conversion of dibenzothiophene by the mushrooms agrocybe aegerita and coprinellus radians and their extracellular peroxygenases.the conversion of the heterocycle dibenzothiophene (dbt) by the agaric basidiomycetes agrocybe aegerita and coprinellus radians was studied in vivo and in vitro with whole cells and with purified extracellular peroxygenases, respectively. a. aegerita oxidized dbt (110 microm) by 100% within 16 days into eight different metabolites. among the latter were mainly s-oxidation products (dbt sulfoxide, dbt sulfone) and in lower amounts, ring-hydroxylation compounds (e.g., 2-hydroxy-dbt). c. radians co ...200919039585
preparation of human drug metabolites using fungal peroxygenases.the synthesis of hydroxylated and o- or n-dealkylated human drug metabolites (hdms) via selective monooxygenation remains a challenging task for synthetic organic chemists. here we report that aromatic peroxygenases (apos; ec secreted by the agaric fungi agrocybe aegerita and coprinellus radians catalyzed the h(2)o(2)-dependent selective monooxygenation of diverse drugs, including acetanilide, dextrorphan, ibuprofen, naproxen, phenacetin, sildenafil and tolbutamide. reactions included ...201121723855
diversity and antimicrobial activities of the fungal endophyte community associated with the traditional brazilian medicinal plant solanum cernuum vell. (solanaceae).the diversity and antimicrobial activity of endophytic fungi associated with the brazilian medicinal plant solanum cernuum vell. were studied during summer and winter seasons. a total of 246 fungal isolates were obtained, including 225 filamentous fungi and 21 yeasts. they were identified by morphological, physiological, and molecular methods. fifty-five different taxa represented by the phyla ascomycota (33 taxa), basidiomycota (21 taxa), and zygomycota (one taxon) were identified. the most a ...201122182199
conversion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, methyl naphthalenes and dibenzofuran by two fungal peroxygenases.the aim of this work has been to study the substrate specificity of two aromatic peroxygenases concerning polyaromatic compounds of different size and structure as well as to identify the key metabolites of their oxidation. thus, we report here on new pathways and reactions for 2-methylnaphthalene, 1-methylnaphthalene, dibenzofuran, fluorene, phenanthrene, anthracene and pyrene catalyzed by peroxygenases from agrocybe aegerita and coprinellus radians (abbreviated as aap and crp). aap hydroxylate ...201019823936
molecular characterization of aromatic peroxygenase from agrocybe aegerita.recently, a novel group of fungal peroxidases, known as the aromatic peroxygenases (apo), has been discovered. members of these extracellular biocatalysts produced by agaric basidiomycetes such as agrocybe aegerita or coprinellus radians catalyze reactions--for example, the peroxygenation of naphthalene, toluene, dibenzothiophene, or pyridine--which are actually attributed to cytochrome p450 monooxygenases. here, for the first time, genetic information is presented on this new group of peroxide- ...200919434406
the coprophilous mushroom coprinus radians secretes a haloperoxidase that catalyzes aromatic peroxygenation.coprophilous and litter-decomposing species (26 strains) of the genus coprinus were screened for peroxidase activities by using selective agar plate tests and complex media based on soybean meal. two species, coprinus radians and c. verticillatus, were found to produce peroxidases, which oxidized aryl alcohols to the corresponding aldehydes at ph 7 (a reaction that is typical for heme-thiolate haloperoxidases). the peroxidase of coprinus radians was purified to homogeneity and characterized. thr ...200717601809
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