odorous constituents of penicillium decumbens. 197555967
penicillium decumbens. a new cause of fungus ball. 19921555438
systemic infection caused by penicillium decumbens in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. 19902355206
substrate specificity of naringinase, an alpha-l-rhamnosidase from penicillium decumbens. 19892515918
pathogenic effects of cladosporium herbarum and penicillium decumbens. 19734203154
growth and activity of penicillium decumbens under different environmental conditions in glass microbead media. 19715094604
reduction of steroid a ring double bonds by penicillium decumbens. 19705442762
formation of 5 alpha steroids by biotransformation involving the 5 alpha-reductase activity of penicillium decumbens.the biotransformation of a series of delta 4-3-ketosteroids by the fungus penicillium decumbens atcc 10436 has been investigated. conversion to the 5 alpha-dihydrosteroid was observed for several substrates of the androstene and pregnene series: the reaction is tolerant of non-polar substituents (cl and ch3) at c-4 of the substrate, but does not occur in the presence of a 4-hydroxyl group, or with additional unsaturation at the delta 1 or delta 6 positions. a-nor-, b-nor-, 3-deoxy-, and 3,5-cycl ...19947701540
five-membered ring azasugars as potent inhibitors of alpha-l-rhamnosidase (naringinase) from penicillium decumbens.five-membered ring azasugars with the l-rhamnose configuration were synthesized as inhibitors of alpha-l-rhamnosidase from penicillium decumbens. all compounds tested were in the microm or sub-microm range. substitution at the nitrogen shifted the inhibition mechanism from mixed to competitive.19947757415
biotransformation of corticosteroids by penicillium decumbens atcc 10436.the biotransformation of a series of corticosteroids by the fungus penicillium decumbens atcc 10436 has been investigated. conversion to the corresponding 5 alpha-dihydrosteroid was observed for all the delta 4-3-ketosteroids studied with the exception of deoxycorticosterone, which was converted to a delta 1.4-diene. deoxycorticosterone acetate was, however, converted to a 5 alpha-dihydro product concomitant with ester hydrolysis. other substrates carrying a c-21 acetoxy group were also hydrolyz ...19958545855
associated mycoflora of rye bread.penicillium roqueforti (27%), p. corylophilum (20%) and eurotium species (15%) made up the important mycoflora associated with rye bread on 3425 identified fungi isolates. these fungi were dominant as spoilers of packaged rye bread in almost every month of a 4 year investigation. penicillium decumbens (3%), paecilomyces variotti (8%) and aspergillus flavus (5%) were found more rarely, but were the major species found over periods of a few months. penicillium commune (5%), p. solitum (4%), a. nig ...19968987693
a phosphonate-induced gene which promotes penicillium-mediated bioconversion of cis-propenylphosphonic acid to fosfomycin.penicillium decumbens is able to epoxidize cis-propenylphosphonic acid (cpa) to produce the antibiotic fosfomycin [fom; also referred to as phosphonomycin and (-)-cis-1,2-epoxypropylphosphonic acid], a bioconversion of considerable commercial significance. we sought to improve the efficiency of the process by overexpression of the genes involved. a conventional approach of isolating the presumed epoxidase and its corresponding gene was not possible since cpa epoxidation could not be achieved wit ...199910049860
hplc analysis and optimization of enzymatic synthesis of 4'-o-(beta-d-glucopyranosyl)-d-pantothenic acid.we analyzed beta-glucosidase-catalyzed transglucosylation to d-pantothenic acid using a reversed-phase hplc system in order to obtain 4'-o-(beta-d-glucopyranosyl)-d-pantothenic acid (pag) at a higher yield. the hplc system was simpler and more straight-forward for the pag analysis than the previously employed bioassay method and could also be adopted for efficient isolation of pag. penicillium decumbens naringinase showed the highest glucosyl transfer activity to d-pantothenic acid, and the reac ...200010885798
fungal melanin inhibitor and related compounds from penicillium decumbens.two polyketides, decumbenones a and b, and versiol were isolated from the culture filtrate of the fungus, penicillium decumbens. their respective structures were 1-(2,8-dihydroxy-1,2,6-trimethyl-1,2,6,7,8,8a-hexahydronaphthalen-1-yl)-3-hydroxy-1-propanone and 1-(2,8-dihydroxy-1,2,6-trimethyl-1,2,4a,5,6,7,8,8a-octahydronaphthalen-1-yl)-3-hydroxy-1-propanone based on nmr spectroscopic data, chemical conversion, and x-ray analysis. decumbenone a inhibited melanization in magnaporthe grisea, the ric ...200212127587
enzymatic preparation of ginsenosides rg2, rh1, and f1.during investigation of the hydrolysis of a protopanaxatriol-type saponin mixture by various glycoside hydrolases, crude preparations of beta-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae and lactase from penicillium sp. were found to produce two minor saponins, ginsenoside rg(2) [6-o-(alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyl-(1-->2)-beta-d-glucopyranosyl)-20(s)-protopanaxatriol] and ginsenoside rh(1) (6-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl-20(s)-protopanaxatriol), respectively, in high yields. moreover, a naringinase preparation fr ...200312672992
enzymatic preparation of ginsenosides rg2, rh1, and f1 from protopanaxatriol-type ginseng saponin mixture.during investigations on the hydrolysis of a protopanaxatriol-type saponin mixture by various glycoside hydrolases, it was found that two minor saponins, ginsenosides rg 2 and rh 1, were formed in high yields by crude beta-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae and crude lactase from penicillium sp., respectively. moreover, a crude preparation of naringinase from penicillium decumbens readily hydrolyzed a protopanaxatriol-type saponin mixture to give an intestinal bacterial metabolite, ginsenosid ...200312677539
stereoselective syntheses of 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-octitols and novel tetrahydroxyindolizidines.a new route for the preparation of four new indolizidines, (1r,2s,6s,7s,8as)- and (1r,2s,6r,7r,8as)-1,2,6,7-tetrahydroxyindolizidine (30 and 32) and (1s,2r,7s,8s,8ar)- and (1s,2r,7r,8r,8ar)-1,2,7,8-tetrahydroxyindolizidine (44 and 46), is reported. the synthesis is based on knoevenagel homologation of the readily available enantiomerically pure pyrrolidin-carbaldehydes 13 and 37followed by asymmetric dihydroxylation of the subsequent alkenyl pyrrolidines and cyclization of the corresponding imin ...200312737566
antagonistic activity of penicillium oxalicum corrie and thom, penicillium decumbens thom and trichoderma harzianum rifai isolates against fungi, bacteria and insects in vitro.the antibiotic activity of 70 isolates belonging to the genera aspergillus, penicillium, fusarium, alternaria and trichoderma was tested as preliminary screening. the highest activity was obtained with three penicillium oxalicum isolates, one penicillium decumbens isolate and the trichoderma harzianum isolate. after that, we chose these five isolates in order to carry out other studies with bacteria, fungi and insects. extracts from these isolates were obtained. the extracts were tested for anti ...200212828512
a case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by humicola fuscoatra.a 51-year-old housewife with hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by humicola fuscoatra is reported. the diagnosis was made by an inhalation challenge with h. fuscoatra antigen. she was admitted for diagnosis and treatment of a fever and productive cough. auscultation of her lungs revealed inspiratory fine crackles. her chest ct showed diffuse miliary nodules in a centri-lobular distribution with patchy ground glass opacities. findings of transbronchial lung biopsy and bal fluid were compatible w ...200312856749
a solid-state bioreactor coupled with forced aeration and pressure oscillation.a novel design of a solid-state bioreactor, operated with periodic pressure oscillation coupled with forced aeration through the medium, gave efficient control of temperature. the evaluation of the bioreactor assembly with respect to temperature and cellulase production by penicillium decumbens jua 10 showed that, at 4 atm and the bed depth of 6 cm, the maximal temperature variation in the reactor was +1.5 degrees c at a set value of 30 degrees c compared with +6.8 degrees c in a static tray sys ...200312882565
ochratoxin a-producing species in grapes and sun-dried grapes and their relation to ecophysiological explain the dominance of ota-producing fungal species in sun-dried grapes for special wine production through an ecophysiological approach.200516033521
[the periodic change of environment factors in solid state fermentation and effect on microorganism fermentation].the periodic change of environment factors in air pressure oscillation solid state fermentation bioreactor was studied. based this research the effect of the periodic environment stimulations on penicillium decumbens jua10 cultured in solid state substrate was researched too. the research results showed that in this bioreactor air temperature and relative humidity had large amplitude periodic change drived by air pressure oscillation. the changes had same frequency with the air pressure oscillat ...200516108371
kinetic analysis of the anaerobic digestion of untreated vinasses and vinasses previously treated with penicillium decumbens.a kinetic study was carried out on the anaerobic digestion of untreated vinasses and vinasses previously fermented with penicillium decumbens. two 1-l volume continuous-flow stirred tank reactors (cfstr) operating at mesophilic temperature (35 degrees c) were used for the study. one reactor was fed with untreated vinasses (cod concentration of 80.5 g/l) and the other with vinasses previously fermented (cod concentration of 23.0 g/l). both reactors were operated at organic loading rates in the ra ...200616584832
effects of fungal interaction on ochratoxin a production by a. carbonarius at different temperatures and a(w).ochratoxin a is a well-known mycotoxin produced by species of the genera penicillium and aspergillus. ota-producing species from a. section nigri are considered the source of ota detected in grapes, dried vine fruits and wines. other fungi present in grapes during their maturation can grow and interact with ota-producing aspergillus species and affect ota production. in this study seven fungi (alternaria alternata, cladosporium herbarum, eurotium amstelodami, trichoderma harzianum, penicillium d ...200616735071
[reaction of microorganisms to the digestive fluid of the earthworms].the reaction of soil bacteria and fungi to the digestive fluid of the earthworm aporrectodea caliginosa was studied. the fluid was obtained by centrifugation of the native enzymes of the digestive tract. the inhibition of growth of certain bacteria, spores, and fungal hyphae under the effect of extracts from the anterior and middle sections of the digestive tract of a. caliginosa was discovered for the first time. in bacteria, microcolony formation was inhibited as early as 20-30 s after the app ...200717410875
fungal multienzyme production on industrial by-products of the citrus-processing peels is the principal solid by-product of the citrus processing industry and the disposal of the fresh peels is becoming a major problem to many factories. dry citrus peels are rich in pectin, cellulose and hemicellulose and may be used as a fermentation substrate. production of multienzyme preparations containing pectinolytic, cellulolytic and xylanolytic enzymes by the mesophilic fungi aspergillus niger btl, fusarium oxysporum f3, neurospora crassa dsm 1129 and penicillium decumbens un ...200817604624
non-porous magnetic micro-particles: comparison to porous enzyme carriers for a diffusion rate-controlled enzymatic this study the kinetics of conversion of a low-soluble substrate by an immobilized enzyme was investigated with respect to the diffusion limitation within porous and non-porous carriers. non-porous micro-magnetic beads in comparison to conventional porous supports like eupergit and sepharose were tested. due to their small diameters and their magnetic properties, micro-magnetic beads are especially applicable in diffusion rate-controlled processes in biological suspensions. the enzymatic reac ...200818241946
[cloning cellobiohydrolase i from penicillium decumbens 114-2 with tail-pcr and comparing with its derepressed mutant ju-a10].we studied the differences in gene sequence of cellobiohydrolase i gene (cbh1) from penicillium decumbens 114-2 and its derepressed mutant ju-a10.200818652301
genome shuffling improves production of cellulase by penicillium decumbens ju-a10.improvement of cellulase production of penicillium decumbens by genome shuffling of an industrial catabolite-repression-resistant strain ju-a10 with its mutants.200919486209
molecular cloning and characterization of two major endoglucanases from penicillium decumbens.two major endoglucanase genes (cel7b and cel5a) were cloned from penicillium decumbens 114-2 using the method of modified thermal asymmetric interlaced polymerase chain reaction (tail-pcr). the result of southern blotting suggested that p. decumbens has a single copy of the cel5a gene and a single copy of cel7b gene in its chromosomal dna. the expression level of cel5a and cel7b were determined by means of real-time quantitative pcr, suggesting that two genes were coordinately expressed and repr ...201020208428
cellulase production in a new mutant strain of penicillium decumbens ml-017 by solid state fermentation with rice produce cellulolytic enzyme efficiently, penicillium decumbens strain l-06 was used to prepare mutants with ethyl methane sulfonate (ems) and uv-irradiation. a mutant strain ml-017 is shown to have a higher cellulase activity than others. box-behnken's design (bbd) and response surface methodology (rsm) were adopted to optimize the conditions of cellulase (filter paper activity, fpa) production in strain ml-017 by solid-state fermentation (ssf) with rice bran as the substrate. and the result ...201121232645
purification and characterization of a novel cellobiohydrolase (pdcel6a) from penicillium decumbens ju-a10 for bioethanol acidic cel6a, cellobiohydrolase (cbh) ii, was purified from penicillium decumbens and designated as pdcel6a. the deduced internal amino acid sequence of the novel cbh has a high degree of sequence identity with the cbh ii from aspergillus fumigatus. surprisingly, pdcel6a exhibits characteristics comparable to that of cbh i, as well as cbh ii. similar to cbh i, the novel cbh has a specific activity of 1.9iu/mg against p-nitrophenyl-+¦-d-cellobioside. the enzyme retains about 80% of its maximum ...201121723116
enzyme-assisted extraction of flavonoids from ginkgo biloba leaves: improvement effect of flavonol transglycosylation catalyzed by penicillium decumbens cellulase.we report a novel enzyme-involved approach to improve the extraction of flavonoids from ginkgo biloba, in which the enzyme is employed not only for cell wall degradation, but also for increasing the solubility of target compounds in the ethanol-water extractant. penicillium decumbens cellulase, a commercial cell wall-degrading enzyme with high transglycosylation activity, was found to offer far better performance in the extraction than trichoderma reesei cellulase and aspergillus niger pectinase ...201122112777
High throughput screening of fungal endoglucanase activity in Escherichia coli.Cellulase enzymes (endoglucanases, cellobiohydrolases, and ß-glucosidases) hydrolyze cellulose into component sugars, which in turn can be converted into fuel alcohols. The potential for enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass to provide renewable energy has intensified efforts to engineer cellulases for economical fuel production. Of particular interest are fungal cellulases, which are already being used industrially for foods and textiles processing. Identifying active variants among a libr ...201121860379
the presence of fungi on contact electrical stimulation electrodes and ultrasound transducers in physiotherapy evaluate the presence of fungi on contact electrodes and ultrasound transducers from physiotherapy clinics.201122051582
bioethanol potentials of corn cob hydrolysed using cellulases of aspergillus niger and penicillium decumbens.corn cob is a major component of agricultural and domestic waste in many parts of the world. it is composed mainly of cellulose which can be converted to energy in form of bioethanol as an efficient and effective means of waste management. production of cellulolytic enzymes were induced in the fungi aspergillus niger and penicillium decumbens by growing them in mineral salt medium containing alkali pre-treated and untreated corn cobs. the cellulases were characterized and partially purified. alk ...201227418920
enzymatic activity of fungi isolated from detect and assess the activity of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes and to find differences in enzymograms between fungi isolated from wheat and rye samples and grown on czapek-dox broth and sabouraud dextrose broth enriched with cereal (wheat or rye). isolated strains were also classified in the scale of biosafety levels (bsl).201628035224
deletion of creb in aspergillus oryzae increases secreted hydrolytic enzyme activity.aspergillus oryzae has been used in the food and beverage industry for centuries, and industrial strains have been produced by multiple rounds of selection. targeted gene deletion technology is particularly useful for strain improvement in such strains, particularly when they do not have a well-characterized meiotic cycle. phenotypes of an aspergillus nidulans strain null for the creb deubiquitinating enzyme include effects on growth and repression, including increased activity levels of various ...201323835170
design and composition of synthetic fungal-bacterial microbial consortia that improve lignocellulolytic enzyme activity.microbial interactions are important for metabolism as they can improve or reduce metabolic efficiency. to improve lignocellulolytic enzyme activity, a series of synergistic microbial consortia of increasing diversity and complexity were devised using fungal strains, including trichoderma reesei, penicillium decumbens, aspergillus tubingensis, and aspergillus niger. however, when a screened microbial community with cellulolytic capacity was added to the consortia to increase the number of strain ...201728039824
chemoenzymatic synthesis, structural study and biological activity of novel indolizidine and quinolizidine iminocyclitols.the synthesis, conformational study and inhibitory properties of diverse indolizidine and quinolizidine iminocyclitols are described. the compounds were chemo-enzymatically synthesized by two-step aldol addition and reductive amination reactions. the aldol addition of dihydroxyacetone phosphate (dhap) to n-cbz-piperidine carbaldehyde derivatives catalyzed by l-rhamnulose 1-phosphate aldolase from escherichia coli provides the key intermediates. the stereochemical outcome of both aldol addition a ...201222735612
improved cellulase production via disruption of pde01641 in cellulolytic fungus penicillium investigate the function of pde01641, the homologue of neurospora crassa ncu05137, during cellulase production in penicillium decumbens, the pde01641 encoding gene was knocked out in the present work. the pde01641 deletion mutant showed enhanced cellobiohydrolase activity and β-glucosidase activity compared to the parental strain 114-2. increased transcription of the main cellulase and hemicellulase genes in δpde01641 gave evidence that pde01641 might affect the process associated with the re ...201222981621
genomic and secretomic analyses reveal unique features of the lignocellulolytic enzyme system of penicillium decumbens.many penicillium species could produce extracellular enzyme systems with good lignocellulose hydrolysis performance. however, these species and their enzyme systems are still poorly understood and explored due to the lacking of genetic information. here, we present the genomic and secretomic analyses of penicillium decumbens that has been used in industrial production of lignocellulolytic enzymes in china for more than fifteen years. comparative genomics analysis with the phylogenetically most s ...201323383313
Improvement of cellulase activity in Trichoderma reesei by heterologous expression of a beta-glucosidase gene from Penicillium decumbens.Trichoderma reesei is a well-known cellulase producer and widely applied in enzyme industry. To increase its ability to efficiently decompose cellulose, the beta-glucosidase activity of its enzyme cocktail needs to be enhanced. In this study, a beta-glucosidase I coding sequence from Penicillium decumbens was ligated with the cellobiohydrolase I (cbh1) promoter of T. reesei and introduced into the genome of T. reesei strain Rut-C30 by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. In comparison to that ...201122112562
identification of suitable ionic liquids for application in the enzymatic hydrolysis of rutin by an automated automated method in milliliter scale was developed for the screening of process parameters concerning the hydrolysis of the flavonoid rutin catalyzed by the rhamnosidase activity of naringinase from penicillium decumbens. besides the effect of additives such as ionic liquids and low molecular salts, the productivity in a multiple phase system as well as the recyclability of the enzyme in repetitive batches were studied. the hydrophobic ionic liquid (il) trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium bis(tri ...201122159609
characterization of the endoglucanase and glucomannanase activities of a glycoside hydrolase family 45 protein from penicillium decumbens 114-2.the gene encoding a glycoside hydrolase (gh) family 45 endoglucanase (cel45a) was cloned from p. decumbens 114-2 and expressed in pichia pastoris. to our knowledge, this is the first report of characterization of a gh family 45 protein from penicillium species. the purified recombinant enzyme showed a higher activity on konjac glucomannan (kgm) than on sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc-na) or phosphoric acid swollen cellulose (pasc). the highest hydrolytic activity was detected at ph5.0 on kgm ...201020647679
high concentration ethanol production from corncob residues by fed-batch strategy.ethanol production from corncob residues (ccr) pretreated by different methods was studied. the structure features of these ccr were analyzed by fourier transform-infrared spectrum (ft-ir), x-ray diffraction (xrd), and field emission scanning electron microscope (sem). simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (ssf) was performed by adding crude cellulase preparations from penicillium decumbens jua10-1 at 30 degrees c. the results suggested that different pretreatments resulted in different ...201020004568
immobilization of naringinase in pva-alginate matrix using an innovative technique.a synthetic polymer, polyvinyl alcohol (pva), a cheap and nontoxic synthetic polymer to organism, has been ascribed for biocatalyst immobilization. in this work pva-alginate beads were developed with thermal, mechanical, and chemical stability to high temperatures (<80 degrees c). the combination of alginate and bead treatment with sodium sulfate not only prevented agglomeration but produced beads of high gel strength and conferred enzyme protection from inactivation by boric acid. naringinase f ...201019690984
[screening, identifying of cellulose-decomposing strain l-06 and its enzyme-producing conditions].cellulases are relatively costly enzymes that are sold in large volumes for use in different industrial applications, and a significant reduction in cost will be important for their commercial use in biorefineries. the production of cellulase is a major factor in the hydrolysis of cellulosic materials. hence it is essential to make the process economically viable. a strain (l-06) with high cellulase activity was screened from rice straw compost and classified as penicillium decumbens by the anal ...200818808002
cyclopenicillone, a unique cyclopentenone from the cultures of penicillium decumbens.cyclopenicillone (1), possessing a unique 2,5-dimethylcyclopent-2-enone carbon skeleton, has been isolated from the cultures broth of the fungus penicillium decumbens. the structure and absolute configuration of 1 were elucidated using a combination of nmr spectroscopy, cd data and computational approaches. cyclopenicillone (1) demonstrated a dose-dependent (10-100 ++m) inhibition against lps-induced no production in raw264.7 macrophages.201121833427
g protein-camp signaling pathway mediated by pga3 plays different roles in regulating the expressions of amylases and cellulases in penicillium decumbens.heterotrimeric g proteins (g proteins) have been extensively investigated for their regulatory functions in morphogenesis and development in filamentous fungi. in addition, g proteins were also shown to be involved in the regulation of cellulase expression in some fungi. here, we report the different regulatory effects of pga3, a group iii g protein α subunit, on the expressions of amylases and cellulases in penicillium decumbens. deletion of pga3 resulted in impaired amylase production and sign ...201323942188
functional diversity of the p24γ homologue erp reveals physiological differences between two filamentous fungi.the protein hyper-secreting filamentous fungi impact their surrounding environments by secreting cellulases and digesting plant cell wall via microbe-plant interspecies interaction. this process is of paramount importance in biofuel production from the renewable lignocellulosic biomass, because cellulase production is the key factor in cost determination. despite the importance of protein secretion, p24 protein, a key factor in eukaryotic protein maturation and secretion, was never investigated ...201324035805
a simple plate-assay for screening extracellular naringinase produced by streptomycetes.a simple plate-assay was developed with the purpose of detecting extracellular naringinase in streptomycetes. the naringin agar medium (nam) was prepared by mixing carbon utilization medium (isp9) and naringin. the clearing zones around colonies are correlated with the enzymatic activity. the assay validation was performed through the use of commercial naringinase (penicillium decumbens).201424742969
the identification of and relief from fe3+ inhibition for both cellulose and cellulase in cellulose saccharification catalyzed by cellulases from penicillium decumbens.lignocellulosic biomass is an underutilized, renewable resource that can be converted to biofuels. the key step in this conversion is cellulose saccharification catalyzed by cellulase. in this work, the effect of metal ions on cellulose hydrolysis by cellulases from penicillium decumbens was reported for the first time. fe(3+) and cu(2+) were shown to be inhibitory. further studies on fe(3+) inhibition showed the inhibition takes place on both enzyme and substrate levels. fe(3+) treatment damage ...201323455222
synthesis of quercetin-3-o-glucoside from rutin by penicillium decumbens naringinase.enzymatic bioconversion of rutin to quercetin-3-o-glucoside (q-3-g) by penicillium decumbens naringinase was increased with reaction ph increased approximately to ph 6.0. it resulted in greater than 92% production of q-3-g due to the removal of the terminal rhamnose at the controlled ph 6.0. the enzymatic bioconversion of rutin to q-3-g was repetitively performed, yielding 84% after 5 batches with little quercetin formation. interestingly, the water solubility of q-3-g was enhanced 69- and 328-f ...201323425105
an endo-1,4-β-glucanase pdcel5c from cellulolytic fungus penicillium decumbens with distinctive domain composition and hydrolysis product profile.cellulases from fungi typically contain one catalytic domain with or without a cellulose-binding domain. we characterized an endo-acting cellulase pdcel5c from industrial cellulase-producing fungus penicillium decumbens with distinctive domain composition. in addition to a cellulose-binding domain and a catalytic domain, pdcel5c contains two immunoglobulin (ig)-like domains near the c-terminal end. truncated mutation experiment reveals that the two ig-like domains are important for the hydrolyti ...201323410931
[enhanced cellulase production of penicillium decumbens by knocking out creb encoding a deubiquitination enzyme].penicillium decumbens t. is an important filamentous fungus for the production of cellulases to effectively degrade lignocellulose for second generation biofuel production. in order to enhance the capability of penicillium decumbens to produce cellulases, we constructed a creb (a deubiquitinating enzyme encoding gene) deletion cassette, and generated a creb knockout strain with homologous double crossover recombination. this mutation resulted in a detectable decrease of carbon catabolite repress ...201223185896
structure determination of two unusual c25 steroids with bicyclo[4.4.1]a/b rings from penicillium decumbens by nmr spectroscopy. 201525266943
[screening, identification of p-dissolving fungus p83 strain and its effects on phosphate solubilization and plant growth promotion].to isolate phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms from farmland, and to provide p-solubilizing microbial resource for bio-fertilizer production.201425752140
isolation and characterization of a β-glucosidase from penicillium decumbens and improving hydrolysis of corncob residue by using it as cellulase supplementation.a β-glucosidase from penicillium decumbens was purified and characterized. the enzyme presented as a single band of 120kda on sds-page, showed optimal temperature of 65-70°c and optimal ph of 4.5-5.0. the β-glucosidase showed relatively higher affinity to pnpg and the highest affinity to salicin with the km value as 0.0064 and 0.0188mm, respectively. the gene coding for it was obtained with an orf of 2586bp coding for 861 amino acids belonging to glycoside hydrolases family 3. the purified enzym ...201025919619
isolation, characterization and transcriptome analysis of a novel antarctic aspergillus sydowii strain ms-19 as a potential lignocellulosic enzyme source.with the growing demand for fossil fuels and the severe energy crisis, lignocellulose is widely regarded as a promising cost-effective renewable resource for ethanol production, and the use of lignocellulose residues as raw material is remarkable. polar organisms have important value in scientific research and development for their novelty, uniqueness and diversity.201728558650
a tet-on and cre-loxp based genetic engineering system for convenient recycling of selection markers in penicillium oxalicum.the lack of selective markers has been a key problem preventing multistep genetic engineering in filamentous fungi, particularly for industrial species such as the lignocellulose degrading penicillium oxalicum jua10-1(formerly named as penicillium decumbens). to resolve this problem, we constructed a genetic manipulation system taking advantage of two established genetic systems: the cre-loxp system and tet-on system in p. oxalicum jua10-1. this system is efficient and convenient. the expression ...201627148179
biochemical synthesis of silver nanoprticles using filamentous fungi penicillium decumbens (mtcc-2494) and its efficacy against a-549 lung cancer cell line.biosynthesis of silver and other metallic nanoparticles is one of the emerging research area in the field of science and technology due to their potentiality, especially in the field of nano-biotechnology and biomedical sciences in order to develop nanomedicine. in our present study, penicillium decumbens (mtcc-2494) was brought from institute of microbial technology (imtech) chandigarh and employed for extracellular biological synthesis of silver nanoparticles. ag-nps formation was appeared wit ...201627608951
carbon utilization profile of the filamentous fungal species fusarium fujikuroi, penicillium decumbens and sarocladium strictum isolated from marine coastal environments.facultative marine filamentous fungi have recently emerged as a functional component in coastal marine systems. however, little is known about their ecological role and functions in biogeochemical cycles. penicillium decumbens, s. strictum, and f. fujikuroi were isolated from the coastal upwelling zone off south-central chile. their carbon profiles were characterized using biolog ff microplates. these species used a wide range of carbon sources, mainly carbohydrates, but also amino acids, sugges ...201627760851
autoregulatory properties of (+)-thujopsene and influence of environmental conditions on its production by penicillium decumbens.a penicillium decumbens strain was collected from a water-damaged building, and the production of microbial volatile organic compounds (mvocs) was investigated by means of headspace solid-phase microextraction, followed by gc-ms analysis. the strain was characterized by a high production of (+)-thujopsene. the influence of various temperatures, relative humidity (rh) values, substrates, and inoculum concentrations on fungal growth and (+)-thujopsene production was studied. the optimal temperatur ...201121744159
peniproline a, a new 1-phenylamino-2-pyrrolidone metabolite from the endophytic fungus penicillium decumbens new (named peniproline a, 1) and 11 known compounds were isolated from a culture of the endophytic fungus penicillium decumbens cp-4. the structure of 1, featuring a phenylamine unit coupled with 2-pyrrolidone by forming a distinctive nitrogen-nitrogen bond, was elucidated based on extensive spectroscopic methods. compound 1 was found to have cytotoxic effects against bel-7402 and hela cell lines with ic50 values of 8.1 and 15.5 μm, respectively.201728278661
penicillium decumbens brla extensively regulates secondary metabolism and functionally associates with the expression of cellulase genes.penicillium decumbens has been used in the industrial production of lignocellulolytic enzymes in china for more than 15 years. conidiation is essential for most industrial fungi because conidia are used as starters in the first step of fermentation. to investigate the mechanism of conidiation in p. decumbens, we generated mutants defective in two central regulators of conidiation, flug and brla. deletion of flug resulted in neither "fluffy" phenotype nor alteration in conidiation, indicating pos ...201324113825
transcription analysis of lignocellulolytic enzymes of penicillium decumbens 114-2 and its catabolite-repression-resistant mutant.penicillium decumbens 114-2 is a fast-growing filamentous fungus which secretes a variety of lignocellulolytic enzymes. its catabolite-repression-resistant mutant ju-a10 with high secretion capacity of cellulolytic enzymes has been used industrially for biomass hydrolysis. transcription levels of 6 important lignocellulolytic enzymes genes (cel5a, cel6a, cel7a, cel7b, xyn10a, and xyn11a) from both strains were determined on different carbon sources (glucose, sorbose, lactose, cellobiose, cellulo ...201122078737
employing bifunctional enzymes for enhanced extraction of bioactives from plants: flavonoids as an example.a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach was developed to improve the extraction of active ingredients from plants, in which a bifunctional enzyme was employed for not only facilitating cell wall degradation but also increasing the bioactivity of target compounds in the extract. in the aqueous extraction of flavonoids from glycyrrhizae radix, trichoderma viride cellulase, a commercial cell-wall-degrading enzyme, was found to efficiently deglycosylate liquiritin and isoliquiritin, w ...201323869387
factors involved in the response to change of agitation rate during cellulase production from penicillium decumbens jua10-1.improvement of agitation is a commonly used approach for the optimization of fermentation processes. in this report, the response to improving agitation rate from 150 to 250 rpm on cellulase production from penicillium decumbens jua10-1 was investigated. it was shown that the production of all the major components of the cellulase mixture increased following improved agitation. further investigations showed that at least three factors are involved in this improvement: the improved biomass accumu ...201323817671
[progress on cellulase and enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass].biofuels and bio-based chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass are sustainable, making them alternatives to petroleum-derived fuels and chemicals to address the challenges of the shortage of crude oil supply and climate change resulted from the overconsumption of petroleum-based products, particularly in china. however, high cost in liberating sugars from lignocellulosic biomass is still the bottleneck of the commercialization of biofuels and bio-based chemicals. in this article, the major compon ...201020954385
enzymatic de-glycosylation of rutin improves its antioxidant and antiproliferative activities.bioavailability and biological properties of flavonoid glycosides can be improved after the enzymatic hydrolysis of specific glycosyl groups. in this study, we evaluate the antioxidant and antiproliferative potential of rutin after enzymatic hydrolysis performed by α-l-rhamnosidases (hesperidinase from penicillium sp. and naringinase from penicillium decumbens) previously heated at 70°c for 30 min to inactivate the undesirable β-d-glucosidase activity. the highest in vitro antioxidant activity d ...201323768357
development of a highly efficient gene targeting system allowing rapid genetic manipulations in penicillium decumbens.penicillium decumbens is an important industrial filamentous fungus and has been widely used in biorefinery due to its high production of cellulase and hemicellulase. however, molecular engineering has still rarely been applied for strain improvement in p. decumbens. it has been proven that gene targeting manipulation in many filamentous fungi is hampered by nonhomologous end-joining (nhej) pathway. to improve gene targeting efficiency in p. decumbens, the putative pku70 encoding the ku70 homolo ...201020393703
concise synthesis of (-)-steviamine and analogues and their glycosidase inhibitory activities.a concise synthesis of (-)-steviamine is reported along with the synthesis of its analogues 10-nor-steviamine, 10-nor-ent-steviamine and 5-epi-ent-steviamine. these compounds were tested against twelve glycosidases (at 143 μg ml(-1) concentrations) and were found to have in general poor inhibitory activity against most enzymes. the 10-nor analogues however, showed 50-54% inhibition of α-l-rhamnosidase from penicillium decumbens while one of these, 10-nor-steviamine, showed 51% inhibition of n-ac ...201323640519
production of glucolipids and specialty fatty acids from sophorolipids by penicillium decumbens naringinase: optimization and view of global environmental concerns and the awakening to the exhaustibility of our natural resources, an increasing importance of biologically derived surfactants can be expected in the near future. enzymatic modification of these biosurfactants allows to improve their characteristics and so extend their application field. in view of this, glucolipids are interesting substrates e.g., for the synthesis of new glycolipids with increased biological activity. here, we describe the optimization ...200919194976
kinetic analysis and modeling of the liquid-liquid conversion of emulsified di-rhamnolipids by naringinase from penicillium decumbens.the enzymatic conversion of an aggregate-forming substrate was kinetically analyzed and a model was applied for the prediction of reaction-time courses. an l-rhamnose molecule from a di-rhamnolipid is cleaved by naringinase from penicillium decumbens leading to a mono-rhamnolipid. optimal reaction rates were found when both, substrate and product build large co-aggregates in a slightly acidic aqueous phase. on the other hand, reaction rates were independent of initial di-rhamnolipid concentratio ...200918949755
deactivation kinetics and response surface analysis of the stability of alpha-l-rhamnosidase from penicillium decumbens.the stability of the mixed enzyme preparation naringinase from penicillium decumbens was studied in dependence of the temperature, the ph value, and the enzyme concentration by means of response surface methodology. deactivation kinetics by formation of an intermediate state was proposed for fitting deactivation data. empirical models could then be constructed for prediction of deactivation rate constants, specific activity of intermediate state, and half-life values under different incubation c ...200918754082
the effects of wheat bran composition on the production of biomass-hydrolyzing enzymes by penicillium decumbens.the effects of the starch, protein, and soluble oligosaccharides contents in wheat bran on the extracellular biomass-hydrolyzing enzymes activities released by penicillium decumbens mycelia grown in batch fermentations have been examined. the results showed increased starch content correlated directly with an increase in released amylase activity but inversely with the levels of secreted cellulase and xylanase. high amounts of protein in wheat bran also reduced the activities of cellulase, xylan ...200818421592
effect of supplements mn2+, cu2+, and aromatic compounds and penicillium decumbens on lignocellulosic enzyme activity and productivity of catathelasma ventricosum.this is the first report on using catathelasma ventricosum for production of fruiting body and lignocellulosic enzymes. to improve the laccase activity and productivity of mushroom, the substrate was added with different supplements (eight aromatic compounds, mn2+, and cu2+). based on the results, all these supplements can improve the laccase activity and productivity of c. ventricosum, and it seems that there is a critical value of laccase activity that affects the productivity of c. ventricosu ...201323568213
long-term strain improvements accumulate mutations in regulatory elements responsible for hyper-production of cellulolytic enzymes.long-term strain improvements through repeated mutagenesis and screening have generated a hyper-producer of cellulases and hemicellulases from penicillium decumbens 114 which was isolated 30 years ago. here, the genome of the hyper-producer p. decumbens ju-a10-t was sequenced and compared with that of the wild-type strain 114-2. further, the transcriptomes and secretomes were compared between the strains. selective hyper-production of cellulases and hemicellulases but not all the secreted protei ...201323535838
high-affinity water-soluble system for efficient naringinase immobilization in polyvinyl alcohol-dimethyl sulfoxide lens-shaped particles.polyvinyl alcohol (pva) is a water-soluble, biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic polymer whose application in the immobilization of biological agents for use in biocatalysis has shown promising results. this study aimed to investigate and optimize the immobilization of naringinase from penicillium decumbens in pva networks, targeting for the hydrolysis of naringin. variables such as the most suitable cross-linker, catalyst, inorganic salt, co-solvents and solidification process were identif ...201223108618
n-glycoform diversity of cellobiohydrolase i from penicillium decumbens and synergism of nonhydrolytic glycoform in cellulose degradation.four cellobiohydrolase i (cbhi) glycoforms, namely, cbhi-a, cbhi-b, cbhi-c, and cbhi-d, were purified from the cultured broth of penicillium decumbens ju-a10. all glycoforms had the same amino acid sequence but displayed different characteristics and biological functions. the effects of the n-glycans of the glycoforms on cbh activity were analyzed using mass spectrum data. longer n-glycan chains at the asn-137 of cbhi increased cbh activity. after the n-glycans were removed using site-directed m ...201222427663
mycological contamination in dental unit waterlines in istanbul, turkey.studies on dental units (dus) are conducted either for the prevention or the reduction of the density of bacterial contamination in dental unit waterlines (duwls). however, the existence of fungi in the these systems requires more attention. during dental treatment, direct contact with water contaminated with fungi such as candida, aspergillus, or inhalation of aerosols from high-speed drill may cause various respiratory infections, such as asthma, allergies, and wounds on mucose membranes, espe ...201324516467
impact of operating conditions on performance of a novel gas double-dynamic solid-state fermentation bioreactor (gdsfb).a self-designed novel solid-state fermentation (ssf) bioreactor named "gas double-dynamic solid-state fermentation bioreactor (gdsfb)" showed great success in processes for the production of several valuable products. for the present study, a simple gdsfb (2 l in volume) was designed to investigate the impact of exhaust time on ssf performance. both air pressure and vent aperture significantly influenced the exhaust time. the production of cellulase by penicillium decumbens jua10 was studied in ...201323579630
characterization of a novel steviol-producing β-glucosidase from penicillium decumbens and optimal production of the steviol.this study aimed to develop an economically viable enzyme for the optimal production of steviol (s) from stevioside (st). of 9 commercially available glycosidases tested, s-producing β-glucosidase (spgase) was selected and purified 74-fold from penicillium decumbens naringinase by a three-step column chromatography procedure. the 121-kda protein was stable at ph 2.3-6.0 and at 40-60 °c. hydrolysis of st by spgase produced rubusoside (r), steviolbioside (steb), steviol mono-glucoside (smg), and s ...201323615738
promotion of extracellular lignocellulolytic enzymes production by restraining the intracellular β-glucosidase in penicillium this study, the functions of β-glucosidases in regulation of the lignocellulolytic enzymes production in penicillium decumbens 114-2 were investigated. the major extracellular β-glucosidase gene bgl1 and the major intracellular β-glucosidase gene bgl2 were deleted in p. decumbens 114-2 respectively. in δbgl2, the production of extracellular lignocellulolytic enzymes (including endoglucanases, cellobiohydrolases and xylanases) on insoluble cellulose was significantly promoted, while in δbgl1 t ...201323584406
effect of steam explosion on solid-state fermentation of maize stalk by penicillium decumbens and phanerochaete chrysosporium for animal feed production.pre-treated maize stalk could be used for animal feed due to the improved digestibility. steam explosion (se) and solid-state fermentation (ssf) are two methods in maize stalk pre-treatment. to evaluate the effect of combination of se and ssf on the maize stalk pre-treatment, the maize stalk was treated with steam explosion and microbial fermentation with penicillium decumbens and phanerochate chrysporium in this study. the steam explosion severity (logr0 ) affected component of the corn stover ...201728691346
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