real-time pcr/dna melting curve-based assay to identify individual strongylid larvae recovered from ovine faecal cultures.a closed-tube real-time pcr (rt pcr) method was developed to identify individual strongylid nematode larvae recovered from ovine faecal cultures. the method builds on an earlier conventional pcr assay established by our group and similarly targets species-specific sequence motifs in the its-2 region of ribosomal dna. the new procedure combines rt pcr with dna melting curve analyses to identify species-specific amplicons, thus avoiding the need to undertake gel electrophoresis. as with the earlie ...201526526096
gastrointestinal nematode infections in roe deer (capreolus capreolus) from the nw of the iberian peninsula: assessment of some risk factors.intestinal contents of 218 roe deer hunted in the northwest (nw) of the iberian peninsula during the 2008-2009 hunting seasons were examined in order to provide information on the gastrointestinal (gi) nematode prevalence and intensity of infection and the possible influence of some environmental and intrinsic factors such as climatic conditions, age and sex. all the animals studied harboured gi nematodes, and a total of 20 different species belonging to ten genera were identified. spiculopterag ...201323433640
the efficacy of trichlorphon and naphthalophos against multiple anthelmintic-resistant nematodes of naturally infected sheep in anthelmintic efficacy trial was conducted in sheep harbouring anthelmintic-resistant worms in argentina. seventy lambs were selected from a flock that had been grazed on pastures infected with trichostrongyles previously shown to be resistant to the main anthelmintic groups. lambs were allocated to comparable groups of ten animals each and treated with trichlorphon (50 mg/kg body weight (b.w.) orally); naphthalophos (50 mg/kg b.w. orally); ivermectin (0.2 mg/kg b.w. subcutaneously); fenbendaz ...201121739383
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