re-examination of spermatogenesis of multicotyle purvisi (platyhelminthes, aspidogastrea).examination of spermatogenesis in multicotyle purvisi revealed that the process follows the classical pattern previously described for many parasitic platyhelminths, especially other aspidogastrea and digenea. free flagella (with an intercentriolar body between the basal bodies and with striated flagellar rootlets) and a median cytoplasmic process grow from a zone of differentiation. the flagella then fuse with the process in a proximo-distal direction and nucleus and mitochondrion grow out into ...19957635635
[the development of multicotyle purvisi dawes, 1941 (trematoda: aspidogastrea)]. 19685754298
sense receptors of multicotyle purvisi dawes, 1941 (trematoda, aspidobothria). 19665968748
nerve sheath in multicotyle purvisi dawes. 19705481371
the nervous systems of multicotyle purvisi dawes, 1941 (aspidogastrea) and diaschistorchis multitesticuaris rohde, 1962 (digenea). implications for the ecology of the parasites. 19685706744
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