hydroxyl radical generation and nitric oxide synthase activity in fisher 344 x brown-norway f1 rat brain.hydroxyl radical production in the cerebral cortex, striatum and hippocampus of young (6 months), middle-aged (15 months) and old (28 months) fisher 344 x brown-norway f1 rats was quantitated by measuring the salicylate hydroxyl radical-trapping product, 2,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid. the levels of hydroxyl radical between different age groups in each region examined were not statistically different. in all regions, with the exception of hippocampus from old rats which had a lower content of hydroxy ...19947531314
serum anti-gq1b igg antibodies recognize surface epitopes on campylobacter jejuni from patients with miller fisher syndrome.three patients who had diarrhea prior to the development of miller fisher syndrome are presented. campylobacter jejuni was isolated from stool specimens from all patients. high titers of anti-gq1b igg antibodies were demonstrated in the serum of these patients by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and thin-layer chromatography overlay. in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay inhibition studies the anti-gq1b igg antibodies bound specifically to whole bacteria of the miller fisher syndrome-associated ...19957531419
angiogenesis in microvascular endothelial cells induced by glioma cells and inhibited by tumor necrosis factor in vitro.neovascularization is a prerequisite for glioma growth, so inhibition of angiogenesis may achieve control of glioma growth. we examined whether glioma cells induce angiogenesis and proliferation in microvascular endothelial cells from fisher 344 rat brains by co-culture in a physical separation system with rat c6 glioma cells or rat t9 gliosarcoma cells. endothelial cells cultured on type 1 collagen formed capillary-like structures. c6 glioma cells co-cultured with endothelial cells promoted the ...19957541118
the jeanne manery fisher memorial lecture 1994. molecular biology of rubella virus structural proteins.rubella virus is a small, enveloped, positive-stranded rna virus in the togaviridae family and bears similarities to the prototype alphaviruses in terms of its genome organization and strategy for viral gene expression. despite being an important human pathogen, the cell biology of rubella virus remains poorly characterized. this review focuses on the molecular biology of rubella virus structural proteins, with emphasis on the proteolytic processing and maturation of virus structural proteins, t ...19947541628
a polymorphism in the extracellular domain of the thyrotropin receptor is highly associated with autoimmune thyroid disease in females.we and others have described previously a polymorphism at the first position of codon 52 (c52 --> a52) of the human thyrotropin receptor (htshr) gene. to determine its potential significance, we studied female (n = 100) and male (n = 25) patients with autoimmune thyroid disease (graves' disease, n = 91; hashimoto's thyroiditis, n = 34) and normal individuals [n = 121, female (n = 69), male (n = 52)]. screening was performed using acii restriction enzyme digestions of pcr-amplified genomic dna. a ...19957544179
a pilot study of antituberculosis combinations comparing rifabutin with rifampicin in the treatment of hiv-1 associated tuberculosis. a single-blind randomized evaluation in ugandan patients with hiv-1 infection and pulmonary tuberculosis.this pilot study was conducted at the joint clinical research centre (jcrc) in kampala, uganda, where tuberculosis (tb) is an epidemic health problem aggravated by the hiv-1 pandemic.19957548903
evidence of active cytomegalovirus infection in clinically stable hiv-infected individuals with cd4+ lymphocyte counts below 100/microliters of blood: features and relation to risk of subsequent cmv determine the frequency and significance of cytomegalovirus (cmv) viremia and viruria in hiv-positive subjects with low cd4+ lymphocyte counts but with no clinical indications for culture, we studied 100 consecutive clinically stable subjects with cd4+ cells < or = 100/microliters of blood who agreed to culture of blood and urine. serum was tested for cmv antibody, p24 antigen, neopterin, and liver enzyme concentrations, and patients were offered funduscopic examination. subjects' records wer ...19957552494
hla-dq1 is associated with clinical response and survival of patients with melanoma who are treated with interleukin-2.the risk of developing melanoma, the natural history of this disease, and the response to therapy with biological reagents may be determined, in part, by a patient's human leukocyte antigen (hla) phenotype. in order to study this, the relationship between hla type and clinical response to therapy with interleukin-2 (il-2) was evaluated.19957553066
hla and anti-gq1b igg antibody in miller fisher syndrome and guillain-barré syndrome.we investigated serological human leukocyte antigen (hla) types in patients with histories of miller fisher syndrome (mfs) and guillain-barré syndrome (gbs) with ophthalmoplegia, in whom serum anti-gq1b igg antibody was present during the acute phase. we examined class i antigens (a, b and c) in 32 patients and class ii antigens (dr and dq) in 30, but found no association. we conclude that particular serologically defined hla types are not preferred for the immunoresponse of anti-gq1b igg antibo ...19957560017
inhibition of the oncogene product p185erbb-2 in vitro and in vivo by geldanamycin and dihydrogeldanamycin derivatives.the erbb-2 oncogene encodes a transmembrane protein tyrosine kinase which plays a pivotal role in signal transduction and has been implicated when overexpressed in breast, ovarian, and gastric cancers. naturally occurring benzoquinoid ansamycin antibiotics herbimycin a, geldanamycin (gdm), and dihydrogeldanamycin were found to potently deplete p185, the erbb-2 oncoprotein, in human breast cancer skbr-3 cells in culture. chemistry efforts to modify selectively the quinoid moiety of gdm afforded d ...19957562911
erbb-2 oncogene inhibition by geldanamycin derivatives: synthesis, mechanism of action, and structure-activity relationships.overexpression of the erbb-2 oncogene has been linked to poor prognosis in breast, ovarian, and gastric cancers. naturally occurring benzoquinoid ansamycin antibiotics herbimycin a, geldanamycin (gdm), and dihydrogeldanamycin were found to potently deplete p185, the erbb-2 oncoprotein, in human breast cancer skbr-3 cells in culture. chemistry efforts to modify selectively the ansa ring of gdm afforded derivatives with greater potency in vitro and in vivo. analogs demonstrated inhibition of p185 ...19957562912
[multiple dural arteriovenous shunts presenting as subarachnoid hemorrhage: a case report].we present here an interesting case of multiple dural arteriovenous shunts (davs) in different locations at the same time. there have been very few reports on multiple davs. a 63-year-old man was admitted with a sudden onset of headache and vomiting. ct scan showed a typical subarachnoid hemorrhage (fisher group 3). cerebral angiogram (6 vessel study) revealed two dural arteriovenous shunts at the same time. one was located on the anterior fossa fed by the anterior ethmoidal artery, and the othe ...19957566430
intermittent cyclical etidronate treatment maintains the mass, structure and the mechanical property of bone in ovariectomized rats.we examined the mechanical properties of rat bones treated with etidronate intermittent cyclic treatment (etidronate-ict). fifty fisher rats, 7 months of age, underwent ovariectomy (ovx; n = 40) or sham operation (n = 10). the ovx rats were assigned to 4 groups injected with etidronate at the respective dose of 0, 2, 4, or 8 mg/kg of body weight (bw) 5 days each week for 2 weeks, followed by a 10-week period of no treatment. this regimen was repeated for 48 weeks. at the end of the treatment per ...19957572316
role of the eosinophil in chronic vascular rejection of renal allografts.obiliterative arteriopathy in chronic renal allograft rejection is caused by intimal smooth muscle proliferation accompanied by infiltration of lymphocytes, monocytes, and eosinophils. we investigated the role of the eosinophil in chronic rejection. twenty-four allograft nephrectomies were examined for the presence of eosinophils on hematoxylin-eosin-stained sections and using epifluorescence on fisher-giemsa-stained sections. among 15 cases with chronic rejection, eosinophils were detected in 1 ...19957573019
the mechanisms by which hyperbaric oxygen and carbogen improve tumour oxygenation.hyperbaric oxygen (hbo) has been proposed to reduce tumour hypoxia by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the plasma. that this actually occurs has not been verified experimentally. this study was performed to explore changes in tumour oxygenation induced by treatment with normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen and carbogen. r3230ac mammary adenocarcinomas were implanted into fisher 344 rats. arterial blood gases, blood pressure and heart rate were monitored. tumour oxygenation was measured p ...19957577456
tryptophan 250 on the alpha subunit plays an important role in flavin and aldehyde binding to bacterial luciferase. effects of w-->y mutations on catalytic function.bacterial luciferase is a heterodimer (alpha beta) that catalyzes the oxidation of fmnh2 and a fatty aldehyde, resulting in light emission. to explore the nature of the flavin binding site with respect to the role of tryptophan residues, the catalytic and binding properties of single-point mutants of xenorhabdus luminescens luciferase with one of the eight tryptophans converted to a tyrosine residue were investigated by luminescence and fluorescence measurements. conversion of tryptophans 194 an ...19957578121
use of synthetic peptides to identify surface-exposed, linear b-cell epitopes within outer membrane protein f of pseudomonas a previous study (hughes ee, gilleland lb, gilleland he jr. [1992] infect immun 60:3497-3503), ten synthetic peptides were used to test for surface-exposed antigenic regions located throughout the length of outer membrane protein f of pseudomonas aeruginosa. an additional nine peptides of 11-21 amino acid residues in length were synthesized. antisera collected from mice immunized with each of the 19 synthetic peptides conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin were used to determine which of the ...19957580798
effects of dietary restriction on motor learning and cerebellar noradrenergic dysfunction in aged f344 rats.fisher 344 rats were fed either ad libitum or with a diet containing a 40% reduction of calories beginning at 4 months of age. at 14 months and 22 months male rats were tested for their ability to learn a complex motor skill. at both ages the diet restricted rats reached criterion of performing 10 successful crosses in 10 min at an earlier time than ad libitum fed controls. at 22 months of age the diet restricted rats showed improved acquisition of running times for the task. male rats at 14 and ...19957583216
the prediction of human exons by oligonucleotide composition and discriminant analysis of spliceable open reading frames.discriminant analysis is applied to the problem of recognition 5'-, internal and 3'-exons in human dna sequences. specific recognition functions were developed for revealing exons of particular types. the method based on a splice site prediction algorithm that uses the linear fisher discriminant to combine the information about significant triplet frequencies of various functional parts of splice site regions and preferences of oligonucleotides in protein coding and intron regions (solovyev, law ...19947584412
modulation of antioxidant activities and immune response by food restriction in aging fisher-344 restriction delays the loss of several cellular immune functions, retards the onset of many diseases during aging and, consequently, extends life span significantly in laboratory rodents. the present study was undertaken to determine whether the age-associated loss in immune function is linked to changes in microsomal and mitochondrial membranes of spleens in fischer-344 (f-344) male rats. in this study, we determined cytosolic superoxide dismutase activity (sod), fluidity and cholesterol c ...19957599247
lysosomal chitobiase (ctb) and the g-protein gamma 5 subunit (gng5) genes co-localize to human chromosome 1p22.previously isolated human placental cdna clones represent a fusion of specific rna sequences encoded by two genes: lysosomal chitobiase (ctb) and g-protein gamma 5 subunit (gng5, fisher and aronson, 1992a, 1992b). both genes have now been mapped to 1p by pcr analysis of somatic cell hybrids and further refined to 1p22 by fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) using a yac clone that contains both the chitobiase and gamma 5 genes.19957606925
glutamine supplementation prevents the decrease of mitogen response after a treadmill exercise in rats.the effect of glutamine (gln)-supplemented diet on mitogen response decreased immediately after a treadmill exercise was examined by measuring the proliferations of peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) with phytohemagglutinin (pha) and concanavalin a (cona) in male fisher rats. although the plasma gln concentration was significantly decreased in the control group immediately after a treadmill exercise (20 m/min, 60 min) compared to rested rats, plasma gln concentration of rats fed gln-supplemented ...19957616318
age-dependent intestinal hydrolysis of valproate glucuronide in rat.1. age-dependent differences in the intestinal hydrolysis of the glucuronide conjugate of valproic acid were evaluated in the fisher-344 rat at 14 and 40 days, and 24 months of age. 2. hydrolysis occurred more quickly when incubations were conducted under anaerobic as compared with aerobic conditions. 3. the rate of hydrolysis of valproate glucuronide was most rapid in the contents of the large intestine (caecum and colon); no difference in rate was noted between age groups during incubations wi ...19957618349
suppression of pulmonary metastases of rat mammary cancer by recombinant urokinase plasminogen activator inhibitor.a pivotal point in the process of invasion and metastasis of cancer cells rests on the capability of those cells to present a proteolytic interface to the surrounding tissue matrix as well as to the lymphovascular channels supplying the tumor. the matb rat mammary cancer cells used in this study, along with a number of cancers of epithelial cell origin, provide that proteolytic interface by cell surface-bound plasmin. inhibition of tumor cell surface plasmin formation in this study was achieved ...19957618808
airways of a hyperresponsive rat strain show decreased relaxant responses to sodium nitroprusside.the aim of the current studies was to investigate the possibility that a decreased relaxant response to nitric oxide (no) might contribute to strain-related differences in airway responsiveness in the rat. isolated tracheal rings from hyperresponsive. fisher rats were confirmed to be more responsive to carbachol [mean effective concentration (ec50) = 2.45 x 10(-7) m] than those from lewis (ec50 = 3.60 x 10(-7) m, p < 0.03) and aci (ec50 = 3.85 x 10(-7) m, p < 0.01) rats. sodium nitroprusside (sn ...19957631819
mouse protection induced by pseudomonas aeruginosa pac1r and its defective mutants, salmonella minnesota re-mutant and escherichia coli o14.pseudomonas aeruginosa pac1r and its defective mutants (acetone-killed bacteria), salmonella minnesota re mutant (acetone-killed bacteria and re-lps) and escherichia coli o14 (acetone-killed bacteria and enterobacterial common antigen, eca) were studied in a mouse active protection test. immunized mice were challenged with wild-type p. aeruginosa strains. it was established that p. aeruginosa lps-defective mutants induced cross-immunity against different fisher immunotypes of p. aeruginosa. s. m ...19957640675
effects of adoptive immune transfers on murine leukemia virus-infection of a rat model, we have investigated the effects of adoptively transferred virus-specific immune cells on an established retroviral infection of various organs. the experimental design required inoculation of neonatal fisher rats with a molecular clone of friend murine leukemia virus (f-mulv; fb29) which resulted in virus-specific immunotolerance, while infection of adult rats lead to a virus-specific humoral and cellular immune response. adoptive transfer of virus-specific immune cells from imm ...19957645245
loss of cortical serotonin2a signal transduction in senescent rats: reversal following inhibition of protein kinase c.using grease gap recordings, age-related changes in serotonin2a receptors were assessed in sensorimotor regions of the cortex by examining serotonin-induced facilitation of the n-methyl-d-aspartate depolarization in cortical wedges prepared from young adult (3-6 months) and senescent (22-34 months) fisher 344 rats. serotonin (10-100 microm) facilitated the n-methyl-d-aspartate depolarization in wedges from young adult rats in a concentration-dependent manner, whereas no facilitation was observed ...19957651616
sb 201823-a antagonizes calcium currents in central neurons and reduces the effects of focal ischemia in rats and mice.excessive calcium entry into depolarized neurons contributes significantly to cerebral tissue damage after ischemia. we evaluated the ability of a novel neuronal calcium channel blocker, sb 201823-a, to block central neuronal calcium influx in vitro and to reduce ischemic injury in two rodent models of focal stroke.19957660415
sex determination from the pubis by discriminant function analysis.a total of 122 adult human pubes (66 males and 56 females) are used in this study of a discriminant function analysis for determining sex from four pubic measurements: the angle formed by the middle line of the superior ramus and inferior ramus of pubis (in degrees, x1), subpubic angle (in degrees, x2), the minimum distance from the symphyseal surface to the obturator (in millimeters, x3), and the minimum thickness of the ischiopubic ramus (in millimeters, x4). the method introduced by fisher is ...19957665136
growth inhibition of human tumor xenografts in nude mice by treatment with the antitumor agent 4,6-benzylidene-d1-d-glucose (p-1013).4,6-benzylidene-d1-d-glucose, p-1013, a deuterated benzaldehyde derivative which acts as a reversible protein synthesis inhibitor in vitro, was evaluated for antitumor effects in two human tumor xenografts implanced s.c. in nude mice. the drug, dissolved in isotonic saline, was given p.o. daily for several weeks. for evaluation of drug efficacy, mean tumor volume growth curves were generated and tumor volume doubling time (td) as well as per cent change in tumor size for the treated tumors compa ...19957670145
multiple-trait genetic evaluation for one polychotomous trait and several continuous traits with missing data and unequal models.a method for multiple-trait genetic evaluation for categorical and continuous traits was generalized to a polychotomous rather than a binary trait and to several continuous traits rather than one. any missing data pattern was allowed. breeding values were estimated based on an animal model with fixed and random effects differing among traits. equations in location parameters were solved iteratively within each fisher scoring step. in each round of scoring, new solutions of the residual covarianc ...19957673055
prevalence and histologic significance of cervical human papillomavirus dna detected in women at low and high risk for cervical determine and compare the prevalence and histologic significance of human papillomavirus (hpv) nucleic acids in cervical specimens from women at low (routine hysterectomy) and high (suspicion of cervical neoplasia) risk for cervical neoplasia.19957675368
outpatient treatment of pyelonephritis in pregnancy: a randomized controlled compare the safety and efficacy of outpatient and inpatient treatment of pyelonephritis in pregnancy.19957675380
transcriptional induction of beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase in rat fibroblast by dexamethasone.the beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase activity of fisher rat fibroblasts is enhanced by dexamethasone while the activity of the beta-galactoside alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase remains unchanged. this glucocorticoid-dependent activation can be inhibited by the antagonist ru 38,486 and results from an elevated transcription rate of the 4.7-kb mrna previously characterized in rat fibroblasts, distinct from the 4.3-kb liver-restricted mrna. as shown by the binding of radiolabelled sambucus n ...19937678804
age-related changes in duodenal adaptation after distal small bowel resection in rat.two groups of male fisher 344 rats (young: 4 months old; aged: 25 months old) underwent either 70% distal small bowel resection or sham operation (small bowel transection). rats from each treatment group of each age were sacrificed on the 10th (n = 15: young rats; n = 13: aged rats) or 20th (n = 15: young; n = 13: aged) postoperative day (pod), and the duodenal mucosa was weighed and assayed for dna, rna, and protein contents, as well as for specific activities of the disaccharidase, sucrase, ma ...19937680301
a decade (1982 to 1992) of pediatric cardiac transplantation and the impact of fk 506 immunosuppression.the decade from 1982 through 1992 witnessed tremendous growth in pediatric cardiac transplantation. at children's hospital of pittsburgh 66 cardiac transplants were performed during this period (age range 7 hours to 18 years). the cause of cardiomyopathy was congenital (n = 30), cardiomyopathy (n = 29), myocarditis (n = 2), doxorubicin toxicity (n = 2), ischemic (n = 1), valvular (n = 1), and cardiac angiosarcoma (n = 1). nine children (14%) required mechanical circulatory support before transpl ...19937680396
pattern recognition of the electroencephalogram by artificial neural networks.a back-propagation network was trained to recognize high voltage spike-and-wave spindle (hvs) patterns in the rat, a rodent model of human petit mal epilepsy. the spontaneously occurring hvss were examined in 137 rats of the fisher 344 and brown norway strains and their f1, f2 and backcross hybrids. neocortical eeg and movement of the rat were recorded for 12 night hours in each animal and analog data were filtered (low cut: 1 hz; high cut: 50 hz) and sampled at 100 hz with 12 bit precision. a t ...19937681377
response of phenobarbital- and ciprofibrate-exposed hepatocytes to growth factors in type i collagen gels.the response of promoter-exposed hepatocytes to the complete hepatic mitogens hepatocyte growth factor (hgf), epidermal growth factor (egf) and acidic fibroblast growth factor (afgf) was studied. male fisher 344 rats were administered phenobarbital or ciprofibrate. hepatocytes were isolated at various time points and cultured in type i collagen gels, a 3-dimensional culture system that allows stable long-term hepatocyte differentiation. dna synthetic activity in response to addition of hgf, afgf ...19937682481
effects of the immunosuppressant fk506 on a penetrating keratoplasty rejection model in the rat.the immunosuppressive effects of fk506 on allogeneic corneal transplantation were tested in a rat model.19937686893
surveillance of gram-negative bacteria for pseudomonas aeruginosa lipoprotein i using a monoclonal antibody.we prepared an igg1 murine monoclonal antibody, ps2, that recognized the 8-kda outer membrane lipoprotein i of pseudomonas aeruginosa. the biodot-immunoblot technique was used to test 470 bacterial isolates for their reactivity with mab ps2. ps2 recognized 298 of 300 p. aeruginosa clinical isolates for a sensitivity of 99.3%. ps2 reacted with all fisher-devlin immunotype and international antigenic type p. aeruginosa strains. forty-seven isolates of other pseudomonas species were tested and only ...19937689535
growth-related gene expression in early cholestatic liver injury.extrahepatic biliary obstruction initiates cholestasis, bile duct proliferation, periportal fibrosis, and, eventually, lethal biliary cirrhosis. little is known about the genetic regulation of the cellular proliferation and differentiation that begins with the onset of bile duct obstruction. to focus this and future gene expression studies, we sought to determine the time frame for growth-related gene expression and questioned whether the in vivo expression of the protooncogenes h-ras and c-myc ...19937690161
a modified uridine in the first position of the anticodon of a minor species of arginine trna, the argu gene product, from escherichia coli.the argu (dnay) gene product, a minor trna(arg), from escherichia coli has the anticodon n*cu with an unidentified modified nucleoside n* in position 34 [kiesewetter, s., fisher, w. & sprinzl, m. (1987) nucleic acids res. 15, 3184]. in the present study, argu trna was purified from e. coli a19 strain and nucleoside n* was characterized by the tlc and hplc analyses. nucleoside n* was found to be different from any naturally occurring modified nucleosides. from unfractionated e. coli trna species, ...19937690702
nosocomial infections in the human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient: a two-year survey.because hiv-infected patients are often hospitalized and have major defects in host defenses, we surveyed all hiv-infected patients admitted to our institution to determine incidence of infections and to risk factors for nosocomial infections.19947695111
free d-amino acids in human cerebrospinal fluid of alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, and healthy control subjects.this is the first report of the presence of free d-amino acids in lumbar and ventricular human cerebrospinal fluid (csf) of individuals with alzheimer disease (ad) compared with csf of normal control subjects and with individuals affected by multiple sclerosis, as an unrelated neurologic disorder. free d-amino acids are present at significantly higher levels in ad csf than normal csf, whereas in the csf of patients affected by multiple sclerosis, d-amino acids occurs at the same level as in the ...19947702702
morphometric investigation on nuclear and nucleolar arrangement and agnor content in the rat hippocampus under normal and ischemic conditions.a morphometric analysis of constituents of the rat hippocampus was performed in the different hippocampal regions that are known to be vulnerable in various degrees to experimental global ischemia. in the hippocampus formation of the normal fisher rat the number and areas of neuronal nuclei and of their constituents, nucleoli and agnor particles, were counted and measured. nuclear and nucleolar size were different in the various parts of the ammon's formation. agnors, i.e. silver stainable prote ...19947703682
an avirulent icp34.5 deletion mutant of herpes simplex virus type 1 is capable of in vivo spontaneous reactivation.the herpes simplex virus type 1 (hsv-1) icp34.5 gene is a neurovirulence gene in mice. in addition, some icp34.5 mutants have been reported to have a reduced efficiency of induced reactivation as measured by in vitro explantation of latently infected mouse ganglia. however, since spontaneous reactivation is almost nonexistent in mice, nothing has been reported on the effect of icp34.5 mutants on spontaneous reactivation in vivo. to examine this, we have deleted both copies of the icp34.5 neurovi ...19957707530
a rodent model for hemoglobin switching utilizing high performance liquid has long been recognized that a treatment for beta hemoglobin chain anomalies could result if a way to reverse the hb f to hb a switch in humans were found. studies of hemoglobin switching have been hampered by the fact that small animals normally used in the laboratory do not have a true hb f. however, several small animal models which take advantage of a switch in minor beta chain proportions in certain strains of inbred mice and rats have been proposed and used. the use of these models has ...19947713744
suppression of graft rejection in rat keratoepithelioplasty by anterior chamber inoculation of donor lymphocytes.a newly developed model of keratoepithelioplasty (kep) in the rat was used to analyze the effect of anterior chamber-associated immune deviation on the suppression of corneal allograft rejection. the right eyes of fisher rats received an anterior chamber (ac) injection of lymphocyte suspension from dark agouti (da) rats (dal group) or phosphate-buffered saline (positive control group). seven days later, da corneal lenticules were grafted onto both eyes of the recipients. delayed type hypersensit ...19947723200
a randomized trial of prophylactic doxycycline for curettage in incomplete determine whether prophylactic doxycycline at suction curettage for incomplete abortion decreases the rate of postoperative pelvic infection.19957724097
membrane protein alterations in rodent erythrocytes and synaptosomes due to aging and hyperoxia.we have applied the technique of electron paramagnetic resonance (epr) protein-specific spin labeling to the study of membrane protein alterations occurring during age and exposure to isobaric hyperoxia. cortical synaptosomes and erythrocyte membranes (ghosts) were isolated from young rodents (fisher 344 rats or mongolian gerbils, 3-4 months of age) and aged rodents (age 22-27 months for rats, greater than 15 months for gerbils). membrane proteins were spin labeled with the thiol-specific spin l ...19957727544
characterization of ganglioside associated with the thyrotrophin receptor.the receptor protein for thyrotrophin (thyroid-stimulating hormone; tsh) is associated with a glycosphingolipid moiety. the protein belongs to the family of receptors that couple to guanine nucleotide binding proteins; the glycosphingolipid contains sialic acid and belongs to the family of gangliosides. this report defines the structure of the receptor ganglioside in the fisher rat thyroid cell line (frtl-5). receptor protein was purified by tsh affinity chromatography from frtl-5 cells, biosynt ...19947734842
immunoglobulins from rats that are resistant to adjuvant arthritis suppress the disease in arthritis-susceptible rats.the therapeutic effect of high doses of polyclonal immunoglobulins has been well established in various b cell-associated autoimmune diseases. in the present work we have examined the effect of low doses of immunoglobulins in adjuvant arthritis, a t cell-associated disease in the lewis rat. lewis rats were treated with purified rat immunoglobulins as well as their fc and f(ab')2 fragments and their protective effect on adjuvant arthritis was evaluated. we found that early as well as late treatme ...19957737299
effects of a calcium antagonist, manidipine, on progressive renal injury associated with mild hypertension in remnant kidneys.the present study was conducted to determine the effects of a calcium antagonist, manidipine, on the outcome of a remnant kidney model of chronic renal failure in fisher 344 rats. after sham operation or five-sixths nephrectomy (nx), the rats were assigned to one of the following groups according to the administered amount of drug and were provided a specified diet for 12 weeks: group 1 (sham), diet without manidipine; group 2 (nx), diet without manidipine; group 3 (nx), diet with 0.0004% manidi ...19957738423
discordant expression and variable numbers of neighboring gga- and gaa-rich triplet repeats in the 3' untranslated regions of two groups of messenger rnas encoded by the rat polymeric immunoglobulin receptor unusual s1-nuclease sensitive microsatellite (stms) has been found in the single copy, rat polymeric immunoglobulin receptor gene (pigr) terminal exon. in fisher rats, elements within or beyond the stms are expressed variably in the 3' untranslated regions (3'utrs) of two 'groups' of pigr-encoded hepatic mrnas (pig-r) during liver regeneration. stms elements include neighboring constant regions (a 60-bp d[ga]-rich tract with a chi-like octamer, followed by 15 tandem d[gga] repeats) that merge ...19957739889
immunological effects of 2-methoxyethanol administered dermally or orally to fischer 344 rats.exposure of rats to 2-methoxyethanol (me) by gavage for 10 consecutive days results in immunotoxicity. to determine whether dermal exposure to me also induces immunotoxicity, undiluted me was applied to fisher 344 male rats at dose levels of 150, 300, 600, 900 or 1200 mg/kg/day on shaved occluded test sites for 4 consecutive days. decreased thymus weights were produced by all doses of me, while reductions in spleen weight were observed at doses of 900 mg/kg/day me or greater. the alterations in ...19957740549
microvascular response to ischemia, and endothelial ultrastructure, in disused skeletal has previously been demonstrated that muscle atrophy associated with aging and disuse is accompanied by changes in microvascular function including absolute loss of capillaries, increased mean red blood cell velocity (vrbc), and absence of reactive hyperemia. the purpose of the present study was to determine whether disuse could account for these changes. the right extensor digitorum longus muscle in male fisher 344 rats was subjected to 15 days of disuse through the neural application of tet ...19957746162
actions of alcohol on immunity and neoplasia in fetal alcohol exposed and adult rats.alterations of immune function can result not only from alcohol consumption by the adult human or animal, but also from fetal alcohol exposure (fae). we have demonstrated long-lasting effects of fae on t cell function and effects of adult ethanol (etoh) consumption on tumorigenesis. here, we present recent data that demonstrate that 1) fae alters the biphasic pattern of thymocyte activation during peripubertal development probably due to effects other than the cd3 pathway; and 2) the long-lastin ...19937748350
gdnf protects nigral dopamine neurons against 6-hydroxydopamine in vivo.glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (gdnf), a novel member of the tgf-beta superfamily, has been shown to promote the survival and morphological differentiation of fetal dopamine neurons in culture and increase dopamine levels and metabolism in adult rats. since several other trophic factors are able to rescue specific populations of mature cns neurons following injury, the present study was designed to investigate a possible neuroprotective role by gdnf for midbrain dopamine neurons in ...19957749731
rat strain and age differences in kainic acid induced seizures.this study reports comparative dose-response data for kainic acid (ka) induced seizures in juvenile (35-40 days old) and adult (70-90 days old) wistar-furth (wf), fisher 344 (f344), sprague-dawley (sd) and long-evans hooded (leh) rats. juvenile male wf (n = 51), f344 (n = 55), sd (n = 60), leh (n = 50) and adult male wf (n = 48), f344 (n = 52), sd (n = 52), leh (n = 53) rats were given ka 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 mg/kg, sc. as previously demonstrated adult wf and f344 rats showed the greatest sensitiv ...19957750511
localization of 5-ht2a receptor mrna by in situ hybridization in the olfactory bulb of the postnatal rat.the olfactory bulb receives a dense serotonergic input and appears to require serotonergic input in early olfactory associational learning. however, it is not known which cell types receive the serotonergic input or whether the cells express markers for the input throughout life. these issues need resolution in order for the mechanisms of serotonergic interactions to be better understood. the mrna for the 5-ht2a receptor was localized in the olfactory bulb of postnatal day 1, 2, 14 and 9-month-o ...19957751437
the melanoma differentiation-associated gene mda-6, which encodes the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21, is differentially expressed during growth, differentiation and progression in human melanoma cells.the combination of recombinant human fibroblast interferon (ifn-beta) and the antileukemic compound mezerein (mez) induces terminal differentiation with an irreversible loss of proliferative capacity in human melanoma cells. using subtraction hybridization, cdnas were identified that display enhanced expression in terminally differentiated and growth arrested human melanoma cells (jiang and fisher, 1993; jiang et al., 1994a). a specific melanoma differentiation-associated (mda) cdna, mda-6, is d ...19957753561
thyroglobulin-reactive t lymphocytes in thyroiditis-prone bb/wor rats.autoimmune lymphocytic thyroiditis (lt) is a common cause of primary hypothyroidism. autoreactive t lymphocytes are clearly associated with this disorder, but their pathogenic role in spontaneously occurring lt remains to be established. in the present study, thyroglobulin-reactive t lymphocytes were cultured from young, unprimed lt-prone bb/wor rats before the age of spontaneously-occurring lt. although similar investigations have been conducted in animal models for experimental autoimmune thyr ...19957759784
[miller-fisher syndrome. role of campylobacter jejuni infection]. 19957761368
torulopsis glabrata study the sociodemographic risk factors and clinical features of torulopsis glabrata vaginal infection.19957770272
appraisal of a glycopeptide cloaking strategy for a therapeutic oligopeptide: glycopeptide analogs of the renin inhibitor ditekiren.among the limitations to the practical therapeutic oligopeptide are low oral availability, indifferent aqueous solubility, and an astonishing efficient sequestration and biliary elimination by a multi-capacity liver transporter. given the purposed use of n- and o- linked saccharides as functional appendages of eukaryotic peptides and proteins, a strategy of glycopeptide mimicry was examined for the oligopeptide renin inhibitor, ditekiren. the anticipation was that the saccharide would impart sig ...19947788297
[nationwide survey of the distribution of human parasites in china--infection with parasite species in human population].the infection rate of main species of parasites and their character by first nationwide survey of human parasites was made. the overall infection rate of human intestinal parasite and the infection rate of most species of parasites were higher in females than that in males. the infection rate according to the age group, the highest infection rate was found in the group aged 5-14 years. with regard to the relation between parasitic infections and occupations of the infected persons, the highest i ...19957788888
spontaneous intestinal inflammation and nitric oxide metabolism in hla-b27 transgenic has been reported that transgenic rats expressing the hla-b27 and the beta 2- microglobulin genes develop spontaneous gastrointestinal (gi) inflammation; however, no systematic or quantitative evaluation of this gi inflammation has been reported. therefore, the objective of this study was to characterize quantitatively the gi injury and inflammation observed in commercially available hla-b27 transgenic rats.19957797013
guillain-barré syndrome.guillain-barré syndrome has now become recognized as a clinical syndrome that may be due to several pathological entities, consisting of an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy as well as an acute motor axonal neuropathy. campylobacter jejuni infection is a common preceding event and, together with anti-ganglioside gm1 antibodies, is associated with axonal damage and a poor outcome. the mechanism by which such antibodies damage axons is not clear. the miller fisher syndrome is ...19947804457
daunorubicin and daunorubicinol pharmacokinetics in plasma and tissues in the rat.recent evidence suggests that 13-hydroxy metabolites of anthracyclines may contribute to cardiotoxicity. this study was designed to determine the pharmacokinetics of daunorubicin and the 13-hydroxy metabolite daunorubicinol in plasma and tissues, including the heart. fisher 344 rats received 5 mg kg-1 daunorubicin i.v. by bolus injection. rats were killed at selected intervals for up to 1 week after daunorubicin administration for determination of concentrations of daunorubicin and daunorubicino ...19957805179
[reduced glutathione and l-cysteine in endotoxic shock in the rat].reduced glutathione (gsh) is a well known physiological antioxidant, that would protect against lethal effects of endotoxin. however, the site of the action of gsh can be intracellular (transmembrane passage of constitutive amino acids) or extracellular (membrane thiols).19947808645
physiological and structural responses to chronic experimental renal allograft injury.chronic rejection necessitates a return to dialysis or retransplantation for a significant number of patients with renal allografts. although alloresponses between donor organ and recipient importantly determine this process, the detailed immunologic processes and organ physiology of chronic rejection are unclear; in consequence its mechanism and therapy are uncertain. a model of chronic rejection in the rat was used to examine several facets of this process. fisher-to-lewis (f-l), allogeneic, a ...19947810697
modulation of natural killer cell-mediated cytotoxicity by tamoxifen and estradiol.the nonsteroidal antiestrogenic drug, tamoxifen, inhibits the growth of estrogen receptor-positive tumors by interfering with the growth-stimulatory effect of estradiol. however, there is compelling evidence that tamoxifen treatment also is beneficial for patients with estrogen receptor-negative tumors. the hypothesis that tamoxifen is capable of enhancing the immunologic defense of tumor-bearing hosts was been investigated as a possible method for targeting receptor-negative neoplasms.19957812928
fisher syndrome after campylobacter jejuni enteritis: human leukocyte antigen and the bacterial serotype.we describe two children who had fisher syndrome subsequent to campylobacter jejuni enteritis. the c. jejuni isolates from both patients, who lived in different areas, belonged to pen 2: lio 4. one patient had the following human leukocyte antigens (hlas): hla-a24, 33; b44, 52; dq1; and dr2, 6 antigens. another had the hla-a24, 33; b44, 54; cw1; dq1, 4; and dr4, 6. an effort should be made to isolate c. jejuni from patients with fisher syndrome and to perform hla typing so that the pathogenesis ...19957815224
conditioned apomorphine-induced turning in 6-ohda-lesioned rats.apomorphine-induced turning has been used to evaluate the extent of unilateral nigrostriatal denervation after 6-hydroxydopamine (6-ohda) lesions and subsequent functional striatal reinnervation by catecholaminergic grafts. it has been noted that the pregraft rotational pattern is usually double peaked and that fetal ventral mesencephalic grafts or dopaminergic drugs will alter the second peak but leave the first relatively unchanged. we hypothesized that the first peak may be the result of fact ...19947816866
the role of the hippocampal mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors in the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis of the aged fisher rat.the aging process has been frequently associated with hippocampal neurodegeneration, loss of corticosteroid receptors, and, at the same time, dysfunction of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis. we were interested in characterizing simultaneously the activity of the hpa axis and status of both corticosteroid receptors (mineralocorticoid or mr and glucocorticoid or gr) in the hippocampus of aged male fisher-344 rats. we compared intact, adrenalectomized (adx), and corticosterone-replaced ...19947820364
[delay of the formation of retroperitoneal fibrosis after lymphadenectomy. an experimental study].the goal of our study was to evaluate peritoneal and retroperitoneal healing and therefore to assess the optimal date for surgery after laparoscopic lymphadenectomy. a para-aortic lymphadenectomy was carried out in 5 groups of 5 new zealand female rabbits. the perivascular cicatricial tissue was dissected after specific delay for each group (48 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks). peritoneal reconstruction was observed in 80% of the "48 h" group, and in 100% in the other groups (from 1 ...19947822707
discrimination between patients with acoustic neuroma and with peripheral vestibular lesion by human posture dynamics.a group of normal subjects (n = 17) was compared with two groups of patients, either with vestibular neuritis (n = 18) or with acoustic neuroma (n = 35) by means of posturography when stance was perturbed with vibrators attached to the calf muscles. dynamic control of human posture was quantified by means of system identification, and the characteristic parameters of swiftness, stiffness, and damping of a transfer function from vibration to force platform response were used for further compariso ...19947825427
cognitive impairment in human chronic chagas' disease.we proposed to investigate subclinical cognitive impairment secondary to chronic chagas' disease (ccd). no similar study was previously done. the neuropsychological performance of 45 chronic chagasic patients and 26 matched controls (age, education place and years of residency in endemic area) was compared using the mini mental state exam (mmse), weschler memory scale (wms) and the weschler adult intelligent scale (wais). non-parametric tests and chi2 were used to compare group means and multiva ...19947826247
reduced choline acetyltransferase activity and muscarinic m1 receptor levels in aged fisher 344 rat brains did not parallel their respective mrna levels.differences in the acetylcholine (ach)-mediated neuronal system of the brain between aged and young rats were studied by measuring choline acetyltransferase (chat) activity, muscarinic m1 receptor (m1-r) and their respective mrna levels. in aged rats, chat activity and the m1-r level were significantly reduced in the cerebral cortex, hippocampus and striatum compared with that in young rats. on the other hand, there was no difference in the chat mrna level in the striatum and the basal forebrain ...19947834359
comparison of polydioxanone and silicone plastic in the prevention of adhesive otitis media in the mongolian gerbil.adhesion of the tympanic membrane to the promontory may occur in chronic otitis media or in the postoperative ear. silicone plastic sheets are commonly used to form a physical barrier to adhesion. these sheets are generally well tolerated, but they are subject to occasional extrusion, encapsulation, or foreign body reaction. the ideal barrier to adhesion formation would be a nonreactive, flexible, absorbable substance that would obviate long-term toxicity considerations. in this study polydioxan ...19957838554
activities of 3':5' cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in the superior cervical ganglion of rat: characterization, compartmentalization and observations in young and old animals.we investigated the presence and features of "low km" 3'-5' cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity in the homogenates and extracts of rat superior cervical ganglion. the deae chromatographic elution profile of a triton x-100 extract showed two peaks of camp phosphodiesterase activity eluted at 280 and 600 mm sodium acetate and two peaks of cgmp phosphodiesterase activity eluted at 300 and at 500 mm sodium acetate. the activity was poorly stimulated by calcium-calmodulin and neither stimula ...19947849578
cardiac allografts in rat recipients with simultaneous use of anti-icam-1 and anti-lfa-1 monoclonal antibodies leads to accelerated graft loss.cardiac allografts from fisher rats underwent acute rejection in wistar king aptekman/hokkaido (wkah) recipient rats. icam-1 molecule was induced in grafted myocytes and interstitial cells during the rejection. lfa-1 (+) inflammatory cells heavily infiltrated into rejected allografts. monoclonal antibodies to rat icam-1 or lfa-1 were administered intravenously to wkah rats receiving fisher cardiac allografts for 3-7 consecutive days after transplantation. anti-lfa-1 treatment for 7 consecutive d ...19947852048
chronic administration of a cocaine "binge" alters basal extracellular levels in male rats: an in vivo microdialysis study.the purpose of this study was to determine the effects of chronic "binge" administration of cocaine (hourly x 3 i.p.). male fisher rats were treated for 13 days with cocaine (3 x 10 or 15 mg/kg) or saline (3 x 1 ml/kg). on day 14, microdialysis was performed on the rats and all received cocaine (3 x 10 or 15 mg/kg). dialysate samples were collected from the ventromedial (nucleus accumbens and immediate surrounding striatum) and dorsolateral striata. after 13 days of daily cocaine "binges," estim ...19957853178
differences in morphine reinforcement property in two inbred rat strains: associations with cortical receptors, behavioral activity, analgesia and the cataleptic effects of morphine.the purpose of the current study was to investigate genetic differences between two inbred strains of rats, fisher-344 (f344/n) and wistar albino glaxo (wag/gsto), in a number of drug-naive and drug-related behaviors, including oral and intravenous morphine self-administration. f344/n and wag/gsto rats differed in drug-naive behaviors such as nociception, rearing and sensitivity to lick suppression tests but did not differ in locomotor activity, ambulation or grooming behavior. f344/n rats were ...19937871017
biochemical characterization of lauric acid omega-hydroxylation by a cyp4a1/nadph-cytochrome p450 reductase fusion protein.the binding and hydroxylation of lauric acid by a genetically engineered and expressed fusion protein comprised of an n-truncated form of rat cyp4a1 linked to an n-truncated form of rat nadph cytochrome p450 oxidoreductase (or) (constructed by fisher et al., (1992) proc. natl. acad. sci. usa 89, 10817-10822) has been characterized biochemically and compared to that shown by purified reconstituted rat cyp4a1 and liver microsomes from clofibrate-induced rats. in all systems lauric acid induced a t ...19957872779
endonuclease iii interactions with dna substrates. 2. the dna repair enzyme endonuclease iii binds differently to intact dna and to apyrimidinic/apurinic dna substrates as shown by tryptophan fluorescence quenching.we have measured the fluorescence of the dna repair enzyme endonuclease iii to discover perturbation to its tryptophans by undamaged dna and ap (apyrimidinic or apurinic) dna and to estimate binding affinity for intact and ap dnas. endonuclease iii has two tryptophans, trp132 in a helix-hairpin-helix region of possible flexibility near the active site for ap lyase activity and trp178 in the domain containing the iron-sulfur center of endonuclease iii; trp132 is the more solvent-accessible trypto ...19957873534
miller fisher-guillain-barré overlap syndrome with enhancing lesions in the spinocerebellar tracts.the site of lesions in miller fisher syndrome, especially those causing ataxia, has been controversial. a 50 year old man with features of miller fisher syndrome in whom mri showed enhancing lesions in the spinocerebellar tracts at the level of the lower medulla is reported. peripheral involvement of cranial nerves was also indicated by an abnormal blink reflex and by clinical manifestations: complete external ophthalmoplegia, bilateral peripheral facial weakness, convergence disturbance, absenc ...19957876862
a microtransplantation approach for cell suspension grafting in the rat parkinson model: a detailed account of the methodology.shortcomings of current techniques used for the intracerebral transplantation of ventral mesencephalic dopamine neurons include low graft survival, high variability, considerable implantation trauma and suboptimal graft integration. in order to overcome these limitations, we have adopted a microtransplantation approach which allows precise and reproducible implantation of ventral mesencephalon cell suspensions at single or multiple sites with minimal trauma and improved survival and integration ...19947898661
value of wet mount and cervical cultures at the time of cervical cytology in asymptomatic correlate papanicolaou smear findings with the wet mount and cervical culture results in asymptomatic patients, and to review the value of doing wet mount and/or cervical cultures in these patients at the time of papanicolaou smear.19957898823
comparative metabolism of the renal carcinogen 1,4-dichlorobenzene in rat: identification and quantitation of novel metabolites.1. the metabolism of 1,4-dichlorobenzene has been studied in the male and female fisher 344 rat over 72 h after oral administration of 14c-1,4-dichlorobenzene (900 mg = 96.8 microci/kg). no covalent binding of radioactivity could be detected in samples of liver, kidney, lung and spleen. the major route of excretion was with urine accounting for 41.3% of the dose for male and 37.8% of the dose for female rat within 72 h after dosing. 2. urinary metabolites of 1,4-dichlorobenzene were identified a ...19947900412
effects of nbm lesions on t-maze performance and thalamic biochemistry.fisher 344 rats underwent bilateral nucleus basalis magnocellularis (nbm) lesioning followed by testing in a delayed nonmatching-to-sample t-maze task. both lesion and control animals acquired the task although the nbm animals were mildly impaired on acquisition and on trials to criterion. increasing the delay reduced accuracy of performance equally in both groups. the nbm lesion did not alter the level of several thalamic amino acids. these data indicate that nbm lesioning does not produce a si ...19937905188
serum factor in miller-fisher variant of guillain-barré syndrome and neurotransmitter release.serum igg autoantibodies to gq1b ganglioside are associated with the acute phase of the miller-fisher syndrome (mfs). we investigated the effects of three anti-gq1b-positive mfs sera in the mouse phrenic-nerve/diaphragm preparation. miniature endplate potential frequencies increased eight-fold within 25 min, declined rapidly, and ceased altogether after 3 h, when nerve stimulation no longer evoked a response. one mfs convalescent serum (anti-gq1b negative) and sera from healthy controls and from ...19947905957
parkinsonian serum carries complement-dependent toxicity for rat mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons in culture.the presence of antibodies recognizing specific epitopes of dopaminergic neurons in serum of patients suffering of parkinson's disease (pd) as well as their capability to induce neuronal damage was investigated utilizing serum-free dissociated mesencephalic-striatal co-cultures. high affinity dopamine (da) and gaba uptakes were assessed as specific, functional markers of dopaminergic and gabaergic cell viability, respectively. heat-inactivated serum samples from 18 and 13 patients suffering from ...19947907931
the release and uptake of excitatory amino acids in rat brain: effect of aging and oxidative stress.the excitatory amino acids (eaas) l-aspartate and l-glutamate constitute the major neurotransmitters in the mammalian brain. this study established the influence of aging and oxidative stress on the release and uptake of eaas. the high affinity uptake of d-[3h]aspartate in synaptosomal fractions of the neostriatum, hippocampus, and neocortex was not significantly different in fisher 344/norwegian brown hybrid rats aged 3, 12, 24, and 37 months. similarly, the k(+)-evoked efflux of endogenous asp ...19947909140
improved body weight status as a result of nutrition intervention in adult, hiv-positive outpatients.malnutrition is an important consequence of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv); involuntary weight loss greater than 10% is one criterion that the centers for disease control and prevention uses for the diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids). this study was designed to determine whether nutrition intervention in a group of adult, hiv-positive outpatients affected weight maintenance.19947915283
comparison of the effects of salbutamol and clenbuterol on skeletal muscle mass and carcass composition in senescent rats.aging decreases skeletal muscle mass and strength, making elderly subjects particularly vulnerable to catabolic effects of age-related diseases. clenbuterol, a muscle anabolic beta 2-adrenergic agonist, has reduced or restored skeletal muscle losses in experimental catabolic states. however, the doses of clenbuterol used to prevent or reverse muscle wasting in most animal models have exceeded the estimated safe dose in man. recently, another beta 2-adrenergic agonist, salbuamol (albuterol), has ...19947916118
regulation of hippocampal 5-ht1a receptor gene expression by dexamethasone.the effect of dexamethasone, a selective gr agonist, on hippocampal, 5-ht1a receptor mrna expression and 5-ht1a binding was examined using in situ hybridization histochemistry and in vitro receptor autoradiography. one week after adrenalectomy, both 5-ht1a receptor mrna expression and 5-ht1a binding were increased throughout the hippocampus. administration of dexamethasone at the time of adrenalectomy significantly attenuated the increases in 5-ht1a mrna expression in all hippocampal subfields ( ...19947916919
comparison of popliteal lymph node responses in various strains of rats.outbred (namely wistar and sprague-dawley) and inbred (wistar-furth, lewis, fisher 344 and brown-norway) strains of rats were screened for their responses to reference compounds in the popliteal lymph node (pln) assay. streptozotocin and diphenylhydantoin gave positive responses as evidenced by increased weight and cellularity indices in all strains used whereas procainamide, isoniazid and barbital consistently gave negative responses. although these findings overall are in agreement with previo ...19947917501
low normal alpha-1-antitrypsin serum concentrations and mz-phenotype are associated with byssinosis and familial allergy in cotton mill workers.recent studies have shown a close association between byssinosis and airborne endotoxin concentrations. endotoxin might induce byssinosis through the release of biochemical mediators as the broncheoalveolar surface. alpha-1-antitrypsin (alpha-1-a) which neutralizes enzymes released by granulocytes is known to be important. this study evaluates the possible importance of alpha-1-a concentration and the heterozygosity (pi-s and pi-z alleles), in the prevalence of byssinosis and familial allergy. 2 ...19947920693
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