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diagnostic usefulness of mycobacterial skin test antigens in childhood lymphadenitis.nontuberculous mycobacterial (ntm) infections are a frequent cause of chronic lymphadenitis in children. previous studies of ntm antigen skin testing were inconclusive as a result of problems with study design and antigen formulation. the present study was undertaken with the centers for disease control to determine whether newly formulated ntm skin test antigens applied in a double blind manner with a standard purified protein derivative could accurately distinguish ntm infections from those ca ...19892541397
fbl-reactive cd8+ cytotoxic and cd4+ helper t lymphocytes recognize distinct friend murine leukemia virus-encoded antigens.immunization of c57bl/6 (b6) mice with fbl, a friend murine leukemia virus (f-mulv), induces both tumor-specific cytolytic cd8+ (ctl) and lymphokine-producing cd4+ th that are effective in adoptive therapy of b6 mice bearing disseminated fbl leukemia. the current study evaluated the f-mulv antigenic determinants expressed on fbl that are recognized by fbl-reactive cd8+ and cd4+ t cells. to identify the specificity of the fbl-reactive cd8+ ctl, fisher rat embryo fibroblast (fre) cells transfected ...19892562982
[ergonomic analysis of the work sites and living conditions of the crew on board the b-418/111 t/h "bonito" ppd and ur "gryf" fishing trawlers].the paper is an ergonomic study of the sanitary and living conditions at the working place of fishers on long-distance fishing vessels, such as the trawler b-418/111 t/h "bonito". the research was performed during the trip in the region of the falkland islands (malvinas). prophylactic examinations were carried out during 162 days on 77 members of the crew and the hygienic-sanitary conditions on the vessel were analysed. the ergonomic research included all the working places of the members of the ...19892571193
activation of a ribosomal s6 protein kinase in rapidly emerging diethylnitrosamine-induced gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase-positive hyperplastic liver lesions of the rat.the gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (ggt)-positive hyperplastic liver lesions which developed in the fisher 344 rat 7 and 60 days following a single carcinogenic dose of diethylnitrosamine (dena, 200 mg/kg body weight), short-term dietary exposure to 0.02% 2-acetylaminofluorene (aaf) to suppress the growth of normal hepatocytes, and partial hepatectomy to actuate rapid growth of dena altered hepatocytes not suppressed by aff, showed an increased activity of a kinase which specifically phosphorylat ...19892575815
putidaredoxin competitively inhibits cytochrome b5-cytochrome p-450cam association: a proposed molecular model for a cytochrome p-450cam electron-transfer complex.cytochrome b5 has been genetically engineered to afford a fluorescent derivative capable of monitoring its association with cytochrome p-450cam from pseudomonas putida [stayton, p. s., fisher, m. t., & sligar, s. g. (1988) j. biol. chem. 263, 13544-13548]. in the mutant cytochrome b5, threonine is replaced by a cysteine at position 65 (t65c) and has been labeled with the environmentally sensitive fluorophore acrylodan. in this paper, the physiological p-450cam reductant putidaredoxin, an fe2s2.c ...19892690937
mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of yersinia infections.yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia pseudotuberculosis are food-borne enterobacterial pathogens which may initiate rheumatoid diseases. by molecular genetic analysis of the pathogenicity of these species virulence gene loci could be identified on the chromosome and on a plasmid. plasmid-encoded proteins mediate cell adherence, phagocytosis resistance, survival in serum, cytotoxicity, and collagen binding. y. enterocolitica of serotype 0:8 is mouse-lethal and arthritogenic for lewis rats. mouse ...19892692128
augmentation of the resistance against escherichia coli by oral administration of a hot water extract of chlorella vulgaris in previous studies, we demonstrated that a hot water extract of chlorella vulgaris (cve) augmented the resistance against an intraperitoneal infection with escherichia coli by its intraperitoneal, intravenous or subcutaneous administration. the augmented resistance appeared to be attributable to the enhanced activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmn). in this study, the effect of oral administration of cve against escherichia coli infection was examined. male fisher rats (f344/ducrj) were a ...19892693376
molecular biology of friend viral erythroleukemia.friend virus clearly provides an important model for understanding the molecular biology of cancer. moreover, the most important aspects of the erythroleukemia can be caused by a single sffv infection in the absence of any helper virus. the sffv env gene encodes a membrane glycoprotein, gp55. this glycoprotein, when expressed on erythroblast surfaces, causes a constitutive mitogenesis. however, sffv infections only rarely increase the cell's self-renewal capability or abrogate its commitment to ...19892684547
structural characterization of nitrimyoglobin.nitrimyoglobin was formed in greater than 94% yield by a simple reaction between excess nitrite and horse heart metmyoglobin at ph 5.5. this dark green pigment was shown by 1h nmr spectroscopy to be a single, pure product with a well defined tertiary structure that is highly similar to the starting myoglobin. electronic spin states parallel those of myoglobin, although the relaxation times differ. ligand binding reactions of nitrimyoglobin parallel those of normal myoglobin, but lead to a unique ...19892703482
age-related alterations in duodenal calcium transport rate in determine the age-related alterations in intestinal calcium transport under in vitro controlled conditions, we studied the calcium transport across duodenal segments of prepubertal (2 months), young adult (6 months) and aged (26 months) fisher 344 male rats using the ussing chamber technique. we also evaluated the effect of 10(-11) m 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol [1,25-(oh)2d3] in tissue bathing media. the calcium transport rate from mucosa-to-serosa (jms) and from serosa-to-mucosa (jsm) in 2 ...19892716368
enhanced induction of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigen expression in rats highly responsive to thyroglobulin.initial experiments demonstrated that the degree of autoantibody and proliferative t cell responses to syngeneic rat thyroglobulin differed markedly between buffalo (high responder) and fisher (low responder) rats after classical immunization schedules. while varying immune responsiveness may be due to qualitative and quantitative t and b cell differences, the role of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigens may be pivotal to the onset of autoimmune thyroiditis in such animal models. we, therefore, ex ...19892466637
lithium increases rat striatal beta- and gamma-preprotachykinin messenger rnas.previous reports indicate that the antimanic drug, lithium, increases substance p-like immunoreactivity (sp-li) in the basal ganglia. the aim of this study was to use lithium as a pharmacological tool to further understand the mechanism of this process. we have used solution hybridization-nuclease protection assays to quantitate the specific preprotachykinin (ppt) mrnas and radioimmunoassays and immunocytochemistry to assess sp-li levels in the striatum of male fisher f-344 rats. a regimen of su ...19892467980
[a study on accumulation of cholesterol in rat prostate].an experimental model of prostatic hypertrophy was created by freezing the urethra at the opening of the ventral prostate in rats and administering a cholesterol-rich diet to induce cholesterol accumulation. four-week-old fisher rats were divided into a control group, a cholesterol-rich diet group (by adding 1% cholesterol to the diet), a frozen group, and a frozen and cholesterol-rich diet group, and were reared for 5 months. the animals were killed, and the ventral prostate was removed, weighe ...19892472053
[anthrax toxin dynamics in the body].anthrax toxin introduced subcutaneously into white rats fisher-344 caused specific intoxication accompanied by characteristic pathomorphological changes and, when studied by the immunoperoxidase method in histological sections, could be detected in the blood stream (in plasma) and in the cytoplasm of macrophages (in the lungs and the spleen). the content of the preparation introduced into the animals in the blood stream is directly related to its toxicity, being probably indicative of the relati ...19892472713
penetrating keratoplasty in the rat: a model for the study of immunosuppressive treatment of graft rejection.the present study reports corneal allogeneic transplantation in a rat model. the technique used was full-thickness penetrating keratoplasty. fisher rats were used as donors and lewis rats were used as recipients. the rate of acute rejection obtained in this model with this combination of strains was 100%. it therefore seems to be a very useful model for the study of rejection and for the study of new immunosuppressive treatment. the effect of systemic cyclosporine (csa) treatment on graft reject ...19892474684
traveling waves of in vitro evolving rna.populations of short self-replicating rna variants have been confined to one side of a reaction-diffusion traveling wave front propagating along thin capillary tubes containing the q beta viral enzyme. the propagation speed is accurately measurable with a magnitude of about 1 micron/sec, and the wave persists for hundreds of generations (of duration less than 1 min). evolution of rna occurs in the wavefront, as established by front velocity changes and gel electrophoresis of samples drawn from a ...19892479013
nicotinamide enhances skin flap survival.the effects of nicotinamide in an abdominal island pedicle skin flap were examined. a 7 x 7 cm island pedicle skin flap ligating the left inferior neurovascular pedicle was created on 50 male sprague dawley rats (250-275 grams) that were divided into five groups. animals received either 0.6 cc of saline or doses of nicotinamide for 16 days (14 days preoperatively and 2 days postoperatively): 25 mg b.i.d., 50 mg b.i.d., 100 mg b.i.d. or 200 mg b.i.d. forty-eight hours postoperatively each animal ...19892482537
use of verbal descriptors, thermal scores and electrical pulp testing as predictors of tooth pain before and after application of benzocaine gels into cavities of teeth with pulpitis.a double-blind pilot study was conducted on 27 consenting human volunteers who had irreversible pulpitis associated with persistent toothache pain from open carious lesions. formulations tested contained either 0, 10%, or 20% benzocaine and were identified only by a numbered code. before the experiment started, a small amount of a known 5% benzocaine gel was placed for 1 minute on the tongue of each patient to assure a sensation of numbness within the oral cavity. then the test tooth was washed ...19892490060
isolation, structure, and immunogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 4 high-molecular-weight polysaccharide.a high-molecular-weight, immunogenic form of the lipopolysaccharide o side chain of pseudomonas aeruginosa fisher immunotype 4 (type 4, international antigenic typing system 1, lanyi o:6) was isolated and characterized. analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy confirmed the structural similarity of this high-molecular-weight polysaccharide and the type 4 o side chain. the polysaccharide was immunogenic in rabbits and mice, eliciting opsonophagocytic killing antibodies. immunization wi ...19892492260
high specific activity [samarium-153] edta for imaging of experimental tumor models.enriched samarium oxide (98.2% 152sm2o3) was irradiated in low neutron flux and high neutron flux reactors to produce 153sm with specific activities of 14.3 gbq and 22.1 tbq mmol-1 sm, respectively, at the time of use. formulation of 153sm as [153sm]edta, with a 1:10 molar ratio of sm:edta, provided a stable radiotracer in vitro and in vivo. high specific activity [153sm]edta showed superior uptake in cell culture (20.8 +/- 0.9% vs. 5.5 +/- 0.1% for 6 and 600 pmol sm per 10(6) cells, respectivel ...19892500500
thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-gly conversion to trh in rat ventral prostate is inhibited by castration and aging.trh levels in rat prostate are very high in the 2-month-old rat and decline at least 90% during the next 2 yr. this decline in prostatic trh levels with aging may be a significant factor in benign prostatic hypertrophy in man and other animals. because prostatic trh correlates positively with serum testosterone and negatively with serum thyroid hormone levels, we have examined the possibility that the age-related decline in prostatic trh is hormonally regulated. trh and a trh precursor peptide, ...19892502375
recognition and binding of template-primers containing defined abasic sites by drosophila dna polymerase alpha holoenzyme.human dna polymerase alpha holoenzyme follows an ordered sequential terreactant mechanism of substrate recognition and binding (wong, s. w., paborsky, l. r., fisher, p. a., wang, t. s.-f., and korn, d. (1986) j. biol. chem. 261, 7958-7968). we confirmed this mechanism for the dna polymerase alpha holoenzyme purified from drosophila melanogaster embryos and studied the interaction of drosophila pol alpha with synthetic oligonucleotide template-primers containing modified tetrahydrofuran moieties ...19892502545
the structure and serologic distribution of an extracellular neutral polysaccharide from pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 3.previous work has described small molecular weight neutral polysaccharides from isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa that appear to be associated with the lipopolysaccharide (lps) and distributed across serologic barriers defined by antibody to the o side chain. we have isolated and characterized another of these structures obtained from culture supernatants of an immunotype 3 strain of p. aeruginosa. the isolated neutral polysaccharide has a tetrasaccharide repeat unit: (formula; see text) where ...19892504722
difference in catalepsy response in inbred rats during chronic haloperidol treatment is not predictive of the intensity of behavioral hypersensitivity which subsequently animal model was utilized to explore the observed clinical association between a history of significant neuroleptic-induced parkinsonism and an increased incidence for the subsequent development of tardive dyskinesia. catalepsy-sensitive fisher rats and catalepsy-resistant brown norway rats were treated for 14 days with haloperidol at a dose of either 1 mg/kg or 5 mg/kg daily. following a 7-day drug withdrawal period, rats were tested for behavioral hypersensitivity to acute challenge with ap ...19892505286
blockade of conditioned avoidance responding by trazodone, etoperidone, and mcpp.phenylpiperazines, such as meta-chlorophenylpiperazine (mcpp) a serotonin agonist, have recently been reported to block conditioned avoidance responding (car) in the rat, which is an indication of possible antipsychotic utility. since mcpp is a major metabolite of both antidepressant drugs trazodone (tz) and etoperidone (et), both were examined for activity in blocking car in a single-trial lever press task in fisher 344 rats. both tz and et produced dose-related falls in car with ed50 values (9 ...19892506609
growth hormone (gh) secretion in the pituitary-grafted male rat: in vivo effects of gh-releasing hormone and isoproterenol and in vitro release by individual somatotropes.although the pituitary-grafted rat is a classic model of chronic prl excess, the presence of somatotropes in grafted pituitary tissue indicates a potential for gh secretion. the current study was designed to investigate gh-releasing hormone (grh)-induced gh secretion and beta-adrenergic inhibition of gh release in animals bearing ectopic pituitary tissue free from hypothalamic control. positive findings with regard to these in vivo experiments led us to an initial determination of gh secretion b ...19892507290
lectin typing of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains of different serogroups, habs and fisher types.sixteen habs and three fisher types of pseudomonas aeruginosa were typed with lectins of know specificity resulting from their interaction with bacterial cell surface carbohydrates as evidenced by agglutination-inhibition assay with simple carbohydrates. lipopolysaccharides of few strains of pseudomonas are precipitated with different lectins and the results are corroborated by those of agglutination suggesting that pseudomonas aeruginosa can be characterized intraspecifically by lectins.19892508658
isolation and characterization of a human monoclonal antibody that recognizes epitopes shared by pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 1, 3, 4, and 6 lipopolysaccharides.a hybridoma line secreting a human monoclonal antibody (hmab) capable of recognizing fisher immunotype (it) 1, 3, 4, and 6 lipopolysaccharide (lps) in vitro was isolated. peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) were obtained from volunteers immunized with an experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa o polysaccharide-toxin a vaccine. pbl-expressing surface antibodies able to bind to p. aeruginosa lps were isolated by adsorption onto lps-coated plastic wells. such pbl were transformed with epstein-barr virus ...19892509371
[specific intoxication in anthrax infection].the pathomorphological picture of experimental b. anthracis infection in white rats (strain fisher-344) essentially corresponds to experimental anthracic intoxication with very moderately pronounced morphological manifestation of b. anthracis invasion. this indicates that specific anthracic intoxication is an essential component of the pathological process in b. anthracis infection.19892511710
effects of diethylstilboestrol on testicular function and luteinizing hormone male fisher-344 rats were implanted with des-filled or empty silastic capsules. after 14 weeks, capsules were removed and a second group of rats received des capsules. seven weeks later, all the rats were sacrificed. des treatment decreased body, testes and seminal vesicle weights, and removal of the capsules partially restored the weight of these organs. the concentration of testicular lh receptors was increased by des treatment. circulating prl levels were increased and gonadotropin leve ...19892515561
[results of cross-species transplantation of substantia nigra to the lateral ventricle of the brain of rats with experimentally-induced parkinson disease].the method of compensation of dopamine (da) deficit in the striatum by living, da producing cells implanted into the brain, creates new hopes for patients with parkinson's disease. in view of many ethical and legal problems, connected in some countries with obtaining human fetal tissue for transplantation, cross-species transplants would be an attractive alternative. the subject of our investigation was the problem of survival and functioning of embryonal substantia nigra (sn) neurons, taken fro ...19892518574
the calmodulin binding domain of the plasma membrane ca2+ pump interacts both with calmodulin and with another part of the pump.synthetic peptides corresponding to the calmodulin-binding domain of the human erythrocyte ca2+ pump were prepared representing residues 2-29 (c28w), 2-21 (c20w), 2-16 (c15w), and 16-29 (c14) of the sequence (james, p., maeda, m., fisher, r., verma, a. k., krebs, j., penniston, j. t., and carafoli, e. (1988) j. biol. chem. 263, 2905-2910). peptides c28w, c20w, and c15w bound to calmodulin with an apparent 1:1 stoichiometry in the presence of ca2+ and inhibited the activation of the ca2+ pump by ...19892526124
interleukins production and responsiveness in fisher rats with adjuvant-induced disease: role of suppressor cells.splenic macrophages from aid fisher rats produce normal levels of il-1, in contrast to il-2 which is significantly lower than normal. a state of hyporesponsiveness of spleen cells to con-a and pha occurs with similar kinetics to and is correlated with the development of an articular arthritis; il-1 addition to aid spleen cell cultures does restore to normal their deficient response, in contrast to addition of il-2 or ril-2. the spleen cells from normal or aid rats are equally sensitive to the in ...19892526223
complementation of enteric adenovirus type 40 for lytic growth in tissue culture by e1b 55k function of adenovirus types 5 and 12.the enteric adenovirus type 40 strain dugan (ad40) cannot be passaged in hela cells, but will grow in 293 cells, which express ad5 e1 functions. to determine the reason for this limited host range, kb cell lines expressing ad2 e1a, e1b, or e1a + e1b (l. e. babiss, c. s. h. young, p. b. fisher, and h. s. ginsberg, 1983, j. virol. 46, 454-465) have been tested for their ability to support ad40 replication. only cell lines which supply e1b functions, but not those expressing e1a alone, are permissi ...19892527440
functional analysis of lymphocytes subpopulations in experimental cocaine abuse. i. dose-dependent activation of lymphocyte subsets.the potential role of substance abuse, especially cocaine and alcohol as co-factor in hiv infection and in the development and expression of aids has been suggested, but the possible biological role of substance abuse in the development of aids is not known. in order to better understand immune system function in chronic cocaine abuse, we have assessed primary b cell responses to helper t-cell independent (ti) and dependent (td) antigens in inbred fisher male rats injected with 1.25-5 mg cocaine ...19892528433
effect of cyproterone acetate in comparison to flutamide on the ventral prostate of adult male castrated copenhagen-fisher rats and on dunning r-3327 h this investigation the effect of cpa was tested in comparison to fl after the procedure of double blinding on the ventral prostate of 70 adult male castrated copenhagen-fisher rats and on the dunning r-3327 h tumor. total androgen blockade by castration plus cpa or by castration plus fl induced significant decrease in prostate weight compared to the androgen deprivation by castration alone. no significant difference between cpa and fl was observed. furthermore it was impossible to exaggerate ...19892530921
normal brain tissue response to photodynamic therapy: histology, vascular permeability and specific gravity.the response of photodynamic therapy on normal brain was investigated in 140 fisher rats. the rats were injected i.p. with photofrin ii (12.5 mg/kg) and 48 h later the dural area over the frontal cortex was photoactivated with red light (630 +/- 1 nm) from an argon dye laser. treatment was performed with optical energy densities of 140 and 70 j/cm2. histopathology, vascular permeability and specific gravity measurements were conducted on different populations of rats at 4 h, 24 h, 72 h and 1 wee ...19892533693
immunological functions in food-restricted rats: enhanced expression of high-affinity interleukin-2 receptors on splenic t cells.several immunological functions of b and t cells including il-2 receptor expression on t cells were measured in 12-month-old fisher-344 male rats maintained from 6 weeks of age on an ad libitum (al) or a 40% food-restricted (fr) diet. direct anti-srbc plaque-forming cell (pfc) assays revealed a higher response in fr rats than in al rats when splenocytes were cultured with or without recombinant interleukin-2 (ril-2). b cell functions were studied by using nylon wool-purified splenic b cells stim ...19892534390
some simple methods for linkage analysis.a method of analysis of suitable many-locus linkage data used by fisher in 1922 is re-examined in detail, and it is pointed out that it could be used also in human genetics as a simple method for preliminary examination of data.19892596834
alteration of tissue magnesium levels in rats by dietary vitamin b6 supplementation.tissues from female fisher rats fed varying levels of magnesium (100 ppm or 700 ppm) and pyridoxine hydrochloride (pn.hcl) (7, 35, or 1500 mg/kg diet for six weeks) were dry ashed and analyzed for magnesium using atomic absorption spectroscopy. in tissues from rats consuming magnesium diets, tissue magnesium levels increased as levels of dietary pn.hcl increased. increases in plasma, liver, kidney, and brain magnesium levels were statistically significant (p less than 0.05). with the exception o ...19892599796
cholesterol esterification plays a major role in determining low-density-lipoprotein receptor activity in primary monolayer cultures of rat hepatocytes.1. we have previously shown that the capacity for specific binding of human 125i-labelled low-density lipoprotein (ldl) to rat hepatocytes increases with time in culture [salter, bugaut, saxton, fisher & brindley (1987) biochem. j. 247, 79-84]. 2. in the present study we show that this up-regulation is accompanied by a rise in the cholesterol ester content of the cells. 3. inhibition of cholesterol esterification with the drug 58-035 (sandoz) significantly decreases the time-dependent 'up-regula ...19892604696
changes of blood flow in the adenohypophysis of normal and estrogen pretreated fisher rats by tamoxifen.blood flow was measured in the adenohypophysis and in the cerebral cortex of female f344 rats over a period of 90 min using the hydrogen clearance method. tamoxifen, 1 mg/kg, administered iv reduced the blood flow in the adenohypophysis by 35%, whereas cerebral blood flow and arterial pressure remained unchanged. seven days sc treatment with tamoxifen (1 mg/kg daily) had no demonstrable effect on blood flow. anterior pituitary hyperplasia was induced in 15 rats with diethylstilbestrol containing ...19892609903
comparative cariogenicity and dental plaque-forming ability in gnotobiotic rats of four species of mutans streptococci.the four species, each represented by two strains, all produced high levels of fissure caries in the upper and lower jaws of gnotobiotic fisher rats. streptococcus rattus strains and streptococcus mutans nctc 10832 gave low levels of approximal caries, whereas streptococcus cricetus, streptococcus sobrinus and strep. mutans nctc 10449 gave high levels. the only strains to produce buccal surface lesions were strep. sobrinus and strep. cricetus. all strains were able to form dense plaque in the ce ...19892610617
iodination of newly synthesized thyroglobulin by frtl-5 cells is selective and thyrotropin dependent.this study shows that the fisher rat thyroidal cell line (frtl-5) can iodinate newly synthesized thyroglobulin. iodinated thyroglobulin was found intra- and extracellularly. both the synthesis of thyroglobulin and its subsequent iodination were found to be thyrotropin (tsh) dependent, with optimal activity at 10-100 microu tsh/ml. thyroglobulin was the only protein in the culture medium, that was iodinated with high specificity and in a tsh-dependent fashion. albumin, which was abundantly presen ...19892612732
anatomical and functional effects of estrogen-induced prolactinomas on the rat hypothalamus.although estrogen-induced prolactinomas have been widely studied, little attention has been accorded to local pressure effects of the tumor on the hypothalamus and portal vasculature. to portray the magnitude of this phenomenon, four groups of 12-13-week-old female fisher 344 rats were studied. group 1 was an intact control receiving a subcutaneously (sc) placed placebo pellet; group 2 was an ovariectomized control with a sc placed placebo pellet; group 3 was ovariectomized with a 10 mg sc place ...19892614531
the effect of marijuana smoke exposure on murine sarcoma 180 survival in fisher rats.fisher rats were treated for 28 or 60 days to multiple exposures to the smoke of marijuana or marijuana placebo cigarettes. primary, secondary and in some instances tertiary tumor implants were performed. murine sarcoma 180 tumor cells (7.5 x 10(7)) were implanted subcutaneously on day 1, 14 and 28 following initiation of smoke exposure (28 day studies) or on day 1, 14 after cessation of smoke exposure (60 day studies). tumor areas were measured on alternate days beginning on the second or third ...19892621317
phorbol esters and forskolin infused into midbrain central gray facilitate lordosis.several peptides, when infused into the mcg, facilitate lordosis in estrogen-primed female rats. since these peptides can act through camp and/or protein kinase c, and these second messenger systems have been implicated in neuromodulation, this study examined if pharmacological agents which stimulate these systems would facilitate lordosis. ovariectomized female fisher rats were given bilateral cranial cannulae targeted to the mcg, or cortex dorsal to mcg, and allowed at least a week to recover. ...19892623023
evaluation of cortisone-heparin and cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate therapies against rodent tumors. i. biological studies.the antitumor activity of either cortisone-heparin or cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate combination or both was tested against two animal tumor models. the first model was orthotopically implanted bladder tumor established in syngeneic fisher 344 rats. shrinkage and growth arrest of the tumors were induced by cortisone and amplified by its combination with either heparin or maltose tetrapalmitate (mtp). the second model was trocar implanted c3hba mammary tumor piece s.c. in syngeneic lps and mtp ...19892627134
evaluation of cortisone-heparin and cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate therapies against rodent tumors. ii. pathological studies.pathological studies were undertaken in three tumor-host models which were subjected to cortisone based treatments. the first model was fisher 344 rats with established orthotopically implanted syngeneic bladder tumor. cortisone-herapin and cortisone-maltose tetrapalmitate (mtp) treatments induced focal areas of tumor necrosis and necrobiosis, whereas cortisone alone caused necrobiosis. the second model was c3hba mammary tumor fragments implanted subcutaneously in syngeneic mtp responder c3h/hen ...19892627135
natural killer cell activity in rats infused with intralipid.the effect of intralipid on the natural killer (nk) cell activity of healthy male fisher 344 adult rats was investigated. they were cannulated via the right jugular vein and continuously infused for five days with: normal saline plus heparin, 5% intralipid plus heparin, or 10% intralipid plus heparin. control groups comprised of cannulated rats receiving no infusion and rats undergoing no operative procedures. following the five-day infusion, rats were exsanguinated under ether anesthesia and mo ...19892628583
endogenous glutamate release from frontal cortex of adult and aged rats.glutamate (glu) is a major excitatory neurotransmitter in the frontal cortex. alterations in glu neurotransmission are present in a number of neurodegenerative diseases, however, little is known about the normal aging process of glu utilizing neurons. glu release, uptake and content were examined in the frontal cortex of adult (6 months old) and aged (24 months old) male, fisher 344 rats. these markers were used to assess the functional integrity of intrinsic and extrinsic glu utilizing pathways ...19892628777
correlation between liver iron content and magnetic resonance imaging in rats.currently, serum ferritin concentration is the best noninvasive estimator of liver iron content. this study investigated the ability of magnetic resonance imaging to determine hepatic iron concentration. fisher rats were treated with either parenteral iron to increase levels of phlebotomy to lower them and achieved a wide range of liver iron concentrations. rats were imaged using a clinical whole body scanner at 1.5 tesla with a 15-cm helmholtz surface coil and a 23-cm field of view. the ratio o ...19892630845
[morphofunctional transformations of the blood vessels in the transplantation of syngeneic normal tissue and of a tumor].in 360 fisher rats dynamics of changes in blood vessels, the microcirculatory bed vessels included, have been investigated. an original model of the experiment at implantation of syngenic tissues of the fetus normal intestine and tumorous adenocarcinoma of the small intestine has been used. specific changes of the blood vessels have been revealed around and in the capsule of the implant, depending on their morphological reorganization. the blood vessels changes can serve as a prognostic sign of ...19892631644
stress ulcer susceptibility and depression in wistar kyoto (wky) a series of studies, wistar kyoto (wky) normotensive rats were more susceptible to water-restraint-induced stress ulcer as compared to spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) fisher-344 (f344) and wistar rats. in these same studies, wky rats were also deficient in several behavioral tasks. the four strains were observed in the open-field test of emotionality and wkys were judged more emotional. in a study on "learned helplessness" wkys were more deficient in the acquisition of a shuttlebox esca ...19892634265
the neutrophil-activating protein (nap-1) is also chemotactic for t lymphocytes.t lymphocyte chemotactic factor (tcf) was purified to homogeneity from the conditioned media of phytohemagglutinin-stimulated human blood mononuclear leukocytes by a sequence of chromatography procedures. the amino-terminal amino acid sequence of the purified tcf showed identity with neutrophil-activating protein (nap-1). both tcf and recombinant nap-1 (rnap-1) were chemotactic for neutrophils and t lymphocytes in vitro supporting the identity of tcf with nap-1. injection of rnap-1 into lymphati ...19892648569
cryopreservation does not alter antigenic expression of aortic allografts.cryopreserved aortic homografts are reportedly viable, but no cross-matching or immunosuppression is utilized. alterations of the antigenic expression by cryo-preservation must be assumed. we designed a protocol to test this premise. fisher 344 rats served as recipients in all cases. lewis rats, a mildly disparate strain, were utilized as donors. four cohorts of animals were utilized. group i (n = 11) served as a "first set" control. all animals received a syngeneic skin graft. after 28 days an ...19892659897
[neurologic involvement in campylobacter infections. 5 cases].campylobacter are a newly recognized class of human infectious agents. campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus is a cause of sepsis in immunocompromized hosts. secondary neurological determinations, meningitis and meningoencephalitis appear to be rare. we report 2 cases, and 8 previously reported cases are reviewed. campylobacter jejuni appears to be a common bacterial pathogen causing a syndrome of enteritis. since 1982 it has been associated with guillain-barré syndrome (gbs). in one serological ...19892664975
length changes in dendritic networks of cerebellar purkinje cells of old rats after chronic ethanol treatment.dendritic networks of cerebellar purkinje neurons from aging ethanol-treated fisher 344 rats were analyzed for metric changes in terminal and internal segments of the networks. mean lengths of three categories of dendritic segments were determined. no significant metric changes in segment lengths were detectable immediately at the termination of 24 weeks of ethanol treatment, but significant changes were apparent after 8 weeks of recovery from ethanol treatment. return to a diet of standard labo ...19892665558
changes in the hepatic perfusion index during the development of experimental hepatic tumours.a model of microscopic liver tumour has been developed in the fisher rat by intraportal injection of 1.6 x 10(7) walker 256 carcinosarcoma cells. rats were studied at 2, 4 and 6 days after the inoculation of live walker cells. a control group received dead walker cells. no tumour was visible in control groups at 2, 4 and 6 days after inoculation. similarly in rats injected with live cells no tumour was visible at 2 days after inoculation but at 4 and 6 days the percentage hepatic replacement was ...19892720322
membranous glomerulonephritis and the nephrotic syndrome in a patient with landry-guillain-barré-strohl syndrome.membranous glomerulonephritis and the nephrotic syndrome concurrent with the miller-fisher variant of the landry-guillain-barré-strohl syndrome (lgbs), acute post-infective polyneuritis, is reported in a 49-year-old man. the onset of heavy proteinuria coincided with the development of the neurological disturbance. while immunosuppressive therapy appeared to hasten improvement in the neurological disease, no such improvement occurred in the glomerulopathy.19892728436
purification of a human milk protein closely similar to tumor-secreted phosphoproteins and osteopontin.a wide variety of rodent and human tumor cells secrete antigenically related phosphoproteins with molecular weights (mr) of approximately 58,000 (hamster), 62,000 (rat, mouse), 67,000 (human) (senger, d.r. and perruzzi, c.a. (1985) cancer res. 45, 5818-5823). expression of these phosphoproteins is transformation-related; tumor cells produce at least 10-fold or more of this protein as compared to their normal or untransformed counterparts. n-terminal and internal sequences derived from the rat tu ...19892736258
the problem of our common mitochondrial has been suggested that the mitochondrial dna (mtdna) of all present-day human beings stems exclusively from one woman who lived about 200000 years ago in africa; examination of the problem by the mathematical theory of random walks supposedly renders alternatives very unlikely. however, a statistical argument first used by fisher indicates that this hypothesis is untenable, at least if the assumptions made by previous workers are accepted. all present-day mtdna might go back to one individua ...19892737664
biodistribution of misonidazole and 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (bcnu) in rats bearing unclamped and clamped 9l subcutaneous tumors.the biodistribution of misonidazole (miso) and 1,3bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (bcnu) was studied using the subcutaneous (s.c.) 9l tumor model in male fisher 344 rats. a transient hypoxia in these tumors was created by clamping the blood supply to the tumor. reoxygenation occurred upon release of the clamp. the plasma and tumor concentrations of miso and bcnu were quantitated by high pressure liquid chromatography. when 12 mg/kg of bcnu was given i.p. without miso, the peak plasma concentrat ...19892745188
morphologic and hemodynamic comparison of tumor and healing normal tissue microvasculature.the purpose of this study was to compare microvascular morphometric and hemodynamic characteristics of a tumor and granulating normal tissue to develop quantitative data that could be used to predict microvascular characteristics which would be most likely associated with hypoxia. the dorsal flap window chamber of the fisher 344 rat was used to visualize the microvasculature of 10 granulating and 12 tumor (r3230 ac adenocarcinoma) tissues at 2 weeks following surgical implantation of the chamber ...19892745213
aging: effect on hepatic metabolism and transport of folate in the rat.effects of aging on hepatic folate metabolism and transport were assessed in male fisher 344 rats. total serum and hepatic folate levels were measured. hepatic folates were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography and by lactobacillus casei assay. transport of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-ch3-h4pteglu) was measured in isolated hepatocytes. serum folate declined with aging; however, neither the total folate level nor the distribution of hepatic folate coenzymes was affected by the aging ...19892756923
treatment of experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia with a human igm monoclonal antibody.a human igm monoclonal antibody (ma-1c1) to fisher immunotype 3 pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide antigen was evaluated for in vivo activity in a guinea pig model of experimental pneumonia. pharmacokinetics of ma-1c1 were compared in infected and noninfected animals. intravenous bolus infusion of ma-1c1, 1 mg/kg, resulted in peak serum antibody concentrations of 3.8 +/- 0.08 and 3.7 +/- 0.05 micrograms/ml in infected and noninfected animals, respectively. serum half-lives were 25 and 22 ...19892760499
changes with aging in the levels of amino acids in rat cns structural elements. ii. taurine and small neutral amino acids.taurine (tau) and the small neutral amino acids glycine (gly), serine (ser), threonine (thr), and alanine (ala) were measured in 53 brain areas of 3- and 29-month-old male fisher 344 rats. the ratio of highest to lowest level was 34 for tau, 9.1 for thr, 7.6 for gly and ser, and 6.5 for ala. the heterogeneity was found in numerous areas; for example, tau levels were more than 90 nmol/mg protein in 6 areas, and less than 20 nmol/mg protein in 10 areas. similar heterogeneity was found with the oth ...19892761675
expression of a human multidrug resistance gene in ovarian carcinomas.expression of the human mdr1 gene has been shown to confer the multidrug resistance (mdr) phenotype to sensitive cells. to investigate the possible contribution of the mdr phenotype to chemoresistance in ovarian carcinoma, we have analyzed mdr1 gene expression in fresh carcinoma specimens from 50 patients. fifteen received chemotherapy before surgery and were judged as poor responders. thirty-five patients did not receive any drug before surgery. control tissues were lymphocytes from 7 patients. ...19892766278
chloroform inhibition of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced gastrointestinal tract tumors in the fisher 344 rat.the effect of chloroform (chcl3), administered at 0, 900, and 1800 mg/liter in the drinking water, on the carcinogenic potency of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (dmh) was investigated. groups of 40 male fisher 344 rats were given one of the three drinking water solutions for 39 weeks following the subcutaneous injection of 200 mg/kg dmh, a known gastrointestinal (gi) tract carcinogen in this animal strain. when tumors from the gi tract were pooled there was a highly significant (p less than 0.001) decrea ...19892767360
establishment and characterization of an epithelial cell line from the rat submandibular epithelial cell line, rsmtx, has been established from the submandibular gland of weanling fisher 344 rats by treatment of explanted tissue clumps with 3-methylcholanthrene. these cells exhibit a polygonal shape on light microscopy and a polar appearance, with desmosomes, terminal bar-like structures, surface microvilli and cytoplasmic interdigitations, when examined by electron microscopy. the cells react positively with an antiserum to cytoskeletal keratin, and a commercial monoclonal antib ...19892769593
correlation of mdr1 gene expression with chemotherapy in neuroblastoma.forty-one neuroblastoma tumor specimens have been analyzed by northern and slot blot hybridization techniques with human mdr1 gene probes. only one of 15 (6%) tumors from patients who had not received chemotherapy exhibited high levels of mdr1 transcripts, while 11 of 26 (42%) treated tumors showed high levels of mdr1 expression (fisher exact test: p = .03). the results indicate that the level of mdr1 mrna expression is associated with previous chemotherapy, including drugs that select the multi ...19892778826
temporal actions of 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone in the rat: comparisons of lordosis dynamics with other estrogen metabolites and between sexes.16 alpha-hydroxyesterone (16ohe1), a metabolite of estradiol (e2) and precursor of estriol (e3), binds to the estrogen receptor (er) with low affinity (3% of e2), but is estrogenic in both in vitro and in vivo systems. this metabolite is able to bind in a non-dissociable manner to the er. we examined these properties in vivo by assessing the temporal dynamics of estrogen metabolite action in the rat brain, using lordosis score (ls) to manual stimulation as a serial bioassay of estrogen effect. m ...19892779234
interleukin-1-induced anorexia in the rat. influence of prostaglandins.the anorexia associated with acute and chronic inflammatory or infectious conditions is poorly understood. our objectives were to explore the anorexigenic effects of interleukin-1 (il-1) in the rat. recombinant human (rh) il-1 beta, murine (rm) il-1 alpha and to a lesser extent rhil-1 alpha significantly reduced food intake at greater than or equal to 4.0 micrograms/kg i.p. but not at lower doses, in young (200-250 g) meal-fed rats on chow diets. the anorexic effect appears to be mediated by pro ...19892786888
effect of magnesium deficiency on interleukin production by fisher rats: effect of interleukins on reduced in vitro lymphocyte responses to concanavalin a and lipopolysaccharide.the ability of rats fed a magnesium-deficient diet to produce interleukins (ils) and the effect of ils on in vitro lymphocyte mitogenesis have been studied in rats. lack of magnesium resulted in a lower number of plastic-adherent spleen cells and in a reduction of il-1 production. il-2 production was not significantly affected, indicating differential sensitivity of t cells to magnesium deficiency. the diminished mitogenic response of splenocytes to concanavalin a (con-a) was restored by the add ...19892788143
immortalization of rat spleen and thymus t cells by human t-cell leukemia virus type of thymus and spleen cells of fisher and lewis rats with lethally irradiated mt-2 cells harboring human t-cell leukemia virus type i (htlv-i) resulted in the establishment of lymphoid cell lines, firt-1, firs-1, lert-1, and lers-1, respectively. cells of these cell lines had rat t-cell characters as demonstrated by the positive reaction to monoclonal antibodies (mabs) to rat t cell antigens (thy 1 and pan t). they lacked surface immunoglobulins and strongly expressed rat interleuk ...19892788356
effect of trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole and hyperbaric oxygen on experimental spiroplasma mirum encephalitis.this study was undertaken to determine the susceptibility of experimentally induced spiroplasma mirum infection in the rat to trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (tmp/smx) in combination with hyperbaric oxygen (hbo). one-day-old fisher 344 rats were intracerebrally inoculated with the gt-48 strain of s. mirum and were exposed to regimens employed combined antibiotic and hbo treatments. the exclusive use of tmp/smx produced a significant reduction in mortality (p less than 0.0001) and an absence of cli ...19892799063
subfornical organ lesions in rats abolish hyperdipsic effects of isoproterenol and serotonin.isoproterenol (300 micrograms/ml/kg) and serotonin (2 mg/ml/kg) given sc to rats (n = 27) caused significant drinking (fisher plsd, scheffe f test, dunnett t) in the 1 and 2 hours after injection. such drinking was completely prevented in rats later shown to have complete lesions of their subfornical organs (n = 7). in contrast a response not significantly different from the prelesion response was found in rats later given cortical lesions (n = 11) or other lesions which did not damage the subfo ...19892804709
1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced carcinogenesis influenced by different colonic anastomoses in rats.dispensing subcutaneously 1,2-dimethylhydrazine, intestinal carcinogenesis was investigated in male fisher rats with different surgical colonic anastomoses, producing blind gut loops of isoperistaltic high (fecal stasis) and anisoperistaltic low fecal contact. one hundred and eight rats, except 1 rat of the control group, developed colonic neoplasms. in contrast to the control group, mainly in anastomotic areas and in isoperistaltic blind gut loops with intensive fecal contact huge adenocarcinom ...19892806346
characteristics of submucosal lymphoid tissue located in the proximal colon of the this study we have examined the morphology and steroid sensitivity of proximal colonic lymphoid tissue in the fisher 344 rat. a time course study was conducted in which groups of animals were injected subcutaneously with hydrocortisone sodium succinate (125 mg/kg body weight) and killed on days 0-4. thymus, jejunal and ileal peyer's patches and proximal colonic lymphoid tissue were excised, weighed and processed for histological analysis. the results showed that the maximum cytoreductive effe ...19892808123
heat shock-induced appearance of rna polymerase ii in karyoskeletal protein-enriched (nuclear "matrix") fractions correlates with transcriptional shutdown in drosophila melanogaster.heat shock in vivo or brief incubation at moderately elevated temperatures (15 min at 37 degrees c) in vitro is required for the structural stability of proteinaceous karyoskeletal elements purified from drosophila melanogaster (mcconnell, m., whalen, a. m., smith, d. e., and fisher, p. a. (1987) j. cell biol. 105, 1087-1098). we have found that the appearance of the two largest subunits of rna polymerase ii in karyoskeletal preparations is promoted by conditions identical to those which promote ...19892492538
[serum and cerebrospinal fluid kinetics of ceftazidime].ceftazidime serum concentrations and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) penetration across non-inflamed meninges were evaluated in 10 patients after intravenous application of 2 g ceftazidime over a period of 30 min. after a continuous increase during infusion the highest level of ceftazidime in serum with 172.27 micrograms/ml (+/- 60.43 micrograms/ml) was ascertained at the end of the infusion. the further development demonstrated a continuous decrease of serum concentrations. concentrations in serum fo ...19892693344
guillain-barré syndrome and related conditions in victorian teaching hospitals 1980-84.cases of guillain-barré syndrome, its variants, and chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy presenting during the period 1980-84 were identified through computer-based record systems. case notes were examined, and cases that did not meet standard criteria for diagnosis were excluded. a hundred and ten patients were identified, giving an annual adult incidence rate of 0.9/100,000 and a male:female ratio of 1.3:1. the majority of cases developed severe tetraparesis, but unusual presentations ...19892631660
nurse sues for "environmental sexual harassment". case in point: fisher v. san pedro peninsula hosp. (262 cal. rptr. 842--ca (1989)). 19892616768
variables predicting surgical outcome in symptomatic hydrocephalus in the elderly.we prospectively studied 30 older patients who had shunt surgery for symptomatic hydrocephalus and measured outcome using serial videotaping of gait, neuropsychological testing, and the katz index of activities of daily living. twenty-three patients improved and 7 did not. using univariate analysis and the fisher exact test, we found that the following variables were significantly related to outcome: (1) time b-waves present on 24-hour csf pressure record; (2) anterior/posterior ratio on slice 4 ...19892586777
a model of the peritoneal cavity for use in internal dosimetry.several therapeutic and diagnostic techniques involve injection of radioactive material into the peritoneal cavity. estimation of the radiation dose to the surface of the peritoneum or to surrounding organs is hampered by the lack of a suitable source region in the phantom commonly used for such calculations. we have modified the fisher-snyder phantom to include a region representing the peritoneal cavity which may be employed to estimate such radiation doses. a geometric model is described whic ...19892585102
intravenous nicardipine for treatment of intraoperative hypertension during abdominal surgery.twenty patients, american society of anesthesiologists class i or ii, who developed intraoperative hypertension (mean arterial pressure greater than 110 mm hg) during abdominal surgery under balanced general anesthesia were randomly assigned to two groups. the nicardipine group (n = 10) received 5 mg of nicardipine hydrochloride, and the placebo group (n = 10) received 5 ml of nicardipine solvent injected intravenously over a 5-minute period in a blind manner. arterial pressure was recorded for ...19892521027
inhibition of implantation of murine bladder tumor by thiotepa in cauterized bladder.this study was designed to determine the role of immediate intravesical instillation of single dose thiotepa post transurethral resection of bladder tumor in the prevention of recurrence by tumor implantation, using murine bladder tumor line 2 and 201 c3h/he mice. previous studies have suggested implantation may take place as early as the first hour and reach its maximum in 24 hours after resection of bladder tumor. an in vitro dose response curve of mbt2 to thiotepa was established by treatment ...19892511340
sexual selection by the handicap mechanism.the handicap mechanism of sexual selection by female choice has been strongly criticized because it does not cause sexual selection to reinforce viability selection and it cannot account for the origin of mating preferences. however, several models indicate that the handicap mechanism can have important effects when operating in conjunction with fisher's mechanism in polygynous populations. these models have been criticized because they require that fitness remains heritable indefinitely. i deve ...198928564247
does sternal fracture increase the risk for aortic rupture?we retrospectively reviewed the records of 99 patients who suffered sternal fractures between 1968 and 1987. patients ranged in age from 5 to 86 years. the most common cause of injury was a motor vehicle accident. the 99 patients were compared with a concurrent series of 2,106 patients with chest injuries and no sternal fractures. traumatic aortic rupture occurred in 2 of 99 patients with sternal fractures (2%) and in 75 of 2,106 patients without sternal fracture (3.6%). this difference was not ...19892818062
one-way analysis of variance with unequal variances.we have designed a statistical test that eliminates the assumption of equal group variances from one-way analysis of variance. this test is preferable to the standard technique of trial-and-error transformation and can be shown to be an extension of the behrens-fisher t test to the case of three or more means. we suggest that this procedure be used in most applications where the one-way analysis of variance has traditionally been applied to biological data.19892813387
endogenous digoxin-like immunoreactive factor and digitalis-like factor associated with the hypertension of patients receiving multiple alkylating agents as part of autologous bone marrow transplantation.1. hypertension is a complication of autologous bone marrow transplantation when therapy includes multiple alkylating agents. we have sought to identify the factors underlying this hypertension. we measured weight, serum creatinine, plasma renin activity, aldosterone and digoxin-like immunoreactive factor (dlif), by digoxin radioimmunoassay, in 18 patients. plasma catecholamines were also measured in five patients. 2. of the 18 patients studied, 15 became hypertensive. the variable most consiste ...19892555106
extended fisher renormalized tricritical behavior of the nematic-smectic-a transition in liquid-crystal mixtures. 19899902706
an interpretation and proof of the fundamental theorem of natural selection.fisher's "fundamental theorem of natural selection" has long caused controversy in population genetics theory. viewed as a statement about the increase, or rate of increase, of mean fitness over time, it encounters difficulties with cases arising in a multi-locus system for which mean fitness can decrease. an interpretation of the theorem is put forward here which implies that it is correct as a mathematical statement, but of less biological value than was claimed by fisher.19892814903
probability and likelihood in genetic counselling.the aim of this paper is to clarify some of the concepts used in the calculation of risk in genetic counselling. the use of probability as a measure of risk in a particular case is reviewed, with special reference to the fisher-neyman controversy. the technical concept of likelihood is then introduced and applied to risk probabilities themselves. the difficulties of interpretation are discussed, with a distinction drawn between calculating the risk for a child and inferring the genotype of his m ...19892805378
the treatment of childhood night terrors through the use of hypnosis--a case study: a brief communication.night terrors are nocturnal episodes of intense autonomic arousal which are manifested by loud shouting or screaming in terror. the sufferer is not awake and is generally completely amnestic for the episodes. night terrors and other sleep disturbances, such as somnambulism, are disorders of arousal (broughton, 1968; fisher, kahn, edwards, & davis, 1973; guilleminault, 1987). a 10-year-old white male was treated for a 6-year-long bout of night terrors. the hypnotic induction consisted of the fing ...19892793269
inter- and intraobserver variability in the histopathological diagnosis of medullary carcinoma of the breast, and its prognostic hundred thirty-one breast carcinomas with medullary features, registered in the danish breast cancer cooperative group from 1977-1982, have been histopathologically reviewed by two senior pathologists and classified as typical medullary carcinoma (tmc), atypical medullary carcinoma (amc), and non-medullary carcinoma (nmc). diagnostic criteria were based on those put forward by ridolfi et al. and fisher et al. the procedure was repeated with an interval of about one year by both pathologists. ...19892605345
[miller fisher syndrome: a report of 4 cases and review of the nosologic position].four typical cases of the miller fisher syndrome with external ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and generalized areflexia but no muscular weakness or sensory impairment of the limbs are reported. the nosological position of this disorder is reviewed.19892619616
an interview with: richard p. fisher. 198910296121
observations on the lesion site in the miller fisher syndrome: presentation of a case including ct and mri.debate about the lesion site in the miller fisher syndrome is still going on. we studied a patient with features of the miller fisher syndrome in whom arguments for both central and peripheral nervous system dysfunction were found.19892816280
in praise of c. miller fisher. 19892668789
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