parasitic fauna of the lake brown trout, salmo trutta lacustris (salmonidae), a little known endemic fish from polish waters.the lake brown trout is a salmonids fish regarded as a stationary form of the migratory trout. within 2003-2004, 31 lake brown trout (salmo trutta lacustris l.) from lake wdzydze (poland), were examined for the presence of parasites following commonly used procedures. the parasites found represented digenea: diplostomum sp., posthodiplostomum cuticola (nordmann, 1832), sphaerostomum globiporum (rudolphi, 1802); cestoda: eubothrium crassum (bloch, 1779), triaenophorus nodulosus (pallas, 1781); ac ...200920209824
[leeches (hirudinea: piscicolidae and glossiphonidae) infecting lake fish in the ukiel, warniak and wulpińskie. preliminary study].the aim of the study was to determine leeches found on the lake fishes. from the lake ukiel, 213 roaches (r. rutilus) and from the lake wulpińskie 202 were examined between nov. 1988 and dec. 1999. from the warniak 258 roaches and 9 tenches (tinca tinca) were examined between may 1998 and nov. 1999. warniak on roach (r. rutilus) 4 piscicola geometra and hemiclepis marginata on the fish body were found, tench (tinca tinca) p. geometra were found on gills. ukiel on roach piscicola pojmanskae on gi ...200016886362
[development of the trypanosomes (trypanosoma) and cryptobians (cryptobia) of carp and tench in the leech piscicola geometra].the paper presents the results of studies of the development of trypanosomes and cryptobiae of carp and tench in piscicola geometra. the paper describes an unknown way of reproduction by means of fusion of individuals and formation of cystlike bodies, the subsequent development of which results in a special form schizogony with a formation of rosettes.20093975069
[a report of ectoparasite piscicola geometra (linnaeus, 1761) (hirudinea: rhynchobdellida) on roach (rutilus rutilus (linnaeus, 1758)) from uluabat lake].an ectoparasite leech piscicola geometra were found on female roach (rutilus rutilus) between the anus and lateral line during the biometric measurements for the purpose of monitoring the fish population in uluabat lake. p. geometra was previously reported on carassius gibelio and tinca tinca from lake uluabat. it was understood with this case report that r. rutilus also is a host fish for p. geometra in uluabat lake.201122198920
[The Seasonal Distribution and Effect of Tench Fish (Tinca tinca L., 1758) Helminthes Parasites Living in Terkos Lake].Objective: The aim of this study, carried out from August, 2009 to July, 2010, was to determine the seasonal distribution of tench fish (Tinca tinca L. 1758) helminthes inhabiting the Terkos lake. Methods: Living fish gathered from the study area were brought into the laboratory. The species analysis done by ecto and endo parasites of the fish were investigated. Results: During the study, a total of 165 tenches (T. tinca) were investigated. Endoparasites in tenches were f ...201122203507
the parasite community of the nase chondrostoma nasus (l. 1758) from austrian rivers.between april 2003 and november 2006 a total of 191 individuals of the predominantly herbivorous fish species nase chondrostoma nasus (l. 1758) were examined for parasites from six river sites in austria. the following parasite taxa were recovered - ciliata: trichodina sp., chilodonella piscicola, ichthyophthirius multifiliis; myxozoa: myxobolus muelleri (cysts) and myxobolus sp. (cysts); monogenea: dactylogyrus vistulae, d. chondrostomi and dactylogyrus spp., gyrodactylus sp., diplozoon paradox ...201020831848
five ectoparasites from turkish fish.five ectoparasites were collected during the period of 2002-2005 from fish of mediterranean sea, aegean sea and inland waters of turkey: four crustaceans [ergasilus mosulensis and pennella instructa (copepoda), ceratothoa steindachneri (isopoda) and argulus foliaceus (branchiura)] and one annelida (piscicola geometra) were found. the species, e. mosulensis, p. instructa and c. steindachneri have been reported for first time in turkish waters, and a. foliaceus and p. geometra for the time from th ...200717594661
[metazoan parasites of bream (abramis brama linnaeus, 1758) in lake durusu (terkos)].in this study, metazoan parasites of bream (abramis brama linnaeus, 1758) in the lake durusu (terkos) were investigated between june 2002 and may 2003. during this study, a total of 67 bream were examined for the presence of metazoan parasites. ten species of parasites were found on 64 of the 67 fish examined. these parasites are: dactylogyrus sphyrna (linstow, 1878) and d. distinguendus (nybelin, 1936) monogenoidea, caryophyllaeus laticeps (pallas, 1781) cestoidea, tetracotyle sp, diplostomum s ...200617160860
parasite fauna of the eel, anguilla anguilla (linnaeus, 1758), from the polish part of the vistula lagoon.eel is one of the most valuable commercial fish species of the vistula lagoon. for this reason its infection by non-indigenous species of parasites is the subject of the interest of sciencists.200617120993
metazoa parasites of the invasive round goby apollonia melanostoma (neogobius melanostomus) (pallas) (gobiidae: osteichthyes) in the gulf of gdańsk, baltic sea, poland: a comparison with the black sea.the known metazoa parasite fauna of the invasive round goby apollonia melanostoma (formerly neogobius melanostomus) consists of 12 species. the core of the parasite fauna comprises two species: cryptocotyle concavum and diplostomum spathaceum; secondary species are absent; satellite species include cercariae gen. sp. and ergasilus sieboldi; rare species are acanthocephalus lucii, anguillicola crassus, bothriocephalus sp., dichelyne minutus, hysterothylacium aduncum, pomphorhynchus laevis, piscic ...200717048001
population dynamics of piscicola geometra (hirudinea: rhynchobdellida) on oreochromis niloticus (cichlidae) cultured in a rainforest fish pond, south eastern nigeria.the distribution, abundance and intensity of the annelid worm, piscicola geometra(leeches) infecting oreochromis niloticus cultured in a rainforest fish pond, south eastern nigeria was studied over a 12 months period. three hundred fish were examined of which 48.3% were infected. infection occurred throughout the year, with a peak in february. female fish had a significantly higher intensity of infection(p < 0.05) than males. there was a clear seasonal periodicity in the degree of infection and ...200212491729
[the parasite fauna of east germany. 9. the helminth fauna of lutra lutra].alimentary tract, liver, kidneys and lungs of 25 otters, died of several causes during 1982-1987 in gdr were included in helminthological investigations. parasites were detected in 8 animals. one cestode: taenia martis and 3 trematodes: isthmiophora melis, opisthorchis felineus and pseudamphistomum truncatum are regarded to be certain parasites of this host. other findings like ligula intestinalis, azygia luccii and piscicola geometra and the fragment of a pseudophyllidean enter the alimentary t ...19883177936
development of trypanoplasma borreli (mastigophora: kinetoplastida) in the leech vector piscicola geometra and its infectivity for the common carp, cyprinus carpio.the development of trypanoplasma borreli in the crop of the leech vector piscicola geometra was characterized by significant changes in morphology. immediately after ingestion by the leech, stumpy-shaped t. borreli predominated and numerous dividing specimens were found. this led to long and slender trypanoplasms near the end of the infection. the infection was terminated with complete digestion of the blood stored in the crop of the leech. the longest period of infection observed was 11 days. t ...19892760765
growth, morphology and division of flagellates of the genus trypanoplasma (protozoa, kinetoplastida) in vitro.nine strains of trypanoplasms were grown in axenic culture. cultures of trypanoplasma borreli laveran and mesnil, 1901 from fish hosts blicca bjoerkna, cyprinus carpio, scardinius erythrophthalmus and tinca tinca and of t. guerneyorum minchin, 1909 from esox lucius and trypanoplasma spp. from the leech piscicola geometra were maintained in biphasic blood-agar medium snb-9 supplemented with vitamins and antibiotics. in culture, the flagellates transformed into smaller, elongated stages with a lit ...19902217113
[occurrence of hirudinea in the lakes nisko and urad with special reference to piscicola geometra (l.)].by the method of hand fishing 1886 leeches from 13 species were obtained, but by the net 3422 fishes with 798 specimens of p. geometra and 16 h. marginata were caught. p. geometra was classified as the eudominant and eurozooic. in dark phase of day the intensity and extensity of infection was higher than in the afternoon and morning hours.19911822043
experimental observations on the specificity of apatemon (australapatemon) minor (yamaguti 1933) (digenea: strigeidae) toward leech (hirudinea) second intermediate hosts.the infectivity of apatemon (australapatemon) minor cercariae to 7 species of freshwater leech was examined under laboratory conditions. the leech species exposed to infection were; erpobdella octoculata, helobdella stagnalis, glossiphonia heteroclita, glossiphonia complanata, hemiclepsis marginata, piscicola geometra, and theromyzon tessulatum. five species were capable of acting as second intermediate hosts. despite this broad specificity only erpobdella octoculata and helobdella stagnalis cou ...19902387976
ultrastructural analysis of apoptosis and autophagy in the midgut epithelium of piscicola geometra (annelida, hirudinida) after blood feeding.cell death in the endodermal region of the digestive tract of the blood-feeding leech piscicola geometra was analyzed using light and transmission electron microscopes and the fluorescence method. sexually mature specimens of p. geometra were bred under laboratory conditions and fed on danio rerio. after copulation, the specimens laid cocoons. the material for our studies were non-feeding juveniles collected just after hatching, non-feeding adult specimens, and leeches that had been fed with fis ...201525666305
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