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[on the nutrition of brachymystax lenok pallas in the foot-hill tributaries of the amur]. 195114810162
[test systems for biomonitoring based on membrane-bound enzyme complexes. v. mixed-function monooxygenase induction in the liver microsomes of lake baikal fish].the content of cytochrome p450 and monooxygenase activity has been studied in the liver of baikal fishes (coregonus automnalis, thymallus articus, brachymystax lenok and cottocomphorus greminsky). the administration of 3-methylcholanthrene increases considerably the level of metabolic activity of microsomal fraction and cytochrome p450 content in liver. the data of microsomal fractions of rats and fishes liver electrophoresis have shown that xenobiotic causes the synthesis of similar according t ...19854063411
[restriction analysis of mitochondrial dna of the two forms of lenok brachymystax lenok (pall.) and taimen hucho taimen (pall.)].mitochondrial dna analysis of the blunt-snouted and sharp-snouted lenoks of the sympatric zone (amur basin) and blunt-snouted lenok of two allopartic populations (north-eastern and southern primorye) as well as taimen was carried out with 12 restriction endonucleases. nine mtdna clones were resolved: in fours for each form of lenok and one for taimen. estimation of the average percent of nucleotide differences of mtdna (tau) obtained for one sample of sharp-snouted lenok was 0.51 + 0.17. for blu ...19938335238
molecular systematics of salmonidae: combined nuclear data yields a robust phylogeny.the phylogeny of salmonid fishes has been the focus of intensive study for many years, but some of the most important relationships within this group remain unclear. we used 269 genbank sequences of mitochondrial dna (from 16 genes) and nuclear dna (from nine genes) to infer phylogenies for 30 species of salmonids. we used maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood to analyze each gene separately, the mtdna data combined, the nuclear data combined, and all of the data together. the phylogeny with ...200415062801
[a description of the new species of tetraonchus strelkowi sp.n. (monogenea: tetraonchidae) from gills of the lenok (brachymastix lenok) from the tola river (mongolia) ].tetraonchus strelkowi sp. n. described from gills of the lenok brachymastix lenok from the tola river (mongolia) differs from t. roytmani by morphometric characteristics of the haptor and copulatory complex.200714658315
[first record of tetraonchus awakurai (monogenea: tetraonchidae) on gills of a lenok brachymystax tumensis in primor'e].drawings, description and size characteristics are given for tetraonchus awakurai, which is registered for the first time from brachymystax tumensis in the ussury river (primorye). the t. awakurai from the ussury river differs from the typical forms living in water reservoirs of japan by the measurements of external and internal lengths of anchors and copulatory complex.200714515512
[analysis of parasitic communities in fishes from lake baikal].analysis of infracommunities and component communities of fish parasites in lake baikal has been conducted for the first time. it has been revealed that parasite infracommunities for the majority of baikal fishes are weakly balanced and impoverished (the berger-parker index is > 0.5; evension is < 0.5; the brillouin index is < 1). the highest diversity and balance of the communities are characteristic for carnivorous fishes (brachymystax lenok, hucho taimen, thymallus arcticus, esox lucius, and ...200716755724
biological activities of recombinant manchurian trout fsh and lh: their receptor specificity, steroidogenic and vitellogenic potencies.gonadotropins (gths), fsh and lh, play central roles in vertebrate reproduction. here, we report the production of biologically-active recombinant fsh (r-mtfsh) and lh (r-mtlh) of an endangered salmon species, manchurian trout (brachymystax lenok), by baculovirus in silkworm (bombyx mori) larvae. the biological activities of the recombinant hormones were analyzed using cos-7 cell line transiently expressing either amago salmon fsh or lh receptor. the steroidogenic potency of the r-mtfsh and r-mt ...200717242173
seasonality of gyrodactylus brachymystacis ergens on farmed rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum), in central china, with a report of an infection on wild manchurian trout, brachymystax lenok (pallas). 200819017070
amplification of rainbow trout microsatellites in brachymystax lenok.brachymystax lenok is a cold freshwater fish accustomed to inhabit relatively high concentration of dissolved oxygen and clean upper streams. here we present 13 polymorphic microsatellite primer pairs from rainbow trout to amplify in 32 b. lenok individuals from ussuri river of china. the number of alleles ranged from two to seven with an average of 3.9 per locus. observed heterozygosity ranged from 0.0625 to 0.9677. one locus showed significant deviation from hardy-weinberg equilibrium. these 1 ...200821586095
[phylogenetic relationships of sakhalin taimen parahucho perryi inferred from pcr-rflp analysis of mitochondrial dna].rflp analysis of three amplified mtdna fragments (cytb/d-loop, nd1/nd2, and nd3/nd4l/nd4) was performed in the following taxa: parahucho perryi, hucho taimen, brachymystax lenok, b. tumensis, salmo salar, salvelinus leucomaenis, and s. levanidovi. for mtdna of p. perryi, a substantial decrease in the haplotype and nucleotide diversity was observed as a result of random genetic drift, caused by a reduction in the effective population size. nucleotide divergence estimates between the mtdna haploty ...200818767536
the evolutionary history of sharp- and blunt-snouted lenok (brachymystax lenok (pallas, 1773)) and its implications for the paleo-hydrological history of siberia.broad-scale phylogeographic studies of freshwater organisms provide not only an invaluable framework for understanding the evolutionary history of species, but also a genetic imprint of the paleo-hydrological dynamics stemming from climatic change. few such studies have been carried out in siberia, a vast region over which the extent of pleistocene glaciation is still disputed. brachymystax lenok is a salmonid fish distributed throughout siberia, exhibiting two forms hypothesized to have undergo ...200818254941
dietary lipid level induced antioxidant response in manchurian trout, brachymystax lenok (pallas) larvae.this study was designed to determine the nutritional lipid requirement of manchurian trout and to investigate the effects of lipid concentrations on the antioxidant status in larvae with experimental diets with different lipid levels. oxidative stress differences between different organs and tissues were also assessed. manchurian trout larvae were fed for 35 days and, during that period, growth and survival, the activity of superoxide dismutase (sod), catalase (cat), glutathione peroxidase (gpx) ...200919504140
perspectives on fish gonadotropins and their receptors.teleosts lack a hypophyseal portal system and hence neurohormones are carried by nerve fibers from the preoptic region to the pituitary. the various cell types in the teleost pituitary are organized in discrete domains. fish possess two gonadotropins (gth) similar to fsh and lh in other vertebrates; they are heterodimeric hormones that consist of a common alpha subunit non-covalently associated with a hormone-specific beta subunit. in recent years the availability of molecular cloning techniques ...201019686749
complete mitochondrial genomes of two lenoks, brachymystax lenok and brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis.the circular mitochondrial genomes of brachymystax lenok and b. lenok tsinlingensis are 16,832 and 16,669 bp in length, respectively. the mitogenomes of two lenoks shared common features with those of other teleosts in terms of gene arrangement, base composition, and transfer rna structures. the two genomes have an overall nucleotide sequence identity of 98.3%. through the comparisons between the two lenoks, we found their gene arrangement, composition, and sizes are the same, and the a+t conten ...201222708865
leech-like parasites (clitellata, acanthobdellida) infecting native and endemic eastern siberian salmon fishes.salmonoid fish bdellosis is caused by leech-like ectoparasites in the monogenetic order acanthobdellida. although acanthobdella species have been known to infect several threatened species in eurasia, little is known about their ecology and epidemiology. in this paper, we report on the mass affection (up to 70.7%) of fish in lower course of the chechuj river, a right tributary of the lena and provide information on finding acanthobdella peledina on two of six salmonoid fish species inhabiting th ...201222645444
steroidogenic response of carp ovaries to piscine fsh and lh depends on the reproductive phase.the gonadotropins (gths) follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) and luteinizing hormone (lh) are the key regulators of reproduction. we determined the competence of heterologous recombinant gths at eliciting steroid secretion from carp ovaries at different reproductive stages. we collected carp ovaries at: early, mid and end vitellogenesis, when most of the oocytes still contained a germinal vesicle (gv) at a central stage, and mature ovaries with a migrating gv. plasma estradiol (e2) levels at earl ...201222522050
production and characterization of recombinant manchurian trout thyrotropin.thyrotropin (thyroid-stimulating hormone, tsh), a heterodimeric glycoprotein hormone produced in the pituitary, stimulates the thyroid gland and release of thyroid hormones. in contrast to a well-known efficacy of recombinant mammalian tshs, there is no report about the production of teleost recombinant tsh and its biological activity. in this study, we report the production of a single-chain recombinant tsh (mttsh) of manchurian trout (brachymystax lenok), by baculovirus in silkworm (bombyx mor ...201323519897
structural and functional characterization of cath_brale, the defense molecule in the ancient salmonoid, brachymystax lenok.thick-lipped lenok, brachymystax lenok is one of the ancient fish species in china and northeast asia countries. due to the overfishing, the population of lenok has been declined significantly. cathelicidins are innate immune effectors that possess both bactericidal activities and immunomodulatory functions. this report identifies and characterizes the salmonoid cathelicidin (cath_brale) from this ancient fish. it consists of open reading frame (orf) of 886 bp encoding the putative peptide of 19 ...201323390641
mitochondrial dna variation and introgression in siberian taimen hucho taimen.siberian taimen hucho taimen is the largest representative of the family salmonidae inhabiting rivers of northern eurasia. the species is under intensive aquaculture activity. to monitor natural taimen populations we have sequenced a portion (8,141 bp) of the mitochondrial (mt) genome in 28 specimens of h. taimen from six localities in the amur river basin. nucleotide variability is low (π = 0.0010), but structured in two divergent haplotype groups. a comparison of the data with the genbank h. t ...201323951096
[assessment of nanophyetus salmincola schikhobalowl (skrjiabin et podjiapolskaja, 1931) infestation of salmonlike fishes in the rivers of the khabarovsk territory].parasitological investigations of 529 specimens of 7 fish species from the water basins of the khabarovsk territory in 2009-2013 revealed the high extensity (11.7 to 100%) and intensity (as many as 9341 larvae per fish) of invasion with n. s. schikhobalowi metacercaria in salmonlike fishes from the mountain tributaries (khor, anyui, and manoma) of the amur river. the examined specimens of four salmonlike fish species (thymallus tugarinae, hucho taimen, brachymystax tumensis and b. lenok) showed ...201425286547
isolation and characterization of fourteen novel microsatellite loci from brachymystax lenok tsinlingensi. 201425201821
[effect of locomotion and feeding on metabolic mode of juvenile lenok, brachymystax lenok (pallas) under different water temperatures].to investigate the effect of locomotion and feeding on the metabolic mode of juvenile lenok, brachymystax lenok (pallas) under different water temperatures, the pre-exercise oxygen consumption rate (mo2p), active oxygen consumption rate (mo2a), metabolic scope (ms), critical swimming speed (uc) and swimming metabolic rate of both fasting and fed fish were measured at five temperature levels (4 degrees c, 8 degrees c, 12 degrees c, 16 degrees c and 20 degrees c) and ten flow velocities with satur ...201425011313
the complete mitochondrial genome of brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis (salmoninae, salmonidae) and its intraspecific variation.the manchurian trout, brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis, is endangered in korea, where the southern range limit for this cold-freshwater fish occurs. in this study, the complete mitochondrial genome of korean b. lenok tsinlingensis was sequenced and its genetic characteristics were identified. the mitogenome of b. lenok tsinlingensis comprises 16,748 base pairs containing 37 genes (13 protein-coding genes, 22 trna genes, and 2 rrna genes) and one major non-coding region (control region), making i ...201526188159
phylogeographic structure of brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis (salmonidae) populations in the qinling mountains, shaanxi, based on mtdna control region.brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis is an endangered freshwater fish and distributed in mountains steams of qinling mountains, china. in this study, a comparative study of the mtdna control region (d-loop) was performed to analyze its natural population structure and the genetic diversity of 53 individuals from four locations (tb, yx, lx and zz populations). sequence analysis revealed three different domains and two feature sequences of the control region. the estimated haplotype and nucleotide div ...201524409920
[epizootological characterization of trematodiasis foci in the ecosystem of the amur river in the khabarovsk territory].investigations were conducted in late june to early june 2013. the population density of mollusks of the genus juga in the shoreline and littoral covered by meadow waters was 10 to 30 specimens/m2; there were solitary specimens of the genus parafossarulus. fourteen out of 39 fish species were invaded by metacercariae of clonorchis. manchurian spiny loaches (leptobotia) and light's bitterling (rhodeus lighti) are first registered to be hosts of clonorchis. the metacercariae of metagonimus yokogaw ...201526152032
morphology and ultrastructure of brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis spermatozoa by scanning and transmission electron microscopy.this study was conducted to investigate brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis spermatozoa cell morphology and ultrastructure through scanning and transmission electron microscopy. findings revealed that the spermatozoa can be differentiated into three major parts: a spherical head without an acrosome, a short mid-piece, and a long, cylindrical flagellum. the mean length of the spermatozoa was 36.11±2.84μm, with a spherical head length of 2.78±0.31μm. the mean anterior and posterior head widths were 2 ...201627375213
successful cryopreservation of spermatogonia in critically endangered manchurian trout (brachymystax lenok).because of the lack of cryopreservation techniques for fish eggs and embryos, cryopreservation of fish spermatogonia and subsequent generation of eggs and sperm would be an exit strategy for the long-term preservation of genetic resources. this study aimed to optimize cryoprotectants, cooling rates, and thawing temperatures for slow freezing of spermatogonia from endangered manchurian trout (brachymystax lenok). whole testes were frozen with a cryomedium containing 1.3 m methanol, 0.2 m trehalos ...201626827783
complete mitochondrial genome of blunt-snouted lenok brachymystax tumensis (salmoniformes, salmonidae).the complete mitochondrial genomes were sequenced in two individuals of blunt-snouted lenok brachymystax tumensis. the sizes of the genomes in the two isolates were 16,754 and 16,836; the difference was due to variable number of repeat sequences within the control region. the gene arrangement, base composition, and size of the two sequenced genomes are very similar to the b. lenok and b. lenok tsinlingensis genomes previously published (jq686730 and jq686731). however, the level of divergence in ...201624865917
complete mitochondrial genome of siberian taimen, hucho taimen not introgressed by the lenok subspecies, brachymystax lenok and b. lenok tsinlingensis.the complete mitochondrial genomes were sequenced in two individuals of siberian taimen hucho taimen. the sizes of the genomes were 16,833 and 16,914 in the two isolates, representing two haplotype groups previously detected. the gene arrangement, base composition, and size of the two sequenced genomes are very similar to the h. taimen genome previously published (hq897271), but did not contain introgressed fragments from two subspecies of lenok, brachymystax lenok and b. l. tsinlingensis.201624845441
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