focused assessment with sonography as an aid for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal perforation in a bobcat ( felis rufus ).a 10-yr-old female spayed bobcat (felis rufus) presented with a 3-day history of lethargy, anorexia, and two episodes of vomiting. an emergency field visit was scheduled to perform abdominal radiography and ultrasonography. the bobcat was assessed to be approximately 5-10% dehydrated, on the basis of decreased skin turgor and tacky mucous membranes. free peritoneal gas, reduced abdominal serosal detail, and an abnormal-appearing right-sided intestinal segment were identified in the abdominal rad ...201526667552
[distribution patterns of wild felids (carnivora: felidae) in the dry tropics of central-western mexico].the michoacán state is characterized by the existence of important environmental heterogeneity in terms of climate, topography and types of vegetation, which includes the worldwide endangered tropical dry forest. some reports indicating the presence of the six species of felids occurring in mexico in this region have been made; however, evidence to support these reports is scant, and filling this lack of information is particularly critical in the case of threatened species or habitats. the aim ...201526666133
bobcat (lynx rufus) breeding in captivity: the importance of environmental enrichment.environmental enrichment is an improvement in the biological functioning of nonhuman animals in captivity resulting from modifications to their environment; however, specifying appropriate and practical measures of enrichment is problematic. this study analyzes the behavior of 4 bobcats (lynx rufus) in the jerez zoo before and after the application of a global program of environmental enrichment that included (a) changes in the size and complexity of their installations, (b) the introduction of ...201121442505
field note: successful establishment of a phytoremediation system at a petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated shallow aquifer: trends, trials, and tribulations.we report the establishment of a mixed hybrid poplar (populus spp.) and willow (salix spp.) phytoremediation system at a fuel-contaminated site. several approaches were used to balance competing goals of cost-effectiveness yet successful tree establishment without artificial irrigation or trenching. bare root and unrooted cuttings were installed using either: (1) 1.2 m deep holes excavated with an 8 cm diameter auger using a direct-push rig and backfilled with the excavated, in situ soil; (2) 1. ...201021166278
a synthetic review of notoedres species mites and mange.notoedric mange, caused by obligately parasitic sarcoptiform notoedres mites, is associated with potentially fatal dermatitis with secondary systemic disease in small mammals, felids and procyonids among others, as well as an occasional zoonosis. we describe clinical spectra in non-chiropteran hosts, review risk factors and summarize ecological and epidemiological studies. the genus is disproportionately represented on rodents. disease in felids and procyonids ranges from very mild to death. kno ...201627608857
bobcat bite injury of the eye and ocular adnexa. 200312796276
seroprevalence of leptospirosis in lynx and bobcats from quebec. 200010769773
a multigene locus containing the manx and bobcat genes is required for development of chordate features in the ascidian tadpole larva.the manx gene is required for the development of the tail and other chordate features in the ascidian tadpole larva. to determine the structure of the manx gene, we isolated and sequenced genomic clones from the tailed ascidian molgula oculata. the manx gene contains 9 exons and encodes both major and minor manx mrnas, which differ in the length of their 5' untranslated regions. the coding region of the single-copy bobcat gene, which encodes a dead-box rna helicase, is embedded within the first ...199910079227
environmental influences on the sexual dimorphism in body size of western bobcats.sexual size dimorphism might be influenced by environmental constraints on sexual selection or by intraspecific competition between males and females. we studied bobcats (lynx rufus) in collections of museum specimens from western north america to examine these hypotheses. structural body size was estimated from several measurements of the skull, ln-transformed and indexed through principal components analysis. sexual dimorphism in body size was estimated from the difference in size index of mal ...199628307792
dental pathology of the california bobcat (lynx rufus californicus).skulls from 277 california bobcats (lynx rufus californicus) were examined macroscopically and by radiography. the majority of the skulls were from adult animals (79.8%). the skulls were from 128 male (46.2%) and 114 female (41.2%) animals and gender was unknown for the remainder. the majority (95.6%) of teeth were present for examination. only 16 teeth were identified as absent congenitally and 15 of these were incisor teeth. teeth with abnormal morphology were rare (0.5%). the two most common ...201627102444
sarcocysts in the florida bobcat (felis rufus floridanus).sarcocysts were found in the tongue, diaphragm, heart, intestinal tunica muscularis, and skeletal muscle of bobcats (felis rufus floridanus) collected in florida (usa). the tongue was found to be the best indicator tissue for sarcocysts (p less than 0.005). thirty of 60 bobcats screened were found to contain sarcocysts in at least one of the muscle tissues examined. of the positive bobcats, 28 of 28 tongues contained sarcocysts, while only 10 of 27 (37%), and 8 of 26 (31%) contained sarcocysts i ...19921548790
modifying scent-marking behavior to reduce woodchuck damage to fruit trees.woodchucks (marmota monax) damage fruit trees by gnawing on main stems during scent marking, a behavior unrelated to feeding. i tested whether damage could be reduced by providing alternative sites for scent marking or by applying predator odor to trees. nearly all hardwood stakes supplied as alternative sites for scent marking were used, and the elapsed time from activation of a burrow until onset of damage to an adjacent tree was significantly greater for sites with stakes. however, the mean l ...199127755676
mandibular squamous cell carcinoma in a bobcat (lynx rufus).a 23-yr-old female spayed bobcat (lynx rufus) presented with a 1-wk history of hypersalivation. on examination, the right mandible was markedly thickened, the right mandibular dental arcade was missing, and the oral mucosa over the right mandible was ulcerated and thickened. skull radiographs and fine needle aspirate cytology were supportive of squamous cell carcinoma. the bobcat was euthanized as a result of its poor prognosis. necropsy confirmed a diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma of t ...201627010306
developing cost-effective seismic mineral exploration methods using a landstreamer and a be fully embraced into mineral exploration, seismic data require to be acquired fast, cheaper and with minimum environmental impacts addressing also the often brown-field highly noisy environment where these surveys are employed. since 2013 and through a number of case studies, we have been testing a newly developed for urban environment, digital-based 240 m long, seismic landstreamer for mine planning and mineral exploration purposes. here, we present a pilot study examining the potential of ...201728871161
reproductive biology and population characteristics of bobcats (lynx rufus) in arkansas. 1978659992
ecology of helminth parasitism in the bobcat from west texas. 1978641672
weight of adrenal glands in the bobcat (lynx rufus). 1976932572
aspects of aging, growth, and reproduciton of bobcats from wyoming. 19751113039
effect of acute gamma radiation on wild opossum, gray fox, raccoon and bobcat. 19655884552
some notes on the histology of the ovary of the bobcat with special reference to the corpora lutea. 194918108869
immobilization of ocelots and bobcats with ketamine hydrochloride and xylazine hydrochloride.we immobilized 10 ocelots (felis pardalis), and 21 bobcats (f. rufus) in south texas (usa) during march to november 1991 with a mixture of ketamine hydrochloride (kh) and xylazine hydrochloride (xh); two ocelots were immobilized twice. species were immobilized with (mean +/- se) 14.7 +/- 1.6 mg kh/kg body mass for ocelots, 13.3 +/- 1.8 mg kh/kg for bobcats, and 1.1 +/- 0.1 mg xh/kg and 1.2 +/- 0.1 mg xh/kg for ocelots and bobcats, respectively. immobilization times in bobcats were longer (p = 0. ...19957563423
camera trap arrays improve detection probability of wildlife: investigating study design considerations using an empirical trapping is a standard tool in ecological research and wildlife conservation. study designs, particularly for small-bodied or cryptic wildlife species often attempt to boost low detection probabilities by using non-random camera placement or baited cameras, which may bias data, or incorrectly estimate detection and occupancy. we investigated the ability of non-baited, multi-camera arrays to increase detection probabilities of wildlife. study design components were evaluated for their infl ...201728422973
excystation of isospora arctopitheci rodhain, 1933 with notes on a similiar process in isospora begemina (stiles, 1891) lühe, 1906.the in vitro excystation process of sporozoites of isospora arctophitheci rodhain, 1933 from the titi marmoset saguinus geoffroyi and of isospora bigemina (stiles, 1891) lühe, 1906 from the bobcat, lynx rufus is presented. sporocysts of both species lack a stieda body and when exposed to a trypsin-sodium taurocholate (ph 7.4) excysting fluid the walls of both collapse in a similar fashion, along apparently predetermined lines. similarities and differences on excystation between. i. arctopitheci, ...19761258522
data from camera surveys identifying co-occurrence and occupancy linkages between fishers (pekania pennanti), rodent prey, mesocarnivores, and larger predators in mixed-conifer forests.these data provide additional information relevant to the frequency of fisher detections by camera traps, and single-season occupancy and local persistence of fishers in small patches of forest habitats detailed elsewhere, "landscape fuel reduction, forest fire, and biophysical linkages to local habitat use and local persistence of fishers (pekania pennanti) in sierra nevada mixed-conifer forests" [10]. the data provides insight on camera trap detections of 3 fisher predators (bobcat [lynx rufus ...201626937448
effects of porcine zona pellucida immunocontraceptives in zoo felids.methods of contraception are necessary for management of zoo felids; however, the most commonly used contraceptive (melengestrol acetate implant) is associated with serious adverse reactions with long-term use. porcine zona pellucida (pzp) vaccines are promising as contraceptives, but their safety in zoo felids has not been tested. pzp vaccine was administered to 27 female felids representing 10 species, including african lion (panthera leo), asian leopard (p. pardus), jaguar (p. onca), tiger (p ...200415526881
mark-recapture and mark-resight methods for estimating abundance with remote cameras: a carnivore case study.abundance estimation of carnivore populations is difficult and has prompted the use of non-invasive detection methods, such as remotely-triggered cameras, to collect data. to analyze photo data, studies focusing on carnivores with unique pelage patterns have utilized a mark-recapture framework and studies of carnivores without unique pelage patterns have used a mark-resight framework. we compared mark-resight and mark-recapture estimation methods to estimate bobcat (lynx rufus) population sizes, ...201525822245
traumatic stress reactivity promotes excessive alcohol drinking and alters the balance of prefrontal cortex-amygdala stress disorder (ptsd) and alcoholism are highly comorbid in humans and have partially overlapping symptomatic profiles. the aim of these studies was to examine the effects of traumatic stress (and stress reactivity) on alcohol-related behaviors and neuronal activation patterns. male wistar rats were trained to respond for alcohol, were exposed to predator odor (bobcat urine) paired with context and were tested for short- and long-term avoidance of the predator odor-paired context ...201323982628
serum chemistry, hematologic, and post-mortem findings in free-ranging bobcats (lynx rufus) with notoedric mange.notoedric mange was responsible for a population decline of bobcats ( lynx rufus ) in 2 southern california counties from 2002-2006 and is now reported to affect bobcats in northern and southern california. with this study we document clinical laboratory and necropsy findings for bobcats with mange. bobcats in this study included free-ranging bobcats with mange (n = 34), a control group of free-ranging bobcats without mange (n = 11), and a captive control group of bobcats without mange (n = 19). ...201323957865
integrated modeling of bilateral photo-identification data in mark-recapture analyses.when natural marks provide sufficient resolution to identify individual animals, noninvasive sampling using cameras has a number of distinct advantages relative to "traditional" mark-recapture methods. however, analyses from photo-identification records often pose additional challenges. for example, it is often unclear how to link left- and right-side photos to the same individual, and previous studies have primarily used data from just one side for statistical inference. here we describe how a ...201323951706
carnivore use of avocado orchards across an agricultural-wildland gradient.wide-ranging species cannot persist in reserves alone. consequently, there is growing interest in the conservation value of agricultural lands that separate or buffer natural areas. the value of agricultural lands for wildlife habitat and connectivity varies as a function of the crop type and landscape context, and quantifying these differences will improve our ability to manage these lands more effectively for animals. in southern california, many species are present in avocado orchards, includ ...201323844147
interspecific interactions between wild felids vary across scales and levels of urbanization.ongoing global landscape change resulting from urbanization is increasingly linked to changes in species distributions and community interactions. however, relatively little is known about how urbanization influences competitive interactions among mammalian carnivores, particularly related to wild felids. we evaluated interspecific interactions between medium- and large-sized carnivores across a gradient of urbanization and multiple scales. specifically, we investigated spatial and temporal inte ...201526811767
mapping behavioral landscapes for animal movement: a finite mixture modeling approach.because of its role in many ecological processes, movement of animals in response to landscape features is an important subject in ecology and conservation biology. in this paper, we develop models of animal movement in relation to objects or fields in a landscape. we took a finite mixture modeling approach in which the component densities are conceptually related to different choices for movement in response to a landscape feature, and the mixing proportions are related to the probability of se ...201323734492
disease and freeways drive genetic change in urban bobcat populations.urbanization profoundly impacts animal populations by causing isolation, increased susceptibility to disease, and exposure to toxicants. genetic effects include reduced effective population size, increased population substructure, and decreased adaptive potential. we investigated the influence that urbanization and a disease epizootic had on the population genetics of bobcats (lynx rufus) distributed across a highly fragmented urban landscape. we genotyped more than 300 bobcats, sampled from 199 ...201525667604
pleistocene and ecological effects on continental-scale genetic differentiation in the bobcat (lynx rufus).the potential for widespread, mobile species to exhibit genetic structure without clear geographic barriers is a topic of growing interest. yet the patterns and mechanisms of structure--particularly over broad spatial scales--remain largely unexplored for these species. bobcats occur across north america and possess many characteristics expected to promote gene flow. to test whether historical, topographic or ecological factors have influenced genetic differentiation in this species, we analysed ...201222548482
severe mammal declines coincide with proliferation of invasive burmese pythons in everglades national park.invasive species represent a significant threat to global biodiversity and a substantial economic burden. burmese pythons, giant constricting snakes native to asia, now are found throughout much of southern florida, including all of everglades national park (enp). pythons have increased dramatically in both abundance and geographic range since 2000 and consume a wide variety of mammals and birds. here we report severe apparent declines in mammal populations that coincide temporally and spatially ...201222308381
scavenging behavior of lynx rufus on human remains during the winter months of southeast texas.animal-scavenging alterations on human remains can be mistaken as human criminal activity. a 32-day study, documenting animal scavenging on a human cadaver, was conducted at the southeast texas applied forensic science facility, sam houston state university, huntsville, texas. a stealth cam rogue ir was positioned near the cadaver to capture scavenging activity. an atypical scavenger, the bobcat, lynx rufus, was recorded feeding on the cadaver. scavenging by bobcats on human remains is not a pre ...201222236440
a comparison of two field chemical immobilization techniques for bobcats (lynx rufus).anesthetic protocols that allow quick induction, short processing time, and rapid reversal are necessary for researchers performing minimally invasive procedures (including morphometric measurements or attachment of radiocollars). the objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of medetomidine and butorphanol as a substitute for xylazine in ketamine-based field immobilization protocols for bobcats (lynx rufus) to reduce recovery and total field times. during 2008 and 2009, 11 bobca ...201122204051
development of a pcr assay to detect papillomavirus infection in the snow leopard.papillomaviruses (pvs) are a group of small, non-encapsulated, species-specific dna viruses that have been detected in a variety of mammalian and avian species including humans, canines and felines. pvs cause lesions in the skin and mucous membranes of the host and after persistent infection, a subset of pvs can cause tumors such as cervical malignancies and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in humans. pvs from several species have been isolated and their genomes have been sequenced, thereby ...201121767399
assessing noise exposures in farm youths.this exploratory study evaluated the feasibility of field exposure assessment methods to characterize the noise sources and levels that farm youths experience during a typical workday.200718086651
clinical use of bobcat: testing reliability and validity of computerized pure-tone audiometry with noise-exposed workers, children and the investigation was conducted to determine the feasibility of implementing computerized audiometry in various clinical groups, using the battery of basic computerized audiometry tests (bobcat). reliability, validity and speed of execution were assessed as a function of hearing loss in a group of noise-exposed workers. children and the aged were also included to represent potentially 'more-difficult-to-test' patients due to fluctuating attention, motivation and/or response behavior. children wer ...19938447762
multimark: an r package for analysis of capture-recapture data consisting of multiple "noninvasive" marks.i describe an open-source r package, multimark, for estimation of survival and abundance from capture-mark-recapture data consisting of multiple "noninvasive" marks. noninvasive marks include natural pelt or skin patterns, scars, and genetic markers that enable individual identification in lieu of physical capture. multimark provides a means for combining and jointly analyzing encounter histories from multiple noninvasive sources that otherwise cannot be reliably matched (e.g., left- and right-s ...201526640671
effects of prey presence and scale on bobcat resource selection during winter.factors relevant to resource selection in carnivores may vary across spatial and temporal scales, both in magnitude and rank. understanding relationships among carnivore occupancy, prey presence, and habitat characteristics, as well as their interactions across multiple scales, is necessary to improve our understanding of resource selection and predict population changes. we used a multi-scale dynamic hierarchical co-occurrence model with camera data to study bobcat and snowshoe hare occupancy i ...201526581103
the airway microbiome in patients with severe asthma: associations with disease features and severity.asthma is heterogeneous, and airway dysbiosis is associated with clinical features in patients with mild-to-moderate asthma. whether similar relationships exist among patients with severe asthma is unknown.201526220531
bobcats (lynx rufus) as a model organism to investigate the effects of roads on wide-ranging carnivores.we are using bobcats (lynx rufus) as a model organism to examine how roads affect the abundance, distribution, and genetic structure of a wide-ranging carnivore. first, we compared the distribution of bobcat-vehicle collisions to road density and then estimated collision probabilities for specific landscapes using a moving window with road-specific traffic volume. next, we obtained incidental observations of bobcats from the public, camera-trap detections, and locations of bobcats equipped with ...201525832342
identification of volatile components of bobcat (lynx rufus) urine.bobcat (lynx rufus) urine reduces scent-marking activity of woodchucks (marmota monax) and feeding activity of snowshoe hares (lepus americanus) and deer (odocoileus virginianus, o. hemionus). in order to identify the semiochemicals responsible for these behavior modifications, a dichloromethane extract of the bobcat urine was analyzed by gc-ms. among the known compounds identified in the extract are phenol, indole, dimethyl sulfone, and 3-mercapto-3-methylbutanol. compounds for which spectrosco ...199124258737
[clinical trial of bobcat: 1st report on the reliability and validity of computerized pure-tone audiometry].computerized diagnostic audiometry is quickly emerging as a viable productivity tool in the audiology clinic. to date, there has been little reported on its reliability and validity with the hearing-impaired. the 'battery of basic computerized audiometric tests' (bobcat) is a computer program which puts a wide variety of clinical hearing tests under computer control. the purpose of the present study was to ascertain the reliability and validity of bobcat in the measurement of hearing sensitivity ...19883056359
assessment of subjective intensity of pain during ultrasonic supragingival calculus removal: a comparative study.the background of the following study is to measure the subjective intensity of pain using the verbal rating scale (vrs) during supragingival scaling in relation to mandibular anteriors, with an ultrasonic scaler, with 2 different inserts (slimline and focus spray)- split mouth study.201425210262
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