determination of the diversity of astroviruses in feces from cats in florida.astroviruses are small, nonenveloped rna viruses that have been linked to numerous diseases in a variety of species, including enteric disease in humans and cheetahs. species mamastrovirus 2, previously known as feline astrovirus, has been isolated from the feces of domestic cats and cheetahs. a total of 122 cat fecal samples from alachua county, fl animal services and the veterinary community outreach program at the university of florida were analyzed, and 35 contained astroviral rna that was a ...201729202674
complete genome sequence of a novel feline astrovirus from a domestic cat in hong kong.we report the first complete genome sequence of a feline astrovirus (fastv), fastv2 strain 1637f, identified from a domestic cat. the genome is 6,779 nucleotides (nt) in length and consists of three overlapping open reading frames (orf1a-orf1b-orf2). sequence analysis suggests that fastv2 represents a new fastv genotype that is closely related to human astroviruses.201324072858
molecular characterisation and phylogenetic analysis of feline astrovirus in korean cats.astroviruses (astvs) are important pathogens associated with enteric diseases in humans and other animals. however, most animal astvs, including feline astrovirus (fastv), are poorly understood. the aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence and association of fastv with enteric diseases in cats, and to conduct a molecular analysis of fastvs, in korea. eleven faecal samples from 62 hospitalised cats at animal hospitals in the moran market in south korea tested positive for fastv. ...201424226753
feline fecal virome reveals novel and prevalent enteric viruses.humans keep more than 80 million cats worldwide, ensuring frequent exposure to their viruses. despite such interactions the enteric virome of cats remains poorly understood. we analyzed a fecal sample from a single healthy cat from portugal using viral metagenomics and detected five eukaryotic viral genomes. these viruses included a novel picornavirus (proposed genus "sakobuvirus") and bocavirus (feline bocavirus 2), a variant of feline astrovirus 2 and sequence fragments of a highly divergent f ...201424793097
mixed infection by feline astrovirus and feline panleukopenia virus in a domestic cat with gastroenteritis and panleukopenia.astroviruses are important pathogens of human beings and animals. feline astroviruses have been identified by electron microscopy in the feces of either asymptomatic or symptomatic cats, and experimental infection with one isolate was shown to induce enteric clinical signs and virus excretion, thus suggesting a possible role as enteric pathogen. however, due to the lack of specific diagnostic assays, feline astroviruses are not included in the diagnostic algorithms of feline infectious diseases, ...201121908295
genetic analysis of the capsid region of astroviruses.eight serotypes of human astroviruses (hastv-1 to hastv-8) have been described. to date, the entire genomes of hastv-1 and hastv-2 as well as the orf2 sequences of hastv-1-6 and 8 have been reported. in this study, the orf2 sequences of seventeen strains of hastvs originating from different countries were determined, as well as the sequence orf2 of one porcine astrovirus (pastv) strain. afterwards, comparison of the capsid protein precursors encoded by orf2 of 46 strains of hastvs, pastv, and fe ...200111424111
identification of novel astroviruses in the gastrointestinal tract of domestic cats.astroviruses, isolated from numerous avian and mammalian species including humans, are commonly associated with enteritis and encephalitis. two astroviruses have previously been identified in cats, and while definitive evidence is lacking, an association with enteritis is suggested. using metagenomic next-generation sequencing of viral nucleic acids from faecal samples, we identified two novel feline astroviruses termed feline astrovirus 3 and 4. these viruses were isolated from healthy shelter- ...202033198334
development and application of a taqman-based real-time pcr assay for specifically detecting feline astrovirus.feline astrovirus (feastv), an enteric rna virus of recent concern that is associated with diarrheal illness in cats, has been described in several countries throughout the world. however, no scientific and sensitive diagnostic method against feastv was reported up to now. here, we developed a specific, sensitive and repeatable taqman fluorescence quantitative pcr (qpcr) assay to investigate the prevalence of feastv in domestic cats from china, especially low copy numbers in clinical sample. spe ...202133831495
molecular characterization of feline astrovirus in domestic cats from northeast china.feline astrovirus (feastv) which belonged to the genus mamastrovirus was first identified in the feces of kittens with diarrhea in the usa in 1981 by electron microscopy, and had been reported in many countries. presently, there are no any reports of the circulation of feastv in mainland china. we performed this study to investigate the apparent prevalence and genetic variability of feastv infected in cats in mainland china for the first time. we tested fecal samples of 105 cats with diarrhea an ...201830300387
prevalence of astrovirus and parvovirus in japanese domestic cats.feces obtained from 204 domestic cats with gastrointestinal symptoms were genetically examined for feline astrovirus (feastv) and feline parvovirus (fpv), both of which are known feline gastroenteric viruses. feastv detection rates were significantly higher in winter (44.4%) than in other seasons, and in cats under a year old (27.8%) than in a year or older ones (12.4%) (p<0.05). in contrast, no significant seasonal and age differences were obtained in fpv detection rates. upon feastv orf2 seque ...202032759574
genetic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of feline astrovirus from anhui province in eastern china.this study aimed to explore the phylogenetic and molecular characteristics of feline astrovirus. a total of 33 fecal samples of domestic cats with or without diarrhea were collected from the anhui province, and two positive samples were detected. the complete genome and orf2 of the two strains were sequenced and phylogenetically analyzed. ah-1-2020 and ah-2-2020 displayed 83.4% homology, and their homologies with other reference strains were 75.3%-83.4% and 83.4%-95.0%, respectively. phylogeneti ...202032766095
development and application of a multiplex pcr method for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of feline panleukopenia virus, feline bocavirus, and feline astrovirus.a multiplex polymerase chain reaction (mpcr) assay was developed to detect and distinguish feline panleukopenia virus (fpv), feline bocavirus (fbov) and feline astrovirus (feastv). three pairs of primers were designed based on conserved regions in the genomic sequences of the three viruses and were used to specifically amplify targeted fragments of 237 bp from the vp2 gene of fpv, 465 bp from the np1 gene of fbov and 645 bp from the rdrp gene of feastv. the results showed that this mpcr assay wa ...201931506786
development and validation of a probe hybridization reverse-transcription quantitative pcr for detection of mamastrovirus 2 in domestic cats.astroviruses are viral pathogens that have been associated with enteric and neurologic disease in a variety of species. the domestic cat is a prominent host, with reports of astroviral infection being both highly prevalent and widely distributed in the feline population. despite the potential for inducing significant disease, especially within shelter environments, there is currently only one reliable method of detection: standard reverse-transcription pcr using pan-astrovirus degenerate primers ...201829405900
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