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a descending cranial nerve palsy during the christmas holidays. 023983866
statin therapy is associated with improved patency of autogenous infrainguinal bypass grafts.hmg-coa reductase inhibitors (statins) broadly reduce cardiovascular events, effects that are only partly related to cholesterol lowering. recent studies suggest important anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative properties of these drugs. the purpose of this study was to determine the influence of statin therapy on graft patency after autogenous infrainguinal arterial reconstructions.015192555
genome-level analysis of selective constraint without apparent sequence conservation.conservation of function can be accompanied by obvious similarity of homologous sequences which may persist for billions of years (iyer lm, leipe dd, koonin ev, aravind l. 2004. evolutionary history and higher order classification of aaa+ atpases. j struct biol. 146:11-31.). however, presumably homologous segments of noncoding dna can also retain their ancestral function even after their sequences diverge beyond recognition (fisher s, grice ea, vinton rm, bessling sl, mccallion as. 2006. conserv ...023418180
solutions to peto's paradox revealed by mathematical modelling and cross-species cancer gene analysis.whales have 1000-fold more cells than humans and mice have 1000-fold fewer; however, cancer risk across species does not increase with the number of somatic cells and the lifespan of the organism. this observation is known as peto's paradox. how much would evolution have to change the parameters of somatic evolution in order to equalize the cancer risk between species that differ by orders of magnitude in size? analysis of previously published models of colorectal cancer suggests that a two- to ...026056366
dr. h. wickliffe fisher. 192620772525
charles perry fisher-a tribute. 193216016127
frederick richard fisher, f.r.c.s. 193220776652
john herbert fisher, f.r.c.s. 193320777492
d. l. fisher, d.s.o., m.b., c.m. lieutenant-colonel r.a.m.c.(t.). 193420778596
dr. walter harington fisher, o.b.e. 193520779434
new and much improved fisher titrimeter. 194621014378
fishers of the murex; notes for a bibliography of marine natural history. 194720247881
the demonstration and characterization of the anti-d agglutinin and antigen predicted by fisher and race. 194818860340
[notes on the use of the benedict-theis method of determination of inorganic phosphorus by electro-photometer fisher in the blood of horses]. 194818122242
two examples of sera containing the anti-d agglutinin predicted by fisher and race. 194818938458
the fisher-yates test of significance in 2x2 contingency tables. 194818867419
on the fisher-behrens test. 195014801046
on a generalization of the behrens-fisher problem. 195015415129
fisher and ford on "the sewall wright effect.". 195124540867
a comparative morphological and biological study of schistosoma haematobium, s. bovis, s.intercalatum fisher, 1934, s. mansoni and s. rodhaini brumpt, 1931. 195114878389
marvin fisher jones, m.d., 1889-1952. 195212996955
otho fisher ball, june 20, 1875-july 19, 1953. 195313072205
[demonstration, for the first time in ubangui-shari, of schistosoma intercalatum (fisher, 1934)]. 195313066943
[special aspects of trypanosomiasis, disease of fishers, on lake tumba, belgian congo]. 195613340490
fallout dosages at washington, has been assumed that the fission product conglomerate emits one gamma ray per beta particle throughout its lifetime. the fallout velocities are not accurately known, and in some cases the detonation and response times have been approximated. for these reasons, the dosages reported in this paper can be accurate in order of magnitude only. with these reservations, an infinity dose of 0.2 roentgen or less due to all explosions between january 1951 and may 1955 is reported for washington, d.c. t ...195617740433
william beumont fisher. 195613348916
[keratitis as occupational disease in oil herring fishers]. 195613346990
syndrome of external ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia (fisher); ocular manifestations in acute idiopathic polyneuritis (guillain-barré syndrome); report of two cases. 195713434542
[a collection of letters to isidor fisher]. 195713448540
the vitamin a of a euphausiid crustacean.the vitamin a of the euphausiid crustacean, meganyctiphanes norvegica, consists almost wholly of the hindered cis isomer, neo-b (11-cis). in this animal vitamin a is concentrated almost entirely in the eyes; and its properties so closely resemble those of pure neo-b vitamin a as not in themselves to indicate that any other isomer is present. however, fisher et al. (1955 b) have isolated a small fraction from this material which may be neo-c vitamin a (11, 13-dicis). the neo-b isomer was identifi ...195713416535
the vitamin a of the many crustacea, including the lobster, the bulk of the vitamin a of the whole animal is concentrated in the eyes. recently fisher, kon, and thompson found that vitamin a extracted from the eyes of euphausiid crustacea has only about one half the biological potency of the same amount of the all-trans acetate or fish liver vitamin a. in the present experiments the vitamin a of the lobster eye is found to consist almost entirely of the hindered cis isomer, neo-b, the precursor in the vertebrate ...195713416534 component (i-inositol at a concentration of 0.002 g/lit) of the nutrient medium was omitted from table 1 of the article "molecular growth requirements of single mammalian cells," by g. sato, h. w. fisher, and t. t. puck [science 126, 961-964 (8 nov. 1957)].195817837845
the premorbid personality of patients with different subtypes of an affective illness. statistical analysis of blind assignment of case history data to clinical diagnoses.on the basis of case history data, the assumption that there exists an association between the 'manic type' of personality and a predominantly manic course of an affective illness, and between the 'melancholic type' of personality and a unipolar depressive course of the illness was examined. premorbid data were extracted from 42 case records, 10 of 'unipolar' manic subjects (the ratio of manic to depressive episodes greater than or equal to 4:1), 11 of typical bipolar i patients, 11 of bipolar i ...19582136868
[2,3-g]quinoline derivatives by the fisher reaction]. 196114009261
syndrome of fisher. ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia. 196113717171
a note on "sexual identification in mentally subnormal females" by fisher. 196213883264
allergic contact dermatitis to ethylenediamine. a continuing problem.ethylenediamine would be an infrequent sensitizer if it were not present in a widely prescribed topical corticosteroid preparation that is applied to inflamed skin. occupational allergic contact dermatitis to ethylenediamine is not common. the educational efforts of american dermatologists such as dr. alex fisher have helped lead to the deletion of ethylenediamine from mycolog cream. it is unfortunate that the same pharmaceutical company continues to use ethylenediamine in its products in other ...19622137392
glucose metabolism of two strains of mycoplasma laidlawii.castrejon-diez, jaime (tulane university school of medicine, new orleans, la.), thelma n. fisher, and earl fisher, jr. glucose metabolism of two strains of mycoplasma laidlawii. j. bacteriol. 86:627-636. 1963.-two strains of mycoplasma laidlawii were incubated in systems containing d-glucose-c(14); carbon dioxide, acetate, pyruvate, and lactate were isolated from appropriate fluids after resting-cell and growth experiments. in resting-cell experiments, radioactivity recoveries were shown to be 9 ...196314066454
[the shah and fisher sign in electrocardiographic diagnosis of left ventricular overload. (study on 145 hypertensive patients)]. 196414129957
isolation and preliminary characteristics of three bacteriophages associated with a lysogenic strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa.feary, thomas w. (tulane university school of medicine, new orleans, la.), earl fisher, jr., and thelma n. fisher. isolation and preliminary characteristics of three bacteriophages associated with a lysogenic strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa. j. bacteriol. 87:196-208. 1964.-three bacteriophages designated 7v, 7m, and 7s were isolated from a lysogenic strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa designated ps-7. the three viruses were found to be completely unrelated on the basis of plaque morphology, host r ...196414102854
approximation to the behrens-fisher distributions. 196514341279
neuromuscular mechanisms of burrow irrigation in the echiuroid worm urechis caupo fisher & macginitie. ii. neuromuscular activity of dissected preparations. 19665971999
neuromuscular mechanisms of burrow irrigation in the echiuroid worm urechis caupo fisher & macginitie. i. anatomy of the neuromuscular system and activity of intact animals. 19665971998
walter edward fisher. 19665329798
[on simultaneously occurring thrombocytopenia and an acquired hemolytic anemia. a contribution to the fisher-evans syndrome]. 19665984509
miller fisher syndrome (variant of landryguillainbarrestrohl syndrome--ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, areflexia). 19665903354
application of cell fractionation techniques in the study of cells infected with polyoma virus and newcastle disease virus.fisher, harold w. (university of rhode island, kingston), hidemi matsumiya, and masanobu azuma. application of cell fractionation techniques in the study of cells infected with polyoma virus and newcastle disease virus. j. bacteriol. 91:1645-1651. 1966.-techniques which permitted rigorous separation of nuclei and cytoplasm were applied to the study of the formation of newcastle disease virus (ndv) in an established line of chinese hamster cells and of polyoma virus (pyv) in mouse embryo fibrobla ...19664286455
transplantation of pituitary "mammotropic" tumor (mtt.f4) from fisher to sprague-dawley rats. 19664287660
repair of radiation-induced damage to the cell division mechanism of escherichia coli.adler, howard i. (oak ridge national laboratory, oak ridge, tenn.), william d. fisher, alice a. hardigree, and george e. stapleton. repair of radiation-induced damage to the cell division mechanism of escherichia coli. j. bacteriol. 91:737-742. 1966.-microscopic observations of irradiated populations of filamentous escherichia coli cells indicated that filaments can be induced to divide by a substance donated by neighboring cells. we have made this observation the basis for a quantitative techni ...19665327364
an evaluation of the variance of leukocyte counts as performed with the hemocytometer, coulter, and fisher intruments. 19665981660
a new approach to molecular configuration applied to aqueous pore transport.a cylindrical treatment of the configuration of small molecules in solution has been proposed. cylindrical dimensions were obtained from fisher-hirschfelder molecular models, and these dimensions were used in an analysis of three sets of reflection coefficient values from the literature. the correlation between solute dimensions and the reflection coefficient was subjected to both statistical analyses and graphical examination, with particular emphasis given to parameter interdependence. the res ...19675584621
r. a. fisher (1890--1962): an appreciation. 196717741062
moisture determination in crude drugs by the karl fisher method. 19685734376
the retirement of sister gibson: occupational health nurse, fisher and paykel ltd, auckland. 19685188811
fisher, wright, and path coefficients. 19685686301
magnesium sulfate interactions in seawater from solubility measurements.the extent of association between magnesium and sulfate ions was determined in artificial seawater by a solubility technique. about 10 percent of the magnesium ions were found to be associated. this result supersedes the earlier value found in this laboratory and agrees with the results of garrels and thompson, thompson, and fisher.19685664507
[content of bruneomycin in solid tumors and ascites of albino mice with transplanted sarcoma crocker and lymphadenosis (strain l-5178 fisher)]. 19685678104
method for the determination of unsaturated iron-binding capacity of serum using radioactive iron and magnesium carbonate.a method for measuring the unsaturated iron-binding capacity of serum using radioactive iron with magnesium carbonate as the adsorbing substance is described. the radioactive iron-magnesium carbonate method, compared with the methods of caraway (1963), herbert, gottlieb, lau, fisher, grevirtz, and wasserman (1966), and bothwell, jacobs, and kamener (1959), was shorter and simpler and equally reproducible.19685697051
[on the association of autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura with autoimmune hemolytic anemia in children (fisher-evans syndrome)]. 19685753368
[total bilateral ophthalmoplegia. manifestation of the miller-fisher syndrome]. 19685757940
allografts in genetically defined rats: difference in survival between kidney and skin.although skin allografts from inbred donors of the fisher strain to inbred male lewis recipients regularly show acute rejection within 12 days, orthotopic kidney allografts between untreated animals, in this same combination of strains, usually remain functionally intact for longer than 100 days. since such renal allografts persist despite previous or concomitant rejection of skin allografts, neither acquired tolerance nor nonspecific immunosuppression can explain the surprisingly prolonged kidn ...19684880787
a note on the fisher-parsons surface area formula in the light of mucosal fresh and dry weights of rat small intestine. 19685655253
ronald a. fisher. 19694895806
edward j. fisher--new academy president. 19694884570
production of staphylococcal enterotoxins a, b, and c in various media.the effect of initial ph and of length of incubation time at 37 c in four different growth media on the production of staphylococcal enterotoxins a, b, and c was determined. a starting ph of 6.8 gave higher yields of enterotoxins b and c than either ph 6.0 or 5.3. the production of enterotoxin a was, however, not materially affected by the low initial ph of 5.3. prolonged incubation (48 to 72 hr) resulted only occasionally in higher yields of enterotoxin. the effect of the media on the amount of ...19695370657
pattern clustering by multivariate mixture analysis.cluster analysis is reformulated as a problem of estimating the para- meters of a mixture of multivariate distributions. the maximum-likelihood theory and numerical solution techniques are developed for a fairly general class of distributions. the theory is applied to mixtures of multivariate nor- mals (normix) and mixtures of multivariate bernoulli distributions (latent classes). the feasibility of the procedures is demonstrated by two examples of computer solutions for normal mixture models of ...197026812701
an evaluation of the fisher hem-alyzer.the fisher hem-alyzer is a multitest sequential discrete analyser with automatic printout of digitized results on paper tape. the instrument is well designed, soundly constructed, and reliable in routine use. cross contamination from the sampler probe or between the cuvettes is minimal. accuracy and precision are both highly satisfactory. although the standard rate of throughput is 32 specimens per hour the instrument can be used at irregular intervals to analyse smaller batches or even individu ...19705439090
[ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia (fisher-syndrome). a contribution to the polyneuritis cranialis syndrome]. 19704994436
fisher syndrome in childhood. 19705490314
anomalies in the position of lower teeth in the fisher, martes pennanti erxl. (mammalia; mustelidae). 19705533913
miller-fisher syndrome in a 22-month-old child. 19705504080
living polymers: a tool in studies of ions and ion-pairs.studies of living polymers have greatly enriched our knowledge of the behavior of ions and ion-pairs in organic media. future investigations will lead to more detailed knowledge of these interesting species. especially, intramolecular associations or intramolecular solvation by the polymer chains provide promising field for additional studies, and one example of such phenomena was reported recently by fisher and szwarc (42).197017734662
evaluation of the fisher autocytometer. 19705474333
a modification of the fisher model 240 or 250 dilutor. 19705504613
fisher scientific co. 197022741709
allen-bradley fisher scientific co. 197022741682
agar-gel precipitating antibody in pseudomonas aeruginosa infections.the human immune response to pseudomonas aeruginosa infection was studied by using the double diffusion in agar-gel technique. antigens from fisher-devlin-gnabasik immunotypes were prepared by both trichloroacetic acid extraction and ultrasonic disruption. serum from 72 of 168 patients (43%) from whom p. aeruginosa was isolated formed from one to eight precipitin bands. precipitins were demonstrated in the sera of 60 of 66 (91%) patients recovering from bacteremia and deep infections; however, t ...197016557868
the recording of physiological evidence of genital arousal in human males and females.eight methods for the recording of erections of men and women, chiefly during sleep, are described as an introduction to a series of publications about objective assessment of sexual behavior. ohlmeyer et al. (1944 and 1947)performed kymographic recordings. fisher et al. (1965)recorded objectively with an eeg apparatus and developed the phalloplethysmograph (a polyvinyl tube filled with water, twisted around the penis), a thermistor to record changes of penile skin temperature, and a mercury str ...197124179078
[apropos of miller fisher syndrome]. 19715564031
lawrence frederick fisher m.d. 1890-1969. 19714926917
fishers of men: keepers of the aquarium. 19714936379
[comparison of mean values. the behrens-fisher problem]. 19724636175
increased membrane-bound adenosine triphosphatase activity accompanying development of enhanced solute uptake in washed corn root tissue.washing of excised corn (zea mays l., variety wf9xm14) root tissue is accompanied by an increase in (mg(2+) + k(+))-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase. this is the adenosine triphosphatase described by fisher, hansen, and hodges as positively correlated with ion accumulation rates. the increase in activity is confined to the microsomal fraction. a close parallel exists between increases in adenosine triphosphatase and phosphate absorption, and they respond similarly to inhibitors of rna and pro ...197216657975
evaluation of genetic structure of drosophila melanogaster population with respect to the characteristic radius incompletus. report ii. verification of wright and fisher systems. 19724209822
photoreceptor-pigment epithelial cell relationships in rats with inherited retinal degeneration. radioautographic and electron microscope evidence for a dual source of extra lamellar material.protein synthesis and displacement in photoreceptor and pigment epithelial cells of inbred normal (fisher) and mutant (rcs) rats with inherited retinal degeneration has been studied by light and electron microscope radioautography. groups of animals 14, 15, 17, 19, 27, 35, and 50 days of age were injected with amino acids-h(3) and killed at subsequent time intervals. in normal rats, radioactive protein synthesized in the rod inner segments was incorporated into outer segment saccules and displac ...19725013595
what is schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934? 19724625897
possibility of in vitro alterations in cultures of mammary carcinoma cells, and altered immunological response in the rat: acquired capacity to reject injections of mammary carcinoma cells and implants of mammary carcinoma. 19724672286
[mercury in the blood of leisure-fishers who fish in polluted water]. 19734797780
chromatographic adsorption. vi. isomer distribution and mechanism of formation of the methyl glycosides of d-glucose and d-galactose by the fisher method. 19734733454
[fisher-evans syndrome in children]. 19734795552
a.r. fisher. 19734573311
female orgasm: an interview with seymour fisher, ph.d. 19734806958
[isolation and study of a strain of fisher lymphadenosis (l-5178) resistant to actinomycin (aurantin)]. 19734129063
[fisher-evans disease]. 19734738972
[characteristics of the qualitative composition of the fats of notothenia rossi marmorata fisher]. 19734763263
immunotherapy of the dunning leukaemia with thymic extracts. 19734759937
characterization of a heat-stable protease of pseudomonas fluorescens p26.a heat-stable, extracellular proteolytic enzyme was isolated from pseudomonas fluorescens p26. brain heart infusion broth (fisher scientific co.), ph 7.5, and incubation at 21 c provided the optimal conditions for bacterial growth for enzyme production. the organism had a d value of 2.6 min at 62.8 c (145 f). the enzyme, however, was quite heat-stable, requiring 15 hr at 62.8 c, 8 hr at 71.4 c, and 9 min at 121 c for complete inactivation. milk, whey, and casein each had a protective effect on t ...19734631436
the evolutionary advantage of recombination.the controversy over the evolutionary advantage of recombination initially discovered by fisher and by muller is reviewed. those authors whose models had finite-population effects found an advantage of recombination, and those whose models had infinite populations found none. the advantage of recombination is that it breaks down random linkage disequilibrium generated by genetic drift. hill and robertson found that the average effect of this randomly-generated linkage disequilibrium was to cause ...19744448362
further studies of crossed and uncrossed pathway responding in callosal agenesis--reply to kinsbourne and fisher. 19744842918
dependence of intestinal glucose absorption on sodium, studied with a new arterial infusion technique.1. a new preparation of isolated rat jejunum plus ileum (ca. 100 cm) is described in which a saline infusate is pumped into the superior mesenteric artery, the superior mesenteric vein having been ligated.2. the arterial infusate washes out the tissue spaces: the lumen is perfused in a single pass with a segmented flow as by fisher & gardner (1974).3. at an arterial infusion rate of 3 ml./min, steady states are set up in the tissue fluid within 10-15 min: the compositions of the fluids bathing b ...19744422318
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