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bioassay of selsun(r) for possible carcinogenicity.a bioassay of selsun(r) for possible carcinogenicity was conducted by applying this substance dermally to icr swiss mice. selsun(r), an antidandruff shampoo, contains 2.5% selenium sulfide. groups of 50 mice of each sex were exposed to 0.05 ml of 25% or 50% selsun(r) in distilled water three times a week on a 2-x 3-cm clipped dorsal surface. vehicle controls consisted of 50 mice of each sex that were clipped and treated with distilled water. untreated controls consisted of 50 mice of each sex th ...198012778180
aerosol stability and respiratory infectivity of japanese b encephalitis virus.experiments were conducted to examine the aerosol stability and respiratory infectivity of japanese b encephalitis virus. at 75 degrees f (about 24 degrees c), survival of the virus as aerosol was inversely related to relative humidity. after correction for physical decay, the mean virus half-lives of the virus were 28, 38, and 62 min at relative humiditis of 80, 55, and 30%, respectively. virus recoveries as aerosol at 4 min aftr dissemination generally exceeded the theoretical limit of 100%, b ...19806254888
effect of magnesium deficiency on erythrocyte aging in rats.rats placed on a magnesium-deficient diet show decreased erythrocyte magnesium concentration, shortened erythrocyte survival, and erythrocyte membrane ultrastructure defects and become progressively anemic. whether these pathologic processes are due to abnormal erythropoiesis or occur in the peripheral circulation is unknown. in the present study, magnesium and hemoglobin concentrations, reticulocyte count, erythrocyte pyrophosphatase, and pyruvate kinase activities were determined at weekly int ...19806106388
age-related changes in dopamine, lhrh and somatostatin in the rat hypothalamus.the distribution of dopamine, somatostatin and lhrh was examined in young and aged male rats of the fisher 344 strain. dopamine histofluorescence and peptide immunocytochemical staining were performed together in each animal by the use of a stimultaneous visualization technique. comparative analysis or rats at 3, 12, 20, and 30 months of age revealed a general decrease in somatostatin and lhrh in the median eminence; dopamine fluorescence intensity also was depressed in the median eminence altho ...19806115324
distinct transformation phenotypes induced by polyoma virus and simian virus 40 in rat fibroblasts and their control by an early viral gene function.several transformed cell lines established from fisher rat cells (fr 3t3) infected with wild-type polyoma virus or simian virus 40 or early temperature-sensitive mutants (polyoma tsa and simian virus 40 tsa30) were studied for their transformation phenotypes. the distinct patterns which were obtained for polyoma and simian virus 40 transformants led to the conclusion that these two viruses express different transforming abilities in rat cells. the results obtained with temperature-sensitive muta ...19806251242
control of growth of estrogen-sensitive cells: role for alpha-fetoprotein.the role played by alpha-fetoprotein (afp) during the perinatal period in rats has not yet been ascertained despite earlier suggestions that this plasma protein affected the multiplication, in an "in animal-in culture" system of tumor cells that are stimulated by estrogen (e) for growth. to test this inference developed from our previous work, afp was purified by reverse affinity chromatography to homogeneity by electrophoretic and immunochemical criteria. purified afp was added at different con ...19806154944
cyclic nucleotides and platelet aggregation in hypertensive rats with ectopic pituitary tumor.the transplantable pituitary tumor mtt-f4 secretes several pituitary hormones in fisher rats, resulting in severe cardiovascular disease with a mineralocorticoid type of hypertension and hyperlipidemia. the mineralocorticoid-dependent hypertension possesses particular characteristics in humans and animals. it was of interest to study cyclic nucleotides and platelet aggregation in the fisher rat with an mtt-f4 tumor in order to evaluate the type of abnormalities in this form of hypertension. the ...19806249246
integration of the simian virus 40 genome into cellular dna in temperature-sensitive (n) and temperature-insensitive (a) transformants of 3t3 rat and chinese hamster lung cells.we studied the pattern of integration of the simian virus 40 (sv40) genome into the cellular dna of n-transformants (temperature sensitive) and a-transformants (temperature insensitive) derived from 3t3-fisher rat and chinese hamster lung cells. the sv40 dna was covalently linked to the cellular dna in both types of transformants. in the rat cells, most n-transformants contained sv40 sequences integrated at a single site; most a-transformants contained sv40 sequences integrated at two to five si ...19806251267
immunologic investigations of mucoid strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa: comparison of susceptibility to opsonic antibody in mucoid and nonmucoid strains.mucoid strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa, isolated from patients with cystic fibrosis, were studied for the prevalence of each of the seven fisher immunotype antigens and were compared with their nonmucoid transformants, obtained by repeated subculturing, for susceptibility to opsonic antibody. of the 30 strains tested--one from each of 30 patients--16 were typable and were tested in the opsonophagocytic assay with use of immunotype-specific rabbit antiserum; eight had significant opsonization b ...19806444976
[cell-free pseudomonas vaccine. i. enzyme properties and virulence of strains of p. aeruginosa; protective activity of their water-soluble antigens].the enzymatic (protease, catalase and gelatinase) activity and virulence of the typing strains obtained from the hungarian national collection of medical bacteria, as well as those of highly toxigenic pa-103 strain and 2 newly isolated p. aeruginosa strains were studied. no correlation between these properties of the strains was observed. aqueous extracts prepared from some of the typing strains contained soluble specific and non-specific protective antigens. the partially purified, low toxic, w ...19806778035
slime glycolipoproteins and the pathogenicity of various strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa in experimental infection.several strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa were differentiated on the basis of the surface properties of the cells. fisher immunotype, phage type, polysaccharide depolymerase type, and indirect hemagglutination reactions were used for this purpose. each strain was then studied with respect to events known to occur during the experimental infection of mice with p. aeruginosa. the virulence of the viable cells varied significantly, although all strains were virulent. glycolipoproteins were isolated ...19806777303
use of pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide immunoadsorbents to prepare high potency, mono-specific antibodies.potent, mono-specific anti-pseudomonas immunoglobulins were isolated from serum and lung lavage fluid from patients with cystic fibrosis using immunotype specific pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide (lps) substituted immunoadsorbent gel. iodinated monovalent pseudomonas lps somatic antigens, fisher immunotypes, were used as ligands for two different insoluble gel matrices. lps iodination, using the water insoluble chloroglycoluril reagent, permitted quantitation of the percent lps bound as ...19806778926
[cystoscopy (1879-1979) (centennial of a transcendental invention)].the authors make a historical review of the successive stages in man's attempt to be able to observe directly the inside of the cavities of the human body and more precisely of the bladder, which from the start long ago, led to the apparatuses invented during the first half of the 19th century (bozzini, ségalas, bonbalgini, fisher, avery, desormeaux, hacken, cruise, grünfeld, luys, etc.) until the 9th march 1879 when maximilian nitze presented in the vienna medical society and published in the j ...19806987957
studies of the immediately vascularized skin order to evaluate the effect of the nature of revascularization on survival rates of skin allografts, a rat model was devised which provided simultaneous and immediate establishment of arterial and venous blood supply to a composite skin-renal allograft. for 5 days after transplantation the skin portion of the composite grafts appeared normal, with minimal inflammation in 11 recipients. from 6 to 11 days, in 6 rats, active rejection developed with a marked inflammatory reaction of the skin-ki ...19806992906
statistical study of the fisher-race model for human rh genetics.the technique of chromosomal positioning of inheritable traits (c.p.i.t.) to project relative positions of two or more traits at more than one gene locus was employed to test the validity of the fisher-race model of rh structure. the results of statistical analysis of two large samples of rh phenotype distributions suggest that all models based on vertically related, linked alleles are invalid. on the basis of further analysis, wiener's concept of the structure of the human rh-hr gene locus appe ...19806776028
effect of n-nitrosomethylurea on substrains of fisher lymphadenosis l-5178 resistant to antitumoral antibiotics.a cytogenetic analysis of variants of fisher mouse lymphadenosis l-5178 resistant to the antitumoral antibiotics bruneomycin and rubomycin c showed that the cytogenetic characteristics of the changes in the tumor cell population correlate with the chemotherapeutic indices of the development of drug resistance. cytogenetic and kinetic analyses showed that variants of fisher lymphadenosis l-5178 resistant to bruneomycin and rubomycin c retain sensitivity to n-nitrosomethylurea (nmu). the activity ...19807437480
consideration of the possible carcinogenicity of some pesticides.the sophistication, sensitivity, and the predictability of carcinogenesis bioassays using small rodents is reviewed. bioassays were conducted using both sexes of mice (b6c3f1:c57bl/6xc3h f1 hybrid) and rats (osborne-mendel or fisher 344). chemicals tested included three acaracides, two fungicides, two fumigants, four herbicides, twelve chlorinated insecticides, and five organo-phosphorus insecticides. the tumor response of each test strain and sex to the above chemicals is discussed, as well as ...19807440922
iodothyronine kinetic studies in the newborn lamb.metabolic clearance rates and production rates for thyroxine (t4), triiodothyronine (t3) and reverse t3 (rt3) were determined by pulse injection kinetic techniques in newborn sheep between 7 and 14 days of age. the mean metabolic clearance rate for t3 (39.6 +/- 4.5 l/m2 per day) was significantly greater than that for t4 (7.25 l/m2 per day, p < 0.001). the mean value for rt3 (27.5 +/- 2.8 l/m2 per day) also exceeded that for t4 (p < 0.001) but did not differ from that for t3. the mean production ...19807440940
[effect of concanavalin a on the splenic lymphocyte proliferative activity of germ-free rats].action of con-a on the proliferative activity of spleen lymphocytes was studied using germfree and conventional fisher rats 3-4 months of age and conventional 2-3 day old rats. the intensity of 3h-thymidine incorporation in lymphocytes of germfree and conventional animals was the same, however, the coefficient of stimulation was higher in germfree rats. lymphocytes of suckling rats had a low reactivity to con-a.19807445093
the antitumour activity of maltose tetrapalmitate compared with other immunoadjuvants, and its effectiveness after tumour surgery.the effectivenss of maltose tetrapalmitate (mtp) as an antitumour immune adjuvant was verified by its comparison with other known immunopotentiators, namely bcg, corynebacterium parvum, levamisole and pyran copolymer. copenhagen x fisher 344/crbl f1 hybrid male rats inoculated s.c. with the dunning r3327a prostatic adenocarcinoma were used as the test system. all animals treated with immunoadjuvants showed a delay in tumour appearance and inhibition of early tumour growth. mtp was found to be th ...19807459208
effects of lactose and mode of sterilization of a lactose diet on mineral metabolism in germ-free and conventional rats.mineral balances of ca, p, mg, k, na, zn, mn, cu were carried out on 6-week old fisher rats for 14 consecutive days. four lots of germfree (gf) and 4 lots of conventional (cv) rats were fed a semi-synthetic diet at weaning containing either 0 or 10 p. 100 of lactose (l). the diet was sterilized either by irradiation (i) or by autoclave (au). lactose, when added to the diet, caused very variable modifications of the mineral metabolism, depending on the mineral studied and the mode of sterilizatio ...19807349413
charge forms of wistar rat alpha-lactalbumin. a contradiction.alpha-lactalbumin was purified from the milk of wistar rats and was compared to that obtained from fisher 344 rats. alpha-lactalbumin isolated from the wistar rat exists as two forms which differ in their sialic acid content, as the desialyated forms migrate to one identical position on polyacrylamide gels. these two charge forms are identical with the charge forms ii and iii previously characterized from fisher rat alpha-lactalbumin. no evidence was found to verify previous reports that one for ...19807380837
body build and temperature tolerance: an experimental analysis of ecological 'rules'.according to current anthropological theory, the two factors that primarily determine thermoregulation in human populations are body size and body proportions, and they have found their formulation in the ecological 'rules' of bergmann and allen. in order to test the validity of these idea, buffalo and fisher rats were submitted to various levels of heat and cold. the two strains were chosen because they demonstrate maximum differences in body size and body proportions in domesticated rats. the ...19807405512
cholesterol synthesis in tissues of young and old fisher 344 and sprague-dawley rats. 19807428858
energy-linked mitochondrial transhydrogenation from nadph to nadp analogs.the mitochondrial energy-linked transhydrogenase enzyme catalyzes hydride ion transfer between nad and hadp, of which the reaction nadh leads to nadp is slow in the absence of energy and is accelerated 10-fold or more when the mitochondrial membrane is energized by atp hydrolysis or respiration. the enzyme is a proton pump and effects proton translocation coupled to hydride ion transfer from nadph to nad (earle, s.r., and fisher, r.r. (1980) j. biol chem. 255, 827-830). the present studies have ...19807430092
relationship between increased aerobic glycolysis and dna synthesis initiation studied using glycolytic mutant fibroblasts.reports from several laboratories have suggested increased rates of glycolysis play an essential part in the initiation of dna synthesis. this is based on observations that aerobic glycolysis: (1) occurs at low rate in resting mammalian cells and at very high rate in tumour cells; (2) increases rapidly after dna synthesis is initiated by addition of serum or purified growth factors, and (3) correlates with the expression of the transformed phenotype. also, specific inhibitors of aerobic glycolys ...19807432468
in vitro release of biologically active adriamycin by magnetically responsive albumin microspheres.the kinetic release of therapeutically active adriamycin from two different heat-stabilized preparations of magnetically responsive albumin microspheres (1 micron) has been evaluated using a rapid in vitro bioassay-harvesting system. release products are added to freshly plated monolayers of a malignant fisher 344 rat fibrosarcoma cell line, and the inhibition of [3h]uridine incorporation into trichloroacetic acid-precipitable material (rna) and whole cells is determined in a 6-hr microtiter ass ...19807438037
dog bite wounds and infection: a prospective clinical study.we prospectively studied 26 patients with 27 dog bite wounds who sought medical attention in the emergency department. two distinct populations were found (fishers exact test, p less than or equal to 0.001): 1) those who presented 8 hr to 12 hr post-injury were concerned about rabies or tetanus or surgical wound repair; and 2) those who presented more than 12 hr post-injury were concerned with infection. there was no difference (p > 0.05) in the bacteriology of the two groups. of all wounds, 74% ...19807425403
lung clearance of particles in two strains of rats.two strains of commonly used experimental rats were compared with regard to lung clearance of tio2 particles. the fisher 344 inbred rats retained predictably fewer particles after a 7-hr exposure than the larger outbred long-evans rats. this fact can be expected in view of the different lung size of the two strains. in addition, clearance of the retained particles was significantly slower in fisher 344 rats. differences in lung clearance capacity of different animal strains should be considered ...19807250091
symposium on cerebrovascular disease in honor of c. miller fisher. 19807348969
aphasic adults and their decisions on driving: an evaluation.this study evaluated the propriety of decisions by aphasic adults to avoid or to return to driving following a cerebrovascular accident. a comparison was made of a rehabilitation team's assessments of driving skills with a group of 10 aphasic adults who had chosen to return to driving without professional consultation and 10 aphasic adults who had not returned to driving. the fisher exact probability test found that the team-assigned driver and nondriver groupings agreed with the patients' own g ...19806986136
fisher syndrome: a recent follow-up. 19806986569
studies on blood groups and other genetic markers in forest nentzi: variation among the subpopulations.a samoyed-speaking group of fishers, hunters, and deer breeders numbering 1500 in total has been investigated. seven territorial subgroups were examined with respect to 15 genetic systems. the presence of a2, cde, cwde, kpa, ak2, pc, gmfb, and gmfnb genes or haplotypes in low or moderate frequencies was observed. an unexpected finding was a deleted gm(-;n;gb) phenotype in three siblings. significant local genetic heterogeneity was observed with regard to ab0, rh, tf, pgm1, 6-pgd, and gm systems. ...19806937432
counselling. hidden conflicts: a case study of the fisher family--2. 19806898999
successful methotrexate therapy in oral florid papillomatosis.oral florid papillomatosis is a rare syndrome, which was first described under this name by rock & fisher in 1960. the same syndrome had been previously described as papillomatosis mucosae oris carcinoides by scheicher-gottron (1958). it is a benign condition, capable of malignant degeneration. surgical excision and electrocoagulation are the most widely used therapeutic methods, despite the fact that relapse of symptoms after treatment by these methods is common. the literature comprises a few ...19807471503
[prognostic clinical criteria in comatose conditions].a total of 98 comatose patients were reclassified according to the final stage of the disease by means of the discrimination procedure after fisher. those neurological symptoms and general clinical data were ascertained that were most important for the separation. the order of the characteristics according to their contribution to the separation shows a dependence upon the time of the examination. the different distinctiveness and degree of intensity of neurological symptoms are of different imp ...19807280132
[comparison of the effect of premedication with diazepam and trazodone on anesthesia induced with althesin].interference on the part of premedication with diazepam and trazodone with althesin anaesthesia was investigated and compared by means of variance analysis according to fisher, and the x2c test according to yates, in 150 patients aged 35-45 yr in three groups of 50 during examination of the uterine cavity. no marked difference between the effects of the two drugs were noted, with two exceptions: 1) trazodone was better able to potentiate the hypnotic action of althesin, so that less was needed f ...19807219734
the c1q binding assay in systemic lupus erythematosus: discordance with disease investigate the relationship of c1q binding assay (c1qba) to disease activity in systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), a retrospective study was carried out on 232 c1qba performed in 33 patients with sle. when initial values were assessed (33 tests in 33 patients), there was no relationship between positive and negative c1qba and abnormal renal function (p = 0.482, fisher exact test). of 87 tests performed during active renal disease, 34 (39%) were positive; of 48 tests during active non-renal ...19807447962
small deep infarcts diagnosed on computed tomography.the clinical and angiographic correlations of small deep infarcts seen on computed tomography (ct) scan were studied in 297 consecutive patients. some of these showed the features described by fisher as part of the lacunar syndrome. in a large number, a source of emboli from either a cardiac or a carotid source was highly probable; in a smaller number, other vascular diseases were present. the finding of a small deep infarct on ct does not exclude the need for further investigation of a possible ...19807191500
homolateral ataxia and crural paresis: case report.homolateral ataxia and crural paresis is a recognized vascular syndrome. however, confirmation of the causative lesion rests principally on one earlier case with multiple other infarcts. we studied a patient with the clinical syndrome; computerized tomography revealed a lucency that appeared within 1 week of the infarct. localization of the lesion to the superior portion of the posterior limb of the internal capsule and thalamus is in accord with the original conclusions of fisher and cole.19807191530
statistical mechanical analysis of raman spectroscopic order parameter changes in pressure-induced lipid bilayer phase transitions.the statistical mechanical cluster theory of fisher as applied by kanehisa and tsong to phospholipid bilayers is modified to describe the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the state of an aqueous dispersion of the phospholipid dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine. a high pressure raman scattering cell has been built to obtain the raman spectra of aqueous dispersions of phospholipids as a function of the applied hydrostatic pressure from 0 to 100 atmospheres. predicted thermal and pressure-induced ph ...19806894876
testing pattern hypotheses on correlation matrices: alternative statistics and some empirical results.the goodness-of-fit of correlational pattern hypotheses has traditionally been assessed either with a likelihood ratio statistic (in conjunction with maximum likelihood estimation) or with a quadratic form statistic (in conjunction with generalized least squares estimates). in the present paper, several alternative statistics, based on the use of the fisher r-to-z transform, are proposed, and their performance (as well as that of the traditional statistics) is assessed in a monte carlo experimen ...198026794186
the not-so-benign miller fisher syndrome: a variant of the guilain-barré syndrome.two patients with fisher's syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia experienced severe weakness and respiratory distress. both patients required tracheostomy and assisted ventilation, but both made a complete recovery. fisher's syndrome is generally considered to be a benign variant of acute infectious polyneuropathy (the guillain-barre syndrome). our two patients demonstrate that the condition is not always benign.19807387472
[miller-fisher syndrome (author's transl)]. 19807235516
a comparative trial of intra-nasal beclomethasone dipropionate and sodium cromoglycate in patients with chronic perennial rhinitis.a double-blind crossover study has compared intra-nasal sodium cromoglycate (scg) with beclomethasone dipropionate (bdp), and both drugs with placebo, in fifty-two chronic perennial rhinitis patients. bdp was significantly more effective in relieving symptoms than scg (76.9% and 50% of the patients improved respectively, p < 0.01). both drugs were more active than placebos but while bdp was very clearly more effective (p < 0.0005) scg was only marginally better than its placebo (p < 0.05, fisher ...19806774833
[fisher syndrome].in 1956, fisher described a variant of guillain-barré syndrome characterized by ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia. there is spontaneous remission within several weeks or months. etiology and pathogenesis are not yet clear. a lesion in the brain stem or of peripheral neurons, or a combination of central and peripheral lesions are considered possible causes. a case history is presented as an example of this rare syndrome.19807421061
the medical examiner and medical education (russell s. fisher). 19806995265
[althesin in cesarean section].the effects of althesin (group a) and thiopentone (group b) in mother and newborn were compared after their use in the induction of narcosis in 80 patients undergoing caesarean section. the mean doses of althesin (0.072 ml/kg i.v.) and thiopentone (4.1 mg/kg i.v.) proved sufficient to guarantee rapid onset of sleep (about 20 seconds) in both groups. as of cardiovascular effects on the mother in the induction-extraction period, greater stability of cardiac frequency (c.f.) was noted with thiopent ...19807454004
allele frequencies in multidimensional wright-fisher models with a general symmetric mutation structure. 19807404433
lines of descent in the diffusion approximation of neutral wright-fisher models. 19807404432
pelvic actinomycosis following insertion of an intrauterine contraceptive device.a case of actinomycosis following insertion of an intrauterine contraceptive device is reported. the patient was treated successfully by antibiotic therapy and conservative surgery.19806930254
counselling. hidden conflicts: a case study of the fisher family - 3. 19806899003
aspects of birth control in nineteenth century new zealand.2 legal enactments in the late (19th century impinged on birth control in new zealand. the offensive publications act (1892) aimed at mischievous and indecent advertisements, particularly of a medical nature. the post office acts amendment act gave any postmaster the right to detain and destroy any publication of an indecent, immoral or obscene nature. in 1887 dr. charles james russell was arrested for attempting to procure an abortion. he was charged with unlawfully aborting mary bowern, kate f ...198012262430
adrenaline neurons and pnmt activity in the brain and spinal cord of genetically hypertensive rats and rats with doca--salt hypertension.1. we have studied the number of phenylethanolamine-n-methyltransferase (pnmt)-containing nerve cells in the medulla and the activity of pnmt in the medulla, spinal cord and hypothalamus of the rat. 2. at 4 weeks of age there was an increase in the number of pnmt cells counted in the medulla of the spontaneously hypertensive rat (shr; 21%, p less than 0.01) and the stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rat (shr-sp; 22%, p less than 0.01) compared with the wistar--kyoto (wky) control rat. 3. at ...19817318327
immunoregulation by schistosoma mansoni.schistosoma mansoni is known to release an inhibitory factor of lymphocyte proliferation elicited in vitro. the effect of this dialyzable schistosome incubation product (dsip) was tested in vivo on different aspects of the cell-mediated immune response. first, the dsip injected into c57b1/6 mice markedly inhibited the delayed type hypersensitivity to sheep red blood cells (srbc). furthermore, the dsip injected into s. mansoni infected fisher rats at the beginning of the infection induced an inhi ...19817309493
phospholipid metabolism in livers of young and old fisher 344 and sprague-dawley rats. 19817286096
absorption of 14c-clanobutin-na isolated perfused intestinal segments in vitro of rats.1. the absorption of 14c-labelled 4-[4-chloro-n-(4-methoxyphenyl)-benzamido]-butyric acid (clanobutin) was investigated on isolated perfused jejunal segments of rats in vitro according to the method of fisher and parsons and using everted (wilson and wiseman) and non-everted sac preparations. 2. transfer to and content of the mucosal tissue of 14c-clanobutin in isolated perfused jejunal segments is proportional to the concentration administered on the mucosal side in the range of 1-100 mumol/l. ...19817194668
presynaptic cholinergic mechanisms in brain of aged rats with memory impairments.presynaptic cholinergic mechanisms were investigated in various brain regions of aged fisher 344 rats with documented 24 hr retention deficits measured in a single-trial passive avoidance tasks. sodium-dependent high affinity choline uptake was found to be decreased by 22% in hippocampus of 23-26 month old animals as compared to 6 month old controls. prior depolarization of hippocampal or cortical synaptosomes with k+ resulted in stimulation of choline uptake which was similar in aged rats and y ...19817197758
formation of tissue-bound n'-nitrosonornicotine metabolites by the target tissues of sprague-dawley and fisher rats.the distribution and metabolism of n' -[14c] nitrosonornicotine ([14c]nnu) was studied in sprague-dawley and fisher rats, in which nnn induces tumours preferentially of the nasal cavity and the oesophagus. after i.v. injections of [14c] nnn, a localization of tissue-bound metabolites weas found in the mucosa of the nasal cavity and oesophagus. these tissues were also found to have a capacity to form tissue-bound metabolites from nnn in vitro. these data suggest that in situ metabolic activation ...19817296763
age related changes in the endocrine hypothalamus: i. tanycytes and the blood-brain-cerebrospinal fluid barrier.the fine structural organization of the floor of the third cerebral ventricle (dorsum of the median eminence of the hypothalamus) of 2 normal adult mice fisher 344 rats was compared and contrasted with that of 2 aged rats 30 months old. closely juxtaposed tanycytes (specialized ependymal cells) of normal young adults in the lower walls and floor of the third ventricle. in contrast, tanycytes in aged rats demonstrated significant intracellular separations, with only fine cytoplasmic processes rem ...19817301040
pituitary cell transplants to the cerebral ventricle suppress the pituitary of the recipient host.implantation of 1 x 10(6) acutely dispersed rat pituitary cells into the lateral ventricles of sexually immature and mature female rats of both the sprague-dawley and fisher strains significantly suppressed the weight and protein content of the in situ pituitary 12 days postimplantation. body weight gains in the young animals were also significantly lower. changes in the in situ pituitary of the cell implanted groups were demonstrated by repeatable reductions (approximately 50%) in total pituita ...19817301052
age-strain interrelations in lipid metabolism of rats.various aspects of lipid metabolism were compared in fisher 344 (f) and sprague-dawley (sd) rats aged 2, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. the analyses included free and total cholesterol of serum and liver, lcat, hepatic hmg-coa reductase, cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase, fatty acid synthetase, acetyl coa carboxylase and cholesterol synthesis from acetate or mevalonate. the body weight of sd rats increases with age whereas that of f rats plateaus at 9-12 months. liver and aorta cholesterol levels were c ...19817242272
acute and chronic effect of dietary cholic acid on colonic epithelial cell proliferation.administration of cholic acid (1.0% of the diet) to male fisher rats for 3 days resulted in increased numbers of dna synthesizing epithelial cells per colonic crypt column as compared to those found in either control or 0.2% cholic acid-fed rats. the middle third of the crypt was the area stimulated to contribute the additional proliferating cells. the maximum number of 3h-tdr-labeled cells was doubled by 24 h and migration had processed further up the colonic crypt of the 1% cholic acid-fed rat ...19817250550
age changes on bone size and mass in two strains of senescent rats.6-month-old buffalo and fisher inbred rats were compared with their respective senescent counterparts. it appeared that length as well as weight of the various sections of the skeleton increased into old age. however, in some skeletal parts, length increase was greater than weight increase, so that relative robusticity of those parts, relating weight to length, dropped. the two different strains of rats showed differences in age-related bone reactions. thus, while in humans, age-related bone los ...19817257716
the role of body mass in thermoregulation.inbred fisher and buffalo rats were raised in small and in large litters and by such litter manipulation, large- and small-bodied animals were obtained within the same strain. when the rats were exposed to extreme cold and heat, it appeared that large-bodied rats in both strains survived longer in cold and small-bodied rats survived longer in heat. the two trends were clearly evident, and individual correlations between survival time and body mass were generally significant. however, there were ...19817258339
induction of spinal cord paralysis by negative part of our investigations on late non-neoplastic injury induced by negative pi-mesons (pions), a series of studies have been performed using pion beams for the induction of spinal cord paralysis in the fisher 344 rat. groups of rats were exposed to 1, 5 or 15 daily doses of peak pions or x rays. paralysis appeared earlier after treatment with pions than after x rays even in a comparison of groups with similar final incidences. a single dose rbe for spinal cord paralysis of 1.3 was found. the ...19817260512
evaluation of megadose vitamin therapy in an experimental brain tumor.a mixture of vitamins c and b12 in high dosage, which has been reported to eradicate ascites tumors in rats, was tested for its antineoplastic effect against the l9 glioma in fisher cdf strain rats. no difference in survival time between animals receiving the vitamin mixture and controls could be demonstrated. possible reasons for the different response to therapy in the two experimental tumor systems are discussed.19817280989
neuron numbers in locus coeruleus do not change with age in fisher 344 rat.counts of neurons in locus coeruleus of fisher 344 rats of ages from 12 to 32 months showed no loss with advancing age. species comparisons of age changes in locus coeruleus neuron counts and measures of catecholamine systems suggested that the human and nonhuman primate locus coeruleus shows age changes and seen in rodent locus coeruleus. it is suggested that although rodent models of human aging have value under some circumstances, rodent and primate brain should not be considered equivalent w ...19817266740
sterol metabolism in the rat: effect of alcohol on sterol metabolism in two strains of rats.sterol metabolism studies using a combination of isotopic and chromatographic procedures were carried out in two strains of rats fed 5% ethanol (36% of calories) in the diet. feeding ethanol to the fisher rat over 17 days produced no significant changes in body weight. cholesterol levels in various tissues were elevated in the ethanol-fed group: plasma cholesterol, +61%; liver cholesterol, +47%; and bile cholesterol, +57%. the alcohol-fed fisher rat showed several changes in sterol metabolism ov ...19817018302
field studies: pseudomonas pneumonia of mink.epizootics of pneumonia in mink caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa were investigated to characterize the serotype of organisms and to identify possible predisposing factors. most epizootics were associated with p aeruginosa fisher serotype 1, and a few were associated with 3 other serotypes. there were no predisposing factors identified that could be used to differentiate farms affected and those not affected with pseudomonas pneumonia. cultural studies indicated that p aeruginosa was present in m ...19816803621
correlation studies of entero-set 20, api 20e and conventional media systems for enterobacteriaceae identification.the entero-set kit (fisher diagnostics) is a 20-biochemical-test system used in the identification of members of the enterobacteriaceae. this kit was compared with the api 20e (analytab products) and conventional media systems, using 505 (303 stock and 202 clinical) strains of enterobacteriaceae. when the entero-set and api 20e results were compared with those of the conventional media system, the entero-set performed as well as the api 20e in overall identification. comparison of common biochem ...19817007414
the absence of triphosphate or metaphosphate residues from lipopolysaccharides of the seven fisher immunotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa. 19816803775
diagnosis of bacteremia in children by quantitative direct plating and a radiometric procedure.during a 1-year period, three bacteriological systems for detecting bacteremia in children were analyzed, namely, the bactec system (johnston laboratories, inc., cockeysville, md.), the fisher/lederle bottle (lederle diagnostics, pearl river, n.y.), and a direct plating method of blood termed quantitative direct plating (qdp). of 2,123 blood cultures, 135 (6.4%) were positive; haemophilus influenzae type b, neisseria meningitidis, and streptococcus pneumoniae accounted for 3.4%, representing 61 ...19816787069
inhibition of prostate tumor growth in two rat models by chronic administration of d-trp6 analogue of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone.we have investigated the effect of the d-trp6 analogue of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (lh-rh), a superactive analogue of lh-rh, on the growth of two different models of prostate tumors in rats. chronic administration of d-trp6-lh-rh in a dose of 25 micrograms/day for 14-21 days significantly inhibited the growth of the chemically induced squamous cell carcinoma 11095 in fisher 344 male rats. the weights of the ventral prostate and testes were also significantly reduced by treatment wit ...19816458815
transformation of rat cells by an altered polyoma virus genome expressing only the middle-t protein.a modified polyoma virus genome has been constructed which can encode the middle-t protein, but not the large-t or small-t proteins. this was achieved, starting with the full length viral dna inserted into a plasmid vector, by replacing a small genomic restriction fragment spanning the middle-t intervening sequence with the equivalent fragment from a cloned partial cdna copy of the middle-t protein mrna. transfection of the modified viral dna into cultured rat cells efficiently induced the forma ...19816265803
collagen lysyl oxidase activity in the lung increases during bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis.intratracheal administration of bleomycin caused pulmonary fibrosis in rats. bleomycin sulfate (640 micro grams/165 g b.wt. in 0.5 ml of sterile saline) was instilled intratracheally into male fisher 344 rats (169 +/- 5 g), whereas control animals received 0.5 ml of sterile saline by the same route. one, 3, 7, 14, 28 and 322 days after instillation, the animals were killed, the lungs were homogenized in 6 m urea, 0.01 m nacl, 0.001 m potassium phosphate (ph 8.3) and the homogenates were subjecte ...19816170751
monoclonal antibodies against antigens displayed on a progressively growing mammary tumor.we have produced lymphocyte hybridomas between mouse myeloma cells and either spleen cells of c3h/f/c57bl/6 mice bearing the mm5mt/c1 tumor-producing murine mammary tumor virus (mmtv) or spleen cells from fisher rats inoculated with the same tumor. two classes of hybridoma-secreted monoclonal antibodies were obtained. in the first class are ivc11, iiia1, and ve7, each of which precipitated a 52,000-dalton protein from 125i-labeled purified preparations of mmtv and [3h]glucosamine-labeled mm5mt/c ...19816264447
enzymatic and ultrastructural study of lysosomes in rats bearing radiation-induced thyroid follicular carcinoma.radiation-induced well-differentiated and poorly differentiated follicular thyroid cancers were transplanted into the intrascapular fat pads of male fisher 144 rats. the tumors grew in the recipient rats and after a time interval were removed and studied along with normal rat thyroids for lysosomal activity and ultrastructural characteristics. plasma from experimental and control rats was also studied for lysosomal activity. rats with radiation-induced thyroid carcinoma had a decrease in growth ...19816109795
propagation of korean hemorrhagic fever virus in laboratory rats.korean hemorrhagic fever virus (khfv) has been adapted to the wistar and fisher strains of rats. infection was detected by the appearance of specific antigen in the lung tissue of the infected rats at 14 to 64 days after inoculation and by the appearance of circulating antibodies in ther serum which reacted specifically with khfv antigen in the lungs of infected apodemus agrarius subsp. coreae 3 weeks after inoculation. distribution of antigen in rat tissues as determined by immunofluorescent st ...19816111538
[fisher syndrome : immunologic disease?]. 19817322909
exact significance levels for multiple binomial testing with application to carcinogenicity screens.a simple experimental design consisting of one control group and one or more treatment groups is considered. relevant research often focuses on the presence or absence of any of several characteristics in the treatment group(s). the statistical analysis frequently includes the comparison of the control group with each treatment group by the use of fisher-irwin exact tests for each of many 2 x 2 tables. the multiplicity of comparisons has given rise to concern that individual fisher-irwin tests c ...19817337794
fisher syndrome. report of a case. 19817337002
vocal tract control in parkinson's disease: phonetic feature analysis of misarticulations.consonant articulation patterns of 200 parkinson patients were defined by two expert listeners from high fidelity tape recordings of the sentence version of the fisher-logemann test of articulation competence (1971). phonetic transcription and phonetic feature analysis were the methodologies used. of the 200 patients, 90 (45%) exhibited some misarticulations. phonetic data on these 90 dysarthric parkinson patients revealed articulatory errors highly consistent in detailed production characterist ...19817300262
further discussion of the hip and the stanford form c: a reply to a reply by frischholz, spiegel, tryon, and fisher. 19817340496
study of the behaviour of various phenolic compounds in the 4-aminoantipyrine and ultraviolet-ratio spectrophotometric methods without and with is customary in industrial analysis in the determination of phenols by the 4-aminoantipyrine (4-aap) and ultraviolet-ratio spectrophotometric methods to report the total of phenolic compounds as phenol. a study was therefore made of the behaviour of 36 representative phenolic compounds in the 4-aap and uv-ratio methods, with and without distillation, to ascertain the apparent recoveries relative to that for phenol. the fisher phenol analyser was used for the uv-ratio method, which depends upo ...198118962987
[evaluations of respiratory functional parameters in sponge fishers from the island of kalimnos (greece)].we had intended to study functional respiratory patterns of a sponge-divers group from the island of kalymnos (greece). such a group constitutes a very homogeneous sample for dietary habits and underwater activity, handed down from father to son. some of these sponge-divers dives holding his breath; others use "narghilè", a special apparatus consisting in a nosepiece connected to an air compressor placed in the boat. as their activity is continuative and prolonged for several months in the years ...19817306414
fisher scientific. 198122741966
[syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia of fisher in a 14 year old boy (author's transl)].the syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia first mentioned in 1932 by collier and in 1938 by van bogaert was described more precisely in 1956 by fisher. it represents a specific clinical entity and is considered to be a variant of idiopathic polyradiculoneuropathy (guillain-barré). the most striking features are external (sometimes also internal) ophthalmoplegia, hyporeflexia or areflexia and cerebellar ataxia. during the first days paresthesias are frequently present whereas other di ...19817265807
improved survival for patients with advanced carcinoma of the head and neck treated with methotrexate-leucovorin prior to definitive radiotherapy or surgery.patients presenting with stage iii-iv squamous carcinoma of the head and neck often relapse following aggressive surgery and/or radiotherapy. in an attempt to increase survival in this high risk group of patients, hd-mtx, 3 gm./m2/dose, given weekly, was administered to 21 inoperable patients with stage iii/iv squamous carcinoma of head and neck prior to, and for 1 month after, definitive surgery and/or radiotherapy. six of 11 patients (55%) who showed a significant response (greater than 50% re ...19817017315
successful plasmapheresis in the miller-fisher syndrome. 19816788195
successful plasmapheresis in the miller-fisher syndrome. 19816786587
on an extended fisher criterion for feature selection.this correspondence considers the extraction of features as a task of linear transformation of an initial pattern space into a new space, optimal with respect to discriminating the data. a solution of the feature extraction problem is given for two multivariate normal distributed pattern classes using an extended fisher criterion as the distance measure. the introduced distance measure consists of two terms. the first term estimates the distance between classes upon the difference of mean vector ...198121868980
evaluating comparative studies of paraprofessional and professional helpers: a reply to nietzel and fisher. 19817255630
fisher syndrome in childhood.three children, age 2, 7, and 12, developed fisher syndrome: inability to walk because of ataxia, complete areflexia, and ophthalmoplegia. ptosis was prominent in all the children, but the pupillary response to light was affected only in one child. limb weakness was never present, and sensation normal. one patient was obtunded for several days. two had prodromal upper respiratory tract illnesses, and the third patient was bitten by an insect 2 days before her symptoms began. cerebrospinal fluid ...19817194971
effect of cigarette smoking on susceptibility to lung cancer.fisher first suggested that genetic predisposition to lung cancer is a more important factor than cigarette smoking, and that therefore one may smoke. recently, this thesis has been defended strongly by burch. here, a literature survey has been done that indicates that the genetic susceptibility for development of lung cancer varies between individuals. but it is wrong to conclude from this that therefore one may smoke. such a conclusion only would be valid, if there was a close relationship bet ...19817465162
[not available].this essay surveys the development of fertility measurement techniques since the mid 17th century, posing the question of why their development lagged so far behind those for mortality and the partial answer that through its brief history fertility analysis has repeatedly been put to the service of noxious causes and aberrant theories. the work begins with a brief review of the development of mortality statistics, beginning with graunt's work in london, and goes on to examine early theories of p ...198111634857
salute to c. miller fisher. 19817008751
successful plasmapheresis in the miller-fisher syndrome. 19816786510
successful plasmapheresis in the miller-fisher syndrome. 19816786483
time factors and orgasmic response.a retrospective review of data from a 619-member female sample presenting for treatment of sexual dysfunction was conducted to determine if foreplay and intromission duration variables were related to sexual dysfunction. patients were assigned to coitally anorgasmic and noncoitally anorgasmic, coitally anorgasmic and noncoitally orgasmic, or coitally and noncoitally orgasmic categories on the basis of interview data collected by a nurse-physician team. duration measure differences are not found ...19817195696
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