nuclear loci and coalescent methods support ancient hybridization as cause of mitochondrial paraphyly between gadwall and falcated duck (anas spp.).many species have mitochondrial dna lineages that are phylogenetically intermixed with other species, but studies have rarely tested the cause of such paraphyly. in this study, we tested two hypotheses that could explain mitochondrial paraphyly of holarctic gadwalls (anas strepera) with respect to asian falcated ducks (a. falcata). first, hybridization could have resulted in falcated duck mitochondrial dna (mtdna) introgressing into the gadwall gene pool. second, gadwalls and falcated ducks coul ...200717683440
mitochondrial genome of the anas falcata (anatidae: anas).anas falcate, near threatened species, has very wide geographical range with an estimated global extent of occurrence. here, the complete mitochondrial genome of a. falcate (16,601 bp in length) was been analyzed for building the database. similar to the typical mtdna of vertebrates, it contained 37 genes (13 protein-coding genes, 2 rrna genes and 22 trna genes) and a non-coding region (d-loop). all the genes in a. falcata were distributed on the h-strand, except for the nd6 subunit gene and 10 ...201423586338
[effects of environmental factors on the distribution of dominant wintering waterfowl species in east dongting lake wetland, south-central china].east dongting lake is one of the national nature reserves in china, and an important habitat for the wintering of waterfowls in china, and even, global wetlands. to study the relationships between waterfowl community and environmental factors is of vital significance in providing useful data and necessary information for the restoration of bird habitat. in the winters of 2010 and 2011, a survey was conducted on the wintering waterfowls in east dongting lake wetland, and canonical correspondence ...201323705401
migration of waterfowl in the east asian flyway and spatial relationship to hpai h5n1 outbreaks.poyang lake is situated within the east asian flyway, a migratory corridor for waterfowl that also encompasses guangdong province, china, the epicenter of highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) h5n1. the lake is the largest freshwater body in china and a significant congregation site for waterfowl; however, surrounding rice fields and poultry grazing have created an overlap with wild waterbirds, a situation conducive to avian influenza transmission. reports of hpai h5n1 in healthy wild ducks a ...201020521681
haemagglutination-inhibiting activity to type a influenza viruses in the sera of wild birds from the far east of the ussr.the discovery in migrating birds of influenzaviruses and the demonstration of relationships between strains found in man and in birds show the importance of these investigations for influenzavirus ecology. investigation of birds in the far-east regions of the ussr is particularly important as many of them migrate to south-east asia and china, the regions from which human influenza pandemics seem to originate. a total of 262 bird sera from these regions were titrated by the hi method with 20 diff ...19724541006
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