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further studies of crossed and uncrossed pathway responding in callosal agenesis--reply to kinsbourne and fisher. 19744842918
relative tissue distribution of radioactivity in rats with endocrine "autonomous" breast carcinomas after 3h-,99mtc-, and 64cu-bleomycin.the localization of 64cu-, 3h-, and 99mtc-labeled bleomycin was studied in tissues of fisher rats bearing an endocrine autonomous breast tumor. the 64cu-bleomycin showed a greater uptake than 3h- and 99mtc-bleomycin in the breast tumor at all time intervals studied, from 2 to 72 hr after the tracer. this same differential uptake was shared by the liver and kidney.197545938
cordycepin inhibition of 3-methylcholanthrene-induced transformation in vitro.cordycepin (3-deoxyadenosine), an inhibitor of poly (a) synthesis, was found to inhibit the induction of the endogenous type "c" rna virus by 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine in a line of fisher rat embryo cells (h43) grown in vitro, and when continuously incorporated into the medium at those same concentrations, it was found to protect the cells from transformation by the chemical carcinogen 3-methylcholanthrene.197554927
interaction of bacterial cell wall polymers and rat macrophages.processing of group a and group d streptococcal cell wall was measured after phagocytosis by normal rat peritoneal cells in tissue culture. group a cell wall was practically non-biodegradable in contrast to group d, which was over 80% degraded by 4-8 days in culture. there was no difference in elimination or degradation of mucopeptide or polysaccharide of group a cell walls. neither antiserum or sensitized lymphocytes affected persistence. macrophages from fisher rats (susceptible to group a cel ...1975126561
[quantitative study of serotonin-containing cells in fetal rabbit duodenum].in order to attempt identification in vitro of parameters involved in the cellular differenciation, it was necessary to possess a standard material with identical content and distribution of serotonin cells; these two properties are investigated in this paper. falck's technic is the only sensitive and specific method in demonstrating serotonin young cells devoid of argentaffinity. from 21, 22, 23 and 25 days old rabbit foetuses, 10 mm length duodenal pieces were treated according to falck and se ...1975129233
complement in graft versus host disease: il depletion of complement components during a systemic graft versus host reaction in the rat (38499).serum complement (c) and c components were examined during a systemic graft versus host (gvh) reaction in the rat. in our series of experiments (lewis times brown norway) f-1 hybrid rats (60-80g) were given 200 times 10-6 or 400 times 10-6 lewis spleen cells intravenously. clinical gvh disease appeared 5-7 days after cell injection. five of six rats in the experimental groups had a fall in levels of serum c2 (20-76%) and c4 (75-98%). only one of six rats in the control group had a significant fa ...1975236566
serotyping of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from patients with cystic fibrosis of the pancreas.pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates (173) from 144 patients with cystic fibrosis (cf) of the pancreas in seven hospitals were serotyped with the agglutination systems of homma (1974) and fisher et al. (1969). the two systems were complementary. strains from cf patients were much less likely to furnish a stable type on repetitive typing tests than strains from other patients. this was related to the frequent occurrence of mucoid p. aeruginosa strains. the 173 strains were divided among 11 homma serot ...1975809484
a modification of the jump-flinch technique for measuring pain sensitivity in rats.the jump-flinch procedure provides a sensivite alternative to the hot-plate and tail-flick procedures. analysis of the components of motor responses to increasing intensity of foot shock presentation has allowed the observational discrimination of five reliably elicited categories of unlearned responses to inescapable foot shock. morphine sulfate differentially altered response category thresholds in rats. response category thresholds also differed between wistar and fisher strain rats in analge ...19751129354
host-parasite relationship of bulinus forskalii (ehrenberg) and schistosoma intercalatum fisher 1934, from cameroun.the susceptibility of 13 different b. forskalii strains from zaire, cameroun, gabon, senegal, rhodesia and tanzania and b. reticulatus wrighti aden has been tested to infection with schistosoma intercalatum from cameroun. the most common prepatent period was 23-28 days. b. forskalii from zaire, cameroun and gabon were excellent intermediate hosts with infection rates varying from 59-0 to 97-4% and with very low death rates, 0-28-4%. the strains from senegal and rhodesia had infection rates from ...19751151052
transport of deutherium oxide across isolated rat small intestine.1. transport of deuterium oxide from a luminal perfusate containing 1% d2o was studied in fisher & gardners (1974) isolated preparation of perfused rat small intestine. 2. the kinetics of appearance of d2o in the intestinal secretion at the serosal surface fitted well to a single exponential function. 3. the steady-state concentration of d2o in this secretion was not significantly different from the concentration in the luminal perfusate. 4. the total tissue water contained d2o at a concentratio ...19751177106
observations on possible autoimmune therapeutic effects in experimentally produced rat bladder tumors.autoimmune response to normal and tumor bladder tissues in fisher/furth rats were obtained. the reaction consisted mainly of severe pericystitis and hemorrhagic lesions. the cellular infiltrate was predominantly lymphocytic including also plasma cells and histiocytes. serological tests indicated development of host immunological response. 15 of 33 rat bladder tumors involuted entirely in the course of the autoimmune reaction.19751189123
[development of resistance in fisher lymphadenosis cells to dipin and bruneomycin when these preparations are used separately and in combination].it was shown that dipin and bruneomycin resistant tumor cells appeared in mice with transplanted lymphadenosis after 10 passages on single use of the drugs. when the drugs were used in combination, no lymphadenosis cells resistant either to bruneomycin, or to dipin and their combination were found. the combined use of the drugs prevented development of resistance to them in the lymphadenosis cells at least during 10 passages on mice. the data on the possible prevention of the resistance developm ...19751211895
influence of age on size and number of fat cells in the epididymal depot.the extensive literature on the effect of rat age on the size and number of adipocytes in adipose tissue depots relates solely to young developing rats and young adults. therefore a study was carried out in our laboratory on the cellular characteristics of the epididymal depot of the fisher 344 strain of rats through virtually the entire life-span. collagenase digests of this depot prepared from rats of 9, 13, 26, 52, 104, and 130 wk of age yield a population of cells with diameters greater than ...19751239957
oxidative energy metabolism in germ-free and conventional rat liver mitochondria.the adp:o ratios and state 3 (adp-stimulated) and state 4 (controlled) rates of succinate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, isocitrate, glutamate, pyruvate + malate, alpha-ketoglutarate, and ascorbate + n,n,n',n'-tetramethylphenylenediamine (tmpd) oxidation were examined in liver mitochondria from germ-free and conventional rats of both lobund wistar (100-day-old) and fisher (120-day-old) strains. the state 3 respiration rates of isolated mitochondria from germ-free and conventional rats were comparable ex ...19751122009
[renal effects and metabolism of sevoflurane in fisher 3444 rats: an in-vivo and in-vitro comparison with methoxyflurane].sevoflurane, 1.4 per cent (mac), was administered to groups of fischer 344 rats for 10 hours, 4 hours, or 1 hour; additional rats received 0.5 per cent methoxyflurane for 3 hours or 1 hour. urinary inorganic fluoride excretion of sevoflurane in vivo was a third to a fourth that of methoxyflurane. however, using hepatic microsomes, sevoflurane and methoxyflurane were defluorinated in vitro at essentially the same rate. the discrepancy between defluorination of sevoflurane and methoxyflurane in vi ...19751147310
synthetic capacity and cell metabolites of bile duct obstructed rat livers. effect of free and conjugated dihydroxy bile acids.morphologic alterations in liver cells after bile duct ligation are well known and documented in numerous reports. biochemical studies concerning metabolic changes in cholestatic liver are rare. therefore, in this study, liver cell metabolites and the capacity of the perfused cholestatic rat liver to produce glucose, urea and ketone bodies were measured. in addition the influence of dihydroxy bile acids on normal and bile duct ligated rat livers was studied. concentrations of adenine nucleotides ...19751199667
[the fisher-evans syndrome. report on 5 cases]. 19751239821
genetics of the rh-hr locus in analysis is attempted to throw more light on the inheritance of rhesus factor in humans and the fisher-race and wiener's concepts are respectively evaluated. it is claimed that the rh-hr locus is not comprised of the recombination of c, d, e, c and e genes, much less the help of the auxiliary (d) which merely appears to be a conventional approach derived from an even principle of recombination for a polyhybrid cross. as for wiener's rare or common mutants of rh-hr in humans and the emergence ...1975817554
pure motor hemiplegia secondary to brain-stem tumour.'pure motor hemiplegia' is a common stroke syndrome defined by fisher as paralysis of face, arm, and leg on one side, unaccompanied by sensory signs, visual field defect, aphasia, or apractognosia. it occurs almost exclusively in hypertensive patients and carried a good prognosis. we report a case of a normotensive patient in whom pure motor hemiplegia was the presenting feature, not of a cerebrovascular syndrome, but of a pontine glioblastoma. we note that brain-stem tumours may masquerade as b ...1975176327
fusion of the distal femoral epiphysis in male and female marten and fisher. 19751192293
[transient global amnesia - a paroxysmal amnestic syndrome (author's transl)].the syndrome of transient global amnesia is clinically characterized by a disorder of the ability to form memory engrams, appearing suddenly and lasting for several hours. since the first papers on this syndrome by bender (1956) and fisher and adams (1964) approximately one hundred cases of transient global amnesia have been described. symptomatology, course, somatic findings and differential diagnosis are discussed with consideration of the literatur and three own observations. regarding the et ...19751041711
[the fisher syndrome. symptoms and nosology of a special form of polyradiculoneuritis]. 1975772456
genetic and environmental influences on morphological has been made of 37 anthropometric measurements in a socially selected sample of 125 belgian families, comprising parents and adult children. the parent-child and mid-parent-child correlation coefficients indicate that the extent of genetic determination varies considerably from one measurement to another, being greatest in the longitudinal body measurements, least in the circumferences involving soft tissues and in measures of the nose and mouth. further analysis of the intrafamilial corr ...197516431681
conditions for the existence of clines.a very general partial differential equation in space and time satisfied by the gene frequency in a monoecious population distributed continuously over an arbitrary habitat is derived. the treatment is restricted to a single diallelic locus in the absence of mutation and random drift, and it is supposed that time is continuous, births and deaths occur at random, and migration is independent of genotype. with the further assumptions that migration is isotropic and homogeneous, the population dens ...19751232026
miller-fisher polyneuritis. 19751240634
[a case of fisher-evans syndrome]. 19751170487
a comparison of two heated water-bath humidifiers.the performance of two heated water-bath humidifiers was examined in terms of airway temperatures and humidities. these were the simple heated tank (marshall and spalding, 1953) and the fisher and paykel no. 328 (spence and melville, 1972), both of which had the potential to deliver gases at temperatures above 40 degrees c, and with a moisture content in excess of 50 mg/litre. the major advantage of the no. 328 was its heating wire in the delivery tube. this lessened or prevented condensation wi ...19751130644
constitution and body proportions in different strains of rats. a study of race formation in breeding isolates.(1) there are considerable differences in body constitution in different strains of rats, ranging from very robust to very gracile forms. the differences are greater in the larger males than in the smaller females. (2)craniofacial and postcranial proportions of the trunk in domesticated strains of rats differ either uniformly or mosaically from the wild form. (3)nasal shape differs greatly in rats ranging from extreme leptorrhine to extreme platyrrhine forms, giving a total range greater than in ...1976961343
selective effect on t and b cell subpopulations in rat lymphoid organs after urethan vitro phytohemagglutinin (pha) and concanavalin a (con a) responsiveness of thymus and bone marrow cells, and e, ea, and eac rosette-forming cells (e, ea, eac) of these organs and spleen were studied in fisher rats at various time intervals following a carcinogenic treatment with urethan (ur). immediately after treatment, organ cellularities were drastically reduced with a progressive recovery as time passed. 1 day after treatment, the response of thymocytes to pha showed a fourfold increase ...19761083833
automated rodent respiratory monitor and histogram computer--a preliminary report.the system described in this paper was designed to monitor total inhaled volume (v), tidal volume (vt), and respiratory frequency (f) of fisher rats before, during, and after exposure to cigarette smoke. the systems consists of three major subsystems: plethysmograph, analog signal conditioner, and histogram computer. the volume type whole body plethysmograph incorporates a rubber nose seal. tidal flow rate (v) from the tube, measured by a pneumotachometer, is integrated by the signal conditionin ...1976977275
feminization of hepatic s metabolism in male rats with a transplanted (mtt/f4).after transplantation of mtt/f4 pituitary tumor cells to male rats of the fisher strain, the masculine type of hepatic steroid metabolism was changed into a feminine pattern of enzyme activities. liver metabolism of steroid hormones in female rats was relatively unaffected following transplantation of pituitary tumor cells. futhermore, extract from mtt/f4 tumors and "autonomous" pituitary tissue increased the 5alpha-reductase activity of hepatoma cells in the culture (htc cells) at subsaturation ...1976947549
an evaluation of the role of leukocytes in the pathogenesis of experimentally induced corneal vascularization. iii. studies related to the vasoproliferative capability of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and lymphocytes.studies in the past have suggested that leukocytes are a prerequisite to corneal vascularization. to test this hypothesis further, experiments were conducted to determine whether the intracorneal instillation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, lymphocytes, or components of leukocytes would induce a corneal vascular ingrowth. these cells or cellular fractions were injected intracorneally into fisher albino rats whose circulating leukocytes had been depleted by total body x-irradiation. polymorphonu ...19761247083
fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase from young and adult rats.fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase (e.c. was purified from the livers of young (69-86 days) and adult (370-386 days) fisher rats. the enzyme preparations were examined for increasing amounts of missynthesized proteins by means of heat-inactivation as well as for differences in regulatory properties. no significant difference with respect to the fraction of rapidly heat-inactivated enzyme or km- and ki-values was found. these results do not support the hypothesis that error accumulation result ...1976178710
measurement of acute and chronic behavioural effects of methamphetamine in the mouse.a simple and reliable method was developed for rating the dose-related behavioural effects of methamphetamine in male swiss albino mice for acute or chronic drug treatment. this procedure was based on a frequency count of certain behaviours made at 15-min intervals over a 90-min period following drug administration. the fisher randomization procedure was adapted to analyze behavioural data for the chronic studies. clear-cut, dose-related behavioural responses occurred following acute (+)-methamp ...1976823582
androgen receptor dependent and independent activities of testosterone on hepatic microsomal drug metabolism.administration of testosterone for 6 days to intact female and castrate male balb/cj mice stimulated hepatic microsomal ethylmorphine n-demethylase activity and cytochrome p-450 content by 50-75%. testosterone also stimulated hepatic microsomal nadph-oxidase activity, but to a lesser degree. to probe the mechanism of this effect of androgens, two antiandrogens (cyproterone acetate and flutamide) were employed. since cyproterone acetate was a potent stimulator of hepatic microsomal ethylmorphine ...1976991826
haploidploidy and the evolution of the social insect.halminton (1) was apparently the first to appreciate that the synthesis of mendelian genetics with darwin's theory of natural selection had profound implications for social theory. in particular, insofar as almost all social behavior is either selfish or altruistic (or has such effects), genetical reasoning suggests that an individual's social behavior should be adjusted to his or her degree of relatedness, r, to all individuals affected by the behavior. we call this theory kinship theory. the s ...19761108197
the rate of skin allografts within the prostate.there is good evidence demonstrating the absence of lymphatic drainage in the normal glandular prostate. in other organs, such as the brain and anterior chamber of the eye, this property is associated with an impaired response to foreign tissue antigens. we have examined the first set allograft survival of normal skin transplanted between strains of male inbred rats (lewis leads to fisher) to various sites including the prostate. the resulting data indicate that the prostate is not an immunologi ...1976786938
creativity and body image boundaries.descriptions of the creative individual or the individual who can regress in the service of the ego seem to parallel fisher and cleveland's (1968) description of the high barrier individual: well-integrated; self-sufficient, but often outgoing and communicative; and able to experience a full range of sensation and emotions without neurotic anxiety. the relationships between barrier and five measures associated with creativity were investigated, using 100 paid male college student volunteers. the ...1976943498
age-related changes in the lipid metabolism of fisher 344 rats.lipid metabolism of male fisher 344 rats aged 2-24 months was studied. serum and liver cholesterol levels did not display the age-related gradual increase seen in other rat strains. an increase in the serum plus liver cholesterol pool from 2 to 6 months was followed by a plateau through 18 months and then another increase at 24 months of age. the triglyceride pool increased from 2 to 6 months and then remained unchanged through 24 months of age. cholesterol synthesis from acetate decreased 50% b ...1976972580
[cross resistance in tumor cells and staphylococci with respect to anthracycline-group antineoplastic antibiotics].the variants of the tumor cells of fisher lymphadenosis, strain l-5178 and staph. aureus resistant to rubomycin simultaneously became partially less sensitive to adriamycin. sensitivity to karminomycin in the rubomycin resistant strains did not practically change as compared to the sensitivity of the initial strains. sensitivity to adriamycin and rubomycin in staph. aureus decreased 67 and 4 times respectively after 7 passages on media with increasing concentrations of adriamycin, while sensitiv ...1976999240
[carcinoid papillomatosis].papilomatosis carcinoides, presents clinical and histological characteristics that may be authentically described as a transition state between the benign papillomatous proliferations and spindle cell carcinoma. it involves a series of clinical conditions, that are described with different names that correspond to the condyloma accuminatum gigantum. [buschke and lowenstein) wartic carcinoma [ackerman], papillomatosis oral florid [rock and fisher], carcinomatoid [gilbert] profuse conjuntival papi ...19761035386
hepatic phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase is a phosphoprotein.phenylalanine hydroxylase [phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase; ec; l-phenylalanine, tetrahydropteridine:oxygen oxidoreductase(4-hydroxylating)] isolated from rat liver is a phosphoprotein containing approximately 0.31 mumol of protein-bound phosphate per mumol of subunit (50,000 molecular weight). when the enzyme is further phosphorylated in the presence of atp and a 3'5'-cyclic-amp-dependent protein kinase (ec; atp:protein phsophotransferase), an additional 0.7 mumol of phosphate ...19761064028
role of galactose in the antigenic properties of thyroglobulin.thyroglobulins (tg) from a "hot" human thyroid nodule and from fisher rats have been purified and the effects of progressive removal of sialic acid and galactose on the immunoreactive properties of the proteins were studied. terminal sialic acid and galactose were released by stepwise hydrolysis with neuraminidase and beta-galactosidase. agalacto-tg shows a slower electrophoretic mobility than native tg, but in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis it migrates in the same ...1976822669
[guillain barré- polyneuroradiculitis and fisher-syndrome in cytomegalovirus infections (author's transl)].in seven patients suffering from polyneuroradiculitis of the guillain-barré type and one case of fisher syndrome, a cytomegalovirus infection was found. the elevation of the virus-specific igm-antibodies was confirmed in all cases. the clinical course was severe and acute with respiratory disturbances, but complete remission occurred within 1-4 months. the complement fixing antibodies were highest during the first week of illness, so that further elevations could not be demonstrated, therefore m ...1976189727
nightingale letter to alice fisher in philadelphia. 19761106269
the prevalence of antibodies against toxoplasma gondii in some ontario mammals.a survey of serum samples from mammals trapped in central ontario showed that many contained antibodies to toxoplasma gondii. the prevalence of infection as reflected by positive reactions in the sabin-feldman dye test appeared to be related to the type of diet of each species examined, and specifically, to the proportion of rodents in the diet. of the fox blood samples tested, 84% were positive. the percentage of positive samples diminished through, coyote, mink, bear, fisher skunk, raccoon, ma ...197616498870
composite sampling certain types of materials, such as bags of fertilizer, or subsampling large quantities of water, as might be done in investigating the density of plankton in certain environmental situations, it is customary to composite the samples. that is, several samples are drawn, mixed into a composite sample, and a sample taken from the composite is then used to determine relevant characteristics of the population. in this paper the results of brown and fisher [1972] are extended to more comp ...1976953130
estimates of the heritability of serum lipoprotein and lipid concentrations.heritability (h2) of a serum lipid or a serum lipoprotein concentration is the proportion of variability in that concentration, among individuals, which is associated with heredity. we derive a familiar formula for estimating heritability (h2) from a simple linear model for inheritance. the formula was implied by fisher (1918) and by wright (1921); it was derived from a consideration of variances by jensen (1967), and from a consideration of path coefficients by rao et al. (1974). the estimate o ...1976945139
polyradiculitis (landry-guillain-barré syndrome) with total external ophthalmoplegia: ophthalmoplegia is described in an eight-year-old boy with polyradiculitis. the findings suggest central nervous system involvement. it is postulated that this case represents an entity intermediate between the miller-fisher and the landry-guillain-barré syndromes, with features of brain-stem encephalitis.1976939350
a model for assortative is shown that a generalization of the hardy-weinberg law of the proportions of genotypes of the kind given by wright (1922) is maintained in equilibrium by a pattern of assortative mating suggested by fisher (1918) and elaborated by malécot (1939, 1948).1976952488
metastrongyles (nematoda: metastrongyloidea) of fisher (martes pennanti) from ontario. 1976949653
winds of change on fishers lane. 19761032964
the morphology of the femur in marten and fisher. 19761260574
[cranial polyradiculitis or the so-called fisher syndrome].in the light of 3 personally observed cases a description is given of polyradiculitis cranialis or socalled fisher's syndrome, a separate form of guillain-barre-strohl polyradiculitis. it is a combination of acute ataxia, areflexia and ophthalmoplegia. the cause is probably an immunological reaction to a harmless infectious disease. reversible or limited demyelination is assumed. the demyelination occurs particularly in the peripheral nerves and their spinal roots, but also in the spinal-cerebel ...19761013715
the acute toxicity of four herbicides to 0-4 hour nauplii of cyclops vernalis fisher (copepoda, cyclopoida). 19761016756
evidence for dimensional independence in short-term memory of retarded individuals.this experiment was designed to assess the relative importance of dimensional similarity between test and interpolated problems and absolute difficulty of interpolated material as variables influencing short-term retention in the discrimination learning of retarded persons. twenty moderate-to-borderline retarded individuals were taught a mixed series of two-trial discriminations consisting of: (a) relatively easy multidimensional ("junk") problems and (b) more difficult, form-relevant dotpattern ...1976985634
the evolutionary advantage of recombination. ii. individual selection for recombination.based on the fisher-muller theory of the evolution of recombination, an argument can be constructed predicting that a recessive allele favoring recombination will be favored, if there are either favorable or deleterious mutants occurring at other loci. in this case there is no clear distinction between individual and group selection. computer simulation of populations segregating for recessive or dominant recombination alleles showed selection favoring recombination, except in the case of a domi ...1976971808
[letter: comments on the paper by j. ullrich: "the fisher-syndrome. symptomatology and nosology of a special form of polyradiculoneuritis" (this j., 46, 417-421 (1975)]? 1976958557
electrophysiological findings in the syndrome of acute ocular muscle palsy with ataxia (fisher syndrome).4 patients are described with ophthalmoplegia (figs. 1 and 2) and ataxia with acute onset. three of them showed only very slight symptoms of generalized polyneuritis. measurement of sensory nerve conduction velocity (fig. 4, table 2) and determination of vibration sense by an electrical vibrator (fig. 3) proved to be helpful for diagnosis. the ocular emg revealed signs of peripheral denervation in 3 cases. pathological changes of the somatosensory evoked potential (fig. 5) which has been registe ...197662826
medicine in the 'seventies: private practice, the nhs, and the unions-an interview with mr alan fisher. 197620792376
is sex maintained to facilitate or minimise mutational advance?there are two alternative hypotheses for the selective advantages of sex: (i) the "fisher-muller" model:sex facilitates evolutionary adaptation to chaning environments. (ii) the "rachet" model: sex minimises the mutational load. the relative importance of these hypotheses is discussed with reference to (a) comparative data on sexual and asexual reproduction, (b) the timing of sex in species with asexual/sexual alternation, (c) the advantages of haploid/diploid alternation, (d) the disadvantage a ...19761064588
[study using the probit-analysis method of the process of increasing resistance to dipin and bruneomycin in fisher l-5178 lymphadenosis cells in experiments on animals].the study of the process of resistance induction in the cells of lymphadenosis to dipin (subline l-5178/d) and bruneomycin (subline l-5178/b) showed that with increasing of the resistance relation between the drug dose and the antitumor effect gradually faded. it was found that only at the first stages of induction of the resistance increase may be found by comparison of values ed50 and ed70 of the lymphadenosis sensitive strain and its resistant sublines. the probit-analysis method provided reg ...19761275469
[health education among fishers]. 19761044583
[in memory of e. f. fisher]. 1976792874
drift or selection: a statistical test of gene frequency variation over generations.the method used by fisher and ford (1947) to study the spread of a gene in a natural population has been modified to analyze the variation in allele frequencies from generation to generation in a common experimental procedure. a further analysis has been developed that is more sensitive to directional trends in the allele frequency over generations, and its use in detecting the action of directional selection on gene frequency at a locus is discussed. the power of each of these statistical tests ...197717248769
endogenous protein kinase inhibitors. purification, characterization, and distribution in different tissues.a thermostable inhibition of atp-protein phosphotransferase (ec (protein kinase) which is present in crude tissue extracts has been resolved by gel chromatography (sephadex g-100) into two molecular forms. these two forms will be referred to as type i and type ii inhibitor. the type i inhibitor (mr approximately or equal to 24,000) is specific for camp-dependent protein kinase and corresponds to the inhibitor described earlier (walsh, d. a., ashby, c. d., gonzalez, c., calkins, d., fis ...1977193848
temperature-sensitive growth regulation in one type of transformed rat cells induced by the tsa mutant of polyoma virus.a fibroblast line of the 3t3 type with a low saturation density was established from fisher rat embryo cells. after infection with either wild-type or tsa mutant polyoma virus, transformants were isolated and cloned at 33 degrees c on the basis of their ability either to grow as dense foci on plastic in liquid medium (type n) or to form colonies in soft agar (type a). polyoma t antigen was detected in all of the transformed lines. the following growth characteristics were studied for both types ...1977201774
morphologic and biologic correlation of hyperplastic and neoplastic renal lesions occurring in buffalo and fischer strain rats ingesting n-4-(4'-fluorobiphenyl) acetamide.hyperplastic and neoplastic lesions of the kidney induced in inbred buffalo and fisher strain rats with 0.04% n-4-(4'-fluorobiphenyl) acetamide were transplanted s.c. to rats of the same strain. hyperplastic renal lesions ("areas" or nodules) did not survive and grow. carcinomas of the kidney grew and killed the animals. growth was related to the size and the degree of differentiation of the carcinoma. it is concluded that the histologic pattern of hyperplastic and neoplastic lesions of the kidn ...1977601879
experimental evaluation of nonspecific immunostimulation and chemotherapy in the intracranial tumor-bearing fisher hundred sixty rats bearing intracranial tumors were divided into groups of 10 to evaluate c-i interval +, effect of chemotherapy alone (bcnu), chemotherapy and c. parvum, and c. parvum alone in the rat tumor model. all therapy was administered intraperitoneally: bcnu -5.2 mg/kg (40% of ld10) on the 9th and 16th post tumor implant day, and c. parvum-1.4 mg regardless of the body weight and the 6th or 23rd day and 6th and 23rd post tumor implant day. an additional group received bcnu on the 9t ...1977608518
exotoxin production by clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa.seventy-five consecutive clinical pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates were tested for in vitro exotoxin production. exotoxin was demonstrated in culture filtrates biologically, by its ability to produce characteristic dermonecrotic lesions in guinea pigs, and seriologically, by counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie) with rabbit antiserum elicited with purified exotoxin. by these two methods, exotoxin was detected in 87 and 89% of p. aeruginosa strains, respectively (r = 0.48, p less than 0.001). althoug ...1977404244
analytical characterization of lipopolysaccharide antigens from seven strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa.lipopolysaccharide antigens from seven different serotype strains (antigen immunotypes nos. 1-7 in the classification of fisher et al.3) of pseudomonas aeruginosa have been analyzed for neutral carbohydrate, amino sugars, lipid, protein, 3-deoxy-manno-octulosonic acid, and phosphorus. the individual amino sugars were determined for each antigen type; all contained 2-amino-2-deoxy-d-glucose and -d-galactose, together with 2-amino-2,6-dideoxygalactose; the latter as isolated from the type 2 antige ...1977405103
an animal model for the study of prostatic adenocarcinoma.after the injection of the potent carcinogen 9,10-dimethyl-1,2-benzanthracene (dmba) male rats (fisher/furth), mice (strong a/j), and golden hamsters, which had been previously conditioned by castration and in which the prostate had become histologically atrophic, developed tumors consistent with prostatic adenocarcinoma. one month after castration, intravenous injections of dmba were given in the vena cava or jugular vein once a month for 3 months. three to four months later, histologic evidenc ...1977406218
genetic control of the immune response to ferritin in f1 hybrid mice.the immune response to the antigen horse spleen ferritin, has been investigated in ten inbred parental strains and seven different f1 hybrid strains of mice, using an antigen excess technique. the degree of dominance in an f1 hybrid system can be estimated by using the fisher dominance index. the responses in f1 hybrid animals, obtained from crosses of high and low responder parents, varied from dominant to recessive but the overall mean dominance index for the ferritin immunogenetic system was ...1977415964
is the biomechanical principle of 'antagonistic compensation' valid also on the genetic level?according to 'antagonistic compensation', appendicular bones rendered hypofunctional by surgical means, become shorter and more robust. in normal buffalo rats, appendicular bones are short and very robust and in fisher rats they are long and gracile. total body constitution is robust in buffalo rats and gracile in fisher rats. in grl rats, appendicular bones are short but body constitution is gracile and the robusticity of the appendicular bones is intermediate between fischer and buffalo rats. ...1977848266
distribution of 99mtc-1-thioglucose in rats: effect of administration route on pancreatic specificity.tissue distribution of 99mtc-1-thioglucose was studied in inbred albino fisher rats. high levels of radioactivity were observed in the kidney with concurrent low pancreatic levels and pancreas/liver ratios of 0.4 following intravenous administration of the agent. high pancreatic concentration were observed with pancreas/liver ratios of 4.0 after intraperitoneal administrations. future studies on pancreatic radiopharmaceuticals should avoid production of artificially high pancreatic values by int ...1977887787
effect of oil composition on both adjuvant-induced arthritis and delayed hypersensitivity to purified protein derivative and peptidoglycans in various rat strains.we confirmed that, when immunized with a conventional complete freund adjuvant (water in oil), lewis rats were highly susceptible to adjuvant arthritis, fisher rats were less susceptible, and buffalo rats were much less susceptible. however, mycobacterial delipidated cells in squalane (squalane-type adjuvant) produced severe arthritis with almost 100% incidence even in the less susceptible rat strains except for buffalo rats. with regard to an immune response, freund complete adjuvant induced st ...1977892904
[effects of methamphetamine and enriched experience on behavioral recovery after brain damage (author's transl)].two factorial experiments (brain status x environment x drug) were designed to measure the effects of methamphetamine and enriched experience on recovery after bilateral cortical lesions. fisher male rats were operated or sham operated when 30 days old and thereafter raised in either an enriched (ec) or impoverished (ic) condition while daily injected with either methampheteamine (2 mg/kg) or saline. in ec, 12 rats lived together in a large cage with stimulus objects that were changed daily. in ...1977403543
dose response and time course effects of n,n-dimethyltryptamine on disruption of rat shuttlebox avoidance.n,n-dimethyltryptamine (dmt) was given (ip) in different doses (0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 mg/kg) in a randomized order to a group of ten rats (fisher 344/mai) who were trained to a high, stable base line of conditioned avoidance responding in the shuttlebox. dmt produced dose-dependent disruptive effects, as a sigmoid function, with 1.0 mg/kg the minimal dose causing disruption and progressively more disruption with increasing doses, reaching a plateau at the highest dose. the disruptive eff ...1977266950
effects of a zinc deficient diet upon fluid intake in the rat.zinc deficient rats demonstrate an increased intake of sodium chloride (nacl) containing solutions as compared to normal rats, presumably related to decreased taste acuity. the purpose of this study was to determine if zinc deficient rats would show altered intake of other solutions since changes in nacl intake may be reflective of serious pathophysiologic processes not related to taste. eight littermate pairs of inbred fisher cdf rats, 29 days of age, were divided into two groups and individual ...1977845680
erythrocyte membrane plaques from rats with magnesium deficiency.this study investigated the anemia of dietary magnesium deficiency in inbred fisher white rats using freeze-fracture electron microscopy. the plasma membranes of erythrocytes from animals receiving two different magnesium-deficient and control diets were observed at weekly or biweekly intervals for 6 wk. the earliest changes were small plaques on the external surface (es) and fracture face (pf) of erythrocyte plasma membranes, which occurred after 2 wk of either magnesium-deficient diet. these p ...1977843624
the evolution of epistasis and the advantage of recombination in populations of bacteriophage t4.experiments reported here test two hypotheses about the evolution of recombination: first, the fisher-muller concept that sexual organisms respond to selection more rapidly than do asexual ones, and second, that epistasis is more likely to evolve in the absence of recombination. populations of bacterio-phage t4 were selected by the drug proflavine in discrete generations and the change in mean population fitness was monitored. three separate selection series yielded results supporting the fisher ...1977892424
bioassay of tetrachloroethylene for possible carcinogenicity.the bioassay of u.s.p.-grade tetrachloroethylene for possible carcinogenicity was conducted using osborne-mendel rats and b6c3f1 mice. tetrachloroethylene in corn oil was administered by gavage at either of two dosages to groups of 50 male and 50 female animals of each species, 5 days a week, over a period of 78 weeks followed by an observation period of 32 weeks for rats and 12 weeks for mice. initial dosage levels for the chronic bioassay were selected on the basis of a preliminary subchronic ...197712844153
bioassay of proflavine for possible carcinogenicity.a bioassay of the carcinogenicity of proflavine monohydrochloride hemihydrate was conducted using fischer 344/cr rats and b6c3f1 mice. the compound was administered in the diet at concentrations of 300 and 600 ppm to groups of 50 rats for 109 weeks and at concentrations of 200 and 400 ppm to groups of 50 mice for 104 weeks. the animals were subjected to necropsy and histopathologic evaluation as they died or at the end of their periods of treatment. average weights attained by high-dose groups w ...197712844157
the descriptive and comparative postcranial osteology of marten (martes americana turton) and fisher (martes pennanti erxleben): the appendicular skeleton. 1977837275
the forelimb musculature of marten (martes americana turton) and fishes (martes pennanti erxleben). 1977837281
[quick's hippuric test - a daison, alliot and fisher colorimetric method]. 197770552
generalizing fisher's "reproductive value": nonlinear, homogeneous, biparental systems.biparental demographic models violate linearity. however, in their early "dilute" stages before limited environment resources bring need for competitive selection, first-degree-homogeneous relations obtain. for them, a reproductive-value function of the initial coordinates is defined to recapitulate their contribution to the asymptotically dominating mode of exponential growth: now the generalized fisher reproductive value of one sex is altered by relative numbers of the other sex. the new repro ...197716592475
body boundary and field-dependence.this study investigated the relationship between body boundary articulation, as measured by fisher and cleveland, and witkin's field dependence-independence dimensions of perception. while these two concepts seem to be logically connected, no significant relationships (rs of .15 to .35) were obtained for 20 undergraduates. there is a need for further clarification and refinement in the concepts of penetration and barrier scores for body image.1977604885
[syndrome of ophtalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia (fisher syndrome). contribution of a case]. 1977605248
error estimate for the diffusion approximation of the wright--fisher model.the wright--fisher model and its approximating diffusion model are compared in terms of the expected value of a smooth but arbitrary function of nth-generation gene frequency. in the absence of selection, this expectation is shown to differ in the two models by at most a linear combination (with coefficients depending only on the derivatives of the smooth function involved) of the maximum mutation rate and the reciprocal of the population size.1977270745
fisher syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia (a report of three cases with unusual features). 1977612667
[from phlebothrombosis to the postthrombotic syndrome].the same pathomechanism causes both thrombosis of the superficial and deep veins. for practical purposes one may separate phlebothrombosis of bed-patients and that of out-patients. superficial phlebothrombosis and thrombophlebitis of the out-patients heal in shorter time by compression according to heinrich fisher. patients should not be immobilized. phlebothrombosis of the bed-patient should be reserved to clinical therapy including fibrinolysis, thrombectomy and anticoagulants. the post-thromb ...1977914157
peripheral nerve conduction in miller fisher syndrome.two cases of acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and arreflexia with high csf protein are reported (miller fisher syndrome). detailed emg and nerve conduction studies showed abnormal conduction in peripheral sensory fibres from the initial stages of the illness in both patients. careful review up to 10 months after the onset was required to document the sensory conduction abnormality properly in one of them. the electrical findings did not differ from those that can be seen in the guillain-barré synd ...1977925702
congressman james j. florio (d-nj). fisher scientific address. tgeneral session, 45th american society for medical technology annual meeting. 1977888859
collection of a clean voided urine specimen: a comparison among spoken, written, and computer-based an effort to compare different methods of instructing patients, 99 women 18-25 years of age were given computer, spoken, weitten, or no instructions for the collection of a clean voided urine specimen. the group who received computer instructions was the most uniform in its performance (p less than 0.002, f-test) and reported the fewest procedural problems (p less than 0.02, fisher test). in addition, this group had fewer contaminating bacteria than the group who received written instructions ...1977327837
the vehicle tray revisited: the use of the vehicle tray in assessing allergic contact dermatitis by a 24-hour application method.over 700 patients were screened by patch testing for sensitivity to the components of a vehicle tray from july 1974 through june 1976 at the mayo clinic. a modified version of the vehicle tray originally suggested by fisher et al. (1971) was used, containing 14 substances commonly found in vehicles. patches were applied for 24 rather than the usual 48 hours. our percentage of reactivity compares favorably with the 48-h application method, thus demonstrating the efficacy of this time-saving techn ...1977891174
the influence of the mating system on the maintenance of genetic variability in polygenic characters.the traditional models of the effect of assortative mating and inbreeding on the genetic variance of polygenic characters (fisher 1918; wright 1921) presume that there is no natural selection or mutation. in a large population, the genetic variance determined by additive genes may then increase by up to a factor of two with local inbreeding, and even more with assortative mating. the classical models are still used to interpret data from natural populations. but contrary to their assumptions, mo ...1977407132
the case of the outspoken medical examiner or an exclusive journal interview with russell s. fisher, md, chief medical examiner of the state of maryland. 1977321887
robert henry fisher smith. 197763707
[numerical procedure for the decomposition of biorhythmic processes into harmonic oscillating components].a numerical procedure for decomposition of time series into inherent periodic nonstochastic components in form of harmonic oscillations will be explained. it is supposed that the rhythmic process is built up by these harmonic oscillating components and by a stochastic component. the procedure is a combination of harmonic analyses for intervals with different numbers of measured values with a significance test elaborated by r.a. fisher for the greatest component in the spectrum. the parameter val ...1977914007
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