studies on endoparasites of the black bear (ursus americanus) in the southeastern united states.examination of 53 black bears (ursus americanus) from six states in the southeastern united states revealed at least 17 species of endoparasites, including sarcocystis sp., spirometra mansonoides (spargana), macracanthorhynchus ingens, ancylostoma caninum, arthrocephalus lotoris, baylisascaris transfuga, capillaria aerophila, capillaria putorii, crenosoma sp., cyathospirura sp., dirofilaria immitis, gnathostoma sp., gongylonema pulchrum, microfilariae, molineus barbatus, physaloptera sp. and str ...1978418189
helminth parasites of the raccoon (procyon lotor) from north-central arkansas.twenty-three species of helminths (4 trematodes, 2 cestodes, 14 nematodes, and 3 acanthocephalans) were found in the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, pancreas, tongue, urinary bladder, and subcutaneous tissues of 30 live-trapped or hunter-shot raccoons from north-central arkansas between november 1989 and april 1990. helminths were not detected in the brain, diaphragm, gallbladder, heart, liver, reproductive system, or trachea. each raccoon examined was infected with 3 or more of the following hel ...19921738063
macracanthorhynchus ingens from a child in texas.nine acanthocephala recovered over a two-month period from the stools of a 10-month-old child in texas were identified as macracanthorhynchus ingens, a common intestinal parasite of the raccoon, procyon lotor.19854037182
geographic variation in helminth parasites from the digestive tract of tennessee raccoons, procyon lotor.the stomachs and intestinal tracts of 253 raccoons, procyon lotor, were examined for helminth parasites. sixteen species of helminths were found including eight trematodes, two cestodes, five nematodes, and one acanthocephalan. fourteen of these helminths are new geographic records for the state of tennessee. multivariate statistical techniques were used to analyze two-state and multistate character sets. matrices of correlation among characters were computed and the first three principal compon ...19807365628
macracanthorhynchus ingens infection in a dog.a 4-month-old sexually intact female siberian husky was examined because of diarrhea and 4 flesh-colored annulated helminths that were recovered from the dog's feces. infection with macracanthorhynchus ingens was diagnosed on the basis of morphologic features of the adult parasites and ova. spindle-shaped eggs (mean length, 91 microm; mean width; 54 microm) were obtained from the body cavity of a gravid female specimen. the dog was treated empirically with epsiprantel (5.5 mg/kg [2.5 mg/lb] of b ...200111469574
parasitic helminths of free-ranging mink (neovison vison mink) from southern florida.five free-ranging mink, neovison vison mink, from in or near the fakahatchee strand preserve state park, collier county, florida (26 degrees 00'n, 81 degrees 25'w), were examined for parasitic helminths. nine species of helminths were identified (2 trematodes, 5 nematodes, and 2 acanthocephalans). the most prevalent parasites were molineus patens (4 of 5 mink), mean intensity 173 (range, 12-342); strongyloides sp. (4 of 5), mean intensity 48 (range, 1-170); macracanthorhynchus ingens (immature) ...200717918381
studies on the life history and development of macracanthorhynchus ingens meyer, 1933, with a redescription of the adult worm. 194620996739
macracanthorhynchus ingens infection in an 18-month-old child in florida: a case report and review of acanthocephaliasis in humans.a case of acanthocephaliasis in an 18-month-old child caused by macracanthorhynchus ingens is reported from florida. this represents only the third documented case of this species in a human host. an overview of human cases of acanthocephaliasis in the literature is presented, along with a review of the biology, clinical manifestations and pathology in the human host, morphology, and diagnosis.201627501844
helminths of sympatric striped, hog-nosed, and spotted skunks in west-central texas.twenty-eight hog-nosed skunks (conepatus leuconotus), 23 striped skunks (mephitis mephitis), and nine spotted skunks (spilogale gracilis) from an area of sympatry in west-central texas were examined for helminth parasites. shared helminth species among all three host species were one nematode (physaloptera maxillaris), two acanthocephalans (pachysentis canicola, macracanthorhynchus ingens), and one cestode (mathevotaenia mephitis). two nematodes (gongylonema sp. and filaria taxidaea) occurred in ...200617092881
defense reactions of certain spirobolid millipedes to larval macracanthorhynchus ingens. 19676066083
survival of macracanthorhynchus ingens in swine and histopathology of infection in swine and raccoons.animal husbandry aimed at preventing macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus infections in swine is not successful in preventing exposure to macracanthorhynchus ingens, and it is probable that pigs occasionally acquire acanthocephalans of that species. in some pigs, m. ingens survived 2 weeks and grew several millimeters. in such cases, destruction of villi, erosion of epithelium, leukocytic infiltration, and altered cytological structure at attachment sites accompanied the infection. penetration was l ...19863734995
helminths of the raccoon (procyon lotor) in western kentucky.seventy raccoons (procyon lotor) from western kentucky were examined for helminths from december 1985 through may 1986. twenty-three species of helminths were collected including 10 species of trematoda (brachylaima virginiana, euryhelmis squamula, eurytrema procyonis, fibricola cratera, gyrosoma singulare, maritreminoides nettae, mesostephanus appendiculatoides, metagonimoides oregonensis, paragonimus kellicotti, pharyngostomoides procyonis), 2 species of cestoda (atriotaenia procyonis, mesoces ...19873625429
epizootic and zoonotic helminths of the bobcat (lynx rufus) in illinois and a comparison of its helminth component communities across the american midwest.a total of 6257 helminths of 19 taxa were recovered from the digestive tract and lungs of 67 bobcats in illinois. infections caused by alaria mustelae, diphyllobothrium latum, and macracanthorhynchus ingens are reported for the first time in bobcats. from all the taxa recovered, only three species occurred in high prevalence and caused intense infections: taenia rileyi, alaria marcianae, and toxocara cati, with prevalence and mean intensity of 70% and 6; 42% and 193, and 25% and 14 individuals, ...201424521984
the guest playing host: colonization of the introduced mediterranean gecko, hemidactylus turcicus, by helminth parasites in southeastern louisiana.parasite surveys of exotic hosts offer the opportunity to examine parasite colonization on different scales (i.e., host individual, host population, host species, and new geographic locality). ten helminths (macracanthorhynchus ingens, mesocestoides lineatus, oochoristica javaensis, haematoloechus varioplexus, mesocoelium monas, telorchis corti, cosmocercoides variabilis, oswaldocruzia leidyi, skrjabinoptera sp., and a larval acuariid nematode) were recovered from the exotic mediterranean gecko ...200111780810
gastrointestinal helminths in raccoons in texas.raccoons (n=590) were collected from october 1999 to august 2003 from 35 counties across texas, and gastrointestinal tracts were examined for helminth parasites. prevalence was calculated and differences in mean abundance were examined among habitat ecoregions, age classes, and between sexes. twenty different species of helminths (13 nematodes, two cestodes, two acanthocephalans, and three trematodes) were positively identified in the gastrointestinal tracts of 590 raccoons in texas. five of the ...200919204330
helminth fauna of the nine-banded armadillo (dasypus novemcinctus) in north-central florida.the gastrointestinal tracts of 32 free-ranging, 9-banded armadillos (dasypus novemcinctus) from north-central florida were examined for the presence of helminths during july 1991 to november 1993. aspidodera sp. (nematoda: aspidoderidae), most closely resembling aspidodera sogandaresi, were recovered from 20 of 32 armadillos examined. total numbers of a. sogandaresi ranged from 1 to 1,021 per infected animal, and followed an inverse correlation to body condition index for those animals. the cyst ...200818564768
parasitic helminths of black bear cubs (ursus americanus) from florida.twenty-two florida black bear (ursus americanus floridanus) cubs (< or = 12 mo old) from florida were examined for endoparasites between 1998 and 2003. eleven species of helminths were found (8 nematodes, 2 trematodes, and 1 acanthocephalan). the most prevalent helminths were ancylostoma caninum (64%), macracanthorhynchus ingens (36%), strongyloides sp. (27%), baylisascaris transfuga (23%), and a. tubaeforme (14%). new host records include a. tubaeforme and brachylaima virginianum. this is the f ...200415040687
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