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use of cover and the need to breathe: the effects of hypoxia on vulnerability of dwarf gouramis to predatory snakeheads.the behavior of dwarf gouramis (colisa lalia, pisces, belontiidae) and their vulnerability to predation by snakeheads (channa micropeltes, pisces, channidae) were observed at four dissolved oxygen concentrations. when the oxygen level was near saturation (8 ppm) or only moderately reduced (3 ppm), the gouramis rarely breathed air and spent most of their time in a patch of artificial vegetation. at extremely low oxygen concentrations (1 and 0 ppm) the gouramis increased their air-breathing freque ...198728311416
gnathostoma infection in fish caught for local consumption in nakhon nayok province, thailand i. prevalence and fish species.between august 2000 and august 2001, 12,216 fish of 73 species were purchased from several local markets in nakhon nayok province, thailand, and examined for the presence of gnathostoma larvae. almost all species were fresh-water fish that had grown naturally, rather than raised commercially. eight species were found to be infected with gnathostome larvae. the overall prevalence was 5.1% (626/12,216) and a total of 5,969 larvae was recovered. the highest rate of infection (30.1 %) was found in m ...200415689060
use of cestodes as indicator of heavy-metal pollution.thirty snakehead fish, channa micropeltes (cuvier, 1831) were collected at lake kenyir, malaysia. muscle, liver, intestine and kidney tissues were removed from each fish and the intestine was opened to reveal cestodes. in order to assess the concentration of heavy metal in the environment, samples of water in the surface layer and sediment were also collected. tissues were digested and the concentrations of manganese (mn), zinc (zn), copper (cu), cadmium (cd) and lead (pb) were analysed by using ...201323146722
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