structure and oxidation-reduction behavior of 1-deaza-fmn flavodoxins: modulation of redox potentials in flavodoxins.flavodoxins from clostridium beijerinckii and from megasphaera elsdenii with 1-carba-1-deaza-fmn substituted for fmn have been used to study flavin-protein interactions in flavodoxins. the oxidized 1-deaza analogue of fmn binds to apoflavodoxins from m. elsdenii and c. beijerinckii (a.k.a. clostridium mp) with association constants (ka) of 1.0 x 10(7) m-1 and 3.1 x 10(6) m-1, values about 10(2) less than the corresponding ka values for fmn. x-ray structure analysis of oxidized 1-deaza-fmn flavod ...19902261478
a second thyroglobulin messenger rna species (rtg-2) in rat thyrocytes.a 0.95-kilobase (kb) thyrocyte rna, initially detected in our 1b-6 subclone of fisher rat thyrocytes (frtl-5) using an oligonucleotide probe complementary to the 5' end of rat thyroglobulin (tg) mrna, was also detected in cultured thyrocytes of the wistar rat (wrt cells) and in freshly isolated normal rat thyroid tissue. this transcript was thyroid specific and as abundant as the previously characterized 9.0-kb tg mrna in the cultured thyroid cells under the growth conditions employed. the small ...19902325666
genitalia in human figure drawings: childrearing practices and child sexual replicate and explore the associations of drawing genitalia on a human figure, child-rearing practices, and a history of alleged sexual abuse, we designed a cross-sectional study of 109 alleged child sexual abuse victims, ages 3 through 8 years, and a group of 109 comparison children matched for age, sex, race, and socioeconomic status but with no history of abuse. a standardized format was used to collect drawings, administer the peabody picture vocabulary test, and gather background data on ...19902329432
mri characterization of 9l-glioma in rat brain at 4.7 vivo estimation of intracranial tumor progression is important in tumor treatment response studies in animal models. high resolution mr images at 4.7 t of 9l-gliomas stereotactically implanted in fisher-344 rat brains were obtained. due to elongation of t1 at higher fields, tissue contrast is diminished in t1-weighted images. however, normal anatomy and vasogenic edema are clearly discerned in t2-weighted images (echo times of greater than 50 ms and recycle times of greater than 2 sec). tumor ...19902338899
chemosensitization of the nitrosoureas by 2-nitroimidazoles in the subcutaneous 9l tumor model: pharmacokinetic and structure-activity considerations.alterations of the pharmacokinetics and cytotoxic effects of the nitrosoureas, 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (bcnu) and 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(cyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea (ccnu) by the 2-nitroimidazoles, misonidazole (miso) and sr-2508 were investigated using the subcutaneous (sc) 9l tumor model in male fisher 344 rats. when 50 mg/kg of ccnu was given i.p., the peak plasma concentration of ccnu was about 3 micrograms/ml. ccnu was eliminated with biphasic kinetics that had a terminal half-time ...19902140824
effects of 1,3-dichloropropene on the kidney of fisher 344 rats after pretreatment with diethyl maleate, buthionine sulfoximine, and aminooxyacetic acid.acute nephrotoxicity of cis/trans-1,3-dichloropropene (dcp) was assessed in male fisher 344 rats. pretreatment of rats with corn oil, aminooxyacetic acid (aoa), buthionine sulfoximine (bso), or diethyl maleate (dem) was given intraperitoneally 1 h or 4 h prior to injection of dcp. doses of dcp were 0, 25, 50, and 75 mg/kg intraperitoneally (4-5 animals per dose/pretreatment group). urine was collected for 24 h. excretion of creatinine, phosphorus, protein, n-acetylglucosaminidase (nag), and the ...19902313738
experimental intravesical therapy for superficial transitional cell carcinoma in a rat bladder tumor model.a rodent bladder cancer model that is induced by intravesical instillation of n-methyl-n-nitrosourea (mnu) was characterized. cohorts of four to five week old female fisher 344 rats received four biweekly 1.5 mg. doses of intravesical mnu and were sacrificed at various intervals. by week 13 all animals had flat atypia and/or papillary transitional cell tumors, and 67% of the lesions were moderately (grade ii) or poorly differentiated (grade iii). by week 20, 83% had gross muscle invasive tumors ...19911997724
evidence that cyclosporine prevents rejection and recurrent diabetes in pancreatic transplants in the bb rat.cyclosporine prevents the development of diabetes in spontaneously diabetic bb rats and nod mice. however, islet transplants have been shown to be subject to immunologic destruction in hosts treated with csa and anti-cd4 antibody or those rendered tolerant to donor antigens. this study determines whether the minimum dose of csa necessary to prevent rejection of pancreatic transplants will also prevent recurrent diabetes in pancreas transplants in bb rats. lewis recipients promptly reject bn (n = ...19902336700
multidisciplinary analysis of patients with extratemporal complex partial seizures. i. intertest 15 patients we hypothesized the origin of epilepsies to be 'extratemporal' based on videotaped seizures and surface eeg. neuropsychological tests and neuroimaging (cat, mri, and pet scans) were then compared to the hypothesized ictal sites. neuropsychological tests were abnormal in 86.6% and fdg-pet scans were abnormal in 73%. the neuropsychological tests and pet localized or lateralized areas of dysfunction to the same sites as electroclinical characteristics did in 85% of patients (p less t ...19902105881
tsh action on iodination in frtl-5 cells.this study shows that the fisher rat thyroid cell line (frtl-5) can iodinate thyroglobulin (tg) in an selective way. the tg-iodination is tsh dependent and shows a optimum at 10-100 microu tsh/ml. intracellularly, tg and various other non tg-related proteins are iodinated in a tsh dependent fashion. tg added to the medium is specifically iodinated, this occurs already in microgram amounts, in contrast to many other proteins present in the medium. only albumin, present in mg amounts is clearly io ...19902210631
loss of muscarinic m1 receptors with aging in the cerebral cortex of fisher 344 rats.age-related changes in central cholinergic muscarinic receptors were measured in young (3-6 month), middle-aged (15-17 month), and aged (22-26 month) male fisher 344 rats by receptor binding techniques. using [3h]-quinuclidinyl benzilate as the ligand, a significant decrease (14-19%) in the number of muscarinic cortical receptors was measured in aged rats compared to both young and middle-aged rats. with the selective m1 antagonist, [3h]-pirenzepine, a 17% decrease in receptor density was observ ...19902339151
adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. evidence that autoimmunity to homologous collagens types i, ii, ix and xi is not involved in the pathogenesis of arthritis.we examined the sera of arthritic outbred wistar and sprague-dawley rats and inbred fisher 344 and wistar-lewis rats for autoantibodies to rat type i, ii, ix and xi collagens following the induction of arthritis with mycobacteria (mtb). although many sera collected over an extended time were assayed in addition to acid eluates of arthritic joints, convincing evidence for autoimmunity to collagen could not be demonstrated. instead, modest non-specific reactions were observed to collagen, irreleva ...19902242611
spiral ganglion cell endings in the cochlear nucleus of young and old rats.the spiral ganglion cells (sgcs) forming the auditory nerve have been shown to degenerate with age in both human and animal models, presumably resulting in post-synaptic sites in the cochlear nucleus (cn) that have lost their inputs. the present study examined the morphological changes in the surviving sgc endings in the cn of aged animals. the auditory nerves of 2-3 mo and 25-26 mo male, fisher 344 rats were anterogradely labeled with horseradish peroxidase and the cn prepared histochemically. ...19902292496
substrate alterations in a sarcoma-bearing rat model: effect of tumor growth and resection.the time course of plasma substrate level alterations in the tumor-bearing (tb) host and their relationship to tumor burden or weight loss has not been well defined. plasma glucose, lactate, pyruvate, cholesterol, triglycerides, acetoacetate, beta-hydroxy butyrate, and glycerol levels were measured in postabsorptive tb and nontumor-bearing (ntb) male fisher 344 rats at weekly intervals for 5 weeks. chronically starved rts (cs) had plasma substrates measured at week 3 and compared with tb and ntb ...19902352423
glutathione s-transferase subunit induction patterns of brussels sprouts, allyl isothiocyanate and goitrin in rat liver and small intestinal mucosa: a new approach for the identification of inducing xenobiotics.effects of brussels sprouts (2.5-30%), allyl isothiocyanate (0.03 and 0.1%) and goitrin (0.02%), in the diet, on the glutathione s-transferase subunit pattern in the liver and small intestinal mucosa of male fisher rats were investigated. a statistically significant linear relationship was found between the amount of brussels sprouts in the diet and the induction of glutathione s-transferase subunits in two experiments. increases in total activity of glutathione s-transferases towards 1-chloro-2 ...19902341092
anesthesia and immunosuppression in an experimental model.the purpose of the present work was to study: (1) if anesthesia induces changes in the helper/cytotoxic/suppressor t cell ratio in the rat spleen, and (2) if there is any difference between two anesthetic methods usually employed in rat experimentation. 50 fisher 344 rats were allotted into 5 groups. in group a (control), a splenectomy was performed in an average time of 3 min under ether anesthesia. in groups b1 and b2, the rats anesthetized for 1 h with ether (group b1) or with one single dose ...19902150373
miller fisher syndrome associated with q fever.a 51 year old woman with pneumonia developed miller fisher syndrome. indirect immunofluorescence tests showed antibodies against coxiella burnetti. miller fisher syndrome associated with q fever has not been described previously.19902391529
mutational activation of the cellular harvey ras oncogene in rat esophageal papillomas induced by methylbenzylnitrosamine.epidemiological studies have demonstrated a strong association between human esophageal cancer and exposure to n-nitroso carcinogens. esophageal tumors can be induced in experimental animals, especially in rats, by many n-nitroso carcinogens. in the present study, rat esophageal tumors induced by methylbenzylnitrosamine (mbna) and mbna-transformed esophageal cell lines were analyzed for activated protooncogenes. dnas from four fisher 344 rat esophageal papillomas were examined for their ability ...19902406014
somatic antigens of pseudomonas aeruginosa. the structure of the o-specific polysaccharide chains of lipopolysaccharides of p. aeruginosa serogroup o4 (lányi) and related serotype o6 (habs) and immunotype 1 (fisher).acidic o-specific polysaccharides were isolated on mild acidic degradation of lipopolysaccharides of pseudomonas aeruginosa serotypes o4a,b, o4a,c, o4a,d (lányi classification) and serologically related to them serotype o6 (habs classification) and immunotype 1 (fisher classification). the polysaccharides had identical monosaccharide composition and were built up of l-rhamnose, 2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-d-glucose,2-formamido-2-deoxy-d-galacturonic acid and 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-galactouronamide re ...19852410275
effects of interferon on differentiation of normal and tumor described in this review, both partially purified and recombinant interferons are potent modulators of differentiation in diverse cell culture systems (table 2). depending on the target cell, interferon exerts either an inhibitory or an inductive effect on cell differentiation. in certain myeloid leukemic cells, such as hl-60, interferon by itself is growth suppressive but does not induce cell maturation, whereas in combination with inducers of differentiation, such as dmso, tpa or retinoic a ...19852412243
[guillain-barré syndrome. 15 pediatric cases].clinical features and outcome of 15 children with guillain-barré syndrome were retrospectively analyzed. in 53% of the patients there was an infectious illness previous to the neurologic symptoms and in five children the etiologic agent was demonstrated. motor deficit affecting limbs was the most common clinical presentation and facilal paralysis was the most frequent accompanying sign. one of these children developed the fisher syndrome variant. the outcome was excellent except in one case. we ...19902275491
rat lung macrophage tumor cytotoxin production: impairment by chronic in vivo cigarette smoke exposure.macrophages in the presence of bacteria-derived lipopolysaccharide (lps) stimuli produce a soluble cytotoxin which is toxic to tumor cells. in this study, we examined various parameters of cytotoxin production from pulmonary lavage cells obtained from fisher 344 cesarean-derived rats. cultures of macrophages were derived from pulmonary lavage cells and stimulated in vitro with lps. cytotoxin production was assayed in vitro using an l-929 cell target assay. pulmonary lavage preparations contained ...19852413988
studies on high-affinity [3h]substance p binding sites in bovine pineal gland.the presence of substance p in numerous mammalian pineal glands prompted us to search for its binding sites in the bovine pineal gland. the binding assays to pineal membrane were carried out in polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes in a final volume of 500 microliters of 50 mm tris-hcl buffer (ph 7.4) containing aliquots of 200-500 micrograms protein, 0.02% bsa, 6 micrograms/ml chymostatin, 4 micrograms/ml leupeptin, 40 micrograms/ml bacitracin, 5 mm mncl2, and 50 microliters of [3h]substance p (3 ...19862430788
regrowth of damaged neurosecretory axons to fenestrated vessels of implanted peripheral tissues.a major target of neurosecretory axons (nsa) is the basal lamina around fenestrated blood vessels (fbv) in the neural lobe of the pituitary gland. we have posed the question of whether there is neurovascular specificity. do mature, regenerating nsa terminate selectively on the fbv of the neural lobe compared with the fbv of other tissues that normally are not innervated by nsa? three types of tissue were transplanted between inbred fisher rats. fragments, about 1 mm3, of pineal, adrenal medulla, ...19902343374
growing familiarity with the test situation augments the vigilance deficit of aged rats.quantitative eeg profiles of aged and of young-adult fisher-344 rats were studied over 10 consecutive recording (3 h) sessions. the individual recording sessions were spaced regularly over a 6-week period. in the aged rats, in recordings from both the frontal cortex and dorsal hippocampus, the eeg characteristics of a vigilance deficit state increased in prominence up through 8 recording sessions before a stable level was reached. a similar trend was not seen in the young-adult rats; instead, th ...19872431885
exogenous nerve growth factor increases the activity of high-affinity choline uptake and choline acetyltransferase in brain of fisher 344 male rats.the objective of this study was to determine the effect of age and chronic intracerebral administration of nerve growth factor (ngf) on the activity of the presynaptic cholinergic neuronal markers hemicholinium-sensitive high-affinity choline uptake (hacu) and choline acetyltransferase (chat) in the brain of fisher 344 male rats. in 24-month-old rats, a substantial decrease in chat activity (30%) was measured in striatum, and decreases in hacu were found in frontal cortex (28%) and hippocampus ( ...19902384747
root morphology of mandibular premolars in human 45,x females.the teeth of 87 finnish 45,x females, 60 of their first-degree relatives and 87 normal females were examined. the presence of separate mesial and distal root canals and separate root apices was noted from orthopantomograms. of the 45,x females, 40 (or 46%) had lower premolars with separate root canals; 30 individuals in first and 28 in second premolars. the number of first and second premolars with separate mesial and distal root canals was 40 and 43, and of those also showing separate apices, 2 ...19902344286
in vivo dental plaque-forming ability and cariogenicity of the bacterium streptococcus bovis in gnotobiotic rats.germ-free fisher rats, fed on a high sucrose diet, were monoinfected with streptococcus bovis strains. high levels of fissure caries were formed by three strains; one strain produced moderate levels; another produced only very low levels. no strain could produce approximal or buccal/lingual lesions. all strains could colonize the fissures of teeth in the lower jaw, as shown by scanning electron microscopy. the most cariogenic strains were associated with caries scores similar to those of strep. ...19902344292
immunochemical studies of human erythropoietin using site-specific anti-peptide antibodies. identification of a functional domain.anti-peptide antibodies that bind to the amino terminus of human erythropoietin (residues 1-26) do not inhibit the hormone's biological activity, indicating that this region of the protein does not play a role in receptor recognition (sytkowski, a. j., and fisher, j. w. (1985) j. biol chem. 260, 14727-14731). we have now identified six other regions of the primary sequence that are relatively hydrophilic and, therefore, have a higher probability of being accessible to such antibody probes. antib ...19872433274
reversing the detrimental effect of adriamycin on skin grafts in rats.we evaluated in a rat model the effects of a homologous fibrin glue in reversing the effects of adriamycin on adherence and take of skin grafts. a total of 40 male fisher rats were used in the study. during the first phase of the experiment, the animals were assigned to either group i (n = 10) receiving normal saline or group ii (n = 10) receiving 6 mg/kg adriamycin by tail vein injection 24 hours before surgery. skin grafts with and without fibrin glue were placed over wounds in the backs of th ...19872443938
effects of chemistry, manufacturing and concentration of the dye basic fuchsin regarding its use in quantitative cytophotometry.four separately manufactured preparations of basic fuchsin were compared to determine the effects of concentration, chemistry, and the manufacturing process for their quantitative value in the nuclear feulgen reaction. in order to make the necessary comparisons, the two wavelength method of quantitative cytophotometry was employed to analyse each stain application regarding dna measurements. chicken erythrocytes, and myxamoebae and plasmodia of didymium iridis were employed as experimental tissu ...19872438091
pancreatic hepatocytes in fischer and wistar rats induced by repeated injections of cadmium chloride.the effects of multiple sc injections of cadmium chloride (cdcl2) on the pancreas of two rat strains (wistar [wf/ncr] and fischer [f344/ncr]) were studied by histological and immunohistochemical examinations. a high incidence of hepatocytic foci occurred within the pancreata of both strains that was associated with this cadmium exposure. although pancreatic hepatocytes (ph) were found in both strains, wistar rats were more susceptible to cadmium-induced ph formation while showing more tolerance ...19902360204
dose-response relationship between o6-methylguanine formation in clara cells and induction of pulmonary neoplasia in the rat by 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone.the relationship between the formation of o6-methylguanine (o6mg) and the induction of lung, liver, and nasal tumors in the fisher 344 rat by the tobacco-specific nitrosamine 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (nnk) was examined in a dose-response study. animals were treated for 20 wk (3 times/wk) with concentrations of nnk ranging from 0.03 to 50 mg/kg to induce tumors. steady-state concentrations of o6mg were quantitated, and cytotoxicity was assessed in target cells and tissues af ...19902340522
continuous nimodipine treatment attenuates cortical infarction in rats subjected to 24 hours of focal cerebral ischemia.focal cerebral infarction and edema were measured in rats (wistar, fisher 344, and spontaneously hypertensive strains) pretreated with nimodipine (2 micrograms/kg/min i.v.) or its vehicle and subjected to the tandem occlusion of the middle cerebral and common carotid arteries. animals awoke from anesthesia 10-15 min after onset of ischemia and continued to receive treatment over a 24-h survival period. cortical infarction and edema were quantified by image analysis of frozen brain sections proce ...19902298839
proteoglycans synthesized by human glomerular mesangial cells in culture.human fetal kidney mesangial cells were cultured for 24 h in the presence of 3h-amino acids and [35s] sulfate and chased for 24 h in nonradioactive medium. incubation medium and cell layer proteoglycans were purified twice by high performance liquid chromatography-deae chromatography followed by gel filtration chromatography. the major medium 35s-macromolecules were chondroitin/dermatan-35so4 proteoglycans. a small, sepharose cl-6b kav 0.14 dermatan-35so4 proteoglycan was detected in the labelin ...19902345181
lithium increases rat striatal beta- and gamma-preprotachykinin messenger rnas.previous reports indicate that the antimanic drug, lithium, increases substance p-like immunoreactivity (sp-li) in the basal ganglia. the aim of this study was to use lithium as a pharmacological tool to further understand the mechanism of this process. we have used solution hybridization-nuclease protection assays to quantitate the specific preprotachykinin (ppt) mrnas and radioimmunoassays and immunocytochemistry to assess sp-li levels in the striatum of male fisher f-344 rats. a regimen of su ...19892467980
seroma prevention using fibrin glue during modified radical neck dissection in a rat model.seroma is a frequent sequelae of neck dissection involving cervical lymphadenectomy. the incidence is correlated with flap elevation, lymphovascular interruption, and tissue removal. current methods of resolving seroma, such as vacuum drainage, are not risk free. a novel approach to this problem was the use of intraoperative topical fibrin glue. a model producing seromas was developed by modified radical neck dissection on sprague-dawley rats. forty rats underwent this procedure. twenty rats wer ...19882459980
isolation and characterization of a human monoclonal antibody that recognizes epitopes shared by pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 1, 3, 4, and 6 lipopolysaccharides.a hybridoma line secreting a human monoclonal antibody (hmab) capable of recognizing fisher immunotype (it) 1, 3, 4, and 6 lipopolysaccharide (lps) in vitro was isolated. peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) were obtained from volunteers immunized with an experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa o polysaccharide-toxin a vaccine. pbl-expressing surface antibodies able to bind to p. aeruginosa lps were isolated by adsorption onto lps-coated plastic wells. such pbl were transformed with epstein-barr virus ...19892509371
[anthrax toxin dynamics in the body].anthrax toxin introduced subcutaneously into white rats fisher-344 caused specific intoxication accompanied by characteristic pathomorphological changes and, when studied by the immunoperoxidase method in histological sections, could be detected in the blood stream (in plasma) and in the cytoplasm of macrophages (in the lungs and the spleen). the content of the preparation introduced into the animals in the blood stream is directly related to its toxicity, being probably indicative of the relati ...19892472713
penetrating keratoplasty in the rat: a model for the study of immunosuppressive treatment of graft rejection.the present study reports corneal allogeneic transplantation in a rat model. the technique used was full-thickness penetrating keratoplasty. fisher rats were used as donors and lewis rats were used as recipients. the rate of acute rejection obtained in this model with this combination of strains was 100%. it therefore seems to be a very useful model for the study of rejection and for the study of new immunosuppressive treatment. the effect of systemic cyclosporine (csa) treatment on graft reject ...19892474684
characteristics of normal rat mammary epithelial cells and n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea-induced mammary adenocarcinoma cells grown in culture.the characteristics of normal mammary epithelial cells derived from lewis and sprague-dawley rats and n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea (enu)-induced mammary gland adenocarcinoma cells derived from sprague-dawley (cd) and fisher (cdf) rats and grown in culture were compared. after collagenase treatment, the rat mammary epithelial cell aggregates were placed in a hormone-supplemented medium. the normal mammary epithelial cells (ne) attached to the surface of the dish within 50 hours, whereas the mammary aden ...19852415045
friend virus-specific cytotoxic t lymphocytes recognize both gag and env gene-encoded specificities.we have constructed a series of "synthetic" target cell lines for an analysis of the specificity of anti-friend virus (fv) ctl. our results show that murine h-2 genes and individual retroviral genes can be stable expressed in fisher rat embryo (fre) cells, and that their products have the potential to form target structures recognized by mouse ctl. cells expressing h-2db and either the env or gag genes of one component of fv, helper friend murine leukemia virus (fmulv), were lysed by anti-fv ctl ...19862425028
a cell mutant that exhibits temperature-dependent sensitivity to transformation by various oncogenes.we previously isolated a fisher rat fibroblast mutant, b812, that has the unique property of temperature-dependent transformation by various oncogenic retroviruses. at the permissive temperature (35 degrees c), this mutant was sensitive to oncogenic transformation and formed foci on a dish at the same frequency as did the parental fibroblast cell line. when kirsten murine sarcoma virus (ki-msv) was applied to the cells, the frequency of focus formation decreased more than 25-fold at the nonpermi ...19892479832
use of verbal descriptors, thermal scores and electrical pulp testing as predictors of tooth pain before and after application of benzocaine gels into cavities of teeth with pulpitis.a double-blind pilot study was conducted on 27 consenting human volunteers who had irreversible pulpitis associated with persistent toothache pain from open carious lesions. formulations tested contained either 0, 10%, or 20% benzocaine and were identified only by a numbered code. before the experiment started, a small amount of a known 5% benzocaine gel was placed for 1 minute on the tongue of each patient to assure a sensation of numbness within the oral cavity. then the test tooth was washed ...19892490060
therapeutic efficacy of antiglioma mesenchymal extracellular matrix 131i-radiolabeled murine monoclonal antibody in a human glioma xenograft model.the development of mabs, particularly those reactive with primary brain tumors but not with normal brain, provides a potential means of delivering therapeutic agents selectively to human malignant gliomas. mab 81c6, an igg2b immunoglobulin, which defines an epitope of the glioma-associated extracellular matrix protein tenascin, has been shown to bind to human glioma cell lines, glioma xenografts in nude mice, and primary human gliomas, but not to normal adult or fetal brain. to test the therapeu ...19882446747
identification of kallikrein in cultures of adult renal cells.cortical tubular cultures enriched with distal segments were prepared from the kidney of adult fisher 344 rats bearing thyroid tumors. after two years of cultivation (20 passages) cell monolayers contained immunocytochemically detectable cytokeratin and kallikrein material in their cytoplasm. furthermore cell pellets showed a true renal type of kininogenase activity corresponding to active kallikrein which ranged from 22.3 to 1.5, and total kallikrein from 29.9 to 2.8 pg kinins/min per mg of pro ...19872446783
a sexual dimorphism of mucous cells in the submandibular salivary gland of rat.submandibular glands of both sexes from one week to six months-old were serially sectioned, and mucous cells showing a strong positive stain to alcian blue ph 2.5, first detected at two weeks, showed a high degree of inter-sectional and inter-individual variability. in males, the percentage of animals having mucous cells increased with sexual maturation and attained 100 per cent at age six months. in females, the maximum (60 per cent) was reached by four weeks and then decreased with sexual matu ...19872451903
the mechanism of tachykinin-induced bronchoconstriction in the rat.the mammalian tachykinins substance p (sp) and neurokinin a (nka) are known to be present in sensory airway nerves of animals and humans. we studied the effect of mammalian and nonmammalian tachykinins on the conducting airways of anesthetized, mechanically ventilated fisher 344 rats. dose-dependent increases in lung resistance and decreases in dynamic compliance occurred after the intravenous administration of eledoisin (e), kassinin (k), nka, and sp. e, k, and nka were more potent bronchoconst ...19882461668
[structure of the o-specific polysaccharides and the protective activity of the lipopolysaccharides in pseudomonas aeruginosa of 7 immunotypes (after fisher)].the structure of o-specific polysaccharides and the protective activity of lipopolysaccharides (lps) obtained from seven p. aeruginosa immunotypes (according to fisher's classification) have been studied. the structure of o-specific polysaccharides, immunotypes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, is identical to that of polysaccharides of serotypes 011; 0(2a), 2c; 01; 010a, 10b; 07a, 7d respectively. no structural analogs of o-polysaccharide characteristic of immunotypes 1 and 7 have been detected among serotypes ...19882459868
traveling waves of in vitro evolving rna.populations of short self-replicating rna variants have been confined to one side of a reaction-diffusion traveling wave front propagating along thin capillary tubes containing the q beta viral enzyme. the propagation speed is accurately measurable with a magnitude of about 1 micron/sec, and the wave persists for hundreds of generations (of duration less than 1 min). evolution of rna occurs in the wavefront, as established by front velocity changes and gel electrophoresis of samples drawn from a ...19892479013
nicotinamide enhances skin flap survival.the effects of nicotinamide in an abdominal island pedicle skin flap were examined. a 7 x 7 cm island pedicle skin flap ligating the left inferior neurovascular pedicle was created on 50 male sprague dawley rats (250-275 grams) that were divided into five groups. animals received either 0.6 cc of saline or doses of nicotinamide for 16 days (14 days preoperatively and 2 days postoperatively): 25 mg b.i.d., 50 mg b.i.d., 100 mg b.i.d. or 200 mg b.i.d. forty-eight hours postoperatively each animal ...19892482537
reovirus induction of mhc class ii antigen in rat thyroid cells.we have previously demonstrated that cultured rat thyroid cells do not exhibit constitutive expression of major histocompatibility (mhc) class ii antigens. using reovirus types 1 and 3, we infected 1b-6 cells (a cloned derivative of the fisher rat cell line frtl-5), and found a dose-dependent induction of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigen expression as determined by laser flow cytometry and fitc-labelled ox-6 anti-rt1.b. as the number of viral particles/cell used for the infections increased fro ...19892491810
analysis of capillary geometry in rat subepicardium and subendocardium.the sustained high-energy turnover of cardiac muscle presents a formidable challenge to the o2 delivery systems. one major determinant of blood-tissue gas exchange potential is capillary surface area per volume of muscle fiber, sv(c,f). estimation of sv(c,f) necessitates quantification of capillary orientation. capillary geometry was analyzed systematically in subepi- (epi) and subendocardium (endo) of glutaraldehyde perfusion-fixed rat heart (n = 4). on 1-micron sections cut rigorously transver ...19902375407
high specific activity [samarium-153] edta for imaging of experimental tumor models.enriched samarium oxide (98.2% 152sm2o3) was irradiated in low neutron flux and high neutron flux reactors to produce 153sm with specific activities of 14.3 gbq and 22.1 tbq mmol-1 sm, respectively, at the time of use. formulation of 153sm as [153sm]edta, with a 1:10 molar ratio of sm:edta, provided a stable radiotracer in vitro and in vivo. high specific activity [153sm]edta showed superior uptake in cell culture (20.8 +/- 0.9% vs. 5.5 +/- 0.1% for 6 and 600 pmol sm per 10(6) cells, respectivel ...19892500500
a reappraisal of the epidemiology of phenotypes of neisseria gonorrhoeae.we analyzed published data from studies of the epidemiology of gonococcal auxotype/serovar phenotypes in seattle and king county, washington; denver, colorado; and miami and dade county, florida, to determine whether the numbers of new phenotypes were within the ranges of numbers predicted from previous observations in the same populations. for this analysis, we used the model of fisher and good and turing. in all the analyses, the observed number of new species was within the 95% confidence reg ...19892500719
thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-gly conversion to trh in rat ventral prostate is inhibited by castration and aging.trh levels in rat prostate are very high in the 2-month-old rat and decline at least 90% during the next 2 yr. this decline in prostatic trh levels with aging may be a significant factor in benign prostatic hypertrophy in man and other animals. because prostatic trh correlates positively with serum testosterone and negatively with serum thyroid hormone levels, we have examined the possibility that the age-related decline in prostatic trh is hormonally regulated. trh and a trh precursor peptide, ...19892502375
recognition and binding of template-primers containing defined abasic sites by drosophila dna polymerase alpha holoenzyme.human dna polymerase alpha holoenzyme follows an ordered sequential terreactant mechanism of substrate recognition and binding (wong, s. w., paborsky, l. r., fisher, p. a., wang, t. s.-f., and korn, d. (1986) j. biol. chem. 261, 7958-7968). we confirmed this mechanism for the dna polymerase alpha holoenzyme purified from drosophila melanogaster embryos and studied the interaction of drosophila pol alpha with synthetic oligonucleotide template-primers containing modified tetrahydrofuran moieties ...19892502545
some simple methods for linkage analysis.a method of analysis of suitable many-locus linkage data used by fisher in 1922 is re-examined in detail, and it is pointed out that it could be used also in human genetics as a simple method for preliminary examination of data.19892596834
the structure and serologic distribution of an extracellular neutral polysaccharide from pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 3.previous work has described small molecular weight neutral polysaccharides from isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa that appear to be associated with the lipopolysaccharide (lps) and distributed across serologic barriers defined by antibody to the o side chain. we have isolated and characterized another of these structures obtained from culture supernatants of an immunotype 3 strain of p. aeruginosa. the isolated neutral polysaccharide has a tetrasaccharide repeat unit: (formula; see text) where ...19892504722
enhanced induction of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigen expression in rats highly responsive to thyroglobulin.initial experiments demonstrated that the degree of autoantibody and proliferative t cell responses to syngeneic rat thyroglobulin differed markedly between buffalo (high responder) and fisher (low responder) rats after classical immunization schedules. while varying immune responsiveness may be due to qualitative and quantitative t and b cell differences, the role of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigens may be pivotal to the onset of autoimmune thyroiditis in such animal models. we, therefore, ex ...19892466637
blockade of conditioned avoidance responding by trazodone, etoperidone, and mcpp.phenylpiperazines, such as meta-chlorophenylpiperazine (mcpp) a serotonin agonist, have recently been reported to block conditioned avoidance responding (car) in the rat, which is an indication of possible antipsychotic utility. since mcpp is a major metabolite of both antidepressant drugs trazodone (tz) and etoperidone (et), both were examined for activity in blocking car in a single-trial lever press task in fisher 344 rats. both tz and et produced dose-related falls in car with ed50 values (9 ...19892506609
growth hormone (gh) secretion in the pituitary-grafted male rat: in vivo effects of gh-releasing hormone and isoproterenol and in vitro release by individual somatotropes.although the pituitary-grafted rat is a classic model of chronic prl excess, the presence of somatotropes in grafted pituitary tissue indicates a potential for gh secretion. the current study was designed to investigate gh-releasing hormone (grh)-induced gh secretion and beta-adrenergic inhibition of gh release in animals bearing ectopic pituitary tissue free from hypothalamic control. positive findings with regard to these in vivo experiments led us to an initial determination of gh secretion b ...19892507290
lectin typing of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains of different serogroups, habs and fisher types.sixteen habs and three fisher types of pseudomonas aeruginosa were typed with lectins of know specificity resulting from their interaction with bacterial cell surface carbohydrates as evidenced by agglutination-inhibition assay with simple carbohydrates. lipopolysaccharides of few strains of pseudomonas are precipitated with different lectins and the results are corroborated by those of agglutination suggesting that pseudomonas aeruginosa can be characterized intraspecifically by lectins.19892508658
sarcocystis sp. in mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) in washington: prevalence and search for the definitive host.during october and november 1986, sarcocystis sp. was detected in 24 of 56 (43%) tongues from hunter-killed mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) in washington (usa). sarcocysts had an unusual sessile polyp-shaped branched wall. mean size of 154 sarcocysts was 71.3 x 37.8 microns (range, 20 to 248 x 10 to 120 microns), and the mean intensity was 2.3 (range, 1 to 28). in an attempt to identify the definitive host, infected tongues were fed to four coyotes (canis latrans), eight domestic dogs, four ...19892509738
generation of thyroglobulin-specific t-cell clones derived from f1 fisher rats.we established t-cell clones from 'poor-responder' fisher rats specific for thyroglobulin (tg) with a view to examining tg presentation by cloned fisher rat thyroid (frtl) cells. from the screening of 60 t-cell clones, three high-responding tg-specific clones (b21.01, b21.04 and b21.05) were isolated from the lymph nodes of f1 generation (fisher x 'high-responder' buffalo) female rats immunized with murine tg in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). three t-cell clones expressed a w3/25+, ox-8- phen ...19882454882
effects of diethylstilboestrol on testicular function and luteinizing hormone male fisher-344 rats were implanted with des-filled or empty silastic capsules. after 14 weeks, capsules were removed and a second group of rats received des capsules. seven weeks later, all the rats were sacrificed. des treatment decreased body, testes and seminal vesicle weights, and removal of the capsules partially restored the weight of these organs. the concentration of testicular lh receptors was increased by des treatment. circulating prl levels were increased and gonadotropin leve ...19892515561
[results of cross-species transplantation of substantia nigra to the lateral ventricle of the brain of rats with experimentally-induced parkinson disease].the method of compensation of dopamine (da) deficit in the striatum by living, da producing cells implanted into the brain, creates new hopes for patients with parkinson's disease. in view of many ethical and legal problems, connected in some countries with obtaining human fetal tissue for transplantation, cross-species transplants would be an attractive alternative. the subject of our investigation was the problem of survival and functioning of embryonal substantia nigra (sn) neurons, taken fro ...19892518574
the calmodulin binding domain of the plasma membrane ca2+ pump interacts both with calmodulin and with another part of the pump.synthetic peptides corresponding to the calmodulin-binding domain of the human erythrocyte ca2+ pump were prepared representing residues 2-29 (c28w), 2-21 (c20w), 2-16 (c15w), and 16-29 (c14) of the sequence (james, p., maeda, m., fisher, r., verma, a. k., krebs, j., penniston, j. t., and carafoli, e. (1988) j. biol. chem. 263, 2905-2910). peptides c28w, c20w, and c15w bound to calmodulin with an apparent 1:1 stoichiometry in the presence of ca2+ and inhibited the activation of the ca2+ pump by ...19892526124
interleukins production and responsiveness in fisher rats with adjuvant-induced disease: role of suppressor cells.splenic macrophages from aid fisher rats produce normal levels of il-1, in contrast to il-2 which is significantly lower than normal. a state of hyporesponsiveness of spleen cells to con-a and pha occurs with similar kinetics to and is correlated with the development of an articular arthritis; il-1 addition to aid spleen cell cultures does restore to normal their deficient response, in contrast to addition of il-2 or ril-2. the spleen cells from normal or aid rats are equally sensitive to the in ...19892526223
complementation of enteric adenovirus type 40 for lytic growth in tissue culture by e1b 55k function of adenovirus types 5 and 12.the enteric adenovirus type 40 strain dugan (ad40) cannot be passaged in hela cells, but will grow in 293 cells, which express ad5 e1 functions. to determine the reason for this limited host range, kb cell lines expressing ad2 e1a, e1b, or e1a + e1b (l. e. babiss, c. s. h. young, p. b. fisher, and h. s. ginsberg, 1983, j. virol. 46, 454-465) have been tested for their ability to support ad40 replication. only cell lines which supply e1b functions, but not those expressing e1a alone, are permissi ...19892527440
functional analysis of lymphocytes subpopulations in experimental cocaine abuse. i. dose-dependent activation of lymphocyte subsets.the potential role of substance abuse, especially cocaine and alcohol as co-factor in hiv infection and in the development and expression of aids has been suggested, but the possible biological role of substance abuse in the development of aids is not known. in order to better understand immune system function in chronic cocaine abuse, we have assessed primary b cell responses to helper t-cell independent (ti) and dependent (td) antigens in inbred fisher male rats injected with 1.25-5 mg cocaine ...19892528433
[a study on accumulation of cholesterol in rat prostate].an experimental model of prostatic hypertrophy was created by freezing the urethra at the opening of the ventral prostate in rats and administering a cholesterol-rich diet to induce cholesterol accumulation. four-week-old fisher rats were divided into a control group, a cholesterol-rich diet group (by adding 1% cholesterol to the diet), a frozen group, and a frozen and cholesterol-rich diet group, and were reared for 5 months. the animals were killed, and the ventral prostate was removed, weighe ...19892472053
difference in catalepsy response in inbred rats during chronic haloperidol treatment is not predictive of the intensity of behavioral hypersensitivity which subsequently animal model was utilized to explore the observed clinical association between a history of significant neuroleptic-induced parkinsonism and an increased incidence for the subsequent development of tardive dyskinesia. catalepsy-sensitive fisher rats and catalepsy-resistant brown norway rats were treated for 14 days with haloperidol at a dose of either 1 mg/kg or 5 mg/kg daily. following a 7-day drug withdrawal period, rats were tested for behavioral hypersensitivity to acute challenge with ap ...19892505286
effect of cyproterone acetate in comparison to flutamide on the ventral prostate of adult male castrated copenhagen-fisher rats and on dunning r-3327 h this investigation the effect of cpa was tested in comparison to fl after the procedure of double blinding on the ventral prostate of 70 adult male castrated copenhagen-fisher rats and on the dunning r-3327 h tumor. total androgen blockade by castration plus cpa or by castration plus fl induced significant decrease in prostate weight compared to the androgen deprivation by castration alone. no significant difference between cpa and fl was observed. furthermore it was impossible to exaggerate ...19892530921
triethyllead-induced peroxidative damage in various regions of the rat male fisher 344 rats (8-10 wk old) were dosed ip with 1.75 mg/kg body weight of triethyllead chloride (tel) for 5 consecutive days. rats were sacrificed 1, 7, or 21 d after the last injection. the rate of lipid peroxidation was significantly elevated in frontal cortex at all three time points assayed (1, 7, or 21 d). however, hippocampal and cerebellar membranes showed no changes in peroxidative capacity at these time points. in order to determine whether cortical membrane damage was refle ...19892537905
[neurologic involvement in campylobacter infections. 5 cases].campylobacter are a newly recognized class of human infectious agents. campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus is a cause of sepsis in immunocompromized hosts. secondary neurological determinations, meningitis and meningoencephalitis appear to be rare. we report 2 cases, and 8 previously reported cases are reviewed. campylobacter jejuni appears to be a common bacterial pathogen causing a syndrome of enteritis. since 1982 it has been associated with guillain-barré syndrome (gbs). in one serological ...19892664975
[specific intoxication in anthrax infection].the pathomorphological picture of experimental b. anthracis infection in white rats (strain fisher-344) essentially corresponds to experimental anthracic intoxication with very moderately pronounced morphological manifestation of b. anthracis invasion. this indicates that specific anthracic intoxication is an essential component of the pathological process in b. anthracis infection.19892511710
immunological functions in food-restricted rats: enhanced expression of high-affinity interleukin-2 receptors on splenic t cells.several immunological functions of b and t cells including il-2 receptor expression on t cells were measured in 12-month-old fisher-344 male rats maintained from 6 weeks of age on an ad libitum (al) or a 40% food-restricted (fr) diet. direct anti-srbc plaque-forming cell (pfc) assays revealed a higher response in fr rats than in al rats when splenocytes were cultured with or without recombinant interleukin-2 (ril-2). b cell functions were studied by using nylon wool-purified splenic b cells stim ...19892534390
vip receptors and content after bowel transplantation.advances in immunosuppressive therapy have renewed interest in small bowel transplantation. little is known, however, about the functional capacity of transplanted intestine. to clarify the potential for normal function, we investigated whether elements of the enteric nervous system are preserved after denervation in our rat model of intestinal transplantation. we investigated whether vip, a major peptide neurotransmitter of the enteric nervous system, and its receptors are preserved in the bowe ...19892541280
mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of yersinia infections.yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia pseudotuberculosis are food-borne enterobacterial pathogens which may initiate rheumatoid diseases. by molecular genetic analysis of the pathogenicity of these species virulence gene loci could be identified on the chromosome and on a plasmid. plasmid-encoded proteins mediate cell adherence, phagocytosis resistance, survival in serum, cytotoxicity, and collagen binding. y. enterocolitica of serotype 0:8 is mouse-lethal and arthritogenic for lewis rats. mouse ...19892692128
role of calcium in adrenergic neurochemical transmission in the aging heart.the effect of modification of extracellular ca2+ concentration ([ca2+]0), the administration of the neuronal ca2+ channel blocker, omega-conotoxin, and the calcium (ca2+) ionophore, ionomycin, were examined in the isolated heart of male fisher-344 rats 6 and 24 months of age. hearts with the right cardiac sympathetic nerve intact were isolated and perfused with krebs-ringer solution containing cocaine (10(-6) m) to block uptake 1, metanephrine (10(-6) m) to block uptake 2 and yohimbine (3 x 10(- ...19902359031
diagnostic usefulness of mycobacterial skin test antigens in childhood lymphadenitis.nontuberculous mycobacterial (ntm) infections are a frequent cause of chronic lymphadenitis in children. previous studies of ntm antigen skin testing were inconclusive as a result of problems with study design and antigen formulation. the present study was undertaken with the centers for disease control to determine whether newly formulated ntm skin test antigens applied in a double blind manner with a standard purified protein derivative could accurately distinguish ntm infections from those ca ...19892541397
[ergonomic analysis of the work sites and living conditions of the crew on board the b-418/111 t/h "bonito" ppd and ur "gryf" fishing trawlers].the paper is an ergonomic study of the sanitary and living conditions at the working place of fishers on long-distance fishing vessels, such as the trawler b-418/111 t/h "bonito". the research was performed during the trip in the region of the falkland islands (malvinas). prophylactic examinations were carried out during 162 days on 77 members of the crew and the hygienic-sanitary conditions on the vessel were analysed. the ergonomic research included all the working places of the members of the ...19892571193
activation of a ribosomal s6 protein kinase in rapidly emerging diethylnitrosamine-induced gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase-positive hyperplastic liver lesions of the rat.the gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (ggt)-positive hyperplastic liver lesions which developed in the fisher 344 rat 7 and 60 days following a single carcinogenic dose of diethylnitrosamine (dena, 200 mg/kg body weight), short-term dietary exposure to 0.02% 2-acetylaminofluorene (aaf) to suppress the growth of normal hepatocytes, and partial hepatectomy to actuate rapid growth of dena altered hepatocytes not suppressed by aff, showed an increased activity of a kinase which specifically phosphorylat ...19892575815
evaluation of cortisone-heparin and cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate therapies against rodent tumors. ii. pathological studies.pathological studies were undertaken in three tumor-host models which were subjected to cortisone based treatments. the first model was fisher 344 rats with established orthotopically implanted syngeneic bladder tumor. cortisone-herapin and cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate (mtp) treatments induced focal areas of tumor necrosis and necrobiosis, whereas cortisone alone caused necrobiosis. the second model was c3hba mammary tumor fragments implanted subcutaneously in syngeneic mtp responder c3h/hen ...19892627135
pausing of rna polymerase during in vitro transcription through the ilvb and ilvgeda attenuator regions of escherichia coli k12.synchronized single-round transcriptions, in vitro, from templates encoding the leader rna of the ilvb and ilvgeda operons result in the accumulation of a transcript consistent with rna polymerase pausing after the 1:2 stem that could form in each of the leader rnas. addition of l-factor or guanosine 5'-diphosphate,3-diphosphate extended the pause half-life obtained with the ilvb template; addition of l-factor and guanosine 5'-diphosphate,3'-diphosphate together had an additive effect on the pau ...19852578464
alteration of tissue magnesium levels in rats by dietary vitamin b6 supplementation.tissues from female fisher rats fed varying levels of magnesium (100 ppm or 700 ppm) and pyridoxine hydrochloride (pn.hcl) (7, 35, or 1500 mg/kg diet for six weeks) were dry ashed and analyzed for magnesium using atomic absorption spectroscopy. in tissues from rats consuming magnesium diets, tissue magnesium levels increased as levels of dietary pn.hcl increased. increases in plasma, liver, kidney, and brain magnesium levels were statistically significant (p less than 0.05). with the exception o ...19892599796
cholesterol esterification plays a major role in determining low-density-lipoprotein receptor activity in primary monolayer cultures of rat hepatocytes.1. we have previously shown that the capacity for specific binding of human 125i-labelled low-density lipoprotein (ldl) to rat hepatocytes increases with time in culture [salter, bugaut, saxton, fisher & brindley (1987) biochem. j. 247, 79-84]. 2. in the present study we show that this up-regulation is accompanied by a rise in the cholesterol ester content of the cells. 3. inhibition of cholesterol esterification with the drug 58-035 (sandoz) significantly decreases the time-dependent 'up-regula ...19892604696
evaluation of cortisone-heparin and cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate therapies against rodent tumors. i. biological studies.the antitumor activity of either cortisone-heparin or cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate combination or both was tested against two animal tumor models. the first model was orthotopically implanted bladder tumor established in syngeneic fisher 344 rats. shrinkage and growth arrest of the tumors were induced by cortisone and amplified by its combination with either heparin or maltose tetrapalmitate (mtp). the second model was trocar implanted c3hba mammary tumor piece s.c. in syngeneic lps and mtp ...19892627134
chimeric analysis of the site of lurcher gene action with respect to glial enzyme expression.immunocytochemical analysis of aggregation chimeras made using either of the mutants, lurcher or purkinje cell degeneration, previously showed that only bergmann glia close to surviving purkinje cells expressed an apparently normal level of the enzyme, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (gpdh) (fisher and mullen, 1988). in the present study, aggregation chimeras were made using embryos from a b6d2 hybrid mouse strain carrying the lurcher (lc/+) mutation and homozygous for an allele specifying a ...19902358967
iodination of newly synthesized thyroglobulin by frtl-5 cells is selective and thyrotropin dependent.this study shows that the fisher rat thyroidal cell line (frtl-5) can iodinate newly synthesized thyroglobulin. iodinated thyroglobulin was found intra- and extracellularly. both the synthesis of thyroglobulin and its subsequent iodination were found to be thyrotropin (tsh) dependent, with optimal activity at 10-100 microu tsh/ml. thyroglobulin was the only protein in the culture medium, that was iodinated with high specificity and in a tsh-dependent fashion. albumin, which was abundantly presen ...19892612732
changes of blood flow in the adenohypophysis of normal and estrogen pretreated fisher rats by tamoxifen.blood flow was measured in the adenohypophysis and in the cerebral cortex of female f344 rats over a period of 90 min using the hydrogen clearance method. tamoxifen, 1 mg/kg, administered iv reduced the blood flow in the adenohypophysis by 35%, whereas cerebral blood flow and arterial pressure remained unchanged. seven days sc treatment with tamoxifen (1 mg/kg daily) had no demonstrable effect on blood flow. anterior pituitary hyperplasia was induced in 15 rats with diethylstilbestrol containing ...19892609903
the effect of marijuana smoke exposure on murine sarcoma 180 survival in fisher rats.fisher rats were treated for 28 or 60 days to multiple exposures to the smoke of marijuana or marijuana placebo cigarettes. primary, secondary and in some instances tertiary tumor implants were performed. murine sarcoma 180 tumor cells (7.5 x 10(7)) were implanted subcutaneously on day 1, 14 and 28 following initiation of smoke exposure (28 day studies) or on day 1, 14 after cessation of smoke exposure (60 day studies). tumor areas were measured on alternate days beginning on the second or third ...19892621317
fbl-reactive cd8+ cytotoxic and cd4+ helper t lymphocytes recognize distinct friend murine leukemia virus-encoded antigens.immunization of c57bl/6 (b6) mice with fbl, a friend murine leukemia virus (f-mulv), induces both tumor-specific cytolytic cd8+ (ctl) and lymphokine-producing cd4+ th that are effective in adoptive therapy of b6 mice bearing disseminated fbl leukemia. the current study evaluated the f-mulv antigenic determinants expressed on fbl that are recognized by fbl-reactive cd8+ and cd4+ t cells. to identify the specificity of the fbl-reactive cd8+ ctl, fisher rat embryo fibroblast (fre) cells transfected ...19892562982
natural killer cell activity in rats infused with intralipid.the effect of intralipid on the natural killer (nk) cell activity of healthy male fisher 344 adult rats was investigated. they were cannulated via the right jugular vein and continuously infused for five days with: normal saline plus heparin, 5% intralipid plus heparin, or 10% intralipid plus heparin. control groups comprised of cannulated rats receiving no infusion and rats undergoing no operative procedures. following the five-day infusion, rats were exsanguinated under ether anesthesia and mo ...19892628583
endogenous glutamate release from frontal cortex of adult and aged rats.glutamate (glu) is a major excitatory neurotransmitter in the frontal cortex. alterations in glu neurotransmission are present in a number of neurodegenerative diseases, however, little is known about the normal aging process of glu utilizing neurons. glu release, uptake and content were examined in the frontal cortex of adult (6 months old) and aged (24 months old) male, fisher 344 rats. these markers were used to assess the functional integrity of intrinsic and extrinsic glu utilizing pathways ...19892628777
correlation between liver iron content and magnetic resonance imaging in rats.currently, serum ferritin concentration is the best noninvasive estimator of liver iron content. this study investigated the ability of magnetic resonance imaging to determine hepatic iron concentration. fisher rats were treated with either parenteral iron to increase levels of phlebotomy to lower them and achieved a wide range of liver iron concentrations. rats were imaged using a clinical whole body scanner at 1.5 tesla with a 15-cm helmholtz surface coil and a 23-cm field of view. the ratio o ...19892630845
[morphofunctional transformations of the blood vessels in the transplantation of syngeneic normal tissue and of a tumor].in 360 fisher rats dynamics of changes in blood vessels, the microcirculatory bed vessels included, have been investigated. an original model of the experiment at implantation of syngenic tissues of the fetus normal intestine and tumorous adenocarcinoma of the small intestine has been used. specific changes of the blood vessels have been revealed around and in the capsule of the implant, depending on their morphological reorganization. the blood vessels changes can serve as a prognostic sign of ...19892631644
anatomical and functional effects of estrogen-induced prolactinomas on the rat hypothalamus.although estrogen-induced prolactinomas have been widely studied, little attention has been accorded to local pressure effects of the tumor on the hypothalamus and portal vasculature. to portray the magnitude of this phenomenon, four groups of 12-13-week-old female fisher 344 rats were studied. group 1 was an intact control receiving a subcutaneously (sc) placed placebo pellet; group 2 was an ovariectomized control with a sc placed placebo pellet; group 3 was ovariectomized with a 10 mg sc place ...19892614531
isolation, structure, and immunogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 4 high-molecular-weight polysaccharide.a high-molecular-weight, immunogenic form of the lipopolysaccharide o side chain of pseudomonas aeruginosa fisher immunotype 4 (type 4, international antigenic typing system 1, lanyi o:6) was isolated and characterized. analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy confirmed the structural similarity of this high-molecular-weight polysaccharide and the type 4 o side chain. the polysaccharide was immunogenic in rabbits and mice, eliciting opsonophagocytic killing antibodies. immunization wi ...19892492260
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