trianchoratus longianchoratus sp. n. (monogenea: ancyrocephalidae: heteronchocleidinae) from channa lucius (osteichthyes: channidae) in peninsular new and three previously described species of trianchoratus price et berry, 1966 were collected from the gills of channa lucius (cuvier) and channa striata (bloch) from the bukit merah reservoir, perak and endau-rompin, pahang, peninsular malaysia. they are trianchoratus longianchoratus sp.n., t. malayensis lim, 1986 and t. pahangensis lim, 1986 from c. lucius, and t. ophicephali lim, 1986 from c. striata. the new species differs from the trianchoratus species hitherto described from channid ...200919827361
gnathostoma infection in fish caught for local consumption in nakhon nayok province, thailand i. prevalence and fish species.between august 2000 and august 2001, 12,216 fish of 73 species were purchased from several local markets in nakhon nayok province, thailand, and examined for the presence of gnathostoma larvae. almost all species were fresh-water fish that had grown naturally, rather than raised commercially. eight species were found to be infected with gnathostome larvae. the overall prevalence was 5.1% (626/12,216) and a total of 5,969 larvae was recovered. the highest rate of infection (30.1 %) was found in m ...200415689060
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