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intracellular occurrence of cowpea mild mottle virus in two unrelated plant species.the filamentous particles of cowpea mild mottle virus (cmmv) were detected only in the cytoplasm of palisade, mesophyll, parenchyma and epidermal cells of glycine max (papilionaceae) and nicotiana clevelandii (solanaceae). they were aggregated to form either sheets or bundles or, more frequently, brush-like inclusions. although cmmv was initially considered to be a possible member of the carlavirus group, it differs from aphid-borne carlaviruses in its intracellular occurrence and transmission b ...19836629699
evidence that whitefly-transmitted cowpea mild mottle virus belongs to the genus carlavirus.two strains of whitefly-transmitted cowpea mild mottle virus (cpmmv) causing severe (cpmmv-s) and mild (cpmmv-m) disease symptoms in peanuts were collected from two distinct agro-ecological zones in india. the host-range of these strains was restricted to leguminosae and chenopodiaceae, and each could be distinguished on the basis of symptoms incited in different hosts. the 3'-terminal 2500 nucleotide sequence of the genomic rna of both the strains was 70% identical and contains five open readin ...19989638146
detection and some properties of cowpea mild mottle virus isolated from soybean in iran.during 2006-2007 growing seasons, survey were carried to identify a virus disease causing mosaic of soybean in the field in southern region (khozestan province) of iran. to detect the viral infection, diseased leaf samples showing mild mosaic and leaf malformation were collected from soybean fields in dezful, located in khozestan province. infected samples were carried to the lab in a proper condition on ice packages. tpia and das-elisa serological tests were applied to identify the viral agent. ...200819630214
complete nucleotide sequence of the type isolate of cowpea mild mottle virus from ghana. 201020890716
first report of cowpea mild mottle carlavirus on yardlong bean (vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) in venezuela.yardlong bean (vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) plants with virus-like systemic mottling and leaf distortion were observed in both experimental and commercial fields in aragua state, venezuela. symptomatic leaves were shown to contain carlavirus-like particles. rt-pcr analysis with carlavirus-specific primers was positive in all tested samples. nucleotide sequences of the obtained amplicons showed 84%-74% similarity to corresponding sequences of cowpea mild mottle virus (cpmmv) isolates d ...201223242372
rna viral metagenome of whiteflies leads to the discovery and characterization of a whitefly-transmitted carlavirus in north america.whiteflies from the bemisia tabaci species complex have the ability to transmit a large number of plant viruses and are some of the most detrimental pests in agriculture. although whiteflies are known to transmit both dna and rna viruses, most of the diversity has been recorded for the former, specifically for the begomovirus genus. this study investigated the total diversity of dna and rna viruses found in whiteflies collected from a single site in florida to evaluate if there are additional, p ...201424466220
molecular variability of cowpea mild mottle virus infecting soybean in brazil.molecular variability was assessed for 18 isolates of cowpea mild mottle virus (cpmmv, genus carlavirus, family betaflexiviridae) found infecting soybean in various brazilian states (bahia, goiás, maranhão, mato grosso, minas gerais, pará) in 2001 and 2010. a variety of symptoms was expressed in soybean cv. cd206, ranging from mild (crinkle/blistering leaves, mosaic and vein clearing) to severe (bud blight, dwarfing, leaf and stem necrosis). recombination analysis revealed only one cpmmv isolate ...201424142270
construction of a full-length infectious cdna clone of cowpea mild mottle virus.infectious cdna clones are an important tool to study the molecular and cellular process of rna virus infection. in vitro and in vivo transcription systems are the two main strategies used in the generation of infectious cdna clones for rna viruses. this study describes the first generation of a full-length infectious cdna clone of cowpea mild mottle virus (cpmmv), a carlavirus. the full-length genome was synthesized by overlap extension pcr of two overlapping fragments and cloned in a puc-based ...201727730428
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