identification of an epitope encoded in the env gene of friend murine leukemia virus recognized by anti-friend virus cytotoxic t lymphocytes.we have previously shown that strong epitopes recognized by anti-friend virus (fv) cytotoxic t lymphocytes (ctl) in h-2b mice are encoded in both the env and gag/pol regions of the helper friend leukemia virus genome. two approaches have been used to identify these epitopes. at the nucleic acid level, we have constructed env genes with either of two in-frame deletions: pkr2, an env gene with a 681-bp deletion in the gp70 region and inserted into the psv2-gpt-1 expression vector; and pkr1, an env ...19911704662
cicaprost inhibits metastases of animal tumors.since an involvement of platelet aggregation in the metastatic process has been found, platelet activation inhibitors were investigated for their potential to reduce tumor metastases. recent in-vitro and in-vivo investigations showed an antimetastatic effect of prostacyclin (pgi2) and stable prostacyclin analogues. this study concentrates on the effect of the stable prostacyclin analogue cicaprost (schering ag) on tumor metastases in two metastasizing tumors of rodents. c57bl/6 mice bearing s.c. ...19911763201
factor xiii of blood coagulation inhibits the oxidative phagocyte metabolism and suppresses the immune response in vivo.factor xiii of blood coagulation (f xiii) belongs to the family of transglutaminases and is a major cell product of certain subsets of macrophages. the gene for f xiiia is coupled to the immune response genes of the hla-region on chromosome 6. f xiii dose- dependently inhibits the in vitro chemiluminescence response of human phagocytes. about 0.1 units of f xiii/ml (final) decreased the chemiluminescence response to about 50%. in addition, about 0.6 units of f xiii/ml inhibits 50% of the release ...19911771628
actions of phosphomonoesters on ca1 hippocampal neurons as revealed by a combined electrophysiological and nuclear magnetic resonance study.phosphomonoesters (pmes), precursors of membrane phospholipids, are found in high levels in the developing brain and alzheimer's disease brain. the present study details the neurophysiological and metabolic effects of acute pme elevation on the fisher 344 rat in vitro hippocampal slice. two abundant pmes, phosphoethanolamine (pe) and l-phosphoserine (ps), reliably altered properties of synaptic transmission at the schaffer collateral/commissural-ca1 cell synapse. specifically, pe reversibly depr ...19911796353
restoration of impaired drug metabolism of rats with adjuvant induced disease by two steroids with different influence on drug biotransformation.adjuvant induced disease (aid) produced by intradermal administration of freund's adjuvant to fisher female rats, caused inflammation and severe impairment of the drug metabolic activity of the liver. treatment with pregnenolone-16 alpha-carbonitrile (1), or triamcinolone (2) caused a mild and a great reduction of the produced arthritis, respectively, while these steroids completely restored the established drug metabolic impairment of the aid rats. it is concluded that: (i) there is a cross-lin ...19911803389
importance of administration method in high-dose anticancer chemotherapy from toxicological standpoint in rats.we examined death rates in fisher rats when chemotherapeutic drugs were administered in a prescribed amount by either a single or divided dose. lower death rates were observed when nimustine hydrochloride (acnu) was given in a divided dose, or when cyclophosphamide (cy), vindesine sulfate (vds) or vincristine (vcr) was administered as a single dose. lower hematological toxicity was observed when acnu was administered in 2 doses and cy in a single dose. with etoposide, we did not observe any sign ...19911720885
structural characterization of the lipid a component of pseudomonas aeruginosa wild-type and rough mutant lipopolysaccharides.the structure of the lipid a component of lipopolysaccharides isolated from two wild-type strains (fisher 2 and 7) and one rough mutant (pac 605) of pseudomonas aeruginosa was investigated using chemical analysis, methylation analysis, combined gas-liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry, laser-desorption mass spectrometry and nmr spectroscopy. the lipid a backbone was found to consist of a pyranosidic beta 1,6-linked d-glucosamine disaccharide [beta-d-glcpn-(1----6)-d-glcpn], phosphorylated in ...19911904818
influence of subepithelial deposits on permeability of the glomerular capillary wall in serum sickness nephritis in the rat.serum sickness nephritis was induced in male fisher rats by immunization with egg albumin (ea). correlations of subepithelial deposits (sd) with size and charge barriers of the glomerular filter were investigated using native (nf) and cationized (cf) ferritin as tracer probes. in proteinuric animals large numbers of nf molecules perfused from the abdominal aorta were observed to cross the glomerular basement membrane (gbm) and enter sd. the concentration of nf molecules was higher in gbm segment ...19911806651
urinary metabolites of [1,2,3-13c]acrylonitrile in rats and mice detected by 13c nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.acrylonitrile, a carcinogen in rats, undergoes extensive metabolism via two routes: direct glutathione conjugation or epoxidation. metabolism to cyanoethylene oxide may mediate the carcinogenic and toxic activity of acrylonitrile. to characterize comprehensively the metabolism in vivo of acrylonitrile, the detection and identification of metabolites in urine of rodents dosed with acrylonitrile have been carried out using nmr spectroscopy. following administration of [1,2,3-13c]acrylonitrile to m ...19911807451
characterization of the mutation responsible for aspartylglucosaminuria in three finnish patients. amino acid substitution cys163----ser abolishes the activity of lysosomal glycosylasparaginase and its conversion into subunits.the mutation that causes a deficiency of the lysosomal amidase, glycosylasparaginase, has been characterized in fibroblasts from three finnish patients diagnosed with aspartylglucosaminuria (agu). the polymerase chain reaction was used to amplify the glycosylasparaginase protein coding sequence from the three agu patients in order to compare them to the normal sequence from a full-length human placenta cdna clone hpasn.6 (fisher, k.j., tollersrud, o.k., and aronson, n.n., jr. (1990) febs lett. 2 ...19911904874
biochemical quantitation and histochemical localization of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in the olfactory system of adult and aged rats.the activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, the rate-limiting enzyme of the hexose monophosphate shunt, was examined in olfactory epithelium, respiratory epithelium, olfactory bulb, and occipital cortex in fisher 344 rats aged 4 and 24 months. marked differences in this enzyme were found in olfactory compared to nonolfactory tissues. olfactory epithelium and olfactory bulb have much greater glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity than respiratory epithelium and occipital cortex at both ...19911922658
cholestasis without cirrhosis alters regulatory liver gene expression and inhibits hepatic regeneration.partial hepatectomy (ph) initiates cellular signals for regeneration. sequential expression of nuclear and cytosolic protooncogenes accompanies the restoration of normal liver function and architecture. although cirrhosis is known to inhibit liver regeneration, the effects of noncirrhotic cholestasis on hepatocellular proliferation, differentiation, and regulatory gene expression are unknown. to examine this, 25 male fisher rats underwent common bile duct ligation and division. a 47% +/- 5% ph w ...19911858028
treatment of corneal allograft rejection with the cytotoxin is a recombinant chimeric protein composed of il-2, fused to a modified pseudomonas exotoxin. this molecule is extremely toxic to activated t cells expressing high-affinity il-2r. we used this new molecule for selective immunosuppression to treat corneal allograft rejection in the rat, using fisher and lewis rats, a strain combination differing only in medial and minor histocompatibility antigens. the effect of il-2-pe40 on the immunologic response was studied using both a heterotopic ...19911897019
purification and n-terminal amino acid sequence of a chondroitin sulphate/dermatan sulphate proteoglycan isolated from intima/media preparations of human aorta.a proteoglycan (pg) was purified to homogeneity from intima/media preparations of human aorta specimens by the following chromatographic steps: sepharose q anion exchange, sepharose cl-4b size exclusion, hydroxyapatite, monoq anion exchange and tsk g 4000 sw size exclusion. the purity of the preparation was established by sds/page using direct staining by silver or dimethylmethylene blue, as well as by western blots of biotin-labelled samples. the electrophoretic mobility of the native pg was le ...19911848758
[development of peritubular myoid cells in the rat testis].in the testes of 47 embryos, fetuses and newborn rats (fisher strain), until the 15th day of life, the appearance and numerical dynamics of "premyoid" and myoid cells were analysed by light microscopy. the material was prepared routinely (fixed in bouin fluid, embedded in paraffin, and cut to the thickness of 7 micrometers). the embryos of the 12th to 17th day of gestation were serially sectioned in toto, while fetal testes on the 18th to 21th day of gestation were removed and serially cut as we ...19911875715
intestinal iron transfer after ileojejunal transposition.little is known on how longitudinal differences in intestinal iron absorption develop and to what extent distal segments can adapt to a more proximal location after surgical intervention. therefore, 3 weeks after ileojejunal transposition in rats adaptational changes of intestinal iron transfer were measured together with those of glucose and water transfer, intestinal dry weight and villus surface. in vitro iron transfer (fisher-parsons technique) was significantly increased in transposed segme ...19911812044
purification and properties of the h(+)-nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase from rhodobacter capsulatus.1. h(+)-transhydrogenase from rhodobacter capsulatus is an integral membrane protein which, unlike the enzyme from rhodospirillum rubrum, does not require the presence of a water-soluble component for activity. 2. the enzyme from rb. capsulatus was solubilised in triton x-100 and subjected to ion-exchange, hydroxyapatite and then gel-exclusion column chromatography. sds/page of the purified enzyme revealed the presence of two polypeptides with apparent mr 53,000 and 48,000. other minor component ...19911849819
pharmacodynamic and protective properties of a murine lipopolysaccharide-specific monoclonal antibody in experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia in mice.we employed a pseudomonas aeruginosa mouse pneumonia model to evaluate the ability of a murine monoclonal antibody (mab) specific for the o-side chain of p. aeruginosa fisher immunotype-1 lipopolysaccharide (lps) to achieve and sustain therapeutic levels in plasma and lung tissue, reduce bacterial populations in the lung, and prevent pneumonia-associated mortality. an igg3 mab (y1-5a4) administered to mice i.v. over a dose range of 125-1,000 micrograms/mouse produced plasma and lung tissue level ...19911808464
enhancement of pulmonary tumour seeding by human coagulation factors ii, ix, x--an investigation into the possible mechanisms involved.warfarin inhibits metastasis in the animal model and injection of the warfarin-dependent coagulation factor complex ii, ix, x enhances pulmonary metastasis in the same model. we have studied two possible mechanisms responsible for the observed effect. mtln3, rat mammary carcinoma cells, radiolabelled with 5-(125) iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (iudr) were injected intravenously in female fisher 344 rats either alone or in combination with factor complex ii, ix, x or bovine serum albumin. following sacrifi ...19911911192
evidence for tripeptide-proton symport in renal brush border membrane vesicles. studies in a novel rat strain with a genetic absence of dipeptidyl peptidase iv.we have investigated the transport characteristics of l-phenylalanyl-l-prolyl-l-alanine in renal brush-border membrane vesicles isolated from japan fisher 344 rats. this particular rat strain genetically lacks dipeptidyl peptidase iv. owing to the absence of this enzyme, the tripeptide was found to be completely resistant to hydrolysis by the renal brush-border membrane vesicles. uptake of the tripeptide into these membrane vesicles in the presence of an inwardly directed na+ gradient was slight ...19901967607
enhancement of antitumor drug cytotoxicity via laser photoactivation.we investigate the efficacy of daunomycin, some imino- and amino-substituted daunomycin analogues and the disubstituted aminoanthracenedione, mitoxantrone, in photosensitizing short-term cell kill upon irradiation in the long wavelength visible range, during incubation of fisher rat thyroid cells with the drugs. while all compounds exhibit similar cytocidal effects on our cell line, in the absence of irradiation, administering 86 j/cm2 at wavelengths either coincident or close to drug absorption ...19911886938
when genius errs: r.a. fisher and the lung cancer controversy.r.a. fisher's work on lung cancer and smoking is critically reviewed. the controversy is placed in the context of his career and personality. although fisher made invaluable contributions to the field of statistics, his analysis of the causal association between lung cancer and smoking was flawed by an unwillingness to examine the entire body of data available and prematurely drawn conclusions. his views may also have been influenced by personal and professional conflicts, by his work as a consu ...19912000852
the role of cytophilic igg3 antibody in t cell-mediated resistance to infection with the extracellular bacterium, pseudomonas aeruginosa.previous studies have demonstrated that t lymphocytes from mice immunized with a high m.w. polysaccharide ag from fisher-devlin immunotype i pseudomonas aeruginosa can adoptively transfer protection against challenge with the homologous bacterial strain to susceptible mice. this t cell-mediated resistance has been found to be b cell dependent, although serum from immunized mice is incapable of passively transferring protection to nonimmune mice. the current studies demonstrate that t cells from ...19911898604
growth characteristics and metastatic potential of seven intestinal carcinoma lines serially passaged in syngeneic rats.transplantable tumour lines were obtained from one duodenal carcinoma induced by n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine in the lewis rat and from six colonic carcinomas induced by 1,2 dimethylhydrazine in bdix or fisher rats. the tumours were serially transplanted by the subcutaneous route into homologous syngeneic rats. the seven tumours differ from one another in their histological structure, five of them being well or moderately differentiated adenocarcinomas, and in their capacity to produce n ...19911900965
strain-related differences in airway smooth muscle and airway responsiveness in the rat.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the possible role of the quantity of airway smooth muscle (awsm) as a determinant of differences in responsiveness between inbred rat strains. to do this, we studied several batches of 8- to 10-wk-old lewis and fisher 344 rats. animals were anesthetized intraperitoneally with pentobarbital (30 mg/kg) and xylazine (7 mg/kg). the peak value of pulmonary resistance (rl) was measured after progressively doubling concentrations of inhaled aerosolized methacho ...19911928950
physiologic properties of human dentate granule cells in slices prepared from epileptic patients.the neurophysiological properties of human dentate granule cells were studied in hippocampal slices prepared from patients undergoing surgical treatment for medically intractable temporal lobe epilepsy. in 24 neurons which were morphologically identified as dentate granule cells by intracellular staining with biocytin, there were 2 types of synaptic responses to perforant path stimulation: one showed an epsp-ipsp sequence (n = 10) and the other showed prolonged epsps without accompanying hyperpo ...19911835928
effect of dietary menhaden, canola and partially hydrogenated soy oil supplemented with vitamin e upon plasma lipids and platelet aggregation.male fisher rats were fed chow diets for two weeks after which they were divided into seven groups of ten rats each and fed 20% canola, 20% menhaden, 20% partially hydrogenated soy oil (phso) or chow only, with or without 500 mg/kg dietary vitamin e in chow containing 2% cholesterol for six weeks. triglycerides were lower in the menhaden group and were essentially the same in the e supplemented groups as in their unsupplemented cohorts. plasma cholesterol was higher in the canola, and lower in t ...19912028442
influence of proliferation on dna repair rates in test the hypothesis that the proliferative status of a mammalian cell determines the rate of removal of oxidative dna damage, pre- and posthepatectomized livers in adult male fisher 344 rats were irradiated in situ with 15.5 gy of 137cs-gamma-rays. at 10 and 45 min after irradiation, the livers were removed and dissociated into single cell suspensions, and the dna damage in the isolated quiescent or proliferative liver cells was assayed by alkaline elution. proliferative liver cells irradiate ...19911959564
aging does not alter muscarinic receptor-mediated inhibition of cyclic amp formation in the striatum and hippocampus.the effects of aging on the inhibition of forskolin-stimulated cyclic amp formation by muscarinic receptors were investigated. there were no detectable changes in the magnitude of maximal inhibition by carbamylcholine or the potency of the agonist in inducing this response in either the striatum or hippocampus obtained from young or old fisher 344 rats.19901963561
reduced high-affinity alpha 1-adrenoceptors in liver of senescent rats: implications of assessment at various temperatures.1. we investigated the changes occurring as a result of aging in alpha 1-adrenoceptors in the livers of fisher 344 females rats. for comparison, we also measured beta-adrenoceptors in this tissue. three age groups were studied, including young adults (aged 6 months), mature adults (aged 16 months) and senescent animals (aged 25 months). 2. the density of alpha 1-receptors was measured by use of [3h]-prazosin and was found to be reduced 39% (p less than 0.01) at 25 months compared with 6 months. ...19901963803
single-dose tumor necrosis factor protection against endotoxin-induced shock and tissue injury in rats.tumor necrosis factor (tnf), a macrophage product released in response to endotoxin and other stimuli, has been shown to be a central mediator of endotoxin or septic shock. however, its highly conserved and wide-ranging physiological effects suggest that it may also be an essential cytokine in the host defense against acute bacterial infection or sepsis. a single nontoxic dose of human recombinant tnf administered intravenously 24 h prior to a lethal infusion of escherichia coli lipopolysacchari ...19911937748
isonymy in records of births and deaths in ferrara.surname distributions were studied in records of male and female births in ferrara in the period 1982-89, and in records of male and female deaths in the same period. average year of birth and standard deviation was 1985 +/- 2.3 for the birth series, and 1912 +/- 14.4 for the death series. then the surname distributions, in two independent samples at an average distance of 73 years, were compared. it was observed that random isonymy within series, which depends on the shape of the distribution, ...19911952797
development of lung metastases after curative intraperitoneal chemotherapy in a rat colon cancer model.a model of colon peritoneal carcinomatosis was developed by injecting 5 x 10(7) viable tumor cells intraperitoneally into fisher 344 rats. all 40 control rats developed bulky abdominal tumor with ascites and died of peritoneal carcinomatosis and bowel obstruction (median survival 5 weeks). one day after tumor implantation, treatment group rats received a single intraperitoneal injection of single agent or combination chemotherapy. the most active intraperitoneal single agents were 5-fluorouracil ...19911990226
absence of h-ras point mutation at codon 12 in n-methyl-n-nitrosourea-induced hepatocellular neoplasms in the order to assess the possibility that activated ras-associated hepatic carcinomas might be much rarer in rats than mice because of the more frequent or rapid occurrence of powerful carcinogenic event(s) other than ras point mutations in the former animals, precancerous lesions and hepatocellular carcinomas induced by a weak hepatocarcinogen n-methyl-n-nitrosourea (mnu) in the rat liver were analyzed for the presence or absence of ras point mutations. mnu was chosen because it is well known tha ...19901975252
metabolic responses to swimming exercise in streptococcus pneumoniae infected rats.the present study was performed to determine whether alterations in fuel reserves or energy substrate utilization might explain the performance decrements that occur in bacterial infections. male fisher-dunning rats were studied at 24, 48, and 72 h after inoculation with streptococcus pneumoniae. rats were either sedentary or subjected to a 2-h swimming session at these three time points (n = 10 in each group). a more than 60% reduction (p less than 0.01) in performance capacity was observed on ...19912056898
phospholipase a2 engineering. x-ray structural and functional evidence for the interaction of lysine-56 with mutagenesis studies of bovine pancreatic phospholipase a2 (pla2, overproduced in escherichia coli) showed that replacement of surface residue lys-56 by a neutral or hydrophobic amino acid residue resulted in an unexpected and significant change in the function of the enzyme. the kcat for phosphatidylcholine micelles increases 3-4-fold for k56m, k56i, and k56f and ca. 2-fold for k56n and k56t but does not change for k56r. these results suggest that the side chain of residue 56 has s ...19911751497
hemodynamic effects of 1-[3,4-dihydroxyphenyl]-1,2-diaminoethane versus norepinephrine during ventricular fibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.we hypothesized that substitution of the hydroxyl group (oh) on the beta carbon of norepinephrine (ne) with an amino group would yield a compound, 1-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-1,2-diaminoethane (dhpdae), that would maintain the hemodynamic properties of ne during cpr, but would decrease the rate of post-defibrillation dysrhythmias. six mixed breed swine weighing greater than 28 kg were studied. the animals were instrumented for cerebral (cbf) and myocardial blood flow (mbf) measurements. ventricular ...19901965347
absence of lutropin (lh) receptor mrna in the rat thyroid: further evidence for specificity cross-over at the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor level.chorionic gonadotropin (cg) and purified lutropin (lh) activate intact thyroid tissue and isolated thyroid cells. a recent report has suggested that the presence of aberrant lh/cg receptors in human and rat thyroid tissue may interact with gonadotropin thus explaining the mechanisms of thyroid cell stimulation. to detect putative thyroidal lh receptor mrna, a segment of the transmembrane region containing domains 3 through 6 of the rat (r) lh receptor was targeted for amplification using the pol ...19911936543
effect of age and monosodium-l-glutamate (msg) treatment on neurotransmitter content in brain regions from male fischer-344 rats.peripheral administration of monosodium-l-glutamate (msg) has been found to be neurotoxic in neonatal rats. when administered in an acute, subconvulsive dose (500 mg/kg i.p.), msg altered neurotransmitter content in discrete brain regions of adult (6 month old) and aged (24 month old) male fischer-344 rats. norepinephrine (ne) content was reduced in both the hypothalamus (16%) and cerebellum (11%) of adult rats, but was increased in both the hypothalamus (7%) and cerebellum (14%) of aged rats af ...19901980344
photocytotoxicity of anthracyclines upon laser excitation in their long-wavelength absorption bands.newly synthesized daunomycin derivatives with red-shifted absorption compared to the parent molecule are shown to be able to photosensitize cells in vitro upon excitation with either argon or argon-pumped dye laser. administering 86 j/cm2 total fluence (1 h irradiation) to fisher rat thyroid cells during 2 h incubation with either daunomycin (excitation wavelength: 488 nm) or 5-iminodaunomycin (595 nm) produced cell killing at doses (about 2.7 x 10(-7) m for 50% cell survival) which were not tox ...19912068268
[does tissue ph measurement quantify circulation in the transplanted bronchus in lung transplantation].ischemia of the airway is the main cause of severe complications in lung transplantation. tissue-ph is used as an indicator of ischemia in the myocardium and various other tissues. we developed a ph needle probe which can be applied through a bronchoscope to enable repeated measurements of the ph in the bronchus mucosa. in 8 conditioned mongrel dogs (20-25 kg) an autotransplant of a 4-ring segment of the thoracic trachea was performed and wrapped with an omental pedicle flap in 4 of them (omentu ...19911864741
chemical structure and genotoxic activity of the hepatocarcinogenic beta-blocker dl-zami 1305.a single administration of the sex-dependent hepatocarcinogenic beta-blocker dl-1-(2-nitro-3-methyl-phenoxy)3-tert-butylamino-propan-2-ol (dl-zami 1305) induces liver dna damage, as evaluated by alkaline sucrose gradient analysis, in female but not in male fisher 344 rats. the shift of the methyl-group from the 3-position of the aromatic ring of dl-zami 1305 to the 4- and 5-position causes the progressive decrease of the genotoxic activity of the molecule. no effect on the dna-damaging capacity ...19901967984
acute effects of interleukin-2 on lung mechanics and airway responsiveness in rats.we studied the acute effects of interleukin-2 (il-2), the principal lymphokine responsible for lymphocyte proliferation, on lung mechanics and airway responsiveness to methacholine (mch) in rats. lewis (n = 12) and fisher 344 (n = 13) rats were anesthetized and intubated, and intravenous and intra-arterial lines were inserted. il-2 (750,000 u/kg) was infused intravenously over 2 to 4 min into seven lewis and seven fisher rats, and vehicle alone was administered to five lewis and six fisher rats. ...19911990957
cloning of malignantly transformed rat thyroid (frtl) cells with thyrotropin receptors and their growth inhibition by 3',5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate.differentiated rat thyroid cells, designated frtl, are totally dependent on tsh for their growth. we continuously cultured frtl cells in the absence of tsh and found that another type of cell appeared in the culture. the new cells were large, flattened and epithelial-like, and none of them exhibited thyroglobulin immunoreactivity. since they grew independently of tsh, we further cloned these mutated cells by the limited dilution method in the absence of tsh. camp production in the cloned cells ( ...19901968381
functional enhancement of intrastriatal dopamine-containing grafts by the co-transplantation of sciatic nerve tissue in 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rats.peripheral nerve "bridges" demonstrate the ability to facilitate axonal growth and regenerate adult and fetal central nervous system tissue. the purpose of this study was to determine if co-grafted peripheral nerve tissue could enhance the ability of fetal dopamine (da) cell transplants to reinnervate host striatum that had been denervated unilaterally. male fisher-344 rats were unilaterally lesioned with 6-hydroxydopamine to eliminate the nigrostriatal da pathway. a total of 31 rats demonstrate ...19911907926
alveolar epithelial cell injuries by subchronic exposure to low concentrations of ozone correlate with cumulative exposure.electron microscopy morphometry has been used to study the effects of cumulative exposure of low levels of inhaled o3 on lung proximal alveolar tissue. six-week-old fisher 344 rats were exposed to o3 in two different subchronic low-level exposure patterns. the first was a 12 hr/day exposure for 6 weeks and included two o3 concentrations, 0.12 and 0.25 ppm. the second consisted of an exposure profile having a background level of 0.06 ppm with an exposure peak 5 days each week that went from 0.12 ...19912068723
randomized comparative study of cefixime versus cephalexin in acute bacterial exacerbations of chronic bronchitis.patients with purulent exacerbation of chronic bronchitis were randomized to receive either a single 400-mg daily dose of cefixime or 250 mg of cephalexin, orally, four times a day. patients were males with a mean age of 63 years. of the 86 patients, 71 (82%) had bronchitis caused by a single organism (29 by haemophilus influenzae, 27 by branhamella catarrhalis, 9 by gram-negative enteric organisms, 6 by streptococcus pneumoniae), while more than one pathogen was implicated in 15 patients (18%). ...19902118322
synthesis and in vivo photodynamic activity of some bacteriochlorin derivatives against bladder tumors in rodents.bacteriochlorins have been suggested as potential photosensitizers for use in photodynamic therapy. we have shown that bacteriochlorin-like macrocycles can be generated through cyclization of either 5,10- or 5,15-bis[(ethoxycarbonyl)vinyl]porphyrins; however, the resulting products are rapidly decomposed on exposure to air. more stable systems can be generated by diels-alder reactions between dienophiles such as dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate or tetracyanoethylene, and vinylporphyrinones. altho ...19912066985
experimental intravesical therapy for superficial transitional cell carcinoma in a rat bladder tumor model.a rodent bladder cancer model that is induced by intravesical instillation of n-methyl-n-nitrosourea (mnu) was characterized. cohorts of four to five week old female fisher 344 rats received four biweekly 1.5 mg. doses of intravesical mnu and were sacrificed at various intervals. by week 13 all animals had flat atypia and/or papillary transitional cell tumors, and 67% of the lesions were moderately (grade ii) or poorly differentiated (grade iii). by week 20, 83% had gross muscle invasive tumors ...19911997724
effects of gossypol on the hepatic drug metabolizing system in rats.gossypol, a polyphenolic pigment found in cotton plants, has been implicated as an antifertility agent. this pigment has been shown to alter myriad metabolic pathways. the objective of this study was to determine the effect of gossypol acetic acid on the hepatic microsomal drug metabolizing enzyme system in adult female fisher 344 rats. subcutaneous administration in both low (15 mg/kg) and high (30 mg/kg) doses of gossypol acetic acid for five consecutive days significantly (p less than 0.00001 ...19902083490
the effect of hypertonic saline resuscitation on bacterial translocation after hemorrhagic shock in rats.translocation of enteric bacteria occurs in rats after hemorrhagic shock. a proposed mechanism involves intestinal mucosal injury by hypoperfusion. recent work suggests that moderate hypovolemia causes gut arteriolar constriction, which is ameliorated by hypertonic saline resuscitation. bacterial translocation should, therefore, be reduced when hypertonic saline (hs) is used as the resuscitative fluid. seventy-eight sprague-dawley rats were anesthetized and subjected to 30 minutes of hemorrhagic ...19911925957
working memory and the aged rat: deficient two-choice win-stay water-escape acquisition and retention.twelve aged (22 months), 12 adult (12 months) and 12 young (3 months) male fisher 344 rats were compared on acquisition of a two-choice win-stay (spatial delayed matching-to-sample) water-escape working memory task. the 7 aged, 10 adult and 10 young animals that attained criterion were then compared on performance of the task when the retention interval (ri) was 5, 15, 30, 60 and 120 min. they were also compared on retention after being forced to perform an unsolvable water-escape task in a seco ...19912062901
rorschach assessment of psychological functioning in sexually abused girls.we measured psychological functioning in a group of 79 black females between the ages of 5 and 16 and a comparison group of nonabused girls using the rorschach. in addition to exner's (1985) comprehensive system, the elizur (1949) rorschach content test scale (rct), the mutuality of autonomy scale (moa; urist, 1977; urist & shill, 1982), and the barrier and penetration scales (fisher & cleveland, 1968) were used. sexually abused girls were found to show more disturbed thinking, to experience a h ...19912002437
amiodarone- and desethylamiodarone-induced pulmonary phospholipidosis, inhibition of phospholipases in vivo, and alteration of [14c]amiodarone uptake by perfused lung.amiodarone (am) pulmonary phospholipidosis in patients receiving this drug is well recognized. we investigated the in vivo phospholipidosis-inducing potency of am and its major nonpolar metabolite, desethylamiodarone (dea), in rats, their ability to inhibit phospholipases, and also the effects on pulmonary uptake of [14c] am. fisher-344 male rats (200 to 250 g) were given am or dea (100 mg/kg/d orally) for 2, 7, or 21 d. food consumption and body weight gain were significantly reduced by both am ...19912015101
distribution of chromium within cells of the blood.although a number of investigators have examined the uptake of chromium in red blood cells (rbc) or whole blood, little is known about chromium uptake in white blood cells (wbc). radiolabeled chromium (51cr) was used to determine chromium uptake and distribution. isolated rbc and enriched wbc populations were exposed in vitro to potassium chromate (cr+6) and uptake was determined over a 2-hr time period. exposure of either rat or human blood cells to 50 microm k2cro4 for 2 hr resulted in greater ...19912006503
expression of p53 mutant protein(s) in diethylnitrosamine-induced foci of enzyme-altered hepatocytes in male fischer-344 rats.several types of human and animal tumors have been shown to carry mutations in the p53 gene. while the translation product of the wild type gene has tumor suppressor properties, mutant alleles of the gene produce proteins that can cooperate with other oncogene products in transforming cells. in this paper, evidence is presented indicating that a p53 gene mutation(s) occurs in foci of enzyme-altered hepatocytes induced by diethylnitrosamine in male fisher-344 rats. the evidence was obtained by me ...19912044196
increased frequency of infection after open reduction of fractures in patients who are seropositive for human immunodeficiency a prospective study of 214 patients who had elective extensive operations for fractures, we compared the relative frequencies of postoperative infections in the seventeen patients who were seropositive for human immunodeficiency virus and had associated clinical symptoms, in the twenty-six patients who were seropositive and had no associated clinical symptoms, and in the 171 patients who were seronegative. the relative frequency of postoperative infection was significantly higher in patients ...19912045392
effects of perinatal alcohol exposure and dietary calcium supplements on skeletal and dental growth in rats.osteoporosis, hypocalcemia and skeletal size reduction are all common correlates of perinatal alcohol exposure. the present study assesses the effects of dietary calcium supplements on reversing perinatal alcohol-induced osteopenia. one hundred and twenty-nine offspring from fisher 344 rats received 14% v/v alcohol in tap water from conception to weaning or 3 months of age followed by dietary calcium supplements (230 mg/kg/day) to 6 months of age. significant group effects (p less than 0.001) we ...19912028725
bacillus calmette-guérin immunization in infants born to hiv-1-seropositive mothers.during the prospective follow-up of 64 babies at risk for perinatal hiv-1 infection because their mothers were seropositive, and of 130 control babies whose mothers were seronegative, we studied the occurrence of complications of bacillus calmette-guérin (bcg) immunization and its ability to induce cutaneous reactivity to tuberculin. babies born both to hiv-1-positive and hiv-1-negative mothers received bcg immunization during their first month of life according to the expanded programme on immu ...19912031692
differential dna-protein crosslinking in lymphocytes and liver following chronic drinking water exposure of rats to potassium chromate.carcinogenic chromium (vi) compounds are persistent environmental contaminants with potential for human exposure through drinking water. one lesion associated with chromium (vi) exposure is the formation of dna-protein crosslinks (dpc). in an attempt to develop markers of chromium exposure, the formation of dpc in lymphocytes was investigated. fisher 344 rats were exposed to k2cro4 in their drinking water for 3 and 6 weeks at concentrations of 100 and 200 ppm chromium. no dpc could be detected i ...19912038750
central regulation of stress responses: regulation of the autonomic nervous system and visceral function by corticotrophin releasing factor-41.our understanding of the role of crf in mediating integrated endocrine, autonomic and visceral stress responses is rudimentary at best. delineating the large number of neurochemical factors that influence the activity of crf-containing hypophyseotrophic neurones offers one direction for future research in this area. another approach might be to examine the neuropharmacological actions of transmitters which are co-localized within crf-containing neurones. for example, crf and dynorphin-related pe ...19912039427
natural antibodies against bone marrow cells of a concordant xenogeneic species.hyperacute rejection does not occur when vascularized organs are transplanted between rat and mouse, and this species combination is considered to be concordant. since hyperacute rejection is believed to reflect the presence of pre-existing antibodies (usually of the igm class), and lymphocytotoxic antibodies against rat cells have not been detected in normal mouse sera, it has previously been concluded that mouse anti-rat natural antibody (nab) does not exist. however, studies have not been rep ...19912051029
treatment of humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy in rats with inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase.the enzyme carbonic anhydrase has been suggested as a critical participant in osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. in humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy (hhm) intense osteoclastic bone resorption is principally responsible for the observed hypercalcemia. we therefore undertook to examine the effect of the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor acetazolamide on the hypercalcemia induced by the h500 leydig cell tumor in fisher rats, a well-described model of hhm. acetazolamide treatment for 10 h at 10 mg/h ...19901964358
high-dose epinephrine improves the return of spontaneous circulation rates in human victims of cardiac evaluate the return of spontaneous circulation (rsc) rates in human victims of cardiac arrest treated with standard doses of epinephrine (sde) or high-dose epinephrine (hde).19912064091
effect of ageing on adenylate cyclase activity and g-proteins in rat submandibular salivary glands.membranes were prepared from the submandibular salivary glands of male young (3-months-old) and aged (24-months-old), fisher 344 rats, and assayed for adenylate cyclase activity and for the ribosylation of g-proteins in the presence of [32p]-nad+ and cholera toxin. adenylate cyclase activity (basal, fluoride-, forskolin-, and isoproterenol-stimulated) was significantly lower (p less than 0.01) in the glands of aged rats. the pattern of ribosylation was different between the 2 groups. two cholera ...19902126429
effect of mild hyperthermia on the ischemic infarct volume after middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat.we investigated the effect of mild whole-body hyperthermia (40 degrees c) on a permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (mcao) model in fisher rats by subjecting them to mcao under the following conditions: (1) normothermia (n = 20); (2) hyperthermia (n = 14) before (1 hour), during, and after (1 hour) mcao; and (3) post-mcao hyperthermia (n = 14) for 1 hour. we measured brain and body temperatures during the experiment using micro-thermocouples and blood-brain-barrier (bbb) permeability using ...19912067642
age-related effects of chronic ethanol intake on vitamin a status in fisher 344 rats.the present study was designed to investigate the interaction of age and ethanol on vitamin a status in rats. rats aged 2 and 19 mo were fed a liquid diet containing 36% of total energy as ethanol or pair-fed a diet containing isoenergetic carbohydrate in place of ethanol. after 3 wk older rats had lower serum retinol (p = 0.04) and higher vitamin a concentrations in liver (p = 0.0001), esophagus (p = 0.0001) and the proximal (p = 0.03) and distal (p = 0.0001) colon than younger animals. hepatic ...19912007903
the degree of genetic disparity between donor and host correlates with survival of intraventricular substantia nigra grafts.we have evaluated the degree of genetic disparity that permits survival of intraventricular brain tissue grafts without additional immunosuppression. fisher 344 rats (n = 100) with unilateral substantia nigra lesions were used as hosts. donors consisted of fischer 344 rats (isografts), sprague-dawley rats (allografts), mice, hamsters, and rabbits (xenografts). grafts were obtained from the ventral mesencephalon of embryonic animals. the functional properties of the grafts were measured by behavi ...19901977465
multidisciplinary analysis of patients with extratemporal complex partial seizures. i. intertest 15 patients we hypothesized the origin of epilepsies to be 'extratemporal' based on videotaped seizures and surface eeg. neuropsychological tests and neuroimaging (cat, mri, and pet scans) were then compared to the hypothesized ictal sites. neuropsychological tests were abnormal in 86.6% and fdg-pet scans were abnormal in 73%. the neuropsychological tests and pet localized or lateralized areas of dysfunction to the same sites as electroclinical characteristics did in 85% of patients (p less t ...19902105881
intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence measurements suggest that polylactosaminyl glycosylation affects the protein conformation of the gelatin-binding domain from human placental fibronectin.glycosylation can affect the physical and biochemical properties of the polypeptide chain in glycoproteins. asparagine-n-linked polylactosaminyl glycosylation of the chymotryptic 44-kda gelatin-binding domain from human placental fibronectin confers protease resistance [zhu, b. c. r., fisher, s. f., panda, h., calaycay, j., shively, j. e. & laine, r. a. (1984) j. biol. chem. 259, 3962-3970] and weaken the binding to gelatin [zhu, b. c. r. & laine, r. a. (1985) j. biol. chem. 260, 4041-4045]. int ...19902112461
effect of miso (japanese soybean paste) and nacl on dmba-induced rat mammary ain-76a diet supplemented with miso (japanese soybean paste) reduced the incidence (p = 0.05, fishers exact test) and delayed the appearance (p = 0.04, log rank test) of dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (dmba)-induced mammary adenocarcinomas in female sprague-dawley rats. a nacl-supplemented ain-76a diet (containing the same amount of nacl as in the miso-supplemented diet) also delayed the appearance of tumors (p = 0.02, log rank test) compared with the ain-76a control diet. the miso- and nacl-suppl ...19902120681
fluconazole compared with amphotericin b plus flucytosine for cryptococcal meningitis in aids. a randomized compare the efficacy of fluconazole with amphotericin b plus flucytosine in the treatment of cryptococcal meningitis.19902197908
inhaled or intravenous pentamidine therapy for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in aids. a randomized compare inhaled pentamidine with intravenous pentamidine for the treatment of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids).19902197910
transcriptional regulation of messenger rna for ferritin heavy chain by thyrotropin.thyrotropin increased the steady state levels of ferritin heavy chain messenger rna in cultured fisher rat thyroid (frtl5) cells by about 2.5-fold. thyrotropin also stimulated the transcription rate of ferritin h gene determined by "nuclear run-on" assay by roughly the same extent as mrna levels. thyrotropin showed no effect on the stability of the ferritin heavy chain mrna, which was suggested using actinomycin d. the results suggest that thyrotropin increases ferritin heavy chain mrna expressi ...19902222492
immunocytochemical localization of proteoglycans within normal elastin fibers.appreciable amounts of glycosaminoglycans have been found by immunocytochemistry within mature elastin fibers of human dermis. on thin sections, elastin fibers showed antigenic sites for monoclonal antibodies recognizing the unsaturated units remaining after digestion of hyaluronic acid with streptomyces hyaluronidase and after digestion of dermatan and chondroitin sulfates with chondroitinase abc. moreover, sectioned elastin fibers were positive towards antibodies raised against synthetic pepti ...19902127920
[the miller-fisher syndrome during echo-7 neuro-infection. a case history].the authors describe a case of a 36-year old male patient with the miller fisher syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia. an apparent etiopathogenetic factor in this case appears to be echo 7 virus. the pathological process was localized in the brainstem.19902131433
eeg cartography before and after visual stimulation: a group study with descriptive non-parametric analysis of eeg data.ten right-handed students were submitted to a protocol of cognitive visual stimulations based on six successive sequences: ec1, eo, b1, b2, b3, ec2. following a first "eyes closed" (ec1) multiple eeg recording (16 eeg leads, plus polygraphy), and an "eyes-open" recording (eo) with central visual fixation, 60 computer-controlled slides were presented successively for each of three successive recordings (b1, b2, b3) before the last "eyes-closed" recording (ec2). in b1, the subjects were asked to l ...19902094300
chemosensitization of the nitrosoureas by 2-nitroimidazoles in the subcutaneous 9l tumor model: pharmacokinetic and structure-activity considerations.alterations of the pharmacokinetics and cytotoxic effects of the nitrosoureas, 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (bcnu) and 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(cyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea (ccnu) by the 2-nitroimidazoles, misonidazole (miso) and sr-2508 were investigated using the subcutaneous (sc) 9l tumor model in male fisher 344 rats. when 50 mg/kg of ccnu was given i.p., the peak plasma concentration of ccnu was about 3 micrograms/ml. ccnu was eliminated with biphasic kinetics that had a terminal half-time ...19902140824
sequential ultrastructural podocytic lesions and development of proteinuria in serum sickness nephritis in the rat.serum sickness nephritis was induced in fisher rats by immunization with egg albumin (ea) and correlations between immune complex deposition, alterations of podocytes and development of proteinuria were analysed. immunoelectron microscopy showed that ea, rat igg and c3 were confined to the electron-dense deposits (ds). from 3 weeks, when significant proteinuria had developed, the subepithelial region was filled with large numbers of ds on the peripheral capillary wall as well as in the paramesan ...19902146798
replication-dependent transactivation of the polyomavirus late promoter.when a plasmid containing the wild-type polyomavirus intergenic regulatory region fused to the bacterial cat gene was introduced into mouse nih 3t3 cells along with a plasmid coding for the early viral proteins (t antigens), chloramphenicol transacetylase enzyme activity and mrna levels were increased about 10-fold over levels observed in the absence of early proteins. to investigate this transactivation phenomenon further, 11 specific deletion mutant derivatives of the wild-type parent plasmid ...19902154625
promotion of colonic microadenoma growth in mice and rats fed cooked sugar or cooked casein and fat.we studied the effect of cooked food components on the promotion of microadenoma growth in the colons of mice and rats. cf1 mice and fisher 344 rats were initiated with azoxymethane, with 152 mice receiving four weekly i.p. injections of 5 mg/kg, 59 rats receiving a single injection of 20 mg/kg, and 24 rats receiving 30 mg/kg. a week after the last injection, the animals were randomly assigned to one of eight diets with identical ingredients, but the three components, sucrose, casein, and beef t ...19902208161
production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against the lethal factor component of bacillus anthracis lethal toxin.the lethal toxin of bacillus anthracis consists of two components, protective antigen and lethal factor. protective antigen is cleaved after binding to cell receptors, yielding a receptor-bound fragment that binds lethal factor. sixty-one monoclonal antibodies to the lethal factor protein have been characterized for specificity, antibody subtype, and ability to neutralize lethal toxin. three monoclonal antibodies (10g3, 2e7, and 3f6) neutralized lethal toxin in fisher 344 rats. however, in a mac ...19902111283
tsh action on iodination in frtl-5 cells.this study shows that the fisher rat thyroid cell line (frtl-5) can iodinate thyroglobulin (tg) in an selective way. the tg-iodination is tsh dependent and shows a optimum at 10-100 microu tsh/ml. intracellularly, tg and various other non tg-related proteins are iodinated in a tsh dependent fashion. tg added to the medium is specifically iodinated, this occurs already in microgram amounts, in contrast to many other proteins present in the medium. only albumin, present in mg amounts is clearly io ...19902210631
evaluation of heartworm immunodiagnostic this report, the use of appropriate statistical methods for the evaluation of heartworm immunodiagnostic tests is discussed. the evaluation of these tests is complicated by factors causing variation in sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and predictive values of positive and negative test results. the primary sources of inconsistency are variation in the prevalence of heartworm infection among populations of dogs and the sensitivity of immunodiagnostic tests to various categories of heartworm ...19902211321
in vitro synthesis of 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone by female rat liver microsomes: its possible role in the etiology of breast cancer.liver homogenates from female rat strains (sprague-dawley, wistar and fisher) were incubated in a nadph regenerating medium in the presence of labelled and unlabelled estrone. liver microsomes isolated from male rats and female mice were used as positive controls. using hplc and paper chromatography, under the experimental conditions used it was found that liver homogenates from female rats were able to convert estrone to various metabolites such as 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone. in a mutagenicity ass ...19902214769
anesthesia and immunosuppression in an experimental model.the purpose of the present work was to study: (1) if anesthesia induces changes in the helper/cytotoxic/suppressor t cell ratio in the rat spleen, and (2) if there is any difference between two anesthetic methods usually employed in rat experimentation. 50 fisher 344 rats were allotted into 5 groups. in group a (control), a splenectomy was performed in an average time of 3 min under ether anesthesia. in groups b1 and b2, the rats anesthetized for 1 h with ether (group b1) or with one single dose ...19902150373
neural adaptation in imipramine-treated rats processed in forced swim test: assessment of time course, handling, rat strain and amine uptake.the intent of the present series of experiments was to better understand the events that produce a rapid adaptation of beta adrenergic and serotonin-2 (5-ht2) receptors when imipramine treatment and forced swim are combined in sprague-dawley rats. beta adrenergic and 5-ht2 receptors were evaluated at specific stages of the forced swim test with and without imipramine treatment. rapid changes in receptor binding were observed in saline-treated rats during specific stages of the test. the changes ...19902157002
tyrosine-96 as a natural spectroscopic probe of the cytochrome p-450cam active site.the previously described correlation between the ferric spin equilibrium of cytochrome p-450cam and the environmental polarity of tyrosine residues (fisher et al., 1986) has been further examined with the use of site-directed mutagenesis and active-site affinity reagents. whereas the wild-type demonstrates an increase in environmental polarity of approximately one tyrosine residue, the mutant protein y96f, in which tyr-96 has been changed to phe-96, demonstrates a lack of spin-state-dependent ch ...19902182119
influence of trypanosoma cruzi strain on the pathogenesis of chronic myocardiopathy in mice.the murine model of chronic chaga's myocardiopathy was developed in 201 inbred and outbred mice. the experimental groups consisted of 1st: 73 inbred akr and a/j mice inoculated with one of the following trypanosoma cruzi strains: peruvian (type i), 12 sf (type ii) or colombian (type iii); 2nd: 128 outbred swiss mice, chronically infected either with type ii or type iii strains isolated from human patients from different geographical areas. all t. cruzi strains were previously characterized by th ...19902215229
evaluation of metastatic cardiac calcification in a model of chronic primary hyperparathyroidism.recent reports have fueled an interest in the prevalence and significance of metastatic calcium deposition in patients with chronic hyperparathyroidism. experimental data are limited by the lack of suitable in vivo animal models. we have developed a model of marked hypercalcemia and overproduction of parathyroid hormone using somatic gene transfer. briefly, the process involves infection of cultured rodent fibroblasts (rat-1 cells) with a retroviral expression vector that contains the gene encod ...19902247829
absorption and metabolism of procaine by the rat small intestine.the aim of this study was to obtain information about the absorption of procaine in the rat small intestine (fisher-parsons preparation). in the range from 0.25-10 mmol.l-1 procaine in the luminal perfusate, much more of the unchanged drug was absorbed in segments of the ileum than of the duodenum and jejunum. besides procaine, two metabolites, p-aminobenzoic acid (paba) and acetylated p-aminobenzoic acid (aaba), formed in the intestinal mucosa, appeared in the absorbate. with increasing substra ...19902234105
comparison of phenytoin with noncompetitive n-methyl-d-aspartate antagonists in a model of focal brain ischemia in rat.recent in vitro and in vivo experiments have suggested that excitatory amino acid antagonists, particularly those active at the n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor subtype, are effective in ameliorating ischemic injury due to their antiexcitotoxic activity. however, these drugs are also potent and effective in vivo anticonvulsants. the present experiments compared the noncompetitive n-methyl-d-aspartate antagonists phencyclidine and mk-801 with the anticonvulsant phenytoin in a model of focal brain is ...19902237985
mri characterization of 9l-glioma in rat brain at 4.7 vivo estimation of intracranial tumor progression is important in tumor treatment response studies in animal models. high resolution mr images at 4.7 t of 9l-gliomas stereotactically implanted in fisher-344 rat brains were obtained. due to elongation of t1 at higher fields, tissue contrast is diminished in t1-weighted images. however, normal anatomy and vasogenic edema are clearly discerned in t2-weighted images (echo times of greater than 50 ms and recycle times of greater than 2 sec). tumor ...19902338899
continuous nimodipine treatment attenuates cortical infarction in rats subjected to 24 hours of focal cerebral ischemia.focal cerebral infarction and edema were measured in rats (wistar, fisher 344, and spontaneously hypertensive strains) pretreated with nimodipine (2 micrograms/kg/min i.v.) or its vehicle and subjected to the tandem occlusion of the middle cerebral and common carotid arteries. animals awoke from anesthesia 10-15 min after onset of ischemia and continued to receive treatment over a 24-h survival period. cortical infarction and edema were quantified by image analysis of frozen brain sections proce ...19902298839
dose-response relationship between o6-methylguanine formation in clara cells and induction of pulmonary neoplasia in the rat by 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone.the relationship between the formation of o6-methylguanine (o6mg) and the induction of lung, liver, and nasal tumors in the fisher 344 rat by the tobacco-specific nitrosamine 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (nnk) was examined in a dose-response study. animals were treated for 20 wk (3 times/wk) with concentrations of nnk ranging from 0.03 to 50 mg/kg to induce tumors. steady-state concentrations of o6mg were quantitated, and cytotoxicity was assessed in target cells and tissues af ...19902340522
[experimental anthrax infection in laboratory animals with differing species susceptibility to the causative agent].in guinea pigs and noninbred white mice, infected subcutaneously with anthrax which resulted in their death, characteristic generalized infection with the hematogenic contamination of their organs and the signs of intoxication and shock could be observed. in inbred white rats (fisher 344) the invasion and dissemination of b. anthracis are relatively slightly pronounced, the phenomena of intoxication and shock being clearly prevalent.19902120875
physiological and biochemical indices of neurohypophyseal function in the aging fischer order to resolve conflicting reports in the literature on the effect of aging on the hypothalamo neurohypophyseal system (hns) in rats, multiple parameters associated with the hns were evaluated in young (4 months), fully mature (14 months), and old (25 months) fischer 344 rats under basal and stimulated conditions. the hypothalamic hormones oxytocin and vasopressin were compared in radioimmunoassay of serum, urine, brain and pituitary. information on body weight, water intake, urine output, ...19902125706
enhancement of pancreatic and hepatic glutathione levels in rats during cyanohydroxybutene intoxication.1-cyano-2-hydroxy-3-butene (chb), a cruciferous plant product, is hepatotoxic, pancreatotoxic, and elevates glutathione (gsh) in liver and pancreas. whether gsh elevation is preceded by a depletion related to toxic insult, or whether toxicity and gsh elevation are unrelated, is not known. to evaluate the temporal relationship between toxicity and gsh levels, male fisher 344 rats (6/group) were given chb (200 mg/kg po) and killed up to 96 hr after dosing. at death, histological and ultrastructura ...19902307313
evaluation of polyvalent anti-pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine in phagocytic order to obtain immune reaction for all known pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotypes (7 according to fisher), mucoid and nonmucoid variants, rabbits were immunized with polyvalent vaccine consisting of 3 mucoid (1, 3, 5) and 4 nonmucoid (2, 4, 6, 7) immunotypes. the serum of immunized animals induced an increase in normal rabbit granulocyte phagocytosis level as well as intracellular killing of all pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotypes, both mucoid and nonmucoid variants. the serum was also observed ...19902129384
chimeric analysis of the site of lurcher gene action with respect to glial enzyme expression.immunocytochemical analysis of aggregation chimeras made using either of the mutants, lurcher or purkinje cell degeneration, previously showed that only bergmann glia close to surviving purkinje cells expressed an apparently normal level of the enzyme, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (gpdh) (fisher and mullen, 1988). in the present study, aggregation chimeras were made using embryos from a b6d2 hybrid mouse strain carrying the lurcher (lc/+) mutation and homozygous for an allele specifying a ...19902358967
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