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sinus floor elevation using the lateral approach and bone window repositioning i: clinical and radiographic results in 102 consecutively treated patients followed from 1 to 5 determine the potential complications and clinical outcomes using the lateral sinus elevation technique with window repositioning.201727447149
tambora and the mackerel year: phenology and fisheries during an extreme climate warming has increased the frequency of extreme climate events, yet responses of biological and human communities are poorly understood, particularly for aquatic ecosystems and fisheries. retrospective analysis of known outcomes may provide insights into the nature of adaptations and trajectory of subsequent conditions. we consider the 1815 eruption of the indonesian volcano tambora and its impact on gulf of maine (gom) coastal and riparian fisheries in 1816. applying complex adaptive syst ...201728116356
aneurysm rebleeding after placement of external ventricular drainage: a systematic review and meta-analysis.the association between external ventricular drainage (evd) and aneurysm rerupture is still a controversial issue. we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of published series reporting data of evd placement in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (sah) with the aim to evaluate the relationship between ventricular drainage and aneurysm rebleeding.201728243810
the pesticide dieldrin disrupts proteins related to oxidative respiration and mitochondrial stress in the central nervous system.quantitative proteins analysis was carried out in the hypothalamus of zebrafish following dietary exposure to the legacy pesticide dieldrin. data were collected using itraq labeling methodology and data were acquired using a hybrid quadrupole orbitrap (q exactive) ms system (thermo fisher scientific, bremen, germany). there were 3941 proteins identified in the hypothalamus of zebrafish, and these proteins comprised 23 unique expression patterns for proteins based on the three doses of dieldrin. ...201728367483
human exposure to trace metals and arsenic via consumption of fish from river chenab, pakistan and associated health risks.this study provided the first hand data of trace elements into fish muscles (n = 65) collected from river chenab in pakistan during 2013, using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (icp-ms). we monitored the health risk associated with consumption of contaminated fish of river chenab, by the local population. the mean concentrations (μg/g, wet weight), in descending order were: zn (35.5-54.4), cu (1.38-4.57), mn (2.43-4.5), as (0.23-1.21), cr (0.21-0.67), ni (0.14-0.34), pb (0.14-0.31), ...201727816286
mmp1-1607 polymorphism increases the risk for periapical lesion development through the upregulation mmp-1 expression in association with pro-inflammatory milieu this study, we evaluated the association between the mmp1-1607 polymorphism (rs1799750) and pro-inflammatory milieu elements with mmp-1 mrna levels in vivo.201727556208
frequency and risk factors for the birth of small-for-gestational-age newborns in a public maternity determine the frequency and risk factors of small-for-gestational-age newborns in a high-risk maternity.201727759818
intimate partner violence reported by female and male users of healthcare analyze nonfatal violence suffered and committed by adult men and women, in an intimate relationship.201728225908
body composition in patients with crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.the nutritional status of individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases is directly related to the severity of the disease and is associated with poor prognosis and the deterioration of immune competence.201728198913
a new commensal ostracod asterositus ohtsukai n. g., n. sp. (paradoxostomatidae) on the sea star sclerasterias euplecta (fisher) (asteriidae) and its feeding habits.a new commensal ostracod asterositus ohtsukai n. g., n. sp. (podocopida: cytheroidea: paradoxostomatidae) is described. this new taxon occurs on the ambulacral grooves and wreath of pedicellariae around superomarginal spines of the sea star sclerasterias euplecta (fisher) (asteroidea: forcipulatida: asteriidae). although the family paradoxostomatidae brady & norman, 1889 contains four ectoparasitic or commensal genera, the association with asteroideans has never hitherto been reported. morpholog ...201728130673
molar incisor hypomineralization: an epidemiological study with prevalence and etiological factors in indian pediatric determine the prevalence of molar incisor hypomineralization (mih) in indian children and to analyze the possible etiological factors.201727365942
identification of the eucalyptus grandis chitinase gene family and expression characterization under different biotic stress challenges.eucalyptus grandis (w. hill ex maiden) is an australian myrtaceae tree grown for timber in many parts of the world and for which the annotated genome sequence is available. known to be susceptible to a number of pests and diseases, e. grandis is a useful study organism for investigating defense responses in woody plants. chitinases are widespread in plants and cleave glycosidic bonds of chitin, the major structural component of fungal cell walls and arthropod exoskeletons. they are encoded by an ...201728338992
nonneurological involvement in late-onset friedreich ataxia (lofa): exploring the phenotypes.friedreich's ataxia (fdra) is the most common inherited ataxia worldwide, caused by homozygous gaa expansions in the fxn gene. patients usually have early onset ataxia, areflexia, babinski sign, scoliosis and pes cavus, but at least 25 % of cases have atypical phenotypes. disease begins after the age of 25 in occasional patients (late-onset friedreich ataxia (lofa)). little is known about the frequency and clinical profile of lofa patients. one hundred six patients with molecular confirmation of ...201726754264
assessment of nurse's knowledge about glasgow coma scale at a university assess knowledge of nurses of emergency services and intensive care units about glasgow coma scale.201727462896
overweight effect on spirometric parameters in adolescents undergoing evaluate effects of overweight on spirometric parameters in adolescents who underwent bronchial provocation test for exercise.201727462892
foot reflexology in feet impairment of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus: randomized evaluate the effect of foot reflexology on feet impairment of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.201726444161
a propose of pulmonary dysfunction stratification after valve surgery by physiotherapeutic assistance level.a) to propose and implement an evaluation system; b) to classify the pulmonary involvement and determine levels of physical therapy; c) to check the progress postoperatively.201726107450
adolescent hypertension identified with correct cuff and its cardiovascular and gestational problems after 29 identify, in 2011, rates of hypertension, cardiovascular and gestational problems in subjects presenting high blood pressure in 1982, when correct cuff size was used, according to the american heart association arm circumference/cuff width ratio of 0.40.201724553697
licoricidin, an isoflavonoid isolated from glycyrrhiza uralensis fisher, prevents uva-induced photoaging of human dermal fibroblasts.licoricidin is an isoflavonoid isolated from glycyrrhiza uralensis fisher. in this study, we investigated the effects of licoricidin on photoaging of uva-irradiated human dermal fibroblasts (hdfs).201727502959
incidence and evolution of nasal polyps in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis.nasal polyps are a clinical sign of alert for investigating cystic fibrosis (cf).201718392496
prognostic factors in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx: partial surgery x radical surgery.the present study aimed at assessing the other sites as the carcinoma spreads, as well as therapeutic results, in larynx preservation and patient survival.201718278228
predictors of persistent or recurrent disease after loop electrosurgical excision procedure.follow-up recommendations after an excisional procedure vary depending on whether or not there is a positive ectocervical or endocervical margin or endocervical curettage (ecc). the purpose of this study was to evaluate the importance of these findings in predicting recurrent/persistent (r/p) disease in a sample of human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-seropositive and -negative patients.201727824789
characteristics of an outpatient chronic hepatitis b virus infection characterize a chronic hepatitis b cohort based on initial and follow-up clinical evaluations.201726154539
chlamydia trachomatis and hpv co-infections in hiv negative men from a multi-ethnic area of northern italy at high prevalence of cervical malignancies.chlamydia trachomatis and hpv coinfections in the male population are often a disregarded issue. we performed a study to evaluate the prevalence of such infections in heterosexual hiv negative men from a northern italy multi-ethnic area at high prevalence for cervical malignancies. urethral swabs (us) or first-voided urine were evaluated retrospectively from 1317 patients attending sexually transmitted infections (sti) clinic and from 3388 outpatients attending private clinics. informations abou ...201728316071
periodontal pathogenic bacteria and ammp-8 findings depending on periodontal conditions of patients before and after liver transplantation.the aim of this single-center cross-sectional study was to detect the prevalence of selected periodontal pathogenic bacteria and active matrix metalloproteinase-8 (ammp-8) level in patients before (preltx) and after liver transplantation (postltx).201727074844
effect of probiotic on innate inflammatory response and viral shedding in experimental rhinovirus infection - a randomised controlled trial.ingestion of probiotics appears to have modest effects on the incidence of viral respiratory infection. the mechanism of these effects is not clear; however, there is evidence from animal models that the probiotic may have an effect on innate immune responses to pathogens. the purpose of this randomised, placebo-controlled study was to determine the effect of administration of bifidobacterium animalis subspecies lactis bl-04 on innate and adaptive host responses to experimental rhinovirus challe ...201728343401
guillain-barré syndrome.guillain-barré syndrome is an acute inflammatory immune-mediated polyradiculoneuropathy presenting typically with tingling, progressive weakness, and pain. variants and formes frustes may complicate recognition. the best known variant is the sensory ataxic form of miller fisher syndrome, which also affects the oculomotor nerves and the brain stem. divergent pathologic mechanisms lead to demyelinating, axonal, or mixed demyelinating-axonal damage. in the demyelinating form, yet to be identified a ...201728259232
guillain barré syndrome is induced in non-obese diabetic (nod) mice following campylobacter jejuni infection and is exacerbated by antibiotics.campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis linked to several serious autoimmune sequelae such as the peripheral neuropathies guillain barré syndrome (gbs) and miller fisher syndrome (mfs). we hypothesized that gbs and mfs can result in nod wild type (wt) mice or their congenic interleukin (il)-10 or b7-2 knockouts secondary to c. jejuni infection. mice were gavaged orally with c. jejuni strains hb93-13 and 260.94 from patients with gbs or cf93-6 from a patient with mfs ...201727939129
acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following campylobacter jejuni gastroenteritis: case report and review of the literature.we describe a case of a 25-year-old male with a diagnosis of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (adem) following infection with campylobacter jejuni, which is implicated in various human pathologies regarding the central nervous system (cns) with acute course like guillain-barré syndrome (gbs), miller-fisher syndrome (mfs), bickerstaff's brainstem encephalitis (bee), acute transverse myelitis (atm) as well as adem. these conditions are caused by cross-reactivity between campylobacter's epitope ...201727888275
factors associated with intramammary infection in dairy cows caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus uberis, streptococcus dysgalactiae, corynebacterium bovis, or escherichia coli.the aim of this study was to determine risk factors for bovine intramammary infection (imi) associated with the most common bacterial species in finland. large databases of the finnish milk-recording system and results of microbiological analyses of mastitic milk samples from valio ltd. (helsinki, finland) were analyzed. the study group comprised 29,969 cows with imi from 4,173 dairy herds. a cow with a quarter milk sample in which dna of target species was detected in the pathoproof mastitis pc ...201728341052
finite-size effects on bacterial population expansion under controlled flow conditions.the expansion of biological species in natural environments is usually described as the combined effect of individual spatial dispersal and growth. in the case of aquatic ecosystems flow transport can also be extremely relevant as an extra, advection induced, dispersal factor. we designed and assembled a dedicated microfluidic device to control and quantify the expansion of populations of e. coli bacteria under both co-flowing and counter-flowing conditions, measuring the front speed at varying ...201728262769
incidence of fever in labor and risk of neonatal sepsis.the current recommendation regarding the management of a term newborn delivered of a mother with an intrapartum fever or a diagnosis of clinical chorioamnionitis is that the neonate should have baseline laboratory work drawn along with blood cultures and be universally treated with antibiotics until culture results return. these guidelines report that the rate of intrapartum fever is about 3%; however, a few large studies suggest that the rate is higher at about 7%.201728216060
homeopathic medicine cantharis modulates uropathogenic e. coli (upec)-induced cystitis in susceptible mice.this is a random blinded placebo controlled murine experimental model to study the effects of cantharis 6 ch, a homeopathic medicine, on e coli-induced cystitis.201728142108
oral therapy, microbiological findings, and comorbidity influence the outcome of prosthetic joint infections undergoing 2-stage exchange.the aim of the present study was to investigate potential predictive factors of an unfavorable outcome in patients with prosthetic joint infection (pji) undergoing 2-stage exchange.201728372916
staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage in health care workers: first report from a major public hospital in argentina.staphylococcus aureus causes numerous mild to severe infections in humans, both in health facilities and in the community. patients and health care workers (hcws) may disseminate strains during regular medical examinations or hospitalization. the aim of this study was to determine the nasal carriage rate of methicillin-susceptible and methicillin-resistant s. aureus among health care workers at hospital provincial del centenario, a public general hospital in rosario, argentina. a transversal stu ...201728343857
intra-articular vancomycin powder eliminates methicillin-resistant s. aureus in a rat model of a contaminated intra-articular implant.periprosthetic joint infection following hip and knee arthroplasty leads to poor outcomes and exorbitant costs. topical vancomycin powder has been shown to decrease infection in many procedures such as spine surgery. the role of vancomycin powder in the setting of total joint arthroplasty remains undefined. our aim was to evaluate the efficacy of intra-articular vancomycin powder in preventing infection in a rat model of a contaminated intra-articular implant.201728145954
impact of chlorhexidine bathing on methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus incidence in an endemic chronic care setting: a randomized controlled trial.we postulated that bathing with 2% chlorhexidine-impregnated antiseptic washcloths could reduce methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) incidence among chronic care patients compared with nonantiseptic bathing. a total of 122 patients on 3 hospital units were enrolled in a 12-month, cluster-randomized, open-label, controlled trial, with 8 patients becoming mrsa positive. the 2% chlorhexidine-impregnated antiseptic washcloths reduced incidence by 71% (0.1 vs 0.44 cases per 1,000 patien ...201727839752
institutional and seasonal variations in the incidence and causative organisms for posttraumatic infection following open fractures.the current literature focuses on wound severity, time to debridement, and antibiotic administration with respect to risk of infection after open fracture. the purpose of this analysis was to determine if either the incidence of posttraumatic infection or causative organism varies with treating institution or the season in which the open fracture occurred.201727755339
high seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii antibody in hiv/aids individuals from north of iran.toxoplasmosis in immunocompetent people is generally asymptomatic but in immunocompromised patients including hiv/aids, cancer patients, and organ transplant recipients, etc. it can lead to serious pathological problems. the objective of current study was to determine the seroprevalence of t. gondii igg and igm antibodies in hiv/aids patients using elisa technique in mazandaran province, northern iran.201726811725
application of optimized large surface area date stone (phoenix dactylifera ) activated carbon for rhodamin b removal from aqueous solution: box-behnken design model of response surface methodology was used to study the effect of adsorption process parameters for rhodamine b (rhb) removal from aqueous solution through optimized large surface area date stone activated carbon. the set experiments with three input parameters such as time (10-600min), adsorbent dosage (0.5-10g/l) and temperature (25-50°c) were considered for statistical significance. the adequate relation was found between the input variables and response (removal percentage of ...201728167440
characterization of the neurological diseases associated with mycoplasma pneumoniae infection and anti-glycolipid antibodies.mycoplasma pneumoniae infection often causes various neurological complications of both the central nervous system (cns) and the peripheral nervous system. we retrospectively investigated the igm and igg antibodies to nine glycolipids [gm1, gm2, gm3, gd1a, gd1b, gd3, gt1b, gq1b, and gal-c (galactocerebroside)] and clinical features in neurological diseases associated with m. pneumoniae infection diagnosed in multiple hospitals throughout japan between september 2010 and march 2012. of the 46 pat ...201728025664
fitting birth-death processes to panel data with applications to bacterial dna fingerprinting.continuous-time linear birth-death-immigration (bdi) processes are frequently used in ecology and epidemiology to model stochastic dynamics of the population of interest. in clinical settings, multiple birth-death processes can describe disease trajectories of individual patients, allowing for estimation of the effects of individual covariates on the birth and death rates of the process. such estimation is usually accomplished by analyzing patient data collected at unevenly spaced time points, r ...201726702330
diverse families' experiences with hpv vaccine information sources: a community-based participatory approach.current sources of publicly available human papillomavirus (hpv) information may not adequately meet the needs of diverse families. this study sought to describe associations between sociodemographic and acculturation factors, and sources of hpv information among diverse parents and caregivers. community organizations purposively recruited participants from african american, african refugee, hispanic/latino, american indian, and native hawaiian and pacific islander communities for a 21-item surv ...201727734247
human papillomavirus genotyping of incidental malignant and premalignant lesions on hemorrhoidectomy specimens.routine histopathologic examination of hemorrhoidectomy specimens is controversial having been described as not useful and expensive with few of these common cases demonstrating incidental lesions. however, unexpected premalignant and malignant lesions have been detected on excised hemorrhoids. the high-risk human papillomavirus (hr-hpv) types associated with these incidentally identified high-grade lesions are presently unknown. we aimed to identify cases of incidental high-grade anal intraepit ...201728098569
preinvasive and invasive cervical adenocarcinoma: preceding low-risk or negative pap result increases time to diagnosis.the aims of the study were to investigate screening histories of women with adenocarcinoma in situ (ais) and adenocarcinoma (adca) of the cervix and to further evaluate screening for glandular disease.201727977543
fisher and seddon: two who've got the right stuff. 20176371111
[iodine concentration in the blood and urine in children depending on the goiter size].epidemiological investigations have shown that at the białystok province about 30% of children and youth is afflicted with goitre. in this area drinking water is poor in iodine and iodine supply with food is quite unsatisfactory. the purpose of the present work has been to check the behaviour of the serum and urine iodine in children with thyroid goitre. the estimations of i in blood serum were made in 126 children with goitre (i, ii, and iii, according to the who classification) and in 100 heal ...2017575329
inter- and intra-individual probability maps in eeg cartography by use of nonparametric fisher tests.the three types of non-parametric permutation fisher tests have been applied to inter-individual group studies and further to intra-individual multiple eeg recording sequences, providing computations of eeg probability maps testing two ordinal hypotheses. two examples of previous group studies with "eeg local cerebral activation" are given: mental computation in a group of 20 controls and caffeine effects versus placebo in a group of 10 controls. for the intra-individual study, two successive re ...20172641478
infection of eight mesocarnivores in new hampshire and vermont with a distinct clade of canine distemper virus in 2016-2017.three fishers (martes pennanti), 2 gray foxes (urocyon cinereoargenteus), 1 mink (neovison vison), 1 skunk (mephitis mephitis), and 1 raccoon (procyon lotor), from vermont and new hampshire, had lesions on autopsy consistent with canine distemper virus (cdv) infections diagnosed in a 12-mo period in 2016-2017. lesions of cdv infection were most commonly noted in the lungs (8 of 8 animals), urothelium (5 of 8), biliary tract (5 of 8), gastrointestinal tract (4 of 7), and brain (4 of 6). splenic l ...201931023162
genetic characteristics of canine distemper viruses circulating in wildlife in the united states.canine distemper virus (cdv) is a highly contagious disease of wild and domestic mammals. maintenance of cdv among wildlife plays an important role in the disease epidemiology. wild animals, including raccoons (procyon lotor) and gray foxes (urocyon cinereoargenteus), serve as reservoirs of cdv and hamper the control of the disease. recently, we discovered that at least three different cdv lineages (america-3 [edomex], america-4, and america-5] that are genetically different from the available v ...202031926508
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