pcr-rflp method for the identification of four members of the anopheles annularis group of mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae).the anopheles annularis group of mosquitoes is widely distributed in southeast asia and may be locally important as malaria vectors. members of this group are morphologically very similar and often difficult to distinguish, particularly a. nivipes and a. philippinensis. we report the sequence analysis of the rdna internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) and domain-3 (d3) regions of the four members of the a. annularis group -a. nivipes, a. philippinensis, a. annularis and a. pallidus - and a method ...200716806334
bacterial isolates from laboratory colonies of anopheles annularis. 19883241069
a note on adaptation of anopheles annularis van der wulp, kanchanaburi, thailand to free mating in a 30 x 30 x 30 cm cage. 19836673134
laboratory observations on the ovipositional preferences of anopheles annularis. 19807229317
successful laboratory colonization of anopheles annularis van der wulp, 1834. 19807451936
malaria epidemiology in an area of stable transmission in tribal population of jharkhand, india.malaria remains an important health problem in india with approximately 1 million cases in 2014. of these, 7% occurred in the jharkhand state mainly in the tribal population.201728464875
molecular typing and phylogeny of wolbachia: a study from assam, north-eastern part of india.wolbachia are maternally inherited endosymbiotic alphaproteobacteria, infecting 40-75% of arthropod species. knowledge on distribution of native strains infecting mosquito vectors from endemic regions is essential for successful implementation of vector control interventions utilizing potential strains of wolbachia. study identified various native strains of wolbachia inhabiting different mosquito species from field and colonised conditions of assam. the fly drosophila melanogaster was also incl ...201728939497
molecular characterization of anopheline (diptera: culicidae) mosquitoes from eight geographical locations of sri lanka.genus anopheles is a major mosquito group of interest in sri lanka as it includes vectors of malaria and its members exist as species complexes. taxonomy of the group is mainly based on morphological features, which are not conclusive and can be easily erased while handling the specimens. a combined effort, using morphology and dna barcoding (using the markers cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (coi) gene and internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) region, was made during the present study to recognize ...201728578667
disappearance of anopheles minimus and anopheles dirus from certain malaria endemic areas of assam, india.orang primary health centre (ophc) and balipara primary health centre (bphc) of assam (india) report mosquito borne diseases annually. current study was performed to ascertain the prevalence of known malaria and japanese encephalitis (je) vectors and their possible role in disease transmission.201729026850
first record of anopheles stephensi in sri lanka: a potential challenge for prevention of malaria reintroduction.the major malaria vector in sri lanka is reported to be anopheles culicifacies with anopheles subpictus, anopheles annularis, and anopheles varuna considered as potential vectors. the occurrence of anopheles stephensi, which is the key vector of urban malaria in india and the middle east, had never been reported from sri lanka.201728797253
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