genetic admixture supports an ancient hybrid origin of the endangered hawaiian duck.speciation is regarded primarily as a bifurcation from an ancestral species into two distinct taxonomic units, but gene flow can create complex signals of phylogenetic relationships, especially among different loci. we evaluated several hypotheses that could account for phylogenetic discord between mitochondrial dna (mtdna) and nuclear dna (nudna) within hawaiian duck (anas wyvilliana), including stochastic lineage sorting, mtdna capture and widespread genomic introgression. our results best sup ...201525847706
avian botulism: a case study in translocated endangered laysan ducks (anas laysanensis) on midway atoll.laysan ducks are endemic to the hawaiian archipelago and are one of the world's most endangered waterfowl. for 150 yr, laysan ducks were restricted to an estimated 4 km(2) of land on laysan island in the northwestern hawaiian islands. in 2004 and 2005, 42 laysan ducks were translocated to midway atoll, and the population increased to approximately 200 by 2007. in august 2008, mortality due to botulism type c was identified, and 181 adult, fledgling, and duckling carcasses were collected from aug ...201020688642
mortality in laysan ducks (anas laysanensis) by emaciation complicated by echinuria uncinata on laysan island, hawaii, november 1993, unusual mortality occurred among endangered laysan ducks on laysan island, one of the remote refugia of the northwestern hawaiian islands national wildlife refuge (usa). ten live ducks were emaciated, and blood samples documented anemia, heterophilia, and eosinophilia. pathology in 13 duck carcasses revealed emaciation, marked thickening of the proventricular wall, abundant mucus, and nodules in the gastrointestinal tract. histology revealed granulomata associated with nematode ...200415137496
lessons from the tōhoku tsunami: a model for island avifauna conservation prioritization.earthquake-generated tsunamis threaten coastal areas and low-lying islands with sudden flooding. although human hazards and infrastructure damage have been well documented for tsunamis in recent decades, the effects on wildlife communities rarely have been quantified. we describe a tsunami that hit the world's largest remaining tropical seabird rookery and estimate the effects of sudden flooding on 23 bird species nesting on pacific islands more than 3,800 km from the epicenter. we used global p ...201728811887
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