isolation and characterization of twelve microsatellite loci for rockfish (sebastes).: we describe the first microsatellites for rockfishes in the diverse genus sebastes. clones containing microsatellites were isolated from the genomic library of a quillback rockfish, sebastes maliger. twelve microsatellites are characterized; six of these are polymorphic in quillback rockfish, and eight are polymorphic in at least one rockfish species on which they were tested. the number of alleles per variable locus ranged from 4 to 15 and averaged 6.8. the expected heterozygosities ranged fr ...199910384005
sperm nuclear basic proteins of two closely related species of scorpaeniform fish (sebastes maliger, sebastolobus sp.) with different sexual reproduction and the evolution of fish this paper, we present a review of sperm nuclear basic proteins (snbps) in teleost fish. the distribution of the three basic groups of snbps [histone (h)-type, protamine-like (pl)-type and protamine (p)-type], their evolution and possible relation to the mode of fertilization are described. in this regard, we have characterized the snbps from two closely related species of scorpaeniform fish: internally fertilizing sebastes maliger and externally fertilizing sebastolobus sp., both in the fami ...200616432890
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