n-butanol extract of capparis spinosa l. induces apoptosis primarily through a mitochondrial pathway involving mptp open, cytochrome c release and caspase activation.capparis spinosa l., a uygur medicine, had been shown to have anti-tumor activity in our early experiments with an n-butanol extract (csbe) as its active fraction. however, the mechanisms responsible for its effects are not clearly understood. here, we report that treatment of sgc-7901 cells with csbe resulted in dose-dependent reduction of cell viability and induction of apoptosis.201425422194
phenolic contents and antioxidant activity of ethanolic extract of capparis spinosa.caper plant (capparis spinosa) extracts have been associated with diverse biological activities including anti-oxidant properties. in this work, we characterized the hydro-ethanolic extract obtained from c. spinosa leaves [hydroethanolic extract of c. spinosa (hecs)] by analyzing the content in anti-oxidant compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanins. further, we evaluated hecs antioxidant activities in vitro using bleaching of 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical and abts test a ...201625377263
contribution of trehalose biosynthetic pathway to drought stress tolerance of capparis ovata desf.trehalose and the trehalose biosynthetic pathway are important contributors and regulators of stress responses in plants. among recent findings for trehalose and its metabolism, the role of signalling in the regulation of growth and development and its potential for use as a storage energy source can be listed. the xerophytic plant capparis ovata (caper) is well adapted to drought and high temperature stress in arid and semi-arid regions of the mediterranean. the contribution of trehalose and th ...201525294040
open versus endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm: incidence of cardiovascular events in 632 patients in a department of defense cohort over 6-year follow-up.abdominal aortic aneurysm (aaa) is common with unacceptably high rates of mortality and morbidity with unknown rates of complications after repair in the department of defense (dod).201525134851
syrian bean-caper (zygophyllum fabago l.) improves organic matter and other properties of mine wastes deposits.the omni-presence of zygophyllum fabago l. (syrian bean-caper) natural colonies in post mining areas prompted us to investigate its contributions to reclamation of mine wastes deposits in southeast spain. select plant-related (edaphic) characteristics and bio- and water soluble-cd, cu, pb and zn in rhizosphere of z. fabago were compared to deposits one year since application of pig slurry and marble waste. total n in rhizosphere increased up to a factor of 20x (339 vs 17 mg n kg(-1)) in el gorgu ...201424912237
the potentiality of botanicals and their products as an alternative to chemical insecticides to sandflies (diptera: psychodidae): a review.use of chemical pesticides is the current method for controlling sandflies. however, resistance is being developed in sandflies against the insecticide of choice that is ddt (dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane). botanicals have potential to act as an alternative to chemical insecticides as the crude extracts and active molecules of some plants show insecticidal effect to sandflies. this will lead to safe, easy and environment friendly method for control of sandflies. therefore, information regardi ...201424717195
caper, a novel regulator of human breast cancer progression.caper is an estrogen receptor (er) co-activator that was recently shown to be involved in human breast cancer pathogenesis. indeed, we reported increased expression of caper in human breast cancer specimens. we demonstrated that caper was undetectable or expressed at relatively low levels in normal breast tissue and assumed a cytoplasmic distribution. in contrast, caper was expressed at higher levels in ductal carcinoma in situ (dcis) and invasive ductal carcinoma (idc) specimens, where it assum ...201424621503
physicochemical properties of seeds of capparis species growing wild in turkey.while capparis spinosa var. herbaceace (2009) seeds collected from the mardin-midyat region contains the highest protein (22.25%), c. spinosa var. spinosa seeds (2009) collected from the muğla-milas region contained the lowest protein (18.25%). in addition, oil contents of c. spinosa and capparis ovata seeds changed between 27.74 to 31.09 and 28.66 to 31.40%, respectively. crude cellulose contents of c. spinosa and c. ovata seeds were found as 28.24 and 29.67%, respectively. it was found that as ...201424276494
caper 2.0: an interactive, configurable, and extensible workflow-based platform to analyze data sets from the chromosome-centric human proteome project.the chromosome-centric human proteome project (c-hpp) aims to map and annotate the entire human proteome by the "chromosome-by-chromosome" strategy. as the c-hpp proceeds, the increasing volume of proteomic data sets presents a challenge for customized and reproducible bioinformatics data analyses for mining biological knowledge. to address this challenge, we updated the previous static proteome browser caper into a higher version, caper 2.0 - an interactive, configurable and extensible workflow ...201424261964
anti-helicobactor pylori activity of some jordanian medicinal plants.natural flora are considered a major source of new agents for the treatment of helicobactor pylori. the plants used in this study were selected based on previous traditional use.201424251817
capparis spinosa l. (caper) fruit extract in treatment of type 2 diabetic patients: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial.capparis spinosa l. (caper) fruit is traditionally used as an anti-hyperglycemic food by iranian diabetic patients. but yet, no controlled human study has determined its efficacy in treatment of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetic patients.201324050578
coupling hplc-spe-nmr with a microplate-based high-resolution antioxidant assay for efficient analysis of antioxidants in food--validation and proof-of-concept study with caper buds.this work describes the coupling of a microplate-based antioxidant assay with a hyphenated system consisting of high-performance liquid chromatography-solid-phase extraction-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, i.e., hplc-spe-nmr/high-resolution antioxidant assay, for the analysis of complex food extracts. the applicability of the microplate-based antioxidant assay for high-resolution screening of common food phenolics as well as parameters related to their trapping efficiency, elution behav ...201323993578
mineral contents of seed and seed oils of capparis species growing wild in turkey.the mineral contents of seed and seed oils of capparis species growing wild in turkey were established by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry. capparis spinosa var. spinosa (2010) and capparis ovata var. canescens variety (2009) were determined to be rich in terms of mineral matter as 19,514.60 and 16,995.92 ppm as a total, respectively. c. spinosa var. spinosa collected from muğla-milas region (2009) had the highest amount of ca with 1,010.67 ppm in c. spinosa species and in ...201423925865
food allergy to caper (capparis spinosa). 201323653983
caper: a chromosome-assembled human proteome browser.high-throughput mass spectrometry and antibody-based experiments have begun to produce a large amount of proteomic data sets. chromosome-based visualization of these data sets and their annotations can help effectively integrate, organize, and analyze them. therefore, we developed a web-based, user-friendly chromosome-assembled human proteome browser (caper). to display proteomic data sets and related annotations comprehensively, caper employs two distinct visualization strategies: track-view fo ...201323256906
the use of capecitabine in daily practice: a study on adherence and patients' experiences.adherence to pharmacological therapy is a complex and multifactorial issue that can substantially alter the outcome of treatment. especially when using long-term medication, cancer patients have adherence rates similar to those of patients with other diseases. the consequences of poor adherence are poor health outcomes and increased health care costs. only few studies have focused on the use of oral anticancer agents in daily practice. information about the reasons for nonadherence is essential ...201223118530
identification of glucosinolates in capers by lc-esi-hybrid linear ion trap with fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (lc-esi-ltq-fticr ms) and infrared multiphoton liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method using electrospray ionization in negative ion mode coupled with a hybrid quadrupole linear ion trap and fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (fticr) mass spectrometer was applied to characterize of intact glucosinolates (glss) in crude sample extracts of wild bud flowers of capparis spinosa (capparis species, family capparaceae). structural information of glss was obtained upon precursor ions' isolation within the fticr trapping cell and sub ...201222972784
trace element mobility and transfer to vegetation within the ethiopian rift valley lake evaluate critical trace element loads in native vegetation and calculate soil-to-plant transfer factors (tfs), 11 trace elements (cr, co, ni, cu, zn, as, se, mo, cd, pb and mn) have been determined in leaves of 9 taxonomically verified naturally growing terrestrial plant species as well as in soil samples collected around 3 ethiopian rift valley lakes (koka, ziway and awassa). the cr concentration in leaves of all the plant species was higher than the "normal" range, with the highest level (8 ...201222907177
structural characterization of a homogalacturonan from capparis spinosa l. fruits and anti-complement activity of its sulfated derivative.a water-soluble polysaccharide csps-2b-2 with a molecular mass of 8.8 kda, was obtained from the fruits of capparis spinosa l. chemical and nmr spectral analysis verified csps-2b-2 was a linear poly-(1-4)-α-d-galactopyranosyluronic acid in which 12.9±0.4% of carboxyl groups existed as methyl ester and 2.6±0.1% of d-galpa residues were acetylated. a sulfated derivative sul-2b-2 with a sulfation degree of 0.88±0.02 was prepared via the substitution of c-2 and/or c-3 of galpa residues in csps-2b-2. ...201222752400
the anticarcinogenic potential of essential oil and aqueous infusion from caper (capparis spinosa l.).the present study assessed the influence of essential oil and aqueous infusion from wild-grown caper (capparis spinosa l.) on cell growth, nf-κb activation, apoptosis and cell cycle in the human colon carcinoma cell line, ht-29. methyl isothiocyanate (92.06%), a degradation product of glucosinolate glucocapparin, was detected as major component of essential oil from caper leaves and flower buds. aqueous infusion of caper showed an interesting and variegate compositional pattern containing severa ...201226434289
screening of immunomodulatory activity of total and protein extracts of some moroccan medicinal plants.herbal and traditional medicines are being widely used in practice in many countries for their benefits of treating different ailments. a large number of plants in morocco were used in folk medicine to treat immune-related disorders. the objective of this study is to evaluate the immunomodulatory activity of protein extracts (pes) of 14 moroccan medicinal plants. this activity was tested on the proliferation of immune cells. the prepared total and pes of the plant samples were tested using mtt ( ...201322301818
qualitative content analysis of complementary topical therapies used to manage diabetic foot in order to alleviate diabetic foot problems, patients sometimes seek complementary therapies outside the professional context. this paper describes the use of complementary remedies as a topical treatment for diabetic foot ulcers among jordanians. qualitative content analysis was used to analyse written responses of 68 patients with diabetes who have used complementary therapies to treat diabetic foot problems. these 68 persons represented a subgroup of the study population surveyed using a que ...201223983379
caper-α alternative splicing regulates the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor₁₆₅ in ewing sarcoma ewing sarcoma cells overexpress vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) with a shift from the 189 to the 165 isoform.201222009261
the use of erlotinib in daily practice: a study on adherence and patients' experiences.adherence to pharmacological therapy is a complex and multi-factorial issue that can substantially alter the outcome of treatment. it has been shown that cancer patients, especially when using long-term medication, have similar adherence rates to those of patients with other diseases. the consequences of poor adherence are poor health outcomes and increased health care costs. only few studies have focused on the use of oral anticancer agents in daily practice. information about the reasons for n ...201121722354
[tissue culture and rapid propogation of seeds of uyghur traditional herbal capparis spinosa].to optimize the tissue culture and rapid proliferation techniques of seeds of capparis spinosa for producing large scale seedlings.201021548355
the influence of collection zone on glucosinolates, polyphenols and flavonoids contents and biological profiles of capparis sicula ssp. sicula.this study aimed to evaluate the influence of collection zone on total phenol, flavonoid and glucosinolate contents and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of caper (capparis sicula ssp. sicula). this species has been characterized through the detection, isolation and quantitative evaluation of chemical markers (polyphenols, flavonoids and glucosinolates). the chemical investigation showed a different composition between the two collection zones. while the total amounts of phenolics and ...201121436235
correlation between environmental factors, chemical composition, and antioxidative properties of caper species growing wild in calabria (south italy).twenty samples of two caper species were collected from various natural habitats of calabria (south italy). a sample program was designed in order to cover all taxa and morphotypes present in the studied area, trying to correlate ecological conditions, phytochemical content, and biological activities. these species were characterized through the detection, isolation, and capillary gc-gc/ms quantitative evaluation of chemical markers (phytosterols and vitamin e). the antioxidant activity of meoh ...201121404435
biflavonoids from caper (capparis spinosa l.) fruits and their effects in inhibiting nf-kappa b activation.caper (capparis spinosa l.) fruits have been widely used as food and folk medicine in the mediterranean basin and in central and west asia. in this study, two biflavonoids, isoginkgetin, and ginkgetin, together with three other flavonoids, were isolated from caper fruits. their chemical structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analyses and comparison with literature. to our knowledge, isoginkgetin, ginkgetin and sakuranetin were identified in caper for the first time. notably, it is also the ...201121381749
the diagnostic performance of scoring systems to identify symptomatic colorectal cancer compared to current referral determine the discrimination characteristics of a new algorithm and two existing symptom scoring systems for identification of patients with suspected colorectal cancer.201121357592
the caper (capparis l.): ethnopharmacology, phytochemical and pharmacological properties.caper (capparis l.), a shrub plant with a large natural distribution, is used in traditional medicines to cure various illnesses. phytochemicals studies have shown the presence of many beneficial compounds such as spermidine, rutin, quercetin, kaempferol, stigmasterol, campesterol, tocopherols, and carotenoids. biological studies reveal important antimicrobial, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antiviral properties. the presented review summarizes information concerning the ...201120851750
phenolic compounds and vitamin antioxidants of caper (capparis spinosa).capparis spinosa shows strong resistance to the adverse mediterranean conditions and it has nutritional and medicinal value. the aim of this study was to evaluate the contents of total phenolic compounds, rutin, tocopherols, carotenoids and vitamin c in leaves and flower buds of c. spinosa from different locations in tunisia. results showed the richness of caper with these compounds, especially phenolic compounds. interestingly, it was also found the presence of both α- and γ-tocopherol in buds. ...201020668946
a new antioxidant compound from capparis activity-directed fractionation and purification process was used to isolate 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical (dpph*) scavenging components from fruits of capparis spinosa l. (capparaeae). ethyl acetate and aqueous fractions showed greater dpph* scavenging activities compared to the petroleum ether fractions. the ethyl acetate fraction was subjected to purification using column chromatography. a new antioxidant cappariside (4-hydroxy-5-methylfuran-3-carboxylic acid, 1), together with sev ...201020645804
effects of different temperatures and duration on germination of caper (capparis ovata) seeds.caperseed has poor germination because of the seed coat dormancy germination of caperseeds are complex traits affected by a wide range of intemal and environmental influences. the effects of temperature preconditioning and period on germination of capparis ovata were examined. experiments were conducted in order to investigate germination behaviour of caperseeds subjected to different temperature and duration. the experiment revealed that the different temperature treatments were effective on me ...200920120507
the caper studies: five case-control studies aimed at identifying and quantifying the risk of cancer in symptomatic primary care patients.this paper reviews the background to five primary care case-control studies, collectively known as the caper studies (cancer prediction in exeter). these studies, on colorectal, lung, prostate and brain tumours, sought to identify the particular features of cancer as reported to primary care. they also sought to quantify the risk of cancer for symptoms and primary care investigations, both individually and paired together.200919956169
aspects of vitamin a.musgrave park hospital in 1942 was the site of an anglo-american vitamin a caper. a threatened court-martial was pre-empted. subsequently the queen's lecturer in anatomy, jw millen, who was the other lecturer to the first editor of this journal, rh hunter, did much distinguished work. the neurological effects of vitamin a were elucidated. further work on cerebrospinal fluid (csf), placenta, thalidomide and poliomyelitis led to the pre-eminence in applied anatomy and teratology of now reader jame ...200919907684
capparis spinosa protects against oxidative stress in systemic sclerosis dermal fibroblasts.high reactive oxygen species (ros), ha-ras, and active erk1/2 in fibroblasts play an essential role in the pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis (ssc). the present study was carried out to evaluate the effects of the ethanol extract from fruits of capparis spinosa l. (ecs) on oxidative stress and ros-erk1/2-ha-ras signal loop in ssc dermal fibroblasts in vitro. cultured dermal fibroblasts from three ssc patients and three normal controls were treated with ecs by different concentration (10, 50, 100 ...201019851777
effect of tunisian capparis spinosa l. extract on melanogenesis in b16 murine melanoma cells.the effect of tunisian capparis spinosa l. aromatic plant extract on melanogenesis regulation in b16 murine melanoma cells was investigated. b16 cells were treated with 0.0005, 0.005, and 0.05% (w/v) c. spinosa extract after which the melanin content and cell viability were measured. to clarify the mechanism behind melanogenesis regulation, the expression of tyrosinase was determined. results showed that the extract had a significant stimulative effect on melanogenesis in b16 cells in a dose-dep ...200919685105
an examination of the function of male flowers in an andromonoecious shrub capparis spinosa.the pollen donor and pollinator attractor hypotheses are explanations for the functions of the male flowers of andromonoecious plants. we tested these two hypotheses in the andromonoecious shrub capparis spinosa l. (capparaceae) and confirmed that pollen production and cumulative volume and sugar concentration of nectar do not differ between male and perfect flowers. however, male flowers produced larger anthers, larger pollen grains and smaller ovaries than perfect flowers. observations on poll ...200919261075
[advances on investigation of chemical constituents, pharmacological activities and clinical applications of capparis spinosa].in this paper, the chemical constituents, pharmacological activities and clinical applications of capparis spinosa had been reviewed. the constituents of c. spinosa include the saccharides and glycosides, flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids and volatile oils, fatty acids and steroides and so on. c. spinosa had many extensive pharmacological effects such as anti-inflammatory, odynolysis, antifungus, hepatoprotective effect, hypoglycemic activity, antioxidation, anti-hyperlipemia, anticoagulated blo ...200819149246
rutin from different parts of capparis spinosa growing wild in khuzestan/iran.a qualitative and quantitative analysis of rutin from leaves, fruits and flowers of capparis spinosa growing wild in khuzestan was achieved. after soxhelet extraction of fats in diethyl ether, rutin was extracted by maceration using 50% etoh. the ethanol extracts of these parts were separated by preparative tlc on silica gel precoated plate with a mixture of butanol: acetic acid (4:1, by volume) as the developing solvent. the spots were visualized under ultraviolet light (254 nm). rutin was qual ...200818819575
bioactive components of caper (capparis spinosa l.) from sicily and antioxidant effects in a red meat simulated gastric increasing body of evidence on the association between adherence to the mediterranean diet and healthy status is being accumulated. floral buds of capparis spinosa l. are commonly used in the mediterranean cuisine as flavoring for meat and other foods. the present study evaluated bioactive components and antioxidant activity of sicilian capers stabilized in salt. whereas alpha-tocopherol was absent, low levels of gamma-tocopherol and vitamin c were measured. with reference to one serving size ...200717887802
effects of cold stratification on germination rate and percentage of caper (capparis ovata desf.) seeds.caper is an important plant because of its high adaptability to marginal agriculture fields that are not suitable for agricultural crops. different parts of caper such as roots, fruits, flowers and buds can be used to increase the inhabitant's income. the goal of this research is to determine germination rate and percentage of caper according to different duration of cold stratification (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 days) treatments. cold stratification procedures under greenhouse condition were ap ...200617405328
steroid hormone receptor coactivation and alternative rna splicing by u2af65-related proteins caperalpha and caperbeta.increasing evidence indicates that transcription and pre-mrna processing are functionally coupled to modulate gene expression. here, we report that two members of the u2af65 family of proteins, hcc1.3, which we call caperalpha, and a related protein, caperbeta, regulate both steroid hormone receptor-mediated transcription and alternative splicing. the caper proteins coactivate the progesterone receptor in luciferase transcription reporter assays and alter alternative splicing of a calcitonin/cal ...200515694343
induced changes in biochemical parameters of the molluscan tissues non-infected using two potent plants molluscicides.effect of capparis spinosa (c. spinosa) and acacia arabica (a. arabica) dry powder as plant molluscicide on some glycolytic and gluconeogenic enzymes on snail tissues, was investigated. lactate debydrogenase (ldh), pyruvate kinase (pk), hexokinase (hk), phosphofructokinase (pfk), glucose phosphate isomerase (gpi) as important glycolytic enzymes, were markedly manipulated by both plants when measured one day and one week post-treatment. on the other hand glucose-6-phosphatase (g-6pase), fructose ...200415287176
development and structure of drought-tolerant leaves of the mediterranean shrub capparis spinosa l.capparis spinosa (caper), a winter-deciduous perennial shrub, is a consistent floristic element of mediterranean ecosystems, growing from may to october, i.e. entirely during the prolonged summer drought. the internal architecture of young and fully expanded leaves was studied, along with certain physiological characteristics. capparis spinosa possesses thick, amphistomatic and homobaric leaves with a multilayered mesophyll. the latter possesses an increased number of photosynthesizing cells per ...200312853284
the chemical constituents of capparis spinosa of jordanian origin.investigation of capparis spinosa of jordanian origin lead to isolation of two new compounds beta-sitosterylglucoside-6'-octadecanoate (1) and 3-methyl-2-butenyl-beta-glucoside (2). linked scan ms measurements were used to propose a mass fragmentation pattern for the alkaloid cadabicine isolated here for the second time from nature.200312674136
(6s)-hydroxy-3-oxo-alpha-ionol glucosides from capparis spinosa fruits.two new (6s)-hydroxy-3-oxo-alpha-ionol glucosides, together with corchoionoside c ((6s,9s)-roseoside) and a prenyl glucoside, were isolated from mature fruits of capparis spinosa. the structures were established on the basis of spectroscopic, chiroptic and chemical evidence. in addition, the 13c-resonance of c-9 was found to be of particular diagnostic value in assigning the absolute configuration at that center in ionol glycosides. the alpha-ionol derivatives are metabolites of (+)-(s)-abscisic ...200211830166
quercetin triglycoside from capparis addition to rutin, quercetin 3-o-glucoside and quercetin 3-o-glucoside-7-o-rhamnoside, the methanolic extract of the aerial parts of capparis spinosa yielded the new flavonoid quercetin 3-o-[6'"-alpha-l-rhamnosyl-6"-beta-d-glucosyl]-beta-d-glucoside (1).200011449469
robert caper on 'a mind of one's own' (ijpa, 78: 265-278) 19989651765
creamed corn caper baffles multi-service provider. 199610159622
canadian anaesthesia physician resource planning--is it possible?this study was undertaken with the objective of assessing current sources of information for anaesthesia physician resource planning (prp). four major data bases, the annual reports of health and welfare canada (h&w), the education statistics from the canadian post-m.d. education registry (caper), the royal college of physicians and surgeons of canada (rcpsc) and the physician resource data system of the canadian medical association (prds), were examined for the period 1982 to 1991. the ratio of ...19957788834
capsid caper in cable. xiith international conference on bacteriophage assembly, cable, wi, usa, june 11-16, 1991. 19911777479
allergic contact dermatitis from capparis spinosa l. applied as wet compresses. 19911893693
paper caper. 199118796834
the community that cares caper. 198710283268
plants used for the treatment of diabetes in an extensive ethnobotanical survey (130 informants) of the medicinal plants of israel, 16 species were found to be used for hypoglycaemic treatments. the list includes achillea fragrantissima (forssk.) sch.-bip, ammi visnaga (l.) lam, atriplex halimus l., capparis spinosa l., ceratonia siliqua l., cleome droserifolia (forssk.) del., eryngium creticum lam., inula viscosa (l.) ait., matricaria aurea (loefl.) sch.-bip, origanum syriaca l., paronychia argentea lam, prosopis farcta (banks et sol.) ...20063613607
the great copyright caper of 1986. 20043639002
isolation and characterization of glucocapparin inisomeris arborea nutt.isomeris arborea (capparaceae), is the only woody caper endemic to southern california and northern baja. methylglucosinolate, also known as glucocapparin, was the only glucosinolate found ini. arborea organs by paper chromatography of the thiourea derivatives and was quantitatively determined by gas chromatography by hydrolytic products. the concentration of glucocapparin ranged from an average of 4.6 mg/g wet weight in mature leaves to 5.2 mg/g wet weight in immature leaves. buds averaged 6.2 ...198624307123
the computer caper. 19863638953
the great crystal caper: chemists debate whether it makes scientific sense to try to grow macromolecular crystals in space. 198517795890
retrieval in a computer-assisted pathology encoding and reporting system (caper).a previous report described an online computer-assisted pathology encoding and reporting system (caper) developed at the massachusetts general hospital that accessions specimens, monitors their state of completion, produces all log books, and permits instantaneous display of all diagnoses rendered within a three-year period. the present report updates the functions currently available and describes a new function that enables the pathologist, independent of computer programmer support, to reques ...19816786087
the notorious decontamination caper. 1979388632
cathy's policy caper. 1978248873
cloning caper makes it to the halls of congress. 197817738709
computer-assisted pathology encoding and reporting system (caper).an on-line computer-assisted pathology encoding and reportying system (caper) has been developed by the department of pathology and laboratory of computer science of the massachusetts general hospital for a department of surgical pathology that processes more than 25,000 specimens yearly. caper performs clerical functions, including the accessioning of specimens, monitoring their state of completion, production of log books, billing, statistics, and transfer of diagnoses to other hospital depart ...1977602910
contact dermatitis from plants of the caper family, capparidaceae. effects on the skin of some plants which yield isothiocyanates. 19744851166
the presidential prize caper. 197417756749
[on constituents of caper-spurge seed (lathyridis seed). i. isolation and reactions of epoxylathyrol (author's transl)]. 19734797477
computers in behavioral science. a comprehensive automated psychological examination and report (caper). 19734146026
florida's tin can caper. 20115040555
phytochemical and pharmacological properties of capparis spinosa as a medicinal plant.over the past decades, there has been increasing attention on polyphenol-rich foods including fruits and vegetables on human health. polyphenols have been shown to possess some potential beneficial effects on human health and they are widely found in foods consumed by populations worldwide. capparis spinosa (c. spinosa) is an important source of different secondary metabolites of interest to humankind. the traditional therapeutic applications of c. spinosa have been reported in ancient romans. n ...201829364841
antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of capparis spinosa l. fractions and quercetin on tert-butyl hydroperoxide- induced acute liver damage in mice.the present study investigates the antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of capparis spinosa l. and quercetin in tert-butyl hydroperoxide (t-bhp) induced acute liver damage. different fractions of c. spinosa were examined for total phenolic content and antioxidant property. among these fractions, hydroalcoholic extract was used to assess the hepatoprotective effect in tert-butyl hydroperoxide (t-bhp) induced hepatotoxicity model by determining serum biochemical markers, sleeping time and anti ...201829321999
geochemical caper fingerprints as a tool for geographical origin identification.the identification of geographical origin of food products is important for both consumers and producers to ensure quality and avoid label falsifications. the caper plant (capparis spinosa l., brassicales capparidaceae), a xerophytic shrub common in the mediterranean area, produces buds and fruits that are commercialized in brine at high price. those grown in italy in the aeolian islands are renowned for their high quality. this study is aimed to establish a correlation between the geological an ...201829299859
capparis spinosa l. in a systematic review: a xerophilous species of multi values and promising potentialities for agrosystems under the threat of global warming.caper (capparis spinosa l.) is a xerophytic shrub with a remarkable adaptability to harsh environments. this plant species is of great interest for its medicinal/pharmacological properties and its culinary uses. its phytochemical importance relies on many bioactive components present in different organs and its cultivation can be of considerable economic value. moreover, taxonomic identification of c. spinosa l. has been difficult due to its wide heterogeneity, and many authors fell into confusi ...201729118777
antioxidant and diuretic activity of co-administration of capparis spinosa honey and propolis in comparison to study the antioxidant properties of capparis spinosa (c. spinosa) honey and propolis and the effect of combined honey and propolis administration on urine volume and electrolytes in rats.201729111193
selected hepatoprotective herbal medicines: evidence from ethnomedicinal applications, animal models, and possible mechanism of actions.insight into the hepatoprotective effects of medicinally important plants is important, both for physicians and researchers. main reasons for the use of herbal medicine include their lesser cost compared with conventional drugs, lesser undesirable drug reactions and thus high safety, and reduced side effects. the present review focuses on the composition, pharmacology, and results of experimental trials of selected medicinal plants: silybum marianum (l.) gaertn., glycyrrhiza glabra, phyllanthus ...201729047177
antidiabetic properties of capparis spinosa l. and its increasing line of evidence confirmed that apart from conventional hypoglycemic drugs, diet and medicinal plants have beneficial effects on diabetes. capparis spinosa l. (caper) is a perennial shrub in the capparidaceae family. it grows in different regions of the world, particularly in asian and african countries. a wide range of biological activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial, and antidiabetic effects have been reported for this plant. in this review, ...201728551550
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