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superorganismality and caste differentiation as points of no return: how the major evolutionary transitions were lost in translation.more than a century ago, william morton wheeler proposed that social insect colonies can be regarded as superorganisms when they have morphologically differentiated reproductive and nursing castes that are analogous to the metazoan germ-line and soma. following the rise of sociobiology in the 1970s, wheeler's insights were largely neglected, and we were left with multiple new superorganism concepts that are mutually inconsistent and uninformative on how superorganismality originated. these diffi ...201728508537
correlation between soil-transmitted helminths infection and serum iron level among primary school children in medan.the latest estimates indicate that more than 2 billion people worldwide are infected by soil-transmitted helminths (sth). the burden of sth infection is mainly attributed to the chronic effect on health and quality of life of those infected. it is also contributed to micronutrient deficiencies such as iron-deficiency anaemia. the prevalence of worm infection in public primary school students in medan was quite high (40.3%), and 33.3% was anaemic in the latest study.201728507613
within-epitope interactions can bias ctl escape estimation in early hiv human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) begins to replicate within hosts, immune responses are elicited against it. escape mutations in viral epitopes-immunogenic peptide parts presented on the surface of infected cells-allow hiv to partially evade these responses, and thus rapidly go to fixation. the faster they go to fixation, i.e., the higher their escape rate, the larger the selective pressure exerted by the immune system is assumed to be. this relation underpins the rationale for using escape ...201728507544
pharmacist-to-prescriber intervention to close therapeutic gaps for statin use in patients with diabetes: a randomized controlled assess the effect of a community pharmacist-led intervention on the proportion of patients with diabetes placed on statin therapy.201728506378
explosive percolation on a scale-free multifractal weighted planar stochastic this article, we investigate explosive bond percolation (ebp) with the product rule, formally known as the achlioptas process, on a scale-free multifractal weighted planar stochastic lattice. one of the key features of the ebp transition is the delay, compared to the corresponding random bond percolation (rbp), in the onset of the spanning cluster. however, when it happens, it happens so dramatically that initially it was believed, although ultimately proved wrong, that explosive percolation ...201728505839
steepest-entropy-ascent nonequilibrium quantum thermodynamic framework to model chemical reaction rates at an atomistic level.the steepest entropy ascent (sea) dynamical principle provides a general framework for modeling the dynamics of nonequilibrium (ne) phenomena at any level of description, including the atomistic one. it has recently been shown to provide a precise implementation and meaning to the maximum entropy production principle and to encompass many well-established theories of nonequilibrium thermodynamics into a single unifying geometrical framework. its original formulation in the framework of quantum t ...201728505826
percutaneous screw fixation for scaphoid fractures.treatment of nondisplaced scaphoid waist fractures has evolved from conventional cast immobilization to percutaneous screw insertion. this study assessed clinical and radiologic outcomes of volar percutaneous screw fixation for 15 type b2 scaphoid fractures (according to the herbert and fisher classification). all patients were followed for an average of 33 months (range, 6-50 months). all fractures achieved radiographic union at an average of 57 days (range, 35-70 days), requiring no additional ...201728504811
single penile incision for combined hypospadias and inguinal surgery: a comparative study.we sought to compare the surgical outcomes of hypospadias repair with correction of inguinal pathology using a single penile incision vs. conventional approach using two incisions.201728503233
what factors determine treatment outcome in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the modern era? a post hoc stash analysis.the management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (asah) has changed dramatically in the last few decades with the publication of a few major studies, including isat (international subarachnoid aneurysm trial, the international cooperative study on the timing of aneurysm surgery study). the aim of this study is to analyze the outcome of patients with asah based on a contemporary series, identify the risk factors for poor outcome, and focus on patients with good-grade asah (to match the isat c ...201728502692
trends and outcomes in endovascular and open surgical treatment of visceral aneurysms.visceral artery aneurysms (vaas) are rare but often repaired because of dire consequences of rupture. this is a population-based evaluation of chronologic trends in management, risk factors, and outcomes of endovascular and open therapy.201728502540
effects of the ordering of natural selection and population regulation mechanisms on wright-fisher models.we explore the effect of different mechanisms of natural selection on the evolution of populations for one- and two-locus systems. we compare the effect of viability and fecundity selection in the context of the wright-fisher model with selection under the assumption of multiplicative fitness. we show that these two modes of natural selection correspond to different orderings of the processes of population regulation and natural selection in the wright-fisher model. we find that under the wright ...201728500051
continuous femoral nerve blockade and single-shot sciatic nerve block promotes better analgesia and lower bleeding for total knee arthroplasty compared to intrathecal morphine: a randomized trial.knee arthroplasty leads to postoperative pain. this study compares analgesia and postoperative bleeding achieved by intrathecal morphine with a continuous femoral plus single-shot sciatic nerve block.201728499420
factors related to the development of shunt-dependent hydrocephalus following subarachnoid hemorrhage in the elderly.surgical procedures for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (sah) are increasing among the elderly as the population ages. chronic shunt-dependent hydrocephalus is a recognized complication of sah. the purpose of this study was to identify factors predictive of the development of shunt-dependent hydrocephalus among elderly patients with sah.201728497436
marine protected areas in costa rica: how do artisanal fishers respond?costa rica is considering expanding their marine protected areas (mpas) to conserve marine resources. due to the importance of households' responses to an mpa in defining the mpa's ecological and economic outcomes, this paper uses an economic decision framework to interpret data from near-mpa household surveys to inform this policy discussion. the model and data suggest that the impact of expanding mpas relies on levels of enforcement and on-shore wages. if larger near-shore mpas can produce hig ...201728497433
critical behavior in tetragonal antiperovskite genfe3 with a frustrated ferromagnetic state.tetragonal genfe3 has a second-order ferromagnetic (fm) to paramagnetic transition at 76 k. our integrated investigations indicate that the ground fm state is frustrated and the tetragonal symmetry is retained below 550 k based on the results of variable temperature x-ray diffraction. critical behavior was analyzed by a systematic bulk magnetization study. the estimated critical exponents by three different methods (modified arrott plot, the kouvel-fisher method, and critical isotherm analysis) ...201728497140
talking circles to improve diabetes self-care management.purpose the purpose of this study was to determine if the use of both the talking circles (tcs) and diabetes self-management education (dsme) results in better adherence and outcomes for diabetes self-management than dsme alone in american indians (ais) with type 2 diabetes mellitus (t2dm). methods a quasiexperimental, mixed-methods approach was used for ais with uncontrolled t2dm, defined by an a1c > 7.0%. the experimental group (n = 20) participated in a tc and received dsme. the control group ...201728494697
on the stochastic evolution of finite populations.this work is a systematic study of discrete markov chains that are used to describe the evolution of a two-types population. motivated by results valid for the well-known moran (m) and wright-fisher (wf) processes, we define a general class of markov chains models which we term the kimura class. it comprises the majority of the models used in population genetics, and we show that many well-known results valid for m and wf processes are still valid in this class. in all kimura processes, a mutant ...201728493042
female sexual dysfunction in the late postpartum period among women with previous gestational diabetes compare the status of female sexual dysfunction (fsd) between women with a history of previous gestational diabetes mellitus (gdm) and those with follow-up of a healthy pregnancy, using the female sexual function index (fsfi) questionnaire.201728492147
retrospective evidence on outcomes and experiences of pregnancy and childbirth in epidermolysis bullosa in australia and new zealand.pregnancy in epidermolysis bullosa (eb) has not been comprehensively studied.201728492031
surgery for superior hypophyseal artery aneurysms: a new classification and surgical considerations.superior hypophyseal artery (sha) aneurysms form a unique subgroup of paraclinoid aneurysms having a propensity to grow to a large size in the suprasellar region resulting in compression of the optic nerve, chiasma, and/or tract.201728488626
sex-specific graphs: relating group-specific topology to demographic and landscape genetic structure is a commonly observed pattern among vertebrate species. facing differential selective pressures, individuals may adopt sex-specific life history traits that ultimately shape genetic variation among populations. although differential dispersal dynamics are commonly detected in the literature, few studies have used genetic structure to investigate sex-specific functional connectivity. the recent use of graph theoretic approaches in landscape genetics has demonstrate ...201728488269
a predictive model for guillain-barré syndrome based on single learning algorithms.background. guillain-barré syndrome (gbs) is a potentially fatal autoimmune neurological disorder. the severity varies among the four main subtypes, named as acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (aidp), acute motor axonal neuropathy (aman), acute motor sensory axonal neuropathy (amsan), and miller-fisher syndrome (mf). a proper subtype identification may help to promptly carry out adequate treatment in patients. method. we perform experiments with 15 single classifiers in two scenario ...201728487747
differential expression of pd-l1 in high grade t1 vs muscle invasive bladder carcinoma and its prognostic implications.pd-l1 is expressed on tumor cells and tumor immune cell infiltrates. in metastatic bladder cancer increased tumor immune cell infiltrate pd-l1 positivity correlated with better overall survival. however, to our knowledge in high grade t1 bladder tumors positivity on tumor cells and tumor immune cell infiltrates, and correlation with outcomes or pathological features remain unknown.201728487100
combining participatory and socioeconomic approaches to map fishing effort in small-scale fisheries.mapping the spatial allocation of fishing effort while including key stakeholders in the decision making process is essential for effective fisheries management but is difficult to implement in complex small-scale fisheries that are diffuse, informal and multifaceted. here we present a standardized but flexible approach that combines participatory mapping approaches (fishers' spatial preference for fishing grounds, or fishing suitability) with socioeconomic approaches (spatial extrapolation of s ...201728486509
evaluating the age cutoff criterion for reporting benign-appearing endometrial cells in routine pap tests: an 8-year retrospective review.the 2014 bethesda system recommends that benign-appearing endometrial cells (becs) in routine pap tests should be reported in patients aged ≥45 years. this is a change from previous guidelines to report becs in women ≥40 years of age. becs are reported to have 1% chance of endometrial lesion on follow-up. this study tests whether the new threshold may increase the specificity of the test for the detection of clinically significant endometrial lesions.201728486237
using fisher information to assess stability in the performance of public transportation systems.public transportation systems (pts) are large and complex systems that consist of many modes operated by different agencies to service entire regions. assessing their performance can therefore be difficult. in this work, we use concepts of fisher information (fi) to analyse the stability in the performance of pts in the 372 us urbanized areas (uza) reported by the national transit database. the key advantage of fi is its ability to handle multiple variables simultaneously to provide information ...201728484612
transcatheter arterial embolization for gastrointestinal bleeding associated with gastric carcinoma: prognostic factors predicting successful hemostasis and evaluate outcomes of transcatheter arterial embolization (tae) for gastric cancer-related gastrointestinal (gi) bleeding and factors associated with successful tae and improved survival after tae.201728483303
[nasal continuous positive airway pressure ventilation in children with community-acquired pneumonia under five years of age: a prospective, multi-center clinical study].objective: to analyze the clinical characteristics of community-acquired pneumonia (cap) in children under five years of age and analyze the safety and efficiency of nasal continuous positive airway pressure (ncpap) ventilation for cap in this population. method: this was a prospective multicenter study. children who were admitted to these six centers with cap and met the ncpap ventilation indications, aged from 29 d to 5 years, were continuously included during november 2013 to october 2015. th ...201728482381
streamline flow of the portal vein affects the lobar distribution of colorectal liver metastases and has a clinical impact on is believed that blood from the superior mesenteric vein and splenic vein mixes incompletely in the portal vein and maintains a streamline flow influencing its anatomic distribution. although several experimental studies have demonstrated the existence of streamlining, clinical studies have shown conflicting results. we investigated whether streamlining of portal vein affects the lobar distribution of colorectal liver metastases and estimated its impact on survival.201728480180
the most effective methods for delivering severe weather early warnings to fishermen on lake victoria.introduction: it is estimated that five thousand people die on lake victoria every year by drowning which is triggered by severe weather hazards like lightning. objectives:  in order to improve predictability of severe weather conditions on lake victoria, there is need to deliver timely and effective severe weather early warning systems (swews) to those at risk. on lake victoria, previous swew service trials ceased with the end of the funding grants. this study therefore assessed the possibility ...201728480125
advanced methods for dose and regimen finding during drug development: summary of the ema/efpia workshop on dose finding (london 4-5 december 2014).inadequate dose selection for confirmatory trials is currently still one of the most challenging issues in drug development, as illustrated by high rates of late-stage attritions in clinical development and postmarketing commitments required by regulatory institutions. in an effort to shift the current paradigm in dose and regimen selection and highlight the availability and usefulness of well-established and regulatory-acceptable methods, the european medicines agency (ema) in collaboration wit ...201728722322
table saw injuries: are our safety features really keeping us safe?currently, table saws sold in the united states have 3 safety features (riving knife, blade guard, and antikickback device) designed to prevent personal injury; however, these features can hinder the user's movements and are often disabled or removed. despite the frequency of table saw injuries, there is relatively limited literature regarding them.201728719989
establishing obstetric anesthesiology practice guidelines in the republic of armenia: a global health collaboration.disparity exists in anesthesia practices between high- and low-to-middle income countries, and awareness has been raised within the global health community to improve the standards of anesthesia care and patient safety. the establishment of international collaborations and appropriate practice guidelines may help address clinical care deficiencies. this report's aim was to assess the impact of a multiyear collaboration on obstetric anesthesia practices in the republic of armenia.201728719524
comparison of the effects of low dose interferon and high dose interferon on reduction of the number and size of plaques in patients with multiple sclerosis: a historical cohort.background: this study was performed to compare the effects of low dose interferon beta-1 (ifn-β-1) (cinnovex, 30 mcg) and high dose ifn-β-1 (rebif, 44 mcg) on the reduction of the number and size of plaques in magnetic resonance imaging (mri) in patients with multiple sclerosis (ms). methods: this historical cohort study, which was performed in 2014 in sanandaj (western part of iran). 43 ms patients in two groups were investigated. the first group, which included 19 patients, was treated using ...201728717427
contrast-induced nephropathy in urological imaging: a comparison with cardiology interventions.published studies about contrast-induced nephropathy (cin) mainly focus on cardiac intervention and rarely focus on patients undergoing urological contrast investigations. we aimed to determine the association and effect of intravenous (iv) iodinated contrast material on the incidence of cin in a group of patients undergoing urology investigation and compare the results with that of cardiology interventions.201728717277
factors associated with rerupture of intracranial aneurysms after endovascular treatment: a retrospective review of 11years experience at a single institution and review of the literature.aneurysm rebleeding following initial endovascular management is uncommon, and the factors associated with its occurrence are poorly defined. we retrospectively analyzed a consecutive series of patients presenting with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage who underwent endovascular management to determine factors associated with rebleeding. rebleeding occurred in 7/183 (3.8%) patients, 6 of which had an adjacent hematoma on initial neuroimaging. aneurysms were located on the acoa (n=5), pcoa (n=1) ...201728716568
clinical and radiologic predictive factors of rib fractures in outpatients with chest identify the clinical and radiologic predictive factors of rib fractures in stable adult outpatients presenting with chest pain and to determine the utility of dedicated rib radiographs in this population of patients.201728716296
the use of non-uniform drowning terminology: a follow-up 2002, the world congress on drowning developed a uniform definition for drowning. the aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of "non-uniform drowning terminology" (nudt) and "non-uniform drowning definitions" (nudd) in peer-reviewed scientific literature from 2010 to 2016, and compare these findings with those from our unpublished study performing a similar analysis on literature from 2003 to 2010.201728716063
no adverse lung effects of 7- and 28-day inhalation exposure of rats to emissions from petrodiesel fuel containing 20% rapeseed methyl esters (b20) with and without particulate filter - the fuelhealth project.increased use of biofuels raises concerns about health effects of new emissions. we analyzed relative lung health effects, on fisher 344 rats, of diesel engine exhausts emissions (dee) from a euro 5-classified diesel engine running on petrodiesel fuel containing 20% rapeseed methyl esters (b20) with and without diesel particulate filter (dpf). one group of animals was exposed to dee for 7 days (6 h/day), and another group for 28 days (6 h/day, 5 days/week), both with and without dpf. the animals ...201728714748
safety and efficacy of rivaroxaban compared with warfarin in patients undergoing peripheral arterial procedures.rivaroxaban is a united states food and drug administration-approved oral anticoagulant for venous thromboembolic disease; however, there is no information regarding the safety and its efficacy to support its use in patients after open or endovascular arterial interventions. we report the safety and efficacy of rivaroxaban vs warfarin in patients undergoing peripheral arterial interventions.201728712814
clinical presentation to the emergency department predicts subarachnoid hemorrhage-associated myocardial injury.aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (asah) is frequently seen in emergency departments. secondary injury, such as subarachnoid hemorrhage-associated myocardial injury (sahmi), affects one third of survivors and contributes to poor outcomes. sahmi is not attributed to ischemia from myocardial disease but can result in hypotension and arrhythmias. it is important that emergency nurses recognize which clinical presentation characteristics are predictive of sahmi to initiate proper interventions. the ...201728712527
service quality of diagnostic fine needle aspiration cytology in a tertiary care hospital of lahore (process measure as patient's perspective).quality of any service is the most important aspect for the manufacturer as well as the consumer. the primary objective of any nation's health system is to provide supreme quality health care services to its patients. the objective of this study was to assess the quality of diagnostic fine needle aspiration cytology service in a tertiary care hospital. as patient's perspectives provide valuable information on quality of process, therefore, patient's perception in terms of satisfaction with the s ...201728712184
cerebral vasospasm-dependent and cerebral vasospasm-independent cerebral infarctions predict outcome after nonaneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a single-center series with 250 patients.the number of patients with nonaneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (nasah) has increased during the last decade. data regarding infarctions in nasah are still limited. the aim of this study was to identify the rate of cerebral vasospasm (cvs)-dependent and cvs-independent infarctions and their influence on clinical outcomes.201728711533
size of facial port-wine birthmark may predict neurologic outcome in sturge-weber determine whether the size of the birthmark in patients with sturge-weber syndrome (sws) who have brain involvement can help predict neurologic disability.201728711177
threatened fish and fishers along the brazilian atlantic forest coast.small-scale fisheries of the brazilian atlantic forest coast (bafc) depend on fish resources for food and income. thus, if the catch diminishes or if fish species that are a target for fishers are overexploited or impacted, this could affect fishers' livelihoods. the exclusion of threatened fish species from the catch is believed to be a threat to small-scale fisheries, which is likely to be the case along the bafc. many fish species are currently listed as threatened or vulnerable, whereas ther ...201728710567
deep learning based radiomics (dlr) and its usage in noninvasive idh1 prediction for low grade glioma.deep learning-based radiomics (dlr) was developed to extract deep information from multiple modalities of magnetic resonance (mr) images. the performance of dlr for predicting the mutation status of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (idh1) was validated in a dataset of 151 patients with low-grade glioma. a modified convolutional neural network (cnn) structure with 6 convolutional layers and a fully connected layer with 4096 neurons was used to segment tumors. instead of calculating image features from ...201728710497
microrna-9 regulates fetal alcohol-induced changes in d2 receptor to promote prolactin production.fetal alcohol exposure (fae) is known to increase prolactin (prl) secretion from the pituitary lactotropes. in this study, we determined whether micrornas (mirs) are involved in fae-induced alteration in prl release. we employed a rat animal model of fae involving feeding pregnant fisher 344 rats with a liquid diet containing 6.7% alcohol between gestational days 7-21 (af). both cyclic and estradiol-implanted fae females showed increased levels of plasma prl and pituitary prl mrna but reduced le ...201728710248
crossing fitness canyons by a finite population.we consider the wright-fisher model of the finite population evolution on a fitness landscape defined in the sequence space by a path of nearly neutral mutations. we study a specific structure of the fitness landscape: one of the intermediate mutations on the mutation path results in either a large fitness value (climbing up a fitness hill) or a low fitness value (crossing a fitness canyon), the rest of the mutations besides the last one are neutral, and the last sequence has much higher fitness ...201728709354
t2*-weighted and diffusion magnetic resonance imaging differentiation of cerebral fat embolism from diffuse axonal injury.this study differentiates cerebral fat embolism (cfe) and diffuse axonal injury (dai) on diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (dwi) and t2*-weighted magnetic resonance imaging.201728708729
effects of image quality on the fundamental limits of image registration accuracy.for image-guided procedures, the imaging task is often tied to the registration of intraoperative and preoperative images to a common coordinate system. while the accuracy of this registration is a vital factor in system performance, there is relatively little work that relates registration accuracy to image quality factors such as dose, noise, and spatial resolution. to create a theoretical model for such a relationship, we present a fisher information approach to analyze registration performan ...201728708549
workup for perinatal stroke does not predict recurrence.perinatal stroke, including neonatal and presumed perinatal presentation, represents the age in childhood in which stroke occurs most frequently. the roles of thrombophilia, arteriopathy, and cardiac anomalies in perinatal ischemic stroke are currently unclear. we took a uniform approach to perinatal ischemic stroke evaluation to study these risk factors and their association with recurrent stroke.201728706112
miniaturized radiochemical purity testing for (99m)tc-hmpao, (99m)tc-hmdp, and (99m)tc-tetrofosmin.quick methods are functional in clinical practice to ensure the fastest availability of radiopharmaceuticals. for this purpose, we investigated the radiochemical purity of the widely used (99m)tc-hydroxymethylene diphosphonate, (99m)tc-hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime, and (99m)tc-tetrofosmin by reducing time as compared with the manufacturer's method. methods: we applied a miniaturized chromatographic method with a reduced strip development from 18 cm to 9 cm for all 3 radiopharmaceuticals. the s ...201728705928
primary cystic lesions of the retrorectal space: mri evaluation and clinical assessment.the purpose of this study was to assess the a priori chance that primary cystic lesions of the retrorectal space are malignant and to investigate mri characteristics that indicate malignancy.201728705066
safety concerns regarding article: reliability and validity of a self-paced cardiopulmonary exercise test in post-mi patients. l. a. jenkins, a. mauger, j. fisher, j. hopker. int j sports med 2017; 38: 300-306. 201728704877
low end-tidal carbon dioxide at the onset of emergent trauma surgery is associated with nonsurvival: a case series.end-tidal carbon dioxide (etco2) is a valuable marker of the return of adequate circulation following cardiac arrest due to medical causes. previously, the prognostic value of capnography in trauma has been studied among limited populations in prehospital and emergency department settings. we aimed to investigate the relationship between early intraoperative etco2 and nonsurvival of patients undergoing emergency surgery at a level 1 academic trauma center as a case series. if there is a threshol ...201728704248
measurement of absolute copy number variation of glutathione s-transferase m1 gene by digital droplet pcr and association analysis in tunisian rheumatoid arthritis population.the investigation of copy number variations (cnvs) analysis of candidate genes is currently an important research area in modulating human diseases. we aimed to quantify cnvs in glutathione s-transferase m1 (gstm1) gene and determine its genetic contribution in tunisian rheumatoid arthritis (ra) and its subsets through an innovative technique for quantification.201728703442
megakaryocytic morphology in janus kinase 2 v617f positive myeloproliferative neoplasm.alterations in megakaryocyte morphology are the hallmark of myeloproliferative neoplasms (mpns). these neoplasm are also associated with janus kinase 2 (jak2) v617f mutation in nearly 95% patients with polycythemia vera (pv), 40% patients of essential thrombocythemia (et) and 50% patients of myelofibrosis (mf). the utility of megakaryocyte morphology in these disorders in correlation with jak2 v617f remains unresolved.201728702412
genotype by random environmental interactions gives an advantage to non-favored minor alleles.fixation probability, the probability that the frequency of a newly arising mutation in a population will eventually reach unity, is a fundamental quantity in evolutionary genetics. here we use a number of models (several versions of the moran model and the haploid wright-fisher model) to examine fixation probabilities for a constant size population where the fitness is a random function of both allelic state and spatial position, despite neither allele being favored on average. the concept of f ...201728701726
medical image classification via multiscale representation learning.multiscale structure is an essential attribute of natural images. similarly, there exist scaling phenomena in medical images, and therefore a wide range of observation scales would be useful for medical imaging measurements. the present work proposes a multiscale representation learning method via sparse autoencoder networks to capture the intrinsic scales in medical images for the classification task. we obtain the multiscale feature detectors by the sparse autoencoders with different receptive ...201728701276
what can we do to reduce the associated costs in induction of labour of intrauterine growth restriction foetuses at term? a cost-analysis evaluate the costs associated with induction of labour in intrauterine growth restriction fetuses comparing different procedures.201728698953
the earth is flat (p > 0.05): significance thresholds and the crisis of unreplicable research.the widespread use of 'statistical significance' as a license for making a claim of a scientific finding leads to considerable distortion of the scientific process (according to the american statistical association). we review why degrading p-values into 'significant' and 'nonsignificant' contributes to making studies irreproducible, or to making them seem irreproducible. a major problem is that we tend to take small p-values at face value, but mistrust results with larger p-values. in either ca ...201728698825
a randomized crossover trial comparing patient preference for mandibular complete dentures made with two different techniques: a short-term follow-up.the objective of this trial was to compare short-term patient preference for two mandibular complete denture (cd) fabrication techniques: neutral zone (nz) and conventional (cv).201728697202
a general protocol of ultra-high resolution mr angiography to image the cerebro-vasculature in 6 different rats strains at high field.differences in the cerebro-vasculature among strains as well as individual animals might explain variability in animal models and thus, a non-invasive method tailored to image cerebral vessel of interest with high signal to noise ratio is required.201728694213
house ownership, frequency of illness, fathers' education: the most significant socio-demographic determinants of poor nutritional status in adolescent girls from low income households of lahore, pakistan.socio demographic factors besides dietary factors play important role in determining the health status of an individual. health and nutritional intervention programs stand a greater chance of success if planned, keeping the socio demographic characteristics of a certain population in focus. the present study was conducted to identify those socio demographic determinants which have a significant association with poor nutritional status in adolescent girls belonging to economically deprived househ ...201728693602
the prognosis factors for endovascular coiling of aneurysm in patients with ruptured intracranial aneurysm.the spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by aneurysm rupture often leads to a variety of complications. endovascular coiling is effective in the treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysm.201728692523
design and applications of metastable-state photoacids.proton transfer is one of the most common processes in nature, and many chemical, material, and biological processes are sensitive to proton concentration, from acid-catalyzed reactions to the activities of many enzymes. photoacids that reversibly undergo proton dissociation upon irradiation promise remote spatial and temporal control over proton-sensitive processes and could provide a way to convert photoenergy into other types of energy. the recently discovered metastable-state photoacids can ...201728692282
aromaticity and antiaromaticity of substituted fulvene derivatives: perspectives from the information-theoretic approach in density functional reactivity theory.even though the concept of aromaticity and antiaromaticity is extremely important and widely used, there still exist lots of controversies in the literature, which are believed to be originated from the fact that there are so many aromatic types discovered and at the same time there are many aromaticity indexes proposed. in this work, using seven series of substituted fulvene derivatives as an example and with the information-theoretic approach in density functional reactivity theory, we examine ...201728692080
use of 23.4% saline in symptomatic vasospasm and cushing's triad to prevent herniation and death: a case report.a 53-year-old woman with migraines presented with hunt-hess grade 5 and fisher grade 4 subarachnoid hemorrhage with intraventricular hemorrhage. she experienced severe vasospasm requiring intra-arterial medications. continued vasospasm and edema resulted in cushing's triad with profound tachypnea. three percentage saline was administered twice without improvement. despite the general practice to wait until complete neurologic deterioration before administering 23.4% saline, it was administered o ...201728691981
polymorphism of the pai-1gene (4g/5g) may be linked with polycystic ovary syndrome and associated pregnancy disorders in south indian women.polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) is the most common endocrine disorder affecting 5 - 10% of all women of reproductive age group. the present research was carried out to study the impact of plasminogen activator inhibitor (pai-1) 4g/5g polymorphism (rs1799889) in pcos, and the risk of developing pcos in south indian population. the study was carried out in 60 subjects of south indian population (30 pcos and 30 non pcos) recruited from arc research and fertility centre, chennai, india. genotype an ...201728690381
a 3-year clinical evaluation of endodontically treated posterior teeth restored with two different materials using the cerec ac chair-side system.the introduction of polymer-infiltrated ceramic network (picn) materials may provide more options for dentists in restoring short clinical crowns and extensively damaged posterior teeth, but clinical data for their performance are lacking.201728689915
arthroscopic versus open rotator cuff repair: which has a better complication and 30-day readmission profile?to provide a comparative 30-day postoperative analysis of complications and unplanned readmission rates, using the national surgical quality improvement program database, after open or arthroscopic rotator cuff repair (rcr).201728688827
effect of the addition of cetuximab to paclitaxel, cisplatin, and radiation therapy for patients with esophageal cancer: the nrg oncology rtog 0436 phase 3 randomized clinical trial.the role of epidermal growth factor receptor (egfr) inhibition in chemoradation strategies in the nonoperative treatment of patients with esophageal cancer remains uncertain.201728687830
genetic risk factors for myocardial infarction more clearly manifest for early age of first onset.epidemiological genetics established that heritability in determining the risk of myocardial infarction (mi) is substantially greater when mi occurs early in life. however, the genetic architecture of early-onset and late-onset mi was not compared. we analyzed genotype frequencies of snps in/near 20 genes whose protein products are involved in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in two groups of russian patients with mi: the first group included patients with age of first mi onset <60 years (n = ...201728685248
single nucleotide variant sequencing errors in whole exome sequencing using the ion proton system.errors in sequencing are a major obstacle in the interpretation of next-generation sequencing (ngs) results. in the present study, sequencing errors identified from analysis of single nucleotide variants (snvs) identified during exome sequencing of human germline dna were studied using the thermo fisher ion proton system. two consanguineous cases were selected for sequencing using the ampliseq exome capture kit, and snvs found in both cases were validated using sanger sequencing. a total of 98 s ...201728685054
efficiency of rate and latency coding with respect to metabolic cost and time.recent studies on the theoretical performance of latency and rate code in single neurons have revealed that the ultimate accuracy is affected in a nontrivial way by aspects such as the level of spontaneous activity of presynaptic neurons, amount of neuronal noise or the duration of the time window used to determine the firing rate. this study explores how the optimal decoding performance and the corresponding conditions change when the energy expenditure of a neuron in order to spike and maintai ...201728684283
filling the gap: using fishers' knowledge to map the extent and intensity of fishing activity.knowledge of the extent and intensity of fishing activities is critical to inform management in relation to fishing impacts on marine conservation features. such information can also provide insight into the potential socio-economic impacts of closures (or other restrictions) of fishing grounds that could occur through the future designation of marine conservation zones (mczs). we assessed the accuracy and validity of fishing effort data (spatial extent and relative effort) obtained from fishers ...201728683931
comparison of b-mode with b-flow sonography for the evaluation of femoral arteries in infants.purpose to evaluate femoral arteries (fas) in infants in the context of catheter angiography with b-mode (bms) and b-flow sonography (bfs) and to compare both methods for vessel delineation and reliability of vessel diameter measurements. methods 21 consecutive infants who underwent ultrasound for the evaluation of fas before or after cardiac catheterization were retrospectively included in this study. the diameter of the fas and the maximum length of the vessel section displayed on a single ult ...201728683505
can we differentiate minimally invasive adenocarcinoma and non-invasive neoplasms based on high-resolution computed tomography features of pure ground glass nodules?the purpose of our study was to assess the differentially diagnostic value of radiographic characteristics of pure ground glass nodules (ggns) between minimally invasive adenocarcinoma and non-invasive neoplasm.201728683126
socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in physical activity environments in georgia elementary schools.this study aimed to characterize physical activity (pa) environments in georgia public elementary schools and to identify socioeconomic status (ses) and racial/ethnic disparities in pa environments.201728682137
comprehensive chemical fingerprinting of high-quality cocoa at early stages of processing: effectiveness of combined untargeted and targeted approaches for classification and discrimination.this study investigates chemical information of volatile fractions of high-quality cocoa (theobroma cacao l. malvaceae) from different origins (mexico, ecuador, venezuela, columbia, java, trinidad, and sao tomè) produced for fine chocolate. this study explores the evolution of the entire pattern of volatiles in relation to cocoa processing (raw, roasted, steamed, and ground beans). advanced chemical fingerprinting (e.g., combined untargeted and targeted fingerprinting) with comprehensive two-dim ...201728682071
the effect of sensory level electrical stimulation of the masseter muscle in early stroke patients with dysphagia: a randomized controlled study.dysphagia is a serious cause of morbidity and mortality in stroke patients.201728681742
association between weight change, health outcomes, and mortality in older residents in long-term care.despite the numerous health risks associated with being overweight, the effect of weight loss on health and longevity remains controversial, particularly in older adults. we explored the association among weight changes, health outcomes, and mortality in older residents of a skilled nursing facility.201728679015
clinical and incidental perineural invasion of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: a systematic review and pooled analysis of outcomes data.perineural invasion (pni) in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cscc) has been associated with an increased risk of poor outcomes. patients with pni may present with clinical symptoms and/or radiologic evidence of pni (clinical pni [cpni]), yet most patients are asymptomatic and pni is often found on histologic examination (incidental pni [ipni]). evidence-based estimates of the risks of disease-related outcomes comparing ipni and cpni are limited in the dermatology literature.201728678985
assessment of the responsiveness of a public health service from the perspective of older assess the quality of health care of older adults using as a parameter the assessment of the responsiveness of the service.201728678911
redistribution of benefits but not defection in a fisheries bycatch-reduction management initiative.reducing the capture of small fish, discards, and by-catch is a primary concern of fisheries mangers that propose to maintain high yields, species diversity, and associated ecosystem functions. modified fishing gear is one of the primary ways to reduce by-catch and capture of small fish. the outcomes of gear modification may depend on competition with other gears using similar fishing grounds and resources and the subsequent adoption or defection of fishers using modified gears. we evaluated the ...201728678422
assessing the proposed association between ded and gluten-free diet introduction in celiac children.a strong association between celiac disease (cd) and dental enamel defects (deds) have been extensively reported, however, the nature of this relationship is still unclear. the aim of this study was to evaluate deds phenotype in cd individuals according to the time they were introduced to a gluten-free diet (gfd). forty-five cd individuals were examined by a pediatric dentist. deds were classified according to the type of affected teeth. cd individuals were classified into two groups (with or wi ...201728677884
usefulness of cytologic criteria in ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirates from subcentimeter canine mammary tumors.we determined cytologic features of histologically confirmed subcentimeter canine mammary tumors (cmts) to determine reasonable criteria for an accurate cytologic diagnosis. fifty-three cmts from 28 bitches were included. all cytologic samples were collected by ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy, stained with may-grünwald/giemsa, and retrospectively evaluated using a scoring system established for 18 cytologic features. mean nuclear area (mna) was also measured for each sample by a ...201728677423
application of iterative robust model-based optimal experimental design for the calibration of biocatalytic models.the aim of model calibration is to estimate unique parameter values from available experimental data, here applied to a biocatalytic process. the traditional approach of first gathering data followed by performing a model calibration is inefficient, since the information gathered during experimentation is not actively used to optimize the experimental design. by applying an iterative robust model-based optimal experimental design, the limited amount of data collected is used to design additional ...201728675693
obstetric brachial plexus injury. knowledge among health care providers in saudi assess the basic knowledge on obstetric brachial plexus injury among obstetricians, pediatricians, and physio-/occupational therapists in major hospitals in riyadh.  we aimed to identify if inadequate knowledge is the reason behind delayed referrals to the hand clinic. methods: this is a cross-sectional questionnaire-based study  conducted at 5 major hospitals in riyadh, saudi arabia between june 2015 and august 2015.  a questionnaire of 6 questions (multiple choice closed-ended questions) wa ...201728674717
partial pulpotomy in mature permanent teeth with clinical signs indicative of irreversible pulpitis: a randomized clinical trial.this study aimed to assess the outcome of partial pulpotomy using mineral trioxide aggregate (mta) compared with calcium hydroxide (ch) in mature cariously exposed permanent molars.201728673494
does injection flow rate have an impact on arterial phase image degradation in liver mri? a comparison of gadoxetic acid versus evaluate retrospectively the impact of injection flow rate on arterial phase image degradation in liver magnetic resonance imaging (mri) with gadoxetic acid (gd-eob-dtpa) compared to gadobutrol.201728673445
targeting moderate and severe male stress urinary incontinence with adjustable male slings and the perineal artificial urinary sphincter: focus on perioperative complications and device analyze perioperative complications and postoperative explantation rates for selected readjustable male sling systems and the perineal single-cuff artificial urinary sphincter (aus) in a large, contemporary, multi-institutional patient cohort.201728673058
the relationship between high flow nasal cannula flow rate and effort of breathing in use an objective metric of effort of breathing to determine optimal high flow nasal cannula (hfnc) flow rates in children <3 years of age.201728669609
quantitative contrast-enhanced ct attenuation evaluation of osseous metastases following chemotherapy.osseous metastases often undergo an osteoblastic healing response following chemotherapy. the purpose of our study was to demonstrate the quantitative ct changes in attenuation of osseous metastases before and after chemotherapy.201728667362
craniospinal irradiation prior to stem cell transplant for hematologic malignancies with cns involvement: effectiveness and toxicity after photon or proton treatment.craniospinal irradiation (csi) improves local control of leukemia/lymphoma with central nervous system (cns) involvement; however, for adult patients anticipating stem cell transplant (sct), cumulative treatment toxicity is a major concern. we evaluated toxicities and outcomes for patients receiving proton or photon csi before sct.201728666906
flibanserin efficacy and safety in premenopausal women with generalized acquired hypoactive sexual desire disorder.flibanserin is a postsynaptic 5-ht-1a agonist and 5-ht-2a antagonist for the treatment of generalized acquired hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women.201728666836
feasibility and safety of mild therapeutic hypothermia in poor-grade subarachnoid hemorrhage: prospective pilot study.therapeutic hypothermia (th) improves the neurological outcome in patients after cardiac arrest and neonatal hypoxic brain injury. we studied the safety and feasibility of mild th in patients with poor-grade subarachnoid hemorrhage (sah) after successful treatment. patients were allocated randomly to either the th group (34.5°c) or control group after successful clipping or coil embolization. eleven patients received th for 48 hours followed by 48 hours of slow rewarming. vasospasm, delayed cere ...201728665071
on selection in finite populations.two major forces shaping evolution are drift and selection. the standard models of neutral drift-the wright-fisher (wf) and moran processes-can be extended to include selection. however, these standard models are not always applicable in practice, and-even without selection-many other drift models make very different predictions. for example, "generalised wright-fisher" models (so-called because their first two conditional moments agree with those of the wf process) can yield wildly different ab ...201728664222
ethanol ablation of ranulas: short-term follow-up results and clinicoradiologic factors for successful outcome.surgical excision of an affected sublingual gland for treatment of a ranula can carry a potential of a nerve damage or postoperative complications. however, there have been little studies about effective minimally invasive therapeutic method, yet. our aim was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ethanol ablation of ranulas and the clinicoradiologic factors that can predict outcome.201728663262
representation of multidimensional stimuli: quantifying the most informative stimulus dimension from neural responses.a common way to assess the function of sensory neurons is to measure the number of spikes produced by individual neurons while systematically varying a given dimension of the stimulus. such measured tuning curves can then be used to quantify the accuracy of the neural representation of the stimulus dimension under study, which can in turn be related to behavioral performance. however, tuning curves often change shape when other dimensions of the stimulus are varied, reflecting the simultaneous s ...201728663198
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