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[differences in the characteristics of opiate and catecholaminergic receptors of the striatum and cerebral cortex of rats of fisher-344 and wag/gsto strains may cause differences in reinforced action of morphine].it has been shown that fischer-344 rats more than wag/gsto inbred rats preferred to consume the solution of morphine. in intravenous self-administration testing, fischer-344 rats had a higher rate of reinforced responses that resulted in morphine infusion. bmax values for mu- and alpha 2-adrenoreceptors were significantly higher in the cortex of wag/gsto rats. the sensitivity of the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the cortex and striatum of wag/gsto rats was lower than that in fischer-344 ra ...19921335799
elevated expression of thymidylate synthase in doxorubicin resistant human non small cell lung carcinomas.human non-small cell lung carcinomas of previously untreated patients were analyzed for expression of thymidylate synthase (ts) using immunohistochemistry. of the 94 tumors, 67 were positive for ts and 27 negative. a significant correlation between the expression of ts and the resistance to doxorubicin was found (p < 0.0001). eighty-four percent of the ts-positive tumors were resistant to doxorubicin, whereas of the 27 ts-negative tumors only 44 percent were resistant. a group of patients (n = 1 ...19921338282
age-associated reduction in pineal beta-adrenergic receptor density is prevented by life-long food restriction in 28 months of age (old rats), male fisher 344 rats which had been fed 40% of the ad libitum food intake since they were 6 months old, had a similar beta-adrenergic receptor density (bmax) in their pineal gland as young, 3-month-old rats. in contrast, old rats which had been fed ad libitum for the same period had approximately 50% of the bmax value compared to that of young rats. the beta-receptor density of cerebral cortical tissue and the beta-receptor affinity (kd) of both the cortex and the ...19921339169
comparison of fetal rabbit brain xenografts to three different strains of athymic nude rats: electrophysiological and immunohistochemical studies of intraocular grafts.interest in the use of neural tissue transplantation for the study of cns development and maturation and the potential use of this technique for the treatment of certain degenerative cns disorders has led to our use of transplantation of neural tissue across species lines. prior to extensive transplantation studies using athymic rats as recipients, we wished to evaluate the currently available strains of athymic rat for their suitability as host animals for xenografts of neural tissue. fetal cer ...19921344293
neurotransmitter-induced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responsiveness is defective in inflammatory disease-susceptible lewis rats: in vivo and in vitro studies suggesting globally defective hypothalamic secretion of corticotropin-releasing hormone.the susceptibility of female lewis (lew/n) rats to the development of streptococcal cell wall (scw)-induced arthritis and other autoimmune phenomena is associated with the inability of their hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis to adequately respond to inflammatory stimuli. in contrast, resistance to the development of scw-induced arthritis and other inflammatory autoimmune manifestations in histocompatible female fischer rats (f344/n) is related to their intact hpa axis response to inflamm ...19921350069
listeriosis in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia who were treated with fludarabine and determine whether therapy with fludarabine plus prednisone in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia increases the risk for developing listeriosis.19921354425
comparison of the expression, transcription and genomic organization of d2 dopamine receptors in outbred and inbred strains of rat.three outbred (sprague-dawley, wistar and long-evans) and five inbred (brown-norway, buffalo, da, fisher and lewis) strains of rat were used to investigate the extent of genetic variation in the expression and organization of the rat d2 receptor locus. radioligand binding studies were performed using 125i-iodobenzamide ([125i]ibzm), a high-affinity antagonist for d2 dopamine receptors, to determine the extent of variation in the expression of d2 receptors in these strains of rat. a comparison of ...19921355393
reversal of female mate choice by copying in the guppy (poecilia reticulata).ever since fisher (1958) formalized models of sexual selection, female mate choice has been assumed to be a genetically determined trait. females, however, may also use social cues to select mates. one such cue might be the mate choice of conspecifics. here we report the first direct evidence that a female's preference for a particular male can in fact be reversed by social cues. in our experiments using the trinidadian guppy (poecilia reticulata), this reversal was mediated by mate-copying oppo ...19921360679
inhibition of two-step urinary bladder carcinogenesis by the somatostatin analogue rc-160.fisher 344 female rats were exposed for 4 weeks to the initiator carcinogen n-butyl-n-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamine (bbn) 0.05% in the drinking water and thereafter to the promoter carcinogen mitomycin c (0.08 mg per animal per week) intravesically for 12 weeks. high incidence of urinary bladder transitional cell cancers was observed (17 in situ and 17 invasive carcinomas among 40 rats). when the somatostatin analogue rc-160 (d-phe-cys-tyr-d-trp-lys-val-cys-trp-nh2) was administered s.c. at the d ...19921361084
endophthalmitis at the bristol eye hospital: an 11-year review of 47 patients.we reviewed data from 47 patients who were treated for endophthalmitis at our hospital during the 11-year period 1980-90. the most common clinical features were hypopyon (75%), diminished vision (72%), ocular pain (68%), discharge (57%), corneal oedema (51%), conjunctival injection (49%), abnormal red reflex (34%), corneal ulcer (32%) and corneal perforation (6%). a total of 54 isolates were obtained from 41 (87%) of the 47 patients. gram-positive bacteria were more common (72%), than gram-negat ...19921363106
modulation of the carbohydrate moiety of thyroglobulin by thyrotropin and calcium in fisher rat thyroid line-5 cells.thyroglobulin secreted in the medium by fisher rat thyroid line-5 (frtl-5) cells cultured in the presence of thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh) shows a slower electrophoretic mobility in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and a higher density position in a cscl gradient than thyroglobulin secreted by frtl-5 cells cultured in the absence of tsh for 5-7 days. such a tsh effect is much less or not evident when secreted thyroglobulin is digested with peptide n-glycohydrolase f ...19921370485
expression of oncogenic antigen 519 (oa-519) in prostate cancer is a potential prognostic indicator.predicting the prognosis of patients with prostate cancer is a clinically important problem. previous studies have indicated that the expression of haptoglobin-related protein epitopes in samples of breast cancer in early stages was associated with earlier relapses and higher risk for tumor recurrence. oncogenic antigen 519 (oa-519) is the new marker designation for molecules expressing haptoglobin-related protein epitopes. the objective of this immunohistochemical study was to examine oa-519 ex ...19921374214
angiogenic activity of the k-fgf/hst oncogene in neural transplants.using retrovirus-mediated gene transfer into neural transplants, we have expressed the human k-fgf/hst oncogene in the central nervous system. single-cell suspensions of fetal rat brains were removed at embryonic days 13 and 14, exposed to a retroviral vector encoding the k-fgf oncogene and stereotaxically implanted into the caudate putamen of syngenic adult fisher rats. recipient animals were sacrificed at intervals of 6-16 months without evidence of neurological impairment. mock-infected graft ...19921375717
angiopolarity of cell carriers: directional angiogenesis in resorbable liver cell transplantation devices.the purpose of this study was to obtain directional angiogenesis of small blood vessels and capillaries to an implant made from a resorbable polymer for hepatocyte transplantation. it was intended to mimic the native acinar structure of the liver in order to facilitate replication of the cells and organ growth. the implant device structure was designed for injection to minimize surgical trauma. hollow microspheres with an open porous wall structure and one large central opening were made from po ...19921377553
the impact of fk506 on graft coronary disease of rat cardiac allograft--a comparison with cyclosporine.we studied the impact of fk506, a potent immunosuppressant, on graft coronary disease and graft-infiltrating lymphocyte subset after rat heart transplantation. fisher rat heart grafts transplanted into lewis rat recipients were divided into three groups: control (n = 7), rats treated with fk506 at a dose of 0.32 mg/kg/day intramuscularly (n = 7), and rats treated with cyclosporine at a dose of 10 mg/kg/day intramuscularly (n = 7). grafts were removed on day 71 in the treated groups and on reject ...19921379829
synthetic peptides representing epitopes of outer membrane protein f of pseudomonas aeruginosa that elicit antibodies reactive with whole cells of heterologous immunotype strains of p. using the published amino acid sequence for mature outer membrane protein f of pseudomonas aeruginosa, a computer-assisted analysis was performed to identify sites with potential as surface-exposed, antigenic regions located throughout the length of the protein molecule. synthetic peptides 13 to 15 amino acid residues in length were synthesized for 10 such regions. mice were immunized with each of the 10 synthetic peptides conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin. an enzyme-linked immunosorben ...19921379985
l-696,229 specifically inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase and possesses antiviral activity in vitro.l-696,229 (3-[2-(benzoxazol-2-yl)ethyl]-5-ethyl-6-methyl-pyridin-2 (1h)-one) is a specific inhibitor of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (hiv-1) reverse transcriptase (rt) activity that possesses antiviral activity in cell culture (w.s. saari, j.m. hoffman, j.s. wai, t.e. fisher, c.s. rooney, a.m. smith, c.m. thomas, m. e. goldman, j. a. o'brien, j. h. nunberg, j. c. quintero, w. a. schleif, e. a. emini, and p. s. anderson, j. med. chem. 34:2922-2925, 1991). in the present study, the rt-inhib ...19921380788
the beneficial effect of dextran on anastomotic patency and flap survival in a strongly thrombogenic model.dextran lowers the probability of thrombus formation, by reducing platelet aggregation and adhesion and by increasing fibrinolysis. all studies to date using dextran for microvascular reconstruction have examined only short-term (1 to 2 hr) patency in isolated vessels. the current study used an established thrombotic model (inverted sleeve interposition graft), to investigate the effect of dextran on the long-term survival of pedicle flaps. a6- x 3-cm epigastric flap was elevated. a 2-mm inverte ...19921383537
recurrent guillain-barré syndrome. clinical and laboratory features.the clinical and laboratory features of recurrent guillain-barré syndrome (rgbs) were reviewed in 12 patients in whom a total of 32 episodes fulfilled accepted criteria for guillain-barré syndrome (gbs). all patients were asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic between attacks. in a given patient, the time to reach peak deficit from the onset of symptoms, the functional grade at peak deficit and the duration of the intervals between episodes varied considerably and unpredictably from one episode ...19921393505
immunization with extracellular proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosis induces cell-mediated immune responses and substantial protective immunity in a guinea pig model of pulmonary tuberculosis.we have studied the capacity of a selected fraction of mycobacterium tuberculosis extracellular proteins (ep) released into broth culture by mid-logarithmic-growth-phase organisms to induce cell-mediated immune responses and protective immunity in a guinea pig model of pulmonary tuberculosis. guinea pigs infected with m. tuberculosis by aerosol but not uninfected control guinea pigs exhibit strong cell-mediated immune responses to ep, manifest by dose-dependent cutaneous delayed-type hypersensit ...19921398989
transference and countertransference. from deployment against feelings of loss--through psychotic regressions--to a better capacity to feel and to mourn.problems relating to the treatment of deployed patients are described and discussed through the case material on david fisher. since the deployments are not merely the defences or resistances we meet in neurotics, but a way of life with which these persons are strongly identified--deploying forces against the subjective experience of psychic pain--a different approach is felt to be required. i call this an affect-focused approach. some of the major curative factors which have been found useful i ...19921399288
effects of growth hormone on diaphragmatic recovery from malnutrition.a 25% weight loss was induced in adult fisher 344 rats by nutritional deprivation. subsequently, normal feeding was resumed. refed animals were divided into three groups and received recombinant human growth hormone (rhgh) injections during 5 wk of refeeding, saline injections during 5 wk of refeeding, or 9 wk of refeeding without injections. the effects of nutritional deprivation and the various refeeding protocols on the cross-sectional areas (csa) of each of the four types of myofibers [typed ...19921400040
brain myelination in rats treated with ionizing radiation in utero.effects of ionizing radiation on brain myelination and some physical development parameters were studied in laboratory rats (fisher f-344 inbred strain). rats were treated with three different doses of radiation (150 rad, 15 rad, and 6.8 rad) delivered on the 20th day of prenatal life. exposure to 150 rad reduced body, brain, ovary, kidney, heart and spleen weights. prenatal exposure to 150 rad of radiation reduced the cerebral cortex weight by 22 percent at 30 days of age, and 20 percent at 52 ...19921401730
the herbert bone screw: a ten year is now over ten years since the herbert bone screw was first released in australia. in 1984, herbert and fisher first published their experience with the use of this new bone screw in the management of scaphoid fractures. since that time, there has been a growing interest in the technique and over 60 articles have appeared in the english literature. the purpose of this paper is to review and comment on the relevant publications as they relate to the biomechanical properties of the screw, to i ...19921402269
liquid meal emptying in non-ulcer dyspepsia: a study in 22 thai patients.twenty-four patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia (nud) were recruited for gastric emptying study of liquid meal before and after 1 week's treatment with domperidone (80 mg in 19, 40 mg in 2, dropout 1 and excluded 2). delayed gastric emptying was found in 8 of 22 (36.36%). clinical improvement was found in 11 patients after treatment. gastric emptying improvement was found in 3 patients (2 without clinical improvement). no correlation was found between the clinical and gastric emptying improvement. ...19921402448
tcdd causes stimulation of c-ras expression in the hepatic plasma membranes in vivo and in vitro.a series of in vivo and in vitro experiments were conducted to determine the effects of 2, 3, 7, 8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (tcdd) administered on the expression of c-ras. differences in c-ras expression between control and tcdd treated groups were determined by immunoassay of p21ras protein, or indirectly measured by the specific binding of 3h-gtp to hepatic plasma membrane preparations. intraperitoneal injection of sublethal doses of tcdd significantly elevated (p less than 0.05, student t ...19921404241
cellular tropism and localization in the rodent nervous system of a neuropathogenic variant of friend murine leukemia virus.we studied pvc-211 murine leukemia virus (mulv) (1), a neuropathogenic variant of friend mulv, to determine its cellular tropism and distribution in the nervous system of infected rats and the factors that affected disease expression.19921405490
[analysis of selected prognostic factors in patients with ruptured cerebral aneurysms operated-on in the early period].an analysis of certain clinical and laboratory findings of 80 patients with ruptured intracranial aneurysms was done. all of them underwent an operation in acute stage. the following prognostic factors were analysed: age of patient, sex, number of previous subarachnoid hemorrhages (sah), clinical status according to the hunt-hess scale, ct finding according to fisher scale, location and number of aneurysms, time of operation, nimodipine treatment, body temperature, serum sodium level, white bloo ...19921407306
sexual assault in postmenopausal examine patient characteristics, patterns of injury, forensic evidence, and the frequency of sexual assault in postmenopausal rape victims from 1986-1991.19921407929
the effect of light fluence rate in photodynamic therapy of normal rat brain.this paper reports the effect of incident light fluence rate on the depth to which necrotic lesions are produced by photodynamic therapy (pdt) in the brains of normal fisher rats. the rats were injected intraperitoneally with photofrin (12.5 mg kg-1) 48 h prior to pdt with a fixed incident fluence of 35 j cm-2. the treatment was performed at 10, 50, 100, and 200 mw cm-2 and also in a periodic manner (30 s "on" at 100 mw cm-2, 30 s "off"). the depth to which necrosis occurred was determined 24 h ...19921410268
effects of the calcium channel blocker flunarizine on the hemodynamics and oxygenation of tumor microvasculature.flunarizine is a diphenylpiperazine calcium entry blocker that has been shown previously to increase tumor blood flow and sensitivity to radiotherapy via reduction in the radiobiologically significant hypoxic fraction. two mechanisms of action have been proposed previously (vasodilation, altered blood viscosity), but no studies have been performed to examine its mechanisms of action in vivo. such information would be invaluable in determining the role of flunarizine in multimodality approaches t ...19921410275
first person account: schizophrenia: some issues.the article that follows is part of the schizophrenia bulletin's ongoing first person accounts series. we hope that mental health professionals--the bulletin's primary audience--will take this opportunity to learn about the issues and difficulties confronted by consumers of mental health care. in addition, we hope that these accounts will give patients and families a better sense of not being alone in confronting the problems that can be anticipated by persons with serious emotional difficulties ...19921411337
[humidification and heating of anesthetic gases during pediatric anesthesia using the cicero anesthesia workstation].a series of 52 infants underwent general or urological surgery; all were ventilated with the cicero. two different flows of fresh gas were used. in group i (n = 21) the fresh gas flow was set exactly at the level of the minute volume, representing a half-open, non-rebreathing system. in group ii (n = 31) the fresh gas flow was adjusted to 10% of the required minute volume. temperature and relative humidity of the inspired gas were measured continuously close to the tracheal tube. anaesthesia was ...19921416008
[when is the deep tendon reflex elicited in fisher syndrome?]. 19921419177
karyotypes of pneumocystis carinii from korean rats.molecular karyotyping was applied to pneumocystis carinii(pc) from two strains of experimental rats, sprague dawley(sd) and fisher(f), in korea. field inversion gel electrophoresis and contour clamped homogeneous electric field electrophoresis resolved 15 chromosomal bands from the pc. the size of the bands was estimated 270kb to 684kb from sd rats, and 273kb to 713 kb from f rats. the bands of 283 kb from sd rats and of 273 kb from f rats stained more brightly suggesting duplicated bands. total ...19921420031
estimating the probability of toxicity at the recommended dose following a phase i clinical trial in cancer.the problem of point and interval estimation following a phase i trial, carried out according to the scheme outlined by o'quigley, pepe, and fisher (1990, biometrics 46, 33-48), is investigated. a reparametrization of the model suggested in this earlier work can be seen to be advantageous in some circumstances. maximum likelihood estimators, bayesian estimators, and one-step estimators are considered. the continual reassessment method imposes restrictions on the sample space such that it is not ...19921420845
performance evaluation of three vaporizing humidifiers and two heat and moisture exchangers in patients with minute ventilation > 10 l/ compare the thermal and humidification capacity of three heated hot water systems (hhwss) and two heat and moisture exchangers (hmes) in icu patients submitted to minute ventilation > 10 l/min.19921424849
comparison of the effects of wyeth-14,643 in crl:cd br and fisher-344 rats.wyeth-14,643 (wy) belongs to a diverse class of compounds which have been shown to produce hepatic peroxisome proliferation and hepatocellular carcinoma in rodents. based on a review of bioassay data, a relationship appears to exist between peroxisome proliferating compounds and leydig cell adenoma formation. most rat bioassays with peroxisome proliferators have been conducted in the fisher-344 (f344) rat, which has a high spontaneous incidence of leydig cell adenomas. thus, it was necessary to ...19921426718
sequential appearance of intestinal mucosal cell types in the right and caudate liver lobes of furan-treated rats.furan rapidly induces in rat liver a unique, lobe-specific pattern of development of intestinal metaplasia and associated cholangiofibrosis. to establish early cell-precursor relationships in the genesis of this cholangiofibrosis, a time-course study was conducted in which young adult male fisher 344 rats received furan by gavage at a daily dose of 45 mg/kg body wt over a 32-day treatment period. an analysis of individual liver lobes obtained at different time points from these animals during fu ...19921427660
comparison of fleroxacin and penicillin g plus probenecid in the treatment of acute uncomplicated gonococcal investigate the activity of fleroxacin in acute uncomplicated infections with n. gonorrhoeae in comparison with conventional penicillin g plus probenecid treatment.19921427804
basal tear turnover and topical timolol in glaucoma patients and healthy controls by assess the effect of glaucoma and timolol on tear secretion, basal tear turnover was measured with fluorophotometry in 13 open-angle glaucoma patients not using any ophthalmic medication, 24 patients using timolol medication daily, and 41 healthy control subjects. basal tear turnover is defined as the tear turnover at the lowest level of reflex lacrimation possible under physiologic conditions. tear turnover was calculated from the decay of the tear fluorescence after instillation of fluoresc ...19921428718
hepatic triiodothyronine sulfation and its regulation by growth hormone and triiodothyronine in rats.the regulatory mechanism of cytosolic sulfation of t3 has been studied in rat liver. sulfation of t3 is sexually differentiated in adult rats of sprague-dawley (sd), fisher 344, and aci strains. in sd strain, the male animals showed 4 times higher sulfating activity than did the females. the specific activity was decreased by hypophysectomy of male adult rats, but was not affected in the females. thus, the sex-difference was abolished in the hypophysectomized condition. supplement of human gh in ...19921429499
sn-chlorin e6 antibacterial immunoconjugates. an in vitro and in vivo analysis.monoclonal antibody-sn-chlorin e6 immunoconjugates were prepared by the site-selective covalent modification of the monoclonal oligosaccharide moiety. by carefully controlling the reaction conditions and introducing triethanolamine groups as axial ligands of the sn moiety, conjugates with in vivo biodistribution properties similar to underivatized igg were prepared. by varying the reaction conditions, conjugates were reproducibly prepared with a range of photosensitizer to mab molar ratios from ...19921431166
[results of surgical repair by muscle flap closure for poststernotomy mediastinitis].between 1984 and 1991, 30 patients developed poststernotomy mediastinitis after cardiac or mediastinal operations. sixteen of these patients were treated with debridement and open drainage or primary closure following mediastinal irrigation (drainage group). fourteen patients were treated with debridement, and delayed or primary wound closure by the technique of pectoral or rectus abdominus muscle flap mobilization (muscle flap group). the purpose of this study was to compare the results of the ...19921431406
5,10-methylenetetrahydro-5-deazafolic acid and analogues: synthesis and biological activities.the synthesis of 5,10-methylene-5-deazatetrahydrofolic acid (2), a stable, rigid analogue of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate (1), is reported as a potential inhibitor of thymidylate synthase. the target compound was obtained by a fisher-indole type cyclization of the hydrazone 16 from 2-amino-6-hydrazino-4-oxopyrimidine (10) and diethyl n-[4-(3-formyl-1-pyrrolyl)benzoyl]-l-glutamate (15) followed by catalytic reduction of the product 17. similarly, modification of the fisher-indole type cyclizati ...19921433179
the effect of dexamethasone and endotoxin administration on biliary iga and bacterial adherence.adherence of bacteria to the intestinal epithelial cell may be the crucial initiating event for invasion and translocation and is normally prevented by both immune (iga) and nonimmune (mucus, peristalsis, desquamation) mucosal defense mechanisms. the purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of endotoxin administration on mucosal immunity and to define the role of glucocorticoids, commonly released during endotoxicosis, in this process. thirty female fisher rats were randomly assign ...19921434594
interactions between intrauterine contraceptive device use and breast-feeding status at time of intrauterine contraceptive device insertion: analysis of tcu-380a acceptors in developing countries.this paper is a reassessment of earlier findings from a preliminary analysis of data from a multicenter international trial regimen on breast-feeding and non-breast-feeding women in which events related to insertion, expulsion, and removal of the tcu-380a intrauterine contraceptive device (paragard 380) were investigated.19921442918
electrophysiological study of four patients with fisher syndrome: a mechanism of areflexia.electrophysiological studies were performed on four patients with the fisher syndrome (two 4-year-old boys, a 5-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl). motor nerve conduction velocity (mncv), nerve action potential, f wave, h reflex and t reflex were measured at the stage when areflexia was present but ataxia and ophthalmoplegia had recovered. mncv and sncv by compound mixed nerve potential were normal in all our patients. the amplitude of the muscle responses (m-responses) and compound mixed nerve ...19921443402
age and food restriction alter the porphyrin concentration and mrna levels for 5-aminolevulinate synthase in rat harderian gland.the effects of age and food restriction on the porphyrin concentration in harderian glands were studied in male fisher 344 rats. harderian gland porphyrin concentrations increased with age; this was statistically significant in 20 month old animals compared with 3 month old animals. food restriction (by 40%) prevented the age-associated rise in porphyrins; thus, in 20 month old food restricted rats had porphyrin concentrations similar to those found in young animals. in a second experiment, we c ...19921447953
[awarding of the 7th dr.-josef-steiner-krebsforschungspreisen 1992 to prof. bernard fisher and prof. gianni bonadonna]. 20061448689
transcription and replication of animal mitochondrial dnas.the development of in vitro transcription and replication systems has allowed the identification of promoter sequences and origins of replication for several animal mtdnas. as a consequence, the necessary reagents and basic information are available to permit the characterization of transacting factors that are required for transcription and replication. all of the animal trans-acting species purified at this time are known or reasoned to be nuclear gene products. there is now the opportunity to ...19921452432
the detection of philadelphia chromosome negative metaphases in long-term bone marrow cultures of the peripheral blood from patients with chronic myeloid leukemia predicts response to interferon-alpha 2a.the cytogenetic response of 10 patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia (cml) to human recombinant interferon-alpha 2a (rhifn alpha 2a) was compared to the philadelphia chromosome (ph) status of the pre-treatment peripheral blood cells after in vitro culture under long-term bone marrow culture (ltbmc) conditions. pre-treatment light density peripheral blood cells were cultured in ltbmc on sex-mismatched irradiated allogeneic stromal layers with weekly cytogenic examination of metaphases in the no ...19921453769
analysis of variance of parameter estimates: f tests and t tests.the problem of comparing and pooling experimentally independent estimates of a parameter such as a michaelis constant (k) has been treated as a simple analysis of variance of "within" and "between" set deviations from the fitted variable (v). as applied to assessing the reproducibility of multiple estimates of the same k, this is identical to the procedure of duggleby (anal. biochem. 189, 84-87, 1990). however, the theory developed here shows that applying duggleby's procedure to the comparison ...19921456434
twinan90: a fortran program for conducting anova-based and likelihood-based analyses of twin data.we discuss the program, twinan90, which can perform several different types of analysis of twin data. twinan90 incorporates the anova-based twin analyses from the twinan twin analysis program, and also includes maximum likelihood estimation of parameters from three path models. another feature of twinan90 is the optional output of a pedigree file which can be read by the quantitative genetics package fisher. the diagnostic features of the program make twinan90 useful also for preliminary analyse ...19921458866
[anti-endothelial cell antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus: association with vascular and renal lesions].the aim of this study was to know the prevalence and characteristics of endothelial anticellular antibodies (eaa) in systemic lupus erythematosus and its relation with the clinical and immunologic manifestations of this entity.19921460923
cross-cultural assessment of process skills.a standardized activities of daily living evaluation that has acceptable psychometric qualities, can relate discrete component skills to functional performance, includes culture-relevant test items, is standardized on culture-specific samples, and is free of cultural bias is needed to evaluate diverse cultural populations. the assessment of motor and process skills (amps) (fisher, 1990a) offers a unique solution. the amps consists of 35 motor and process skill items assumed to represent two univ ...19921463059
a general approach to genetic equilibria with an uneven sex is shown that in a diploid population at a genetic equilibrium with an uneven sex ratio the distribution of all (inertial) autosomal genes is symmetric between the two sexes. if several allelic genes occur in the population then the sex ratios of the various genotypes uniquely determine the uneven population sex ratio. the equilibrium is unstable to invasion by new genes which are relatively more frequent among the less numerous sex. a new proof is given to the fact that if genotype sex ratio ...19921465020
[the physiological reactions to stress in 3 strains of rats].we have studied the resistance of wistar, august, fisher male rats to 2- and 24-hours immobilization by vegetative and behavioral reactions. the difference in the resistance has been observed both between the three lines of rats and within one particular line. the lowest resistance to stress has been demonstrated by fisher rats, the highest by wistar rats. the correlation between emotional reactivity of rats and their response to stress has been shown.19921467465
scombroid fish poisoning. underreporting and prevention among noncommercial recreational diseases, including those caused by seafood products, are common and greatly underreported sources of morbidity. in this article we review the epidemiology of scombroid fish poisoning and its possible relationship to the noncommercial and recreational catch and sale of fish. more than 20% of all fish sold in the united states is caught by sport fishers, and outbreaks of scombroid fish poisoning have involved improperly handled fish from private catches. we report an outbreak of scombr ...19921475947
liposuction surgery and autologous fat transplantation.since the importation of liposuction surgery into the united states more than a decade ago, we have witnessed a number of major technique changes and practice trends occur. one of us (l.m.f.) was the first dermatologic surgeon to undergo the "lipsuction experience" (paris, 1977) under the tutelage of giorgio and arpad fisher and pierre fournier, and another (r.s.n.) the first to undergo training with yves illouz (also paris). all three co-workers have served on teaching faculties of both the int ...20051483255
paroxetine versus placebo: a double-blind comparison in depressed patients.paroxetine is a potent and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (ssri). the present study assessed the efficacy and tolerability of paroxetine against placebo in depressed outpatients.19921487471
the appearance and role of gamma delta t cells in the peritoneal cavity and liver during primary infection with listeria monocytogenes in rats.we have previously reported that gamma delta t cells play important roles in protection during the early stage of infection with listeria monocytogenes in mice. to generalize the protective roles of gamma delta t cells in listerial infection to different species, we examined the appearance of gamma delta t cells during infection with l. monocytogenes in fisher f344 rats. the numbers of bacteria in the peritoneal cavity and liver increased to a maximum level on day 3 and then decreased to an unde ...19921489731
[neuroradiology in the physiopathologic diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage--cerebral aneurysm].the clinical importance of the cerebral aneurismatic lesion in well known. in portugal we still do not have reliable statistics regarding the occurrence of the subarachnoid hemorrhage, however we can make a comparison through kassel's and drake's studies where they refer that annually 28,000 north-americans suffer from subarachnoid hemorrhage attributed to the rupture of the cerebral aneurysm. this is a clinical situation that needs to be analyzed, more so because if it is not diagnosed and trea ...19921492601
a potential vaccine for cocaine abuse prophylaxis.presently, there are estimated to be 1.5 to 2.0 million individuals infected with hiv-1 in the u.s. and about 12 million worldwide. in the u.s. over 90% of reported cases of aids occurred among two subgroups, homosexual males and intravenous substance abusers (ivsas). currently, there is no anti-cocaine addiction medication available. in order to explore vaccination as an alternative means for protection against cocaine addition, we immunized inbred male fisher rats with either cocaine emulsific ...19921500284
distinct cellular expression pattern of annexins in hydra vulgaris.the annexins are a structurally related family of ca2+ and phospholipid binding proteins whose function has not been clearly defined. further investigations of annexin function may be enhanced by studying simpler organisms that express fewer annexin gene products. we previously characterized annexin xii from the freshwater cnidarian hydra vulgaris (schlaepfer, d. d., d. a. fisher, m. e. brandt, h. r. bode, j. jones, and h. t. haigler. 1992. j. biol. chem. 267:9529-9539). in this report, we detec ...19921500430
[extrahepatic bile duct atresia. comparison of surgical and non-surgical therapy].in recent years hepatoportoenterostomy according to kasai undoubtedly was the only successful therapy for extrahepatic biliary atresia. since liver-transplantation becomes more successful than previously, the question arises if the kasai procedure is still justified. from this point of view a prospective study was started based on the following findings in 15 ehba-children after hepatoportoenterostomy compared to those in 15 patients without the kasai procedure: the survival rate at the end of t ...19921501618
dental caries in relation to nutritional stress in early english child populations.this research studied an association between dental caries prevalence in the primary dentition and cribra orbitale, an indicator of nutritional stress in archeological populations. skeletal remains of 221 british children (pre-roman to late medieval) were examined, of whom 100 had orbital material available. dental caries, as dmfs, was related to the presence of cribra orbitale (none, slight, moderate, or severe). thus, data for 50 children showed a statistically significant association (p less ...20131502111
[fresh allograft of intact growth plate into immature articular cartilage defects in rats].in three inbred rat strains with a distinct major histocompatibility complex (mhc), mhc-matched allografts (fisher, rt1l to lewis, rt1l, n = 39) or mhc-mismatched allografts (brown norway, rt1n to lewis, rt1l, n = 38) of fresh intact cartilage obtained from the tibial epiphyseal growth-plate were grafted into the defects in the femoral articular surface of immature rats. in the controls (n = 72), similar defect on the joint cartilage were made with no epiphyseal plate grafts. the present histolo ...19921506749
augmentation of the systemic host anti-tumor response through laser excision.this study examines whether primary laser excision results in augmentation of the systemic host anti-tumor response to tumor rechallenge. single r3230ac mammary tumor implants, (0.5 x 0.5 x 1.0 mm), were grown in 112 female fisher 344 rats. the animals were randomized. group s tumors were excised by scalpel. group e was excised with a surgistat electrocautery (valley labs, boulder, co). group cs was excised with a sharplan 1100 co2 laser (sharplan, allendale, nj) at 25 watts (w) continuous wave ...19921508027
modification of tumor promotion in the mouse skin by exposure to an alternating magnetic field.some epidemiological studies have suggested that exposure to an alternating magnetic field may increase the incidence of some cancers. our earlier study of carcinogenesis in mouse skin, indicated that exposure to a magnetic field (mf) alone did not promote the growth of tumors. in the present experiment, the ability of a mf to act as a tumor copromoter was investigated. the dorsal skins of female sencar mice (6-7-weeks-old) were treated with 10 nmol of 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene (dmba) to initi ...19921511404
serum igg antibody to ganglioside gq1b is a possible marker of miller fisher syndrome.we studied serum anti-glycolipid antibodies by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and thin-layer chromatography-enzyme immunoassay in six consecutive patients with typical miller fisher syndrome. in all six, increased activity of igg antibody against ganglioside gq1b was present in the early phase and reduced with time, whereas such activity was not detected in normal control subjects and disease control subjects including those with guillain-barré syndrome. anti-gq1b igg antibody is a new possib ...19921514781
extensor carpi radialis recovery predicted by qualitative sep and clinical examination in quadriplegia.this prospective study examined the efficacy of the qualitative somatosensory evoked potential (sep) and the initial clinical neurologic evaluation to predict motor power recovery of the extensor carpi radialis muscle (ecr). twenty three c5-6 frankel a-d spinal cord injured (sci) subjects had seps of the median nerve (mn) and superficial radial nerve (srn) performed within 72 hours to one week post injury. the mn and srn cortical seps were qualitatively graded as either present or absent. fiftee ...19921514884
the jeanne manery-fisher memorial lecture 1991. maturation of reticulocytes: formation of exosomes as a mechanism for shedding membrane proteins.the transferrin receptor is a member of a group of reticulocyte surface proteins that disappear from the membranes of reticulocytes as the cells mature to the erythrocyte stage. the selective loss of membrane proteins appears to be preceded by the formation of multivesicular bodies (mvbs). at the reticulocyte stage, many species of mammalian red cells including man, and one nucleated avian species (chicken), contain these intracellular structures in both natural and induced anemias. also charact ...19921515120
transfer of the tibialis anterior for calcaneus deformity in myelodysplasia.we evaluated the results of transfer of the tibialis anterior in the management of calcaneus deformity in young patients who had myelodysplasia; fifteen patients (twenty-two feet) were operated on between 1978 and 1985. the neural deficit was at the fourth and fifth lumbar levels. the average age at the time of the operation was seven years and two months (range, two to nineteen years). the average age at the latest follow-up was thirteen years (range, five to twenty-four years). the average dur ...20061522090
syngeneic schwann cells derived from adult nerves seeded in semipermeable guidance channels enhance peripheral nerve present, clinical strategies to repair injured peripheral nerve concentrate on efforts to attain primary suture of the cut nerve ends. if this is not possible, autografts are used to unite the separated nerve segments. both strategies are based on the recognition that the schwann cells resident in the peripheral nerve trunk play a crucial role in the regenerative process. neither strategy may be feasible, however, in extensive or multiple injuries because the amount of autograft material is l ...19921527582
photoactivated photofrin ii: astrocytic swelling precedes endothelial injury in rat brain.light activation of circulating hematoporphyrin derivatives has been used in the treatment of selected brain tumors. the effects of this photodynamic therapy on the non-neoplastic, adjacent brain tissue are incompletely characterized. we studied in adult fisher rats the time-dependent (1 hour to 7 days) effects of photoactivated photofrin ii. our protocol was comparable to that used in the treatment of human brain tumors. structural and functional changes spread from the treatment surface and fr ...19921531496
modification of alkylating agent induced cell kill by 2-nitroimidazoles in unclamped and clamped sc 9l tumors.enhanced cell kill has been observed when experimental tumors were treated with alkylating agents in combination with 2-nitroimidazoles (2-ni). in this study, modification of the cell kill induced by cyclophosphamide (cy) and an analog, ifosfamide (ifo), by two radiation sensitizers, misonidazole (miso) and etanidazole (sr-2508), was measured. three important parameters were determined: (a) the necessity for hypoxic reduction of the 2-ni to achieve an increase in tumor cell kill, (b) the optimal ...19921531976
prevention of prosthetic vascular graft infection by rifampicin impregnation of a protein-sealed dacron graft in combination with parenteral cephalosporin.antibiotic-impregnated prosthetic vascular grafts have been shown to be highly resistant to bacterial contamination in animal models. the aim of this study was to assess if graft infection in an animal model challenged with local bacterial contamination could be reduced further by the use of rifampicin soaking of a protein-sealed dacron graft in addition to the prophylaxis provided by perioperative intravenous cephalosporin. of 20 merino sheep given cefoxitin intravenously before the induction o ...19921531988
the miller fisher syndrome. review of the literature.the triad of ataxia, areflexia and ophthalmoplegia was first described as a variant of the guillain-barre syndrome in 1932 by collier. in 1956, miller fisher reported three patients with ataxia, areflexia, and ophthalmoplegia as a separate entity. since then, 223 cases of miller fisher syndrome have been published. the male/female ratio is 2:1 with a mean age of 43.6 years at the onset of the disease. a viral infection preceded the neurological symptoms in 71.8% of cases with an average symptom- ...19921532603
the effects of chronic ethanol consumption on the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal dopamine systems.both the mesolimbic dopamine system, which is involved with the rewarding properties of several drugs of abuse, and the nigrostriatal dopamine system, which is involved with motor function, appear to be sensitive to the effects of ethanol. in order to determine which components of the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal dopamine systems are adversely affected by chronic ethanol consumption, we assessed dopamine and dopac (3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid) concentration and d1 and d2 receptors in several ...19921534209
impact of histocompatibility antigens on pregnancy outcome.the role of histocompatibility antigens in pregnancy outcome is controversial. this controversy may be because the initial studies were of small numbers or the patient groups were not homogeneous. the purpose of this study is to clarify these discrepant results by carrying out histocompatibility antigen typing and mixed lymphocyte culture on couples with idiopathic recurrent spontaneous abortion and by comparing results with those of fertile couples.19921534444
macromolecular adduction by trichloroacetonitrile in the fischer 344 rat following oral gavage.male fisher 344 rats were administered 1- or 2-[14c]trichloroacetonitrile (tcan) by oral gavage. dna was isolated from the liver, kidneys and stomach and several protein fractions (globin, albumin and globulins) were isolated from blood. tcan binds to both the dna and the blood proteins in a dose-related manner. more radiolabel was associated with the dna when the carbon at c2 position was labeled, than at c1 position. however, the position of the radiolabel did not influence the levels of radio ...19921540927
upper extremity strength and function in children with spinal muscular atrophy type ii.upper extremity strength and function in a sample of ten children with spinal atrophy type ii was determined using manual muscle testing, a sphygmomanometer, and a pinchometer. functional abilities were recorded on self-report forms. overall strength in this sample was determined to be 35% to 40% of normal. repeated-measures analysis of covariance revealed no change with time in proximal or distal strength. six children were capable of at least 1/2 pound of force in pinch or gross grasp vs four ...19921543427
age-related decrease in omega conotoxin binding to rat cardiac synaptosomes.a cardiac synaptosomal preparation developed by this laboratory was used to study neuronal calcium channels in aging rat heart. ca2+ channels were quantified by measuring binding of iodinated omega conotoxin, which is reported to specifically block neuronal ca2+ channels. we determined the binding of [125i]-omega conotoxin gvia to a synaptosomal preparation from the hearts of 6- and 24-month-old male fisher 344 rats. the maximum number of binding sites (bmax +/- sd, fmol/mg protein) is lower in ...19921549624
early british discoveries in human genetics: contributions of r.a. fisher and j.b.s. haldane to the development of blood groups. 19921550114
a statistical test for detecting geographic subdivision.a statistical test for detecting genetic differentiation of subpopulations is described that uses molecular variation in samples of dna sequences from two or more localities. the statistical significance of the test is determined with monte carlo simulations. the power of the test to detect genetic differentiation in a selectively neutral wright-fisher island model depends on both sample size and the rates of migration, mutation, and recombination. it is found that the power of the test is subst ...19921552836
comparison of liver glycosylasparaginases from six vertebrates.structural and physical properties of glycosylasparaginase (ec from the livers of human, pig, cow, rat, mouse and chicken were compared. the enzyme in all species had a common basic structure of two n-glycosylated subunits of about 24 (alpha) and 20 (beta) kda joined by non-covalent forces. subunit-specific antisera against the rat glycosylasparaginase bound specifically and sensitively to the corresponding subunits from all species. identity of 80% of the amino acids was found between ...19921554372
spontaneous transformation of rat ovarian surface epithelial cells: association with cytogenetic changes and implications of repeated ovulation in the etiology of ovarian cancer.ovarian surface epithelial cells undergo several rounds of division to repair the wound created by follicular rupture at the time of ovulation. this cyclical requirement for cell division, when not interrupted by the long anovulatory rest periods that occur during pregnancy and lactation, may contribute to the development of ovarian cancer.19921556770
response to alarm substance in different rat strains.two studies were conducted. in the first study, four strains of male rats--long-evans (le), sprague-dawley (sd), wistar, fisher 344--were immersed in fresh water or water soiled by a rat of the same strain which presumably contains an alarm substance. le rats were less immobile than sd, wistar, and fisher rats in fresh water. all strains were significantly less immobile in soiled water; however, relative to immobility times in fresh water, the decrease in immobility in soiled water was greatest ...19921557445
difference of rejection between heart and heart-lung transplantation in rats: flowcytometric analysis of graft infiltrating lymphocyte subsets.reported clinical and experimental observations indicate that heart grafts in combined heart-lung transplantation are less frequently rejected than heart grafts transplanted alone. in order to elucidate the mechanism of this difference, twenty-eight inbred male lewis rats receiving heterotopic allografts from inbred male fisher rats were evaluated for surface markers of graft infiltrating lymphocytes (gil) and peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) using flowcytometry. monoclonal antibodies investig ...19921561904
[the early hemiparesis of stroke in evolution of basilar artery--case report].in basilar artery thrombosis, hemiparesis without obvious brainstem signs may precede the tetraplegia with coma or a locked-in state. this premonitory hemiparesis was called as "herald hemiparesis" by fisher (1988). its early detection is important because immediate anticoagulant therapy may prevent its evolution. we reported two patients with such hemiparesis. the first case was a 71-year-old diabetic and hypertensive man who was admitted because of right hemiparesis, dysarthria and decreased s ...19921562385
differential expression of neuropeptide gene mrna within the luq cells of aplysia californica.two neuropeptide precursor cdnas (luq-1 and l5-67) have been recently isolated from the left upper quadrant (luq) neurons of the abdominal ganglion of aplysia californica (shyamala, fisher, and scheller, 1986; wickham and desgroseillers, 1991). using in situ hybridization techniques as well as dot blot and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assays, we have studied the expression of these genes in the central nervous system (cns) of aplysia californica. the luq-1 gene was found to be expressed in ne ...19921564457
maternal phenylketonuria collaborative study, obstetric aspects and outcome: the first 6 years.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a phenylalanine-restricted diet in reducing fetal morbidity associated with maternal hyperphenylalaninemia in women of childbearing age with blood phenylalanine levels greater than 240 mumol/l (greater than 4 mg/dl) on an unrestricted diet.19921566767
effects of 6-methylene progesterone on growth, morphology, and blood flow of the dunning r3327 prostatic adenocarcinoma.copenhagen x fisher f1 rats were implanted with the androgen-dependent dunning r3327 prostatic adenocarcinoma. when the tumors had median volumes of ca 470 mm3, the rats were castrated and/or treated with 6-methylene-4-pregnene-3,20-dione (6mp) in different doses. tumor growth inhibition occurred in all castrated and treated groups, with decrease in volume of the epithelial compartment in the intact group. tumor volumes at the highest dose level of 6mp equalled those observed in the castrate gro ...19921574466
course of motor recovery in the zone of partial preservation in spinal cord injury.thirty-nine c4 to c6 motor complete frankel a or b spinal cord injured subjects were included in this prospective study to determine the course of recovery in the zone of partial preservation (zpp) during the first 6 months postinjury. subjects had initial manual muscle testing and neurologic examination between 3 and 7 days postinjury. subjects whose most rostral key muscle in the zpp had a motor power of grade 1 or 1+/5 (group 1, n = 22) were compared with subjects whose most rostral key muscl ...19921580770
an evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of medical thermography for the documentation of myofascial trigger points.this investigation evaluated the diagnostic value of medical thermology for the documentation of myofascial trigger points. previous investigators have suggested that circumscribed 'hot spots' reflect the thermal activity of trigger points. a total of 365 patients participated in the four separate experiments. upper back trigger points were isolated via palpation. a separate thermographic examination, specific to that experiment, was conducted by a technologist who was blind to the presence or a ...19921589239
the rett syndrome and csf lactic acid patterns.we investigated both blood and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) lactate and pyruvate levels in seven girls with the rett syndrome (rs) and evaluated the relationship between csf lactate and pyruvate levels and the clinical manifestations, particularly seizures, anticonvulsant medication, and breathing dysfunction including breath holding, apnea and hyperventilation. elevated lactate and pyruvate levels in csf with normal serum lactate were found in two rs patients. elevated csf lactate correlated signi ...19921590531
bickerstaff brainstem encephalitis. a case report.a 33-year-old woman three weeks after a febrile illness presented with a syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia (soaa) that characterizes clinically both bickerstaff and miller fisher syndromes. the normality of the electrophysiological tests performed, the csf findings and the magnetic resonance images proved that the syndrome stemmed from brainstem pathology.19921592578
[the miller-fisher syndrome. report of 5 cases].miller fisher's syndrome is characterized by the symptomtrias of ophtalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia. five cases of miller fisher syndrome are presented.; the nosological position of this disorder is reviewed. involvement of brainstem is present in some cases--but obviously facultative.19921594088
likelihood-based analyses of longitudinal twin and family data: experiences with pedigree-based approaches.substantial progress has been made recently in analyses of longitudinal twin and family data, principally for two reasons. the first is the continuing development of more refined models for describing longitudinal data; the second is the widespread availability of analytic methods (e.g. lisrel) with which to implement these models. computational restrictions have limited likelihood-based analyses of longitudinal genetic data to analyses of covariance matrices or mean squares; however, advances i ...19921596260
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