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the adhesion of film coatings to tablet surfaces--the effect of some direct compression excipients and lubricants.the effect of some direct compression excipients and lubricants on the adhesion of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose films has been examined using a specially designed tensile testing apparatus (fisher & rowe, 1976). the adhesion was found to be influenced by both the roughness, including microporosity, of the tablet surface and its polarity. tablets prepared from microcrystalline cellulose showed very high adhesions despite having relatively smooth surfaces, owing to the surface being saturated wi ...199822617
the measurement of the adhesion of film coatings to tablet surfaces: the effect of tablet porosity, surface roughness and film thickness.the effect of tablet porosity, surface roughness and film thickness on the adhesion of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose films to placebo tablet substrates have been studied using a specially designed tensile tester (fisher & rowe, 4976). there were direct relations between measured adhesion and tablet porosity and also surface roughness and tablet porosity. the effect of film thickness on the measured adhesion is complex with an initial decrease with thicknesses up to 35 micron and then a gradual ...199926762
relative tissue distribution of radioactivity in rats with endocrine "autonomous" breast carcinomas after 3h-,99mtc-, and 64cu-bleomycin.the localization of 64cu-, 3h-, and 99mtc-labeled bleomycin was studied in tissues of fisher rats bearing an endocrine autonomous breast tumor. the 64cu-bleomycin showed a greater uptake than 3h- and 99mtc-bleomycin in the breast tumor at all time intervals studied, from 2 to 72 hr after the tracer. this same differential uptake was shared by the liver and kidney.197545938
cordycepin inhibition of 3-methylcholanthrene-induced transformation in vitro.cordycepin (3-deoxyadenosine), an inhibitor of poly (a) synthesis, was found to inhibit the induction of the endogenous type "c" rna virus by 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine in a line of fisher rat embryo cells (h43) grown in vitro, and when continuously incorporated into the medium at those same concentrations, it was found to protect the cells from transformation by the chemical carcinogen 3-methylcholanthrene.197554927
electrophysiological findings in the syndrome of acute ocular muscle palsy with ataxia (fisher syndrome).4 patients are described with ophthalmoplegia (figs. 1 and 2) and ataxia with acute onset. three of them showed only very slight symptoms of generalized polyneuritis. measurement of sensory nerve conduction velocity (fig. 4, table 2) and determination of vibration sense by an electrical vibrator (fig. 3) proved to be helpful for diagnosis. the ocular emg revealed signs of peripheral denervation in 3 cases. pathological changes of the somatosensory evoked potential (fig. 5) which has been registe ...197662826
robert henry fisher smith. 197763707
[quick's hippuric test - a daison, alliot and fisher colorimetric method]. 197770552
john own fisher davies. 197876163
alpha benzene hexachloride inhibition of aflatoxin b1-induced hepatocellular carcinoma. a preliminary report.alpha benzene hexachloride protected against the development of liver carcinoma in male albino fisher rats ingesting aflatoxin b1.197881137
specific neutralization of defective spleen focus-forming virus in friend virus complex by rat antiserum.the spleen focus-forming virus (sffv), a rapidly transforming, replication-defective virus in friend virus (fv) complex that is readily neutralized by antisera directed against its helper virus, was examined for the presence of sffv-specific antigens. antisera prepared in fisher rats against an sffv-infected fisher rat embryo fibroblast line (sffv-fre) neutralized sffv effectively, but not friend-associated murine leukemia virus (f-mulv) whether the latter was tested alone or was mixed with sffv ...197990172
effect of antithymocyte globulin on islet of langerhans transplantation.lewis rats were treated with streptozotocin to induce hyperglycemia and glycosuria (400-600 mg/dl). transplantation of approximately 1,000 dissociated islets obtained from collagenase-treated pancreases from 4 donors will promptly correct induced diabetes. functional survival of islet allografts is related to genetic disparity between donor and recipient strains. in the closely matched fisher-to-lewis combination, islets functioned for a mean of 4.2+/-1 days while in the agb-incompatible wistar/ ...1978106312
interaction of bacterial cell wall polymers and rat macrophages.processing of group a and group d streptococcal cell wall was measured after phagocytosis by normal rat peritoneal cells in tissue culture. group a cell wall was practically non-biodegradable in contrast to group d, which was over 80% degraded by 4-8 days in culture. there was no difference in elimination or degradation of mucopeptide or polysaccharide of group a cell walls. neither antiserum or sensitized lymphocytes affected persistence. macrophages from fisher rats (susceptible to group a cel ...1975126561
[quantitative study of serotonin-containing cells in fetal rabbit duodenum].in order to attempt identification in vitro of parameters involved in the cellular differenciation, it was necessary to possess a standard material with identical content and distribution of serotonin cells; these two properties are investigated in this paper. falck's technic is the only sensitive and specific method in demonstrating serotonin young cells devoid of argentaffinity. from 21, 22, 23 and 25 days old rabbit foetuses, 10 mm length duodenal pieces were treated according to falck and se ...1975129233
[2 cases of arthrogryposis].the authors report two cases of arthrogryposis in two children of 7 1/2 and 13 years; the diagnostic criteria were those of fisher, combining the joint limitations present since birth in at least two different regions, the absence of progressive neurological involvement, and evident amyotrophy. the different etiopathogenic theories are then discussed: review of the literature concerning cases of myopathic arthrogryposis is not very useful; the twelve cases mentioned in the literature are not hom ...1977138180
ma changes in institutionalized down's syndrome persons: a semi-longitudinal approach.a semi-longitudinal approach was employed in this partial replication of a larger study of ma changes in institutionalized retarded persons (fisher & zeaman, 1970). curves were fitted to ma data for a down's syndrome group and a group of retarded subjects matched on the basis of initial ma and ca. the findings generally replicated those of the earlier study. specifically, the results of a multiple regression/correlation analysis indicated that the two curves were similar in shape, but differed w ...1978147627
[bushke-fisher keratoderma of the palms and soles]. 2003154793
experimental chronic serum sickness in rats. a model of immune complex glomerulonephritis and systemic immune complex deposition.this article describes a method of immunization that produces chronic serum sickness in rats within a relatively short time. fisher rats, which were immunized subcutaneously three times with bovine serum albumin (bsa) in adjuvant, responded with high titers of antibodies to bsa. 2 weeks after the third subcutaneous immunization, daily increasing amounts of bsa were injected either intraperitoneally or intravenously. when an intravenous dose of 2mg of bsa was reached, the rats were given daily in ...1979156700
pure motor hemiplegia secondary to brain-stem tumour.'pure motor hemiplegia' is a common stroke syndrome defined by fisher as paralysis of face, arm, and leg on one side, unaccompanied by sensory signs, visual field defect, aphasia, or apractognosia. it occurs almost exclusively in hypertensive patients and carried a good prognosis. we report a case of a normotensive patient in whom pure motor hemiplegia was the presenting feature, not of a cerebrovascular syndrome, but of a pontine glioblastoma. we note that brain-stem tumours may masquerade as b ...1975176327
pancreatic inclusions and its relation to boric acid poisoning: review of the literature and report of a is known among forensic and pediatric pathologists that the demonstration of pancreatic inclusions is considered to have diagnostic significance in cases of boric acid poisoning. fisher was the first to suggest a causal relationship between the inclusions and boric acid toxicity. valdes-dapena and arey paid particular attention to the pancreatic inclusions in reviewing the literature of cases of boric acid poisoning. they found the inclusions in 6 of the 55 autopsies. this paper describes the ...1996178584
fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase from young and adult rats.fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase (e.c. was purified from the livers of young (69-86 days) and adult (370-386 days) fisher rats. the enzyme preparations were examined for increasing amounts of missynthesized proteins by means of heat-inactivation as well as for differences in regulatory properties. no significant difference with respect to the fraction of rapidly heat-inactivated enzyme or km- and ki-values was found. these results do not support the hypothesis that error accumulation result ...1976178710
differential cytology in the diagnosis of astrocytary gliomas. a statistical study using the "t" students-fisher test.the authors have used the "t" student-fisher test in order to verify the differences between two compared average values. the results show the anatomo-clinical individuality of four main types of astrocytary gliomas; multiform glioblastoma, malignant astrocytoma, protoplasmatic astrocytoma, and fibrillary astrocytoma. the occurrence of significant quantitative differences between these four astrocytary gliomas indicates that the histological diagnosis must be differentially made, because these a ...2004183105
[guillain barré- polyneuroradiculitis and fisher-syndrome in cytomegalovirus infections (author's transl)].in seven patients suffering from polyneuroradiculitis of the guillain-barré type and one case of fisher syndrome, a cytomegalovirus infection was found. the elevation of the virus-specific igm-antibodies was confirmed in all cases. the clinical course was severe and acute with respiratory disturbances, but complete remission occurred within 1-4 months. the complement fixing antibodies were highest during the first week of illness, so that further elevations could not be demonstrated, therefore m ...1976189727
endogenous protein kinase inhibitors. purification, characterization, and distribution in different tissues.a thermostable inhibition of atp-protein phosphotransferase (ec (protein kinase) which is present in crude tissue extracts has been resolved by gel chromatography (sephadex g-100) into two molecular forms. these two forms will be referred to as type i and type ii inhibitor. the type i inhibitor (mr approximately or equal to 24,000) is specific for camp-dependent protein kinase and corresponds to the inhibitor described earlier (walsh, d. a., ashby, c. d., gonzalez, c., calkins, d., fis ...1977193848
temperature-sensitive growth regulation in one type of transformed rat cells induced by the tsa mutant of polyoma virus.a fibroblast line of the 3t3 type with a low saturation density was established from fisher rat embryo cells. after infection with either wild-type or tsa mutant polyoma virus, transformants were isolated and cloned at 33 degrees c on the basis of their ability either to grow as dense foci on plastic in liquid medium (type n) or to form colonies in soft agar (type a). polyoma t antigen was detected in all of the transformed lines. the following growth characteristics were studied for both types ...1977201774
impaired synaptic potentiation processes in the hippocampus of aged, memory-deficient rats.a series of neurophysiological experiments was performed on the schaffercommissural system of the hippocampus of aged and young anesthetized fischer rats. the aged fisher rats were previously found to exhibit retention performance deficits. no obvious differences were found between aged and young animals in amplitude, latency, stimulation threshold, or wave forms of typical synaptic responses when these were elicited by control (0.3 hz) stimulation pulses. further, the temporal curves of facilit ...1978208716
growth control in simian virus 40-transformed rat cells: temperature-independent expression of the transformed phenotype in tsa transformants derived by agar selection.fisher rat fibroblasts (fr 3t3), transformed with the tsa30 mutant of simian virus 40 and selected by colony formation in soft agar, maintained the transformed phenotype at high temperature, whereas most transformants isolated from foci were found to undergo a phenotypic reversion toward the normal state in their saturation density, ability to grow in soft agar, and rate of 2-deoxyglucose transport. the temperature-independent phenotype observed in agar-selected transformants was not due to a re ...1978212596
[fisher's syndrome. peripheral or central origin (author's transl)].the syndrome described by m. fisher in 1956 includes ophtalmoplegia, ataxia, and generalized loss of reflexes. it is classically considered to be of peripheral origin and its relation to guillain and barre's syndrome in its mesencephalic form is debatable. the authors review 5 cases and discuss the question of a probable central origin. they base their opinion on the pathognomonic features of these cases and those in the literature, as well as the results of their oculographic and electromyograp ...1978214838
development of hyperlipidemia associated with increased lipolytic response of isolated adipose tissue cells following prolonged stimulation by an ectopic pituitary tumor.implantation of mtt-f4 tumor, a mammotropic tumor that secretes large quantities of acth, gh and prolactin, into male fisher rats induced the development of hyperlipidemia. free fatty acid, triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the plasma were significantly increased at 31 days after tumor implantation. blood glucose and glycerol levels remained normal, while uric acid concentration in the blood was significantly decreased. the lipolytic response of isolated adipose tissue cells to acth was sig ...1978217811
experimental hyperlipidemia in rats.implantation of mtt-f4 tumor, a mammotropic tumor that secretes large quantities of acth, gh and prolactin, into male fisher rats induced the development of hyperlipidemia. free fatty acid, triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the plasma were significantly increased at 31 days after tumor implantation. blood glucose and glycerol levels remained normal, while uric acid concentration in the blood was significantly decreased. the concentrations of the serum lipoproteins were significantly increas ...1979224751
apolipoprotein b: its role in the control of fibroblast cholesterol biosynthesis and in the regulation of its own binding to cellular receptors.apolipoprotein b transports cholesterol in plasma as low density lipoprotein (ldl) and targets its delivery to cells by binding to a specific plasma membrane receptor. the cellular consequences of apob binding to its receptor were investigated to determine whether it suppresses cholesterol biosynthesis and reduces the number of cellular receptors for the apoprotein. upon preincubation of fibroblasts with lipoprotein-deficient medium alone or supplemented with either ldl or apob complexed to bsa ...1979226637
complement in graft versus host disease: il depletion of complement components during a systemic graft versus host reaction in the rat (38499).serum complement (c) and c components were examined during a systemic graft versus host (gvh) reaction in the rat. in our series of experiments (lewis times brown norway) f-1 hybrid rats (60-80g) were given 200 times 10-6 or 400 times 10-6 lewis spleen cells intravenously. clinical gvh disease appeared 5-7 days after cell injection. five of six rats in the experimental groups had a fall in levels of serum c2 (20-76%) and c4 (75-98%). only one of six rats in the control group had a significant fa ...1975236566
counselling. hidden conflicts: a case study of the fisher family. 1986260965
dose response and time course effects of n,n-dimethyltryptamine on disruption of rat shuttlebox avoidance.n,n-dimethyltryptamine (dmt) was given (ip) in different doses (0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 mg/kg) in a randomized order to a group of ten rats (fisher 344/mai) who were trained to a high, stable base line of conditioned avoidance responding in the shuttlebox. dmt produced dose-dependent disruptive effects, as a sigmoid function, with 1.0 mg/kg the minimal dose causing disruption and progressively more disruption with increasing doses, reaching a plateau at the highest dose. the disruptive eff ...1977266950
the evolution of dominance: haldane v fisher revisited.fisher's model for the evolution of dominance indicates that the accumulation of dominance modifiers will be accelerated by (1) an increased frequency of the mutant heterozygote, (2) increased selection for the phenotype of the normal homozygote. the model has been criticised by haldane on the grounds that point (1) is not fulfilled, that is dominance appears to be more common in populations with a low frequency of mutant heterozygotes (populations of inbreeders). in support of fisher's model it ...1985268310
error estimate for the diffusion approximation of the wright--fisher model.the wright--fisher model and its approximating diffusion model are compared in terms of the expected value of a smooth but arbitrary function of nth-generation gene frequency. in the absence of selection, this expectation is shown to differ in the two models by at most a linear combination (with coefficients depending only on the derivatives of the smooth function involved) of the maximum mutation rate and the reciprocal of the population size.1977270745
[bone marrow lymphoid follicles in myelofibrosis compared with chronic myelogenous leukaemia (author's transl)].the trephine bone marrow biopsies of 51 patients with myeloproliferative syndromes were revised searching for lymphoid follicles and lymphoplasmocytosis: 18 of these had idiopathic myelofibrosis and 33 chronic myelogenous leukaemia. six of the 18 biopsies on patients with myelofibrosis showed lymphoid follicles but only one of the 33 with chronic meylogenous leukaemia did (p = 0.01, fisher exact test). in addition, four of the six myelofibrosis having follicles had two or more of them. when the ...1979296376
ouabain on active transepithelial sodium transport in frog skin: studies with microelectrodes.studies were done with isolated frog skin to determine the effects of 10(-4) m ouabain on the electrophysiological parameters of outer and inner barriers of the na-transporting cells. microelectrodes were used to impale the skins from the outer surface to determine the intracellular voltages (vsco) under conditions of short-circuiting and under conditions where a voltage clamp was used to vary the transepithelial voltage, vt. from this, the electrical resistances of outer (rfo) and inner (ri) ba ...1979314494
the case of the outspoken medical examiner or an exclusive journal interview with russell s. fisher, md, chief medical examiner of the state of maryland. 1977321887
collection of a clean voided urine specimen: a comparison among spoken, written, and computer-based an effort to compare different methods of instructing patients, 99 women 18-25 years of age were given computer, spoken, weitten, or no instructions for the collection of a clean voided urine specimen. the group who received computer instructions was the most uniform in its performance (p less than 0.002, f-test) and reported the fewest procedural problems (p less than 0.02, fisher test). in addition, this group had fewer contaminating bacteria than the group who received written instructions ...1977327837
preliminary observation on the immunology of nerve allograft rejection.a preliminary experiment was devised to delineate the specificity of nerve allograft rejection. skin grafts were performed between inbred strains of fisher, agb1, and buffalo, agb6, rats to determine the time required for a first set rejection, which occurred at day 9. skin grafts also were performed two weeks after orthotopic placement of whole nerve or fascicular grafts. the rats that had previously been exposed to whole nerve showed skin graft rejection at six days, while those exposed to ner ...1978337545
the capacity of histocompatibility antigens solubilized in hypertonic salt solution to induce allograft tolerance in rats.treatment of fisher rats (agb 1,26,28) with a soluble extract of histocompatibility antigens (sae) prepared from the liver of donor august rats (agb 5, 28, 31) associated with a few injections of anti-lymphocyte serum (als) provoked a specific prolongation of the median survival time of skin grafts from 27.6 +/- 11.4 days in als-treated controls to 55.1 +/- 8.8 days (p less than 0.01). the sae was obtained from liver homogenates by hypertonic kcl (3m) extraction. further purification by chromato ...1978350127
[role of normal microflora in the treatment of vibrio carrier state in rat gnotobionts].materials on the study of interactions between vibrio cholera el tor and some indigenous bacteria of human intestinal tract, which proved to be active antagonists in vitro, are presented in this work. experiments were conducted on gnotobiotic rats (fisher), using various combinations and variants of the order of the microorganism administration; there were revealed no antagonistic relations between virbrio cholerae el tor and escherichia coli m-17, lactobacillus fermenti, lactobacillus plantarum ...1978352437
corticosteroid therapy of alcoholic hepatitis.fifty-five patients with alcoholic hepatitis were studied in a 28- to 32-day randomized double blind treatment trial comparing prednisolone (40 mg per day) with placebo therapy. of 31 placebo-treated patients, 4 died during the study interval and 2 more died within 5 days of study completion. only 1 of 24 prednisolone-treated patients died during the same interval (fisher exact test; p = 0.10). stepwise discriminant analysis of laboratory factors associated with death revealed independently sign ...1978352788
selective lymphoid irradiation. i. an approach to transplantation.the kinetics, distribution, and radiobiologic effects of palladium (pd)-109-hematoporphyrin were determined in the rat. in addition, we studied the effect on rat heart allograft survival of pd-109-hematoporphyrin, with and without antilymphocyte serum (als). a single sublethal dose of pd-109-hematoporphyrin (up to 36 muci/kg) resulted in the following: predominant concentration in lymphoid tissue and proximal bone marrow, complete central and proximal bone marrow ablation with preservation of di ...1979380034
[effects of methamphetamine and enriched experience on behavioral recovery after brain damage (author's transl)].two factorial experiments (brain status x environment x drug) were designed to measure the effects of methamphetamine and enriched experience on recovery after bilateral cortical lesions. fisher male rats were operated or sham operated when 30 days old and thereafter raised in either an enriched (ec) or impoverished (ic) condition while daily injected with either methampheteamine (2 mg/kg) or saline. in ec, 12 rats lived together in a large cage with stimulus objects that were changed daily. in ...1977403543
exotoxin production by clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa.seventy-five consecutive clinical pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates were tested for in vitro exotoxin production. exotoxin was demonstrated in culture filtrates biologically, by its ability to produce characteristic dermonecrotic lesions in guinea pigs, and seriologically, by counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie) with rabbit antiserum elicited with purified exotoxin. by these two methods, exotoxin was detected in 87 and 89% of p. aeruginosa strains, respectively (r = 0.48, p less than 0.001). althoug ...1977404244
analytical characterization of lipopolysaccharide antigens from seven strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa.lipopolysaccharide antigens from seven different serotype strains (antigen immunotypes nos. 1-7 in the classification of fisher et al.3) of pseudomonas aeruginosa have been analyzed for neutral carbohydrate, amino sugars, lipid, protein, 3-deoxy-manno-octulosonic acid, and phosphorus. the individual amino sugars were determined for each antigen type; all contained 2-amino-2-deoxy-d-glucose and -d-galactose, together with 2-amino-2,6-dideoxygalactose; the latter as isolated from the type 2 antige ...1977405103
an animal model for the study of prostatic adenocarcinoma.after the injection of the potent carcinogen 9,10-dimethyl-1,2-benzanthracene (dmba) male rats (fisher/furth), mice (strong a/j), and golden hamsters, which had been previously conditioned by castration and in which the prostate had become histologically atrophic, developed tumors consistent with prostatic adenocarcinoma. one month after castration, intravenous injections of dmba were given in the vena cava or jugular vein once a month for 3 months. three to four months later, histologic evidenc ...1977406218
the influence of the mating system on the maintenance of genetic variability in polygenic characters.the traditional models of the effect of assortative mating and inbreeding on the genetic variance of polygenic characters (fisher 1918; wright 1921) presume that there is no natural selection or mutation. in a large population, the genetic variance determined by additive genes may then increase by up to a factor of two with local inbreeding, and even more with assortative mating. the classical models are still used to interpret data from natural populations. but contrary to their assumptions, mo ...1977407132
genetic control of the immune response to ferritin in f1 hybrid mice.the immune response to the antigen horse spleen ferritin, has been investigated in ten inbred parental strains and seven different f1 hybrid strains of mice, using an antigen excess technique. the degree of dominance in an f1 hybrid system can be estimated by using the fisher dominance index. the responses in f1 hybrid animals, obtained from crosses of high and low responder parents, varied from dominant to recessive but the overall mean dominance index for the ferritin immunogenetic system was ...1977415964
schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934 (cameroon) infection in the patas monkey (erythrocebus patas schreber, 1775). 1978415994
[surgical treatment of the middle cerebral artery aneurysm--from the experiences of 174 cases (author's transl)].174 cases of middle cerebral artery aneurysm submitted to surgical operations without using microscope were reviewed. at operation, the head is set on the neutral and slightly chin up position, not turned to any directions. small craniotomy, which is about half as much as the ordinary unifrontal craniotomy, is performed. the merit of our method is as follows; the m1 portion (fisher) of the middle cerebral artery runs horizontally, so that we can keep the parent artery during the operation, and o ...1979418949
the relative capacity of corneal, heart, kidney and skin cells to stimulate allogeneic stimultaneous experiments, the ability of inbred wistar-furth rat corneal cells to stimulate inbred fisher rat lymphocytes in mixed culture was compared with the stimulatory capacity of the same number of wistar-furth skin, kidney, heart and lymphocyte cells. the tissue cells were dissociated and after inhibition by mitomycin c cultured with an equal number of allogeneic spleen lymphocytes for 5 days. in all of these mixed cell cultures, the allogeneic lymphocytic response was mainly to the m ...1979437826
[action of cyclophosphane on the formation of hemagglutinins and of nonspecific immunoglobulins in a microbe-free state].a total of 39 germ-free and 28 conventional germ-free fisher rats were used to study cyclophosphamide-induced specific (hemagglutinins) and nonspecific (igg2) immunosuppression. most pronounced effect of the drug was observed in germ-free animals. 180 mg/kg of cyclophosphamide completely suppressed hemagglutinin formation for at least 8 weeks.1979442887
the mechanism of peripherally evoked responses in retinal ganglion cells.1. responses to stimulation of retinal regions remote from the classical receptive field were recorded from optic tract fibres in lightly anaesthetized cats. 2. x- and y-cells gave reliably different responses to the sudden reversal of the phase of a high contrast grating that fell on the retina more than 15 deg from the centre of the receptive field. 3. the mechanism that generates these responses ('shift effect' or 'periphery effect') in y-cells is insensitive to the spatial phase of the stimu ...1979458660
hyperlipoproteinemia induced by a transplantable pituitary tumor in the rat.the mtt-f4 tumor, a transplantable pituitary tumor of rats, induces significant hyperlipidemia in male fisher 344 rats. the increasive hypercholesterolemia was accompanied by hypertriglyceridemia only in the first month of tumor implantation. clofibrate feeding inhibited the development of hypercholesterolemia and maintained normal serum triglyceride levels. in contrast to the changes in lipoprotein cholesterol distribution and profile found in experimental hyperlipidemia induced by high fat and ...1979465111
relationship between aminoglycoside-induced nephrotoxicity and auditory toxicity.we have reviewed our data from 391 patients entered into three prospective, double-blind studies of aminoglycosides and evaluated 127 cases to determine whether aminoglycoside-induced auditory toxicity and nephrotoxicity are independent events. the cases selected for evaluation included all patients treated for greater than 3 days (mean, 7.7 days) who had serial creatinine determinations and were able to cooperate with serial bedside audiograms (250 to 8,000 hz). patients received either gentami ...1979475363
a double-blind pediatric evaluation of levamisole in the prevention of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections.levamisole was tested double-blind in 106 children with recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. they received either levamisole (n = 53) or placebo (n = 53) 0.5 ml/kg bodyweight b.i.d. for two consecutive days each week for six months. a control examination was performed every two months. both groups were compared by means of the fisher-test and the mann-whitney u-test (two-tailed probability each). improvement was observed more frequently in the levamisole group with regard to the number ...1979477676
[m. fisher syndrome after antitetanic serotherapy]. 1979503815
loss of synapses in the cerebellar cortex of the senescent rat.numbers of synapses were compared in the cerebellar cortex of adult (12 months of age) and senescent (25 months of age) male rats of the fisher-344 strain. the total number of axodendritic synapses was found to be 24% lower in the senescent rats as compared with adults. a differential analysis of synapses involving dendritic shafts and spines showed no significant change in numbers of synapses involving shafts, but a highly sigificant 33% decrease in numbers involving spines in senescent rats. t ...1979512301
adipocyte cholesterol storage: effect of experimental hypercholesterolemia in the order to more clearly define the influence of adipocyte size and plasma cholesterol on adipose tissue cholesterol storage, hypercholesterolemia was induced in male fisher rats at a time when body weight and adipocyte size become fixed. in one experiment (experiment 1), increasing amounts (0, 0.05, 0.5 and 5.0%) of dietary cholesterol were added to a fat-free, purified diet (sucrose-casein-cellulose) fed to 1 year old virgin males. in experiment 2, retired breeder rats were fed 0 or 5% cholest ...1979512709
effect of ammonia on the glutamate dehydrogenase catalyzed oxidative deamination of l-glutamate. the steady state.ammonia is known to inhibit the steady-state rate of oxidation of l-glutamate catalyzed by glutamate dehydrogenase. we reported previously [brown, a., colen, a. h., & fisher, h. f. (1978) biochemistry 17, 2031] kinetic evidence supporting the formation in the initial rapid phase of a complex which is composed of enzyme, reduced coenzyme, alpha-ketoglutarate, and ammonia. we show here that the effects of ammonia on the steady-state reaction can be correlated with transient-state kinetic effects r ...1979518877
hybridization and heat tolerance in rats.buffalo and fisher inbred rats and their f1--f4 hybrids were exposed to heat, 96 degrees f and 30% humidity, at 35 days of age. fisher rats which are of lighter weight survive significantly longer than buffalo rats which are heavier. body weight was significantly depressed in all hybrids. only in f2 hybrids was heat tolerance similar to that of the fisher inbreds. in all other hybrids, it was lower. no heterosis was found under the conditions used.1979525249
[dissociated ophthalmoplegia of abduction: so-called posterior internuclear ophthalmoplegia in fisher's syndrome].the anterior internuclear ophthalmoplegia, a dissociated ophthalmoplegia of adduction secondary to an ipsilateral supranuclear paresis of the internal rectus, represents a well-know clinical picture. the dissociated ophthalmoplegia of abduction, however, sometimes referred to as posterior internuclear ophthalmoplegia, is debated. such an oculomotor disturbance emerging from an ophthalmoplegic polyneuropathy (fisher syndrome) is presented and illustrated by oculographic tracings. a secondary find ...1979530553
review of the methods of order to analyze qualitative observations, methods of quantification or optimal scaling have been proposed by fisher, guttman, and hayashi. according to these methods, scores are assigned optimally in some objective and operational sense to the qualitative categories. the present paper mainly reviews hayashi's four methods of quantification from the mathematical point of view. they are widely used, especially in japan, in various fields such as social and marketing surveys, psychological rese ...1979540585
a comparison of the characteristics of two strains of schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934 in mice.schistosoma intercalatum from cameroon and zaire each have their specific snail intermediate host. hybridization experiments between s. intercalatum from cameroon and zaire have resulted in viable miracidia for only two generations. if the two strains are of the same species, cross breeding should be possible for several generations. this paper presents a comparison of the characteristics of the two strains of s. intercalatum in experimental infections in mice. worm return, male-female worm rati ...1979541492
body awareness and personality.the relation between personality characteristics and body awareness, defined as the attention paid to different body zones and measured by means of the fisher body focus questionnaire, is examined in two ways in groups of medical and dental students: (1) our results replicate fairly well the relation, reported by fisher, between back and head awareness and anal characteristics. (2) exploration of the relations between body awareness and descriptive personality characteristics (neuroticism, extra ...1979550170
effects of carbon disulfide on motor function and responsiveness to d-amphetamine in rats.male, albino rats of the fisher strain were exposed to 2 mg carbon disulfide/l of air for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week for 6 weeks. neurobehavioral effects were not observed after 3 weeks of dosing, but hindlimb extensor responses and performance on the inclined screen (motor coordination) were impaired after 6 weeks of exposure. forelimb grip strength and exploratory locomotor activity were not affected. three weeks after cessation of dosing, recovery of function was observed. rats exposed ...1979551304
a method for the routine assessment of fore- and hindlimb grip strength of rats and mice.a technique to measure the fore-and hindlimb grip strength of rats (adult and preweanling) and mice is described. the procedure utilizes inexpensive equipment, is rapid and efficient, and provides continuous level data. as a means of validating the sensitivity of the test, the effects of phenobarbital and chlordiazepoxide on the grip strength of adult fisher strain and sprague-dawley derived adult rats were investigated. dose-related decreases in fore- and hindlimb grip scores were observed in b ...1979551317
the influence of diazepam administration in rats bearing the r3230ac mammary carcinoma.the growth of the r3230ac mammary carcinoma was studied in female fisher 344 rats that were treated with diazepam. diazepam at 250 micrograms/animal/day (2.5 mg/kg body weight) and 500 micrograms/day was administered for 4 weeks, starting 2 days before subcutaneous transplantation of uniform pieces of the tumour. tumour size was significantly increased in the group receiving 250 micrograms but was below the levels observed in the saline treated controls in those given 500 micrograms diazepam. pl ...1979552103
[4 cases of one and a half syndrome' observed following surgery of primary pontine hemmorhage].in 1967, fisher named the "one and a half syndrome" for a particular ocular movement which is observed in the lesion of pontine tegmentum, when horizontal movement of one eye is totally disabled and the abducence of another eye is only preserved associating mono-ocular nystagmus in the same eye. vertical movement and convergence are preserved. we experienced this syndrome in four cases of small localized hematoma of the pontine tegmentum which were all removed under operative microscope. all pat ...1977560193
age pigments, cell loss and hippocampal function.the specific aims of this study were to perform direct correlational analyses of age differences in learning, short-term memory and arousal in relation to cell loss and lipofuscin increase in the hippocampus ca1 zone and in visual area 17 of the fisher 344 rat. the following tentative conclusions can be made from the results presented in this study: (1) significant age differences in 2 and 6 hour passive-avoidance retention or memory between mature and old rats were related to non-significant ag ...1979571502
helminth parasites of fisher martes pennanti (erxleben) from manitoba, species of helminths were recovered during a survey of 162 fisher (martes pennanti) from four areas of manitoba: baylisascaris devosi in 52 fisher; taenia sibirica in 25; physaloptera sp. in nine; alaria mustelae in two; metorchis conjunctus in one; trichinella spiralis in one of 81; molineus sp. in one. b. devosi was the most prevalent parasite and differences in its geographical distribution were possibly related to population density of fisher. the prevalence of other parasites did not ...1979574167
[iodine concentration in the blood and urine in children depending on the goiter size].epidemiological investigations have shown that at the biaƂystok province about 30% of children and youth is afflicted with goitre. in this area drinking water is poor in iodine and iodine supply with food is quite unsatisfactory. the purpose of the present work has been to check the behaviour of the serum and urine iodine in children with thyroid goitre. the estimations of i in blood serum were made in 126 children with goitre (i, ii, and iii, according to the who classification) and in 100 heal ...2017575329
morphologic and biologic correlation of hyperplastic and neoplastic renal lesions occurring in buffalo and fischer strain rats ingesting n-4-(4'-fluorobiphenyl) acetamide.hyperplastic and neoplastic lesions of the kidney induced in inbred buffalo and fisher strain rats with 0.04% n-4-(4'-fluorobiphenyl) acetamide were transplanted s.c. to rats of the same strain. hyperplastic renal lesions ("areas" or nodules) did not survive and grow. carcinomas of the kidney grew and killed the animals. growth was related to the size and the degree of differentiation of the carcinoma. it is concluded that the histologic pattern of hyperplastic and neoplastic lesions of the kidn ...1977601879
body boundary and field-dependence.this study investigated the relationship between body boundary articulation, as measured by fisher and cleveland, and witkin's field dependence-independence dimensions of perception. while these two concepts seem to be logically connected, no significant relationships (rs of .15 to .35) were obtained for 20 undergraduates. there is a need for further clarification and refinement in the concepts of penetration and barrier scores for body image.1977604885
[syndrome of ophtalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia (fisher syndrome). contribution of a case]. 1977605248
experimental evaluation of nonspecific immunostimulation and chemotherapy in the intracranial tumor-bearing fisher hundred sixty rats bearing intracranial tumors were divided into groups of 10 to evaluate c-i interval +, effect of chemotherapy alone (bcnu), chemotherapy and c. parvum, and c. parvum alone in the rat tumor model. all therapy was administered intraperitoneally: bcnu -5.2 mg/kg (40% of ld10) on the 9th and 16th post tumor implant day, and c. parvum-1.4 mg regardless of the body weight and the 6th or 23rd day and 6th and 23rd post tumor implant day. an additional group received bcnu on the 9t ...1977608518
fisher syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia (a report of three cases with unusual features). 1977612667
syndrome of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia.the clinical details and results of some laboratory investigations are described in 4 patients who initially presented with severe external ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia. in 3 of these patients paresis of the limbs was restricted and minimal as in the syndrome first described by fisher (1956). the fourth patient initially presented with similar symptoms but his illness progressed to a more typical form of acute idiopathic polyneuropathy, confirming fisher's (1956) contention that this sy ...1977616611
age differences in short-term memory and cell loss in the cortex of the rat.studies with human and animal subjects have indicated age declines in short-term memory and cell loss in the cortex. cell loss has been estamated by descriptive nonautomated methods. declines in short-term memory may be related to reduced learning, movtivation, motor capacity, or some combination of these factors. passive-avoidance tests of memory minimize these factors. direct correlational studies on learning and memory in relation to cell loss in the same subject are not feasible in man and t ...1978624457
[ophthalmophlegic polyneuritis. a clinical contribution to fisher's syndrome].this paper describes 6 patients with the syndrome of ophthalmoplegic polyneuritis fairly identical to that described by fisher. the most striking symptom of the ophthalmoplegic polyneuritis is the acute ophthalmoplegia, usually total and bilateral, often with sparing of the pupillary reflexes and of the levater palpebrae. the disturbances may simulate a paralysis of gaze or a internuclear palsy. following features may announce this illness: mild harmless infectious disease, sensory deficits, gen ...1978625400
rate of polymer formation and entropy production during competitive replication.the rate of increase in the mean polymer formation rate constant during competitive replication by qbeta rna variants (kramer et al., 1974) has been shown to agree statistically with the variance in their formation rate constants. this result demonstrates that fisher's fundamental theorem of natural selection (fisher, 1930) can define time variations in the mean rate of synthesis for a heterogeneous population of replicating polymers. it was also revealed that rna replication, far from equilibri ...1978633382
frequency and cooccurrence of vocal tract dysfunctions in the speech of a large sample of parkinson this study, the frequency of occurrence of speech and voice symptoms in 200 parkinson patients was defined by two expert listeners from high-fidelity tape recordings of conversational speech samples and readings of the sentence version of the fisher-logemann test of articulation competence. specific phonemes that were misarticulated were catalogued. other vocal-tract dysfunctions, including laryngeal disorders, rate disorders, and hypernasality, were also recorded. cooccurrence of symptoms in ...1978633872
tolerance to amphetamine's facilitation of self-stimulation responding: anatomical specificity.further work on the phenomenon reported by leith and barrett, wherein tolerance was shown to develop to the well-known d-amphetamine-induced facilitation of self-stimulation, clearly indicates that the development of such tolerance is dependent on the location of the stimulating electrode. thirty-seven fisher or harlan rats were trained to bar press for hypothalamic stimulation (60 hz, ac). following several sessions during which small doses of d-amphetamine were administered to demonstrate faci ...1978638781
survival of normal and magnesium-deficient erythrocytes in rats: effect of magnesium-deficient diet vs. splenectomy.magnesium deficiency in rats causes anemia, the mechanism of which is unknown. the effect of dietary magnesium, splenectomy, and magnesium content of erythrocytes on erythrocyte survival was studied in fisher rats. half of the animals were splenectomized, the remainder sham-splenectomized; each group was subdivided, and some were placed on a magnesium-deficient diet, the rest on a control diet. after 6 weeks, each of the four subgroups was divided, half were given 51cr-labeled red cells from mag ...1978641390
hybridization between different strains of schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934 from cameroun and zaïre.the offspring from hybridization experiments between schistosoma intercalatum, cameroun (intermediate host bulinus forskalii) and s. intercalatum, zaïre (intermediate host b. globosus) was investigated. reciprocal crosses between the two forms were performed. f1- and f2-miracidia developed in both parental intermediate hosts. the minimum prepatent period was 24 days at 26 degrees c, an average of the prepatent periods for the two parental strains. the total cercariae production per 100 exposed s ...1978659822
the effect of halothane anaesthesia on liver regeneration.the effects of halothane and diethyl ether on the regenerating liver following 70 per cent hepatectomy were studied in fisher/344 (f) rats. our aim was to discover whether halothane administered repeatedly and over prolonged periods could influence the liver regenerative process or hepatocyte function. we also wished to know if the effects of halothane differed from those of diethyl ether. we found: 1. prolonged halothane or diethyl ether anaesthesia did not inhibit liver mitotic activity, even ...1978667672
the descriptive and comparative postcranial osteology of marten (martes americana turton) and fisher (martes pennanti erxleben): the axial skeleton. 1978667756
acute ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia (fisher syndrome) in childhood. 1978668113
[fisher syndrome]. 1978669454
assignment of nadh-cytochrome b5 reductase (dia1 locus) to human chromosome 22.nadh-cytochrome b5 reductase (dia1, ec. from human fibroblasts and from chinese hamster cells, both identified by immunologic studies, were clearly distinguished after polyacrylamide gel isoelectro-focusing followed by staining for nadh diaphorase activity. in thirteen independent man-hamster hybrids, the human enzyme dia1 presented a positive correlation with the human chromosome g22. eight hybrids were dia1(+) g22(+) and five hybrids were dia1(-) g22(-). these data agree with the rece ...1978669708
peptide mapping characterization of viral proteins generated in a cell-free coupled system for the transcription and translation of influenza virus a coupled cell-free system for the transcription and translation of the influenza mrna's, containing detergent-disrupted purified nws influenza virion and a micrococcal nuclease-preincubated rabbit reticulocyte lysate, five unglycosylated viral proteins (ns1, m, np, p1, and p3) were easily produced and isolated. their identification was based on the electrophoretic separation of peptide fragments resulting from their partial digestion with proteases of restricted specificity (d.w. cleveland, ...1978671587
experimental infection with schistosoma intercalatum (fisher, 1934) in the chimpanzee (pan troglodytes) and the gibbon (hylobates lar).two young chimpanzees (pan troglodytes) and two adult gibbons (hylobates lar), each exposed to 1,000 cercariae of schistosoma intercalatum (cameroon), were examined at 79 and 82 wk and 61 and 69 wk, respectively, post-infection. based upon worn returns and tissue egg deposits, these primates can be employed as hosts for experimental schistosomiasis intercalata. however, no histopathology was detected in the urogenital system.1978677377
studies on schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934 and its intermediate snail host in the kisangani area, zaire. 1978677950
selfish genes, evolutionary games, and the adaptiveness of behaviour.the science of sociobiology, which began in principle with the work of fisher and haldane and has more recently been developed by hamilton, maynard smith, trivers, wilson and others, has been the centre of both scientific and political controversy. dr parker discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the approach, and illustrates that behaviour can be adapted in a complex way in conformity with sociobiological theory.1978683325
[change in the concentration and non-homogeneity of rna and sh-group distribution in pyramidal neurons of cat cerebral cortex following epileptiform activity].concentrations of rna and sh-groups were determined in pyramidal neurons of somatosensory cortex of the intact cats and after epileptiform activity induced by electrical stimulation. the mean concentrations of rna and of sh-groups and the fisher information exponent were calculated in different zones of the pyramidal neuron cytoplasm zone of the apical dendrite and that of the axon departure. with epileptiform activity, rna and sh-group contents and the information exponent were seen decreased. ...1978695011
on factors possibly restricting the distribution of schistosoma intercalatum fisher, 1934.two hypotheses have been postulated explaining the limited distribution of schistosoma intercalatum. the first hypothesis is correlated with physical factors and behaviour of cercariae. histochemical and ultrastructural studies have shown that in response to increased temperature change the cercariae of s. intercalatum form aggregates, unlike other schistosome cercariae of man, which are non-infective to the definitive host. the aggregates are formed by the release of the adhesive post-acetabula ...1978695826
[effect of microbial and tumor cell adaptation to rubomycin on their uptake of rubomycin and carminomycin].anthracycline antibiotics rubomycin (daunomycin) and carminomycin rapidly accumulated in the bacterial and ascitic tumor cells and their intracellular concentrations significantly exceeded the concentrations in the medium. the strains of staph. aureus and fisher mouse ascitic lymphadenosis l-5178/p resistant to rubomycin preserved sensitivity to carminomycin. the resistance of the bacterial and tumor strains to rubomycin was accompanied by a significant decrease in the accumulation of rubomycin ...1978697342
[effect of normal microflora, age and sex of rats on serum igg2 levels].germfree and conventional rats of fisher inbred strain and mongrel animals were used in this study. igg2 was separated from the pool serum of mongrel rats, and anti-igg2 was obtained by hyperimmunization of rabbits. igg2 content was determined by in the sera of different groups of rats radial immunodiffusion. there was 5.4 times less igg2 in the sera of fisher germfree rats than in conventional fisher animals; its level in female animals was by 10--15% higher than in the male ones. the first hou ...1978698380
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