inflammatory neuropathies.although not quite as well protected as in the cns, nerve fibres in peripheral nerves are relatively protected from systemic immune responses and inflammatory reactions by the specialized endoneurial endothelial and perineurial barriers. expression of mhc class ii molecules is restricted to a few macrophage-like cells. compared with peripheral nerve trunks, there are more of these cells and more permeable blood vessels in the dorsal root ganglia and spinal roots. these are sites of predilection ...19947921591
oxygen free radical activity in experimental colonic carcinoma.oxygen free radical activity has been implicated in carcinogenesis through dna lysis. this study measured chemiluminescence and superoxide dismutase (sod) inhibition as an index of oxygen free radical activity in azoxymethane-induced colonic carcinoma. after 3 weeks of acclimatization, ten fisher 344 rats were injected with azoxymethane (7 mg kg-1 week-1) over 10 weeks. all animals were killed at 37 weeks and colonic mucosa (5-25 mg wet weight) was sampled from sites of histologically confirmed ...19947922065
parental imprinting of rat insulin-like growth factor ii gene promoters is coordinately regulated.the insulin-like growth factor ii (igf-ii) gene is parentally imprinted in the mouse and human species. by following the inheritance of natural polymorphisms of igf-ii mrna, we demonstrated that the tissue-specific parental imprinting of the igf-ii gene is conserved in the rat. the expression of the paternal igf-ii allele exceeded by more than 3 orders of magnitude that of the maternal allele in livers of 3-day-old wistar x fisher interstrain rat crosses. in contrast, the two alleles were both e ...19947929045
inter- and intra-site heterogeneity in the expression of fetal-like phenotypic characteristics by gingival fibroblasts: potential significance for wound healing.we have previously reported that fetal and adult skin fibroblasts display distinctive migratory phenotypes on 3-d collagen substrata and that these behavioural characteristics may be quantified by a function defined as the cell density migration index (cdmi). subsequent work indicated that this difference in migratory phenotype was due to the production by fetal fibroblasts of a migration stimulating factor (msf) that is not produced by normal adult skin fibroblasts. we now present data indicati ...19947929639
the effect of 6-months l-deprenyl administration on pineal mao-a and mao-b activity and on the content of melatonin and related indoles in aged female fisher 344n rats.six months of administration of the selective mao-b inhibitor, selegiline (l-deprenyl 0.25 mg/kg, s.c.) to aged female fisher 344n rats suppressed mao-a as well as mao-b activity and increased serotonin (substrate for melatonin biosynthesis) and n-acetylserotonin (immediate melatonin precursor) levels in pineal glands taken from the animals during the night. daytime values were unchanged by the treatment. the data suggest that stimulation of pineal melatonin biosynthesis might be one of the cons ...19947931233
herpes simplex brainstem encephalitis with a relapsing course.we report a patient with a relapsing form of acute brainstem encephalitis. pathological examination demonstrated necrotizing encephalitis in the cerebral cortex and, more pronounced, throughout the diencephalon, as well as in the pes pontis. neurons and glial cells in the cerebral cortex and brainstem contained herpesvirus antigens. the clinical interrelationship of brainstem encephalitis, miller fisher syndrome and landry-guillain-barré syndrome is discussed.19947931437
the effect of age on halothane-induced alterations of contractility in isolated rat aorta.aging is implicated as a factor which increases the susceptibility to volatile anesthetic-induced depression of the cardiovascular system. however, little is known regarding mechanisms responsible for this enhanced depression. current experiments examined the effects of 1.2 and 2.4 vol.% halothane on norepinephrine-induced contractility in endothelium-intact and -denuded aortic preparations isolated from 4-, 14-, and 24-month-old fisher-344 rats. prior to exposure to halothane, endothelium remov ...19947934208
activation of cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (cdk4) by mouse mo15-associated kinase.the assembly of functional holoenzymes composed of regulatory d-type cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases (cdks) is rate limiting for progression through the g1 phase of the mammalian somatic cell cycle. complexes between d-type cyclins and their major catalytic subunit, cdk4, are catalytically inactive until cyclin-bound cdk4 undergoes phosphorylation on a single threonyl residue (thr-172). this step is catalyzed by a cdk-activating kinase (cak) functionally analogous to the enzyme which phosph ...19947935441
induction of differentiation in human promyelocytic hl-60 leukemia cells activates p21, waf1/cip1, expression in the absence of p53.the melanoma differentiation associated gene, mda-6, which is identical to the p53-inducible gene waf1/cip1, encodes an m(r) 21,000 protein (p21) that can directly inhibit cell growth by repressing cyclin dependent kinases. mda-6 was identified using subtraction hybridization by virtue of its enhanced expression in human melanoma cells induced to terminally differentiate by treatment with human fibroblast interferon and the anti-leukemic compound mezerein (jiang and fisher, 1993). in the present ...19947936668
mono-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate suppresses estradiol production independent of fsh-camp stimulation in rat granulosa cells.di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (dehp) exposure suppressed preovulatory granulosa cell estradiol production in adult cycling rats. the active metabolite of dehp, mono-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (mehp), suppressed follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh)-stimulated camp and progesterone production in cultured rat granulosa cells. to examine how dehp altered granulosa cell estradiol production, the effects of mehp were studied in cultures of rat granulosa cells. granulosa cells were obtained from des-implante ...19947940537
intercellular adhesion molecule-1 and leukocyte function-associated antigen-1 are involved in protection mediated by cd3+tcr alpha beta- t cells at the early stage after infection with listeria monocytogenes in investigate the significance of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (icam-1) and leukocyte function-associated antigen-1 (lfa-1) in host defense against infection with intracellular parasites, we examined the effects of in vivo pretreatment with mabs to icam-1 (1a29) and lfa-1 alpha (wt-1) on the protection against infection with listeria monocytogenes in fisher f344/n rats. expression of icam-1 and lfa-1 alpha molecules on t cells in spleen, liver and peritoneal cavity of rats was down-regulat ...19947947463
induction in vitro of 72-kd heat shock protein in a continuous culture of rat thyroid cells, graves' disease and hashimoto's thyroiditis, the presence of 72-kd heat shock protein (hsp-72) on thyrocytes has been reported. to clarify the significance of this phenomenon, we induced the antigen in thyroid cell culture in vitro. in the frtl5 rat cell line, which had been heated at 42.5 degrees c or treated with sodium arsenite, expression of hsp-72 was examined with immunoperoxidase staining and immunoprecipitation of the metabolically labelled protein using a specific moab. in the cells ...19947955528
transmission of schistosoma mansoni in rhino camp, uganda.non-participant observations totalling 204 hours relevant to the transmission of schistosoma mansoni infection were carried out in rhino camp at the shores of albert nile in north uganda. a cross-sectional study of 636 individuals from rhino camp revealed a prevalence of s. mansoni infection of 77.8%. occupational and domestic purposes were the most important reasons for water contact, whereas recreational purposes ranked lower and mainly concerned children. both sexes were equally active in wat ...19947956863
p53 mutations in human bladder cancer.mutations in the tumor suppressor gene p53 play an important role in carcinogenesis and tumor progression. to assess the status of p53 from genomic dna from bladder cancer samples a two stage polymerase chain reaction was employed. the technique provided material for subsequent detection of mutations by single strand conformation polymorphism (sscp) analysis followed by dna sequence analysis. sscp analysis of exons 5 to 9 of p53 was performed using fragments from pcr end-labeled with 32p followe ...19947957118
age-related changes in tissue content of malondialdehyde-modified of the possible mechanisms of the age-related modifications of proteins is the result of reaction with malondialdehyde (mda), a lipid peroxidation byproduct. to determine the effect of age on the extent of mda derivatization of proteins in plasma and various tissues, male fisher 344 rats at 4, 12 and 26 months of age were studied. protein electrophoresis and immunoblotting was carried out using a specific antiserum against mda-protein complexes. the concentration of mda-proteins in plasma (m ...19947968227
magnetic resonance imaging of rodent tumors using radiofrequency gradient echoes.this paper evaluates the use of radiofrequency (rf) magnetic field gradient echoes to provide contrast in magnetic resonance (mr) images of model tumors. decay of rf gradient echoes as a function of evolution time was measured and sensitivity of the decay to changes in blood pressure was evaluated. previous investigators have demonstrated that static field (b0) gradient echoes provide mr image contrast which is sensitive to the rate of self-diffusion of tissue water and may also be sensitive to ...19947968288
mri contrast enhancement by gd-dtpa-monoclonal antibody in 9l glioma achieve a tissue-specific enhancement in diagnosis of brain tumor, a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) study was performed using conjugate of gd-dtpa and monoclonal antibody (moab) against 9l glioma cells. fisher 344 strain rats were used for this study. moab against 9l glioma cells was conjugated with gd-dtpa according to the method of hnatowich et al. (1983) and used for the mri study. the gadolinium (gd) concentration in the gd-moab injected to the rats was 0.01-0.03 mmol/kg. the enhancemen ...19947976589
studies of tamoxifen as a promoter of hepatocarcinogenesis in female fischer f344 rats.tamoxifen, an antiestrogen used in the treatment of breast cancer, was assessed for carcinogenic potential in the two-stage model of experimental hepatocarcinogenesis. groups of female fisher f344 rats were initiated with a non-necrogenic, subcarcinogenic dose of diethylnitrosamine (den; 10 mg/kg, po) and fed tamoxifen at a concentration of 250 mg per kg of ain-76a diet for 6 or 15 months. the livers of these animals exhibited an increase in size and number of altered hepatic foci compared with ...19947981451
evaluation of deprenyl for cocaine-like discriminative stimulus effects in rats.the antiparkinsonian agent l-deprenyl is metabolized to l-methamphetamine and l-amphetamine and, at higher doses, can facilitate the release and inhibit the reuptake of dopamine. since l-deprenyl can affect dopamine release and reuptake it was important to evaluate it for cocaine-like discriminative stimulus effects. male fisher rats were trained to discriminate cocaine (10 mg/kg, i.p.) from saline in a two-lever, operant-conditioning procedure using schedules of food-delivery or stimulus-shock ...19947982450
comparison of thermodynamic and kinetic effects between the leu32-->norvaline and leu35-->norvaline substitutions of the three-fragment complex of cytochrome c.the three fragment complex (1-25)h.(28-38).(39-104) of horse cytochrome c (e.g., (1-25)h, the heme fragment containing residues 1 to 25) closely resembles the native protein except for residues 39 to 55, which are flexible. we have investigated how the leu35-->nva (norvaline) substitution differs from the leu32-->nva in the perturbation of the stability of this complex. the side chains of leu32 and leu35 are adjacent in the well-packed hydrophobic core of tuna cytochrome c (t. takano and r. e. d ...19947986101
amino acid derivatives of 5-asa as novel prodrugs for intestinal drug an attempt to obtain site-specific delivery of 5-asa in the intestinal tract, we have determined the extent of absorption and metabolism of a number of novel 5-asa derivatives, namely, (n-l-glutamyl)-amino-2-salicylic acid (1), (n-l-aspartyl)-amino-2-salicylic-acid (2), 5-aminosalicyl-l-proline-l-leucine (3), and 5-(n-l-glutamyl)-aminosalicyl-l-proline-l-leucine (4), which are selectively cleaved by intestinal brush border aminopeptidase a and carboxypeptidases. these novel prodrugs, 5-asa, a ...19947995185
chronic nicotine administration does not affect peripheral vascular reactivity in the rat.the effect of chronic nicotine exposure on vascular function and neurotransmitter content was studied in the fisher 344 rat. implantation of osmotic mini pumps containing nicotine (0.18-4.7 mg/kg/day) for 14 days resulted in dose-related levels of plasma nicotine (up to 362 +/- 15 ng/ml) and its major metabolite cotinine (1545 +/- 40 ng/ml), as measured by gas chromatography. rat body weight increase was inhibited significantly by 4.7 mg/kg/day of nicotine exposure. in the isolated perfused mese ...19947996418
[target antigens in neuroimmunological diseases].target antigens in neuroimmunological diseases were reviewed. these are; ple21 in limbic encephalitis; pcd17, cdr62, cdr34, and czf in paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration; one of the anion transporters band 3 in chorea-acanthocytosis; visinin-like substance in cancer-associated retinopathy (car syndrome); myelin basic protein (mbp) and proteolipid protein (plp) in acute disseminated encephalomyelitis; mbp, plp and myelin-oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (mog) in multiple sclerosis; glutamic acid ...19947996680
[fisher syndrome and anti-gq1b antibody].serum anti-gq1b igg antibody is specifically detected in almost all the patients with fisher syndrome and those with guillain-barré syndrome with ophthalmoplegia in the acute phase. an anti-gq1b mouse monoclonal antibody immunostained the paranodal regions of the extramedullary portion of the human oculomotor, trochlear and abducens nerves. such immunostaining was not observed in the other cranial and peripheral nerves. anti-gq1b igg antibody may be involved in the pathogenetic mechanism of opht ...19947996694
intrauterine transplantation of isogenic pancreatic islets in experimental diabetic rats.the effect of intrauterine transplantation (iu group) as a potential immunologically privileged site on the diabetic state of the recipient was compared with that of conventional intraperitoneal transplantation (ip group) using fisher 344 rats. islets were isolated from the pancreata of normal rats and transplanted into the uterus and peritoneal cavity of the isogenic rats with experimental diabetes, which were treated with estradiol benzoate and progesterone. although all the rats in both group ...19947999899
chlamydia trachomatis-specific antibodies in patients with pelvic inflammatory disease: comparison with isolation in tissue culture or detection with polymerase chain reaction.the detection of acute phase antibodies against c trachomatis and its comparison with tissue culture or polymerase chain reaction (pcr) on samples of cervix and urethra obtained from patients with pelvic inflammatory disease (pid).19948001938
synergistic effect between intraneoplastic methotrexate and radiation on experimental intracerebral rat gliosarcoma.methotrexate (mtx) alone has a limited effect against malignant brain tumors, but we previously demonstrated a beneficial synergism between mtx and radiation therapy (xrt) against rt-9 gliosarcoma. because the beneficial effects of that study were limited by systemic toxicity and poor brain penetration of mtx, we have continued our studies using direct intracerebral mtx therapy. male cd-fisher rats with intracerebrally implanted rt-9 gliosarcoma and indwelling brain tumor catheters were treated ...19948008164
estrogen treatment postpones the castration-induced dedifferentiation of dunning r3327-pap prostatic adenocarcinoma.male copenhagen x fisher f1 rats, transplanted with the androgen-sensitive dunning r3327 pap rat prostatic adenocarcinoma, were castrated when tumor volumes were approximately 1300 mm3. the rats were thereafter followed with measurements of tumor volume. castration stopped tumor growth, but some of the tumors started to regrow after 7-36 weeks. these tumors relapsing from castration treatment were now considered to be androgen-insensitive. in this study, we defined relapse as the time when the t ...19948022707
prognostic indicators in adult cerebral malaria: a study in burundi, an area of high prevalence of hiv infection.we examined the possible risk factors for poor prognostic in cerebral malaria in 31 adults from burundi, an area of high prevalence rate of hiv-1 infection. depth of coma, temperature, vomiting, seizures, parasite load, or anaemia did not modify the outcome. high levels of creatinine, bilirubin, and/or lactates were indicators of poor prognostic. hiv-1 infection did not affect the clinical or biological presentation of cerebral malaria, and did not appear to influence the outcome.19948023753
stress and interleukin-1 beta-induced activation of c-fos, ngfi-b and crf gene expression in the hypothalamic pvn: comparison between sprague-dawley, fisher-344 and lewis rats.various signals are known to activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis, an event largely dependent on the release of corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) which originates mainly from the parvocellular paraventricular nucleus (pvn) of the hypothalamus. these signals include neurogenic stimuli such as exposure to mild electroshocks, and systemic stimuli like administration of cytokines. the hpa axis activity of lewis rats has been reported to be hyporesponsive to such stimuli, but the ...19948025563
the effects of n-3 fatty acids on the secretion of carboxyl-terminally truncated forms of human apoprotein b.we have previously reported that in primary rat hepatocytes, n-3 fatty acid (either eicosapentaenoic or docosahexaenoic) stimulates intracellular degradation of apoprotein b100 (apob100) and apob48 (wang, h., chen, x., and fisher, e.a. (1993) j. clin. invest. 91, 1380-1389). there was a greater effect on apob100 than on apob48. rat hepatoma (mcardle rh-7777) cell lines expressing carboxyl-truncated human apob species apob42, apob28, and apob18 were used to explore the relationship between the ef ...19948034600
laser photosensitization of cells by hypericin.administering a light dose of 90 j/cm2 at 599 nm during incubation with hypericin to a highly differentiated normal epithelial cell line (frtl-5), derived from fisher rat thyroid, and to a neoplastic cell line (mptk-6), derived from the lung metastases of a thyroid carcinoma induced in fisher rats, produces cell kill at drug doses 1000 times lower than those necessary to cause the same mortality in the dark. the photocytocidal activity of this polycyclic quinone drug on neoplastic cells is super ...19948041807
effect of fibrous glass on rat pleural mesothelium. histopathologic observations.female fisher 344 rats (n = 25) were inoculated intrapleurally with a single 20-mg dose of (jm-100) fibrous glass. the mean length (2.2 microns) and width (0.15 microns) of the fibrous glass particles was within respirable range. following inoculation, the rats were killed at timed intervals ranging from 2 to 430 d from inoculation. the pleural histopathologic changes were independently observed by a panel of three pathologists blinded to the time elapsed from inoculation. fibrous adhesions, nod ...19948049840
infection of rats with human t-cell leukemia virus type-i: susceptibility of inbred strains, antibody response and provirus location.the susceptibilities of different strains of inbred rats to infection with the human t-cell leukemia virus (htlv-i) after inoculation of human htlv-i producer cell lines were compared. the fisher f344 and brown norway strains developed the highest antibody response to htlv-i, while the lewis and bb strains were low responders. antibodies against the htlv-i gag proteins, and env gp21 but not env gp46, were detected in western blots with sera from htlv-i-infected fischer f344 and brown norway rats ...19948050826
[disorders of membrane mechanisms in stressor damage to the heart in rats of various strains].the resistance of the rat's organism to emotional stress is determined by alterations of the heart's electric stability. the condition of lipid oxidation is accompanied by alterations of cholesterol and ionised calcium concentrations. such alterations were expressed in fisher rats to a greater extent. it conformed to the morphophysiological peculiarities of this group of animals and confirmed its considerable species sensibility.19938054607
prevention of corneal allograft rejection in rats treated with subconjunctival injections of liposomes containing dichloromethylene diphosphonate.the drug dichloromethylene diphosphonate (cl2mdp) encapsulated in liposomes depletes macrophages but not other immunocompetent cells. the authors investigated whether subconjunctival injection of cl2mdp containing liposomes (cl2mdp-lip) could prolong survival of corneal allografts in rats.19948056526
a kinetic mechanism of the allosteric control of enzyme-coenzyme binding: glutamate dehydrogenase-nadph-phosphate-acetate-hydrogen ion interactions.we have previously characterized the thermodynamic relationships which govern the dissociation of nadph from bovine liver glutamate dehydrogenase and the allosteric control of that mechanically and physiologically important process by a variety of effectors. we have found that the cooperative occupancy of a specific anion binding, while the occupancy of a second allosteric acetate binding site disrupts that anion binding site and opposes those effects (singh & fisher, 1994). we report here the r ...19948068675
acetylcholinesterase adaptation to voluntary wheel running is proportional to the volume of activity in fast, but not slow, rat hindlimb muscles.chronic enhancement of neuromuscular activity by forced exercise training programmes results in selective adaptation of the g4 acetylcholinesterase (ache) molecular form in hindlimb fast muscles of the rat, with only minor and non-selective ache changes in the soleus. in order to shed further light on the physiological significance of this g4 adaptation to training, we turned to a voluntary exercise model. the impact of 5 days and 4 weeks of voluntary wheel cage running on ache molecular forms w ...19948075813
affinity-purified escherichia coli j5 lipopolysaccharide-specific igg protects neutropenic rats against gram-negative bacterial sepsis.antibodies were raised in rabbits by immunization with the heat-killed j5 mutant of escherichia coli o111 (rc chemotype). serum antibodies were separated into purified igg and igm by sequential affinity chromatography on protein g-sepharose and anti-rabbit igg-sepharose columns. j5 lipopolysaccharide (lps)-specific igg was prepared by affinity chromatography of purified igg on a j5 lps-eah sepharose 4b affinity column. purified igm, igg, and j5 lps-specific igg protected neutropenic rats against ...19948077720
heat or gamma irradiation sterilization affects the hypocholesterolemic effect of guar gum in axenic and heteroxenic rats.1. twenty-two axenic (germfree) or thirty heteroxenic (axenic colonized with human flora) 2.5-3.5 months old female fisher rats were fed for four weeks either a hypercholesterolemic (hyper) diet or a hyper diet containing 5% guar gum (gg) sterilized by heat or by gamma irradiation. 2. axenic rats fed the irradiated gg diet had higher cholesterolemia than their counterparts fed an autoclaved diet (4.50 vs 2.29 mmol/l), whereas the method of sterilization had no effect on plasma cholesterol in axe ...19948081293
consistency of meal patterns in laboratory rats.meal pattern measures (e.g., bout length and bout number) provide a detailed description of the elements of ingestion, and as a result they are theoretically more sensitive to experimental manipulation than simple measurements of total consumption over a fixed time period. for this reason, meal pattern measures are often used as a way to infer how rodents respond to tastants or how pharmacological or surgical treatments modify ingestive behavior. this approach relies on the assumption that under ...19948084910
aging, cardiac proenkephalin mrna and enkephalin peptides in the fisher 344 rat.cardiac proenkephalin (penk) mrna, methionine-enkephalin (me) and leucine-enkephalin (le) were determined from 2 days of age through senescence in fisher 344 rats. tissues were collected at 2 days, 2 weeks, 1, 2, 3, 7, 19, and either 22 or 27 months of age. hearts were dissected, extracted and assayed for me and le by radioimmunoassay (ria) or for penk mrna by northern blot analysis with a cdna probe. relative left ventricular (lv) penk mrna was low in 2 day animals and increased slowly between ...19948089851
[evaluation of an experimental model of multiple organ dysfunction].to perform an experimental model of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (mods) without employing bacteria or endotoxin stimulus and to follow its evolution in vivo by a computerized tomography analysis of the lungs.19948090313
the persistence of spirochetal nucleic acids in active lyme arthritis.six of seven patients with lyme arthritis were positive by pcr. in contrast, all 18 synovial fluid samples from patients with other disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathy, gout, pseudogout, hemarthrosis, degenerative joint disease, lupus, papillary synovitis, and trauma, were negative by pcr (p < 0.001, lyme arthritis compared with controls, fisher exact test). all 38 laboratory controls were negative by pcr. the assay reproducibly detected 20 or fewer b. burgdorferi cell ...19948093136
mechanism of the reaction catalyzed by glutamate racemase.the mechanism of the cofactor-independent glutamate racemase from lactobacillus has been studied. the possible formation of an acylenzyme intermediate during catalysis has been investigated using 18o-carboxyl labeled glutamate. the absence of any washout of label during racemization argues against intermediate formation. the observation of the enzyme-catalyzed incorporation of deuterium at the c-2 position of glutamate upon racemization in d2o provides evidence for a deprotonation/protonation me ...19938097109
on the assembly of dodecameric glutamine synthetase from stable chaperonin complexes.for many in vitro protein-folding reactions, the fraction of correctly folded product declines as the initial protein concentration increases due primarily to misfolding and aggregation reactions. under optimal conditions and in the presence of atp, chaperonins (groel and groes) enhanced the renaturation of dodecameric glutamine synthetase (gs) with yields of active enzyme between 75 and 85% of the original activity (fisher, m.t. (1992) biochemistry 31, 3955-3963). in spite of this enhancement, ...19938100224
expression of modified human cytochrome p450 1a2 in escherichia coli: stabilization, purification, spectral characterization, and catalytic activities of the enzyme.a full-length human cytochrome p450 (p450) 1a2 cdna clone and four derivatives in which the 5'-terminus was modified were inserted into the pcw vector and used to transform escherichia coli cells. low levels of expression were seen with most of the constructs but high expression levels (245 nmol membrane-bound p450 recovered per liter culture) were achieved when the n-terminus was malllavfl, as reported earlier by fisher et al. (c. w. fisher, d. l. caudle, c. martin-wixtrom, l. c. quattrochi, r. ...19948117105
age-related alterations of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function in male fischer 344 rats.aging is frequently associated with changes in physiological and cognitive processes. among these changes is a distinct dysregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. in the current experiments, aspects of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function were compared in young (3- to 4-month-old) and aged (21- to 24-month-old) fisher 344/n male rats. basal acth and corticosterone levels during the circadian trough were elevated in aged compared to young rats. during the evening peak of th ...19948119195
specificity and function of murine monoclonal antibodies and immunization-induced human polyclonal antibodies to lipopolysaccharide subtypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa serogroup 06.structural and antigenic heterogeneity has been noted among lipopolysaccharides (lps) produced by pseudomonas aeruginosa within serogroups previously considered to be serologically homogeneous. we characterized murine monoclonal antibodies (mabs) and immunization-induced human polyclonal antibodies reactive with one or more of five structurally variant lps subtypes belonging to serogroup 06 of the international antigenic typing system. analyses of five different mabs employing purified lps or wh ...19948132318
age-related increase in liver retinyl palmitate. relationship to lipofuscin.lipofuscin is a general term assigned to fluorescent material that accumulates in cells as they age. it is apparent from this study that the fluorescent intensity of detergent-solubilized liver from fisher-344 rats increased as a function of age. the fluorophore responsible for this increase was extracted with methanol and could be resolved from other cellular components when the methanol extracts were chromatographed over a reverse phase column. this compound was identified as retinyl palmitate ...19948132600
age-related changes in polyamine biosynthesis after fasting and refeeding.the effect of aging on ornithine decarboxylase (odc) activity and polyamine biosynthesis in the proximal small intestine was studied in two groups of male fisher 344 rats (young [4-month old] and aged [26- to 27-month old]) using a fasting and refeeding model. in control (nonfasted) rats, levels of polyamines (putrescine, spermidine and spermine) and odc activity were significantly higher in aged compared with young rats. in aged rats, fasting significantly reduced the levels of putrescine by 41 ...19938137893
influence of gender on vascular reactivity in the rat.tail artery ring segments and the isolated perfused mesenteric vascular bed from male, female metestrus and female proestrus fisher 344 rats were used to study the influence of estrous cycle or gender on vascular reactivity. vasodilator effects of nicotine on mesenteric vasculature and tail artery ring segments were not significantly different among the three groups. in the presence of guanethidine and methoxamine, transmural nerve stimulation of capsaicin-sensitive sensory nerves caused essenti ...19948138955
strain differences in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity and stress ulcer.strain differences in stress responsiveness have been previously described, but specific components of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis responsible for stress hypo- or hyperactivity have not yet been characterized. this study proposed to analyze the effect of restraint stress on different measures of hpa function and stress ulcer in stress-ulcer prone wistar-kyoto (wky) and fisher 344 (f-344) rats and in the ulcer-resistant wistar strain. adult male rats of these strains were sham a ...19948141389
prospective multicentric study of the etiology of 1051 bacteremic episodes in 782 cancer patients. cemic (french-belgian study club of infectious diseases in cancer).a total of 1051 bacteremic episodes (782 patients) were prospectively recorded in 10 cancer centers (9 french, 1 belgian), with: patient's age (mean 53, range 1-89 years), underlying cancer, neutropenia (< 1000 neutrophils/microliters; 233), signs and symptoms, type of i.v. line (percutaneous central: 534; peripheral: 228; central implanted: 304), treatment, blood culture system, number of positive blood culture bottles/total obtained, time to growth. of all episodes, 23.2% occurred within 48 h ...19938143099
alcohol-associated generation of oxygen free radicals and tumor promotion.we discuss evidence indicating how ethanol could generate oxygen free radicals. recent use of techniques such as spin trapping and epr spectroscopy have demonstrably confirmed that both acute and chronic alcohol use by laboratory animals would generate free radical intermediates. these radicals are of biological origin and presumably involve lipids. however, an exact identification of the intermediates produced has not been worked out with the currently available methodologies. also not known is ...19938147972
activation of the medial septal area attenuates ltp of the lateral perforant path and enhances heterosynaptic ltd of the medial perforant path in aged rats.age-related memory impairments may be due to dysfunction of the septohippocampal system. the medial septal area (msa) provides the major cholinergic projection to the hippocampus and is critical for memory. knowledge of the neurobiological mechanisms by which the cholinergic system can attenuate age-related memory loss can facilitate the development of effective cognitive enhancers. at present, one of the best neurobiological models of memory formation is long-term potentiation/long-term depress ...19938149224
the role of serum testosterone in the accelerated extinction of a conditioned taste aversion in fluid deprived male rats.fluid deprivation decreases serum testosterone (t) levels and increases the rate of extinction of a conditioned taste aversion in sprague-dawley male rats. it has been suggested that the decreased serum levels may be the primary factor responsible for the accelerated extinction rates during fluid deprivation. to test the generality of this hypothesis, the effect of fluid deprivation on t levels and extinction rate was investigated in fischer 344 male rats. extinction rates were accelerated in fi ...19948153165
[guillain-barre syndrome: a study of 13 children].a group of 13 children, aged 2 to 14 years, and diagnosed with guillain-barré syndrome has been analyzed. clinical features and outcome were retrospectively studied. in 75% of the patients there was an infectious illness previous to the neurologic symptoms and in four children the etiologic agent was demonstrated. motor deficits affecting the limbs and muscle stretch reflexes were absent in all thirteen patients. cranial nerve involvement showed-up in 46%. meningitic symptoms occurred in 62% of ...19938166406
radical scavenger effect of boschniakia elucidate the mechanism of the invigorating and antisenile action of the dried herb of boschniakia rossica (boschniakiae herba), the free radical scavenging activity of its 50% ethanol extract (br) was examined using an electron spin resonance spectrometer. the scavenging activity of plasma from fisher-334 rats with continuous administration of br was also examined. the concentrations showing 50% inhibition of the free radical of br on the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazil (dpph) radical, superox ...19948170164
effect of fish oil on cancer cachexia and host liver metabolism in rats with prostate tumors.the aim of this study was to investigate whether tumor-induced cachexia and aberrations in host liver metabolism, induced by the mat-lylu variant of the dunning prostate tumor, could be prevented by omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. on day 0, adult copenhagen-fisher rats fed normal chow ad libitum were inoculated with 10(6) mat-lylu cells (n = 14) or saline (n = 9). on day 7, when tumors were palpable, four tumor-bearing (tb) and four nontumor-bearing (ntb) rats were put on isocaloric diets wit ...19948170289
chronic renal allograft rejection in the rat. transplantation-induced antibodies against basement membrane obtain understanding of the immunologic mechanism of chronic rejection-associated glomerular and interstitial renal damage, we investigated the humoral immune response against donor type glomerular and tubular basement membrane proteins in rats with long-surviving renal transplants with and without chronic rejection.19948176888
concomitant boron-neutron capture therapy during fast-neutron irradiation of a rat irradiation and boron-neutron capture therapy (bnct) have been independently investigated as treatments for malignant disease. this study tested the feasibility of enhancing fast-neutron irradiation with concomitant bnct.19948184080
miller fisher syndrome associated with mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: report of a case.we report a 38-year-old male patient who developed a miller fisher syndrome following a respiratory tract disorder associated with a serologically proven mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. although several neurologic manifestations have been reported after mycoplasma pneumonia infection, miller fisher syndrome has not been reported previously. no evidence of cns involvement could be demonstrated on repeated mri of the brain.19948187390
treatment of septic shock with human monoclonal antibody ha-1a. a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. chess trial study compare the effectiveness of 100 mg of ha-1a and placebo in reducing the 14-day all-cause mortality rate in patients with septic shock and gram-negative bacteremia in the centocor: ha-1a efficacy in septic shock (chess) trial, and to assess the safety of 100 mg of ha-1a given to patients with septic shock who did not have gram-negative bacteremia.19948198341
behavioral effects of the novel tropane analog, 2 beta-propanoyl-3 beta-(4-toluyl)-tropane (ptt).in vitro studies have demonstrated that a novel tropane analog, ptt, in which both of the esters of cocaine have been removed is 20 times more potent than cocaine and more selective than cocaine in binding to dopamine transporters. the present studies compared the ability of ptt and cocaine to stimulate locomotor activity in rats. the intraperitoneal administration of ptt and cocaine to male fisher-344 rats produced dose-dependent increases in spontaneous locomotor activity and stereotypic behav ...19948208059
radiation-induced dna damage in tumors and normal tissues. i. feasibility of estimating the hypoxic is well known that the type and quantity of dna damage produced by ionizing radiation depend on the oxygen concentration around the dna. for example, in irradiated mammalian cells, both a decrease in the dna strand break efficiency and the induction of dna-protein crosslinks (dpcs) occur as the extracellular oxygen concentration is decreased below 1%. in the study reported here, the feasibility of estimating the hypoxic fraction of irradiated tumors and normal tissues was investigated by meas ...19938210342
[changes in the hemogram and in the laboratory parameters indicative of iron metabolism in mild viral infections].to assess the duration and intensity of the changes appearing in laboratory values related to iron utilisation during viral infection.19938211547
late cyclosporine treatment ameliorates established coronary graft disease in rat allografts.the development of post-transplantation coronary graft disease (cgd) is a major cause of late morbidity and mortality. recent reports have suggested that cgd is a type of chronic vascular rejection, possibly enhanced by cofactors such as concurrent cmv infection and hyperlipidemia. it remains controversial whether established cgd can be improved by modifications in immunosuppressive therapy. the purpose of this study was to examine whether csa could reverse or halt the progression of cgd after i ...19938212146
the in vivo effect of tachykinins on airway mast cells of the rat.the tachykinins substance p (sp) and neurokinin a (nka) have been demonstrated in sensory airway nerves of animals and man and are thought to be neurotransmitters of local axon reflexes, generated by stimuli such as cigarette smoke, dust, histamine, and bradykinin. we previously showed that intravenous sp and nka caused bronchoconstriction in anesthetized, mechanically ventilated rats. pharmacologic studies suggested that this occurred by an indirect mechanism, probably mediated by acetylcholine ...19938214946
diagnostic significance of antibodies to hepatitis b virus polymerase in acutely and chronically hbv-infected individuals.the prevalence and time course of the occurrence of antibodies to the hepatitis b virus polymerase (anti-hbpol) were investigated in acutely and in chronically hbv-infected individuals by using recombinant hbpol protein for western blot analysis. one group consisted of 19 patients who were acutely infected and recovered completely. five of these patients (26%, 69 serum samples examined) exhibited anti-hbpol. among those anti-hbpol positive patients, recovery from the disease was combined with a ...19938228919
amygdala kindling rate is altered in rats with a deficit in the responsiveness of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis.fisher and lewis rats were amygdala kindled in the morning and in the evening. fisher rats displayed a diurnal variation in the rate of kindling through stage 2 which did not exist in the lewis rats. lewis rats also take much longer to kindle through stage 2 and a subcutaneous corticosterone pellet accelerates this rate. these observations are consistent with the hypothesis that the hormones of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis, particularly the glucocorticoids, play a role in epilept ...19938233039
impairment of natural resistance to toxoplasma gondii infection in rats treated with beta adrenergics, beta blockers, corticosteroids or total body irradiation.the data shows that fisher rats treated with propranolol, betamethasone or exposed to cobalt60-treatment before challenge with t. gondii exhibit an impaired resistance to this opportunistic parasite infection. in fact, in rats propranolol-treatment induces an increase mortality rate up to 66.6% (p < 0.01, with respect to controls). whereas betamethasone or cobalt60-treatment induces an increased of mortality rate about 33.3% (p < 0.05 respectively, with respect to unirradiated rats). in contrast ...19938233643
immune system of the spontaneously hypertensive rat: ii. morphology and function.the spontaneously hypertensive rat (shr) is a stress-sensitive animal which exhibits moderate immune dysfunction that has been implicated in the onset of hypertension. in this study, we examined the morphology of shr thymus and spleen and further characterized the immune deficiency using wistar-kyoto (wky) and fisher 344 (f-344) rats for comparison. the adult shr thymus does not display the increase in medullary volume typically noted with aging and the volume density of the marginal zone is dec ...19938238975
cholinergic and non-cholinergic synaptic mechanisms in the aged rat hippocampus.we compared age-related alterations in the electrophysiological and pharmacological properties of ca1 hippocampal pyramidal neurons in three strains of rats (sprague-dawley, fisher 344 and wistar) at 3-4 and 25-32 months of age, using the in vitro slice preparation. the most consistent age-related alterations were: a decrease in membrane excitability, a decrease in the amplitude and duration of inhibitory postsynaptic potentials and a decreased sensitivity to the effect of the cholinergic agonis ...19938239289
stress alters adenylyl cyclase activity in the pituitary and frontal cortex of the rat.we hypothesized that sustained biosynthesis of proopiomelanocortropin (pomc) from the anterior pituitary during chronic stress might result in enhanced membrane adenylyl cyclase (ac) activity, facilitating amplification of the crh signal despite falling numbers of crh receptors. therefore, we investigated the effects of stress on ac activity in anterior pituitaries from sprague-dawley rats exposed to stress. following 12 h of intermittent, cold, swim stress, stressed rats had plasma corticostero ...19938246667
morphologic alterations of choline acetyltransferase-positive neurons in the basal forebrain of aged behaviorally characterized fisher 344 rats.we examined fisher 344 female rats aged 6, 27, and 33 months old. prior to sacrifice and morphometric analyses of forebrain cholinergic neurons all rats underwent behavioral characterization in a spatial learning task using the morris water maze. performance on the spatial task permitted subsequent grouping of the 27- and 33-month-old animals into impaired or nonimpaired groups. importantly, the percentage of animals that displayed spatial impairments increased sharply with advancing age. quanti ...19938247228
the effect of endogenous cholecystokinin released by bombesin and trypsin inhibitor on the regeneration of the pancreas.this study examined the effects of endogenous cholecystokinin (cck) released by bombesin and foy-305 (a synthetic inhibitor of trypsin on pancreatic regeneration in rats).19938257223
variance components for statistical genetics: applications in medical research to characteristics related to human diseases and health.ra fisher introduced variance components in 1918. he synthesized mendelian inheritance with darwin's theory of evolution by showing that the genetic variance of a continuous trait could be decomposed into additive and non-additive components. the model can be extended to include environmental factors, interactions, covariation, and non-random mating. identifiability depends critically on design. methods of analysis include modelling the mean squares from a fixed effects analysis of variance, and ...19938261258
increased arginine vasopressin secretion may participate in the enhanced susceptibility of lewis rats to inflammatory disease.lewis (lew/n) and fisher (f344/n) rats are histocompatible inbred strains characterized respectively by susceptibility and resistance to inflammatory disease. lew/n rats have deficient corticotropin-releasing hormone (crh), acth and corticosterone responses to inflammation, and increased circulating and hypothalamic concentrations of arginine vasopressin (avp). crh is produced locally at inflammatory sites, where it acts as a proinflammatory agent, while avp has been reported to exert immunopote ...19938264843
effect of hemoglobin solution on the response of intracranial and subcutaneous 9l tumors to antitumor alkylating agents.the 9l gliosarcoma growing subcutaneously in the hind leg of the fisher 344 rat contains major areas of severe (< 5 mmhg) hypoxia, making up about 49% of the tumor. intravenous administration of an ultrapurified polymerized bovine hemoglobin solution (8 ml/kg) along with normal air breathing reduces the percentage of severe hypoxia to about 24% and increases oxygenation throughout the tumor. coadministration of the hemoglobin solution increased the tumor growth delay of subcutaneously implanted ...19938269590
[analgesic effects of a raw extract of ageratum conyzoïdes in the rat].ageratum conyzoïdes (ac) is a plant used in traditional medicine for mental and infection diseases, cephalgia, dyspnea, enteralgia and fever. the objective of this study is to investigate the antinoceptive properties of ageratum conyzoïdes in the rat. the raw extract of ac is constituted by a lyophilisated powder obtained from leaves juice extract by using a crusher. a dilution of 1% in nacl 0.9% is prepared with the lyophilisat. several doses of this preparation; 25, 50, 100, 125, 150 mg/kg are ...19938275920
the effect of dexamethasone administration on rat intestinal permeability: the role of bacterial adherence.previous studies have shown that dexamethasone administration to rats results in diminution of biliary secretory immunoglobulin a concentration and alters intestinal barrier function to bacteria. the aims of this study were to examine and characterize the effect of dexamethasone on intestinal permeability and to determine the possible influence of bacterial adherence to the mucosa in this process.19948276206
new experimental model of proximal and distal colon transposition in rats.the proximal and distal portions of the colon have different morphologic and histochemical features. to ascertain whether these features are genetically or environmentally determined, we attempted to develop a transposition model of the proximal and distal portions of the colon in rats. four-month-old male fisher 344 rats were used. four centimeters of the proximal colon segment circulated by the right colonic artery and 4 cm of the distal colon segment circulated by the middle colic artery were ...19938277725
neurotoxicologic examination of rats exposed to 1,1,1-trichloroethane vapor for 13 weeks.large evoked potential and eeg changes occurred in a pilot study in fisher 344 rats during exposure to 2000 ppm of 1,1,1-trichloroethane (1,1,1-t; a cleaning solvent with anesthetic properties). in the main study, rats were evaluated for persistent nervous system effects the week following exposure to 0, 200, 630, or 2000 ppm 1,1,1-t for 6 h/day, 5 days/week, for 13 weeks. rats were clinically examined regularly and were given a functional observational battery monthly (fob, including forelimb a ...19938277925
strain-dependent effect of ethanol on ventricular septal defect frequency in white leghorn chick embryos.we have tested the potential of a single dose of ethanol (0.20 ml 50% ethanol in chick ringer's saline (crs) administered into the air sac) to produce ventricular septal defect (vsd) in three distinct commercially available strains of white leghorn chick embryo: stress-resistant dekalb delta strain, hy-vac spf type v, and hy-vac spf type l. eggs were controlled for both size and developmental stage (hamburger-hamilton stage 18-19) at time of injection. the frequency of vsd in dekalb delta embryo ...19938278929
the nitrogen-regulated bacillus subtilis nrgab operon encodes a membrane protein and a protein highly similar to the escherichia coli glnb-encoded pii protein.expression of beta-galactosidase encoded by the nrg-29::tn917-lacz insertion increases 4,000-fold during nitrogen-limited growth (m.r. atkinson and s. h. fisher, j. bacteriol. 173:23-27, 1991). the chromosomal dna adjacent to the nrg-29::tn917-lacz insertion was cloned and sequenced. analysis of the resulting nucleotide sequence revealed that the tn917-lacz transposon was inserted into the first gene of a dicistronic operon, nrgab. the nrga gene encodes a 43-kda hydrophobic protein that is likel ...19948282685
peripheral adaptations in trained aged rats with femoral artery stenosis.the development and functional significance of exercise-induced peripheral adaptations were evaluated in aged animals with peripheral arterial insufficiency. fisher 344 male rats (21 months old) were subjected to bilateral stenosis of the femoral arteries sufficient to limit active hyperemia but not to impair resting blood flow. beginning the third day after stenosis, animals were (1) exercised by walking (n = 12) on a treadmill at 20 m/min at 15% inclination, twice a day, 5 days per week, or (2 ...19948293562
pinhole spect: an approach to in vivo high resolution spect imaging in small laboratory animals.the performance of pinhole spect and the application of this technology to investigate the localization properties of radiopharmaceuticals in vivo in small laboratory animals are presented.19948295008
embryonic implantation in mice is blocked by interleukin-1 receptor antagonist.we have investigated the relevance of interleukin-1 receptor type i (il-1r ti) in the implantation process in vivo in a murine model. indirect immunofluorescence experiments demonstrate that il-1r ti is located in mouse endometrial lumenal epithelium with increased intensity in the periimplantation period, whereas il-1 beta staining is located in the mouse placenta. pmsg/human cg (hcg)-stimulated and mated 12-week-old b6c3f-1 female mice were randomly allocated to three groups: a, control noninj ...19948299552
[bacteriologic examinations of patients with burns].bacteriological studies were performed on 189 patients treated during 1985-1989. 800 samples were tested which were taken from various sites of burn wound (3-5 smears from a patient). surface of burn amounted to 15-86% and degree of burn was iib/iii. in 772 samples, 2073 bacterial strains were found. most frequent were pseudomonas aeruginosa (31%) and staphylococcus aureus (29%). remaining strains consisted chiefly of proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas cepacia, klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia col ...19938309304
estramustine potentiates the effects of irradiation on the dunning (r3327) rat prostatic adenocarcinoma.the present study was designed to determine if estramustine phosphate (emp) could potentiate the effects of irradiation on the dunning (r3327) prostatic adenocarcinoma in rats. two groups of male copenhagen x fisher f1 rats carrying bilateral tumors in the flank were used. irradiation was given with a linear accelerator 6 mv, in a dose of 6 gy/day for 4 days to the tumor on one side while the tumor on the other side served as control. emp (360 micrograms/24 hours) was administered with osmotic p ...19948309847
pediatric lung transplantation: expanding indications, 1985 to 1993.the application of lung transplantation to the pediatric population was a natural extension of the success realized in our adult transplant program, which began in 1982. thirty-two pediatric patients (age range 1 to 18 years) have undergone heart-lung (n = 16), double-lung (n = 14), and single-lung (n = 2) transplantation procedures. the cause of end-stage lung disease was primary pulmonary hypertension (n = 7), congenital heart disease (n = 7), cystic fibrosis (n = 9), pulmonary arteriovenous m ...19938312344
vesicular fast axonal transport rates in young and old rat isolated sciatic nerve preparation was used to measure the transport rates of more than 18,000 vesicles in 72 axons from young (3-4 months of age) and old (24-26 months of age) rats from two strains (harlan sprague-dawley and fisher-344). average anterograde and retrograde vesicle transport rates were significantly slower in the older animals. the amount of slowing of anterograde vesicles was twice as great as the slowing of retrograde vesicles. age-related slowing of vesicle transport was in ...19938313149
anionic sites in glomerular basement membrane of rats with serum sickness nephritis: quick-freezing and deep-etching study.serum sickness nephritis was induced in male fisher 344/jcl rats by injecting egg albumin into the foot pads and peritoneal cavity. the alteration of anionic sites in the glomerular basement membrane (gbm) of the rats with significant proteinuria was studied with a quick-freezing and deep-etching method using polyethyleneimine as a cationic probe. in control rats, anionic sites were located around the fibrils of the lamina rara externa, which radiated perpendicularly from the lamina densa to pod ...19938320129
inhibition of the catechol-o-methyltransferase-catalyzed o-methylation of 2- and 4-hydroxyestradiol by catecholamine: implications for the mechanism of estrogen-induced carcinogenesis.catechol estrogens have been postulated to mediate estrogen-induced carcinogenesis. as part of our examination of this hypothesis, we studied the catechol-o-methyltransferase-catalyzed o-methylation of 2- and 4-hydroxyestradiol and the inhibition of this reaction by catecholamines. epinephrine, norepinephrine, or dopamine (2 microm) inhibited the methylation of 2- and 4-hydroxyestradiol (20 mm) catalyzed by porcine liver catechol-o-methyltransferase by approximately 28-46% and 37-57%, respective ...19938323288
enhanced response to daunomycin of normal, tumor and metastatic cell lines via drug photoactivation.we have compared the cytotoxicity of daunomycin in vitro to highly differentiated normal epithelial cells (fisher rat thyroid cells, frtl-5) and to two neoplastic cell lines, a thyroid carcinoma (tk-6) and its lung metastasis (mptk-6). whereas the cell lines are equally sensitive to the drug in the dark, if irradiated during incubation with daunomycin (86 j/cm2 at 488 nm), they become more and differently sensitive. namely, the drug doses producing 50% mortality decrease by factors of about 22, ...19938337260
immunohistochemical localization of epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor alpha in the male rat accessory sex organs.we examined the presence of epidermal growth factor (egf) and transforming growth factor alpha (tgf alpha) in the prostate (ventral, lateral, dorsal lobes), coagulating gland and seminal vesicle of fisher 344 adult male rats by immunohistochemical and radioimmunoassay methods. immunohistochemically demonstrable egf was localized in the luminal secretion only of the dorsal lobe of the prostate. reactive tgf alpha was localized in the lateral lobe (100% of epithelial cells), dorsal lobe (about 40% ...19938345628
application of a simple mechanical model of accommodation to the aging eye.a simple model for the mechanics of accommodation in the human eye, previously proposed, is applied to the eye at different ages. data from work by r. f. fisher is used to derive values for the elasticity of lens-plus-zonules and data from work by g. w. h. m. van alphen and w. graebel is used to derive values for the elasticity of the choroid, each at a series of ages. the model is applied in two ways: (i) the elasticity of one component is allowed to change with age, while the other (and also c ...19938351845
neuropsychiatric disease in sjögren's syndrome: anti-ribosomal p and anti-neuronal antibodies.patients with sjögren's syndrome (ss) may develop nonfocal (i.e., psychiatric and/or cognitive dysfunction) as well as focal, neuropsychiatric disease (cns-ss). anti-ribosomal p and anti-neuronal antibodies have been associated with nonfocal neuropsychiatric disease in systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), particularly psychosis and depression. this study examines the spectrum of psychiatric and cognitive dysfunction observed in ss patients with focal, as well as nonfocal, central nervous system ( ...19938356981
estrogenic regulation of proenkephalin mrna expression in the ventromedial hypothalamus of the adult male rat.endogenous opioid peptides and their receptors are regulated by gonadal steroid hormones in the rat hypothalamus. recent evidence suggests that gonadal steroids are capable of regulating the expression of proenkephalin (pe) mrna in the ventromedial hypothalamus (vmh) of female, but not male rats. therefore, we examined the effect of gonadectomy with or without four weeks of hormone treatment on pe mrna expression in adult male fisher 344 rats using quantitative in situ hybridization histochemist ...19938361335
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