three closely related herpesviruses are associated with fibropapillomatosis in marine turtle fibropapillomatosis is a neoplastic disease of increasingly significant threat to the survivability of this species. degenerate pcr primers that target highly conserved regions of genes encoding herpesvirus dna polymerases were used to amplify a dna sequence from fibropapillomas and fibromas from hawaiian and florida green turtles. all of the tumors tested (n = 23) were found to harbor viral dna, whereas no viral dna was detected in skin biopsies from tumor-negative turtles. the tis ...19989657957
detection of herpesviral sequences in tissues of green turtles with fibropapilloma by polymerase chain alpha-herpesvirus has been associated recently with green turtle fibropapilloma (fp). to further clarify the role of this newfound green turtle herpesvirus (gthv) in the pathogenesis of fp, various normal-appearing tissues and organs (including skin, eye, brain, heart, liver, spleen, intestine, lung, kidney, nerve, gonad, tongue, gall bladder, urinary bladder, thyroid and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) from blood) and tumor tissues from 19 green turtles (chelonia mydas) with fp, an ...200011043948
rapid acquisition of entire dna polymerase gene of a novel herpesvirus from green turtle fibropapilloma by a genomic walking technique.a 4837-bp sequence of a newfound green turtle herpesvirus (gthv), implicated in the etiology of green turtle fibropapilloma, was obtained from tumor tissues of a green turtle with fibropapilloma using a genomic walking method based on restriction enzyme digestion, self-ligation and inverse polymerase chain reaction (ipcr). the 4837-bp sequence was 56.23% g/c rich and contained three nonoverlapping open reading frames (orf). the largest orf (3507-bp) encoded the dna polymerase gene (pol gene), wh ...200111164500
rt-pcr detection of the expression of the polymerase gene of a novel reptilian herpesvirus in tumor tissues of green turtles with alpha-herpesvirus has recently been associated with green turtle fibropapilloma (fp). to further understand the etiological role of this newfound green turtle herpesvirus (gthv) in the pathogenesis of fp, expression of gthv polymerase ( pol) gene was determined in tumors and normal-appearing nontumor tissues and organs from five green turtles suffering multiple fibropapillomas, using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr). amplification of rna prepared from tumor tissues evi ...200312756620
sequencing and characterization of the full-length gene encoding the single-stranded dna binding protein of a novel chelonian herpesvirus.through 4 consecutive genomic walks employing a recently modified inverse polymerase chain reaction technique, a 4,054-bp dna fragment of a newfound green turtle herpesvirus (gthv) was obtained from tumor tissues of a green turtle with fibropapillomas. this newly identified viral dna fragment contains two non-overlapping open reading frames (orf) oriented in the 3' to 5' direction. the first orf is 59% g+c rich and contains the full-length genomic sequence of the dna binding protein (dbp) gene ( ...200414745599
nucleotide sequence of an icp18.5 assembly protein (ul28) gene of green turtle herpesvirus pathogenically associated with green turtle fibropapilloma.because newly identified green turtle herpesvirus (gthv) is associated pathogenically with marine turtle fibropapillomatosis (fp) and it has not been isolated in vitro, molecular sequencing and analysis of the genomic dna of this putative reptilian herpesvirus will enhance the current understanding of gthv in causing the fp disease. an inverse polymerase chain reaction (ipcr) genomic walking technique was developed to obtain new dna sequences based on a portion of known genomic sequence. through ...200415234815
detection of green turtle herpesviral sequence in saddleback wrasse thalassoma duperrey: a possible mode of transmission of green turtle fibropapilloma.samples of dna were prepared from various tissues and organs (including snout, gill, eye, brain, heart, liver, gut content, intestine, swim bladder, spleen, gallbladder, spinal cord, gonad, and muscle) of six healthy appearing reef cleaner fish, saddleback wrasses thalassoma duperrey, captured from a cleaning station in north kaneohe bay, oahu, hawaii. the dna samples were tested for evidence of green turtle herpesvirus infection by nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr). green turtle herpesvira ...200028880781
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