmodulin-dependent protein kinase.a calmodulin-dependent protein kinase purified from liver catalyzed the incorporation of up to 0.7 mol of phosphate per mol subunit of phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase. the phosphorylation was accompanied by a proportional increase in the hydroxylase activity. the reaction was ca2+-dependent and was inhibited by physiological concentrations of phenylalanine. phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase was also a substrate for the cgmp-dependent protein kinase, but in this system phenylalanine stimulated the rate ...19846489353
lipid fluidity and composition of intestinal microvillus membranes isolated from rats of different ages.the lipid composition and fluidity of microvillus (luminal) membranes isolated from the small intestines of fisher 344 rats aged 6, 17, and 117 weeks were compared. lipid fluidity, as assessed by the fluorescence anisotropy of 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene, was significantly greater in rats aged 6 weeks as compared to 17 or 117 weeks. a lipid thermotropic transition was observed at 17.5 +/- 1.3 degrees c in the membranes of the youngest group, approx. 5-6 degrees c lower than that of the older a ...19846498196
[the effect of preparations of microbial glutamin(asparagin)ase on cultured tumor cells].glutamin (asparagin)ase from pseudomonas boreopolis 526 is shown to produce a cytotoxic effect on the human ovary carcinoma cells (caov line), fisher lympholeukemia (l-8 line) and burkitt's lymphoma cells (p3hr line). a significant inhibition of the dna synthesis is found in l-8 and p3hr cell lines. the enzyme is less active in the cells of the caov line.19846499733
[meningeal gliomatosis: development of experimental models].experimental models of meningeal gliomatosis (mg) have been produced by intracisternal inoculation of c6 glioma and 9l glioma cells into wistar and fisher 344 rats, respectively. the tumor growth was steady and fast in both mg models if 10(6) cells were implanted. median survival time(mst) of rats inoculated with tumor cells was inversely related to the number of cells inoculated. the clinicopathological features observed in both mg models were similar to those seen in diffuse leptomeningeal inv ...19846504251
increased o- and p-cresol/hippuric acid ratios in the urine of four strains of rat exposed to toluene at thousands-ppm levels.rats (fisher, wistar, donryu and sprague-dawley strains) were exposed to 5 approximately 3500 ppm toluene for 8 h, and urine samples were analyzed for hippuric acid and cresols. while hippuric acid increased in proportion to the exposure concentration, a sharp increase in o-cresol excretion was observed at high toluene concentrations so that the o-cresol/hippuric acid ratio was elevated after 500 approximately 3500 ppm exposures. changes in the p-cresol: hippuric acid ratio were less marked. the ...19846506100
vasopressin release from individually superfused neurohypophyses decreases in aged rats.we studied the effect of aging on vasopressin (vp) release from isolated neurohypophyses (nh) individually superfused with synthetic medium tc 199 with hanks' salts. the superfusion technique is described in detail. male fisher 344 rats 2 months (young, n = 17), 12 months (adult, n = 14) and 30 months (old, n = 17) of age were used. vp was measured by radioimmunoassay (ria). the age-related vp release was analyzed as follows: initial traumatic release, basal release, vp release evoked by electri ...19846514137
changes in the plasma concentration of immunoreactive arginine vasotocin during oviposition in the domestic fowl.the plasma concentrations of immunoreactive arginine vasotocin (avt) were measured during oviposition and shortly before ovulation of the first egg (cl) of a clutch. immunoreactive avt was determined on bentonite extracts of 0.5 ml plasma samples using the method of rosenbloom and fisher (1974). the r-70 antiserum used to measure avt cross reacted with arginine vasopressin (avp), however the fowl pituitary does not synthesise avp. over a period of 10 to 90 min before oviposition the plasma avt c ...19846518411
subchronic inhalation toxicity of dimethylformamide in rats and mice.fisher f344 rats and b6c3f1 mice were exposed to concentrations of 0, 150, 300, 600 and 1200 ppm of dimethylformamide (dmf) for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 12 weeks. detailed clinical observations were obtained weekly and body weights biweekly on all animals. clinical chemistry and hematology evaluations were made on all rats and approximately half the mice at terminal sacrifice. gross necropsy examinations were made on all animals. histopathologic evaluations were conducted on selected tis ...19846534732
[incidence and antibiotic resistance of various species of staphylococci in a hospital environment in eastern sicily].in this work we carry out an epidemiologic investigation of the incidence of staphylococci in some hospitals of east sicily, in relation with hospitalized patients. the tests were performed every ten days for a period of four months, by using fisher technique. the strains were isolated from clinical specimens from hospitalized patients, and after identification, we made antibiotics-resistance essays. the results show a correlation between staphylococcus strains isolated from patients and that of ...19846536546
estrone-induced, prolactin-secreting and dopamine-sensitive rat pituitary tumor.prolactin (prl)-secreting rat pituitary tumors were induced in female fisher 344/lis rats by s.c. implants of estrone (e1) pellets. tumor growth was relatively fast and reached about 100 mg within 2 months. ovariectomy at the time of e1 implants seemed to accelerate the growth of the tumors. tumor cells in primary culture produced mainly prl, while growth hormone (gh) release was about 2% of prl production and the release of some other pituitary hormones did not exceed 1% of prl values. tumor ce ...19846540183
biochemical and histomorphometric characterization of a rat model for humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy.humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy is a common but incompletely understood syndrome in humans. in an effort to define an animal model of this syndrome, we studied the transplantable rice-500 leydig cell tumor in male fisher rats. animals were studied 4-9, 10-12, and 13-14 days after tumor transplantation. by days 13-14, tumor-bearing animals were significantly hypercalcemic, hypercalciuric, and hyperphosphaturic compared to control animals. fractional phosphorus excretion was elevated 4-fold in ...19846546543
toxicity of aflatoxin b1 in rat and mouse hepatocytes in vivo and in vitro.the reported ld50 for the adult, male fisher rat is 1.2 mg aflatoxin b1/kg body weight (i.p.); we have found that male c57bl/6 mice survive single doses of aflatoxin b1 as high as 60 mg/kg (i.p.). we have demonstrated a 1000-fold greater lc50 of aflatoxin b1 for primary mouse liver cell cultures from c57bl/6 male mice (3 x 10(-5) m) than for primary liver cells from f344 male rats (3 x 10(-8) m). in 4 h of exposure to a non-toxic dose (1 x 10(-9) m) of [3h]aflatoxin b1, cultured rat liver cells ...19846424269
comparative anti-pseudomonas aeruginosa activity of chemically modified and native immunoglobulin g (human), and potentiation of antibiotic protection against pseudomonas aeruginosa and group b streptococcus in vivo.immunoglobulin g intravenous is prepared by controlled reduction and alkylation of approximately four interheavy chain disulfide bonds per molecule. to determine if the protective activity of antibody modified by this process is diminished, mice were treated with identical doses of reduced and alkylated igg and native igg prepared from the same plasma pool. three hours later mice were given a 10 percent body surface burn followed by challenge with the seven fisher-devlin-gnabasik immunotypes of ...19846424444
effects of adrenergic agents, vasopressin and ionophore a23187, on the phosphorylation of, and flux through, phenylalanine hydroxylase in rat liver cells.the adrenergic amines noradrenaline and adrenaline increased flux through phenylalanine hydroxylase by approx. 50%. this effect, which appears to be mediated by an alpha-adrenergic mechanism, was accompanied by a rapid increase in the phosphorylation of phenylalanine hydroxylase. although ionophore a23187 mimicked the effects of the adrenergic amines, vasopressin was completely without effect on either phenylalanine hydroxylation or enzyme phosphorylation. flux through phenylalanine hydroxylase ...19846426473
effects of saturated and unsaturated dietary fat on aflatoxin b1 metabolism.male fisher 344 rats were fed diets containing either 20% corn oil, 20% coconut oil or 18% coconut oil plus 2% corn oil for 3 wk. a single dose of [3h]aflatoxin b1 [(3h]afb1) was administered ip and the biliary excretion of aflatoxin metabolites and the binding of 3h to nucleic acids were studied. in other experiments the in vitro metabolism of afb1 by liver postmitochondrial supernatants prepared from rats fed the different sources of dietary fat was determined. the major nonextractable aqueous ...19846427082
sex differences in arachidonate cyclo-oxygenase products in elicited rat peritoneal macrophages.peritoneal macrophages were elicited by freund's incomplete adjuvant from adult male and female fisher 344 rats. the release of prostaglandin e2 and thromboxane b2 from these macrophages was determined by radioimmunoassay. the basal release of these products was the same for males and females. the macrophages of the female rats released, in a dose-dependent manner, significantly more prostaglandin e2 and thromboxane b2 than macrophages from the male, following challenge with either a particulate ...19846428458
immunochemical characterization of high-molecular-weight polysaccharide from fisher immunotype 3 pseudomonas aeruginosa.a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide (ps) was isolated from the culture supernatant of a fisher immunotype 3 (it-3) strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa. consistent with previously reported findings for it-1 and it-2 ps, the preparation of it-3 ps was found to be an immunogenic, nontoxic form of the o polysaccharide side chain on the lipopolysaccharide (lps). the it-3 ps was mainly carbohydrate in composition. it was serologically and chemically identical to lps o side chain, but distinct from tha ...19846430805
speed of movement initiation performance predicts differences in [3h]spiroperidol receptor binding in normal rats.speed of movement initiation is altered in normal aging and in neurological disorders such as parkinson's disease. this study was undertaken to extend our previous results, which suggested a relationship between nigrostriatal dopamine function and an animal model of movement initiation speed (reactive capacity). fisher 344 rats exhibiting exceptionally fast or slow reactive capacity but otherwise normal were examined for differences in the striatal binding of the dopaminergic ligand, [3h]spirope ...19846431475
[meningeal gliomatosis models as a chemosensitivity assay system].experimental models of meningeal gliomatosis (mg) have been produced by intracisternal inoculation of c6 and 9l glioma cells into wistar and fisher 344 rats, respectively. chemotherapy of these models and in vitro chemosensitivity assay for these cell lines were studied with acnu, bcnu and vm-26. in vitro chemosensitivity assay revealed that 9l cells were sensitive to all of the anticancer drugs above, and that c6 cells were resistant to acnu and bcnu, but not to vm-26. in vivo experiment, the s ...19846584085
[flow cytometric study of enhanced effect of anti-cancer drugs induced by nicardipine hydrochloride].flow cytometric analysis was used to study the effect of a calcium influx blocker, nicardipine hydrochloride, on the cytotoxicity of anti-cancer drugs in tumor cells. the parameters used for this study were dna- and protein-cell distribution histograms. cells and drugs used for this study were c6 cells from cd fisher rat glioma and vcr, adm and acnu, respectively. the growth inhibitory effect estimated by concentration at id50 on c6 cells was indicated as follows; vcr showed an 89-fold enhanceme ...19846593005
effects of hypophysectomy and immobilization stress on s-adenosylmethionine levels in rat adrenal glands.rat adrenal s-adenosylmethionine (sam) levels and phenylethanolamine-n-methyltransferase (pnmt) activity were measured under conditions of hypophysectomy and stress. a new dual-label radioenzymatic assay for sam is presented which eliminates problems found to exist with previous methods. strain-specific differences in both pnmt and sam were found, as well as sex differences in sam levels. immobilization stress resulted in an increase in adrenal sam and pnmt activity, while hypophysectomy decreas ...19846610814
dracunculus insignis in fishers in new hampshire. 19846239848
effects of n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide and n-(ethoxycarbonyl)-2-ethoxy-1,2-dihydroquinoline on hydride ion transfer and proton translocation activities of mitochondrial nicotinamidenucleotide transhydrogenase.n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (dccd) inhibits the mitochondrial energy-linked nicotinamidenucleotide transhydrogenase (th). our studies [phelps, d.c., & hatefi, y. (1981) j. biol. chem. 256, 8217-8221; phelps, d.c., & hatefi, y. (1984) biochemistry 23, 4475-4480] suggested that the inhibition site of dccd is near the nad(h) binding site, because nad(h) and competitive inhibitors protected th against inhibition by dccd and, unlike the unmodified th, the dccd-modified th did not bind to nad-agaros ...19846099137
on the apparent clustering of clonal albumin production and enzyme activity levels.this communication is a critique of a novel, but inappropriate, use of the correlation coefficient to demonstrate the clustering of biological activity levels about a purported geometric progression. the data are re-examined by using a fourier analysis approach to test for periodicity on a logarithmic scale; this approach follows from the methods of kendall (1974, philosophical transactions of the royal society, series a 276, 231-266) and fisher (1929, proceedings of the royal statistical societ ...19846534411
the doctor as patient: an encounter with guillain-bárré syndrome.the author describes the course and treatment of a severe acute illness that began with cranial nerve palsies and ataxia and progressed rapidly to generalized weakness with respiratory embarrassment. there was no sensory loss or elevation of the protein level in the cerebrospinal fluid. the miller fisher variant of guillain-barré syndrome was diagnosed. at the height of the illness, a period lasting about 2 weeks, the author was almost completely paralysed, retaining only a little motion in some ...19846388775
duaal processes in recognition and in recognition is argued that adherence of the results of experiments in the recognition failure paradigm to the function observed by tulving and wiseman (1975) reflects the operation of two distinct processes in recognition similar to those described by mandler (1979, 1980). familiarity decisions based on the target word alone can occur when target and list cue have not been integrated and result in some measure of dependence between recall and recognition. contextual retrieval can operate in recognition w ...198421287047
the miller-fisher syndrome--a case report. 19846529746
does contralateral carotid occlusion influence neurologic fate of carotid endarterectomy?divergent opinions regarding operative risks and late prognosis of patients undergoing endarterectomy for carotid stenosis with contralateral carotid occlusion have prompted a review of the experience at emory university hospital from jan. 1, 1978, through dec. 31, 1982. fifty-four patients (37 men, 17 women; mean age 63 years) who underwent carotid endarterectomy (cea) with contralateral carotid occlusion (group i) were compared with 410 demographically similar patients without contralateral ca ...19846495174
conformational adaptation of rtem beta-lactamase to cefoxitin.cefoxitin, a poor substrate of the rtem beta-lactamase (penicillin amido-beta-lactam hydrolase, ec, induces a reversible change in the conformation of the enzyme. the change is manifested in gradual loss of catalytic activity and increased susceptibility to proteolytic inactivation. it is prevented by antibodies, which stabilize the native conformation. by contrast, divalent cations, which have no effect on the native enzyme, delay recovery from the cefoxitin-induced state, presumably b ...19846333339
line-of-descent and genealogical processes, and their applications in population genetics models.a variety of results for genealogical and line-of-descent processes that arise in connection with the theory of some classical selectively neutral population genetics models are reviewed. while some new results and derivations are included, the principle aim is to demonstrate the central importance and simplicity of genealogical markov chains in this theory. considerable attention is given to "diffusion time scale" approximations of such genealogical processes. a wide variety of results pertinen ...19846505980
use of an antifibrinolytic agent (tranexamic acid) and lateral sutures with laser conization of the hundred forty patients who underwent laser conization and 220 patients who underwent laser miniconizations were prospectively randomized into two study groups. one treatment group was given antifibrinolytic therapy in the form of tranexamic acid (cyklokapron, kabivitrum, sweden) intraoperatively and for 14 days postoperatively. the other group did not receive antifibrinolytic therapy. in the group of 68 patients with laser conizations who were given antifibrinolytic therapy, no postoperative ...19846384851
a stochastic numerical model of breast cancer growth that simulates clinical data.a new stochastic numerical model of breast cancer growth is developed. first, the model suggests that gompertzian kinetics does apply but that from time to time, in random fashion, there occurs a spontaneous change in the growth rate or rate of decay of growth, such that the overall growth pattern occurs in a stepwise fashion. according to the model, the average time for the tumor burden to increase from one cell to detection is probably in the range of 8 years. secondly, the model suggests that ...19846744323
differences in phosphorylation of the two large subunits of brine shrimp na,k-atpase.analysis of purified na,k-atpase from brine shrimp nauplii revealed two molecular forms of the alpha subunit separable by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis [g.l. peterson, r.d. ewing, s.r. hootman, and f.p. conte (1978) j. biol. chem. 253:4762]. the molecular form with lower mobility is designated alpha 1 and the one with higher mobility, alpha 2, in a neutral or alkaline gel system. differences in na+-dependent, k+-sensitive phosphorylation of these two molecular forms h ...19846094698
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