short-term cadmium exposure induces stress responses in frog (pelophylax bergeri) skin organ culture.there have been a few studies on the negative effects of pollutants on amphibian skin, the first structural barrier that interacts with the environment and its potential contaminants. in this study an ex vivo skin organ culture from the amphibian pelophylax bergeri was used to evaluate cell stress responses induced by short-term exposure to cadmium (cd), a toxic heavy metal known to be an environmental hazard to both humans and wildlife. histopathological studies were carried out on skin explant ...201526277541
frog (pelophylax bergeri, günther 1986) endocrine disruption assessment: characterization and role of skin poly(adp-ribose) polymerases.model of the our research was the adult male amphibian anura, pelophylax bergeri, poikilotherm species not considered threatened by the iucn, sampled in representative sites at different degree. in the first phase, a biochemical characterization of the adp-ribosylation on the skin of barcoded amphibian anura collected from matese lake (clean reference site in ce, italy) was carried out. two parp isoforms were evidence: the first of 66 kda is localized into nucleus and activated by dna damage; th ...201729081042
interaction between spring temperature-photoperiod and experimentally induced transient cold shock influencing proliferative activity in the brain of an adult terrestrial heterothermic vertebrate, rana bergeri (günther, 1986).the seasonal thermal cycle and correlated variations in photoperiod exert antithetical influences on the proliferation of the reserve brain stem cells, which are mostly ependymal and subependymal, of adult earth-dwelling heterothermic vertebrates upon deprivation of an encephalic area. also, an induced sudden, transient thermal stress preceding surgical cerebral maiming increases or depresses the proliferation of these stand-by cells, depending on the season. in particular, the concomitance of s ...201527086439
interaction between autumnal temperature-photoperiod and experimentally induced transient cold shock influences proliferative activity in the brain of an adult terrestrial heterothermic vertebrate, rana bergeri (günther, 1986).it has been shown previously that in adult rana esculenta, caught in nature, cold-shocked and brain-injured, encephalic cell proliferation is increased when capture and experiment occurred in spring and depressed when they occurred in autumn. upon exclusive thermal stress cell proliferation appeared weak in spring and intense in autumn. the present study has investigated cold-shocked, but otherwise uninjured rana bergeri to assess the impact of autumnal environment on encephalic cell proliferati ...201527086419
relationships between seasonal thermal variations and cell proliferation in heterothermic vertebrates, as revealed by pcna expression in the brain of adult rana bergeri (günther, 1986).the cyclic variations of temperature with seasons, which are accompanied by variations in photoperiod, can activate proliferation in stem cells which survive in various organs and tissues of adult vertebrates, both poikilo- (aquatic and terrestrial) and homeothermic (male songbirds and mammals). in the brain of these organisms such stem cells are mainly placed in the ependymal and/or sub-ependymal layers. to assess the influence of environmental temperature on the proliferative activity of those ...201222893999
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