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earmuffs, exploratory head movements, and horizontal and vertical sound a semi-anechoic room, normal-hearing adults judged the position of that loudspeaker emitting a narrow-band noise centered at 1 kc/s, from a vertical array of 10 loudspeakers in 18 degrees steps, or a similar horizontal-arc array intersecting at 0 degrees azimuth and 0 degrees vertical. stimuli were narrow-band noise bursts terminated by s when judgment was made. ss (n:17) were free to move their heads, or were asked to restrict such movement. in the horizontal plane, ss without earmuffs and w ...19817349864
potassium loss associated with hydrochlorothiazide versus chlorthalidone.a retrospective survey using chart review was conducted to determine the incidence of clinically significant hypokalemia resulting from therapy with chlorthalidone (ctld) or hydrochlorothiazide (hctz). the frequency of hypokalemia, potassium less than or equal to 3.0 meq/liter, was 4/29 patients (13.8%) in the ctld once-daily group, 0/17 in the hcdl twice-daily group, and 0/31 in the hctz once-daily group. using the fisher exact probability test, a significant difference in the incidence of hypo ...19817332917
[fisher syndrome : immunologic disease?]. 19817322909
the effect of vitamin e deficiency on some platelet membrane properties.the effects of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin e) deficiency on membrane properties of platelets were studied to determine if vitamin e has a measureable stabilizing role in biological membranes. three groups of rats and three of mice were studied: two groups consisted of fisher strain rats and one of sprague-dawley rats fed a draper corn oil diet with and without high levels of supplementary vitamin e. the mice were two groups of balb/c animals maintained on an 8% hydrogenated coconut oil diet, and o ...19827077141
pelvic infection after elective abortion associated with chlamydia trachomatis.two groups in denmark and sweden, totalling 943 healthy women in the first trimester of pregnancy who were undergoing elective abortion, were examined in a prospective study. group 1 consisted of 432 women from denmark, all examined prior to and 2 weeks after the operation. at the first examination, samples were taken from the cervix for the isolation of chlamydiae and gonococci. chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 23 (5.3%) of the women. postoperatively, 15 patients developed acute pelvic i ...19827078867
histochemistry of nadh diaphorase and gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase in rat bladder improve identification of preneoplastic bladder cancer cells, we have studied two enzyme histochemical changes in bladder tumors induced in male fisher 344 rats by the carcinogen n-butyl-n-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamine. in early areas of focal nodular hyperplasia there was a dramatic increase in staining for nadh:menadione oxidoreductase (diaphorase)activity. in nonfocal areas as well, there were many individual cells with intense staining, while the controls were of uniform moderate staining. ...19826124324
aging and benzodiazepine binding in the rat cerebral cortex.the specific binding of 3h-diazepam in the cerebral cortex was investigated in membrane preparations from 6 and 30 month old fisher-344 rats. no age-related differences in the association, equilibrium, or dissociation, binding characteristics were observed. the increased sensitivity of the elderly to the central sedative effects of the benzodiazepines does not, therefore, appear to involve changes in binding to the receptor site located in the cortex.19826280005
pontine hemorrhage causing fisher one-and-a-half syndrome with facial paralysis.the case of a 58-year-old white man with a history of high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who developed double vision followed by right-sided facial paralysis is reported. a computerized axial tomogram (ct) scan showed an enhancing lesion in the pontine tegmentum, and the diagnoses of pontine glioma or hemorrhage were considered. physical findings were limited to the cranial nerves. conservative management with decadron for 3 weeks resulted in a prompt clinical improvem ...19826226696
isoproterenol responsiveness and myocardial beta-adrenergic receptors in young and old elucidate the association of beta-adrenergic receptors with decreased myocardial catecholamine responsiveness in aging, we investigated the chronotropic response to isoproterenol and myocardial beta-adrenergic receptors in fisher 344 rats of 3, 12, and 24 months of age. heart rate response to isoproterenol (50 mug/kg, subcutaneously) was greatest in 3-month-old animals, both in maximum heart rate achieved and increment over baseline. twelve-month-old animals had significantly lower maximal he ...19826276461
reversal of diabetes by the isotransplantation of nicotinamide-streptozotocin-induced islet adenoma in rats.the effect of syngeneic transplantation of islet tumors induced by streptozotocin-nicotinamide treatment into fisher inbred diabetic rats was studied. transplantation of 10 mg of tumor tissue under the kidney capsule of severely diabetic animals resulted in complete amelioration in 9 of 14 animals. partial improvement was noted in three animals, whereas only one animal showed no change in diabetic condition within 4 months. improvement in diabetes was accompanied by gain in body weight, decrease ...19826277054
metabolism of acetaminophen by the isolated perfused kidney.acetaminophen (apap) produces proximal tubular necrosis in the fisher 344 rat. this lesion may result from the covalent binding of reactive intermediates of apap to cellular macromolecules when glutathione (gsh) is sufficiently depleted. experiments were designed to evaluate the ability of the kidney to convert apap to reactive electrophilic metabolites capable of depleting renal gsh by quantifying gsh concentrations in isolated perfused kidneys perfused with apap. perfusion without apap reduced ...19826278138
retinoic acid binding protein in normal and neopolastic rat prostate.sucrose density gradient analysis of cytosol from normal and neoplastic rat prostatic tissues exhibited a peak of (3h) retinoic acid binding in the 2s region, corresponding to the cytoplasmic retinoic acid binding protein (crabp). in the fisher-copenhagen f1 rat, crabp was present in the lateral lobe, but could not be detected in the ventral nor in the dorsal prostatic lobes. four sublines of the r-3327 rat prostatic tumor contained similar levels of this binding protein. the absence of crabp in ...19826283503
bacteriophage lambda dna packaging: scanning for the terminal cohesive end site during packaging.bacteriophage lambda packages the dna of the related phage 21 poorly [hohn, b. (1975) j. mol. biol. 98, 93--106]. to understand the nature of the packaging defect, the interaction of the cohesive end site (cos) specific for phage 21 (cos phi 21) with phage lambda terminase has been investigated. the ability of lambda terminase to cleave cos phi 21 was studied in vitro; lambda terminase cleaved cos phi 21 only 1% as well as it cleaved the phage lambda cohesive end site (cos lambda). in vitro pack ...19826285351
a physiological and morphological study of the horizontal cell types of the rabbit retina.a perfused, isolated retina-eyecup preparation of the rabbit was utilized to correlate the physiology and morphology of horizontal cells. neurons were physiologically characterized by intracellular recording techniques and subsequently stained with intracellular iontophoretically injected horseradish peroxidase for morphological identification. three types of rabbit horizontal cell recordings have been differentiated, based on variations in response waveform, amplitude-intensity properties, and ...19826288777
perchloric acid-soluble serum glycoprotein as an index for tumor cell burden in the early detection of cancer.neoplastic cells, particularly human mammary carcinoma cells, shed or secrete glycoproteins which are tumor-specific. these compounds contain n-acetylneuraminic acid (nana) and they differ from the bulk of serum proteins and glycoproteins in being soluble in perchloric acid. graded number of r3230 adenocarcinoma (adca) cells were implanted subcutaneously in groups of female fisher rats. at time intervals, while under anesthesia the spleens were dissected out, and blood was drawn from the animals ...19826290061
diazepam disposition in mature and aged rabbits and rats.the disposition of diazepam after intravenous administration was investigated in mature young and old female dutch belted rabbits (1-1.5 and 5.6.5 years) and fischer-344 rats (6 and 30 months) to determine whether they exhibited an age-related increase in distribution similar to that previously observed in the human. no significant differences were found in the pharmacokinetic behavior of diazepam or its n,-demethylated metabolite between the young and old rabbits, although there was a suggestio ...19826126343
susceptibility to adjuvant arthritis in da and f344 rats. a dominant trait controlled by an autosomal gene locus linked to the major histocompatibility complex.the hereditary of adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats of the da and fisher 344 strains was examined. development of arthritic lesions in response to a single injection of supplemented freund's complete adjuvant has been found to be controlled by an autosomal, dominant gene locus, ar. the capacity to respond was present in da rats and absent in our fisher rats. ar has been found to be linked to the major histocompatibility complex genes with which it exhibits a high rate of recombination.19826215923
deletions of n-terminal sequences of polyoma virus t-antigens reduce but do not abolish transformation of rat fibroblasts.polyoma virus transforms, upon infection or dna transfection, nonpermissive fisher rat fibroblasts. cloned viral dna was deleted of sequences around the bg/i site at nucleotide 86 by bal31 nuclease treatment and then recloned in escherichia coli. the extent of deletion for each mutant was then determined by dna sequencing. deletions included the early transcription control signals; others stretched into the n-terminal coding sequences of the viral tumor antigens. the transformation efficiency of ...19826294500
lipopolysaccharide and high-molecular-weight polysaccharide serotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa.the serotype distribution of bacteremic and nonbacteremic clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa in relation to the fisher immunotyping scheme, the international antigenic typing system (iats), and high-molecular-weight polysaccharide determinants was investigated. of 281 bacteremic isolates, 273 (97.2%) were serotyped by one of the seven iats specificities that correspond to a fisher lipopolysaccharide/high-molecular-weight polysaccharide specificity. in contrast, these seven serotypes acc ...19826798136
tissue storage of vitamins a and e in rats drinking or infused with total parenteral nutrition solutions.the total parenteral nutrition (tpn) rat and its sham-operated control were used as a model to compare the metabolism and storage of vitamins a and e when they are administered intravenously or orally. male fisher rats were depleted of both vitamins for several months with a diet free of vitamins a or e, but containing retinoic acid for growth. tpn solutions containing aqueous dispersions of retinol, retinyl palmitate and dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate were infused at 2.3 ml/h into the jugular vein ...19826805289
synthesis of 8-(methoxycarbonyl)octyl glycosides of o-alpha-l-rhamno-pyranosyl-(1 goes to 3)-o-alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyl-(1 goes to 3)-2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-d-glucopyranose; models for the antigen of pseudomonas aeruginosa fisher immunotype 5. 19826809330
sarcocystis and other coccidia in foxes and other wild carnivores from montana.sarcocystis spp sporocysts were found in feces of 10.1% of 198 red foxes (vulpes vulpes), in 3.2% of 61 bobcats (lynx rufus), in 16.6% of 12 mountain lions (felis concolor), in 16.6% of 6 fisher (martes pennanti), and in none of 20 wolverines (gulo gulo), 4 mink (mustela vison), or 10 raccoons (procyon lotor). sarcocystis muris and toxoplasma gondii were not found in laboratory mice inoculated with feces of bobcats and mountain lions.19826816776
rats highly susceptible to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis obtained by crossing rats from strains with low crossing and back-crossing three strains of rats, brown-norway, fischer, and pvg, none of which is definitely susceptible to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae), it is possible to obtain fully susceptible animals. genetic analysis indicates the presence of ir-genes in at least two of the strains (fisher and pvg) related to the agb complex, and genes of 'resistance' located on another chromosome. the latter appear to be different in the three strains; also the bn strain, which perh ...19826816857
development of a folacin bioassay in rats.the objective of this study was to determine if the relationship between dietary folic acid and liver folacin concentration could serve as a quantitative standard response curve for a folacin bioassay. this paper examines the time required for liver folacin depletion, the effect of the supplementation period on the range of the linear response and the precision of the standard curve. male weanling fisher strain rats were offered a low folacin diet for 31 days. at the end of the depletion period ...19827054472
dna polymerase-alpha. common polypeptide core structure of three enzyme forms from human kb cells.aqueous extracts of exponentially growing human kb cells contain three quantitatively significant forms of dna polymerase-alpha activity. the predominant form (about 70% of total cellular activity), which is recovered from the cytoplasm, has been previously purified to near-homogeneity and structurally characterized (fisher, p. a., and korn, d. (1977) j. biol. chem. 252, 6528-6535). the other two polymerase forms include a minor cytoplasmic activity (about 20% of total cellular activity), dna po ...19827056756
binding of chloroform to mouse and rat hemoglobin.the covalent binding of chemical carcinogens and mutagens to hemoglobin has been proposed as a dose monitor for environmental exposure. the binding of chloroform to hemoglobin in rats was demonstrated to result from the formation of addition adducts to amino acids in the globin. the altered amino acids were isolated with an amino acid analyzer employing ion exchange chromatography. the covalent binding of orally-administered [14c]chloroform to rat hemoglobin reached a peak within 10 h. afterward ...19827060223
schistosoma intercalatum (fisher, 1934) infection in sheep.parasitological and clinico-pathological aspects of schistosoma intercalatum infection in sheep were studied after exposure to 5000 cercariae per animal. it was shown that the infection, in spite of relatively high tissue egg counts, only gave rise to low-grade clinico-pathological manifestations with almost unaffected blood parameters. the parasites were mainly located in the lower part of the intestinal tract, and the number of eggs being passed in faeces was very low.19827069181
detection of carcinogenic exposures by urinalysis: induction of cell-mediated immunity.studies were undertaken to determine whether urine collected from rats during the 24 h following exposure to the colon carcinogen 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (dmh) contained substances which would induce specific antitumor immunity. the evaluation for such components was carried out by administering the test and control urine to young male adult fisher f344 inbred rats and then establishing the animals' antitumor cell-mediated immunity (cmi) at a 14-day post-exposure interval. the cmi was measured by ...19827101323
[miller fisher syndrome. report of a case].the case of a man 34 year-old presenting upward gaze paralyses and external ophthalmoplegia without involvement of the downward gaze, accompanied by cerebellar disorders, generalized areflexia but no muscular weakness, and moderate sensory impairment of the four extremities is reported. the cerebrospinal fluid showed an albuminocytologic dissociation. recovery was rapid and almost complete, within 3 weeks, remaining minimal paresis of the upward gaze and lateral movement in both eyes. the improv ...19827159257
pharmacokinetics of acrylamide in fisher-344 rats. 19827071872
levels of lipid peroxidation in hepatocytes isolated from aging rats fed an antioxidant-free diet.enzymatically isolated hepatocytes were utilized to evaluate levels of lipid peroxidation in young (3 months), adult (12 months) and aged (25 months) fisher-344 female rats. lipid peroxidation was measured by assaying levels of malonaldehyde, a by-product of the peroxidation reaction. young, adult and aged animals were fed a liquid antioxidant-free diet for 21 days prior to the hepatocyte isolation. cells isolated from young rats demonstrated the highest levels of lipid peroxidation (microgram o ...19827160445
[isolation and significance of vibrio cholera nag].after the isolation of two vibrio cholerae nag from the stools of two tourists, the authors researched vibrio in people coming home from particular countries and in resident people. the research was extended to the water of varese lake after another isolation from a fisher who had fished, cooked and eaten the lake fish. problems concerning the classification of vibrio and their presence in the environment are examined.19827187344
genetics of natural resistance to thermal injury.the possible influence of genetic factors in conditioning the host's natural resistance to the lethal effects of severe thermal injury has been studied in 908 rats of comparable age and weight, originating from two outbred, eight inbred, and two congenic strains of animals of defined genetic background. each animal was exposed to a standard, full-thickness, 40% body surface area skin burn by controlled contact with a heated metal plate. the 21-day postburn mortality was 100% in 217 fisher (f-344 ...19826977344
lymphocyte reactivity to crohn's ileal homogenates.this study was undertaken to demonstrate whether lymphocytes derived from patients with crohn's disease and their household contacts would demonstrate increased reactivity upon exposure to tissue homogenates prepared from the terminal ileum of patients with crohn's disease. it was demonstrated that 4 of 18 patients, 9 of 30 household contacts, and 0 of 13 control subjects exhibited statistically greater lymphocyte thymidine incorporation in response to crohn's tissue homogenates (contacts vs con ...19827154058
report of the federal panel on formaldehyde.the federal panel on formaldehyde concluded that definitive experiments exist which demonstrate the mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of formaldehyde under laboratory conditions. formaldehyde induces both gene mutations and chromosomal aberrations in a variety of test systems. inhalation of formaldehyde causes cancer of the nose in rats. the concentrations of formaldehyde in inhaled air that caused nasal cancer in fisher 344 rats are within the same order of magnitude as those to which humans may ...19826977445
prostate carcinoma tumor size in rats decreases after administration of antagonists of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone.the effects of two potent antagonistic analogues of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (lh-rh) on the growth of two different models of rat prostate tumors have been investigated. chronic administration of [nac-p-f-dphe1,p-cl-dphe2,dtrp3.6,d-ala10]lh-rh (antagonist i) at 50 micrograms/day for 21 days significantly inhibited the growth of the chemically induced squamous cell carcinoma 11095 in fisher 344 male rats. the weights of the pituitary, ventral prostate, and testes were not significant ...19826803239
dopamine receptor sensitivity following nigrostriatal lesion in the aged rat.this investigation sought to determine whether the ability to regulate dopamine receptor sensitivity following removal of dopaminergic innervation is altered during aging. aged (24-26 months old) fisher 344 rats compared with young (6 months old) rats had lower levels of dopamine and dopamine receptor binding ([3h]adtn), but no change of dopamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity. unilateral lesion of the nigrostriatal pathway produced equivalent dopaminergic denervation in rats of both age ...19827199364
immunosuppressive activity of, an inhibitor of ala dehydrase, the second enzyme of the heme biosynthetic pathway, has been shown to exert immunosuppressive activity in several systems. when the walker 256 tumor was grown subcutaneously in outbred sprague-dawley rats, sa prevented rejection of the tumor by the host. human peripheral blood lymphocyte transformation in response to mitogens and antigens in vitro was markedly impaired by addition of sa to the medium. addition of hematin to the medium did not reverse the sa-med ...19827061925
complement receptors of rat macrophages.some species, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and humans, have complement receptors on resident alveolar macrophages, whereas swiss mice lack detectable receptors on these macrophages. using complement-coated sheep erythrocytes or bacteria, we were unable to detect complement receptors (cr1, cr2, or cr3) on resident alveolar macrophages of male sprague-dawley rats. nonelicited peritoneal macrophages from sprague-dawley rats had cr1 and cr3 receptors and were able to bind bacteria opsonized with ...19827062316
strain difference in thermoregulation of rats surviving extreme heat.the survival times of unanesthetized rats in 42.5 degree c. 48% rh were studied in 12 different strains. in males, sprague-dawley rats (p less than 0.01) and fisher 344/mk (p less than 0.05) showed significantly higher heat tolerance than the other 9 strains. among sprague-dawley rats, females tolerated heat longer than males (p less than 0.05). there was no difference in lethal body temperature according to strains and exposure temperatures (38.5-48.5 degree c). maximum survivable body temperat ...19827061293
regional behavioral variations of epidermoid carcinoma of the head and neck: a study in an animal model.regional behavioral differences have been observed clinically in epidermoid carcinoma of the head and neck. an animal model was developed for study, using homograft, transplanted epidermoid carcinoma in fisher rats. histopathologic review of tumors of the palate, base of tongue and larynx shows cartilage, arterial wall, surface epithelium and dense connective tissue containing elastic fibers to be relatively resistant to tumor invasion. muscle, bone, vein and loose connective tissues were easily ...19826755115
first person account: maintaining mental health in a turbulent world.the article and the poems that follow are part of the schizophrenia bulletin's ongoing first person accounts series. we hope that mental health professionals--the bulletin's primary audience--will take this opportunity to learn about the issues and difficulties confronted by consumers of mental health care. in addition, we hope that these accounts will give patients and families a better sense of not being alone in confronting the problems that can be anticipated by persons with serious emotiona ...19827134897
the diagnostic value of measuring creatine kinase bb activity in cerebrospinal fluid following acute head injury.during a period of 2 months the activity of creatine kinase bb (ck-bb) was measured in the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) from 93 consecutive patients admitted as emergencies to the neurosurgical department. fourteen of the 15 patients with verified brain contusion showed an increased activity of ck-bb in the csf whereas all patients with various other acute neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and acute headache, had a normal ck-bb activity. two of 5 patients with subarachnoidal haemorrhage and ...19827136881
ronald a. fisher-chance encounters. 19826752868
conduction abnormalities of the facial and trigeminal nerves in polyneuropathy.facial and trigeminal nerve involvement in polyneuropathy was assessed by the evoked action potential of the orbicularis oculi muscle following direct stimulation of the facial nerve (direct response) and the two component blink reflex elicited by stimulation of the trigeminal nerve (r1 and r2). the latencies of the direct and r1 responses were increased substantially in the guillain-barré syndrome (gbs), chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy (cipn), and hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (hm ...19826302491
particle size evaluations using multiwavelength extinction the first phase of a program to develop a lidar method for remote evaluation of mean particle size of stationary source emissions, a data base was experimentally collected consisting of multiple-wavelength extinction coefficients and mean particle sizes of generated aerosols. extinction data were collected using multi-wavelength (14) transmissometers and a 10-m long aerosol tunnel facility. generated aerosols consisted of five size fractions of fly ash, three size fractions of silica, and sin ...198220372477
a program to compute power of fisher test at interim point in a clinical trial. 19827067420
intracranial delivery of metrizamide from the lumbar subarachnoid space: prone versus supine positioning.forty patients undergoing metrizamide computed tomographic cisternography (mctc) were prospectively evaluated for the relative merits of prone and supine positioning for the intracranial delivery of the subarachnoid contrast material. twenty patients were prone and 20 supine when tilted head downward. the degree of opacification was deemed satisfactory or unsatisfactory in each case for the various ventricles and for the suprasellar, quadrigeminal, perimesencephalic, and cerebellopontine angle c ...19827142507
cigarette smoking and lung cancer: a continuing controversy.during the late 1950s sir ronald fisher questioned the already popular, but in his view precipitate, causal interpretation of the association between smoking and lung cancer. his pungently expressed views began a controversy that has smouldered and sometimes flared ever since. the most recent attack on fisher's constitutional hypothesis was launched by reif and in this paper i consider the validity of his criticisms. a range of evidence shows that it is not yet possible to distinguish between co ...19827144635
central nervous system lesions in fisher syndrome: report of a case with ct findings. 19827130734
brainstem encephalitis and the syndrome of miller fisher: a clinical study. 19827104664
fisher syndrome in childhood. 19827201120
activated partial thromboplastin time after heparin removal (aptt/hr) in a new scheme of anticoagulant monitoring.activated partial thromboplastin time after heparin removal (aptt/hr), a test employing anion exchange chromatography, was devised as an alternative to the prothrombin time after heparin removal (pt/hr) to monitor simultaneous anticoagulation with heparin and coumarins. the potential utility of the aptt/hr was assessed by performing parallel pts and aptts on 62 consecutive plasmas from coumarin-treated outpatients. all samples had 0.2 units/ml of heparin added and then removed to see if the mane ...19827114053
estimating genetic variability with restriction endonucleases.the estimation of the amount of sequence variation in samples of homologous dna segments is considered. the data are assumed to have been obtained by restriction endonuclease digestion of the segments, from which the numbers and frequencies of the cleavage sites in the sample are determined. an estimator, p, of the proportion of sites that are polymorphic in the sample is derived without assuming any particular population genetic model for the evolution of the population. the estimator is very c ...19826288514
age-related failure of volume-pressure-mediated vasopressin release.osmoreceptor sensitivity, as estimated by the plasma vasopressin (avp) response to hypertonic saline infusion, increases with age. we studied volume-pressure sensitivity, as estimated by the plasma avp response to orthostasis, in healthy young (19-31 yr old; n = 12) and old (62-80 yr old; n = 15) subjects. after remaining recumbent overnight (minimum of 8 h), subjects stood quietly for 8 min. cardiovascular changes on standing were not influenced by age. the peak plasma avp response was greater ...19827056850
[ophthalmoplegia in fisher syndrome: a combination of peripheral, internuclear and supranuclear lesions]. 19827167600
dimensionality of the body symptom questionnaire.a good deal of recent research on somatic discomfort has employed the body symptom questionnaire of fisher and greenberg to quantify the perceived location of the somatic discomfort. certain formal psychometric properties of the instrument have not yet been established, and it is the purpose of this paper to do so. specifically, since the independence of the questionnaire scales has not been determined, it is a primary focus of this discussion. a principal axis method of factoring showed that th ...19827162908
antitussive effect of guaifenesin in young adults with natural colds. objective and subjective assessment.the efficacy of guaifenesin in reducing cough frequency in young adults with acute respiratory disease was evaluated by both an objective cough counting system and a questionnaire. a guaifenesin cough preparation and the syrup vehicle were administered in a double-blind manner. coughs were recorded on tape over a 24-hour baseline evaluation period and a 36-hour treatment period for 42 patients. a pronounced diurnal variation in cough frequency was observed. the evaluation of efficacy was based u ...19826754274
allele frequencies in a multidimensional wright-fisher model with general mutation.a formula is obtained for the probability that two genes at a single locus, sampled at random from a population at time t, are of particular types. the model assumed is a diffusion approximation to a neutral wright-fisher model in which mutation is general and not necessarily symmetric. an example is given of a population in which one allele has a high mutation rate, and the others have an equal, low mutation rate. the matrix q, with elements given by the probability of sampling two alleles of p ...19827153670
effects of insulin on plasma lipoproteins in diabetic ketoacidosis: evidence for a change in high density lipoprotein composition during determine the acute effects of insulin on lipoprotein metabolism, we have followed the plasma lipoprotein lipid and apolipoprotein levels during insulin therapy for the first 24 hr in 13 patients with diabetic ketoacidosis. corrections were made for plasma volume changes during treatment. before insulin treatment, mean plasma triglyceride and cholesterol levels were 574 mg/dl (range 53-2355) and 212 mg/dl (range 118-416), respectively. insulin therapy resulted in rapid decreases in triglyceri ...19826799600
improving the visual discrimination of mentally retarded children: a training strategy.mentally retarded children were asked to judge whether a series of visual stimuli matched a standard. with each judgment the investigator verbalized "right" or "wrong" and then provided full feedback of particulars, indicating with gesture and words the cue similarities and differences that supported each correct and each incorrect judgment. control subjects were either given no training (test--retest only) or were asked to make the judgments but given no feedback. attesting to the efficacy of t ...19827180891
axillary 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one, cholesterol and squalene in men; preliminary evidence for 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one being a product of bacterial action.twenty-four hour axillary levels of the odorous steroid 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one, have been measured in six men by radioimmunoassay. initially, no control of bacterial activity was made and conditions attempting a normal axillary environment were maintained. the level of 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one was significantly higher (p = 0.028) in one axilla ("superior") than the other ("inferior") and levels showed considerable variation both between and within individuals. this difference between axi ...19827176644
fatty acid composition of tissue phospholipids and prostaglandin excretion in hyperlipidemia induced in rats by implantation of the mammotropic pituitary tumor mtt-f4.a mammotropic pituitary tumor, mtt-f4, was implanted into male fisher 344 rats for a period of 4 weeks. this tumor induced growth retardation, hyperlipidemia, hepatic hypertrophy and adrenal hyperplasia. lipids were extracted from various tissues. in tumor-bearing rats, phospholipid concentration was found to be increased in plasma, spleen and testis. distribution among the various phospholipid classes was similar to that of controls except in liver and heart, where phosphatidylcholine was incre ...19836877047
cutaneous inflammatory reactions to group a streptococcal cell wall fragments in fisher and lewis inbred rats.systemic administration of an aqueous suspension of group a streptococcal cell wall fragments induces severe, chronic erosive polyarthritis in lew/n female rats, but rarely in f344/n female rats. in the present study, we attempted to exclude unresponsiveness to the cell walls as a mechanism for arthritis resistance in f344/n females. cutaneous inflammatory reactions were assessed in both strains at various time points after direct injection of cell wall fragments of three different average molec ...19836358033
tumor promoter 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate alters state, fluidity and hydration of 1,2-diacyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine bilayers.previous results (castagna et al. (1979) febs lett. 100, 62-66; fisher et al. (1979) biochem. biophys. res. commun. 86, 1063-1068) indicated us that the active tumor promoter tpa (12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate) decreased fluorescence polarisation of diphenylhexatriene in lymphoblastoid and rat embryo cells. in the present study, experiments aimed at examining the molecular interactions of tumor promoters with cell membrane components are performed with fully hydrated multibilayers of 1,2- ...19836824654
aging-related decreases in hepatic mitochondrial and cytosolic delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase during experimental porphyria.the basal- and allylisopropylacetamide-induced activities of the first enzyme of heme biosynthesis, delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase (alas) were measured in hepatic mitochondria and cytosol of young, adult, and aged fisher 344 rats. the total cellular alas activity induced by allylisopropylacetamide decreased 67% with age. the specific activity of mitochondrial alas in normal and induced animals decreased with aging when assayed in whole or broken mitochondria. the levels of alas which accumul ...19836838217
urine profile analysis by field desorption mass spectrometry, a technique for detecting metabolites of xenobiotics. application to 3,5-dinitro-2-hydroxytoluene.a technique for the detection of biotransformation products of xenobiotics in crude urine extracts by field desorption mass spectrometric profile analysis is described. the method comprises determination of peak profiles of a series of blank and test samples using low resolution field desorption mass spectrometry, comparison of averaged peak profiles and noise reduction by means of fisher and ratio weighting of peak intensities. application of the technique to 3,5-dinitro-2-hydroxytoluene has re ...19836838996
the effects of amiodarone on serum thyroid hormones and hepatic thyroxine 5'-monodeiodination in rats.amiodarone (2-n-butyl-3,4'-diethylaminoethoxy-3', 5'-diiodobenzoyl-benzofurane) is an antiarrhythmic drug which increases serum t4 and rt3 levels in patients and lowers serum t3 levels. to investigate its effects on t4 metabolism and its cardiac action, we fed amiodarone to male fisher rats at doses of 5, 15, and 45 mg/kg bw x day; controls received potassium iodide for 4-7 weeks, and another group received sodium ipodate. at 4 weeks, amiodarone caused a dose-dependent increase in the serum t4 c ...19836617581
comparisons of liver chromatin proteins and template activities in parental and heterotic rats during postweaned development.electrophoretic profiles of acid-extractable proteins from holtzman rat liver chromatin display four minor and five major histone bands through certain stages of postweaned development but are qualitatively different from the chromatin protein profiles previously reported during postweaned development for the fisher 344 rat strain and the f344 x holtzman heterotic progeny [tallman, g., et al. (1979). biochem, genet. 17:185]. the protein profiles from the heterotic progeny do not reflect and are ...19836870779
effect of diet on adjuvant-induced disease and mitogenic responses of fisher rats.fisher rats from a inbred colony, when fed on a salt-free high-protein diet, developed only a mild arthritis after adjuvant injection. their spleen cells failed to respond in vitro to concanavalin a (a t-cell mitogen), although they possessed a b-cell function of plaque formation to sheep red blood cells. when a full salt supplement was included in the diet, or magnesium or copper or zinc was included in the drinking water, adjuvant-induced arthritis was severe and the response to the t-cell mit ...19836862667
estimating length density and quantifying anisotropy in skeletal muscle capillaries.the accurate estimation of stereological parameters defined on anisotropic structures is a long-standing problem. in this paper we seek to estimate the capillary length density jv in skeletal muscle tissue. a well-known model for directional anisotropy in space, namely the 'spherical normal' or 'fisher axial distribution' model, is found to fit the relevant data satisfactorily. based on this model, a short-cut estimation method is proposed and illustrated with a numerical example. this method es ...19836620361
a simple method for determining epithelial cell turnover in small intestine. studies in young and aging rat gut.epithelial cell migration in animal gut classically is measured by autoradiography after systemic administration of tritiated thymidine. a migration rate is calculated from observations of the leading edge of villus epithelial cells containing labeled nuclei at varying time periods after tritiated thymidine injection. this method is very accurate, but laborious, time consuming, and costly. a new, simplified method for measuring epithelial cell measurement of [3h] deoxyribonucleic acid specific a ...19836847856
fate of water-insoluble and water-soluble dichlorobenzidine-based pigments in fisher 344 rats.the fate of two water-insoluble (wi) dichlorobenzidine-based pigments, chlorodiane blue (cdb) and pigment yellow 12 (py12), and of their sulfonated water-soluble (ws) analogs was studied in male fischer 344 rats. water-soluble analogs of chlorodiane blue and pigment yellow 12 were synthesized in order to study the effect of water solubility on the absorption and metabolism of dichlorobenzidine-based pigments. [14c]wi-cbd, [14c]wi-py12, and the water-soluble analogs [14c]ws-cdb and [14c]ws-py12 w ...19836842621
the hellinger distance as used for the representation of serological abo distances among earlier human populations.the hellinger (arccos) distance is examined for the purpose of demonstrating to what extent it represents the differences among populations. when the hellinger distance is employed to estimate gene frequencies, a result very similar to that of the maximum likelihood (bernstein) method can be gained. it is pointed out that in palaeoserological examinations the dobson/ikin method usually mentioned as fisher method is not equivalent to the bernstein method.19836852818
the effects of aging on opioid modulation of feeding in rats.feeding responses to naloxone and butorphanol tartrate were measured in fisher-344 rats with ages of 2, 12, 22 and 28 months. the two younger groups were 10-100 times more sensitive than the older groups to the suppressive effects of naloxone on feeding. additionally, the older rats were less responsive to the feeding enhancement following butorphanol injections. these results are consistent with reports of age-related changes in endogenous opioid systems.19836855472
androgens as promoters of colon carcinogenesis.the effects of androgens on colon carcinogenesis were studied in 90 male fisher-344 rats, given 10 weekly subcutaneous (sc) injections of 7.5 mg azoxymethane (aom)/kg body weight, starting at 12 weeks of age. thirty rats received the aom course only (aom only). thirty rats were gonadectomized at 10 weeks of age and underwent the aom course (castrated). in 30 additional castrated rats, hormone substitution was achieved by sc injection of 1 mg dehydrotestosterone (dht) three times a week for 12 we ...19836616504
species and strain differences in mepirizole-induced duodenal and gastric lesions.species and strain differences in mepirizole-induced duodenal and gastric lesions were studied. mepirizole at 200 mg/kg given orally induced deep duodenal ulcers and gastric erosions in nonfasted sprague-dawley, fisher, wistar, and donryu rats at an incidence of over 75%. mepirizole at 300 mg/kg given orally also induced penetrating duodenal ulcers in nonfasted rabbits at an incidence of 50%. there was little or no damage to the duodenum and stomach in mice and dogs given 200-300 mg/kg of mepiri ...19836861585
the adrenocortical stress-response in the aged male rat: impairment of recovery from test if the adrenocortical axis of the rat loses sensitivity to negative feedback control during aging, we examined corticosterone secretion under basal, stressed and post-stress conditions in young and in aged fisher male rats. we find no age-related change in the speed or magnitude of the stress response or in the capacity to manifest a corticosterone response following chronic stress. however, we do observe in aging rats an elevation of basal corticosterone and an impaired capacity to adap ...19836683660
effects of intrasplenic injection of hepatocytes, hepatocyte fragments and hepatocyte culture supernatants on d-galactosamine-induced liver failure in rats.intraperitoneal injection of 0.5 g/kg d-galactosamine results in 95% lethal acute acute liver failure in male fisher 344 rats. intrasplenic injection of viable syngeneic hepatocytes 20-28 h after poisoning improves survival in a dose-dependent fashion, 10(7) cells being the optimal dose with a survival rate of 47.1%. while nonviable cells and hepatocyte fragments are totally ineffective, 42.9% of rats survive after injection of 28-hour liver cell culture supernatant. it is concluded that soluble ...19836345168
seminal vesicle secretion iv gene: allelic difference due to a series of 20-base-pair direct tandem repeats within an intron.the rat seminal vesicle secretion iv (svs iv) gene was isolated from a lambda charon 4a library. the svs iv gene transcription unit was found to be on one 3.3-kilobase (kb) ecori fragment. restriction mapping and dna sequence analysis demonstrated that the entire length of the svs iv transcription unit is 1,930 base pairs (bp) and contains two introns. the 3.3-kb ecori fragment contains 144 bp of 5'-flanking region. at -113 bp from the presumed transcription initiation site an interesting struct ...19836579532
effect of feeding fermented milk on the incidence of chemically induced colon tumors in rats.the effect of feeding skim milk fermented by streptococcus thermophilus or lactobacillus bulgaricus on the incidence of chemically induced colon tumors was studied in rats. weanling fisher-344 rats were fed chow plus skim milk (sm), chow plus sm fermented by s. thermophilus, chow plus sm fermented by l. bulgaricus, or chow plus water until sacrifice at 36 weeks, or before if moribund. colon tumors were induced by s.c. injections of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine hydrochloride during weeks 3 through 22. t ...19836669478
the effect of indomethacin on the growth of epidermoid carcinoma of the palate in rats.the in vivo effect of indomethacin therapy in head and neck cancer was tested using rats (fisher 344) with implanted epithelial palatal carcinoma. indomethacin was then given to half of the rats in their drinking water, starting two weeks after tumor implantation. the animals were then killed at four weeks and the tumor volumes were measured. it was found that four (21%) of the 19 rats were complete responders and eight (42%) of the 19 rats were partial responders. the control group showed incre ...19836639438
prophylactic metronidazole in appendectomy: a double-blind controlled trial.ninety-eight patients with suspected nonperforated acute appendicitis have to date been entered into a continuing, prospective, blinded randomized trial to determine the role of prophylactic metronidazole in postoperative wound infection. twenty-six patients were excluded for the following reasons: diagnosis other than acute appendicitis (16), perforation of the appendix (8), administration of other antibiotics (1), and refusal to enter study (1). seventy-two patients, 47 men and 25 women, with ...19836336864
hepatocellular transplantation in rats with toxic induced liver failure: results of iso-, allo- and xenografts.intrasplenic hepatocytes transplantation was carried out in wistar-lewis strain inbred rats, after inducing acute hepatic failure by intravenous injection of dimethylnitrosamine (dmna) (30 mg/kg). iso-, allo-(cdf-fisher strain) and xenogeneic (new zealand white rabbit) grafts were performed. liver cells suspension was obtained by mechanical separation. the results demonstrated the efficacy of iso- and allotransplants, but not of xenogeneic hepatocytes, in improving significantly the survival rat ...19836347966
in vitro response of human t cells to pseudomonas aeruginosa.pseudomonas aeruginosa is a gram-negative bacillus that is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in immunosuppressed patients, burn patients, and patients with cystic fibrosis. although immunity to these bacteria has been associated with serum antibody, more recent evidence suggests that t-cell-mediated immunity may also be important. to evaluate human t-cell responsiveness to these bacteria, the optimal conditions were determined for in vitro proliferation of human peripheral blood lymphocyt ...19836404830
anti-pseudomonas aeruginosa activity of an intravenous human igg preparation in burned mice.a commercially available human igg chemically modified for intravenous infusion (igiv) was tested in burned mice for activity against eight strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa. an 8.7 to 9.6% full-thickness burn was made with a gas flame on the shaved backs of anesthetized mice. a suspension of p. aeruginosa in 0.5 ml saline was then injected subcutaneously in the burn site. inocula included seven american type culture collection reference strains representing the seven fisher-devlin-gnabasik immu ...19836408266
pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from patients with cystic fibrosis: a class of serum-sensitive, nontypable strains deficient in lipopolysaccharide o side chains.twenty-six pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from patients with cystic fibrosis were typed by the fisher immunotyping scheme. only 6 strains were agglutinated by a single typing serum, whereas 15 strains were agglutinated with more than one serum and 5 were not agglutinated by any serum. neither the polyagglutinable nor the nonagglutinable strains were typable by hemagglutination inhibition or immunodiffusion, suggesting that these polyagglutinable strains did not express multiple serotype antigens ...19836413410
immunologic basis for mouse protection provided by high-molecular-weight polysaccharide from immunotype 1 pseudomonas aeruginosa.antibody responses were assayed in inbred strains of mice immunized with a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide (it-1 ps) isolated from fisher immunotype 1 pseudomonas aeruginosa (p. aeruginosa 1). c3h/anf mice generated the greatest antibody response after immunization with 1 microgram of antigen and could then survive challenge with 5 ld100 of p. aeruginosa 1 organisms. balb/c mice produced lower levels of antibody and did so only after immunization with 50 micrograms of it-1 ps. these mice co ...19836419317
dna repair kinetics in irradiated undifferentiated and terminally differentiated cells.the brains of male fisher 344 rats bearing 80-150 mg intracerebral 9l/ro tumors were irradiated with doses of 1,250-5,000 rads of x- or gamma-rays. at various times after irradiation, the cerebellum and tumor were excised, dissociated into single cells and the dna from these cells sedimented through alkaline sucrose gradients in zonal rotors with slow gradient reorienting capability. quantitation of the dna repair kinetics demonstrated that the process in both tumor cells and neurons has a fast ...19836611843
[histological study of urinary bladder tumor: dna of rat urinary bladder tumor caused by n-butyl-n-(4-hydroxybutyl) nitrosamine and that of human bladder tumor].male fisher rats were treated with 0.5% bbn, and the appearance of cancer in the rat's bladder was observed successively. the quantities of dna in the normal and tumorous tissues were compared with those in the bladder cancer excised from man; and, the bladder cancer produced in the rat and that occurring in man were compared. 96 rats were divided into 4 groups, and given 8, 16, 24 or 32 weeks of treatment with bbn. papillomas appeared after administration for 8 weeks, and with subsequent increa ...19836677123
regional vs systemic effect of cis-dichlorodiammine platinum (ii) on squamous cell carcinoma in rats.utilizing a model that compares the effects of chemotherapeutic agents given regionally vs systemically in the same animal, the effects of cis-dichlorodiammine platinum (ii) (cis-platinum) were evaluated. squamous cell carcinoma was implanted at the bases of both ears of fisher-344 rats. by retrograde cannulation of a branch of the external carotid artery, tumors on the right were treated by intra-arterial infusions of varying doses of cis-platinum while tumors on the left were treated only afte ...19836681693
[effects of phenobarbital on the metabolism of acnu in vivo].the nitrosourea compounds are often used in the treatment of patients with malignant brain tumors in combination with anticonvulsants, such as phenobarbital (pb). since pb can induce hepatic microsomal enzyme--p 450 and degrade nitrosoureas in vivo, the effect of pb on tumoricidal activity in relation to toxicity of 3-[(4-amino-2-methyl-5-pyrimidinyl)-methyl]-1-(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (acnu) was studied using a rat brain tumor model. to determine toxicity, cd-fisher rats were treated for 4 ...19836578801
functional brain tissue transplantation: reversal of lesion-induced rotation by intraventricular substantia nigra and adrenal medulla grafts, with a note on intracranial retinal grafts.using a rotational behavior animal model, it has been found that embryonic substantia nigra (sn) can be homologously transplanted to the brain lateral ventricles to reverse the effects of sn lesions. these grafts were found to decrease the lesion-induced rotational behavior that was provoked either by apomorphine or amphetamine. this effect was not duplicated by grafts of other embryonic brain regions. the sn grafts produced a dopaminergic reinnervation of the dorsomedial striatum that appeared ...19836652162
increased agglutinability of bladder epithelial cells by concanavalin a in rats fed several biphenyl derivatives.biphenyl and its derivatives, 2-aminobiphenyl, 2-nitrobiphenyl, 4-aminobiphenyl, 4-nitrobiphenyl, p-phenylphenol, o-phenylphenol (opp), and o-phenylphenol sodium salt tetrahydrate (opp-na) were examined for their bladder carcinogenicity in rats by a short-term assay for agglutinability of bladder epithelial cells with concanavalin a. increased agglutinability was observed after 1-week treatment with 2.0% and 1.0% opp, 2.0% and 1.0% opp-na, 0.5 and 0.1% 4-aminobiphenyl, and 0.5% 4-nitrobiphenyl i ...19836654951
the effect of aging on vasopressin system in fisher 344 rats.vasopressin (vp) was measured by ria in the plasma, neurohypophysis (nh) and hypothalamus (ht) of young (2 months), adult (12 months) and old (30 months) male fisher 344 rats, ten of each age. plasma vp concentration was significantly lower in old compared to adult and to young rats. vp content in the nh expressed per mg weight was similar in all three groups, while the hypothalamic vp content was decreased in the aged rats. this suggests that reduced synthesis and release and/or increased degra ...19836667722
a 174-kilodalton atpase/datpase polypeptide and a glycoprotein of apparently identical molecular weight are common but distinct components of higher eukaryotic nuclear structural protein subfractions.a 174-kilodalton polypeptide of the drosophila nuclear matrix-pore complex-lamina fraction has been identified as an atpase/datpase on the basis of direct uv photoaffinity labeling studies; a polypeptide with similar properties has been found in nuclear envelope fractions prepared from several vertebrate sources (berrios, m., blobel, g., and fisher, p. a. (1983) j. biol. chem. 258, 4548-4555). this atpase/datpase polypeptide co-migrates on sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds)-polyacrylamide gels with a ...19836138358
cytokeratin and nonhistone protein antigenic changes in rat liver during azo dye but not hepatotoxin feeding.chromosomal proteins from rat liver have been assessed immunologically for changes in specific cytokeratins or primary tumor nonhistone proteins during treatment with an azo dye hepatocarcinogen (3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene), (3'-me-dab) or the hepatotoxin alpha-naphthyl-iso-thiocyanate (alpha-nit). fisher rats were fed laboratory diets supplemented with either agent and sacrificed sequentially at various intervals. chromosomal proteins from these livers were electrophoresed in the prese ...19836190586
urinary cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in rats given three different concentrations of cadmium in the diet for one year.male and female weanling rats of the spf fisher strain were fed purified diets containing three different levels of cadmium (0.008, 0.3, 30 micrograms cd/g feed). urine was collected from each animal 1 year after the start of the experiment, and cyclic amp and cyclic amp in the urine were measured by radioimmunoassay. urinary excretion of cyclic amp and gmp changed in proportion to the intake of cd. the ratio of cyclic amp: cyclic gmp, which combined the changes of these two cyclic nucleotides, ...19836301107
treatment of occult bacteremia: a prospective randomized clinical trial.antibiotic therapy for children without foci of infection and at risk for bacteremia is controversial. a prospective randomized clinical trial was conducted using expectant antibiotic therapy in children at risk for bacteremia. a total of 96 children (aged 6 to 24 months) with temperature of more than 40 degrees c, no identifiable source of infection, and a leukocyte count greater than or equal to 15,000/microl and/or sedimentation rate greater than or equal to 30 were enrolled. the following te ...19836356004
similar transforming growth factors (tgfs) produced by cells transformed by different isolates of feline sarcoma virus.fisher rat embryo cells transformed by each of three independent isolates of feline sarcoma virus (fesv) are shown to release transforming growth factors (tgfs) into cell culture medium. these acid- and heat-stable peptides compete for binding to, and stimulate phosphorylation of, egf membrane receptors and promote anchorage-independent cell growth. cells transformed by the gardner and synder-theilen strains of fesv produce high titers of tgf (60-200 ng eq egf/liter) while cells transformed by m ...19836297155
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