immunological characteristics of pep carboxylase from leaves of c3-, c4- and c3-c4 intermediate species of alternanthera--comparison with selected c3- and c4- plants.immunological cross-reactivity of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (pepc) in leaf extracts of c3-, c4- and c3-c4 intermediate species of alternanthera (along with a few other c3- and c4- plants) was studied using anti-pepc antibodies raised against pepc of amaranthus hypochondriacus (belonging to the same family as that of alternanthera, namely amaranthaceae). antibodies were also raised in rabbits against the purified pepc from zea mays (c4- monocot-poaceae) as well as alternanthera pungens (c4- ...200112019756
alpha-pinene inhibits growth and induces oxidative stress in roots.determining the mode of action of allelochemicals is one of the challenging aspects in allelopathic studies. recently, allelochemicals have been proposed to cause oxidative stress in target tissue and induce an antioxidant mechanism. alpha-pinene, one of the common monoterpenoids emitted from several aromatic plants including forest trees, is known for its growth-inhibitory activity. however, its mechanism of action remains unexplored. the aim of the present study was to determine the inhibitory ...200617028297
a novel antiproliferative and antifungal lectin from amaranthus viridis linn seeds.a lectin from the seeds of amaranthus viridis linn has been purified by affinity chromatography on asialofetuin-linked amino activated silica. amaranthus viridis lectin (avl) has a native molecular mass of 67 kda. it is a homodimer composed of two 36.6 kda subunits. the lectin gave a single band in non-denaturing page at ph 4.5 and ph 8.3 and a single peak on hplc size exclusion and cation exchange columns. the purified lectin was specific for both t-antigen and n-acetyl-d-lactosamine, markers f ...200617100645
antinociceptive and antipyretic activities of amaranthus viridis linn in different experimental models.methanolic extract of whole plant of amaranthus viridis l (meav), was screened for antinociceptive activity using acetic acid induced writhing test, hot plate test and tail immersion test in mice. in a similar way a screening exercise was carried out to determine the antipyretic potential of the extract using yeast induced pyrexia method in rats. administration of the extracts was applied to both laboratory animals at the doses of 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight, respectively. the results of the s ...200923408482
[effect of decimeter polarized electromagnetic radiation on germinating capacity of seeds].the effect of a polarization structure of electromagnetic radiation on the germinating capacity of seeds of such weeds as green foxtail (setaria viridis) and green amaranth (amaranthus retroflexus) has been studied. seeds have been exposed to impulse electromagnetic radiation in a frequency of 896 mhz with linear, elliptical right-handed and elliptical left-handed polarizations at different power flux density levels. it is determined that the effect of the right-handed polarized electromagnetic ...201424455890
description of a nomen nudum species of liriomyza mik and the first record of liriomyza blechi spencer from brazil (insecta: diptera: agromyzidae).the nomen nudum liriomyza flagellae is formerly described in this paper as liriomyza valladaresae sp. nov., based on male and female specimens collected in the brazilian amazon and reared from leaves of alternanthera tenella and amaranthus viridis (amaranthaceae). information on the puparium and the biology of this new species are provided. the species liriomyza blechi, previously recorded from the u.s.a., guadeloupe and dominican republic, is newly recorded from brazil, reared from leaves of bl ...201627394352
chromium accumulation in medicinal plants growing naturally on tannery contaminated and non-contaminated soils.herbal preparations used to treat human ailments globally can be contaminated with various heavy metals (hms) originating from the raw materials or from the manufacturing processes. therefore, we assessed 22 medicinal plants growing naturally on tannery pollutant contaminated (site-c) and non-contaminated (site-nc) sites for their ability to accumulate chromium (cr). the cr contents in soil and various plant parts were estimated using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. translocation and bio ...201727220628
bioaccumulation and translocation of heavy metals by nine native plant species grown at a sewage sludge dump the present study, nine native plant species were collected to determine their potential to clean up nine heavy metals from soil of a sewage sludge dump site. almost all nine plant species grown at sewage sludge dump site showed multifold higher concentrations of heavy metals as compared to plants grown at the reference site. all the investigated species were characterized by a bioaccumulation factor (bf) > 1.0 for some heavy metals. bf was generally higher for cd, followed by pb, co, cr, cu, ...201627184987
a randomized ethnomedicinal survey of snakebite treatment in southwestern parts of bangladesh.snakebite is the single most important toxin-related injury, causing substantial mortality in many parts of the africa, asia and the americas. incidence of snakebite is usually recorded in young people engaged in active physical work in rural areas. the various plant parts used to treat snakebite included whole plant, leaves, barks, roots and seeds. most bites in bangladesh are recorded between may and october with highest number in june. lower and upper limbs are most common sites of snakebite, ...201627774416
estimation of anticipated performance index and air pollution tolerance index and of vegetation around the marble industrial areas of potwar region: bioindicators of plant pollution response.mitigating industrial air pollution is a big challenge, in such scenario screening of plants as a bio monitor is extremely significant. it requires proper selection and screening of sensitive and tolerant plant species which are bio indicator and sink for air pollution. the present study was designed to evaluate the air pollution tolerance index (apti) and anticipated performance index (api) of the common flora. fifteen common plant species from among trees, herb and shrubs i.e. chenopodium albu ...201525503327
rapid screening and identification of phenolic antioxidants in hydrocotyle sibthorpioides lam. by uplc-esi-ms/ms.the aim of the study was to identify the phenolic compounds present in hydrocotyle sibthorpioides (hs), centella asiatica (ca) and amaranthus viridis (av) extracts and investigate their respective antioxidant activities. herein, an ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (uplc-ms/ms) analytical method has been developed for the separation, and systematic characterization of the phenolic compounds in hs, ca and av extracts and was compared along with ten standard phenolic comp ...201626948646
anti-hmg-coa reductase, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory activities of amaranthus viridis leaf extract as a potential treatment for hypercholesterolemia.inflammation and oxidative stress are believed to contribute to the pathology of several chronic diseases including hypercholesterolemia (elevated levels of cholesterol in blood) and atherosclerosis. hmg-coa reductase inhibitors of plant origin are needed as synthetic drugs, such as statins, which are known to cause adverse effects on the liver and muscles. amaranthus viridis (a. viridis) has been used from ancient times for its supposedly medically beneficial properties. in the current study, d ...201627051453
anticomplement activity of organic solvent extracts from korea local amarantaceae spp.the study evaluated the anticomplement activity from various solvent extracts of nine amarantaceae plants (achyranthes japonica (miq.) nakai, amaranthus mangostanus l., amaranthus retroflexus l., amaranthus spinosus l., celosia argentea var. spicata., amaranthus lividus l., celosia cristata l., amaranthus viridis l., gomphrena globosa l.) from south korea on the classical pathway. we have evaluated various organic solvent extract from nine amarantaceae plants with regard to its anticomplement ac ...201221736535
changes in soil diversity and global activities following invasions of the exotic invasive plant, amaranthus viridis l., decrease the growth of native sahelian acacia species.the objectives of this study were to determine whether the invasive plant amaranthus viridis influenced soil microbial and chemical properties and to assess the consequences of these modifications on native plant growth. the experiment was conducted in senegal at two sites: one invaded by a. viridis and the other covered by other plant species. soil nutrient contents as well as microbial community density, diversity and functions were measured. additionally, five sahelian acacia species were gro ...200919656191
a survey of herbal weeds that are used to treat gastrointestinal disorders from southern thailand: krabi and songkhla provinces.weeds are plants grow naturally and are commonly seen. they are mostly used for feedstuff. however, their use as herbs for treating diseases, including gastrointestinal disorders, is rare. therefore, the present study aimed to: (1) quantify the number of herbal weeds used for treating gastrointestinal disorders; (2) study local knowledge of weed utilization for treating gastrointestinal disorders in songkhla and krabi provinces; and (3) analyse quantitative data with the informant consensus fact ...201727956357
phytotoxicity of volatile oil from eucalyptus citriodora against some weedy species.a study was undertaken to explore the phytotoxicity of volatile essential oil from eucalyptus citriodora hook. against some weeds viz. bidens pilosa, amaranthus viridis, rumex nepalensis, and leucaena leucocephala in order to assess its herbicidal activity. dose-response studies conducted under laboratory conditions revealed that eucalypt oils (in concentration ranging from 0.0012 to 0.06%) greatly suppress the germination and seedling height of test weeds. at 0.06% eucalypt oil concentration, n ...200717717987
analysis of nutritional components of eight famine foods of the republic of the western sahel, indigenous plants become important staples when cereal harvests are inadequate to support populations inhabiting that region of africa. the purpose of this study was to assess the nutrient content of several of these edible wild plants. the leaves of the following seven plant foods were analyzed: ziziphus mauritiana, cerathotheca sesamoides, moringa oleifera, leptadenia hastata, hibiscus sabdarifa, amaranthus viridis, and adansonia digitata. the fatty acid, vitamin e, carot ...19989839831
anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterolemic activity of methanol extracts of three species of investigate the anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterolemic activity of methanol extracts of leaves of amaranthus caudatus, amaranthus spinosus and amaranthus viridis in normal and streptozotocin (stz) induced diabetic rats.201123569743
assessment of heavy metal tolerance in native plant species from soils contaminated with electroplating effluent.heavy metals concentrations of (cr, zn, fe, cu and ni) were determined in plants and soils contaminated with electroplating industrial effluent. the ranges of total soil cr, zn, fe, cu and ni concentrations were found to be 1443-3240, 1376-3112, 683-2228, 263-374 and 234-335 mg kg⁻¹, respectively. metal accumulation, along with hyperaccumulative characteristics of the screened plants was investigated. present study highlighted that metal accumulation in different plants varied with species, tiss ...201121820739
amaranthus viridis linn., a common spinach, modulates c-reactive protein, protein profile, ceruloplasmin and glycoprotein in experimental induced myocardial infarcted rats.glycoprotein is one of the components of the cardiac extracellular matrix and plays an important role in cardiac remodelling during various cardiac diseases, including myocardial infarction (mi). this study was aimed at evaluating the preventive role of amaranthus viridis linn. on c-reactive protein (crp), total protein, albumin, globulin, ceruloplasmin and glycoproteins in the serum and heart of experimental induced myocardial infarcted (mi) rats.201222467439
health risk assessment and multivariate apportionment of trace metals in wild leafy vegetables from lesser himalayas, pakistan.fresh wild leafy vegetables and related soil samples were collected from lesser himalayas, pakistan to evaluate the trace metal levels and related health risk to the consumers. the samples were prepared by acid digestion, followed by quantification of selected trace metals (fe, zn, cu, mn, cr, cd and pb) on atomic absorption spectrophotometer. generally, in the vegetables highest concentrations were detected for fe, followed by zn, mn and pb. among the vegetables, highest concentrations of zn, c ...201323490195
ethnobotanical appraisal and cultural values of medicinally important wild edible vegetables of lesser himalayas-pakistan.the association among food and health is momentous as consumers now demand healthy, tasty and natural functional foods. knowledge of such food is mainly transmitted through the contribution of individuals of households. throughout the world the traditions of using wild edible plants as food and medicine are at risk of disappearing, hence present appraisal was conducted to explore ethnomedicinal and cultural importance of wild edible vegetables used by the populace of lesser himalayas-pakistan.201324034131
ethnobotanical uses of medicinal plants in the highlands of soan valley, salt range, pakistan.two thirds of the world's population relies on medicinal plants for centuries for several human pathologies. present study aimed to identify, catalogue and document the large number of medicinal plants used in traditional medicine in soan valley, salt range, pakistan.201424882732
revisiting "vegetables" to combat modern epidemic of imbalanced glucose homeostasis.vegetables have been part of human food since prehistoric times and are considered nutritionally necessary and good for health. vegetables are rich natural resource of biological antioxidants and possess capabilities of maintaining glucose homeostasis. when taken before starch-rich diet, juice also of vegetables such as ridge gourd, bottle gourd, ash gourd, chayote and juice of leaves of vegetables such as radish, indian dill, ajwain, tropical green amaranth, and bladder dock are reported to arr ...201424991093
performance of bemisia tabaci (genn.) biotype b (hemiptera: aleyrodidae) on weeds.bemisia tabaci (genn.) biotype b (hemiptera: aleyrodidae) is regarded as a pest with a large number of hosts, including crops and weeds. the performance of this whitefly on seven weeds was evaluated in order to identify the most suitable host. the following weeds that are very common in intense agricultural areas in the state of são paulo, brazil, were selected for this study: spurge (euphorbia heterophylla), beggarticks (bidens pilosa), red tasselflower (emilia sonchifolia), small-flower galins ...201427194066
an appraisal of eighteen commonly consumed edible plants as functional food based on their antioxidant and starch hydrolase inhibitory activities.eighteen edible plants were assessed for their antioxidant potential based on oxygen radical absorbance capacity (orac), 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (dpph) radical scavenging activity, total phenolics, vitamin c content and various lipophilic antioxidants. the inhibitory activities of the plant extracts against the enzymatic activities of α-amylase and α-glucosidase were also evaluated.201525491037
allelopathy ofsasa cernua.sasa (sasa cernua makino) is a very serious weed pest. its allelopathy was studied using lettuce, wheat, timothy, and green amaranth as testing species. cultured in the rhizosphere soil ofsasa cernua, the seedlings were inhibited by 42-80% compared with the controls cultured in normal soil and vermiculite. the phenolic fraction extracted with 1 m naoh from the rhizosphere soil ofs. cernua caused significant inhibitions on the seed germination and seedling growth of lettuce, timothy, green amaran ...199224254720
purification and molecular and kinetic properties of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from amaranthus viridis l. leaves.phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (ec was purified 43-fold from amaranthus viridis leaves by using a combination of ammonium-sulphate fractionation, chromatography on o-(diethylaminoethyl)-cellulose and hydroxylapatite, and filtration through sepharose 6b. the purified enzyme had a specific activity of 17.1 μmol·(mg protein)(-1)·min(-1) and migrated as a single band of relative molecular weight 100000 on sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. a homotetrameric structu ...198624232027
air-borne contact dermatitis in varanasi.forty-six patients suspected to have air borne contact dermatitis were tested with various plant antigens. thirteen patients turned out to be sensitive to one or more antigens. the plant antigens, used for testing, were parthenium hysterophorus, lantana camara, cynodon dactylon, bougainvaled spectabills, calotropis procera, argimone mexicana, acacia arabica, azadiracha indica, eucalyptus rostrata, saraka indica, triticum vulgare, triticum aestivum, dryopteris filix, nerium indicum, eclipta alba, ...201728150592
contact dermatitis due to plants.forty-seven cases of suspected plant dermatitis were patch tested with extracts of various plants. twenty-six showed positive patch tests to one or more plant antigens. parthenium sensitivity was observed in nine cases. trianthema monogyna, carissa, carandus, amaranthus viridis, amaranthus spinosus, euphorbia hirta, euphorbia thymibolia, salvia plebia, lantana camera and pennisetum typhoides were other important plants founds to be responsible for contact sensitivity. majority of the patients we ...201728193929
regulation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in c4 plants: inhibition by pyrophosphate of the enzyme from amaranthus viridis. 19806249200
tissue culture studies on amaranthus viridis.amaranthus viridis is a plant that is very widely distributed in our country, grows easily, and is eaten by low-income groups. it has been found that the proteins of this plant, like most other plants, are deficient in some essential amino acids. we were able to develop cultures from the cut-end parts of this plant tissue. the commonly used media were modified to achieve good and fast growth. results have been obtained on the techniques, histology, chromosomal, and biochemical studies which indi ...20041073214
differences in nutrient availability and mycorrhizal infectivity in soils invaded by an exotic plant negatively influence the development of indigenous acacia species.plant species (exotic invasive vs native non-invasive) colonization pattern and the relation with the soil nutrient availability and am fungi abundance, was investigated. soil samples were collected from two sites: one invaded by the exotic plant, amaranthus viridis, and one uninvaded site for chemical and am propagules density analyses. additionally, we grew five sahelian acacia species in soil from the two sites, sterilized or not, to test the involvement of soil biota in the invasion process. ...201221342746
acute toxicity of amanranthus viridus extract on guppies, poecilia reticulata.many thai plant species shows the responsible for controlling insects from the host plants. to avoid potential toxic pollutant contaminating aquatic ecosystems, this present study was investigated for acute toxicity from amaranthus viridis to guppy fish (poecilia reticulata) were selected for the bioassay experiments. the experiments were repeated 5 times and the 1-, 3- and 24-h lc50 was determined for the guppies. the acute toxicity experiments were carried out by static method and behavioral c ...201021542483
impact of botanical extracts derived from leaf extracts melia azedarach l. (meliaceae) and amaranthus viridis l. (amaranthaceae) on populations of spodoptera exigua (hübner) (lepidoptera: noctuidae) and detoxification enzyme activities.spodoptera exigua (hübner) (lepidoptera: noctuidae), an important insect pest of many field crops, has developed resistance to various insecticides, making its control increasingly difficult. this study explored the effects of senescent leaf melia azedarach l. (meliaceae) and amaranthus viridis l. (amaranthaeae) extract on second instar s. exigua larvae survival by the dipping method. we also analyzed detoxification enzyme activities of carboxylesterase and glutathione-s-transferase in in vitro ...200819226785
oxalates in some indian green leafy vegetables.the soluble and total oxalate contents of 11 leafy vegetables grown in india were determined. spinach, purple and green amaranth and colocasia contained high levels of total oxalates, which ranged from 5,138.0 +/- 37.6 mg/100 g dry matter up to 12,576.1 +/- 107.9 mg/100 g dry matter. seven other leafy vegetables (curry, drumstick, shepu, fenugreek, coriander, radish and onion stalks) contained only insoluble oxalate, which ranged from 209.0 +/- 5.0 mg/100 g dry matter to 2,774.9 +/-18.4 mg/100 g ...200818335334
evaluation of a cost effective technique for treating aquaculture water discharge using lolium perenne lam as a biofilter.wastewater stabilization ponds generate low cost by-products that are useful for agriculture. the utilization of these by-products for soil amendment and as a source of nutrients for plants requires a high level of sanitation and stabilization of the organic matter, to maintain acceptable levels of soil, water and air quality. in this study, two aquaculture wastewater treatment systems; recirculating system and a floating plant bed system were designed to improve the quality of irrigation water ...200717966513
inhibition of in vivo growth of plasmodium berghei by launaea taraxacifolia and amaranthus viridis in mice.launaea taraxacifolia and amaranthus viridis used by people of western africa in the treatment of malaria and related symptoms were assessed for their antiplasmodial value against the chloroquine sensitive strain of plasmodium berghei. crude extracts (200 mg/kg) and chloroquine (5 mg/kg) were administered to different groups of swiss mice. the percentage of parasitemia, survival time, and haematological parameters were determined. both extracts significantly (p < 0.05) inhibited parasitemia and ...201628050307
cardioprotective activity of amaranthus viridis linn: effect on serum marker enzymes, cardiac troponin and antioxidant system in experimental myocardial infarcted rats.background: cardiovascular diseases (cvds) have a high prevalence in developing and developed countries and myocardial infarction accounts for majority of deaths and disabilities. the current study dealt with the protective role of amaranthus viridis linn on isoproterenol (iso)-induced myocardial infarction (mi) in rats. methods: subcutaneous injection of iso (20mg/kg body weight in 1ml saline) to rats for two consecutive days offered significant alteration in cardiac marker enzymes (ast, alt, l ...201121962802
hexavalent chromium uptake and its effects on mineral uptake, antioxidant defence system and photosynthesis in amaranthus viridis l.the effects of different concentrations (10(-6)m, 10(-5)m and 10(-4)m) of k2cr2o7cr(vi) on some minerals (mn, fe, cu and zn), lipid peroxidation, activities of antioxidant enzymes, photosynthetic function, and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics were investigated in hydroponically grown amaranthus viridis l. results indicated that chromium was accumulated primarily in roots. in the roots and shoots, the cr content increased with the increasing cr(vi) concentrations, and induced decrease of ...200817570658
chemical composition and phytotoxicity of volatile essential oil from intact and fallen leaves of eucalyptus citriodora.a total of 23 volatile constituents was identified and characterized by gc and gc-ms in the volatile essential oil extracted from intact (juvenile and adult) and fallen (senescent and leaf litter) leaves of lemon-scented eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora hook.). the leaves differed in their pigment, water and protein content, and c/n ratio. the oils were, in general, monoterpenoid in nature with 18 monoterpenes and 5 sesquiterpenes. however, a great variability in the amount of essential oils an ...201516989303
potential of commonly consumed green leafy vegetables for their antioxidant capacity and its linkage with the micronutrient leafy vegetables (glv) offer a cheap but rich source of a number of micronutrients and other phytochemicals having antioxidant properties. the potential of 30 glv in the raw and cooked form as natural antioxidant supplements for vegetarian diets was assessed. there was a large variability in the values of antioxidant activity of various glv extracts in the lipid micelles (1.5-5.6 mm vitamin e/100 g for raw samples and 1.6-3.8 mm vitamin e/100 g for cooked samples). similar to thiobarbituri ...200314522687
effect of manures on biomass production and pharmacobiochemical properties of some greens.the present paper deals with the study of biomass production of manures in the greens such as amaranthus polygamus and amaranthus viridis of the family amaranthaceae and spinacea oleracea of the family chenopodiaceae. the medicinal uses and pharmaco - phytochemical analysis were also carried out for the plant species which are widely used as greens.200322557123
sequential sampling and biorational chemistries for management of lepidopteran pests of vegetable amaranth in the caribbean.although vegetable amaranth, amaranthus viridis l. and a. dubius mart. ex thell., production and economic importance is increasing in diversified peri-urban farms in jamaica, lepidopteran herbivory is common even during weekly pyrethroid applications. we developed and validated a sampling plan, and investigated insecticides with new modes of action, for a complex of five species (pyralidae: spoladea recurvalis (f.), herpetogramma bipunctalis (f.), noctuidae: spodoptera exigua (hubner), s. frugip ...200312852619
determination of vitamin c, b-carotene and riboflavin contents in five green vegetables organically and conventionally consumer interest in organically grown vegetables is increasing in malaysia, there is a need to answer whether the vegetables are more nutritious than those conventionally grown. this study investigates commercially available vegetables grown organically and conventionally, purchased from retailers to analyse β-carotene, vitamin c and riboflavin contents. five types of green vegetables were selected, namely chinese mustard (sawi) (brassica juncea), chinese kale (kai-lan) (brassica alboglabra) ...200322692530
ultrastructural localization of photosynthetic and photorespiratory enzymes in epidermal, mesophyll, bundle sheath, and vascular bundle cells of the c4 dicot amaranthus the leaves of the nad-malic enzyme (nad-me)-type c4 dicot amaranthus viridis l., there are chloroplasts in the vascular parenchyma cells (vpc), companion cells (cc), ordinary epidermal cells (ec), and guard cells (gc), as well as in the mesophyll cells (mc) and the bundle sheath cells (bsc). however, the chloroplasts of the vpc, cc, ec, and gc are smaller than those of the mc and bsc. in this study, the accumulation of photosynthetic and photorespiratory enzymes in these leaf cell types was i ...200111432917
the interaction of shikimic acid and protein phosphorylation with pep carboxylase from the c4 dicot amaranthus viridis.shikimic acid has been described as a potent competitive inhibitor of the activity of c4 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (pepc) from amaranthus viridis. in the present study, the effects of shikimic acid were examined further with the dephospho (dark-form) and in vitro phosphorylated forms of homogeneous pepc from a. viridis. kinetic analysis showed that the inhibitor effect of shikimic acid was dependent on the phosphorylation state of the enzyme. thus, the i50 value of shikimic acid for dark-f ...19989621453
detection of ni, cd, and cu in green leafy vegetables collected from different cultivation areas in and around colombo district, sri lanka.five types of green leafy vegetables ["kankun" (ipomoea aquatica), "mukunuwenna" (alternanthera sessilis), "thampala" (amaranthus viridis), "nivithi" (basella alba), and "kohila leaves" (lasia spinosa)] were randomly collected from six different locations (wellampitiya, kolonnawa, kottawa, piliyandala, bandaragama, and kahathuduwa) in and around colombo district, sri lanka, and subjected to analysis of three heavy metals [nickel (ni), cadmium (cd), and copper (cu)] by atomic absorption spectrome ...201626911591
physiological and biochemical characterization of two amaranthus species under cr(vi) stress differing in cr(vi) tolerance.the present study was undertaken to evaluate cr(vi) toxicity tolerance in two amaranthus species viz. amaranthus viridis and amaranthus cruentus exposed to hexavalent chromium [cr(vi)] stress. to ascertain this, both amaranthus species were grown under various concentrations (0, 10 and 50 μm) of cr(vi) in the hydroponic system. after 7 days of cr(vi) treatment, various traits such as growth, cr accumulation, photochemistry of photosystem ii (ps ii) (jip-test), oxidative stress and antioxidant de ...201627393992
nutrient composition and nutritional importance of green leaves and wild food resources in an agricultural district, koutiala, in southern mali.this paper discusses the nutrient composition and the nutritional importance of green leaves and wild gathered foods in an area with surplus food production in mali. in this west african country, there is little information about the nutrient composition and the nutritional quality of foods in general, and of wild gathered foods in particular. food frequency was collected in two cross-sectional surveys. focus group discussions with women in the area were used to collect information about seasona ...19968933199
assessment of phytotoxicity of parthenin.phytotoxicity of parthenin, a sesquiterpene lactone, was evaluated against four weedy species (amaranthus viridis, cassia occidentalis, echinochloa crus-galli, and phalaris minor) through a series of experiments conducted under laboratory or greenhouse conditions to assess its herbicidal potential. under laboratory conditions, parthenin (0.5-2 mm) severely reduced seedling growth (root and shoot) and dry weight of test weeds. however, the effect was greater on root growth. parthenin (1 mm) suppr ...201117708442
prevalence of airborne allergenic amaranthus viridis pollen in seven different regions of saudi arabia.amaranthus pollen grains are known to be highly allergenic and a potential cause of respiratory allergic diseases. nevertheless, data on the prevalence of amaranthus pollen in the environment is limited and almost non-existent for saudi arabia.200717684430
sensitization to indigenous pollen and molds and other outdoor and indoor allergens in allergic patients from saudi arabia, united arab emirates, and sudan.: airborne allergens vary from one climatic region to another. therefore, it is important to analyze the environment of the region to select the most prevalent allergens for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic patients.201223283107
antihyperglycemic and hypolipidemic activity of methanolic extract of amaranthus viridis leaves in experimental investigate the antihyperglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of methanolic extract of leaves of amaranthus viridis (meav) in normal and streptozotocin (stz) induced diabetic rats. the anti-hyperglycemic and hypolipidemic activity of methanolic extract of leaves of amaranthus viridis was evaluated by using normal and stz induced diabetic rats at dose of 200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg by mouth per day for 21 days. blood glucose levels and body weight was monitored at specific intervals, and different b ...201121845004
molecular cloning of a cdna encoding ribosome inactivating protein from amaranthus viridis and its expression in e. order to isolate a cdna clone of ribosome inactivating protein (rip), a cdna library was constructed in uni-zap xl vector with poly(a) rna purified from leaves of amaranthus viridis. to get the probe for screening the library, pcr of phage dna was conducted using the vector primer and degenerate primer designed from a conserved putative active site of the rips. twenty-six cdna clones from about 600,000 plaques were isolated, and one of these clones was fully sequenced. it was 1,047 bp and con ...200010774740
nutritional and toxic factors in selected wild edible plants.nutritional (ascorbic acid, dehydroascorbic acid and carotenes); antinutritional and toxic components (oxalic acid, nitrate and erucic acid) were determined in sixteen popular species of wild edible plants which are collected for human consumption in southeast spain. ascorbic + dehydroascorbic acids contents were very high in several species, especially in chenopodium album l. (155 mg/100 g). carotenoid content ranged from 4.2 mg/100 g (stellaria media villars) to 15.4 mg/100 g (amaranthus virid ...19979527345
a ribosome-inactivating protein from amaranthus antiviral protein purified from the leaves of amaranthus viridis was named amaranthin. the in vivo antiviral activity of amaranthin was confirmed in tobacco mosaic virus (tmv) infection test on nicotiana glutinosa leaves. the molecular mass of the amaranthin was estimated about 30 kda by sds-page and the pi was measured as 9.8 by isoelectric focusing (ief) analysis. cytotoxicity of the amaranthin using in vitro translation inhibition assay was similar to that of pokeweed antiviral protein (pa ...19979339569
antidiabetic, antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant activities of methanolic extract of amaranthus viridis linn in alloxan induced diabetic rats.the aim of this study was to investigate the antidiabetic, antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant activities of methanolic extract of whole plant of amaranthus viridis (meav) in alloxan (alx) induced diabetic rats. diabetes was confirmed after 5 days of single intraperitoneal injection of alx (140mg/kg) in albino wister rats. meav (200 and 400mg/kg) and glibenclamide (10mg/kg, p.o.) orally administered daily for 15 days, blood was withdrawn for glucose determination on 0, 1, 10 and 15 days respectiv ...201020643534
weed vegetation ecology of arable land in salalah, southern oman.this paper applies multivariate statistical methods to a data set of weed relevés from arable fields in two different habitat types of coastal and mountainous escarpments in southern oman. the objectives were to test the effect of environmental gradients, crop plants and time on weed species composition, to rank the importance of these particular factors, and to describe the patterns of species composition and diversity associated with these factors. through the application of twinspan, dca and ...201323961246
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