diversity, transmission, and cophylogeny of ledanteviruses (rhabdoviridae: ledantevirus) and nycteribiid bat flies parasitizing angolan soft-furred fruit bats in bundibugyo district, uganda.obligate hematophagous ectoparasitic flies of the superfamily hippoboscoidea are distributed worldwide, but their role as vectors and reservoirs of viruses remains understudied. we examined hippoboscoid bat flies (family nycteribiidae) parasitizing angolan soft-furred fruit bats (lissonycterisangolensisruwenzorii) from bundibugyo district, uganda. using metagenomic methods, we detected 21 variants of the rhabdovirid genus ledantevirus, which contains medically important "bat-associated" viruses. ...202032429498
pteropine orthoreovirus in an angolan soft-furred fruit bat (lissonycteris angolensis) in uganda dramatically expands the global distribution of an emerging bat-borne respiratory virus.pteropine orthoreovirus (prv; reoviridae: spinareovirinae) is an emerging bat-borne zoonotic virus that causes influenza-like illness (ili). prv has thus far been found only in australia and asia, where diverse old-world fruit bats (pteropodidae) serve as hosts. in this study, we report the discovery of prv in africa, in an angolan soft-furred fruit bat (lissonycteris angolensis ruwenzorii) from bundibugyo district, uganda. metagenomic characterization of a rectal swab yielded 10 dsrna genome se ...202032659960
molecular systematics and phylogeography of the tribe myonycterini (mammalia, pteropodidae) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear markers.the tribe myonycterini comprises five fruit bat species of the family pteropodidae, which are endemic to tropical africa. previous studies have produced conflicting results about their interspecific relationships. here, we performed a comparative phylogeographic analysis based on 148 complete cytochrome b gene sequences from the three species distributed in west africa and central africa (myonycteris torquata, lissonycteris angolensis and megaloglossus woermanni). in addition, we investigated ph ...201323063885
survey of ebola viruses in frugivorous and insectivorous bats in guinea, cameroon, and the democratic republic of the congo, clarify the role of bats in the ecology of ebola viruses, we assessed the prevalence of ebola virus antibodies in a large-scale sample of bats collected during 2015-2017 from countries in africa that have had previous ebola outbreaks (guinea, the democratic republic of the congo) or are at high risk for outbreaks (cameroon). we analyzed 4,022 blood samples of bats from >12 frugivorous and 27 insectivorous species; 2-37 (0.05%-0.92%) bats were seropositive for zaire and 0-30 (0%-0.75%) bats fo ...201830307845
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