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genome sequence of pectobacterium carotovorum phage ppws1, isolated from japanese horseradish [eutrema japonicum (miq.) koidz] showing soft-rot symptoms.italic! pectobacterium carotovorumsubsp. italic! carotovorumand its lytic bacteriophage ppws1 were isolated from a japanese horseradish rhizome with soft rot. sequencing of the phage genomic dna suggested that ppws1 is a new species of the family italic! podoviridaeand has high similarity to the bacteriophage peat1 infectious to italic! p. atrosepticum.201627103734
phytochemical profiling of five medicinally active constituents across 14 eutrema species.wasabi or japanese horseradish (eutrema japonicum) is both a traditional condiment and a medicinally important plant with diverse uses. its medicinally active constituents appear to include five isothiocyanates, but their spatial variations in naturally occurring congeners are unknown. thus, in this study we measured concentrations of these five active constituents in 20 populations of 14 species of eutrema and one related species, yinshania sinuata. three to five of these constituents were dete ...201626946379
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