prokaryotic expression of a constitutively expressed tephrosia villosa defensin and its potent antifungal activity.plant defensins are small, highly stable, cysteine-rich antimicrobial peptides produced by the plants for inhibiting a broad-spectrum of microbial pathogens. some of the well-characterized plant defensins exhibit potent antifungal activity on certain pathogenic fungal species only. we characterized a defensin, tvd1 from a weedy leguminous herb, tephrosia villosa. the open reading frame of the cdna was 228 bp, which codes for a peptide with 75 amino acids. expression analyses indicated that this ...200818726095
larvicidal, antimicrobial and brine shrimp activities of extracts from cissampelos mucronata and tephrosia villosa from coast region, tanzania.abstract:201121513544
enhanced antifungal and insect α-amylase inhibitory activities of alpha-tvd1, a peptide variant of tephrosia villosa defensin (tvd1) generated through in vitro mutagenesis.tvd1 is a small, cationic, and highly stable defensin from the weedy legume, tephrosia villosa with demonstrated in vitro antifungal activity. we show here peptide modifications in tvd1 that lead to enhanced antifungal activities. three peptide variants, s32r, d37r, and alpha-tvd1 (-g-m-t-r-t-) with variations in and around the β2-β3 loop region that imposes the two β-strands, β2 and β3 were generated through in vitro mutagenesis. alpha-tvd1 exhibited enhanced antifungal activity against the fun ...201222244814
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