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ventricular fibrillation during right coronary arteriography with ioxaglate, iohexol and iopamidol in dogs.radiograph contrast media (cm) are known to produce myocardial disturbances during cardiac angiography. the most severe electrical disturbance is ventricular fibrillation (vf). previous studies using prolonged right coronary exposures have demonstrated a higher incidence of vf with dilute low sodium cm than with dilute cm containing more physiologic levels of sodium. in this study the incidence of vf was examined for more conventional concentrations of iopamidol, iohexol and ioxaglate and for so ...19883372179
production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to the protective antigen component of bacillus anthracis toxin.thirty-six monoclonal antibodies to the protective antigen protein of bacillus anthracis exotoxin have been characterized for affinity, antibody subtype, competitive binding to antigenic regions, and ability to neutralize lethal and edema toxin activities. at least 23 antigenic regions were detected on protective antigen by a blocking, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. two clones, 3b6 and 14b7, competed for a single antigenic region and neutralized the activity of both the lethal toxin in vivo ...19883384478
generation of anti-ssdna antibodies by persistent immunization of mice with sheep erythrocytes.immunization of (dba/2) mice with sheep erythrocytes (1 x 10(8) red cells, once weekly for 2 months) elicited anti-sheep erythrocyte antibodies, a part of which combined with ssdna. by contrast, immunization with rat (fisher) erythrocytes (1 x 10(8) red cells, once weekly for 2 weeks) did not elicit antibodies cross-reactive with ssdna. the antibody response (igm and igg) to sheep erythrocytes rose sharply and subsequently tapered off (usually within the first 2 weeks). the level of igg antibodi ...19883391634
focal brain ischemia in the rat: methods for reproducible neocortical infarction using tandem occlusion of the distal middle cerebral and ipsilateral common carotid arteries.this article describes a 3-year experience with focal neocortical ischemia in three rat strains. multiple groups of adult wistar (n = 50), fisher 344 (n = 31), and spontaneously hypertensive (n = 72) rats were subjected to permanent occlusion of the distal middle cerebral (mca) and ipsilateral common carotid arteries (cca). twenty-four hours later the animals were killed, and frozen brain sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin to demarcate infarcted tissue. the infarct volume for each ...19883392112
growth of dunning transplantable prostate adenocarcinomas in rats fed diets with various fat contents.the effects of dietary fat concentration (5 vs. 20% corn oil, 0.5 vs. 20% corn oil and fat-free vs. 20% corn oil) on the growth of the dunning r3327-h (hormone-sensitive, well-differentiated, slow-growing) and r3327-150 (hormone-insensitive, anaplastic, rapidly growing) transplantable prostate tumor sublines were studied in copenhagen x fisher f1 male rats. rats fed 5 vs. 20% corn oil or 0.5 vs. 20% corn oil showed no differences in either r3327-h or r3327-150 tumor growth. fat-free diets had no ...19883392600
visualization and quantification of transplanted dunning prostate tumors in rats using magnetic resonance imaging.quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (mri) has been used for the in vivo size determination of subcutaneously implanted dunning r3327-h tumors in male copenhagen-fisher rats (n = 18). images have been recorded using a multislice spin-echo sequence se(1000/36) with a resolution of 0.2 x 0.2 mm2 in the imaging plane and a slice thickness of 2 mm. the reliability in the mri size determination was of the order of 10%. the mri results were compared with caliper measurements. five months after tumo ...19883393495
five vs. ten days of therapy for acute otitis a double blind study 175 patients with acute otitis media were randomized into 2 treatment groups: 10 days of therapy with cefaclor or 5 days of therapy followed by 5 days of placebo. the dosage of cefaclor was 40 mg/kg/day administered orally in equally divided doses at 12-hour intervals. tympanocentesis before treatment yielded specimens that contained streptococcus pneumoniae or haemophilus influenzae or both in 55% of specimens. branhamella catarrhalis was isolated from 21% of specimens. ...19883277153
inhibition of dunning tumor growth by melatonin.injections of the pineal hormone melatonin reduced growth and increased doubling time of the r3327h dunning prostatic adenocarcinoma in the copenhagen x fisher rat. this occurred even though testosterone levels (50% of normal) were ostensibly high enough to maintain normal tumor growth. melatonin may act directly upon the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone to inhibit tumor growth. alternatively, a more complicated mechanism may be involved since studies on mcf breast cancer tissue ...19883283381
identification of the transformation-associated cell surface antigen expressed on the rat fetus-derived fibroblast.a wka rat fetus-derived fibroblast cell line wfb showed strict nontransformant phenotypes in vitro such as anchorage dependency of cell growth in soft agar, contact inhibition, and serum dependency on the monolayer cell culture. transfection of 6.6-kilobase ejras oncogene into wfb resulted in the acquisition of tumorigenicity in vitro and in vivo. the cell surface antigen that is moderately or highly expressed on these wfb transformants, designated as w14 and w31, was analyzed using monoclonal a ...19883162824
amino acid profiles in tumor-bearing and pair-fed nontumor-bearing malnourished investigate the metabolic and organ changes accompanying growth of a malignant tumor, ten male fisher 344 rats weighing 150 to 200 g were inoculated subcutaneously with 10(6) viable mca sarcoma cells (tumor-bearing). ten other rats (controls) were similarly inoculated with saline. both groups were allowed food and water ad libitum. an additional ten rats (pair-fed) were inoculated with saline and fed the same mean daily food intake as the tumor-bearing rats. thirty-five days after inoculation ...19883167766
bile salt-dependent, neutral cholesteryl ester hydrolase of rat liver: possible relationship with pancreatic cholesteryl ester hydrolase.homogenates of the livers of outbred, sprague-dawley rats contain a neutral cholesteryl ester hydrolase activity that requires millimolar concentrations of bile salts for maximal activity. previous studies showed that this activity had the unusual property of being highly variable among individual rats. the present studies were conducted to define further the nature of this enzymic activity and to explore the possible basis for the variability. individual liver homogenates from inbred fisher-344 ...19883179327
synthesis and kinetics of decomposition of 7-(2-cyanoethyl)guanine and o6-(2-cyanoethyl)guanine, markers for reaction of acrylonitrile and 3-(methylnitrosamino)propionitrile with dna.acrylonitrile, a carcinogen in rodents, is used in the large-scale production of acrylic polymers. 3-(methylnitrosamino)propionitrile, a potent carcinogen in fisher rats, is an areca-derived nitrosamine which has been found in the saliva of betel quid chewers. upon metabolic activation, both of these carcinogens can react with dna to form 7-(2-cyanoethyl)guanine and o6-(2-cyanoethyl)guanine. the latter has never been described. we have therefore synthesized this derivative by reacting 2-(n-carbe ...19883180348
influence of dietary vitamin e on the intermembrane transfer of alpha-tocopherol as mediated by an alpha-tocopherol binding protein.the effect of dietary vitamin e on the intermembrane transfer of (3r)-alpha-tocopherol, a spontaneous process accelerated in the presence of an alpha-tocopherol binding protein (alpha tbp), was examined. the transfer activity of this cytosolic liver protein was assayed via in vitro transfer of (3r)-alpha-[3h]tocopherol (alpha[3h]t) from egg lecithin liposomes to human erythrocyte ghosts (eg). male fisher 344 rats (1 and 20 months old) were fed diets containing 0, 30, and 500 mg/kg vitamin e (dl- ...19883186764
chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis and renal insufficiency associated with long-term "subtherapeutic" determine whether long-term "subtherapeutic" concentrations of aminoglycoside produce chronic tubulointerstitial nephropathy, fisher rats were given gentamicin, 20 mg/kg/day, for up to 6 months via indwelling osmotic infusion pumps. studies included renal histology, autoradiographic quantitation of renal cell tritiated thymidine uptake, renal function and renal cortical gentamicin assay. acute proximal tubular injury, without tubular necrosis, followed by recovery, occurred during the first m ...19883193025
boron-11 mri and mrs of intact animals infused with a boron neutron capture agent.boron neutron capture therapy (bnct) depends on the delivery of boron-containing drugs to a targeted lesion. currently, the verification and quantification of in vivo boron content is a difficult problem. boron-11 spectroscopy was utilized to confirm the presence of a dimeric sulfhydryl dodecaborane bnct agent contained in an intact animal. spectroscopy experiments revealed that the decay time of transverse magnetization of the boron-11 spins was less than 1 ms which precluded the use of a 2dft ...19883210959
the investigation of experimental brain tumours using 31p-mrs and vivo 31p-magnetic resonance spectra (mrs) were obtained by the surface coil method from rat glioma, human glioblastoma, and human neuroblastoma inoculated subcutaneously in cd fisher rats and hamsters, and the effects of chemotherapy, photoradiation therapy, and radiofrequency hyperthermia as well as 60co-irradiation were evaluated by sequentially observing spectral changes. in the 31p-spectra of tumour tissue, the nucleoside triphosphate (ntp), phosphomonoesters (pme) peaks were high and the ...19883213641
comparison of local tumor recurrence following excision with the co2 laser, nd:yag laser, and argon beam coagulator.this study compares the incidence of local tumor recurrence following primary excision with the co2 laser, nd:yag laser (contact), argon beam coagulator, or electrocautery. one hundred eight fisher 344 rats with r3230ac mammary tumors (1.6 +/- 0.04 [sd] cm diameter) were used. all animals were randomized into groups of similar tumor size. in groups c and cs, excision was performed with a sharplan 1060 co2 laser (temoo, 25 w, continuous wave [cw], 0.2-mm spot size). wounds in group cs were "steri ...19883230999
effects of short-term dietary restriction on survival of mammary ascites tumor-bearing rats.we studied the effects of short-term dietary restriction on the survival of 3-4-month-old tumor-free and tumor-bearing fisher rats. the diet-restricted food regimen consisted of alternate day ad libitum feeding followed by alternate day fasting. diet-unrestricted control rats were fed ad libitum daily. six tumor-free rats on the diet-restricted regimen compensated for the dietary restriction by an increase in food consumption during the alternate feeding days, and lost an average of only 2-3% of ...19883245934
[correlation between nasopharyngeal carcinoma and hla in sichuan].fifty three cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) in sichuan and 212 normal individuals in our university were studied for their human leucocyte antigen(hla) typing by the standard nih microcytotoxicity test. a total of 135 antisera which could defined 44 specificities of hla-a, b and dr loci were used for this purpose. in this paper, bw46 and dr antigens for detecting npc patients is reported at home for the first time. the results showed that there existed a strong correlation between bw46 a ...19883248481
hyperiodothyroninaemia of neonates, its significance for thermogenesis.danowski et al. (1951) were probably the first who showed an increase of pbi in infants shortly after birth. later a number of investigators presented further evidence on the increased thyroid gland function in newborns. this condition named "neonatal thyroid hyperactivity" [fisher and oddie, 1964] was described also in animals. the available data indicate that all the newborn mammals till now studied, independently of the maturation stage of development they reach at birth, display some feature ...19883257052
influence of epidermal growth factor on intestinal function in the rat: comparison of systemic infusion versus luminal perfusion.epidermal growth factor may be a trophic substance for the small intestine. previous studies had not evaluated intestinal absorption after long-term continuous administration of epidermal growth factor or compared luminal perfusion with systemic infusion. epidermal growth factor (150 micrograms/kg/day) was continuously infused either systemically or luminally for 14 days into young adult fisher strain rats. luminal studies were performed by creating 10 cm thiry-vella loops. at the conclusion of ...19883257656
enhancement of udp-glucuronyltransferase, udp-glucose dehydrogenase, and glutathione s-transferase activities in rat liver by dietary administration of eugenol.male fisher rats were fed a diet ad lib. containing eugenol (4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol) to observe its effects on liver drug-detoxifying enzymes such as udp-glucuronyltransferase (gt), udp-glucose dehydrogenase (dh) and glutathione s-transferase (gst). liver weights were not affected significantly by a diet containing 3% eugenol (w/w) for 13 weeks. the activities of gt of liver microsomes toward various xenobiotic substances such as 4-nitrophenol, 1-naphthol, 4-hydroxybiphenyl and 4-methylumbellif ...19883125837
x-linked immunodeficient mice as a model for testing the protective efficacy of monoclonal antibodies against pseudomonas aeruginosa.(dba/n[female] x cba/2[male])f1 males have been reported to be deficient in producing antibodies against a number of antigens, including carbohydrates (i. scher, adv. immunol. 35:1-71, 1982). we show that f1 male mice, in contrast to females, made less lipopolysaccharide (lps)-specific antibodies after immunization with heat-inactivated pseudomonas aeruginosa and had significantly less naturally occurring lps-specific antibodies. furthermore, neutropenic males were 50 to 1,000 times more sensiti ...19883128480
aurothioglucose effect on sulfhydryls and glutathione-metabolizing enzymes: in vivo inhibition of selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase.fisher 344 rats injected with a total of 20.8 +/- 1.5 mg of gold (au) as aurothioglucose over an 8-wk period were used to study the effect of long-term au treatment on selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase (segshpx), other enzymes related to gsh metabolism, gsh, nonprotein sulfhydryls, and total sulfhydryls (sh) in various tissues. the indirect coupled assay for segshpx revealed decreased activity in platelets of au-treated rats but not in other tissues. inhibition of segshpx by au is revers ...19883128851
specific and nonspecific imaging of localized fisher immunotype 1 pseudomonas aeruginosa infection with radiolabeled monoclonal determine if radiolabeled specific antibodies directed against bacterial antigens could be used to detect sites of infection, gamma camera imaging studies were performed in animals infected with pseudomonas aeruginosa. murine monoclonal antibodies (mabs) directed against fisher immunotype 1 pseudomonas aeruginosa and a nonmicrobial, nonmammalian haptene, p-arsanilic acid, were labeled with 125i by the lodogen-bead method. unilateral, deep thigh infections were created by innoculation with 2 x ...19883131499
use of l-glutamine in total parenteral nutrition.gut atrophy develops during prolonged total parenteral nutrition (tpn). tpn solutions do not contain glutamine, an energy substrate of the intestinal tract. this study evaluated the effect of addition of l-glutamine to tpn on gut nitrogen content, histology, and disaccharidase enzyme activity. five groups of six fisher 344 rats received rat chow, d5w, tpn (23% calories as lipid), or tpn with 1 or 2% l-glutamine. animals given tpn received 30 kcal and 0.22 g nitrogen/100 g/day. metabolic cages al ...19883131588
biliary secretory iga levels in rats with protein-calorie malnutrition.malnutrition is a recognized cause of failure of host defense mechanisms. in the past 5 years, it has been demonstrated that the gut, long known to have significant morphologic changes with protein calorie malnutrition (pcm), is an immune organ affected by malnutrition. to assess the role of biliary immunoglobulin a (s-iga), part of the barrier to bacterial invasion from the gastrointestinal tract, the following study was performed. seventy-eight fisher female inbred rats weighing 110-130 g were ...19883132112
comparison of stainless steel penicylinders used in disinfectant testing.two brands of stainless steel penicylinders, s&l metal products and fisher scientific, were simultaneously tested to determine if they provide comparable results when used in the aoac use-dilution method of disinfectant testing. results showed consistently more positive tubes for the fisher brand of penicylinders than for the s&l, regardless of the surface finish of the test cylinders.19883133351
some aspects of the diagnosis of specific vaginal infections in the rotterdam std clinic population.we studied specific vaginal infections in 351 consecutive women who visited the rotterdam std clinic. prostitutes less often had vaginal or vulvar complaints than non-prostitutes (fisher test, p less than 0.01), but more often had abnormal discharge (fisher test, p less than 0.001). normal secretions were found in 52% of the women. clue cell-positive discharge (ccpd) was by far the most prevalent vaginal disease entity (32%). the wet mount showed pseudo-hyphae in 14 women (4%) and trichomonas va ...19883134262
the influence of tobramycin dosage regimens on nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity, and antibacterial efficacy in a rat model of subcutaneous abscess.the influence of dosage regimen on the nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity, and antibacterial efficacy of tobramycin was assessed in fisher rats with pseudomonas aeruginosa subcutaneous abscesses. a subcutaneous tobramycin dose of 10 mg/kg every 4 h resulted in peak and trough serum concentrations that approximated those currently recommended for patients. subsequently, the influence of this subcutaneous dosage regimen was compared with three other regimens that administered the same total daily dose: 2 ...19883134490
tumor localization of newly developed hematoporphyrin (dhp) using a bladder tumor model: a novel hematoporphyrin derivative.application of laser irradiation with porphyrin(s) or their derivatives for the destruction of tumors in humans requires preliminary studies of their localization in normal and malignant tissues. a novel derivative of hematoporphyrin (hp) was prepared. the newly developed hematoporphyrin (dhp) was administered to fisher rats with bladder tumors and showed greater accumulation in the tumoral tissues. comparative data on (hp) and (dhp) are presented and discussed in light of the enhanced tumor por ...19883134948
human monoclonal antibodies that protect mice against challenge with pseudomonas aeruginosa.lymphocytes from healthy volunteers and from cystic fibrosis patients were transformed with epstein-barr virus and cultured at a limiting dilution to generate lymphoblastoid cell lines that secreted human monoclonal antibodies specific for lipopolysaccharide (lps) from pseudomonas aeruginosa. three cell lines (rm5, fdd7, and 11f9) produced immunoglobulin m (igm) antibody species that reacted specifically with p. aeruginosa fisher immunotypes 2, 4, and 5, respectively, and with lps extracted from ...19883135264
structure of an extracellular cross-reactive polysaccharide from pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 4.a neutral small molecular mass (approximately 6.5 kda) polysaccharide comprising a pentasaccharide repeat unit was isolated from culture supernatants of pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 4. the polysaccharide had a pentasaccharide repeating unit as follows (formula; see text) where rha is rhamnose. the structure was determined using acid hydrolysis, solvolysis with anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, methylation analysis, and 1h and 13c nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy including nuclear overhaus ...19883136157
apomorphine doses impair the reaction time of fast reacting but not slow reacting rats.previously, several studies in our laboratories have linked the ability to initiate movement rapidly (reactive capacity) in several rat strains to markers of nigrostriatal dopamine function. in the present investigation we wished to determine the extent to which fast-reacting (fr) and slow-reacting (sr) rats responded differentially to the effects of dopamine agonist (apomorphine) administration. fisher 344 rats were operantly conditioned on a shock-avoidance, reactive capacity task which requir ...19883137611
effect of chronic aurothioglucose treatment of rats on kidney catalase and cytochromes.catalase activity and cytochrome content were measured in kidneys of fisher 344 rats injected with aurothioglucose (atg) either daily for 3 days or 5 days a week for up to 8 wk. catalase activity was decreased 39%, 59%, and 48% (all p less than 0.001) after 3 days, 2 wk, and 8 wk, respectively. microsomal cytochrome p-450 levels decreased 71%, 86%, and 80% (all p less than 0.001) after 3 days, 2 wk, and 8 wk, respectively. in contrast, cytochrome b5 was significantly increased at 3 days and 2 wk ...19883138383
mechanisms of reduction of tumor recurrence with carbon dioxide laser in experimental mammary tumors.this study compares local tumor recurrence after low energy co2 laser wound sterilization with recurrence after scalpel, laser or electrocautery excision. wound histologic changes were studied to understand the mechanism of the interaction between the laser and wound. single implants of r3230ac mammary tumor were grown to an average diameter of 24 millimeters in the mammary ridge of 80 female fisher 344 rats. rats were anesthesized with pentobarbital and randomized into groups, each with similar ...19883142066
characterization of proteoglycans synthesized by rat thyroid cells in culture and their response to thyroid-stimulating hormone.a fisher rat thyroid cell line was maintained in culture and the cells were labeled with [3h]glucosamine, [35s]sulfate, and [35s]cysteine to examine the synthesis of proteoglycans. 3h and 35s radioactivity from these precursors were incorporated into both chondroitin sulfate (cs) and heparan sulfate (hs) proteoglycans. cs proteoglycans were almost exclusively secreted into the medium while hs proteoglycans remained mainly associated with the cell layer. single chain glycosaminoglycans released b ...19883123476
relationship between in vivo airway reactivity and in vitro responsiveness of tracheal smooth muscle in inbred rats.we evaluated the in vivo and in vitro airway responses to cholinergic stimulation in two highly inbred strains of rats. five fisher and six lewis rats inhaled aerosols of doubling concentrations of methacholine (mch). pulmonary resistance (rl) was measured before and after each mch inhalation. the concentration of mch required to double rl (ec200rl mch) was calculated. spirally cut tracheal strips were suspended in an organ bath and the isometric tension was recorded. cumulative concentration-re ...19883068743
pre- and postsynaptic markers of cholinergic neurons in the cerebral cortex of rats of different order to investigate the effect of aging on postsynaptic muscarinic binding, we measured 3h-pz binding in the cerebral cortex of male fisher 344 rats of different ages. chat activity was measured as a presynaptic marker of the cholinergic system. total and salt-soluble ache activities were also measured. maximal binding of 3h-pz and chat activity did not change during aging. the ratio of detergent-soluble ache to salt-soluble ache was lower in 30-month-old rats than in 4-month-old rats. the r ...19883074925
in vitro and in vivo regulation of liver epithelial cells carrying a metallothionein-rast24 fusion gene.we inserted a zinc-responsive metallothionein-rast24 fusion gene in both orientations into a retroviral vector (svx) and infected fisher rat liver epithelial cells. only the construction in which the viral long terminal repeat and the metallothionein promoters were in opposite orientations resulted in cell lines with biologically altered behavior. two lines (mtr-1 and mtr-6) showed altered morphology in vitro when znso4 was added to the medium. these cell lines grew in soft agarose in a dose-dep ...19883076453
paradoxical organ-specific adaptations to streptozotocin diabetes mellitus in adult male fisher rats injected with streptozotocin (stz) to produce diabetes mellitus demonstrated a significant loss of total body weight associated with adipose and muscle tissue wasting. paradoxically, intestinal mass and length were increased in stz-treated rats despite catabolism of other tissues. concomitant with increased intestinal mass, food and water intake increased significantly in stz-diabetic animals. renal weight was not reduced despite the fall in total body weight. it is propos ...19882967640
renal phosphate transport in humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy.fisher rats bearing the h-500 leydig cell tumor (lct) develop humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy (hhm), which is accompanied by hypophosphatemia and hyperphosphaturia. to better define the mechanisms underlying the changes in phosphate metabolism, the activity of sodium-dependent phosphate uptake (na+-pi) in microvillus membrane vesicles (mmv) isolated from the renal cortex of lct-bearing rats was studied. ten days after tumor transplantation the animals became hypercalcemic, hypophosphatemic, ...19882974244
temperature-sensitive cellular mutant for expression of mrna from murine retrovirus.the cellular mutant b812 isolated from a fisher rat cell line shows temperature sensitivity of focus formation induced by various retroviruses such as recombinant murine retrovirus containing the middle t gene of polyomavirus (pymlv), kirsten murine sarcoma virus, moloney murine sarcoma virus, and recombinant murine retrovirus containing the src gene of rous sarcoma virus. b812 cells, however, show normal ability to proliferate and synthesize protein at the nonpermissive temperature, suggesting ...19882824838
herpes simplex virus-induced dutpase: target site for antiviral studies using mutants of hsv-1 (strain 17), which are defective in inducing the hsv-specific dutpase, fisher and preston concluded that since this enzyme was not essential for hsv replication, it would not be useful as a target site for the development of antiviral agents. in this study, we demonstrate that while these mutants do not induce a hsv-specific dutpase, they do not shut off cellular dutpase activity in infected cells and that the cellular dutpase can function in place of the hsv-in ...19882842952
cytomegalovirus pneumonia after bone marrow transplantation successfully treated with the combination of ganciclovir and high-dose intravenous immune assess the efficacy of the combination of the antiviral agent ganciclovir (9-1,3 dihydroxy-2-propoxymethylguanine) and high-dose intravenous immune globulin for treating cytomegalovirus interstitial pneumonitis after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.19882847609
relationship between cellular adhesiveness and metastatic activity in polyomavirus-transformed fr3t3 rat cell lines.a series of polyomavirus-transformed rat cells with varying tumorigenic potential were tested for biophysical parameters possibly related to metastatic properties: adhesive capacity and strength of adhesion to different substrates (laminin, fibronectin and albumin), cell deformability and spreading. two groups of cell lines were defined according to their higher or lower adhesive capacity. adhesivity did not appear to be related to cell deformability and spreading. a weak correlation was suggest ...19882847989
a study of fine specificity of monoclonal antibodies to yeast iso-1-cytochrome monoclonal antibodies, prepared to yeast holo- or apo-iso-1-cytochrome c by the method of köhler and milstein (goding, j. w. (1983) monoclonal antibodies: principles and practice, academic press, orlando, fl) were characterized by cross-reaction with a panel of evolutionarily related cytochromes c, apocytochromes c, fragments and homologous and hybrid fragment complexes, inhibition, competitive inhibition, and complementation and fluorescence titration. the results have permitted us to ass ...19882848803
statistical analysis of morphometrically analyzed outlines of cells in culture. comparison of populations of normal and polyomavirus-transformed fr 3t3 fibroblasts.the correspondence analysis method was used to statistically characterize the morphologies of populations of normal (nontransformed; n.3t3) and polyomavirus-transformed (py.3t3) fisher rat 3t3 fibroblasts in culture, based on morphologic parameters calculated according to a previously described morphometric method. with this statistical method, each cell is considered as a vector in a space defined by an arrangement of the calculated morphologic parameters. the n.3t3 cells and the py.3t3 have tw ...19882849952
lithium increases dynorphin a(1-8) and prodynorphin mrna levels in the basal ganglia of rats.the aim of this study was to understand the possible influence of the antimanic drug, lithium, and the neuroleptic, haloperidol, alone or in combination, on the regulation of dynorphin biosynthesis in the striatum. the study was done using male fisher-344 rats subjected to a regimen of subchronic administration of lithium chloride (4 meq/kg/day for 1,2,4 or 6 days, i.p.) or a regimen of chronic oral administration of a diet containing lithium carbonate (1.5 g/kg of the diet). subchronic administ ...19882898269
clinical utility of thyrotropin-receptor antibody assays: comparison of radioreceptor and bioassay methods.thyrotropin (thyroid-stimulating hormone or tsh)-receptor antibodies, important in the pathogenesis of graves' disease, can be assayed by one of two methods: (1) bioassays that measure stimulation of thyroid cellular activity by patient immunoglobulins or (2) radioreceptor assays that measure inhibition of binding of labeled tsh to tsh receptors by the same substances. in this study, we report our experience with bioassay of thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (tsi) based on measurement of gener ...19882898572
dual secretory and myoepithelial differentiation in the transplantable r3230ac rat mammary carcinoma.the hormone-responsive r3230ac mammary carcinoma, serially transplantable in fisher rats, shows striking functional and morphological similarities to the normal mammary gland. we have studied its cellular composition by both light and electron microscopy, employing markers of myoepithelial and epithelial cells. we identified two cell types: the major cellular component corresponded to epithelial milk-protein secreting cells, while a second component showed immunocytochemical and ultrastructural ...19882898832
activation of mhc-restricted rat t cells by cloned syngeneic thyrocytes.we have previously demonstrated that rat thyrocytes express mhc class ii ag (rt1.b&d) in response to ifn-gamma. to determine whether mhc class ii-positive thyrocytes can be recognized by mhc-restricted t cells, we used our clone of rat thyroid cells (1b-6) derived from the fisher rat thyroid cell line (frtl-5) and known to express mhc class ii ag in response to recombinant rat ifn-gamma. cd4+ and cd8+ normal syngeneic fisher rat spleen t cells were selected by flow cytometry and averaged greater ...19882899600
balsalazide in the maintenance treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis, a double-blind comparison with sulphasalazine.balsalazide (bsz) is a pro-drug which releases 5-aminosalicylic acid (5asa) and 4-aminobenzoyl-beta-alanine (an inert carrier) in the colon of various species including man. bsz was compared with sulphasalazine (sasp) (both 1 g b.d. orally) in the maintenance of remission in patients with ulcerative colitis (uc). seventy-nine patients (53 male, 26 female), mean age 49 years (range 19-79 years), with uc were randomly allocated to either treatment (41 bsz, 38 sasp) for 6 months. the groups were si ...19882908755
generation of thyroglobulin-specific t-cell clones derived from f1 fisher rats.we established t-cell clones from 'poor-responder' fisher rats specific for thyroglobulin (tg) with a view to examining tg presentation by cloned fisher rat thyroid (frtl) cells. from the screening of 60 t-cell clones, three high-responding tg-specific clones (b21.01, b21.04 and b21.05) were isolated from the lymph nodes of f1 generation (fisher x 'high-responder' buffalo) female rats immunized with murine tg in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). three t-cell clones expressed a w3/25+, ox-8- phen ...19882454882
[structure of the o-specific polysaccharides and the protective activity of the lipopolysaccharides in pseudomonas aeruginosa of 7 immunotypes (after fisher)].the structure of o-specific polysaccharides and the protective activity of lipopolysaccharides (lps) obtained from seven p. aeruginosa immunotypes (according to fisher's classification) have been studied. the structure of o-specific polysaccharides, immunotypes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, is identical to that of polysaccharides of serotypes 011; 0(2a), 2c; 01; 010a, 10b; 07a, 7d respectively. no structural analogs of o-polysaccharide characteristic of immunotypes 1 and 7 have been detected among serotypes ...19882459868
seroma prevention using fibrin glue during modified radical neck dissection in a rat model.seroma is a frequent sequelae of neck dissection involving cervical lymphadenectomy. the incidence is correlated with flap elevation, lymphovascular interruption, and tissue removal. current methods of resolving seroma, such as vacuum drainage, are not risk free. a novel approach to this problem was the use of intraoperative topical fibrin glue. a model producing seromas was developed by modified radical neck dissection on sprague-dawley rats. forty rats underwent this procedure. twenty rats wer ...19882459980
the mechanism of tachykinin-induced bronchoconstriction in the rat.the mammalian tachykinins substance p (sp) and neurokinin a (nka) are known to be present in sensory airway nerves of animals and humans. we studied the effect of mammalian and nonmammalian tachykinins on the conducting airways of anesthetized, mechanically ventilated fisher 344 rats. dose-dependent increases in lung resistance and decreases in dynamic compliance occurred after the intravenous administration of eledoisin (e), kassinin (k), nka, and sp. e, k, and nka were more potent bronchoconst ...19882461668
therapeutic efficacy of antiglioma mesenchymal extracellular matrix 131i-radiolabeled murine monoclonal antibody in a human glioma xenograft model.the development of mabs, particularly those reactive with primary brain tumors but not with normal brain, provides a potential means of delivering therapeutic agents selectively to human malignant gliomas. mab 81c6, an igg2b immunoglobulin, which defines an epitope of the glioma-associated extracellular matrix protein tenascin, has been shown to bind to human glioma cell lines, glioma xenografts in nude mice, and primary human gliomas, but not to normal adult or fetal brain. to test the therapeu ...19882446747
distribution of the c-myc oncoprotein in normal and neoplastic tissues of the rat colon.a rat model of 5-azoxymethane induced colon cancer was studied in order to correlate histopathological changes and the differential distribution of the c-myc protein. weanling fisher 344 rats were injected with three, one week apart, subcutaneous injections of 5-azoxymethane (aom) (15 mg kg-1) and the animals were divided into low and high fat diet groups. nine colon tumors, of varying degrees of malignancy, that developed in the aom-treated rats, and sections of normal colonic mucosa were exami ...19882577872
perioperative and late outcome in patients with left ventricular ejection fraction of 35% or less who require major vascular surgery.survival in patients with diminished left ventricular ejection fraction (ef) is reduced after major vascular surgery. the objective of this study was to determine perioperative (30-day) and subsequent outcome after major vascular surgery in those with severe cardiac dysfunction, defined by ef being 35% or less (normal ef greater than 50%). from aug. 1, 1984 to jan. 1, 1988, 35 patients with ef equal to 27.7% +/- 6.1% (mean +/- 1 standard deviation) have required 47 major vascular procedures: 53% ...19883047443
use of alpha-1-antitrypsin staining in the diagnosis of nodular regenerative hyperplasia of the liver.nodular regenerative hyperplasia (nrh) is a disorder characterized by regenerative nodules scattered diffusely throughout the liver without associated fibrosis. it is most often recognized at autopsy when the entire liver is available for inspection. the diagnosis of nrh by needle biopsy is much more subtle. since alpha-1-antitrypsin (aat) expression by hepatocytes in a variety of liver diseases has suggested that it may represent a marker for regenerative or damaged hepatocytes, we elected to s ...19882458312
[ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia: the miller fisher syndrome]. 19883420583
[caffeine and eeg mapping: effects of visuo-spatial task in healthy volunteers].a group of 10 subjects, normal volunteers (6 men, 4 women), mean age 27.2 years, right-handers, has been selected for a double-blind study of caffeine effects (400 mg per os) versus placebo. one week delay separated the two eeg sessions quantified by spectral analysis. during each session (16 eeg channels, common reference), each subject was recorded four times: 2.5 min, in eyes-closed condition, under diffuse attention, followed by 2.5 min, during a visuo-spatial task ("eyes open" condition: pr ...19883185461
intrathecal synthesis of immunosuppressive acidic protein (iap) in patients with multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory neurological diseases.immunosuppressive acidic protein (iap), an immunosuppressive substance produced mainly by macrophages, has previously been shown to increase in the serum of patients with inflammatory neurological diseases. in this study we assayed the iap levels in cerebrospinal fluid (csf) by a passive hemagglutination-inhibition test. csf-iap levels increased significantly in patients with multiple sclerosis (ms) during both the active and inactive stages and in patients with guillain-barré syndrome (gbs) or ...19883210023
directional selection and the evolution of breeding date in many bird species, those pairs that breed earlier in the season have higher reproductive success than those that breed later. since breeding date is known to be heritable, it is unclear why it does not evolve to an earlier time. under assumptions outlined by fisher, a model is developed that shows how breeding date may have considerable additive genetic variance, appear to be under directional selection, and yet not evolve. these results provide a general explanation for a persistent correlat ...19883363360
multiple degree of freedom object recognition using optical relational graph decision nets.multiple degree of freedom object recognition concerns objects with no stable rest position with all scale, rotation, and aspect distortions possible. we assume that the objects are in a fairly benign background, so that feature extractors are usable. in-plane distortion invariance is provided by use of a polar-log coordinate transform feature space, and out-of-plane distortion invariance is provided by linear discriminant function design. relational graph decision nets are considered for multip ...198820531670
clinical prediction of airways hyperresponsiveness.we tested the ability of chest physicians to detect increased airways responsiveness (iar) in patients presenting with symptoms suggestive of asthma. physicians ordering bronchial provocation tests for diagnostic purposes were asked to predict the clinical probability (based on the patient's history, examination, and spirometry) of iar (defined by a pc20 for fev1 less than or equal to 8 mg/ml of histamine). presenting symptoms in the 38 subjects aged 16 to 78 years included cough, wheeze, dyspne ...19883359851
r. a. fisher and the 0.05 level of significance in medical studies. 19883129528
understanding the central processing limit in consistent-mapping visual search tasks.effects of load (i.e., the number of stimuli in the display) have been observed in multiple-frame studies using a consistent mapping of stimuli to responses (e.g., fisher, 1982, 1984). in a series of four experiments, it is shown that these effects are not the consequence of differences across the high- and low-load conditions in either decision noise or peripheral masking. additionally, it is shown that of two modes of limited capacity (a limited-channel and divided-capacity model) considered a ...19882967879
multivariate spectral methods for the analysis of event-related brain potentials.the purpose of this article is to present some useful mathematical models for the analysis of multiple electrode event-related brain potential (erp) experiments. we describe a multivariate spectral method for eye-movement removal and we also describe a multivariate spectral method for the analysis of multiple lead repeated measures data. the complex t2 and the complex behrens-fisher problem are also discussed. all of the above methods are applied to experimental erp data for four electrodes, two ...19883370952
sequential hormone therapy for advanced breast cancer.sequential hormone therapy for advanced breast cancer can offer significant and prolonged disease control with minimal morbidity. predictors of response to sequential hormone therapy have not previously been identified. sixty postmenopausal women with advanced or recurrent breast cancer treated with sequential megestrol acetate and tamoxifen were evaluated to identify factors which predict response to sequential therapy. the response rate to first-line therapy was 28% (17/60). forty-seven percen ...19883368799
coxsackie virus heart disease: 15 years after.from 1969 to 1973, 68 patients were admitted to the 4th division of medicine of the brescia civil hospital with the diagnosis of viral myocarditis. the patients were divided into two groups according to the results of the coxsackie virus complement fixing antibodies test: group 1 (42 patients) with a fourfold or greater rising antibody titre; group 2 (26 patients) with a negative serum test. both groups were examined after a follow-up period of 15 years. ten patients from group 1 died. the diagn ...19883229424
the dynamic distribution of fluorescent analogues of actin and myosin in protrusions at the leading edge of migrating swiss 3t3 fibroblasts.the formation of protrusions at the leading edge of the cell is an essential step in fibroblast locomotion. using fluorescent analogue cytochemistry, ratio imaging, multiple parameter analysis, and fluorescence photobleaching recovery, the distribution of actin and myosin was examined in the same protrusions at the leading edge of live, locomoting cells during wound-healing in vitro. we have previously defined two temporal stages of the formation of protrusions: (a) initial protrusion and (b) es ...19883204122
the probability of dizygosity of phenotypically concordant twins.a basic element in the determination of the zygosity of a twin pair is the proportion of genotypically concordant pairs among the dizygotic pairs. two methods to derive this proportion are in common use: the first method requires a laborious enumeration of parental genotypic mating types, and the second method relies on a set of formulas, one for each of the possible combinations of genotypes of two full sibs. in this paper the relation between both methods is uncovered. the set of formulas of t ...19883195583
"an ideal librarian": charles perry fisher 198811621758
the measurement of cisplatin-dna adduct levels in testicular cancer patients.seventeen patients with 'poor prognosis' non-seminomatous testicular cancer were monitored for formation of intrastrand bidentate n7-d(apg)- and n7-d(gpg)-diammineplatinum adducts in peripheral blood cell dna during the course of cisplatin-based chemotherapy. adduct values from blood cell dna samples were compared with disease response data from the same individuals. patients who received a dose of 40 mg/m2 cisplatin for 5 days generally formed more adducts than patients receiving 20 mg/m2 for 5 ...19882458857
optical behavior of potassium ion-exchanged glass waveguides.optical waveguides are fabricated by potassium ion-exchange in fisher premium and corning 0211 glass substrates. variation of the maximum index change and diffusion coefficient with the potassium ion concentration is determined. the propagation loss in the single-mode waveguides is measured. a loss of as low as 0.1 db/cm is achieved for the waveguides manufactured in corning 0211 glass. nearly symmetrical mode profiles are obtained using the one-step diffusion process. the effect of stress on th ...198820539449
melted delivery hose--a complication of a heated humidifier.the polyvinylchloride delivery hose of a fisher & paykel dual servo heated anaesthetic humidifier was melted by the intraluminal hose heater, causing a major leakage of anaesthetic gases during a surgical procedure. under experimental conditions, melting could be reproduced using polyvinylchloride but not polyester elastomer tubings. only tubings made of materials with high melting point should be used as delivery hose in heated humidifiers with hose heaters.19883356055
the art of medicine: subjective measures as predictors of outcome in stroke and traumatic brain injury.this study was designed to explore new ways of predicting the functional outcomes of stroke and brain injury patients. upon admission and initial assessment of functional performance, we used an on-line computer program to indicate the most important and subjective judgment items to set rehabilitation goals for patients. the functional performance and discharge outcomes of patients from an inpatient program were measured by using five nonmedical functional items from the patient evaluation confe ...19883348715
immune regulation dysfunction in chronic persistent hepatitis.the study included 19 children diagnosed clinically, biochemically, and by liver biopsy as having chronic persistent hepatitis. the following investigations were carried out: 1. detection of total t-lymphocytes, t-helper, and t-suppressor cells using monoclonal antibodies (okt3, okt4 and okt8); 2. determination of hla-a, b and dr antigens using the microcytotoxicity technique. the results were analysed in comparison with data from a normal control group. there are several important findings. fir ...19883260846
a case of miller fisher syndrome. 19883217336
the localization of the lesion in patients with acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia (miller fisher syndrome). a serial multimodal neurophysiological study.results of comprehensive serial neurophysiological tests from onset to full recovery in 3 patients with the miller fisher syndrome (acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia) are presented. these included emg and nerve conduction, late response (h and f wave) and direct facial motor and blink reflex studies, computerized motor unit number estimation, automated quantitative sensory threshold measurements, quantitative pupillometric and pupillopharmacological studies and multimodality evoked pot ...19882835120
[hydrocephalus and vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage from ruptured intracranial aneurysms].the relationship of the amount of subarachnoid blood to the incidence of acute hydrocephalus, delayed vasospasm, and chronic hydrocephalus was investigated in 47 patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage from ruptured intracranial aneurysms. acute hydrocephalus, delayed vasospasm, and chronic hydrocephalus occurred in 29%, 7%, and 14% of fisher group 1 & 2 patients respectively, in contrast, 70%, 64%, and 58% of fisher group 3 patients (p less than 0.01). thirty six percents of all patients had both ...19883399001
early aneurysm surgery: a 7 year clinical practice hundred and fifty patients with intracranial aneurysms, operated on consecutively in the early stage in our department, were re-evaluated retrospectively. seven surgeons operated on 159 aneurysms in 150 patients. seventy-nine percent of the patients were in grades i-iii (scale of hunt and hess), 21% in grades iv-v. seventy-one percent had a severe haemorrhage (classification of fisher et al.), 21% had an intracerebral haematoma. intraoperative csf drainage was an almost indispensable tool wh ...19883354369
national kidney foundation report on dialyzer reuse.numerous organizations have presented their views previously on the reprocessing of hemodialyzers. these were well summarized by easterling (easterling, re: regulations and standards, in deane, wineman, bemis [eds]: guide to reprocessing of hemodialyzers. martinus nijhoff, 1986, pp 183-197). the publication of the recommended practice by the association for the advancement of medical instrumentation (aami) on the reprocessing of dialyzers, coupled with the announcement of the federal government ...19883337095
preliminary reports on hyperbaric oxygen therapy in multiple sclerosis.preliminary clinical examinations comprised 16 patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, the mean duration of the disease 9.33 years, of the manifestations at different stages of the development--evaluated on the basis of kurtzke scale. the patients were subjected exclusively to the treatment with oxygen hyperbary--all in all 25-30 exposures, with the intervals of 24 hours, under the o2 pressure of 2 ata. the qualification for the purposes of treatment and the classification of the symptoms pr ...19883270584
miller fisher syndrome: an electrophysiologic case study. 19883168912
enhanced induction of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigen expression in rats highly responsive to thyroglobulin.initial experiments demonstrated that the degree of autoantibody and proliferative t cell responses to syngeneic rat thyroglobulin differed markedly between buffalo (high responder) and fisher (low responder) rats after classical immunization schedules. while varying immune responsiveness may be due to qualitative and quantitative t and b cell differences, the role of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigens may be pivotal to the onset of autoimmune thyroiditis in such animal models. we, therefore, ex ...19892466637
lithium increases rat striatal beta- and gamma-preprotachykinin messenger rnas.previous reports indicate that the antimanic drug, lithium, increases substance p-like immunoreactivity (sp-li) in the basal ganglia. the aim of this study was to use lithium as a pharmacological tool to further understand the mechanism of this process. we have used solution hybridization-nuclease protection assays to quantitate the specific preprotachykinin (ppt) mrnas and radioimmunoassays and immunocytochemistry to assess sp-li levels in the striatum of male fisher f-344 rats. a regimen of su ...19892467980
[a study on accumulation of cholesterol in rat prostate].an experimental model of prostatic hypertrophy was created by freezing the urethra at the opening of the ventral prostate in rats and administering a cholesterol-rich diet to induce cholesterol accumulation. four-week-old fisher rats were divided into a control group, a cholesterol-rich diet group (by adding 1% cholesterol to the diet), a frozen group, and a frozen and cholesterol-rich diet group, and were reared for 5 months. the animals were killed, and the ventral prostate was removed, weighe ...19892472053
[anthrax toxin dynamics in the body].anthrax toxin introduced subcutaneously into white rats fisher-344 caused specific intoxication accompanied by characteristic pathomorphological changes and, when studied by the immunoperoxidase method in histological sections, could be detected in the blood stream (in plasma) and in the cytoplasm of macrophages (in the lungs and the spleen). the content of the preparation introduced into the animals in the blood stream is directly related to its toxicity, being probably indicative of the relati ...19892472713
penetrating keratoplasty in the rat: a model for the study of immunosuppressive treatment of graft rejection.the present study reports corneal allogeneic transplantation in a rat model. the technique used was full-thickness penetrating keratoplasty. fisher rats were used as donors and lewis rats were used as recipients. the rate of acute rejection obtained in this model with this combination of strains was 100%. it therefore seems to be a very useful model for the study of rejection and for the study of new immunosuppressive treatment. the effect of systemic cyclosporine (csa) treatment on graft reject ...19892474684
traveling waves of in vitro evolving rna.populations of short self-replicating rna variants have been confined to one side of a reaction-diffusion traveling wave front propagating along thin capillary tubes containing the q beta viral enzyme. the propagation speed is accurately measurable with a magnitude of about 1 micron/sec, and the wave persists for hundreds of generations (of duration less than 1 min). evolution of rna occurs in the wavefront, as established by front velocity changes and gel electrophoresis of samples drawn from a ...19892479013
a cell mutant that exhibits temperature-dependent sensitivity to transformation by various oncogenes.we previously isolated a fisher rat fibroblast mutant, b812, that has the unique property of temperature-dependent transformation by various oncogenic retroviruses. at the permissive temperature (35 degrees c), this mutant was sensitive to oncogenic transformation and formed foci on a dish at the same frequency as did the parental fibroblast cell line. when kirsten murine sarcoma virus (ki-msv) was applied to the cells, the frequency of focus formation decreased more than 25-fold at the nonpermi ...19892479832
nicotinamide enhances skin flap survival.the effects of nicotinamide in an abdominal island pedicle skin flap were examined. a 7 x 7 cm island pedicle skin flap ligating the left inferior neurovascular pedicle was created on 50 male sprague dawley rats (250-275 grams) that were divided into five groups. animals received either 0.6 cc of saline or doses of nicotinamide for 16 days (14 days preoperatively and 2 days postoperatively): 25 mg b.i.d., 50 mg b.i.d., 100 mg b.i.d. or 200 mg b.i.d. forty-eight hours postoperatively each animal ...19892482537
use of verbal descriptors, thermal scores and electrical pulp testing as predictors of tooth pain before and after application of benzocaine gels into cavities of teeth with pulpitis.a double-blind pilot study was conducted on 27 consenting human volunteers who had irreversible pulpitis associated with persistent toothache pain from open carious lesions. formulations tested contained either 0, 10%, or 20% benzocaine and were identified only by a numbered code. before the experiment started, a small amount of a known 5% benzocaine gel was placed for 1 minute on the tongue of each patient to assure a sensation of numbness within the oral cavity. then the test tooth was washed ...19892490060
reovirus induction of mhc class ii antigen in rat thyroid cells.we have previously demonstrated that cultured rat thyroid cells do not exhibit constitutive expression of major histocompatibility (mhc) class ii antigens. using reovirus types 1 and 3, we infected 1b-6 cells (a cloned derivative of the fisher rat cell line frtl-5), and found a dose-dependent induction of thyroid cell mhc class ii antigen expression as determined by laser flow cytometry and fitc-labelled ox-6 anti-rt1.b. as the number of viral particles/cell used for the infections increased fro ...19892491810
isolation, structure, and immunogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 4 high-molecular-weight polysaccharide.a high-molecular-weight, immunogenic form of the lipopolysaccharide o side chain of pseudomonas aeruginosa fisher immunotype 4 (type 4, international antigenic typing system 1, lanyi o:6) was isolated and characterized. analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy confirmed the structural similarity of this high-molecular-weight polysaccharide and the type 4 o side chain. the polysaccharide was immunogenic in rabbits and mice, eliciting opsonophagocytic killing antibodies. immunization wi ...19892492260
high specific activity [samarium-153] edta for imaging of experimental tumor models.enriched samarium oxide (98.2% 152sm2o3) was irradiated in low neutron flux and high neutron flux reactors to produce 153sm with specific activities of 14.3 gbq and 22.1 tbq mmol-1 sm, respectively, at the time of use. formulation of 153sm as [153sm]edta, with a 1:10 molar ratio of sm:edta, provided a stable radiotracer in vitro and in vivo. high specific activity [153sm]edta showed superior uptake in cell culture (20.8 +/- 0.9% vs. 5.5 +/- 0.1% for 6 and 600 pmol sm per 10(6) cells, respectivel ...19892500500
a reappraisal of the epidemiology of phenotypes of neisseria gonorrhoeae.we analyzed published data from studies of the epidemiology of gonococcal auxotype/serovar phenotypes in seattle and king county, washington; denver, colorado; and miami and dade county, florida, to determine whether the numbers of new phenotypes were within the ranges of numbers predicted from previous observations in the same populations. for this analysis, we used the model of fisher and good and turing. in all the analyses, the observed number of new species was within the 95% confidence reg ...19892500719
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